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329 Responses to Contact

  1. Kathleen Moleta says:

    Tried your Refrigerator Bran Muffins and it was unsuccessful. The muffins did not rise they sank in the middle. Do you have any idea as to what may have been wrong?

  2. laura h. says:

    Hi Mel! I found your website about a month ago, I LOVE your website! I’m commenting because I trust your taste and your recipes and your general sense of what is “good”. I’m wondering if you could post (maybe in favorite things?)or comment on a couple of cookbook suggestions. If you could only have say, 5 cookbooks in your kitchen, what might they be? Which ones are indispensable? Your recommendations would be tremendous!

  3. Mel says:

    Laura – thanks for the comment! I’m glad you found your way here. To be honest, I don’t own very many cookbooks, thanks to online access to recipes and my fascination for checking out cookbooks from the library but the top 5 I have and use all the time are:

    The Joy of Cooking
    The Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook (the new one that just came out a few months ago)
    King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion
    America’s Test Kitchen 30-Minute Suppers/American’s Test Kitchen Skillet Suppers
    Cook’s Country Cookbook (the one released in 2008)

    I have a few other specialty ones (for confections and candy) but these are the ones I go to when I want the perfect recipe (or a quick meal!).

  4. Judy says:

    Since you are now my go to website for new meals, do you have any plans for a stuffed green pepper recipe? My husband loves them, but I can not find one where the the flavors meld. I feel like it’s just a green pepper, ground beef, tomato mixture with no real flavor to it.

  5. Hannah Wilson says:

    Hi Mel! I am very interested in your site and cannot wait to make some of these dishes I have found recently. Everything looks so Delicious !

  6. Emily says:

    I have a question about your crockpot ham recipe. I am planning to try it for Christmas, however I realized that I did not buy a spiral cut ham. It is a 7-8 pound bone-in ham, but not pre-cut. Also, I tried this recipe once before and we loved it but it did get a little over done, especially on the bottom. So any pointers would be appreciated! Thanks.

  7. Katie Smith says:

    Do you have any good ideas for yummy finger foods for kids?

  8. Amy M says:

    HELP! As a mother to 4 young boys I think you must know a thing or two about feeding kids. Ever thought about doing a series of your kid’s top 10 dinners and/or snacks? I’m not talking about the pizza and pancakes that all our kids eat but what do you have the most success with in terms of getting them to eat a healthful variety? My daughter was a very adventurous eater until she started school and now comes home saying how “yucky” everything I slave over to make from scratch is.

  9. Kristin says:

    What is the name of the bars that are pictured at the top of your webpage after your name? I am really hoping to make them – they look so yummy!!!

  10. Sharlin says:

    I love looking through your blog, and it’s been fun trying some of your recipes. One thing I’m looking for at this point in my life is recipes that are made without a bunch of processed stuff (just like you aim for), but also meals that require a minimal amount of time to make. (maybe 30 minutes of involved time.) Would you consider making a section to look through for things that are low on prep time?

  11. Mel says:

    Kristin – the bars are the Chocolate Chip Toffee Bars located here:

  12. Kathy Erickson says:

    I just wanted to say I LOVE your recipes.. I have made tons of them this last year. We love the balsamic glazed pork, mediterranean pork, brown sugar spiced pork loin, chicken spiedie sandwiches ( I added bacon to it!), the pulled pork sandwiches, the hearty stew, the best ham, lemon and garlic chicken, sweet and sour chicken, lemon chicken and so many more!

  13. Dominique Rose says:

    I am going to try and make Mary’s egg rolls, but I did not understand whether the
    sauce made with oyster sauce and soy sauce etc. is to be included inside the egg rolls, or to be served for dipping the egg rolls once cooked ? do you then serve two sauces with the finished egg rolls ? thank you for your reply, Dominique (Luxembourg – Europe)

  14. Crystal says:

    HI Mel,
    No need to respond to this comment… I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your website!!! The past couple years my husband, 7-year-old son and I have just gone with the flow and made non-exciting dinners or ate out, A LOT. As we have come into having to have a tighter budget I have found the need to actually cook (I know, can you imagine?!?) I am so thankful to find someone that has tried and true recipes and the fact that planning meals forces my small family to sit down and actually take the time to eat together. Thank you so much!!

  15. kotti says:

    Hey Mel!

    I have a kitchen question for you! I bought a bag of clementines that turned out to be no bueno! (ie not quite ripe when they were picked) Through very little research I found out you can not ripen an orange like you could an avocado…..but I haven’t lost hope yet. So last but not least my question is what can I do with a bag of clementines? Do you have a recipe or an ideas? Thank you for your help!

  16. Kia says:

    I just recently came across your blog, and I LOVE it. I love to cook dinners for my family, but I was so tired of my usual recipes. Everything on your site looks fantastic. I have made three recipes so far and have enjoyed them all. We had the roasted garlic and cauliflower pasta tonight and it was amazing. Everyone loved it.

    Your photos are great and the recipes are easy to follow. You have made me excited to cook again!


  17. Marilyn says:

    Mel: You have got it going on, you and Aunt Marilyn are the best! Just prepared bean burritos -yummy! Tried honey butter – yummy! All of your recipes are truly a blessing! May you and your family be abundantly blessed because of you blessing the lives of people like me! THANK YOU!

  18. christine says:

    hi! i absolutely love ur page and ALL of your recipes!! i use them all the time. so much so, that i like to pretent that we are bff’s and i refer to you in that manner. ha. when my husband comments on how good dinner is, i always reply “i got the recipe from mel.” he knows all about it. anyway, i just recently realized that you have the wonderful feature of being able to add a recipe to my recipe box. LOVE IT! so, i was wandering around ur site the other evening “add”ing away. only now, upon returning to use some of the sure to be gems i found, i do not see anywhere here, a link or button or clicky or anything to get into my recipe box or log in or anything…. HELP?!?!?!

  19. Hey Mel, I love your site. I am trying your bread recipe this morning and it smells soooo good. I was just curious why you do not put lehticin in your bread? I will let you know how it turns out.
    I am a recently diagnosed type 2 diabetic, do you have any recipes for diabetics?
    I am looking forward to trying more of your recipes.
    Thank you for sharing
    Darcey Sanders

  20. Jasmin says:

    Hi Mel! I absolutely love your recipes (and your photographs of the foods you make!), and I was wondering how plausible it would be for you to have nutrition facts for each recipe. Thanks!

  21. Maureen says:

    Today is my Birthday and I’d love to win a Blendtec blender. I have wanted one for a while. You can make just about anything in them:) I love your site, it is my number one recipe site I go to, when I need something to make. Keep it up, all of us out here need you:) Can’t wait to see what Monday holds for someone or ME:) haha

  22. Pat says:

    Hi Mel,
    Found your site while looking for info on making bread with a machine.
    My family gave me a Bosch Universal Plus and a Nutri Grain Mill for Xmas and I have been doing some “experimenting” with it.
    I have made the Bosch recipe for whole wheat bread and will now try Darcy’s for comparison.
    However, I would hate to think that the family spent all that money just to get home made whole wheat bread!
    I have tried a cinnamon/raisin/oatmeal bread that although yummy, was VERY dense. I was stymied because the recipe only called for 1/2 c of milk and 6 1/2 c flour in total. Although both the oatmeal and raisins were soaked and drained, the dough seemed very stiff before I even got half the flour in. I had to use more liquid and never got close to using all the flour.
    This morning I tried a fruit bread and the dough seemed okay but it took well over an hour for it to raise and then still not as much as I would have liked.
    Have you ever tried making either of these breads? I will gladly send the recipes to anyone who might want to try their hand at them and maybe see if they have any more luck than I!
    I would also like to be able to make a 7 grain bread but thus far haven’t had any luck finding a good recipe.
    I have made bread many times over the years, both by hand and with a bread machine. Unfortunately age has determined that my hands can’t do all the hand kneading so the Bosch was the answer. I simply love the machine and would like to be able to take full advantage of it.
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful web page.
    Stirling, Ontario,Canada

  23. Jmposti4 says:

    As my friends are all hitting the gym keeping true to their resolutions I am reading my fave blogs. My resolution was to do more in the kitchen. I really enjoy your blog! I want to make some cheesecake recipes I have two bookmarked . Thank you so much for what you do!

  24. Janine says:

    I read with interest your thread about the Blendtec. We bought one recently and have had great luck with different smoothies and green ice cream…but really bad results with soup. Have you made any that were palatable as well as appealing to look at? Please refer me to any recipes on your site that have worked.
    I love all your comentary and great recipes too!

  25. Tracy J says:

    After not winning the blendtec giveaway (sniff sniff) and after taking my disappointing Ninja back to Walmart, I’m biting the bullet and buying one. My husband is sick of me hogging the computer as I do hours of research. So now I am asking you!

    Which exact model do u have? if you were buying a new one would you get the same one? What about the wild side pitcher? Yes or no? thanks for your help!

  26. Melissa says:

    Just discovered your blog after getting on Pinterest for the first time! I haven’t made it any further on Pinterest after getting sidetracked with you site. Absolutely can’t wait to try your tempting recipes! All of my co-workers are laughing at me because I am still looking at all of your wonderful pics and recipes after a few hours. I’m hooked! Thanks for having the love of food that I do!

  27. Linda says:

    Have you ever considered listing the nutritional info at the bottom of your recipes? It sure would be helpful. Thanks for the great recipes.

  28. Mel says:

    Hi Linda – I get a lot of requests for the nutrition facts but it isn’t something I plan on adding in the near future based on time and resources. Thankfully there are many nutritional calculators online that may be of help to those who are interested!

  29. Ivy says:

    Hey Mel,
    I just wanted to say that I love your site. I am a stay at home mom of 5 kids 9 and under and trying to please everyone at dinner can be hard. I guess I am mean but at dinner in our house you get what you get and don’t throw a fit. I am always telling the kids that I am not a short order cook! Anyway, in the last week I have made your Alfredo, wild rice soup, Hawaiian haystacks, and oatmeal coconut cookies ( twice ) and everyone loved all of them. Tomorrow I am going to try the sweet and sour chicken for dinner. I love to try new recipes and have told tons of friends about your site and they love it too. Thanks so much and keep the yummy recipes coming. I appreciate it.

  30. Mel,
    Thanks for all the yummy recipes on your blog site! My family is quite familiar with your recipes and you are a frequent guest at our table in conversation! Even my 8 year old daughter is making sure she gets to help out in the kitchen and has made mention that she wants my recipes when she gets on her own! Speaking of my daughter… she has asked me if you have a Shepherds Pie recipe?!

  31. Amber says:

    I just wanted to tell you: I think I just pinned your whole blog…LOVE IT! Thank you for the great ideas (:

  32. Janarah Hollingshead says:

    First of all I love your website. I have made so many things from it. Thanks. Our ward is having a Valentines Party. We have to bring a picnic style basket filled with dinner for 2 and then we will be playing a game to exchange baskets. We don’t have to do dessert or drinks. Do you have any ideas?

    Thanks for a great website. My boys, I have 5, love your recipes.

  33. Melanie says:

    I love your blog. I feel pretty confident that I will like almost any of the recipes that you post. I often go to your blog first when I’m looking for the best recipes, although I do also frequent America’s Test Kitchen/Cook’s Illustrated too. ;) We like to post recipes on every once in a while, so I’ve linked to your blog a few times. Hope that’s cool and that you maybe get a little extra traffic because of it. :)

  34. Nia says:

    Hi Mel,

    I have recently stumbled upon your site. I am in love! I have added you to my favorites to ensure I check your site daily! Thank you for all of your great ideas

  35. Justin H. says:

    I want to say, that I just discovered your website, from Pinterest. I’m in love, and CAN’T WAIT to try so many of your recipes. I think I’m going to make the Crispy Southwest Chicken Wraps tonight. I’m ready to indulge.

  36. Karen says:


    I wanted to let you know that I will be using your Meat Sauce recipe for this month’s Crazy Cooking Challenge. You can see the details at

    I’ll link your recipe to my blog, give you (and your aunt) credit then send you an email when we post.

    The recipe looks awesome. I can’t wait to get started making it.



  37. E.Ray says:

    Can you add the calories per serving and fat and carb grams? Me and my co workers are counting calories and would love to be able to try alot of your recipes but it makes it hard when you don’t have the calorie content per serving.Thanks.

  38. Jill Zamojcin says:

    Hi, Mel! You have some awesome recipes that we’ve tried! I’m just curious, do you have any favorite recipe blogs that inspire you? Thank you :-)

  39. Michele says:

    Hi Mel. I just wanted to say Thank You for all the great recipes. I’m a mom who works full time and does all the cooking. I’m not a huge lover of cooking, but I do try and find new recipes to add to the list of staple meals. I do like to try new ones. I’m not always successful. They may be okay but I won’t try them again for whatever reason. I don’t do a lot of commenting on posts, but I had to come back today and let you know how much I appreciate the recipes you’ve provided here.

    I have tried the hearty beef stew, the smothered pork chops, the baked ziti (penne), and the skillet mac and cheese with ham and peas. I loved them all. That is very unusual for me.

    The skillet mac and cheese was the easiest and quickest of them all. I followed all the steps in the beef stew and pork chops like you said before putting things in the crockpot. Delish. I actually did the pork chops one evening, put the crockpot on overnight, put them in the fridge and reheated everything that night. Everything turned out great. The meat actually fell off the bone so I had to pick the bones out and the meat was in pieces. It was so tasty and definitely tasted the bacon. Served over brown rice. Yum. Oh! I did the corn meal rolls too. Awesome again. :-) I guess I’ll be a regular reader ;-) Thanks again!

    PS – My husband to be says he is very appreciative too. hehe

    ~Michele D – Raymond, ME

  40. Monica says:

    Just wanted to say this is my new favorite website! Thank you sooooo much for the delicious, healthy, inexpensive list of ingredients and easy recipes! This week I made the baked chimichanga and rosemary chicken, my family loved them both! Keep em’ coming!

  41. Cheri says:

    Where are you in Wisco? So happy I found your site. I am trying so hard to find recipes that everyone in my family will eat. Can’t wait to make the skillet mac & cheese. Spring is almost here:)

  42. Nicole says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say thank you. You have inspired me to try some amazing new things in the kitchen, and me and my family are so very grateful! We all love food here, good food, and you have so much of it on your site. Just tonight I brought a batch of your (dark) chocolate caramels to the ward talent show, and didn’t bring any home ( and they make alot!)

    I also share your love of carbs, and wanted to pass this one along, in time for spring. It was incredible, and the house smelled possibly the best ever. I didn’t have their specialty fleur stuff, but a teensy drop of orange extract was a perfect replacement. My family ate the whole batch right that meal, and it dressed up scrambled eggs and smoothies for dinner to something paradisical. I believe you will love this too, so I had to share, since I did check your site first when I was searching for “the one” recipe to try out scones. and didn’t find any… yet. :)

    Fresh Strawberry Scones…

    btw- do you have a pinterest page? I’d love to follow you if you do, and if you don’t, you really need to get on there. It’s so full of good stuff.

    Thanks again,

  43. Allison says:

    Hey Mel! I was just pinning some of your recipes to my Pinterest (to my favorite favorite favorite recipes section) and so I was going down the list to make sure that I had them all and noticed your Oatmeal Coconut Chewies weren’t listed in the index under cookies. ( )

    Thought you might want to add them since they’re always a show stealer. LOVE THESE!!! :) Happy Saturday!

  44. Jill Zamojcin says:

    Hi, again, Mel! I just wanted to share with you that several of my friends have made your sweet and sour chicken and we all concur that it is way better than any restaurant’s and is outstanding! I also added you to my “favorite recipes site” on

    Have a great day and thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful recipes!


  45. Samantha says:

    I absolutely love your blog. Your tiramisu recipe is a total lifesaver.

  46. angie mitolo says:

    i stumbled across one of your recipes on pinterest . which lend me to your blog/website and now you have been bookmarked:)
    i LOVED your recipe for baked penne with chicken, broccoli and smoked mozzarella.. so much i couldn’t stop talking about it!

    thank you, looking forward to many rewarding/yummy dinners

  47. Karen says:

    Here’s the link for my Spaghetti Sauce post using your recipe.

    Thanks so much.

  48. Liann says:

    Hi Mel,

    I love your blog, and have been following it for quite some time now. After all this time, I think I am ready to take the plunge and try baking some homemade bread/rolls/etc.

    Could you suggest 2 or 3 of your bread/rolls recipes that would be good for TOTAL beginners? I don’t want to attempt something too difficult in the beginning and have it flop, killing my confidence. :)

    Thank you so much in advance,


  49. kathryn says:

    Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken with Fried Rice I cant find it anywhere in your recipes. Can you send me the link where it is at. I saw it on life as a lofthouse food blog. i would really like to see the recipe from you. thanks kathryn

  50. Robyn Braswell says:

    What is the best bread pan that you have found?

  51. Becky says:

    I just have to say that I’ve been using your site for a long time now and it’s the best! Usually I am hesitant to try new recipes because it often requires ingredients I have to go out and purchase and I’m always worried it’ll be a waste and won’t go over well for dinner here. HOWEVER, I have yet to be disappointed with any of yours, and I fearlessly choose new ones to try each week!! Thank you!!!

  52. missi says:

    hi mel-
    i just happened upon your site from a friend’s pin. even though its midnight i am starving now after pinning so many of your recipes! i have NEVER been one to enjoy cooking but i am excited to try many of your’s. so wish me luck & i’m sure i’ll be visiting you again real soon!
    many thanks!
    missi lovejoy

    ps- roasted parm asparagus and the maple brown sugar ham are gonna be on the easter menu this wkend! fingers crossed for me!

  53. Meghan says:

    I have 2 fabulous dessert recipes (chocolate pie and a strawberry dessert) that have raw egg in them. We haven’t made them for years and I certainly don’t make them when others beside my family are going to eat it. Is there anything I can do to replace the eggs or does using egg beaters or another type of egg allow me to feel safer making these desserts?

  54. Cathy says:

    Mel, just a quick thank-you for this great blog. Your S’mores Cookie bars have become one of my family and friend favorites. I took them along to a Bible study at a friend’s church, and people I met that night asked for the recipe. I emailed it my friend, and she said when she gave it to Sarah, her reaction was like receiving the Crown Jewels!

    I’ve bookmarked a number of your recipes to try, so I just wanted to thank you for producing such a beautiful food blog — beautiful visually, and very down to earth! Appreciate seeing your family also. :-)

    Thank you so much, from southwestern Pennsylvania!

  55. melanie peterson says:

    Hey Melanie,
    This is Melanie (Jolyn’s friend). I know you are getting ready for that beautiful baby girl to arrive :)….I am in the market for new cookware. I have only cooked on non-stick cookware. that is what my mom cooked on, my sisters, me etc!! But I am now leaning toward the all clad stainless steel. Tell me what you cook on and if you love it or not! Tell me what you recommend I buy! I cook like you….5 kids and a hungry husband… I am scared of non-stick but it sounds like it is the best to cook on….
    thanks Melanie!

  56. Joyce says:

    Hi Mel,

    I’m Lynn’s friend, when I was visiting I ordered a wonderful grilled cheese sandwich, can’t seem to find it on your recipe list. It had aged white cheddar as I remember and maybe green pepper?? Really don’t know for sure. Would love to get that recipe…


  57. Kathy says:

    I love your website and your recipes! I also appreciate your humor. I am a Grandma of 3 grandsons and I am amazed at your busy life with all those cute boys! Needless to say, I’m partial to little boys.
    I wanted to organize my recipe box (it’s pretty full!) and was able to add tags. However, I’m having trouble getting the recipes into the tags. I’d appreciate your help.
    Thanks so very much!

  58. Susie Swanson says:


    I just made your lemon crinkles and i added a thin layer of lemon curd on the top. They were delicious. Love your website.


  59. jmposti4 says:

    I just want to tell you how much I love your blog. I always get much needed kitchen inspiration! My family always gets a meal or treat they love from your recipe collection. Thanks so much, Judy

  60. Karen says:

    Your site is incredible and the recipes delicious. In the caramel brownies, the 12 oz bittersweet or semi-sweet chocoate is that baking chocolate? Like 3 bars of baking chocoate? Not sure if I’m reading the recipe correctly. Can you clarify please?
    Thank you so much for your blog.

  61. Deb Knoll says:

    Hi Mel!
    I’m in a panic and I hope you can help.
    I can’t seem to find your post with all the lovely panini’s that you adore. Can you guide me to them purdy please?
    Thank you in advance for saving my life. Well, you know what I mean.

  62. Angel says:

    Do you have a good ham and cheese Stromboli recipe?

  63. chuck dording says:

    I noticed there was no “print” for recipes on your web site. What did I miss? I printed one recipe under “File” then “print,” but that takes 3 pages with large type. Thank you.

  64. Cheree says:


    First off…LOVE your blog. I mostly love cooking…but of course I get the regular burnout like most Mom’s I suppose. I may or may not be experiencing that burn out right now. But because of you, the burn out is short lived because all your recipes are FANTASTIC :-).

    Did I mention I’m burned out (no pun intended) on cooking? Thus the question…My family and I will be attending a family reunion next month and I’m in charge of a dinner one of the nights for roughly 25 people. I’m wondering if you were in my shoes what you would pick to cook. We’ll be staying at a cabin and have the standard cooking supplies, but I’ll have to bring everything (food, special cooking utensils, etc.) in. I don’t want it to be too labor intensive since we’re technically “on vacation.” There’s allergies to eggs and peanuts… Anyhow, I did want everyone to enjoy what I cooked, but I don’t want it to be labor intensive either. Your 2 cents would be appreciated.



  65. VanillaTruffle says:

    Dear Mel:
    Thank you for sharing your recipes, your cooking adventures and tips. You are amazing. I was wondering if you could provide ‘pin it ‘ plug in for your posts, so that we can easily bookmark them on pintrest.
    Thanks a lot,

  66. Phyllis says:

    Mel, I was looking thru the last minute BBQ ideas recipes on the may 29th email. Some really great recipes I wanted to try but I cannot get back to them. I says to click here for the recipes but they don’t come up. Please help me. Thanks!!!!

  67. Nicole Turville says:

    Hey, Love your site, I was wondering if you by chance know of a good Key Lime Cheesecake recipe you could pass along. Thanks, Nicole

  68. Marisol Wheeler says:


    I’ve been looking everywhere for a good cake pops recipe, I know you have delicious desserts, they are becoming very popular, I have try to make some, so far the frosting make them very sweet, do you have any suggestions for me, I will love to hear your advice.

  69. Alyssa says:


  70. Michelle says:

    We tried your updated sweet and sour chicken recipe and think we like the old one better – or we did it wrong!

    Do you have the old recipe that you could send my way?


  71. Susan says:

    Hi Mel, I love your recipes!! I went to access some of them from the recipe index the past two day and there are viruses when I open them up. Thanks for all the GREAT recipes!

  72. Carolyn Cutler says:

    I’m a avid follower of your website and I love trying all your recipes, so far everything has been a hit in my house. I am struggling getting the recipe box to come up on my computer though, and I am feeling totally lost without my collection of recipes…any ideas on why it wouldn’t be working? Any tips would be fantastic! Thanks so much!

  73. Hayley says:

    Looking for a yummy homemade French Onion Soup recipes. Any suggestions?

  74. Laura says:

    Hi Mel, I’m new to your website and am in AWE!
    Can’t wait to try out the recipies.
    You have a delicious hershey kiss cookie pictured, but I can’t find the recipe. What are they called?
    Thank you!

  75. Hannelore says:


    Your blog looks really nice!
    What’s the name of the cookies on top of the page (picture on the right, with chocolate in the middle)?
    I would love to make them and find the recipe.


  76. tami says:

    i am new to your site(but love it already) and im going through my recipes for fall(*gasp snow in a few months* ugh) and i was wondering if you could link or have a recipe for a slow cooker potato soap or how we could do your loaded baked potato recipe in a crock pot?? thanks so much

  77. Marcie says:

    I, like some other readers who have commented, have been enjoying the benefits of your website for some time but haven’t commented before. My question for you today is if you have a collection of lunch box ideas, sandwich spreads, healthy(ish) snacks, etc. During the school year I make 5 lunches every day (except Sunday evening, thanks to a wonderful husband who takes on the task for me) and I’ll be honest, it gets old fast. I often find myself buying snacks and things I wouldn’t normally provide for my kids simply because of the monotony of it all.



    PS I loved your anniversary post with the “then” and “now” photo’s. If I’m not mistaken, I believe we were married in the same place : )

  78. Jay says:

    Do you have any experience with egg substitutes? I have been experimenting and searching for ways to make brownies and bars without eggs…an almost impossible feat…However, my son is allergic to eggs, so I don’t keep them in the house. I have learned to make cakes without eggs, as well as multiple other desserts, but sometimes you just need a GOOD brownie…

  79. Monique says:

    Hello Mel

    I tried your vanilla pudding cinnamon rolls yesterday. Tes they where the best recipe so far in terms of the dough but i didn’t fet the same look as your picture…seems like they are super gooey with vanilla poudding oozing out.

    My question is how do I get the oowey sticky “St-Cinnamon’s” ish results? Any suggestions?


  80. Your website is amazing! I’ve spent almost all morning going through all your recipes, pinning things left and right! I am so excited to try everything out!!!!! Thank you for your easy-to-navigate website and awesome pictures!!!! I am so happy I stumbledupon your page :)

  81. Suzanne says:

    I recently discovered your website after making the Mediterranean Pasta Salad (it was fantastic) and I am in heaven! Every recipe looks wonderful and I can’t wait to get cooking!

  82. tiffany says:

    Hi! You are my go-to recipe source, especially for awesome desserts. Any chance you have a pumpkin cheesecake recipe up your sleeve?

  83. Julie Markham says:

    I just wanted you to know that I have made your chicken capreze many times this summer. It is a fabulous dish and you should win a prize for creating it. I served it again for company today and everyone licked their plates clean. My sister grew basil in her garden and I harvested quite a bit and made the vinaigrette, put it in jars and stored it in my fridge. I’ll see if I can serve this into the fall and winter with “free” basil. Thanks again, Julie

  84. Nancy says:

    Ok, I just read the fine print of your ATK give-away and I think you deserve a HUGE THANK YOU for providing the second cookbook at your own expense. How awesome is that! And I especially appreciate that you are authentic and don’t go selling your soul to shamelessly promote your website. LOVE YOU!

  85. Julia says:

    Hi Mel,

    I was wondering if you have made any great recipes for diabetic people my 2 youngest sisters (they are 8 and 12) are diabetic and i have no clue what to make them as a dessert that taste great for a kid.

  86. Jenni says:

    I not one to comment on blogs. But I just had to let you know that I LOVE yours. I love your cooking style. Every recipe I’ve tried has been a hit. There are to many to name. One of our all time favorites is the Chicken Pot Pie Crumble. If you’ve never tried, it’s a great freezer meal. I usually double the recipe for the filling. We have half for dinner that night, and I freeze the rest in a gallon ziplock bag. While the complete dish is finishing in the oven, I whip another batch of the crumble topping to throw in the oven while we are eating. When it’s cool I throw that in a separate bag and throw it in the freezer too. It’s great to know I have a family favorite ready to go for an extra busy day or when a friend needs a dinner. We even took our frozen version camping. We cooked it the third night in our dutch oven and it was delicious. I don’t know if you ever heard of Make-A-Mix by Karine Eliason. I’ve been making a lot mixes from there. Their chicken mix and broth work great with this recipe and saves time too. Thanks for sharing. By the way, your family is adorable.

  87. Rachel says:

    Mel- I just wanted to let you know that I love your website. I check it multiple times a week to see what you add. Thanks for creating a great site!

  88. Anne says:

    Hi, just had to write to say how delighted I am to have stumbled across you blog! You have inspired me back into the kitchen and my family are loving the results. I’ve had a few hiccups with measurements and food names as I’m from Surrey, England and you’d be amazed at how many ingredients are called by different names here. Kindest regards ;-)

  89. Rose says:

    Hi Mel, I was looking around your site and wanted to let you know that I love all of the easy recipes, you’re my kinda gal lol. I also wanted to let you know that I was looking under “favorite things” and saw that the link for Komo Fidibus Classic mill was missing. Or I just miss it? Again thank you for your great recipes, I’m sure my husband will that you too. Have a great day.

  90. Kellie Lamoureux says:

    Hi Mel, I was wondering if you had a good Red Wine Reduction recipe. We are doing strip steaks for a group of wine lovers this weekend, and I would love to put that with the steaks!
    Thank you!

  91. K. Victoria says:

    Hey Mel, a couple of things. First, I wanted to thank you for having the most delightful recipes! Second, I was wondering if you had an Upside Down Pineapple Cake recipe you’d recommend. I’ve been searching for a recipe, but I don’t really trust any of the recipes I’ve found online so far. Thanks a bunch! -K. Victoria

  92. John Lyver says:

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  93. Chelsea says:

    Hey Mel,
    It sounds like when you moved, you moved very close to where I’m from in eastern ND. I found your blog a few weeks ago and haven’t had a chance to try much but find it very eerie how many of your favorite recipes are very close to ones I’ve put together from other recipes to make them perfect such as your Classic Lasagna and the white enchiladas..they are almost exactly my recipe. Another one I couldn’t believe I saw on here is your “magical white” frosting. That same recipe has been used by my family for years and ONLY goes on homemade red velvet….its been everyone’s birthday cake for 30+ years now even before red velvet was a “thing”. Cream cheese does NOT belong on red velvet…only this will do. In fact I researched it once a few years ago and this frosting hails from the south as does red velvet and that is how its is paired down there. I am just so excited to try some of your other recipes because it seems we (and our families) have very similar taste!

  94. Abbie Butler says:

    Mel, I just have to tell you that I absolutely love your site! I always make a few of your recipes each week and we are in love! Whenever anybody asks for recipe advice, I always send them here. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into the blog and cooking!

  95. Nityananda dasa says:

    I was wondering what the picture at the top of the blog is? The cube sweet with chocolate chips?

  96. kathy says:

    Dear Mel,

    I can’t thank you enough your Loaded Baked Potato Soup receipe. I loved it so much.
    I am from Budapest,Hungary and we have lot of way to make potato soup but I have to say yours is by far the best. I live in Canada now and I am glad my daughter introduced to your website.

  97. Andrea says:

    Hi Mel,

    I’m wondering if you have an opinion on the blendtec vs the vitamix???


  98. Ashley says:

    I have a yummy chocolate fudge recipe i make every year and every year i wish i had a yummy peanut butter fudge recipe to layer with it. Do you have a yummy peanut butter fudge recipe you could share?? Also, is there a trick to layering fudge or can you just layer it before you chill it? Thanks! Ashley