*The winner of this contest is #267, Amanda M, who said: “I would love a delicious (and also not grainy) recipe for Alfredo sauce… I’ve only found recipes that come out lumpy, grainy or just plain gross. Great giveaway!” Email me at mel @ melskitchencafe dot com and I’ll send your cookbook along, Amanda!*

To enter the giveaway for the awesome, brand, spanking new Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook, leave a comment on this post telling me what recipe you hope to find and love in the new cookbook. Have you been searching for the perfect snickerdoodle? Maybe it’s here! Tomato soup? Bet they’ve covered it.

Leave a comment with the recipe you hope to see in the cookbook and you’ll be entered to win a copy of the new cookbook.

It’s huge. It’s awesome.

The contest will close Wednesday, the 19th, and a winner will be announced sometime around then or maybe Thursday. How’s that for noncommital? It’s a busy week, what can I say. And actually, if you notice from the winner posted above – I completely changed tactic and announced a winner Tuesday night. Congrats, Amanda!

Good luck! And don’t worry, if you don’t win, you can go here to purchase the cookbook for yourself or for a special someone.

May the force be with you!

1,316 Responses to Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook Giveaway!

  1. I LOVE cook’s illustrated. Like seriously, love them. I’ve made so many recipes and all were incredible. I think I would want a perfect easy pot roast recipe. I want to start making sunday dinner’s like I had growing up 🙂

  2. Lisa Ramirez says:

    I would love to find a good queso recipe!

  3. Sue says:

    I love cookbooks! This would be a great addition – and even better if it included lactose-free holiday recipes. That is quite a challenge!

  4. Lynette says:

    I’d love to have a great flank steak recipe. My husband is obsessed with flank steak.

  5. Michelle H says:

    I have been looking for a classic strawberry shortcake recipe. Maybe it lies in here? This book looks like a treasure trove, I can’t wait to look at it!!

  6. Kim S. says:

    I would love to find a great homemade chicken noodle soup recipe. Thanks, Mel!

  7. Tina Rusch says:

    I am looking for a good recipe that is EASY for Chicken Cordon Bleu. That would be great! I always want to make it, but it takes too long!

  8. Bree H says:

    I’m looking for the perfect oven-fried chicken recipe.

  9. Sarah P. says:

    I would love to find the PERFECT chocolate chip cookie recipe!

  10. Ericka Stark says:

    I would LOVE this book. I hope to see some Mexican favorites like enchiladas, pulled pork tacos, etc.

  11. melanie says:

    hope to see the perfect chicken and dumplings recipe. just like my grandmother used to make them.

  12. amanda anders says:

    Looking for some muffin recipes. Many thanks

  13. Georgene says:

    I love Cooks Illustrated magazine, they do all the testing for you and you’r left with fantastic recipes! I would love to see a wonderful whole wheat bread recipe from them.

  14. Elise says:

    I really really hope there’s a carrot cake recipe…and a maple frosting recipe wouldn’t hurt either. And then…I’d eat them together!

  15. Belisa says:

    I love classic recipes. I have multiple cookbooks but your website has helped me find the best most classic recipes along with new creative recipes. I’m hoping having this cookbook will be the same way! Thanks for the chance!

  16. Melissa Anderson says:

    I would love to find some great soup recipes, especially a good french onion soup recipe!

  17. Heidi says:

    I’m not kidding when I say that if I need the perfect recipe for something, I try your website first! I love your skillet mac and cheese, I love your chocolate chip bars, I love your citrus and soy marinated pork tenderloin, and let’s not even get me started on your sweet balsamic glazed pork loin or glazed mini meatloaves. So, if you are recomending a cookbook, then I am interested! My eight year old son doesn’t really like desserts (I know, I am a complete failure of a mother) except for a few things. One of his favorites is snickerdoodles. I checked your website, but I don’t think you have a recipe for these. So that is the first thing I’d look up in my new cookbook!

    Thanks for creating such a great website!!!!!

  18. Carol Beesley says:

    I’ve been looking for a recipe for a chocolate cake with cream cheese filling for years. I had a great one written on 3 x 5 recipe cards and lost the card with the ingredients listed. I’ve tried several over the years and never found the perfect one! I love your website!

  19. Awesome giveaway!
    I’m excited for muffin recipes!

  20. Sarah says:

    Chicken Marsala or plain old pizza crust….I’ve tried a million and haven’t found the right one 🙂

  21. Shanna says:

    I have been trying to find a yummy, butternut squash soup recipe for a couple of years. I had some butternut squash soup while visiting Lake Tahoe over a year ago, and cannot find anything close that yummy, creamy, soothing, tasteful, . . . . you get the idea. Thanks for your recipes.

  22. I would say beef stew. It’s one of my husband’s faves, but I don’t have a really great recipe for it!

  23. Kendra says:

    I’m just starting to really get my cooking ‘legs’ as it were, it’s been such a great journey thus far and having a classic collection to rely on in the cupboard would be such a gift!! THANKS for ALL your help Mel!

  24. Kristie G. says:

    We have food sensitivities in our family so a good cookbook with all from-scratch recipes can help me control what we eat. A good Butternut Squash soup recipe would be nice, too. 🙂

  25. Angie H says:

    Yay…I love give-aways! Not that I ever win any of them, but it’s so fun to think that I might 😉 I would love to find a classic Chicken Dumpling Soup recipe that is comparable to what my mom makes! I have yet to duplicate her soup after trying and trying…

  26. Tiffany says:

    I am looking for recipes for food. Yes, I am a crazy food lover and love trying out new recipes. Just name it, I like most of anything. I especially love cookbooks, so many possibilities! So I could be looking for a new chili recipe, or a fantastic hamburger recipe, or great healthy snacks for my family…it all depends on the mood. 🙂

  27. dallimomma says:

    You had me at tomato soup! I would love this.

  28. Randee Donovan says:

    Oooooh! I LOVE Cook’s Illustrated and use their books, magazines and web sites nearly every day. I am looking for more cook once-eat twice kinds of recipes and ideas. Life is so crazy, I need something on Tuesday to give me a jump start on Wednesday, you know?!

  29. Tami says:

    I’m kind of all things pumpkin right now so that’s where I’d turn in the book. Thanks for all your hard work for our benefit.

  30. Brooke says:

    I would LOVE a new cookbook…and a recipe for some out of this world breadsticks! My boys always choose Olive Garden when we go out to eat, just for the breadsticks. Mine are ok, but the texture isn’t perfect.

  31. Kari says:

    I am on the hunt for the best brownie recipe. Let it be in that book 🙂 and… let me win!

  32. Jane says:

    With the cold Wisconsin winter approaching I think I’d like to see some good hearty soup recipes!

  33. Monica says:

    I would like to find a recipe for coffee cake made with cardamom.

  34. Emilia Godoi says:

    I must and need to find a recipe for the perfect pizza. One that has a chewy but crisp crust and incredible sauce. I am dreaming of it!

  35. Julie B. says:

    I love Cook’s Illustrated! I wouldn’t mind finding a perfect stuffed shells recipe.

  36. Nikki says:

    I would love some comforting soup recipes! I would love this cookbook!

  37. Laura says:

    I would love some good soup recipes since we’re headed into the cold winter months. I

  38. Jessica says:

    Mel, thanks for your website. People think I’m a good cook because of you. I love the “Best Recipe” part of your site and I’m hoping that this book will be just like that, full of perfect recipes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. Melanie A. says:

    I am still searching for the ONE spaghetti and meatballs recipe. I would love to add this to my scarce cookbook collection!

  40. Erica says:

    Ditto on adoring every from Cook’s Illustrated/ATK. I am always scrounging their magazines and would love a nice neat book of all their stuff. I’m longing for an awesome Zuchenni bread recipe… like someone else mentioned – My mom had an awesome recipe that has been lost to the ages…

  41. winsor says:

    I am hoping to find meals for entertaininf! Thanks as always!

  42. Brittney says:

    I wish I could say I’ve been looking for a super fancy and healthy recipe but alas, I cannot. I’ve been searching for the perfect Chicken fried chicken, white gravy and biscuits combo. I’ve been trying to put that meal together forever and can’t seem to find the perfect match with all three. I can’t seem to get my breading to stick onto the chicken and can’t get the biscuits to turn out just like I want them (tender, but still firm, you know?) That’s my dream supper right now!! Thanks Mel for your awesome website. Love it!

  43. Megan says:

    Wow! If you love it I know I would. I love pasta and I love your pasta recipes but the more the merrier!

  44. LeAnne says:

    I would love a banana bread recipe. Most recipes I’ve tried have been too dry. You’re website is the best! Thanks for the give-away.

  45. Karen says:

    I hope their gyro recipe is in there. I made them once at my mother’s house from the CI magazine issue, but I don’t have a copy. I would probably just drool over all the recipes, actually. Cookbooks = food porn to me… LOL

  46. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. I’d love to have a great chili recipe and some stir-fry/one pan meal options.

  47. Janet says:

    I hope it has an awesome recipe for pineapple upside down cake

  48. Jill says:

    I would love to try ANY of their recipes! LOVE Cooks Illustrated!

  49. LaShell Bartholow says:

    I am always looking for a good stroganoff recipe. I have yet to find my “winner” recipe.

  50. Valerie says:

    I love their recipes. I could use a great lasagna recipe.

  51. Laurel says:

    I love ATK I watch the show all the time. This would be amazing to win!! Then I could make a totally awesome Alfredo sauce that’s not from a jar. Woo!

  52. Lori says:

    A good potato soup recipe!

  53. Susan says:

    I LOVE Cooks Illustrated! My mom (the best cook I know-many other people say that too) swears by Cooks Illustrated. She even gets the magazine each month (and often passes them on to me). I love to cook and would love this cookbook!

  54. Jessalyn says:

    I am looking for the perfect bananna bread recipe and I’m sure CI has one in their Coookbook!

  55. Megan says:

    Mmm… I’m a relatively new cook so I need tons of recipes! I would definitely like to find a good scone recipe 🙂

  56. Ashley says:

    Oh how I love America’s Test kitchen! So much so that I want to just plan a trip to Boston and visit it! I would look for the perfect pork chop recipe. They are my hubby’s favorite and one of my least, but with the new Cook’s illustrated cook book we can both be happy!

  57. Nikki says:

    I’d like a homemade frozen yogurt recipe.

  58. Susan says:

    By the way, I’d love to find some yummy, unique cookie recipes. I make cookies every week during the fall and would love to try some new ones. I’m sure there are many other things I’d love to find too (soup recipes, crock pot recipes, etc.)!

  59. nicole says:

    When I started using these recipes, they changed my life!! I’m hoping to find something wonderful to cook for side dishes…I never know what to make! And I know they’re spin will be deliciously homemade…not combining a million canned soups:) {Not that there’s not a time and a place for that…} Thanks, Mel!!

  60. Rachel says:

    I love cook’s illustrated too! I am always on the lookout for any new pasta recipes…some of my favorites have come from their magazines. Thanks!

  61. Molly says:

    I’ve been searching for a delicious, dependable recipe for vegetable beef soup. I’d love to find “the one” to make this winter.

  62. Rachael says:

    I’d hope they have good crock pot recipe section. I actually have no familiarity at all with CI, but since it’s recommended by you and I’ve been thrilled with all recipes on your site I’m excited about possibly winning this cookbook!

  63. Joyce says:

    LOVE. Cook’s Country. I can’t wait to see some of their new pasta recipes, and dessert, and cheesecakes, and chicken, and soup, and……

  64. Sally says:

    Soups. I need some new soup recipes.

  65. Brittany says:

    Wow, do you know how excited I am to try the mac and cheese recipe?! I’m hoping, like you were, to find a go-to mac and cheese recipe and it sounds like you may have just steered me in the right direction…thanks!

  66. Jackie says:

    I’m sure all the recipes in this book are awesome but I would love a get pot roast recipe, it’s one of my husbands favorite meals.

  67. Renee says:

    I would love to have more great slow-cooker recipes and make-ahead recipes.

  68. Sylvia says:

    Love, love, love Cooks Illustrated! Maybe I would find a good matambre recipe…an Argentine food that I had growing up.

  69. Becky H says:

    I have tried numerous apple pie recipes, and still have never found one quite good enough for my husband. His mother makes a great apple pie but doesn’t follow a recipe. I’ve even had her try to show me, and it never works out. Hopefully Cooks Ill. will have a tried and true apple pie for me so I can look good in his eyes again. Thanks love your sight. Everything I make form you turns out great.

  70. Susan says:

    Hey Mel! So excited for you! I love your blog and check it daily. As a working grad student, I’m not looking for a particular recipe… but rather recipes I can trust will be delish. =)

  71. Roger Kirkland says:

    Hope to find a few new ideas on brisket recipes and a a new homestyle chili recipe…

  72. Lynne Anderson says:

    I’d like to find a recipe for old fashioned rice custard pudding: you know, the kind my grandmother used to make!

  73. Emily says:

    This might sound strange, but lately I’ve been making a lot of tacos with those little packets of taco seasoning and I’m just *tired* of them. I want a good taco recipe that just uses regular old spices from my cupboard, instead of a packet that also includes weird stuff I don’t want. I hadn’t gotten around to looking for a recipe yet, but I bet it’s in there! Thank you for doing this giveaway.

  74. Mimi says:

    I LOVE vegetables! I would love to find new vegetable recipes for not only the
    regular everyday vegetables, but the more unusual ones – like parsnips, swiss chard,
    beets etc.

  75. Rikki says:

    I would love to find a good cheesy broccoli soup recipe! This recipe book looks like one of the best ones I’ve seen around. 🙂

  76. Michele Gledhill says:

    Pick me, Pick me 🙂

  77. melissa says:

    thanks for the opportunity to enter Melanie. I would love a good boston cream pie recipe. Yummy.

  78. Brandy says:

    I was first introduced to Cooks Illustrated through this blog! Since I love most of the things you post, I am sure I will love this cookbook 🙂

  79. Pam Smith says:

    I hope to find really good pasta sauce recipes… alfredo, marinara, etc. Love all your recipes and your blog!

  80. Emily says:

    I’m always trying to find new, yummy recipes to add to my “tried and true” list. I hope I win!

  81. Laurie says:

    I used to make a fabulous brownie recipe when I was a child with my mother decades ago, that came from a cookbook. But I was so young I don’t remember what book or anything about the recipe. It was lost, and my mom is now deceased and for years I have tried every brownie recipe I can find and none of them were like that wonderful recipe I made with my mom. It would be awesome if there was a wonderful brownie recipe in this book!

  82. Molly says:

    I would love an awesome macaroni and cheese recipe….thanks. I still want the cookbook though.

  83. Amy Reeves says:

    I would love to find a good pizza dough recipe!! And pie crust… I love Cooks Illustrated, and I just want to look through the whole cook book!

  84. Sarah Jane says:

    I LOVE the pictures. I am really hoping for some great breakfast recipes!

  85. Hilary says:

    I would like to find some warm and hearty soup recipes for this winter!

  86. Lizzy Stevens says:

    I would LOVE a new cookbook! I would love to find a great homemade roll recipe. I need all the help I can get in the roll department!

  87. Sarah Anne says:

    I love CI!

  88. Lanita Canup says:

    I love cookbooks! I hope it has some great Italian recipes in it ,fresh pasta and variations ! Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. Megan says:

    I have an America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook, and it’s seriously the greatest thing I’ve ever purchased. I’d love to see a great recipe for orange chicken (but really, I’m just sure I will love everything in it, since I just read the America’s Test Kitchen cookbook for fun).

  90. Laurel says:

    Classic Chicken Noodle Soup… still haven’t found one that I adore!

  91. Becca B. says:

    I’d like to see a recipe for buche de noel. I’m dying to try one, but am scared!

  92. Martha Ann says:

    I would love to find a recipe for Broccoli Soup. I love your site and have enjoyed so many of your recipes!

  93. Marie says:

    What one recipe? What a hard question! I think my answer always changes. Right now I’d look for a terrific breakfast cake.

  94. Anne says:

    I would love to find a great Guinness Irish stew. It’s so rich that we don’t have it oftne but when we do, I want it to be the best. My husband loves it!

  95. jamie says:

    I would love some veggie recipes, I think I am in a side dish rut and its time to spice things up!!

  96. Sarah says:

    I’d love this book and I hope it has the perfect brownie recipe!

  97. Lisa says:

    Yeah! Sign me up! Love cookbooks. I need another good read for bed time!

  98. georgia says:

    I am still looking for the ultimate fried chicken recipe – easy, moist, crunchy and the right spice blend. thanks!

  99. Lisa says:

    I would love to find a recipe for the best pizza! Still on the lookout…

  100. Sarah says:

    Some new dessert recipes. Thanks for the giveaway!

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