2 Hard Copy Winners:
#130: Teresa R. (“Thank you for bringing our attention to this sad story. The cookbook is a great idea.)
#342: Lori (“Wow. praying for their family!”)

10 E-Book Winners:
#411: Brigette (“I’d sure love to win the cookbook but if I don’t, I’ll buy one!”)
#114: Kari (“Keeping the Fish family in my prayers!”)
#104: Susannah (“I can see exactly why this family touched your heart, and what a fabulous fundraiser. I’ll help spread the word.”)
#39: Cindy (“It’s never easy having a sick child, I can’t imagine having 2, bless you for helping them.”)
#268: Kim (“What a great idea. Please enter me!”)
#278: Megan A. (“What a great cause! The cookbook looks fantastic.”)
#167: Meli (“What a great cause!”)
#402: Rachael (“I just cried so hard during this video. My youngest daughter had spine surgery about five months ago. I can’t imagine going through all the Fish family has gone through. I’m so happy things are finally looking up for them. Thanks for sharing this story!”)
#347: Emily M. (“What a great cause! I’m all for more tried and true recipes for our little family.”)
#271: Stacy Reading (“Thoughts and prayers for the Fish family.”)

I tend to stay away from posts that aren’t specifically recipe-related except for the occasional giveaway and I turn down a lot of promotional giveaways and offers in order to keep my content “clean.” But this story I’m about to tell you about touched me in a way I can’t explain and I feel compelled to share it and hopefully raise support for a very deserving family.

Let me back up a bit, a few months ago, Ali from Lemon Poppy, emailed me asking if I would be willing to submit a recipe or two for a recipe book she was compiling in order to help benefit the Fish family. After just a few minutes of delving into their story, I knew I wanted to do something (anything!) to help this family (watch this video to understand what I mean). So I emailed my recipes to Ali and she started compiling an absolutely brilliant and beautiful recipe book full of recipes from over 40 other fellow bloggers.

The intent is to raise money for the Fish family – two of their five children have an extremely rare disease (called Leaky SCID’s) that has required an unbelievable amount of hospitalization and treatment for their two, sweet little daughters. Watching this video gives a small glimpse into what Leaky SCID’s is (sometimes called the “Bubble Boy Disease”) and what their family has gone through. It brings me to tears every time I watch it.

The recipe book is now finished (hooray!) and along with it, there is an e-book available for purchase (a .pdf version and a version for the iPad/Kindle). 100% of the profit from the e-book goes to the Fish family and $5.00 from every hard copy recipe book will go to their family. You can buy the recipe book(s) HERE. The book is lovely with dazzling color photos for each tantalizing recipe. It is full of really good recipes, my friends, if I do say so myself – you know, since two of them are mine. I can’t wait to get my hands on some ingredients to bake up one or 25 of the new found recipes in the book.

I’ve never met the Fish family. And I can’t completely wrap my mind around what they are dealing with but knowing the heartbreaking challenges that have come to my own little family at times, I hope that the sales from these books can help their family in an unbelievable way.

Today, to further their cause, I’m giving away ONE copy of the recipe book (the hard copy) and TEN copies of the e-book (you can choose the .pdf version or the iPad/Kindle version). To enter, leave a comment on this post (anything from “Enter me!” to something inspirational or appropriate) and I’ll choose the random winners and announce them this weekend.

If you’d like to support the Fish family by purchasing a cookbook (hard copy or e-book), visit this link and feel free to spread the word to your family and friends! Thanks for indulging me this small moment of nontraditional content. Small things can make a big difference…and I’m hoping for big things for the Fish family!

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  1. Cammee says:

    Thanks for letting us know about this, I can always use another cookbook. This would be a great Mother’s Day gift.

  2. Jennika says:

    YAY!!!PICK ME…PICK ME! I love your stuff…I have never made one thing that I haven’t LOVED!!!

  3. shanna says:

    I would love to win one!

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    This would be so helpful! Thanks for the chance!

  5. Ashlee says:

    Best wishes to the Fish family!

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    these look awesome!

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    What an inspirational family. I would love to have one of these books.

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    I’d sure love to win the cookbook but if I don’t, I’ll buy one!

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    Thanks for the chance to win! What a great cause.

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    Enter me! This looks so neat!

  11. Larisa says:

    Love when people use their blogging resources to change the lives of others. Thanks for supporting such a great cause! There are so many out there… and so much more we can do!

  12. Lindsay G. says:

    I hope this will be truly helpful for their family. And I’d love to enter your giveaway.

  13. Melissa says:

    Thanks for sharing their story – what a great idea!

  14. Camille says:

    I’m buying my own copy, but would love one to give away as a gift. Thanks for letting us know Mel!!!

  15. Jamie says:

    I would love one! 🙂

  16. Heather says:

    God bless this family

  17. Rachael says:

    I just cried so hard during this video. My youngest daughter had spine surgery about five months ago. I can’t imagine going through all the Fish family has gone through. I’m so happy things are finally looking up for them. Thanks for sharing this story!

  18. Marilee says:

    I have found the blogging community most generous!

  19. korrin wing says:

    Please enter me into the give away! Always love tried and true yummy new recipes!!! Best Wishes to the Fish Family!

  20. Melanie says:

    What a generous way to raise funds for the Fish fam.

  21. Sheila H says:

    Bought one but would love to win another.

  22. Claudia says:

    This story touched my heart…

  23. Kristen says:

    What a wonderful thing to do for this sweet family!

  24. kim says:

    It’s and AMAZING story that has touched me as well! Thankfully, both girls are home now and trying to stay “germ free” and enjoy their family!

  25. Breanna says:

    Thanks for sharing! Prayers for the Fish Family.

  26. Katie Johnson says:

    Please enter me

  27. Janell says:

    I love that you are supporting this. I don’t know the family but helping anyone in need is a good cause!

  28. Lisa says:

    Best wishes to this family.

  29. Roberta C says:

    I collect cookbooks, and it is to the point my husband will not let me buy anymore, so winning this would be great. And I wish the best to the family.

  30. Jolyn says:

    What a neat story and outreach to help this family! Prayers will be plentiful through it and we hope blessings will be as well.


  31. Kristin says:

    I would so enjoy a copy of your wonderful cookbook!

  32. Whitney R. says:

    Wow amazing! Praying for that sweet family!
    Please enter me for the drawing.

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    Thinking of this family.

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    Wow, this story really makes me feel like I take my children’s health for granted. What atremendous family they are! My prayers are with them.

  38. Lauren says:

    great idea! amazing family!

  39. Michelle L says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Fish Family

  40. Debbie says:

    Sounds like a wonderful cookbook and what a great reason to purchase one of these!

  41. Jude says:

    Like others, I will buy this for someone else if I win a free one.

  42. Veronica says:

    Thank you SO much for sharing this! I just bought my e-book! I would love to win a hard-copy but if I don’t, I know I will get one on my own to share with my family. Thanks again, I shared the link to this post on my facebook page to spread the word. I hope they get enough money to ease the financial burden.

  43. Amy Hanson says:

    Love cookbooks and love serving people. There are so many good people in the world that help me want to become better. 🙂

  44. Ali K says:

    Would love to win one of these, I’ve only recently learned about her blog and am very interested in her books as well as supporting great causes!

  45. Heather says:

    What a wonderful cause!

  46. Kim H says:

    Good goin’ Fishes!

  47. Brandie says:

    What an amazing and kind way to help a very deserving family!

  48. Courtenay says:

    Enter me! PS That video made me cry. BIG wishes!

  49. Kristi S says:

    What an amazing family!!! I too have spent a week in the PICU with my little heart baby at PCMC and I couldn’t imagine any more time there. What an inspiration of a loving family. I love the book idea, it looks amazing!!!

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    What a great way to help a family!

  51. Kelly King says:

    I think you are a really great writer. Just wanted you to know.

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    Thanks, for sharing this touching story. What a beautiful family. I’m hoping for a speedy recovery for the girls.

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    what a great idea for a fundraiser. thoughts and prayers are with the fish family and you! pick me please! 😉

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    What a wonderful fundraiser for such a good cause! I cannot imagine having your child or children be so sick. Praying for them and passing this along.

  59. Amy V says:

    How heartbreaking. Sending positive thoughts and wishes to the Fish Fam.

  60. Kat says:

    What a hard thing for a family to go through. I hope they can get a lot of support through this cookbook.

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    Enter me!

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    Lots of blessings to the Fish family!

  63. Cindy Hobson says:

    Choose me!

  64. Kristin says:

    What a heartbreaking video to watch. My heart aches for this family. Those two little girls have endured so much. Thank you Mel for sharing this story with those who follow your blog and for giving me a reality check on a bad day. 🙂

  65. Cindy B. says:

    Forever cookbook lover, I would love to win!!

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    Enter me

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    Prayers for this family!

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    What a great idea.

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  82. Elizabeth Barr says:

    This is such a heart wrenching story! I had the pleasure and honor of growing up with this family, Tyler was just a baby then! This family is truly an inspiration and a wonderful example for everyone!

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    That video was inspiring. All I can say is wow.

  84. thu says:

    good luck and warm wishes to the family!

  85. Melody says:

    I love cookbooks. There is always something wonderful in them waiting to be made… and eaten!

  86. Aubrie says:

    What an amazing family. I can’t imagine going through that, but I have a little sister with special needs that has been through a lot too and I know it’s not easy!

  87. Jone says:

    Prayers for the whole family!

  88. Rachel says:

    Just bought the e-book, so please don’t choose me – but thanks for opening my eyes today to the reality of what some parents are going through. . .off to hug my kids.. .

  89. Sharlene says:

    What a wonderful idea, the cookbook sounds wonderful! may God give them extra blessing throughout this hard trial

  90. Kelli says:

    A quotation about family that I love- Having a place to go – is a home. Having someone to love – is a family. Having both – is a blessing. ~Donna Hedges

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    Wow, I cried and cried and cried watching that video, then I went and hugged both my kiddos and said a prayer of thanks that they are healthy and the common cold doesn’t threaten their lives. I was okay until the part in the video where the little brother agreed to donate his own bone marrow. UGH rip my heart out! WOW What a family! What an amazing story! Thank you for sharing! Prayers and best wishes to the Fish family.

  101. This is awesome! Well done!

  102. Lucy says:

    I have been extra grateful all day that my family has been blessed with such good health. Thank you for contributing to this.

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    What a sad story.

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    Love your website! Best wishes for the Fish family.

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    Isn’t it wonderful when we can pull together to help those we have never met?

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    I would love to win one to give away to a newlywed couple, but I’m pretty sure I’ll buy one too, because I’m a sucker for cookbooks.

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    Thanks for helping us come together in cyberspace for an excellent cause.

  113. Heather K Miller says:

    Thoughts and prayers for this family. I feel so blessed to have had to deal with so few health issues in our family. I can’t imagine what that must be like. My heart goes out to them.

  114. Kristin says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this. I was needing a new perspective on my life and I would love to help this family! I will be buying my own cookbook (supporting the cause), so you don’t need to enter me in the giveaway… I just wanted to leave a comment to say thank you Mel! For sharing this! (And of course for all of your wonderful recipes too- I’m a big fan of yours!) I am so blessed. I will be praying for this family.

  115. Kelly Spence says:

    Enter me please.

  116. Melanie says:

    Enter me please!

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    Wow. My prayers are with this family. Great idea on the cookbook. It looks beautiful!

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    you are inspiring!

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    What a great way to help out such a cause. My heart goes out to this sweet family, I will keep them in my prayers.

  120. Racquel says:

    Great this will help the family!

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    I bought the iPad version but would love a hard copy one too! Beautiful cookbook for a beautiful family. Thank you for helping and letting us help too!

  122. Angela H says:

    Enter Me!

  123. Cristi Ackerman says:

    I am a nurse on a pediatric intensive care unit where I see such struggles every day. I am constantly amazed at the strength shown by such amazing patients and families like the Fish family. I wish for all the best for them and their girls. Please enter me in the giveaway. Whether I win or not, I will buy one for myself and all the other “cooks” in my family.

  124. Doreen Hendrickson says:

    Cookbooks are wonderful reading material!

  125. Julie B. says:

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to this family. These poor little girls. My mother’s heart goes out to them and their family. Little children sometimes have to go through such hardships but it brings me comfort to know our Heavenly Father is always watching over them. I just know He sends the best of the best angels to comfort and help them.

  126. Missy says:

    I’ll buy the iPad version and then if I win I can give it away and make someone else’s day!

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    I would love to help out.

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    Thanks for sharing the story! Please enter me also!

  129. Emily M says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Fish family!

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    They are in my prayers. What a beautiful family they have!! I will be happy to support and these will be my Christmas presents to family and friends.

  131. Amanda B. says:

    I am so grateful to see good people trying to help out when they can. I hope that the Fish family (and all others who suffer from their different trials) can find some relief and encouragement to continue on. Thank you for sharing.

  132. Amanda says:

    My prayers go out to this family.

  133. Dani Smith says:

    LOVE a good cookbook! 🙂

  134. Alisha says:

    I’m buying an e-book through my tears. Thanks for sharing Mel. If I happen to win a giveaway, I’ll pass it along to someone!

  135. Midori Nakano says:

    Great idea. Always looking for tried and true recipes.

  136. Stacie D. says:

    Would love this book, and would love to help this family!

  137. Wendy says:

    count me in for one

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    What a wonderful idea for support! Praying this cookbook becomes a huge blessing!

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    Please enter me for a wonderful cause!

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    What a great cause! The cookbook looks fantastic.

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    I had heard about the family from another blog I read, it is such a heartbreaking story. This cookbook is a wonderful idea.

  142. Chelsea says:

    I should have realized before I pushed “play” on the video that I would end up bawling. What a difficult journey the Fish family has had and continues on. They are certainly inspirational and what a great way to help them out.

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    What a wonderful project!

  144. Jenny says:

    Pick me!

  145. Tracie T says:

    Pick me, pick me, pick me! 🙂

  146. Shannon says:

    I am inspired by not only your good cooking, but your generosity and kind heart too. Have a lovely weekend!

  147. stacy reading says:

    Thoughts and prayers for the Fish family.

  148. Melissa W. says:

    Sounds like a great cookbook! Lots of prayers for the Fish family!

  149. WrayLynn says:

    Me too!

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    What a great idea. Please enter me!

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    This book looks amazing! Count me in!

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    Way to be supportive of a good cause. Thanks for sharing the Fish story!

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    thanks for sharing this story

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    Hoping for the best!

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    Beautiful Fish family! Thanks for the giveaway!

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    What a great idea to help this family. I think she did a great job on the book!

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    praying for strength for the family!

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    I love cookbooks and will spread the word to support this wonderful cause!

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    fun giveaway!

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    Definitely a deserving family. What a wonderful project to help them.

  162. Beth says:

    I started bawling about 2 minutes into the video. I had two premature babies with very minor issues, and it was still incredibly stressful; I cannot imagine the toll the years of worry has taken on this family. What a great cause and great fundraiser. I just downloaded the electronic version and it looks like a great collection of recipes– with beautiful photos for each one.

  163. aimee says:

    thoughts and prayers to the fish family. what a great fundraiser – going to purchase right now.

  164. Maudie the Maid says:

    Enter me please.

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    What a terrific idea! My prayers go out to that sweet family. Lets all help spread the word

  166. Deb says:

    What a blessing to us that you posted this – thanks Mel!

  167. Summerh Hays says:

    I think all these good vibes and prayers you have initiated will do them much good too. It warms the heart and gives hope.

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    Enter me please! Looks like a great cookbook – and to benefit that family, fantastic!!

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    What a good cause! Thanks for sharing.

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    I was just reading about their family yesterday, and it broke my heart. It’s wonderful to see people coming together to help them!

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    What a great cause…thanks for sharing!

  177. Amanda A says:

    thanks Mel

  178. Kendra says:

    Looks like a great cookbook, for a great cause.

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    Thank you for being so generous in your efforts to help others! It inspires me to want to do the same.

    And p.s. The cook book looks awesome!

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    What a wonderful idea!

  181. Betty says:

    Best Wishes to the Fishes!

  182. Kristin says:

    Heartbreaking. They seem to have a positive outlook, and a strong sense of family through it all. The cookbook looks amazing!

  183. Alison Wonderland says:

    This sweet family is in my Stake here in Utah. What a treat to see your support! Your site is my go-to for family pleasing fare, and I’m so happy to see you’ve lended your support to them!

  184. Kristy Burnside says:

    Please enter me! Best of luck to the Fish Family. They are lucky to have so much support from people like you! Your blog is amazing!!

  185. Mandi R. says:

    I, too, was brought to tears by what this family and their two girls have had to endure. I hope with all of my heart that the bone marrow transplant is a success and these girls can begin living a normal life that does not involve more needles and pain. My love goes out to the Fish family, and I am so happy to see you getting involved, Mel, to help them in some way. Thank you for that! <3 🙂

  186. Donna A says:

    Enter me and thank you for all your good work.

  187. Ioana P. says:

    Thoughts and prayers to the Fish family.

  188. Esther T. says:

    Hearing about families like the Fish’s, makes us realize how very lucky and blessed we truly are.

  189. Lorie says:

    My heart goes out to them and I will make a donation regardless!

  190. Shanna says:

    What an amazing story! Best wishes for this family….

  191. Auntiepatch says:

    We NEED to care abut others – thanks for caring!

  192. Claire says:

    great way to spread awareness and help out.

  193. What a GREAT idea, I’m sure this is amazing as well because bloggers really are the best cooks 🙂

  194. Anonymous says:

    I believe the Fishes are (or will be) at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. So along with buying a recipe book, you can directly donate to Primary Children’s if you feel the need to donate more. I think Walgreens Pharmacy (in Utah) is currently soliciting donations for Primary Children’s through the end of March.

  195. Joy Bergeron says:

    I would love the recipe book!

  196. lori says:

    WOW!! what a beautiful story and a sad story, too. My thoughts and Prays go out to them! Thank you for letting us have a chance to win a book.

  197. Ginger McLeod says:

    I watched the video and cried my eyes out. What that family has had to endure is amazing to me!

  198. denise says:

    sending prayers their way! the cookbook looks beautiful as does their family! what a great fundraiser!

  199. Valerie says:

    I too have a son who has faced medical challenges – and think this cookbook idea is fantastic!

  200. Katie Groneman says:

    The Fishes are currently living in my neighborhood, and I went to high school with their uncles. I haven’t met them because of the extreme caution they have to have with outside germs, but I’m sure they are great people and this is a great cause. I’d love the cookbook.

  201. Jena says:

    Awesome cause! Thanks Mel!

  202. Kathy says:

    Oh my…how touching! The video is amazing. Thanks for sharing and I will pray for this dear family. What a wonderful cause to support!

  203. Alexa says:

    I’ll just have to buy this book if I don’t win it! Such a touching story. Thanks for sharing.

  204. Jenny says:

    You’re so great–what a nice thing.
    Best wishes to all involved.

  205. Nana Jan says:

    I will keep the Fish family in my prayers.
    It makes you realize how blessed you are…

  206. Peggy says:

    I’m sorry this family is going through this. Praying for healing.

  207. Amy says:

    I would love a copy! I will probably buy one either way

  208. Renee Goodman says:

    My heart goes out to the Fish family. Best of luck to them!
    I’d love to win a cookbook!!

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    Please enter me. My prayers go out to this wonderful family.

  210. Stephanie says:

    My prayers are with the Fish family!

  211. Fairlight says:

    Enter me please. What a touching story…keeping the Fishes in my prayers.

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    I love that you are doing this to help them.

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    What a great cause.

  214. Emily says:

    What a heartbreaking video of two very brave little girls. The Fish Family will be in my prayers and I will continue to follow and support their journey.

  215. Carol says:

    God bless the Fish family.

  216. Marissa says:

    What a great way to help.

  217. April Kim says:

    What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing

  218. Michele says:

    Wow, overwhelming! I just shared it on Facebook. I would love a cookbook and will probably order some for my family!

  219. Amy says:

    Oh yes and YES I am getting on board with this!!!! I will surely pass the info along! Mel, you are amazing at using your forum for SO MUCH GOOD. Thank you for making your loyal readership aware of a simple opportunity to help an incredible family. ON IT. This is community. Thanks for helping us all feel like a village as we come alongside our fellow families. Love it and love what you do!!!

  220. Leslie says:

    What a nice cause. Will be thinking of the fish family.

  221. Chi Chi says:

    Best wishes and may God bless this family.

  222. Jessica M says:

    You are so great to be supporting them and I will add my prayers and best wishes out to them as well. Would love to try the recipes in this book!

  223. Margaret says:

    What a touching story. I teared up when Blair was shown at the end. My husband and I visit Primary Children’s every week, and it is so hard to see the patients and parents there. Thanks for sharing this. Maybe we will run into the Fish family there.

  224. Janelle says:

    Prayers will be going up for the Fish family. (And I’d love to win, naturally.)

  225. Jamie says:

    God bless that little family!!

  226. Rachel says:

    Great giveaway!

  227. Lynette says:

    I watched the video and couldn’t stop crying. My prayers are with those two precious girls and their family. What a brave brother!! Thanks for sharing.

  228. Cheryl says:

    I am so glad this family is receiving attention and help from others. It is a wonderful thing to see their story on this (and other) blogs. While I do not know these two little girls and their parents, their grandparents used to live in my Utah neighborhood and I am acquainted with them. They are all wonderful people, deserving of all the blessings they can receive. Thank you, MKC, for posting this touching story.

  229. Julia L. says:

    We also have 2 kiddos with a rare genetic disease. Love and prayers go a long way. Thanks for sharing their story and letting us help.

  230. Rachelle says:

    THANKS so much for participating in this!! What a beautiful family and heartbreaking story. My prayers are with them for the strength to endure.

  231. Katherine C. says:

    They’ll be in our prayers!!

  232. Rebecca says:

    Best wishes to the Fish family, and thank you for spreading the word!

  233. Annie B says:

    I don’t know how they do it. I love how you (and others) have used your talents in a creative way to help them.

  234. I sobbed as I watched their story, and I’m not even pregnant! That was so moving. I will share their story. Thank you for posting this!

  235. Barbara says:

    Best wishes to the Fish family.

  236. Lynette says:

    I just bought this book! My heart and prayer go out to this family!

  237. Ashley in pdx says:

    Thanks for sharing this incredible story. It truly humbles you to see what others must face in this life-

  238. Tiffany D says:

    The Lord must have lots of blessing in store for them. Prayers for them and their family as they battle this.

  239. jessica says:

    Can’t imagine the heartache they must be going through. Prayers…many prayers.

  240. Melissa Dunn says:

    Thoughts and prayers to the Fish Family.

  241. GS says:

    Best wishes to the FISH family.

  242. nancy says:

    Prayers can help the Fishers.

  243. Rachael Ritter says:

    What I wonderful idea, I believe small things can make a big difference too… my heart goes out to the Fish family!

  244. Marna says:

    They will be in our prayers.

  245. Brooke says:

    thank you for sharing! what a touching story.

  246. Laurie says:

    I posted an announcement on my web site for all my users to help, too. A very worthy cause!

  247. Cheri says:

    A great cause! Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  248. Judy Amar says:

    Such a thoughtful & kind fundraiser. Best wishes to this amazing family!

  249. Meli says:

    What a great cause!

  250. Emily says:

    I cant imagine the difficulties they all must be going through. My heart, wishes and prayers go out to this family.
    I think this is a great way to help them out. I would love to win a cookbook in hopes that each time I look into it and make a reciepe I say a prayer for them.

  251. Celeste B. says:

    I always love to get new cookbooks and if it helps a good cause, that’s even better. Off to check out the links.

  252. Meghan M says:

    Stories like these make me grateful for my child’s health, even on her worst days. Love and prayers to the Fish family.

  253. Krista says:

    What a sad story! So great to see people coming together to help this family out!

  254. Liz K. says:

    Wow! What a story. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to help.

  255. Dena says:

    I often find myself completely blessed when I in turn bless others in times of need. Praying for the dear Fish Family.

  256. Charlotte Moore says:

    What a touching story. I can’t fathom what this family is going through. GOD BLESS them!!

  257. Megan says:

    I saw this on lemon poppy the other day. The trials some face seem so difficult. Thanks for your help.

  258. Alisha says:

    Love this idea as well! Can’t wait to check it out!

  259. Alexis says:

    Well, they must be doing well in sales b/c the seller exceeded their limit and I’m on a wait for the download! But I’ll enter this giveaway for fun and give away one if I win it. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, I also believe it just takes small gestures to make a big difference. Your blog is great!

  260. Morgan says:

    What a wonderful idea to support such a deserving family! Enter me please!

  261. Tara says:

    How heartbreaking. Your trials are really put into perspective. Thank you for doing this and making us aware of their situation.

  262. Laura says:

    What a great cause!

  263. what a great cause. prayers to their family

  264. Cristal says:

    That is very nice of you to help. I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

  265. That really is an incredible story. Thank you for sharing. My daughter just did a presentation at school on Rett Syndrome. Something that we only learned of when a cousins found out that is what she has. It is all about awareness, there are hundreds of things I haven’t heard of. So again thank you for spreading the awareness and helping others.

  266. Emma says:

    Enter me! My heart goes out to the Fish Family!

  267. Kitty says:

    What a wonderful thing to do for the Fish family.

  268. Whitney says:

    I would love either a hardcopy or ipad version. Best wishes for the family.

  269. Stacy says:

    Ooh ohh! Me!

  270. How awesome! I would love a chance to win, enter me! 😀

  271. amy b. says:

    Sending prayers their way. A great cause to support!

  272. kate C. says:

    That’s a tough disease! Best wishes to the family!

  273. Ali Jones says:

    My heart goes out to the Fish family. I hope this can help them raise some of what they need.

  274. I’m going to be reposting this story and give the info on how to buy the cookbook. I don’t host a recipe blog, but I can help get the word out.
    Thanks to you for letting us know about it.

  275. Lisa says:

    Thanks for posting this. If you pick me, give it to someone else………I just bought one:) What a wonderful family! Bless them!

  276. natalie says:

    Praying for the Fishes! My mommy heart hurts for them.

  277. Jen says:

    Just wanted to let you know, they may be having to iron out some kinks in the system or something. Just tried to purchase the PDF file and it did not work. I paid and then it said, “Transaction limit exceeded Seller has exceeded his transaction limit so we can not provide you download at this time. Please contact seller for further queries”

    Then it said seller account closed. They must be selling too many 🙂 Not sure how to get my copy, but hopefully it will get worked out.

  278. Sandee says:

    stories like this just break my heart. you are so kind to aid in their cause.

  279. Corisa says:

    Happy National Water Day! Hope to win this awesome giveaway!

  280. Heather says:

    My heart and prayers go out to the Fish Family!!

  281. Melanie says:

    I read about the Fish family on the news. Glad to hear they are getting help!

  282. Nancy says:

    What a wonderful idea! It just goes to show everyone has something to offer. My thoughts and prayers are with the Fish family.

  283. Lana says:

    That is a really smart way of fundraising for a family. Who doesn’t want a new cookbook? I want to buy them for my family members too.

  284. nicole says:

    Good luck to them, I will pray for the best!

  285. Bri says:

    This is just heartbreaking. I can’t imagine. There is not many things that could compare to the pain of watching your child suffer so.

  286. Teresa R. says:

    Thank you for bringing our attention to this sad story. The cookbook is a great idea.

  287. Jordyn says:

    I am praying for this family!

  288. Peggy Crawford says:

    Enter me, please.

  289. Allison says:

    What a heart touching story!

  290. Carly says:

    What a wonderful cause.

  291. Melody says:

    Enter me please.

  292. candy says:

    After having a very sick little boy of my own (who’s now in remission ) i can empathize with this family’s daily struggle to cope and rejoice. Please add my support and wishes to all the ones above.

  293. Kim says:

    Please enter me, I love true, tried and tested cookbooks. Thanks.

  294. Jennifer Paulk says:

    Wow, what a great cause, good for you!! Best of luck to the Fish family. Please enter my name as well. Good luck to all.

  295. Lizzy Stevens says:

    What an amazing cause! Great idea!

  296. Sheri Nelson says:

    please and thank you 🙂

  297. Mary O says:

    This looks like an awesome book.

  298. Holly says:

    I would love one.

  299. Anna says:

    Enter me, please!

  300. Megan says:

    Thank you for letting us know about this family! A cookbook is a great idea to help raise money for their daughters.

  301. Thanks Melanie for sharing this! I will definetly buy a cookbook–that video brought tears to my eyes. I will keep them in my prayers!

  302. Karie says:

    Keeping the Fish family in my prayers!

  303. Monica kocon says:

    Enter me, please!

  304. Mimi says:

    What a truly inspirational story, best wishes to the family!

  305. Jen says:

    I am in tears ~ what a heartbreaking story.

  306. Cheryl says:

    Fishes for Wishes – what a great name! Please enter me.

  307. Jaqui says:

    Being a mom under the best circumstances can have it’s challenges I simply can not imagine what they must be going through. I feel so blessed everyday that my five children are healthy and usually happy. Best wishes to the Fish family.
    Thanks again Mel for a great giveaway and the best site out there. : )

  308. Heather A says:

    Keeping the Fish family in our thoughts and prayers.

  309. Jodee says:

    Counting my blessing and sending prayers to this sweet family.

  310. Donna Bridges says:

    Anything for a good cause. Thanks for sharing.

  311. Lindy says:

    It’s hard to comprehend the kind of trials the Fish’s have to endure. I’m glad so many kind people are trying to help out – the cookbook is a great idea!

  312. Susannah says:

    I can see exactly why this family touched your heart, and what a fabulous fundraiser. I’ll help spread the word.

  313. Gwyn says:

    Please enter me, I will be praying for them!!!

  314. laura reimer says:

    enter me! I will be purchasing one for my sister for sure as well!


  315. Nancy says:

    Thanks for thinking of others!

  316. Lori H says:

    I love cookbooks, and especially love when they support a wonderful cause.

  317. Anne says:

    Sending positivie thoughts and wishes their way. What a great idea as a fundraiser for the family.

  318. Jen Bontrager says:

    The cookbook looks beautiful! What a great idea.

  319. Heather Bishop says:

    I want one!!!!

  320. Mame M says:

    Thank you for your blog, and also for caring about this family!

  321. Ailene says:

    What a fun idea to make cookbooks for them!

  322. Tami Forbes says:

    As I sit here with tears in my eyes and a heaviness on my heart for what the Fish family has endured, I pray for them. I pray a prayer for strength and endurance, peace and healing. I also pray a prayer of thanks that my grandbabies are healthy and have never known trials and pains. We take for granted so much in our lives. Thank you for sharing this incredible story. I will pass it on to others so they can contribute – either in prayer or with gifts to help make the Fish’s Wishes come true.

    I hope I win a cookbook but if I don’t I surely will be purchasing one!

  323. Lisa says:

    What a great cause – looks like a wonderful book!

  324. Stacey says:

    As I read your post, I could feel my heart sinking deeper and deeper. My 5-year-old nephew was diagnosed with Medullablastoma (cancer originating in the brain) last August. It makes my heart sick to even *think* about everything he (nephew) endures…and it’s equally despairing watching his parents worry and agonize. That being said, it’s changed me. Every time I hear stories like the one you shared with us I am compelled to help. I want to help. I *need* to help. I applaud the creative minds who found such a great way to offer SUPPORT and to GIVE. I look forward to recieving my copy of the book!

  325. Stephanie says:

    What an incredible family! I can not imagine all they have gone through. What a beautiful family!

  326. Katie says:

    What wonderful friends to do something so kind for this family.

  327. Mary says:

    This is such a sad and worthy cause. I’m going to buy the cookbook. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  328. Lisa says:

    My heart goes out to the Fish family and I will keep them in my prayers.

  329. Thank You for sharing. I just went on to purchase an e-book and it said there is an error. It doesn’t do that on the ipad version. Any ideas. I will be blogging about this story and passing the word out to friends and family. Thanks again for all you do!

  330. EnajCosta says:

    Enter me! 🙂

  331. JaNae says:

    What an incredible family. Best wishes and prayers for them.

  332. Kendra says:

    I would love to have this recipe book!

  333. Jennifer R. says:

    Thank you for sharing. I think these cookbooks will make wonderful gifts. I will keep the Fish family in my prayers and pass their information forward. What a beautiful family. Philippians 4:19 comes to mind. “And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”

  334. Jenna says:

    God bless them!

  335. Ruth says:

    Best wishes for the Fish family.

  336. Deanna says:

    What a great idea for a fundraiser!

  337. Deanna says:

    bestest wishes for the fishes!

  338. Melissa G says:

    Mel – you are great & thanks for passing the word along and doing your part in helping the family. Thanks to this post, I know what one of my Christmas presents is for the foodies in my life!

  339. Brittany says:

    I enjoy your blog and am grateful you have chosen to share this story with us all. I have been through serious health issues as well and through these trials, I have learned how to be more compassionate towards those who are suffering. I hope and pray for a great outcome for the Fish Family!!

  340. Amy Pellicer says:

    Hi There! Happy Thursday! Best wishes to the Fish family! Have a GREAT day, everyone! };o)

  341. Crystal says:

    God will provide for this loving family! Thanks for this awesome fundraising idea.

  342. Stephanie says:

    Thank you to everyone who worked on putting this recipe book together and making the fund raiser a reality. Best and warmest wishes for the Fish family.

  343. Lisa/MommyMo says:

    What a fantastic idea- my heart goes out to the Fish family!

  344. Allyson says:

    what a great way to spread the word

  345. Jennie says:

    I send my prayers to the Fish family.

  346. Janelle says:

    Prayers for the Fish family. I am a RN who has worked with families like theirs and they go through so much. This is a great way to provide them support.

  347. Alicia says:

    Please enter me. I tried to order the pdf version of the book but it says Ali has exceeded her transaction limit for this book. I guess that’s a good thing for the support cause.

  348. Christina Gill says:

    What a great idea! I look forward to reading more about the family and will add them to my prayer list.

  349. Merianne says:

    I love cookbooks! Please pick me!

  350. Pam says:

    I am not at all interested in getting one for free since I fully intend to buy one, so if I win, please draw another name. Just wanted to tell you that I think this is a great cause to support, and wish the Fish family some happier and better days ahead. 🙂

  351. Jessen says:

    I just watched the Video of the Fishes Story on Lemon Poppy’s Blog. My heart melted. I wish all the best for them, and will buy the book. If I happen to win the other one, I will give it away to someone and ask they return the favor and purchase another one for someone else.

  352. Bridget says:

    Prayer is a powerful thing!!!

  353. Mariann says:

    Puts my puny problems in perspective. Thanks for the giveaway offer.

  354. Aubrey says:

    This is an amazing cause and a GREAT reason to stray away from your typical blogging subjects. Thanks for raising awareness for this inspirational family.

  355. Bonnie says:

    Good for you – best wishes to the Fish family

  356. Debbie J. says:

    What a great book, for a wonderful cause. Thanks for the giveaway. Best wishes to the family.

  357. Stephanie says:

    What an amazing story! Thanks for spotlighting this.

  358. Sarah says:

    What a great way to spread love! Off to buy the book for myself. If I win I will gift it!!

  359. Melissa A. says:

    Wishing all the best for the Fish family!!

  360. Kristen V says:

    Praying for strength and peace for the Fish family. Tears streaming down my face. Thanks for bringing this to our attention this morning, Mel. Counting my blessing and praying for those two beautiful girls.

  361. Luda says:

    Thanks for this post. Hope that this really helps the Fish family.

  362. Terry says:

    Mu prayers go out to the fish family. My daughter has 2 toddlers with Cystic Fibrosis.

  363. Julie Armel says:

    Prayers for this family!

  364. Jenny says:

    Prayers for the Fish Family!

  365. Cheryl H says:

    Prayers and best wishes to the Fishes.

  366. Renee says:

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  367. K Raymond says:

    I will say a prayer for them.

  368. Natalie B says:

    Such a heart breaking story. Thanks for allowing others to help with you!

  369. Stefanie says:

    Thanks for sharing their story with us. I hope wonderful things are in store for them.

  370. Jody says:

    What an amazing family. Will keep them in my prayers.

  371. Tiffany says:

    You’re such a sweetie! Would love to see all the lovely recipes in this book 😀

  372. Blayre says:

    It’s hard to watch families with small children struggle under burdens such as illness. My prayers are with them.

  373. Barbara E says:

    I almost didn’t watch this video, almost brushed it off, but something told me to just press play. I have my own little Natalie, so I felt an immediate connection. I bawled through the whole thing. I will share their story, because everyone should see this. Please keep us updated on how they are doing……
    Thanks for sharing, Mel!!!!

  374. Martha says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with this remarkable family, shows the power of love.

  375. Alyssa says:

    Best wished for their family

  376. Karyn says:

    Amazing family

  377. cindy says:

    It’s never easy having a sick child, I can’t imagine having 2, bless you for helping them.

  378. Doug Lai says:

    Awesome, thank you do much. I went to college with Tyler.
    Enter me in.

  379. Christine says:

    Best wishes to the Fish family.

  380. Jennifer A. says:

    I can not imagine the pain and suffering these two beautiful girls and their family have gone through. God bless all involved in this great cause!!

  381. holly says:

    prayers for the fish family.

  382. Mary A. says:

    Enter me!

  383. Peggy Ann says:

    Prayers for the Fish family. Can not imagine.
    Enter me please. I love your recipes!

  384. Brye says:

    I would love to win but either way I will be buying and giving the as gifts.

  385. Jeni says:

    What a great idea! I hope the sales are huge.

  386. Melanie says:

    Sending prayers their way!

  387. Judy P says:

    If I don’t win, which I probably won’t (how’s that for a positive attitude) I will purchase the Kindle version. We all have our trials but some certainly seem to have more than their share. Sometimes it’s impossible to even imagine what others survive.
    Hopefully this endeavor will favorably impact their lives.

  388. Rhonda says:

    Thanks for sharing the story, never heard of them
    before either.

  389. Michelle T. says:

    Wow, what a great cause!

  390. Sarah says:

    Praying for this family. I would love to win a cookbook that supports their cause!

  391. Bree H says:

    Thank you for contributing to, and now sponsoring a giveaway, for such a good cause.

  392. Terri says:

    My prayers for the family and all those that have offered their skills, time and prayers to support them.

  393. Kim says:

    I’m praying for the Fish family. I hope their cookbook raises enough monetary funds to help them through this and awareness of this condition. I feel like its the rare conditions that don’t get enough attention or funds to do the research on that really do need it.

  394. Melissa says:

    Enter me!

  395. Cotton says:

    So good. I love to hear about books that are available with a need based behind them. I would love to have the book since I have neither an Ipad or Kindle. Sigh. A bit behind the ball I would say.

  396. Kerri A. says:

    I can’t even imagine what they are going through. This recipe book looks fantastic, I hope they are able to recieve a great amount of funds from it!

  397. Jody K says:

    Count me in!

  398. Katie L. says:

    I know a little boy that has this disease…it’s unbelievable what they and their family have to go through. I hope this raises a lot of funds to help the Fish family!!!

  399. kandi victorino says:

    Everyday I am thankful for the good health of my kiddos.

  400. Caitlyn Z says:

    Sobbing my eyes out right now! What sweet little children they have. I hope they find all the help they need and God bless that mystery donor.

  401. Kim in MD says:

    I think it’s great that you are trying to help the Fish family, Melanie. I will keep them in my prayers.

  402. Monica says:

    Please enter me. I have already shared this story and hope to generate more interest. Thank you for this. I’ve ordered these e-books before (that support a cause) and I love that all of you talented chefs combine your efforts for a good cause.

  403. Bliss says:

    Mel, you had me bawling this morning!

  404. Angie H says:

    What a beautiful family with amazing strength to continue the fight with their two girls. My heart and prayers go out to them! God bless you, Fish family.

  405. Mary says:

    Thanks for sharing this story. I am going to buy a cookbook, but if I win your giveaway I will give it away on my blog. Praying for this family.

  406. Jessie says:

    What a great thing you are doing for them by sharing your recipes and giving away the book to others. My thought and prayers go out to the family. Just want you to know that I love your blog and every recipe I have tried thus far. Keep the recipes coming

  407. Stephanie says:

    Praying for the Fish family!

  408. Penny Morrison says:

    such a tragic story…my prayers are with them♥

  409. Lana says:

    Best wishes to the Fish family.

  410. Tanya Gerald says:

    I am pleased that you are helping this family. Their courage is an inspiration.

  411. Kimberlee V. says:

    My heart goes out to the Fish family! I will say a little prayer for them!

  412. Hilary says:

    Oh Please enter me too – keeping the Fish’s in my thoughts and prayers!

  413. Olivia says:

    Enter me, please!

  414. Nikie says:

    Best Wishes to the Fishes!

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