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Are you hot? Dude. I’m hot. And I’m talking the sweaty-variety, sadly, not the smokin’-hot-bod-variety.

I’ve hit my peak of summer sweat flow which means, clearly, the only solution is for me to start consuming large quantities of ice cream since summer isn’t even close to abating yet.

Since I don’t want to be alone in my caloric bliss (I currently own a Cuisinart ice Cream maker and l.o.v.e. it), I’m giving away two Cuisinart Ice Cream Makers and two copies of David Lebovitz’s widely heralded Ice Cream Bible, if you will: The Perfect Scoop.

Here’s how it works. I’m giving away one Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker and one copy of The Perfect Scoop to a randomly chosen fan on my Facebook page. Another set of goods will be given away to a randomly chosen comment on this post.

To enter (and yes, you can be eligible in both places):

1) leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite ice cream flavor (and don’t worry, I’ll still love you if you say it is vanilla). Duplicate comments will be deleted so only leave a comment once on this post, pretty please (it may take a few minutes to show up so don’t panic if you don’t see it immediately).

2) become a fan on Facebook. If you are already a fan, you are automatically entered – sweet! No need to leave a comment/post on Facebook, just become a fan. Easy-peasy.

The contest will close shortly, as in, I will announce the winners tomorrow morning, August 19th. So enter or become a fan quickly!

(This giveaway is not sponsored by Cuisinart or David Lebovitz. I just wanted to share the love for all things ice cream and hope that by doing so good karma will come my way and provide me with the ability to stay sweat-free in 90% humidity. Peace out.)

1,516 Responses to Giveaway, Baby!

  1. Stephanie Mair says:

    My new favorite ice cream is Black Sesame flavour by Cremo, it can be found in Asian grocery stores.

  2. Deb says:

    My favorite ice cream is vanilla with strawberry a close second!

  3. Saralinda says:

    I love ice cream – especially homemade! Chocolate chip or mint chocolate chip are always great choices!

  4. Marissa W says:

    Cookies & Cream and Moose Tracks. It’s a toss up.

  5. Summer says:

    Favorite homemade ice cream is fresh peach! Haven’t had any yet this summer.

  6. Stefani layton says:

    Ooh me Ooh me.cherry chocolate baby!

  7. Loring Rollo says:

    Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla with Hershey’s chocolate syrup and nuts

  8. Nichole says:

    So Exciting! I LOVE your blog and I LOVE chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!

  9. Angie says:

    cookies and cream

  10. Abby says:

    Oooh, Ben & Jerry’s “Everything But the…”

  11. Mirien says:

    I’ve spent far too many minutes contemplating my answer and I still can’t choose. Is there any flavor I don’t like? Oh, yeah. Bubblegum Ice Cream is disgusting. But the rest? Yum!

  12. Janae says:

    Strawberry is my all time favorite!

  13. bonnie says:

    We are a family of ice cream lovers!! Especially with a sugar cone coated with chocolate for family night treat. Our ice cream maker died over the 4th of July, and they are hard to find out here in rural Germany so a new one would be amazing : ) (If you do choose us… shipping is the same as sending something to New York)

  14. Wendy says:

    Chocolate Chip Mint here, or the occasional Black Licorice Ice Cream when I can find it. Delicious!!

  15. Whitney L says:

    Mint chocolate chip!!!! A huge pregnancy craving right now 🙂

  16. Kellie says:

    My favorite it Chocolate Malted Crunch 🙂

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