We have finally moved in to our house. It has been a whirlwind two weeks of moving across the country. Until today I haven’t had any access to the internet (thank goodness for being able to schedule automatic blog posts!), which is why I haven’t responded to your comments and been commenting on any blogs lately. But I promise to get to them soon. After I lay on my couch for a while and detox from all the unpacking, that is.

Enough complaining, what I really want to do today is celebrate! Celebrate that my kitchen is unpacked, that I have actually been cooking and baking again (wahoo!) and celebrate that I am back to blogging.

If there is one thing that unpacking, which I loathe, has done, it has made me realize what things I love. Especially kitchen things. I was practically kissing and hugging my citrus reamer, silpat liners and perfect white platters just from having been without them for so long.

In honor of being back in the blogging world after a crazy move (did I mention that all four of my kids came down with strep throat and ear infections??), I am hereby giving a shout out for two of the kitchen things I unpacked this week that I can’t live without…and I am giving away one of each to two lucky winners!

Here they are (drum roll, please):

Silpat Liner: oh my, I am not exaggerating (and if you know me, you know I love to exaggerate) when I say I use these babies at least three times a week (I have two of them). I line my baking sheets with them every time I make cookies, breadsticks, french bread, rolls, etc. I love them. A lot. They are absolutely nonstick and make clean up a cinch. I’m giving away one of these beauties.

Digital Scale (Salter): If you haven’t been converted to weighing your ingredients, now is the time. For any recipe that gives weights and measures, I ALWAYS weigh. It is accurate and precise and provides practically no-fail results. Plus it makes me feel very culinarily scientific. I have a Salter Digital Scale. I heart it. I’m giving away one just like mine!

Leave me a comment telling me your favorite kitchen item (or just saying hello) and your email address and I’ll enter you in the contest. Only one entry per person, please. Contest ends Friday at 6:00 pm CST. I’ll announce the winners that evening.

By the way, this contest isn’t sponsored by any company. Salter and Silpat (Demarle) have no idea who I am and would probably be embarrassed to know I am waxing poetic about their products. It is simply because I love the products and want to share them with you. Okay, bye now.

347 Responses to I'm Back and Ready to Celebrate!

  1. Anonymous says:

    My favorite kitchen gadget right now is my citrus press/juicer. I love using fresh lime juice in recipes! Congratulations on getting unpacked!
    Lisa H.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Welcome back!! My favorite kitchen item is my set of kitchen knives. They’re always being used!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Love my pampered chef spatulas and cookie scoops!! jlhaverdink (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love my KitchenAid mixer! I’ve always wanted to try a silpat!

    jojo17 at gmail dot com

  5. Shelley says:

    My Bosch Universal Mixer! Love it! 5 loaves of bread at a time, double and triple cookie recipes, and a super blender…the best!

  6. Katie says:

    I’m not sure what my favorite is. We don’t have a lot of space in our kitchen so I find I don’t get out many appliances. I’d say I probably love my waffle maker. Even though I don’t make waffles very often, when I want one, I’m so happy that I have one.
    ktkadoo @ myself.com

  7. Amy says:

    I love your blog! I have made so many recipes from it! I think I really enjoy my kitchen aid mixer! How did the pioneers do it when they had to make things by hand. We are so blessed! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes! You are so talented and giving!

  8. Jami says:

    My Kitchen Aid!
    theburgundybutton at gmail.com

  9. Chelsea says:

    It’s pretty hard, I love kitchen things. I’d have to say my favorite things are my half sheet pans, wisks and heatproof spatulas (like screwdrivers, you can’t have enough!) and my nesting stoneware bowls.

    chelseaflitton at yahoo dot com

  10. Anonymous says:

    Either my food scale or rubber spatulas, can’t imagine time in the kitchen without them

    lmj_614 at msn dot com

  11. Amy says:

    i love my wusthof knives
    amyleehong at gmail dot com

  12. Abbey says:

    I love my silpat too! I need to buy another one so I can multi-task better. Who knows, maybe I’l just win one.

    acamara76 at yahoo dot com

  13. Megan Anderton says:

    Definetly my garlic press and I’d have to say I really love my blender too:)

  14. Angie says:

    My favorite thing in the kitchen is my dishwasher!

  15. Stephanie says:

    I love my pressure cooker and I really enjoy your blog.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I love my zester.
    Kathy, Shattuck, Oklahoma

  17. Jennifer H. says:

    I love my Silpat as well, but I also love my big stand mixer! How did I ever get along without it?? You just cannot make marshmallows without it!

    jjnhubbs at yahoo.com

  18. Traci says:

    My favorite item is my Kitchen Aid Mixer, I feel like I can do anything with it! Thanks for the giveaway. My email is lcart11 at gmail dot com.

  19. Jenny says:

    I Love my cuisinart mixer!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I love my Cuisinart.

    I don’t have a blog like everyone else. But here is my email – stuff (at) thephelpshome (dot) net

    Love your site!


  21. Rebecca says:

    I have to agree about the scale. I was very angry that my husband bought one – forget that it was marked down dramatically and was basically a steal! However, I grew to love it and was very distraught the day it stopped working. Needless to say it was replaced very quickly.

    [email protected]

  22. Mama Feelgood says:

    I love my mango slicer. Sounds silly, but I was wasting so much of my mango before I found this.

  23. JoAnn says:

    Welcome back! Hurray for getting unpacked!

    I know this will be a popular answer, but my fav kitchen item is my stand mixer. I would never EVER knead bread without it.

  24. Nikki says:

    Thanks for all the great recipes. My favorite stuff would have to be my knives or KitchenAid mixer. I am very curious to try the Silpat.

  25. Stephanie says:

    Just wanted to say hello! Hope you get settled into your new life soon! Moving is the pits! And..I love all my kitchen gagets, I couldn’t choose just one…:)

  26. Cassie Winters [email protected] says:

    Wow I have so many things I love in my kitchen and so many things I miss since moving to Germany. I will say my antique mixing bowl and bamboo spoon…so many brownies and banana bread loaves began there :)

  27. Anonymous says:

    Welcome back! I would be one happy girl to win either of these. Thanks for such a fun giveaway. I have really wanted a kitchen scale so I can make the bagel recipe you posted awhile ago. The silpat would come in hany because my least favorite thing to clean in the kitchen is my cookie sheet (especially baked on cheese). My favorite thing in my kitchen is probably my bosch mixer. -Liz K.
    [email protected]

  28. Leslie says:

    my tart tamper~~i only made a tart once in my life, a long time ago, but it was a suggested item to buy with a recipe~~i now use it a LOT for anything that needs to be spread evenly into a pan~~like granola bars, etc.~~it doesn’t stick, it makes everything so level, and no fingerprints on top~~my email is [email protected]~~i have a scale already, but would LOVE a silpat!

  29. Shelley says:

    I can’t live without silicone spatulas and my mini muffin tins . . . .

  30. Megan says:

    mrsdresses (at) gmail (dot) com. My favorite item is my…well sad, I can’t remember. We’re remodeling our kitchen. I can feel for you.I think my dough whisk is one of the coolest inventions.

  31. Stacy says:

    I love my muffin scoop from pampered chef.

  32. Annie Jones says:

    I found your blog while you’ve been away. I love it and have added it to my favorites. I think my favorite kitchen item is either my Bosch mixer or my set of 4 colorful silicone scrapers. Is use both all the time. I’d love to try a Silpat. I use parchment paper now, but would love something reusable. I could use a new kitchen scale, too. :)

    My email is imannies (at) gmail.com.

  33. mysterie91 says:

    My favorite kitchen item is my ice cream scoop – use it for everything from melon to ice cream to cookies to buckeyes to meatballs. Love it!

  34. Loralee and the gang... says:

    Hi! So glad you made it safely to Wisconsin (?) (but sorry about the strep & ear drama – you REAlly didn’t need that, too, did you).

    My kitchen items are pretty basic, but I’d say my favorite is the one I use most often – my Kitchen Aid mixer (I almost said my microwave – but you’d probably have shot me for that one)

    [email protected]

  35. grace says:

    best of luck getting settled!
    meanwhile, my favorite kitchen tool right now is the pastry cutter. it’s simple, but buddy, it gets the job done. :)

  36. Robbie and Erin says:

    I love my ladybug spatula! This is a great site, you have such yummy recipes! relund06{at}gmail{dot}com

  37. Amanda says:

    So hard to choose just one! One of my faves is my kitchen aid (although I sometimes wish it were a bosch).

  38. Morgan says:

    Hands down, my Bosch is like my little baby in the kitchen!! wugrider AT hotmail DOT com

  39. Tay says:

    Pizza stone. Oh man is that thing fantastic!
    tay1141 at gmail dot com

  40. Nancy says:

    I really like my electric skillet and then a close second is my Farberware Electric grill that is 38 years old and still looks new….

  41. Jerilynn says:

    my favorite kitchen tool is my kitchenaide mixer…I love just looking at it…and really love using it.love your blog too Ü

  42. Anna says:

    Wow, you are popular. I love my muffin/cookie scoop. Thanks for all your yummy recipes!

  43. Callie says:

    I just love my cookie scoop! It makes perfect sized cookies everytime! And I love cookies!

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