Dena (#1258) who said: Hi Mel! I believe that I am a professional cake decorator hiding in an amatuer’s body just waiting to bust out! I would love some tools of the trade to boost my skill level. I just love your website. It has helped me in so many ways to prepare new and exciting foods for my family. Thank you for all your help!


Usually, January isn’t my favorite of the 12 months. Just not a lot to look forward to, if you ask me, with the holidays over and spring still months away (at least in my neck of the woods). But this year, I’m actually excited for the dreary, blustery month…because…for the next two weeks, sprinkled amongst the new, fantastic recipes I have to share, I will be hosting giveaway upon giveaway. Oh yes! And I can’t tell you how excited I am to give away some of my favorite things. I purposely avoided the blog giveaway craziness and fun over the last few holiday weeks in order to selfishly save the giveaways for now!

A moment of heartfelt sappiness: I really, really adore all of you. I know, you are rolling your eyes, but it is true. I wouldn’t have the continual energy and motivation to keep up this here food blog if it wasn’t for all of your comments and support. It keeps me moving in my lazy state, so seriously…thank you! These giveaways are for you! So may the force be with you and your entry(s).

Tomorrow I promise you a new, delicious recipe. Promise! But today I want to give away something I’ve been so very excited to put together.

I am by no means a professional cake decorator, but I have somehow developed a tradition of taking birthday requests from my kids and decorating things like snakes, sharks, bats, monsters…you know, boy cakes. I gladly took on the challenge last year to decorate two more girly cakes for my sweet neighbors:

Completely self-taught (and it kind of shows, I know!), I have a habit of pulling all-nighters to finish the cakes (like I said, I’m not a professional and have to redo things, like, 20 times to get them right sometimes), but I have loved learning little techniques.

What makes my life easier? This Wilton Tool Caddy that my fabulous cousin (and long ago roommate!), Camille, gave me years ago when we went to an amateur cake decorating class together (um, I was the only one that left class each session with frosting stuck in my hair).

I have loved this caddy and have gradually added supplies to it over the last ten years as I’ve ventured out trying new cake styles. Besides my loving husband who graciously stays up late with me every time I take on a cake project, this caddy is my #1 partner in crime when it comes to cake decorating. We’re tight, me and my caddy.

I want to give away ONE of these awesome tool caddies (yes, they kind of look like an old school plastic makeup carrier I had when I was, like, 13, but oh well) filled with many of the same things I have in mine – my favorite gel colors, no less than 15 of my favorite tips, decorating bags, couplers, and lots of other goodies, including an offset spatula or three. I’ll put it all together and ship it off to you lickety split!

To enter, just leave a comment on THIS post telling me what kind of cake decorator you are (professional, slap on some canned frosting to a cake mix kinda person, experimenter extraordinaire) – whatever the case may be! I’ll announce a winner before the next giveaway goes up, probably in a day or two.

{Giveaway and details and opinions all sponsored by me (a.k.a. Mel’s Kitchen Cafe), like it or not!}

1,476 Responses to Giveaway Bonanza!

  1. Brittany says:

    I’m definitely an experimenter!

  2. Annie says:

    Amateur, but love it!

  3. Michelle says:

    I’m not a professional. I am trying to learn how to frost cakes and cookies. I do enjoy doing it because my kids love it and I do too!

  4. Kathryn R. says:

    I’m an amateur, but love to plan and make a fun cake for the kid’s birthdays!

  5. Katie Rose says:

    I decorated ice cream cakes in high school at our local homemade ice cream parlor, and started to get pretty good and thought I was all that…until I started baking them myself. Now that I’m making the cakes, icings, frostings, etc. from scratch myself it seems that I’m the type of person that can invest energy in the cake once: to make it taste good or to make it look good. Maybe having the same kind of equipment I used for the ice cream cakes would help (wink wink, nudge nudge)

  6. wynne says:

    I am about taste and not so concerned with a splashy presentation.

  7. I’m definitely no expert at decorating cakes, but I’ve been doing it more and more recently and am slowly improving!

  8. I am a complete beginner and have only recently begun to be interested in cake decorating, mostly because of pinterest.

  9. Kim in MD says:

    I feel exactly the same way about January, Mel! February is better because of the Super Bowl (party!) and Valentine’s Day. Thanks to you I am excited about January now!

    I took cake decorating classes at Michael’s craft store years ago, and therefore I am a fairly good cake decorator. I actually own this caddy and love it! I have just about every tip made, too, as well as numerous gel paste colors. If I win this, I will gift it to a friend along with a gift certificate for cake decorating classes! Thanks for the give-away, Melanie!

  10. Pam S. says:

    I give it my A effort, but usually end up with a mess. But, practice makes perfect, right!?

  11. Mardi Thomas says:

    When I was a kid my mother used to sell decorated cakes. She was self taught and never really ventured beyond using buttercream icing on her cakes. As kids she encouraged us to play with it as well, We entered a couple cake decorating contests and I remember earning a few awards. None of us really won the big prizes but we did earn honorable mentions. I really haven’t decorated a cake like that since I was young but am facinated by shows like the Cake boss and the cake decorating contests on HGTV. I think my mother had she lived to see them would have been facinated as well.

  12. Amanda says:

    Definitely an experimenter with some successes and failures lol.

  13. Genevieve says:

    I love theme parties and cakes that match for my little girls. I’m just an amateur with very few tools but I make it work. I’d love to have the right tools for the job!

  14. Summer says:

    My mom had the same tradition of making us really cute cakes when we were growing up! I’ve made a couple of cakes for my daughter but plan on taking a class to teach me some basics. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. amanda says:

    I have actually never decorated a cake before but I would really love to learn so I can make birthday cakes for my kids. My grandmother always made cakes for us growing up. She would make us anything we wanted and was actually pretty good.

  16. Lana says:

    Definitely an amateur, but I try. I don’t really have the right tools and would love a chance to have some.

  17. Melanie U says:

    Definitely an ameteur but I try to experiment often.

  18. Lara says:

    I have become a pro at decorating exactly one kind of cake–a baseball. I made one for my sons’s first birthday party, and I have been fortunate that he has wanted the same thing every year since. Some have looked awesome, and some have been cut into really quickly to hide the imperfections. πŸ™‚ He’ll turn 7 in March, and I hope he still wants a baseball cake! If he doesn’t, I could really use a tool kit to help me out!

  19. Anne says:

    I love to make homemade cakes, but definitely an amateur in decorating πŸ™‚

  20. Katie says:

    Totally amateur, but I’d love to get better!

  21. Amateur here, canned frosting or homemade frosting spread on the cake…unless it is ice cream cake which is what we usually make.

  22. Mia says:

    I am definitely an amateur, but am loving experimenting with different techniques!

  23. Sarah says:

    Definitely an amateur but I love to experiment. Having 2 little girls, I’m sure that I will be making butterfly and princess cakes before too long!

  24. Sue E says:

    I’m a total amateur but try my best! Absolutely LOVE your blog & recipes!

  25. Ramie Mariano says:

    I love to experiment with cake decorating, but usually ends up looking
    Very amateurish! I need help!

  26. Jackie says:

    I love to bake but when it comes to decorating cakes I am an amateur, just slap on some frosting.

  27. Bethany says:

    I’m a beginner…but we just had our first child in November (a boy) so I can see many boy cakes in my future too. πŸ™‚

  28. courtney says:

    Ummm buy the jar of frosting and slap it on… But my mom used to have fun with it. Her kit is from the 80’s!! I would gift this to her.

  29. Traci says:

    I’m more of a cookie decorator, but do an occasional cake for my boys’ birthdays. That said, I’ve been eyeing that very caddy to carry my cookie decorating tools. Thanks for the giveaway. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Angela says:

    Ima wannabe cake decorator, although my kids think I’m a professional!

  31. Cindy says:

    I inherited my moms old shaped Wilton pans…so i defiantly need tips on what to do with them now. The web site said to use the “star tip” on most of them…Tooo cute!

  32. Heather F says:

    I guess I’m an experimenter extraordinaire. I made a tea pot cake for my daughter’s birthday tea party this year. It turned out pretty well but I did stay up all night making it:)

  33. Cara says:

    I love decorating cakes. No lessons ever but I have lots of fun experimenting. My 4 kids love picking out what they want their cake to be for their birthday.

  34. Katie says:

    I am a novice, but it’s fun to try!

  35. Nancy says:

    I’ve never even made a cake that wasn’t from a box..and yes, I am ashamed 😑
    Would LOVE to hear your tips and experiment with the awesome cake caddy!

  36. Angie H says:

    Definitely NOT a professional. Still a novice at cake decorating, but like to have some sort of design for the kids even if it isn’t perfect! Wouldn’t it be great if we moved closer and then you could teach me all you know?!?

  37. Megan says:

    experimental extraordinar!

  38. norma says:

    i try! my kids come to me with a picture of what they want their cakes to look like.. sometimes the end results look like the picture and sometimes they don’t,but i tried ! and the happy grins make all the effort worthwhile!

  39. Andrew Fast says:

    We love experimenting (last night we experimented with peppermint cream cheese – yum!) We just took a cupcake decorating class though, which was tons of fun and very informative!

  40. Holly says:

    Experimenter that needs the right tools to make the magic happen. My son would love it if I could figure out how to make some type of Star Wars cake

  41. Mandi says:

    I’m an amateur, but would love tips so I can make my kids’ birthday cakes.

  42. Emily Grace says:

    Traditionalist — and amateur!! Your cakes look fantastic!

  43. Pamela says:

    A total wannabe! Everytime I attempt decorating a cake or cupcakes I thank God I am not a perfectionist or else I’d be majorly bummed. Oh well, perfectly decorated or not, cake tastes good, right? πŸ™‚

  44. Melinda George says:

    I decorated cakes with my grandma growing up, I make them now for special occasions, and my grown daughter makes wedding cakes that are lovely.

  45. Em Rohrer says:

    I am definitely an experimenter and would love the tools to be able to do more!

  46. Kim says:

    Experimenter no doubt, half the time I can’t get the frosting to stick to the cake! With 2 birthdays coming up at the end of the month, this would be fun!

  47. Alicia says:

    I’m definitely an amateur, but I love a pretty cake. I have 3 girls and we love to experiment in the kitchen and make pretty foods. I’d love this giveaway!

    Happy New Year, Melanie, and thanks for all of the great recipes! Love your site!!

  48. Whitney L says:

    I took a class and am obsessed with all things cake! I mean, is there anything in this world better than buttercream??

  49. Regina P says:

    I’m a newbie cake decoratar. I’m barely good at writing on a cake but i really want to practice with flowerings and other pretty things πŸ™‚
    BTW I made your ‘best of’ chocolate cake & it was AMAZING!!

  50. Amateur for sure, but I have always taken birthday requests, everything from barbie doll cakes to pokemon balls. I am working on a wedding cake for my son and his new bride right now, probably bit off more than I can chew but I always pleased him with birthday cakes, so we shall see…

  51. Leslie says:

    I’m definitely an amateur, although I’m more of a cupcake decorator, haha! I ADORE baking cupcakes, for my hubby, for friends, parties, and birthdays. I guess I could call myself an experimenter as well because I always enjoy trying a new recipe/technique! I’ve been wanting to get even more into cake decorating and buy myself some real tools (seeing as how mine consists of ziploc baggies with a hole cut out of the corner). Oh, if only we ever actually had the spare money for things like that!
    By the way, I have no idea what you’re talking about when you say it shows you’re self-taught, because your cakes look AMAZING. I wish I could do that!

  52. Candace says:

    I don’t think I’ve found my cake decorating personality yet. I would say experimenter, but I haven’t actually made that many cakes. I’ve always wanted to be a cake decorator, but I don’t want to make (and eat!) all of that cake!

  53. Danielle says:

    I’m an amature but enjoy it so much!! And practice makes perfect, right?

  54. Anita says:

    I’m lucky to get the cake frosted! I think you cakes are beautiful.

  55. joanna says:

    Newbie all the way, just started 6 or so months ago.. πŸ™‚

  56. Miz Gala says:

    A dusting of powdered sugar.

  57. Katie says:

    I’ fall into the amateur camp. Most of my cakes are pretty sad, though I did make some awesome dinosaur and fish cakes by closely following your instructions. Thanks!

  58. riv says:

    none at all! but my 1130 yo daughter would be in cake heaven πŸ˜‰

  59. Marti says:

    Just started but want to get better.

  60. Angela A says:

    I do some experimenting, but I’m far from doing anything great.

  61. sara says:

    So did you know the infamous Caboodles (plastic makeup case) are making a comeback?!? Craziness! I pretty much only decorate for my kids’ birthdays and avoid the real decorating with frosting as much as I can by filling in with candies, etc. Maybe this kit is the magic tool I need!

  62. Amanda says:

    I’m new to cake decorating but my two daughters give me lots of occasions to practice!

  63. Nancy C says:

    I love to bake but have never tried to decorate my finished product. I would love to have this caddy to practice with.

  64. Karen says:

    I am an experimenter. Only 2 of my 4 boys like cake on their birthdays. The other 2 are pie requesters.

  65. patrice says:

    An experimenter for sure! I made a Thomas the train cake for my 3 year old last year and was quite impressed by it (although any professional would have thrown it right out with it’s saggy lines :-)). This year I made the little green alien men as cupcakes for the kids Toy Story themed b-day party. I had such fun figuring it all out. I only started baking seriously about 5 years ago and had only learned how to cook 4 years before that. I love your website and thank you in advance for all the future recipes I’ll get to try! Your huge cinnamon buns were a hit Xmas morning!

  66. Leslie says:

    Baking isn’t the problem for me, but decorating I totally stink at. I try so hard too!! I guess you’d say I’m an amateur! I too dread January! Trying to have a good attitude!!

  67. Amanda A says:

    Very timid amateur! I’ve never tried to decorate a whole cake, we eat a lot of cupcakes around here for birthdays. Maybe some new tools would give me the confidence I need to try and decorate a real cake πŸ™‚ thanks Mel!

  68. Nicole G says:

    I’m a beginning but would definitely move up a notch if I win that fabulous box of tricks.

  69. Ange Taylor says:

    I have a 9 year old that has so wanted us to start decorating cakes and this would be a great way to start!!!!

  70. DeeElle says:

    Oh, I can make the easy kind of buttercream and spread and swirl on a cake.
    Beyond that, I need to learn, practice, and discover tools beyond my little spreader.
    Many thanks for your wonderful posts! There is so much to learn here.

  71. melissa says:

    I am a cake decorating novice. While I prefer homemade frosting, I have been known to open a can of frosting too. I made some cute toy story alien cupcakes but would love to have some tools to work with to make a cute cake for my daughters first birthday!

  72. tina says:

    Oh my gosh, PLEASE, oh PLEASE COUNT ME IN for this giveaway!! I have to admit, I do use the store-bought, ready-made frosting on my cakes, and I’m definitely an amateur; but I love being creative with my cakes, most especially for birthdays or the holidays… I haven’t taken a cake decorating class yet, but it’s on my bucket list! Best wishes to you for a blessed and very Happy New Year!

  73. Geneil says:

    Totally an amateur, experimenter. My husband is actually a much better cake decorator than I am. My best cake was one of those Barbie cakes for my daughter’s 6th or 7th birthday. And last year we did penguin cupcakes, which turned out well. Funny you should have this giveaway now because her 14th birthday is tomorrow and I’m trying to figure out today what kind of cake/cupcake to make! Happy New Year πŸ™‚

  74. Tanya H. says:

    I’m kind of like you: not a professional cake decorator, but determined that my little boys will get the special cake they want each year (will definitely be trying some of your boyish cake ideas!). I also have an affinity for baby shower cakes — such happy occasions Thanks for sharing your goodies!

  75. Terri says:

    I am a cake decorating wannabe. I bought a few tips and have tried a few things but would totally love to take a class and be all professional- like with this nifty caddy and tools!

  76. Ann J says:

    Amature experimenter. I have the baking part down, I always put the extra effort into making homemade frosting, but the decorating is pretty sad! We have a 1 year old boy, and there are lots of cakes in my future!

  77. Joyce says:

    I am totally amateur but took the first set of classes years ago when my kids were young. I am now a grandmother to six and would love to be able to share this kit with my daughters and daughters in law. So much fun to share a labor of love for special occasions. I love your blog and the many recipes that you share.

  78. Elizabeth says:

    amateur but would like to move up! πŸ™‚

  79. Jocelyn says:

    Amateur that is dying to become an experimenter!

  80. elizabeth says:

    Hi, Thanks for your blog. I just discovered it a month ago while searching for appetizers to make for our book group, and have been an avid follower since. I made your mozzerella/tomato/basil skewers, by the way, and had not a single one left over. It was nice to have a healthy appetizer to put out on the table. As to cakes, I am an ethusiastic amateur. I started making them for my friends’ kids’ birthdays…notables were a volcano cake surrounded by an ocean and a barbie bowling cake (full size barbie wearing her ballerina finest standing in the cake, aiming a bowling ball candle at the candle pins). I like them whimsical, and the kids seem to, as well. I have my own boys now and have continued the effort with them. This year I did a superhero soccer game on one (the five-year-old) and a dinosaur scene for the two-year-old. I usually use toys and props on top to make them 3D because the kids seem to like it that way. My cakes definitely look amateur but I don’t really mind…I really do do it for the kids. I have never ventured into tips, gels, bags, etc. but it sounds like fun. I would be thrilled to win this one, but if I don’t I think you might have given me a nudge toward expanding my repertoire, anyway. So thanks! And thanks for the keeping the blog going…I am a writer and have started many blogs, but have never managed to keep up with them. Posting regularly (not to mention well) is A LOT of work.

  81. Megan says:

    Im an amateur but I have fun experimenting with different tips and flavors.

  82. Haley says:

    Im a wanna be! I wish I was more professional!

  83. Lee-Anne says:

    I love my “homemade” caddy! I got a toolbox (flat for nails and screws, usually) and store all of my sprinkles, cupcake liners and gels in them! I am a semi-professional baker, as I run a business from home on the side…doing cake pops/cupcakes/sugar cookies and confectionary. I just started this summer, so I have a need for more tips, bags and tools!

  84. Michelle says:

    Definitely an amateur who wants to learn more!!

  85. Joan says:

    Amateur and would like to become a better decorator.

  86. Jennifer C says:

    I am more of the experimenter.

  87. NancyAP says:

    I’ve dabbled a little and am interested in learning more. None of my finished cakes looked as good as I envisioned.

  88. Fiona says:

    I’m certainly a beginner when it comes to decorating cakes….but when it comes to eating them – I’m a professional.

  89. carrie says:

    i guess it depends on how much time i have… i would love to become more professional πŸ™‚ i love the idea of making great vcakes, but on party day the time. gets away from me

  90. Stephanie says:

    I’ve never really tried, but my good friend has taken quite a few classes and is excellent! I’d give this kit to her if I won πŸ™‚

  91. Jen says:

    I love making cakes from scratch. There is nothing better than a well made homemade cake. For my kiddies birthdays, I pretend I am a cake decorator.

  92. Natasha says:

    I’m deffinitely not a pro, but I love playing around to see what I can do for my boys birthday cupcakes! This kit looks awesome and recently the seal broke on the press I use to decorate with (thus leaving me at a standstill in the cupcake world) so this would be EXTREMELY appreciated and loved on!

  93. I am a horrible cake decorator, lol. Maybe this would help me!

  94. Juliet says:

    Definitely amateur, but I love making cakes from scratch and I really need to develop some skills for my 2 lil boys upcoming birthdays!

  95. Jessie says:

    I am definitely the “canned frosting” girl (and I usually eat most of it before it gets to the cake)! However, I want to bump up my skills and creativity. My husband and I don’t have children yet but I want to be able to make every birthday cake myself. I want to see their faces light up every year! Some of my co-workers have already discovered how to dazzle with their cake decorating skills and I want to be able to decorate with the best of them! My New Year’s resolution is to take a cake decorating class and make some of my nieces and nephews cakes this year!

  96. cindy says:

    I am an amateur at cake decorating, but experimenting with gluten free baking since my 16 month old son is exhibiting signs of celiac sprue. I made his first bday cake gluten free and although it looked pretty sad, it was pretty tasty. Id love some new stuff to help build fun things.
    Thanks for all your great recipes!

  97. Kim says:

    Amateur all the way, but I love to play at it.

  98. Grace says:

    Complete beginner but I keep working on it!

  99. Christa says:

    I am a cake decorator wanna-be. I have decorated cupcakes (somehow the size is less daunting) and want to take a cake decorating class this year to improve my non-existent skills. πŸ™‚

  100. Shari says:

    I am definitely an amateur. I love to experiment with different cakes and frostings, in search of my family’s all time favorite. Presentation is a work in progress though, improving but still a long way to go…….My family is very thankful that I found your site. You have given us tons of great recipes that I can always trust.

  101. Crystal says:

    I am a Amateur, but I love to keep trying new things.

  102. Tracy says:

    I am a complete beginner, but have high hopes!!!

  103. Erin Hiske says:

    I am not a cake decorator (yet), but with a 3 year old and a 1 1/2 year old, I’ve done some experimenting and have plenty more birthdays and special occasions in the future to get some good practice with! πŸ™‚

  104. Doreen says:

    I am not a decorator but would love to become one!

  105. Niki says:

    I love cake decorating, but dont have a chance to do it very often. Definitely an amateur!

  106. Michelle says:

    Right now I’m just a slap some icing on a cupcake kind of girl! Having 4 kids in 4 years has taken the creativity right out of me but once upon a time i took a cake decorating class and would love to start a similar tradition of making super special bday cakes for my babies!

  107. Paige says:

    I’m definitely an amateur, but I love decorating cakes for my kids and family. I’m a homemade from scratch girl, so I also love to try new frosting recipes. This cake decorating kit would be perfect! Thanks for the chance to win!

  108. Kimberly says:

    I am an Amateur, but I would love to get better at it.

  109. Shauna VW says:

    I love to do my kids’ birthday cakes. I did cake decorating in 4-H as a kid, but I am still totally an experimentor and idea-stealer from massive searches on the internet.

  110. I am a perfectionist to the max so I would love to have this!

  111. Melanie K. says:

    I am a beginner who could really use this set. I like to try new things, but they never end up looking exactly like I plan. Maybe some new tools would help perfect my plans!

  112. Marsha says:

    I am definitely an amateur even though I have been making kids BD cakes for years. I stil have a lot to learn.

  113. I’m an amateur baker, I’ve made a few novelty cakes in my time when my boys were young. Now I’m moving towards cupcake decorating and with my grandson coming up for 1 year old, I’m going to have to update my ideas! I have one Wilton nozzle which I adore, I would just love to win this box of magic! Hope you can ship to Scotland πŸ™‚

  114. Erin says:

    I am self-trained, just like you, and I started a cake and cupcake business last spring. My friend says that everything is easier if you have the right tools, and she’s right … there are so many great cake-related tools out there. Love this giveaway, but I love your blog even more. Thank you for all of the great recipes, ideas, and warmth.

  115. Wendy says:

    Amateur for sure, but I learned from the best: my mom made the most amazing cakes for us on our birthdays growing up, and one day I hope to be just like her.

  116. Christine says:

    I bake a lot for my kids’ events and would love to step up my cake decorating! Thanks!

  117. Judy K says:

    I love a good cake but a decorator I am not! I would love the chance to try out one of your clever designs for my grandsons.

  118. Stephanie says:

    Cakes give me trouble. I remember one holiday I was making a cake recipe I got from my grandmother, who is amazing at making cakes, decorating, etc. I was just FROSTING it, having trouble, time was ticking away and we had to get going to the party….and oops, I was swearing up a storm. It just came from nowhere. Somehow I don’t think my 90 year old grandma did the same!! I think your cakes look great… the monster one with the cake pops is so “simple” yet genius! Love that blue…what is it?

  119. Katie says:

    I definitely like to experiment with cakes whether that be what goes in between or the decorations on top. It always turns out different, but I love it!

  120. SUZEE says:

    Definately an experimenter….

  121. Linda says:

    I also taught myself, it is fun to experiment. I have made 3 wedding cakes as well–a challenge to see if I could!!

  122. Mandy says:

    I am an amateur with results that vary from cake to cake. Sometimes I impress myself & other times I just have to laugh!

  123. Kirstin Gardner says:

    So far I’ve only tried decorating cup cakes. I think your cakes are amazing!

  124. Piper says:

    I made my own wedding cake! Although, I used fondant and when it comes to decorating with frosting I’m very beginner. Thanks for making January less depressing!

  125. Dana says:

    I am definitely an amateur, but love making fun cake for family and friends’ birthdays! I’d love to learn more!

  126. Becky Lucas says:

    The look professional to me!

  127. Jennifer B says:

    I am a cake mix from a box girl, but would love to start giving my kids some fun birthday cakes!!!

  128. Brinestone says:

    I’m just a mom who occasionally attempts a Mickey Mouse or dinosaur or robot cake for one of my three boys. This looks like a fun giveaway, and I love your cakes!

  129. Jaka says:

    I am an amature. I have been known to pull an all nighter, then throw in the towel, and run out and buy a professional cake πŸ™‚ I have learned I am better at cupcakes than cake.

  130. Lisa Thomas says:

    I too am an amateur decorator with lots of kid cakes in my repertoire. My favorite cake to date was a Tigger cake done completely with star and outline tips. My son (who is turning 18 today) was (is) a HUGE Tigger fan and I took the Tigger image off his favorite sweatshirt. The look on his face when he saw his cake was P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S to say the least.

  131. Mary Jane says:

    I’m a boring cake decorator. I have a daughter who loves to make and decorate cakes so I would share this great gift with her.

  132. Heather Strasser says:

    I decorate cakes for my boys’ birthdays, and then try to make cute cupcakes sometimes. So…I’m an amateur and a copier! Thanks for the giveaway!

  133. Kelly Spence says:

    Very much an amateur. I’d love to learn and improve. I’ve got 3 kids and lots of birthdays ahead of us.

  134. Melissa says:

    What a fun giveaway! I am by no means a professional. I, like you, attended a few amateur cake decorating classes at a craft store, so that I could learn enough to make my brother’s wedding cake this past summer.

  135. sylvia says:

    Amateur who loves to experiment and have fun….so this would definitely fit the bill. Hope I get lucky :}

  136. Beth says:

    I let my husband do the decorating! He built an awesome Star Wars cake for my 6 year old this year.

  137. Lisa says:

    My sister-in-law and I do our kids cakes together every year. They usually turn out pretty good. But the hand cramps that come along with making a cake, man oh man I could do without those!

  138. I would say I’m an experimenter extraordinaire! I love decorating cakes and have been doing so since my son was 2. My mom made his first cake, and I thought I could do better, lol. I love it, it is so much fun, though they don’t always turn out the way I see them in my head. πŸ˜‰ I am going to try cupcakes this year too! thank you πŸ™‚

  139. jen flinn says:

    Hi! I am an experimenter, even if my attempts aren’t always successful. One time, I attempted a rainbow cake and ended up with a mud slide cake! (The layers and the filling slid down the side of the cake and made something that looked terrrrrrrrrrrrrible. It’s ok, I’ve since learned from that one.)

  140. Joani says:

    Amateur all the way! I did take a class once about 15 years ago! I would love to make my grandkids special cakes from Gigi.

  141. Martha says:

    I would be a beginner, I watch the Cake Boss and have an urge to make a cake. Would love to be able to whip up a great theme cake. A girl can dream. Love your site. Thank you.

  142. I have done a little bit of cake decorating here and there. I could put this little kit to good use!

  143. Lilly says:

    I’ve decorated (more than just a can of store-bought frosting) exactly two cakes in my life – for my daughter’s first and second birthdays. Now I have her third birthday coming up and my baby’s first birthday! I need to step up my skills!

  144. Dee says:

    Definitely NOT a professional, but learning just the same. I have sold a feww and have repeat orders. Just starting to gather a few supplies.

  145. Kellie Cash Mecham says:

    I am definitely a square cake mix kind of girl. I did, however, try to branch out the other day by making a pretty decent Perry the Platypus cake. I have high hopes for future projects.

  146. Anne Marie says:

    I am a wantobe decorater and this would be so much fun.

  147. Karen C. says:

    I decorate cakes just for my family, but my daughter has fallen in love with it and has gotten good enough that she is now taking orders. We would have fun with the kit!

  148. Ilene says:

    I took the first wilton course on cake decorating so I’m a beginner. It was alot of fun.

  149. Kelly says:

    People usually think I was trying to be funny when they see my cakes. I’m the only one not laughing!! Well okay, maybe laughing just a little!

  150. Marjie Stott says:

    LOVE your blog–thanks for all the great recipes! I took cake decorating classes 36 years ago.(Wow! How old am I all of a sudden?) I have done cakes over the years-never great at it, it was just fun.

  151. Becky says:

    I am an amateur for sure! I have only attempted one cake and it turned out pretty cute considering my limited supplies. My 4 year old son at the time loved his race track cake, but I’ll admit that I could use some help with my skills. Your cakes look amazing Mel!

  152. I’d getting better at decorating the girls cakes and cupcakes. I enjoy it a lot I’d say I’m not a newbie but no way am I ready for Cupcake Wars πŸ™‚ which is my fave show πŸ™‚

  153. Rebecca says:

    I am a total amateur, but I love to make birthday cakes for my family. The children pick the design they want and I do my best. The finished result is often not perfect, but the kids love them. Great site, by the way!

  154. Monica says:

    Amateur cake decorator…I’ve decorated a Cars cake and racetrack, but my technique definitely needed some help.

  155. Andrea D. says:

    I love to experiment with cakes (at least flavor wise). I would love to win this. I haven’t decorated with cakes because we don’t have extra money with 3 kids to get it and experiment. I have wanted to decorate cakes since college but no money and everything else had a priority. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  156. Alycia says:

    I’m definitely an amateur, but I’ve had some fun trying new things. I stay away from the tubs of frosting at the store because I like my frosting made with butter, not shortening. I love making a big deal out of birthdays, so this would be fabulous!

  157. Meghan says:

    I am still learning but love to try new things! My latest was a pirate ship that turned out fantastic!

  158. Lucy says:

    I just slap some frosting on cakes, but I have been trying to get up the courage to try making some pretty swirl frosting cupcakes again. It didn’t work out so great the first time I tried it. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  159. Britta says:

    My dreams are a bit higher than reality. I wish I were better, but I do try to attempt a fun cake for each child’s birthday.

  160. Heather says:

    I am an amateur but enjoy it and as my kids get older I want to start a fun tradition like you do with yours now. Thanks for this fun giveaway!

  161. Jill says:

    I am definitely an experimenting beginner. I asked for a starter tip set for Christmas and have been making cupcakes to try them out. My daughter has been asking for a Sleeping Beauty cake for her birthday this month, and this giveaway would be a huge help.

  162. Carolyn says:

    Amateur but like to “experiment”.

  163. Jennifer says:

    I experiment with not always the best results so this would help!!!

  164. Melissa Pratt says:

    I’m a decorator wannabe! Trying to make my girls b-day cakes each year.

  165. Mandy says:

    I am a cake mix but homemade frosting always kind of decorator. I love to play and experiment, but have never really invested in tools, this would really jump start my decorating!

  166. Stacy Cardon says:

    I too take birthday cake requests from my kids. My cakes are mostly ugly, but the kiddos sure do like them so that’s all that counts.

  167. Kim says:

    Beginner, would love to learn more to get better.

  168. Alisha says:

    I am definitely an ameture. I try to make cakes & frosting from scratch & garnish it in some way but I very much want to branch out to some fun cakes for my kids’ bdays. Crossing fingers for this kaboodle of help!!

  169. Lory Hicks says:

    Absolute novice! Love to see the creativity of others, but sadly I have no such talent. πŸ™‚

  170. Anne Marie says:

    Taken a few classes but mostly just an experimenter.

  171. Kim J says:

    Mel…. those cakes are BEAUTIFUL!!! I am definitey a beginner when it comes to cakes. I usually stick to cupcakes…they are less intimidating to me. πŸ˜‰
    This is an awesome prize!!

  172. kandi v says:

    I took that same class and while it was fun, I never did anymore with my knowledge after that. i am more of a ‘what does Big Y sell” type of decorator, but would to give it the ole housewife try again. Thanks Mel!

  173. Ciara says:

    I am definately an ameteru, but cake decorating is something I would love to learn. My son turns one in April and I am already brainstorming ideas for his party. Maybe a beautiful cake decorated by his momma? We’ll see!

    Thanks for the give away Mel and for sharing all your yummy recipes with us!

  174. Rachel says:

    Mel, I’m like you probably were a few years ago. My kids started asking for fun cakes and with the help of my sister-in-law I’ve pulled off a Batman, a Kung Fu Panda, and a flower. They are definitely amateur, but I hope to perfect my technique!

  175. Doug says:

    I’m an absolute beginner!! I’m pretty good at slathering some frosting onto a cinnamon roll but making a cake look good, I need some help. This cake decorating set just might be exactly the help I need.

  176. jayloh says:

    I am NOT a cake decorator. I live vicariously through friends who do an amazing job of it. I’ve had my eye on a caddy for quite a while, though.
    Happy New Year!

  177. Annie Goddard says:

    My kids always make requests that make my heart stop for a quick second and then I turn to my good friend google and he helps me out. I am definitely amateur but they don’t seem to mind:)

  178. Emily says:

    I’m the kind of cake decorator that calls her best friend, who is an amazing cake maker, for all my cake needs! I would LOVE to give her this as a gift!

  179. erica says:

    Def a neophyte here… a little afraid to attempt it – but having the right tools would help!

  180. Jennifer says:

    Oh how I wish I was a professional cake decorator. I fall somewhere in between the experimenter and the “slap on the canned frosting” girl. Best acheivement was for my son’s birthday last year. He reqested a “ketchup cake” (not flavored, thank goodness!) shaped like a Heinz bottle. It turned out great (and not TOO lopsided!!)

  181. sarita says:

    experimenter extraordinaire!

  182. Janarah Hollingshead says:

    I’m not that good. My mom was great and she taught me a lot. I have been slacking in the cake department. This might help me out.

  183. Sandi says:

    I’d say I’m somewhere between…experimenter extraordinaire and slapping on canned frosting with a boxed cake mix.

  184. I am a very, very, VERY amature cake decorator… but I now also have two beautiful boys (age three and age one) and I know I am rapidly moving into the cake decorating phase of life as my children get old enough to make requests. I have always wanted to learn how to do this, and I think this kit would be so much fun! Otherwise, I think I am stuck with buying the pre-made cakes at the bakery! πŸ™‚ Otherwise, my kids would just get a cake-mix cake in a 9×13, spread with canned frosting and sprinkles… πŸ™‚

  185. Meghan M says:

    I am an amateur, but I love it! My daughter is 3, so I have many years ahead of me to perfect my amateur skills. I would really like to take a class one of these days.

  186. Debbie Day says:

    I love to experiment however the end result often times doesn’t match up to my expectations! No plans to give up — it’s all part of the learning curve!

  187. AmyP. says:

    I am pretty new at making cakes for my kids’ birthdays, but I do it each time, usually using a website for the how-to and sweating and praying it will turn out like the picture! Thanks for the awesome giveaway and for your blog. It’s brought many-a-delicious meal to our table!

  188. Melissa says:

    I’m completely amateur. As in I can’t remember ever “decorating” a cake beyond covering with a less than smooth layer of frosting.

  189. Michelle Cook says:

    I recently found your blog and I have been thoroughly enjoying it. I have started playing around with cake decorating. I use to be a slap it on and serve it kind of person. I have become ispired by the way cupcakes are decirated and am trying to do similar things with cakes.

    I think your cakes look fabulous by the way!

    Looking forward your upcoming blogs!

  190. Emily says:

    Definitely an amateur but with two little boys and another on the way I’ve been trying to teach myself some new tricks. My mom always decorated birthday cakes for us growing up so I am determined to do the same for my kids. I’d love to learn your tricks!! πŸ˜‰

  191. Nikki says:

    Definitely an amateur….but I did make a mean nemo cake for my daughters 2nd birthday!

  192. Stacey says:

    I love to make fun cakes for my kids, but I am definitely not a professional! That’s okay since my kids are always happy with the results!

  193. Melissa says:

    I love to bake cakes, but my decorating could use a little help! πŸ™‚ I’m in the process of going from ‘slap it on the cake’ to actually decorating. So I’m definitely an amateur.

  194. Amy S. says:

    I’m an amateur experimenter. Sometimes it turns out and sometimes it goes horribly wrong! But I enjoy it anyway!

  195. Elaine Jacob says:

    I am definitely an amateur! Have been learning as I go, having fun though eating my frosting mistakes.

  196. Brett says:

    From the looks of it, I may be your only male reader . . . *sigh* (My wife and I love cooking food, and we frequent your site more than I should admit in a sporting event, construction project, or other such manly events)

    …But not the only sucker for free stuff…

    While my favorite frosting — German Chocolate — doesn’t lend itself much to decorating, I enjoy a good messy frosting project with other frostings. I’m by no measure any sort of professional, but I think frosting is fun. Now that we have a kiddo, I’m fully expecting some good frosting projects coming in the upcoming years, and this kaboodle of frosting stuff would certainly help that go better than just the good ol’ butter knives and zip-lock bags.

  197. Joanna says:

    I love making and decorating cakes, but I am by no means a pro. This past September for my sons first birthday I looked up a template online for a train cake- it turned out so cute, but you could definitely tell it was homemade. It was my first time to decorate a cake not shaped in a circle or a square so I was so happy with the outcome. I would definitely love to learn more about cake decorating and continue to make cakes for my son, husband, and family.

  198. Farmgirl says:

    I love icing cookies and cakes, and I think I`m neat and great at that. That`s were it ends. I need to learn to make all those fancy flowers, etc., and tricks to the detailed stuff that`s out there. Looking for a decorating class to join this winter and learn some techniques.

  199. Kris says:

    I am a rather pathetic amateur cake decorator….but when it comes to eating cake I am a pro.

  200. janis says:

    I am definatly an amatuer ,but I love to create something different!

  201. Ali says:

    So amateur!!

  202. Lisa Ramirez says:

    I am ok at the cake making and terrible and nicely getting the frosting on!

  203. Adella C says:

    If you ask my kiddos, I’m all prefessional! What can I say, they love me!! But in all reality, I’m just a girl who loves cake and liks to make them look as yummy and fun as they can. πŸ™‚

  204. Vicki says:

    I am a “wanna-be” cake decorator. Sprinkles have been my go-to decorating item for as long as I can remember.

  205. Dana says:

    Certainly not a pro..however, I do make my own frosting and I have decorated some pretty cool cakes for my kids’ birthdays through the years.

  206. janice says:

    Im a creator of frosting madness. Would totally love tools to help my mess

  207. Shannon says:

    I am definitely an amateur, and I would love to take a class. You inspire me in so many ways, thank you! I usually beg my husband to finish the birthday cakes to make them look like they’re supposed to, he’s way more artistic than I am!

  208. Stephanie says:

    I have 4 frosting tips to my name. I made some ice cream cone cupcakes for my little girls slip ‘n slide birthday party and they turned out not looking like ice cream cones, but still cute πŸ™‚
    Awesome giveaway thanks!

  209. Robyn says:

    I follow in your footsteps, great expectations , biting off more than I should.
    I am in the intermediate category, I know just enough to take on too much! No box cake mixes or canned frosting for me!
    I love decorated cakes and would love that caddy, it (I think) would allow me to climb new mountains in the cake decorating world.
    Thank you, for the opportunity to win and for your wonderful recipes.

  210. Kellie says:

    experimenter extraordinaire-I love that term. That is totally me. I am a make my own frosting, experimenting with fondant kinda baker/decorator. My daughter wants to be a pastry chef so she and I love to play in the kitchen.

  211. Emily Price says:

    I experiment. I do not like store bought frosting…gross! I will try to make something fun and special if my kids request it. I have made a butterfly, Mickey Mouse (with black frosting), and a basketball jersey. The butterfly was the cutest because my friend helped me make it.

    By the way…I still have my make-up tool box aka Caboodle from when I was 13 (20+years later). I keep my finger nail polish and the pedicure supplies in it.

  212. Kelli says:

    I’m a novice to be sure. I originally only did box cake mix with store bought icing, but in the past year I’ve expanded just a little bit. I actually made my own pineapple upside down mini bundt cakes, and used a piping bag to give my mother’s cupcakes something special. I would love to experiment further though…

  213. Amy says:

    I have been paid to make a cake or two before but I am still very critical of the cakes I make. So I often practice as much as I can!

  214. Christiana says:

    I can make fancy cakes, but lately with how crazy/busy it is-I have been okay with the tub of frosting and fun sprinkles.

  215. sabrina says:

    i would love to be better – my kids are entering the ages of cute cakes and i really need to start practicing!

  216. Mariah says:

    I’m a classic, no frills type. Slap some buttercream on it and call it done, let’s just eat it now, type. But I’d love to learn more skills!

  217. Laura Smith says:

    I am an amateur, but I’ve recently started experimenting with fondant and I am loving it! Thank you so much for your blog! It was the inspiration to start a neighborhood dessert group and it has been awesome! Thanks a million!

  218. Melanie says:

    I dabble but my husband took up the hobby during his post grad education and is pretty good. He’s a regular cake boss!

  219. Mary O says:

    I am so not good yet. But I would like to be!

  220. Jenn says:

    Somewhere there are pictures of my Darth Vader cake I made for a 4 or 5 year old little boy and they are not pretty. I (try) and make fun cakes whenever they are asked for, sometimes with good results.

    Thank you, Melanie, for this site, for keeping it going strong during hard times and pregnancies, and especially for the new ideas and favorite recipes you’ve provided!!

  221. Amy says:

    I love making cakes for my boys on their birthdays, and find it fun and challenging to see what I can come up with, but I’m in no way a professional! I’d love this caddy! It’d be awesome!

  222. Melissa says:

    I’m definitely an amateur and usually resort to canned frosting. I would love to start experimenting more with a real cake decorating kit!

  223. I’m like you, not a professional, and completely self-taught, but I turn out some pretty cool cakes for my children’s birthdays. Five years ago, I started working with fondant and gum paste and that has opened up a whole new world! Your cakes look great!

  224. lorene holbrook says:

    I am “just have fun with it” cake decorator. I have tried will some success and some failures. but I always have fun. this give away would improve me abilities! ALOT!!!!

    thanks for putting my name in the hat….


  225. Melinda says:

    I’m a very sad cake decorator!! πŸ™ I try…but….my poor granddaughter watched YouTube videos for weeks before her birthday on beautiful cupcake decorating…and she ended up with purple blobs. But she was happy with Grammies Purple Blobs and that is what counts!!!!!

  226. nancy says:

    i’m an experimenter but i feel like my sister and i have come up with some pretty cool cakes designs. my mom was pretty creative when we were growing up so she was a big part our inspirations.

  227. Amber says:

    I have been trying my hand at cookies lately. Harder than it looks but I am getting better.

  228. Nicole CF says:

    I’m a hopeful amateur–I am pretty bad at it (my last attempt ended prematurely as I watched ruffles slide right off the skirt of the Belle cake I was attempting for my little girl). Thanks for doing such a fun giveaway to spice up the dreariness!

  229. Megan says:

    I am exactly like you! I have done a bowling ball and pins, little einsteins rocket, Mickey mouse, very hungry caterpillar, and many others, all by request. I love it. No where near professional but they have turned out cute!

  230. Brenda Patterson says:

    I am an experimenter and a slap the frosting on kinda person.I’m a mixture.I do a little of both.Thank you for the giveaway!

  231. Emily Marie says:

    Definitely an amateur. Mostly I stick with cupcakes. Harder to mess up! πŸ™‚

  232. Pam McCain says:

    I’m not a total amature at cake decorating, but I’m definitely not a Pro either. My daughter is turning 4 in April and wants a princess cake. I’m a little nervous and could definately use all the help I could get!

  233. debbie says:

    I took the wilton classes a couple of years ago, but I haven’t made more than a cake or two since…

  234. Belisa says:

    I am actually on my road to starting to learn. Definately I have used the frosting out of a can and decorate as cute as I can for the kiddos. But I will be taking a class here with a good friend of mine to learn something more professional. Having a niece that just turned a year has reignited my love for celebrating life!

  235. Molly in MN says:

    Total amateur, but I do my best! I usually have frosting stuck in my hair!

  236. Laura says:

    I’m a total amateur, make it up as I go without spending an arm and a leg, type of cake decorator. I was watching cake boss with my almost five year old last year and she requested a castle cake like the one that buddy made on the show. My turned out like the leaning castle of Pisa. At least she was happy to see a pink cake with her favorite princesses on it.

  237. Meagan says:

    Amateur, but working on it!

  238. Rachel says:

    I would have to say that I am an experimenter. I definitely do not use store bought frosting but I am still learning the in’s and out’s of decorating!

  239. Angie D says:

    I taught myself from the Wilton cake book 1. I do well enough to decorate cakes for my 4 kids’ birthdays. I’d LOVE to have a box made to hold all of my decorating supplies.

  240. Becky J. says:

    I’m def. not a professional, but I do enjoy cake decorating. I’m a self taught experimentalist!

  241. Valerie says:

    I’m a beginner and would love the right tools to learn more!

  242. Sarah says:

    I’m not a cake baker at all; my mom wanted to make my kids’ birthday cakes for all of these years. But it’s something I really want to try!

  243. Norma says:

    Not too good, but like to try. Always wanted to take classes but never able to. I’ve had fun with the few attempts I’ve tried.

  244. Beetree says:

    I definitely experiment- sometimes with amazing results, sometimes disasterous. At least you can (almost) always eat mistakes! I would love to take a cake decorating course and be more consistant.

  245. jaesi says:

    I am NOT a professional. But I dont skimp when it comes to good ingredients. NEVER canned frosting.

  246. Jennifer says:

    Big time amateur. But I am a mother of three great kids and love seeing their faces when they see their birthday cakes. They don’t see the mistakes, only a special cake for a special day. Makes everything worth it.

  247. Renee says:

    I am a slightly-better-than-beginner cake decorator. Hence the word “slightly”. I have never bought a cake for my kids birthdays. I have done PAC-man, spider-man, flowers, layer cakes, sheet cakes, cupcakes, decorated cookies….they aren’t professional but they are usually darn tasty! I would rather have a delicious cake any day that isn’t so great to look at than one that is gorgeous and tastes awful. πŸ™‚

  248. Brenda Patterson says:

    I experiment and I like to just slap the frosting on. Thank you for the giveaway!

  249. Maria says:

    I also am a self taught cake decorator who takes requests from 3 little boys. But it is fun if not professional looking! And the boys always love it!

  250. Shelly says:

    An experimenting amateur.

  251. Lindsay says:

    I’ve recently started experimenting with cake decorating. I made a rose cake and it turned out pretty darn good! Your cakes look great!

  252. Natalie B says:

    I have ventured away from canned frosting, and now make my own, but that’s as adventurous as I get when it comes to decorating cakes. But I’d love to learn! And yes, that totally looks like a Kaboodle! (or was it with a ‘c’?)

  253. Cindy B. says:

    I’m an experimenter extraordinaire, I love try different things, sometimes it work!

  254. Laurie M. says:

    I made my first layer cake last Mother’s Day. I am a beginner definitely. Love your site!

  255. Rachel says:

    I love to experiment and would love to learn more!!

  256. Holly Naylor says:

    Beginner decorator but no store frosting here.

  257. Amy Murdock says:

    I am an experimentor and my 14 year old daughter is the creative one. I am hoping that we can continue to have big adventures (mostly dirtying every dish in the ktichen) together.

  258. candice says:

    I am a self taught amateur like you! shows my experiments, some are great and some are pretty flawed. πŸ™‚

  259. teresa g says:

    I am one of the worst cake decorators out there. I either go to the bakery to buy one or ask my daughter to make one. she has progressed way past mom’s abilities πŸ™‚

  260. Mary Flora says:

    I am a nonprofessional from scratch baker. Over the years I have made many birthday cakes including Belle from Beauty and the Beast, a hamster, a Missouri Tiger and Cookie Monster. Now, I make cakes for the grand kids.

  261. I’m a horrible cake decorator! I try so hard, but for some reason they just don’t turn out very pretty. I definitely need some help!

  262. Val says:

    Total Beginner!

  263. Kim says:

    I’m pretty much the canned frosting on a cake mix kind of girl – but that doesn’t mean I don’t have dreams. πŸ™‚

  264. Mindy says:

    I am a creative experimenter who needs to practice making the right kind of frosting for the job at hand! Thanks for the give away!

  265. Cheryl says:

    I’ll have you know that I have one of those old make-up carriers and still use it…even though the lock mechanism has been broken for years.

    As for decorating, I’m an amateur. I use my cookie press to fill my deviled eggs and everyone comments on how nice they look. As for cakes, I did have a ‘starter’ kit of Wilton decorating stuff some years back, and was just starting to learn the craft. However, a relative “borrowed” the kit, and that’s the last I saw of it.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  266. Tamara says:

    Hi, I`d say I`m an amateur, but my youngest daughter is well on her way to becoming a professional. She wants to have her own bakery when she grows up. It would be really nice to have for h er to experiment with!

  267. Alannah says:

    I like to do a little of both! It really depends on who the cake is for and how long I have to make it lol…. But I really do hope this is something I win!!!

  268. judith says:

    I am a middle of the road cake decorator! Sometimes below average and some times a little above.

  269. Rita A says:

    I am a wedding cake decorator….in my dreams, but reality is frosting from a can on a one layer cake or cupcakes.

  270. Sandee says:

    self-taught cake decorator–you can learn all kinds of stuff on you-tube. check out my blog for a few things ive done. thanks for the giveaway, mel!

  271. Kalyn says:

    I’m definitely no expert, but I love to experiment, and I would love to win this to give me the tools to do more!

  272. Tracy J says:

    I’m the kind of cake decorator that buys hers at the bakery!

  273. Stefanie says:

    Beginner but hoping to improve the more I practice… Just like I tell my kiddos, practice makes perfect:)

  274. April White says:

    I love your blog & try your recipes often. I am very amateur. I try and make a creative cake for each bday. So far I have made a monkey, Barbie princess, truck, crown cake, mermaid cake, butterfly, Rudolph cake, horse, dinosaur, and puppy cake. I could really use some tips and equipment. I should really learn some skills instead of faking it.

  275. Melissa G says:

    I currently don’t make cakes – I’m a pro at ordering them from someone who knows how! But where there’s a will, there’s a way – and I’m willing to start and learn!

  276. Corisa says:

    I love to experiment with decorating tips from food blogs pictures !

  277. lisa says:

    i am an experimenter. i enjoy trying new things, not hard things, but fun things that will make a cake a little special for my kiddos.

  278. It looks like a kaboodle! How fun πŸ™‚ And I am an extremely amateur cake decorator. As in, I can’t do anything. I can do cupcakes and cookies, but cakes?? no way!

  279. Jean says:

    I’m an experimenter. A friend, who is a professional, once taught me some of her skills, which was just enough information for me to attempt the cakes my kids request, but not enough to make them look exactly how they want it! πŸ™‚
    Melanie, I love your food blog. You are amazing!

  280. Shar says:

    Amateur, but definitely improving after 13 years of cake designing & decorating. Love to work with ‘from scratch’ recipes. I started with my son’s b-day cakes as he requested something new each year (from construction & pirate ships to Angry Birds this year.)
    Love your site. It’s a go-to favorite for me as I have ‘borrowed’ many of your recipes (and tutorials), and they have become part of our menu rotation.
    Happy New Year!

  281. Erin says:

    Nonexistent- I have always bought our birthday cakes or had my cute neighbor bake them for me, but I’d love to give it a try on my own.

  282. Sarah H.P. says:

    I’m a newbie decorator for sure! I’ve only just discovered my love for baking in the last year so I’ve got lots of fun, experimental times ahead of me! I’m looking forward to it though and this tool caddy would definitely help me to get things started!

  283. Brooke says:

    I am a experimenter extraordinaire. You are much better than I am, but mine do end up being cute and my kids are always pleased! πŸ™‚ Thank you, you are too sweet!

  284. Emily says:

    I am just like you! I took the Wilton course one at my local craft store, and now I take orders from my two sons! My cakes look home decorated, but I really enjoy doing it and this set of wonder would be awesome!

  285. Ash says:

    I’m an amateur for sure! I love to bake, and I got a petit four pan as well as a decorating set for Christmas. I’m so ready to try them out! This caddy would be great so the stuff I already have won’t be spread all throughout drawers and the pantry!

  286. Casey says:

    I try to let my kids decide what kind of cake they want. I like trying to figure out a way to make it for them. I’m not always the best but so far they don’t complain and they love what I put together.

  287. Lindsay says:

    I am a cake experinter! I made my first fondant wedding cake with my sil in October! We didn’t have very many fancy tools and would love to win this! I love your blog!

  288. Jessi A says:

    Canned Frosting? Yuck!! Gag!! I do everything from scratch but I don’t decorate worth a crap! I could use help!!

  289. Andrea says:

    I am a complete beginner. I have never even used a piping bag. I don’t think I have even ever made a two-layer cake because I didn’t have an offset spatula to spread the frosting. I would love this tool kit to get started.

  290. Joanie H says:

    experimenter and frosting from the can goes straight to the cake πŸ™‚

  291. Stephanie says:

    As a mom with a 1-year-old and a 1 month old, we have had one birthday, so I am very amateur. I’m a make-it-from-scratch kind of girl but haven’t ventured into animals/objects just yet, although I look forward to trying someday, but probably when my children are old enough to appreciate it a little more. πŸ™‚

    I would love a kit like this.

  292. queenann says:

    I’m an anti-canned frosting amateur.

  293. Lindsay says:

    I enjoy experimenting and decorating cakes but I’m by no means a professional!

  294. Camille says:

    Very amateur. I wish I was better but it is so much work. It would be fun to try though.

  295. Shelley C says:

    I’m definately a mix kind of girl. If the cake is for someone in the family it gets canned frosting; but if it is for me (and I generally would rather have pie than cake for my day), I will make a better frosting cause I detest the canned stuff! If I win this I will be gifting it to my DIL who is next to professional…she does a great job! That girl is talented I tell you! She will love having all her stuff in one place and organized.

  296. Robyn says:

    I’m not much of a cake decorator, but I would love to get better. I tell my kids I make cakes that taste good not ones that are pretty.

  297. Emily says:

    I took the same cake decorating class you did. I loved it and was alright at it. My family must think I’m professional bc they ask me to do birthday cakes all the time. I need a refresher coarse AND that tool caddy!! πŸ™‚ thanks for the give aways.

  298. Diane says:

    I am an amateur that is however improving over the years and I love doing cakes for family and friends!

  299. Nicole Taylor says:

    I am a NOVICE and that is putting it mildly. I would love a set of proper tools to improve my skills for my 5 yr old daughter and my 3 yr old son so I could make their cakes because I LOVE to an really cute birthday parties for them. Thanks and HSPPY NEW YEAR!!

  300. Whitney says:

    I’m very amateur, but I would love to try other things. I’ve always wanted to take a cake decorating class…

  301. Nicole Taylor says:

    Sorry about the typos! YIKES!

  302. Margaret says:

    I’m an amateur, but I keep trying. My granddaughters think I’m great. Would love
    to win the kit.

  303. Megan Thomas says:

    Basically I try to make any cake I think look’s pretty and/or yummy. Whether or not it comes out looking perfect is okay because it will (usually) still taste good and that’s the main objective!

  304. Gina M. says:

    I make homemade frosting but, I stink at decorating and don’t really have any tools so, this would be awesome to win!!!

  305. Lori says:

    I would love to learn how to decorate cakes. I had a few recipes from my mom that I made but hate to say I hardly ever made anything from scratch. Everything changed when I came across your blog, I started trying things I never thought I could make. Thanks for helping make me the hit of the neighborhood when it comes to dinners and goodies, my neighbors request goodies all of the time and I love it!

  306. Jenn Lawson says:

    I’m definitely an amateur – but I’d like to blame space on the reason I was never able to decorate before. We just bought a house so I’m hoping to be able to branch out with the extra counter space I just acquired.

  307. Caitlin says:

    By no means a professional but I do love doing it, no matter how crazy looking they turn out πŸ™‚

  308. Heather C says:

    Give me a can of frosting and I can frost away, that is if there’s anything left after I get a couple of spoonfuls for myself first.

  309. Jill says:

    Definitely a novice … I do good to get all the icing on the cake and not in my mouth πŸ™‚

  310. Denise says:

    I love your website!! Thanks for sharing such yummy recipes! I am an occasional cake decorator…I love to make cute cakes for my kids birthdays. It would be so fun to have some real tools! πŸ™‚

  311. Kathie says:

    I love experimenting

  312. Eyeris says:

    I like to pretend I am professional, but I really am just an armature. I use all my skills on Cake pops instead of actual cakes.

  313. Laurel says:

    Ameture. I want this so much! I’ve always been the “side kick” when cake decorating. If I had my own tools I can finally take up the head chair. Woo

  314. Andrea says:

    I’m anything but professional! I love to make my girls’ birthday cakes special and a bit magical though.

  315. Lorna says:

    I’m mostly a canned frosting and cake mix kinda girl, but I so admire people that can do what you do! I feel like I don’t have a creative bone in my body, but I’d love to learn! BTW, I love your recipes! I found you a few months ago and am a fan for life.

  316. Ashlee says:

    I love to do cakes, but definitely an amateur with more fails than successes under my belt!

  317. Mimi says:

    Definitely amateur. But I’m hoping to step up my cake decorating soon with some actual Wilton tips…this caddy would be perfect for me! I hope I win!

  318. Nana says:

    I am such an amateur, but perhaps that is what makes it fun. I don’t take it too seriously, but the kids love them!

  319. I am a total amateur, but my kids beg for a different kind of decorated cake each birthday and I am loving it!

  320. Lisa says:

    I haven’t done any cake decorating but would love to start.

  321. Emma Jo says:

    Birthday cakes usually end up being very simple around here, but I would love to learn. I’m thinking about taking a Wilton class at my local craft store, so the caddy would be great!

  322. I love to experiment and try new things. Thank goodness most of my kids are still little enough that they love anything and think I’m amazing! πŸ™‚

  323. Judy says:

    I am totally a slap on a can of frosting kind of a girl, but it usually goes on cupcakes. I always end up with crumbs in my frosting and get frustrated and wonder why I ever thought I could frost a cake!

  324. Shelley Bloemke says:

    I do ok….got a cake dec. set when I was 12 and it’s finally lost all the pieces etc. Need a new one! I am 49…..really old!

  325. JEANNE says:

    I too am an amature, but boy have I had fun. I got started with “What’s New Cupcake” and then “Hello Cupcake” with my grandaughter Mandy. Her bro asked for the racecar in one of the books, but wanted certain things on it. WE DID IT & it turned out so cute.
    I surprised everyone with a SpongeBob cake for another little Grandson Vincie. OH MY, what a lot of work, but sooooo fun. I wish I could send you pics on here!
    (Made Buffalo Chicken Bites for New Years Eve!! YUMMO!!!!!)

  326. Marcie says:

    I love making homemade cakes for my kids’ birthdays! They are not too fancy, but we have so much fun with it!

  327. Bliss says:

    I’m totally an amateur, but I try my hardest to make it taste amazing (even if it doesn’t always LOOK that way!) I’ve been wanting one of these tool caddies for FOREVER to help me out, but could never justify the cost since it only would get used on special occasions.

  328. Jess says:

    Definitely an amateur, but very anxious to start learning! I’ve done a couple of cakes for family members, and am starting to collect stuff little by little. I am determined to improve!

  329. Ann says:

    I’m a total amateur, but I still keep trying:)

  330. Heather K Miller says:

    Total amateur! I love making the cake and frosting from scratch and though it might taste delicious, it always looks like a disaster!

  331. patti says:

    I am a home decorator…taken some classes and now branched out on my own creative endeavors. I love reading the tutorials which abound on many of the blogs.
    My family and friends are the beneficiaries of my projects!

  332. Heather A says:

    I’m an amateur, but my kids always love how their cakes look!

  333. Holly says:

    I’m definitely an amateur. My girls love to try to help and we have lots of fun trying. Most of the time the cakes don’t look edible by the time we’re done πŸ™

  334. Jason says:

    I’m a slap on canned frosting kind of guy, but I’m sure that my wife would be thrilled to have this! She’s found some great recipes from you, and makes amazingly tasty cakes! She just needs these tools to help her work on the artistic part.

  335. Chrissy says:

    I am a professional experimenter on decorating cakes! I love this food blog!

  336. Marcia says:

    Although I’ve been baking for years, I have yet to make something really pretty! I do lack the equipment. I only have one pastry bag and a few tips. So, I am not much better than an amateur!

  337. Nicole says:

    I’ve always been the ‘slap frosting on’ type of person. But I’m trying to learn and get much better!! πŸ™‚

  338. Michele says:

    Experimenter extraordinaire!!

  339. Kelli B. says:

    I am an experimenter of sorts. I can decorate ok but nothing to write home about….could use some cool tools to help out πŸ™‚

  340. Jenn simpson says:

    I have always made all my kids cakes for their birthdays. They spend the months before planning what they want and I spend hours trying to get it just right! I too have spent many nights up trying to fix all my mistakes but I love to do it for them.

  341. Karen Durfee says:

    Oh I am the get the frosting in the hair girl! Green peanut butter frosting anyone πŸ™‚

  342. courtney a says:

    Amateur!!!! but loving it!!

  343. Jennifer says:

    I decorate cakes just for my kids’ birthdays, but I LOVE doing it for them. I always take requests (and the snake cake has been a past favorite of both my boys), and it’s fun to see how their interests change. Definitely an amateur though.

  344. Jenny says:

    I am an amateur that took on the task of making my four children’s cakes. I would enjoy a kit like this!

  345. Rhonda says:

    I am an amateur, but I have tried a few times to experiment with decorating. I made a Thomas train for my grandson’s birthday and ended up with rainbow colored fingers! He was only turning two, so he thought I was a terrific grandma. Thank you for making January brighter with this giveaway, but you make my “everydays” happier with your recipes.

  346. JEANNE says:

    I LOVE your monster cake!!!

  347. JoAnn says:

    I’m still in the experimenting stage. πŸ™‚ My daughter is three and gets very excited about birthday cakes so I love to do what I can.

  348. Sheila says:

    I am a “call a professional and order one” cake person. My neighbor makes beautiful cakes and I could give this to her in exchange for a cake: win-win.

  349. Jenn says:

    I’m a total amateur cake decorator but boy I can slap on frosting and put on those nasty, gross hard candy decorations with the best of them! lol πŸ˜‰

    (but, I assure you that my son’s preschool class at the time, greatly enjoyed that cake! Banana with chocolate frosting!).

    What a fun giveaway! PICK ME!!!!

  350. Megan says:

    I am the sidekick! My creative husband is the amateur cake decorator around here! He would love some fancy tools!

  351. Jenna says:

    I am a beginner cake maker, but an expert cake eater! πŸ™‚

  352. Emily H. says:

    I consider myself a great cake- and frosting-maker, but a horrible decorator. I would love to pick up some new ideas!

  353. Sharon says:

    I don’t like just doing the rectangle cake with frosting from a can, and am in serious need of learning how to do something more exciting.

  354. Casey Gibson says:

    Total amateur!! But love to do it! My kids always ask for the funniest stuff- I’ve done a crocodile, a horse, a penguin, and a frog. Most recently I did a Denver bronco cake that turned out awesome! I would LOVE to have a kit to use!! πŸ™‚

  355. Lisa says:

    I come from the “cake baked in a 9×13 with canned frosting spread on the top” kind of family, but I made a butterfly and ladybug cake for my little girl’s bday and stayed up all night long to do it. Good times.

  356. Trish says:

    2011 was my first time really decorating cakes or cookies. It all started with a joint bday party for my son & daughter last year. I went a little overboard for it being the first time but it was great! My son requested a Hello Kitty cake as a joke one night. I guarantee he will never forget that bday because I made it rain Hello Kitty. LoL. My daughter loves peace signs so she had 3 different peace sign cakes in different sizes, all brightly colored & fun. Snowman & gingerbread heads were a definite hit for the holidays.

  357. Renee says:

    amateur… best part is eating ….

  358. Annalee says:

    I’m like you: “self taught” and I do it for the pleasure of my kids! It started, because I remember my Dad making cool cakes for scout cake auctions! Tacos, cheeseburgers, spaghetti [they were usually food: that should tell you something about our family].

    Over the years, for my kids, I’ve done a baseball stadium [the worst], flip flops, a pirate, car race tracks, dinosaurs….

  359. Teresa says:

    I’m an amateur for sure. I have three friends who are semi-professional. I took a cupcake decorating class with some friends a couple of years ago and LOVED it. I have two young children and love decorating cakes and cupcakes for their parties and classes and school and church. I would love so much to be better though. I even dream about it! Thanks so much for your inspiration and recipes! I love your site so much. Happy New Year!

  360. Marilee says:

    Ima wannabe. I always make homemade buttercream frosting, but don’t have any decorating skills. Do you recommend anything on line? I’ve never bought myself an offset spatula.

  361. OOOH Fun!!!

    I’m a total cake decorating amateur, but after one day of using a piping tip to frost cupcakes with gorgeous results, I’m dying to delve more into the world of cake decorating!

    Happy New Year, Mel! πŸ™‚

  362. Shandi says:

    I’m a “dream-big-but-wuss-out-and-stick-to-a-can” kind of cake decorator. My son’s first birthday is coming up next month so I’m trying to work up the courage to make a semi-cool cake… you know… so he can smash it and wear it. =)

  363. Marissa says:

    I like to make my own cakes and frosting, but know nothing about fondant or piping (and would love to learn someday!)

  364. Aimee says:

    I took a cake decorating class and had so much fun!

  365. Katie says:

    I am an experimenter!!

  366. Alicia says:

    I’m a novice at cake decorating, but my first child is only one, so I forsee a lot of cakes in the future to work on improving!

  367. Heather Bell says:

    I am a not good at all cake decorator!!=)

  368. Kelsey says:

    I am totally amateur and try to keep it as simple as possible! But no canned frosting! πŸ™‚ I love your site. It is my go-to website when I make my meal plans for the week. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

  369. Judith - Texas says:

    Have graduated from Wilton’s 4 Course classes – plus the Fondant class – not a professional by no means, but I do know the basics of cake making and decorating. I love to see both amateur and professional decorated cakes – works of art. Cake baking and decorating can be stressful (especially wedding cakes) and hard work, so I give due credit to these artists.

  370. Deb says:

    Amateur on this end but love to play and dream about decorating cakes:).. I tell myself every year that im gonna make my kid Birthdays cakes and every year i go out and buy one.

  371. Emily says:

    amateur in every sense of the word!

  372. Pieper says:

    I’m a very basic decorator. I managed to make a few fun cakes for my kids but usually I stick to very basic old fashioned cakes.

  373. Deanna says:

    Amateur. Sometimes I attempt but it doesn’t look great.

  374. Danica says:

    Ha I am a full on amateur! I have the best intentions when it comes to birthday cakes but it never quite turns out right. But I love to keep experimenting!
    Happy New Year!

  375. Jena says:

    My mom owns a professional cake shop. Im definitely a beginner still but its fun to go over and help her out sometimes.

  376. Jill S. says:

    I’m definitely an in-between decorator. I like to make them look pretty, but as far as themes go with super fancy tips? I haven’t been successful!

  377. Kamt says:

    I am a beginner but would love to be better!

  378. Angela A says:

    I have seen these Wilton cake decorating kits and they look incredible! I am an average cake decorator. I have made quite a few of my own cakes for kids birthdays. I think the Wilton kit would bring me to the next level! So fun!

  379. jodi w says:

    I love decorating, buy am mot even good enough to be considered amateur yet.

  380. Amanda says:

    I have more experience decorating sugar cookies, but I would say I am still an amateur.

  381. Hailey says:

    I am definately amature but I really want to learn how to do more.

  382. Wendy Shumway says:

    I am a total amater – but with my little boy turing 2 in a few months, I hope to make him a “fun” cake, and not just one from the box! πŸ™‚

  383. Arika Beck says:

    Hi! Love your blog! I come to it all the time when I need ideas. Anyway, I have three kids and I try to make each of their birthday cakes each year, depicting whatever they request. I am definitely an amateur, but am trying to get better. I have really enjoyed it, and would really enjoy having this kit to help me out :)! Thanks!

  384. R says:

    Amateur, for sure! However, I did make homemade icing for the very first time in my life for my daughter’s birthday cupcakes last year (albeit, it was slapped on a “jazzed up” box mix).

  385. Vanessa Shannon says:

    Hi Melanie…Im like you – too one Wilton cake decorating class and then just made it up as I went along, also pulling all nighters for super cool cakes πŸ™‚

  386. Mindy Kaae says:

    I am terrrible, is there a category for that? I used to really try. In fact I yelled at my sister in law offering to help (I didn’t want her to get any of the glory). Now days I just do a box and can, but really want to try again:)

  387. Kim says:

    I just read my cake decorating biography! We sound almost identical in our cake decorating escapades. I have a girl and a boy, , so I’ve done my share of girl cakes too!

  388. Ashley says:

    experimenter for sure. I love to try to make cakes for my kids and with the help of my older sister I can do alright.

  389. Jacqueline says:

    I’m a first year culinary student. I am an amateur with big dreams!

  390. I like to decorate cakes for birthdays. I’m definitely not a pro, but learn something new (usually what not to do) each time I try πŸ™‚ I can’t stand boughten frosting so I make my own. It’s always fun to create something and luckily my kids don’t mind if it’s not perfect.

  391. Karlie says:

    I think I’m somewhere between semi-professional and an experimenter. I have done several cakes for weddings and some birthdays for people other than my family. I’ve definitely had my share of cake disasters, but hopefully I’m getting better as I go. I can always use new cake tools! πŸ™‚ You can check out my cake blog if you’re interested.

    I think your cakes look great, Mel! And I’m so excited that you are hosting this giveaway to help make January something to look forward to. I think I always feel somewhat of a letdown after the holidays are over. This will be fun to watch and see what you have coming up. Thanks for continuing to post recipes. I look at your site several times a week for ideas and inspiration.

  392. Danell says:

    Im an amateur. My hubby’s better at decorating.

  393. Melissa says:

    I am a “wanna be” decorator…. my skills will improve if I win your caddy!

  394. Jessica says:

    I’m somewhere between boxed cake with canned frosting and DIY. I want to get better at cake decorating, this sounds perfect!

  395. Jill says:

    Amateur, but I’d love to improve!

  396. Cindy Hobson says:

    I have decorated for years, but buying a piece here and there as needed and storing them in a coolwhip container! Then half of those have accidently hit the disposal. Would LOVE to win this.

  397. Bree H says:

    I think that I’m alot like you…I have tried my hand at several boy cakes over the last few years (frog, snake, Star Wars, superhero and snowman) and am excited to try making cakes for my new baby girl. I like making homemade things:-)

  398. Lindsay says:

    I am definitely an amateur, but an experimenting improving one!! πŸ™‚

  399. Terressa T. says:

    traditionally I slap on some frosting, but I try to “decorate” it with candy or sprinkles or something to make it less plain jane. my hubby is the one to take orders from the kids to make “theme” cakes and I LOVE watching him create…so much fun! thank you for a fun giveaway…and yes, it will help pass these gloomy january days-at least for me πŸ˜€

  400. Jeni says:

    self taught…also becuase of requests or interests of my kiddos for their birthdays. Sometimes not to hard to impress the young ones but I’ve even impressed myself a couple of times. love you blog!

  401. Heidi says:

    I have 2 princess cakes up my sleeve. I was just introduced to gel food coloring then! Holy smokes! Love it! We use cookie cutters and frosting for the typical cookies, cakes and cupcakes. My daughter has recently started eating the lay peanut butter and jelly when it’s cut with a cookie cutter! Definitely the most prized use of all! πŸ˜‰

  402. Mary says:

    I’m definitely an experimenter & getting more adventurous with each cake I do. I’d love to have more tools!
    Happy New Year & thanks for the great site.

  403. Amber says:

    Amateur might be a generous title for me! I have fun anyways, though! I have fun making icecream cakes for my 4 little boys πŸ™‚ By the way, thank you for all the time that you spend on this here food blog! YOU ARE A LIFESAVER!!

  404. Rebekah says:

    For sure beginner but I have so appreciated your site for fun cakes to try with my 3 little boys!!!

  405. Heather says:

    I have found that you are either an excellent chef or an excellent baker and I am a chef. I try to bake and my kids always love the results but I am definitely an amateur. Happy New Year Mel!

  406. Megan says:

    Soooo, amateur but I too love trying to be creative in coordinating the cake with the party theme or whatever my boys happen to be in to at the moment. Fun!

  407. Sara F says:

    I am a lot like you! Armature decorator who has gone into all kinds of uncharted waters to please my kids for birthdays or school cake contests. The best cakes are the ones I do side-by-side with a child. Loads of fun!

  408. melanie says:

    When it comes to cake decorating, I am a complete newbie.

  409. Tauna says:

    I have keep trying…but my cakes look like a first timer did them. My children are young so the appreciate the effort at this point. I keep meaning to sign up for a class. It is on my to do list. In the mean time some extra tools would help. (: I love, love your blog. I always know whatever recipe I use from your blog will be a huge success. Thanks.

  410. Courtney says:

    Very experimental, but I try hard. My husband was just telling his Co workers at a pot luck I made stuff for… that my stuff tastes good, but my presentation is no good haha… its so true though.

  411. Marna says:

    I’m a beginner cake decorator. I love to bake but since I’m not a fan of the can frosting, my cakes tend to be plain.

  412. Malisa Leonard says:

    I really only do cakes at birthdays. In the past we have gone easy because my kids were little and didn’t really care but I feel some amount of pressure to make them really cool cakes now that they are old enough to remember and enjoy it.

  413. Andrea F says:

    I am an amateur, but I love to experiment.

  414. Aubrie says:

    Im definitely an amateur. I love decorating cupcakes, but I rarely venture out to decorate an entire cake. But with two little kiddos, I’m sure I’ll be starting to do it more as their birthdays roll around each year!

  415. Katherine says:

    Still an amateur, but I’m progressing!

  416. kirsta says:

    I used to just smear canned frosting on a 9X13 cake mix, but I’ve learned to love homemade cakes, and I’ve started making/decorating birthday cakes for my children. So far, I stink at decorating, but my kids are only 2 and 3 so they are very forgiving.

  417. Kay N. says:

    I’m registering for my granddaughter, Lacey, age 20, who’s an amateur decorator. She made the rainbow cake for her little 7 yr. old sister’s birthday recently and we heard that that “the cake” was the main thing she talked about that happened on her birthday.

  418. Kim says:

    I am def. not an expert but love to experiment

  419. JennB says:

    An experimentar – I still have a long ways to go and I’d love to take a cake decorating class, but I definitely have fun with it!

  420. Whitney says:

    I’m a real novice at cake decorating… maybe if I just had the right tools, I’d get a little better πŸ™‚

  421. Katie says:

    I wish I was an awesome decorator, but sadly I’m just an amateur.

  422. Rachel says:

    Sad to say a cake mix and pre-made frosting kinda gal but would love to move on to a more skilled catagory : )

  423. Candyce says:

    I took an introductory class by Wilton 12 yrs ago so that I could make my son character cakes. Now, 4 kids later, those classes have come in handy in making all of their birthday cakes. I recently made a first for my daughter, a fondant cake, Tinkerbell, and it was awesome! Love Wilton products.

  424. Sarah says:

    I make fun cakes for my kids birthdays too, but am a definite amateur.

  425. Emily says:

    Amateur but I love the challenge of trying new things!

  426. Jone Burke says:

    I’m definitely an amateur, white frosting with one color trim has been about as far as I’ve stretched. Thanks for offering these giveaway days; they really will be something to look forward to in January!

  427. Jan says:

    I experiment but make really good-looking stuff, I must admit!! I would love this!

  428. Katie Groneman says:

    Hey there! I’m Brett’s wife – that awesome male reader of yours. He pretty much said it all, but I figure one more entry for the household would increase our odds. πŸ™‚ We are definitely beginners, but we like to get creative with frosting on occasion. Since we don’t have a kit, we usually resort to cutting a hole in the corner of a ziplock baggie, squeezing out and swirling around toppings (usually chocolate) to a variety of items.

    By the way – thank you for the “Jello worms” recipe you posted back at Halloween. I think they impressed my father-in-law enough to make me the favorite… although I don’t know if my fingers are up to the challenge again next year, squishing those suckers out was harder than I thought it would be!

  429. Abby says:

    Uumm is there a step below amateur? I have never even tried to make a special cake. I am usually a buy the tub of frosting and cake batter although making my own doesn’t sound intimidating. But decorating and being creative does-but I’m not an old dog and I want to learn new tricks. I just don’t know what basic tools I should have. I would really like to actually make a really cool birthday cake for my three kiddos that isn’t bought from Coldstone Creamery or DQ or the grocery store. I already love baking and cooking why not add a little more pizzazz to my repertoire.

  430. Courtney F says:

    I have made a few failed attempts at cake decorating… maybe because I LOVE cream cheese frosting and always use it, which probably isn’t the best frosting to use… But, I’ve had a lot of success with cupcakes and I love trying new things.

  431. Patricia says:

    My cake decorating is WAY less than amateur…usually there is lots more frosting than there should be and the cake kind of sinks under the weight, but the grandkids seem happy enough! And I like trying to make cool cakes.

  432. jillmc says:

    Just starting to teach myself to pipe royal icing………with 3 1/2 grandbabies (#4 due in April!) I need all of the help I can get! πŸ™‚

  433. tiffany street says:

    i would say ok… i made a princess and pirate boat cake last yr for my kid’s bdays. very amatuer, but cute and very tasty none the less πŸ™‚

  434. Wendy says:

    I am a from scratch experimenter. I love to make my kids birthday cake.

  435. Jennifer H says:

    Semi-professional cake/cookie decorator. I love every recipe I have tried from your site–thanks for sharing such delicious food!

  436. karin says:

    I just slap it on. But I can’t stand canned frosting- I always make my own

  437. Caitlin says:

    Definitely an amateur. My husband and I tried decorating cupcakes once – the result was pretty laughable but we had fun.

  438. Emily B. says:

    I’m all about homemade and gluten free. Have yet to ever experiment with cake decorating, but would love to!

  439. Crystal says:

    Very much an amateur. I have always wanted to make cakes, but have never really invested the time or money to learn.

  440. Michelle says:

    Probably experimenter… for my daughter’s recent 3rd birthday, she got a Boston Cream Pie for her cake! I tried a new, from scratch, cake, glaze, and pastry cream recipe. It was fun & delicious!

  441. Amy V says:

    I am in no way a professional. I wouldn’t even call myself an amateur. I’ve made several cakes and frosted them for my boys’ birthdays over the years. I do pull quite a few all nighters like you. I think the hardest one I ever did was individual train cars for my youngest’ 1st birthday. I was really over my head on that one, but surprisingly managed to pull it off. My latest creation was a dinosaur land cake, complete with volcano and lava.

  442. Taryn says:

    I am definately a box mix birthday cake kind of girl, or sometimes *gasp* a pick up a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake for the kids. Shocking, I know, but I would like to try decorating my own cute cakes I’ve just never had the guts πŸ™‚

  443. Julie R. says:

    I am a newbie, frosting-out-of-the-can type. I’ve always wanted to take a class at our local craft store, but have never had the time or taken the plunge. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win! I really enjoy your blog!

  444. Dorothy says:

    I am a lousy cake decorator! My decor usually looks like Jackson Pollack art.

  445. Addie says:

    I took that Wilton class in college too! And have not really practiced since ( that was years ago), but now that my kiddos are getting older I know they would die over some spectacular cakes! Thanks!

  446. Jennifer L. says:

    I am a beginner but am really interested in making fun cakes for my kids!!

  447. Brooke says:

    I am an amateur, to say the least…just figuring out how to satisfy the demands of my 3 little boys!

  448. Sara says:

    I’m an amateur but love to make a homemade cake and frosting. For my daughters 3rd birthday this year I’m going to venture out and try something fun (more than a cake in a round 9in pan).

  449. Deanna says:

    More of an intermediate. I can do simple just fine or take my time and do totally putzy time-consuming detail!

  450. Rita says:

    Truly an amateur, but I would love to get better with the right tools.

  451. Lindsay says:

    I’m horrible when it comes to frosting cakes, but I would love to get better. The same goes with frosting cookies.

  452. Stacey says:

    Definitely amateur!! A homemade cake can have frosting on it?? πŸ™‚ just kidding. Its true though, I am pretty weak sauce when it comes to cake decorating, so this giveaway is quite exciting!! Crossing my fingers!!!!

  453. Katie says:

    Believe it or not, my hubby is the cake decorator in the family. He loves to bake and a couple years ago his sister got him a cake decorating class for Christmas. He has done his fair share of princess cakes and has now moved onto all things “Star Wars” (yes, even for our daughter). He would love this set! : ) Thanks for the give-a-way Mel!

  454. Becky says:

    I am a total amateur…but would love some new tools to create something better for my 4 kids who ALWAYS ask for something creative. Love your recipes, thanks!!

  455. Sarah P. says:

    I’m an experimenter! My mom is a great cake decorator and I’ve picked up some skills along the way, but I wish I knew more…or that I lived closer to my mom!!! I make all of the kids cakes and really enjoy it, even though I totally stress about it!

  456. Kim says:

    My son says I am a mixture of professional and experimenter extrodinaire. I wouldn’t say professional at all…more just for the fun of it. I am actually talking to my friend about doing a carousel cake for her sons 1st birthday. It is the love for it that makes it fun. Thanks for your site.

  457. Katrina says:

    My box mix cakes are lucky if they get canned frosting.

  458. Julia McClelland says:

    I always start out believing that “this” cake will be prettier, but they all end up the same: messy and not quite photograph ready. Ha
    I’ve been keeping an eye out for a Wilton cake decorating class in my area. Every time I see one, it has already started. Maybe this year.
    Anyway, I’m so glad that I stumbled across your site. Everything looks great and it’s fun to read.

  459. Heather says:

    I’m most definitely an amateur. No way to go but up!

  460. Portia says:

    Definitely an amateur but have been searching for a hobby! Love your site for the weekly menus and ideas. Makes me feel like a better mom and wife- thanks!

  461. Cammee says:

    Your cakes are perfect! I am a completely self-taught experimenter. I started on my daughters first birthday and was solely a star-tip cake decorator for a few years. The last several years it has been fun working with fondant and chocolate. Watch out though, my kids cake ideas have gotten more and more elaborate! I’m with you, sometimes the time it takes me is probably triple what it takes someone else. My aunt lives in Denver and is a professional. She came out here and make my brother’s wedding cake in HOURS. I was in awe.

  462. Ashley_M says:

    Experimenter – but I love it.

  463. Amanda E says:

    I’m the kind that *thinks* I can decorate cakes like a pro (because I’ve seen an idea on pinterest/blogs), but when it comes time to put frosting to cake, I’m a serious amateur.

  464. Tracie says:

    I try to think I am a better baker than I am…..well actually, I have the baking part down pat, it is the decorating part that usually triumphs. I have all the intentions to make all the cute little recipes you find on the web, then after a few attempts……end up with plain frosting…..

  465. Erin says:

    I’m a total novice and sometimes think I’m more capable that I am! People like you make it look so easy!

  466. Angela says:

    Is there a level below “amateur”? That’s me! Novice of novices.

  467. Jodie Miles says:

    I have taken all the wilton classes but I would still have to say that I am a rookie! I would love to have more time to practice.

  468. Melanie says:

    I dump on some frosting usually, but I’m planning on taking a class soon!

  469. Beth says:

    I am an experimenter. I love doing doctored cake mixes and then I make my own frosting and experiment. They aren’t ever works of art–but at least they taste good.

  470. Tamera Case says:

    I usually have grand ideas, but coupled with my amateur abilities, I usually end up with some kind of mess!

  471. Kristen says:

    I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to cake decorating but I’m hoping that will change someday with a little practice and the help of this caddy (if I win)!

  472. Marsha says:

    Definitely an amateur, but love to experiment!

  473. I am a cupcake decorating experimenter. I don’t even remember the last time I made a full cake instead of cupcakes but I sooo want to start making cakes and learn how to make cute ones like you have. This would be so fun! Thanks for the great recipes, too, by the way. Love your blog! πŸ™‚

  474. Claudia says:

    I have decorated my fair share of cakes over the years and still consider myself an amateur.

  475. Kathy says:

    My daughter used to do this in 4-H. We would like to pass this on to her daughter who absolutely likes to cook in both her play kitchen and the real thing! I was just the supervisor and can only do the very basics.

  476. leah says:

    I love to decorate cakes but I only know how to do stars! Lol

  477. Kimiko says:

    Thank you for this, Mel! I thought all the giveaways were over now that the holidays have passed…what a great surprise. πŸ™‚
    I’m usually more of a experimental decorator, but I aim to decorate things that “look” professional.

  478. Alexandra Cooper says:

    I’m going to go with experimenter! πŸ™‚ It’s fun to make cake and frosting from scratch!

  479. Brianne says:

    I am definitely an amateur. I enjoy making themed cakes for my children for their birthdays. They LOVE the cakes even if they are not perfect. I am considering taking a cake decorating class for fun. πŸ™‚

  480. Kate says:

    I am a hopeless amateur… but I love cakes. Whether I’m making them or eating them…

  481. Kristin says:

    Great giveaway! I am definitely still a novice when it comes to cake decorating. I always make frosting from scratch (the flavor is so much better!), but I still need more practice on making my artwork look cute!

  482. Lindsey L says:

    Total amateur but am looking to get some practice in so that I can one day be the cool cake decorating mom too!

  483. Kristi Higginson says:

    I love to make cakes, but I put more of my attention into the taste and not so much on the appearance i.e. I claim amateur status on my decorating skills. I like a fun challenge when making birthday cakes for my kids, but my skills do limit the extravagance. I aspire to be more than I am :).

  484. Linda Owens says:

    I love decorating cakes & cookies. It reminds me of the fabulously creative things my mother used to do! And now my daughter does it too!

  485. kari says:

    I’m definitely an amateur cake decorator but really, really want to learn to expand my skills in this area.

    Thanks so much for offering the opportunity!

  486. Amy says:

    I try to make cute cakes, they usually look really good in my mind! I get points for trying, right?

  487. Michelle H says:

    I am a sort of slap the frosting on the top girl and I feel like I am successful when the cake doesn’t roll up as I spread the frosting out πŸ™‚ I would love to learn the art of cake decorating though– I think it is so fun to eat a beautiful cake or cookie πŸ™‚

  488. Brooke Bumgardner says:

    I’m definitely an amateur, slap frosting on cake made from a mix or order a cake from the store, but I have wanted to learn how to make cakes for a long time!! Great giveaway, thanks for the chance. πŸ™‚

  489. Melanie Erickson says:

    I am definitely an amateur. I have tried a few spectacular cakes when my kids were younger when they didn’t care so much about the end product. Maybe with the right tools, I will be able to make something my teens would be proud of!

  490. laine says:

    Amateur, however I vowed that when my daughter was born I would make her birthday cake every year. And so far I have succeeded! My first one was a pink monkey cake!

  491. Emma says:

    I’m pretty inexperienced as far as decorating goes…homemade cake, homemade frosting, but minimal decorations!

  492. Becca B. says:

    A pathetic one…I could really use some tools to practice with! We celebrated my two-year-old’s birthday yesterday, and all I can say is that there is no where to go but up in my cake decorating! πŸ™‚

  493. Krystal says:

    I’m certainly an amateur! I haven’t really done much decorating, but I’d love to experiment!

  494. Ernesta says:

    experimenter with luck and failures πŸ™‚ but that’s the life πŸ™‚ I wish that this year would be with more luck and less failures πŸ™‚

  495. I LOVE decorating sugar cookies and cupcakes. I am a complete amateur but I have a large collection of supplies. We have our nieces and cousins over every holiday to decorate sugar cookies or cupcakes. Love your blog and LOVE decorating desserts!

  496. Heidi F. says:

    I’m a beginner. I’ve made a couple of shaped cakes and recently made my first fondant covered cake. It turned out great!

  497. Julia L. says:

    I took a class once in sixth grade! Since then I’ve also made many a boy birthday cake (all trains, especially Thomas). No end in sight with baby boy #4 arriving in April. I’m the 6-hours before the party kind of gal, but I love creating all the same. Sure would be nice to take my decorating supplies out of the ol’ shoe box. Thanks again Mel!

  498. Brittney S. says:

    Awesome giveaway!! I have 7 brothers and sisters and we do themed birthday parties for each of their birthdays. I try to make a cake to go along with the theme. I’m definitely an amateur. Never had any classes….but its fun!!

  499. Carol W. says:

    I love working with frosting and “playing” with different tips. My frosting roses look like cow pies, but taste great.

  500. Heather says:

    I, unfortunately, am one of those slap on the canned frosting to a packaged cake mix kind of person. Boo. But perhaps if I win I can have some hope for the future??? πŸ™‚

  501. Becky T says:

    With the exception of one or two special cakes, I would definitely say I am a “slap on some canned frosting to a cake mix kinda person”. I always admire the fancy cakes, but rarely go to all the work…but I would definitely want to with some fun new tools!! πŸ™‚

  502. D says:

    Im the canned frosting to a cake mix person but I would love to try to do more.

  503. Kel says:

    I am definitely a beginner. And you are way too modest about your cakes!

  504. Stacie says:

    I love experimenting with any recipe, but I especially love baking. I have been thinking about starting to branch out with cake decorating. I keep thinking about my baby’s first birthday. Even though it’s not until July I want to make her the best ‘first birthday’ cake ever!

  505. grace says:

    i like to think of myself as a master-in-training. πŸ™‚
    by the by, we love you too.

  506. Elaine says:

    I’m an amateur. My friend and I took the Wilton cake decorating classes a bajillion years ago (ok, maybe it was more like 25) and I try to use some of what I learned. But I think I’ve forgotten more than I remember!

  507. Kim says:

    I’m a cake-decorating work in progress. Definitely an amateur with lofty visions! Hopefully in the time span of raising my three little ones, I’ll be the go-to girl for beautiful cakes.

  508. rachel says:

    I am probably the WORST cake maker and decorator. I am on the hunt for a good chocolate cake recipe. I have yet to find one I LOVE.

  509. Alana says:

    I am definitly I make it up as I go cake decorator.

  510. Faith says:

    I am a “plop colored frosting in a ziploc and cut the corner off for a frosting bag” kind of decorator! That being said, some actual tips might come in handy! Love your blog, and thanks for always taking time to respond to comments!

  511. Erin says:

    I like cake decorating, but I am not that good at it.

  512. Juanita says:

    I’m certainly not a professional, but i enjoy the challenge of making my little girl’s dream cake each year. Lucky for me she doesn’t notice all the flaws and imperfections!

  513. Heather says:

    I am like you, self taught. But I love decorating cakes, I’ve only done 5 so far but would love to take it to a new level. Everybody that see my cakes tell me I should start a business. I would love this tool caddy to help that happen.

  514. somecallmeambingale says:

    I’m definitely an amateur. I try hard and so far, none of my cakes have turned out as I had hoped… but I keep trying! πŸ™‚

  515. Amelia says:

    I’m an experimenter too. My sister has taken classes and given me some tips, but I really don’t know what I’m doing. I have a lot of fun though! I love your blog and all your great recipes, I haven’t tried one that we didn’t love!

  516. Nikole says:

    Total cake decorating klutz. I have successfully made one fancy cake-an Elmo cake for my daughter’s 2nd Birthday. It was so stressful I haven’t attempted it again. Maybe I just need the right equipment…

  517. Amber says:

    I’m an absolute amateur, but with 4 kids, I have 4 reasons every year to make a cute cake, so I’d love the box!

  518. Brenda says:

    Baking isn’t a problem, decorating is. I don’t even qualify for amateur status. While I can sort of make a couple of frosting recipes, I’ve been too scared of abject failure to take the plunge into real decorating.

  519. Cara says:

    I make great tasting cakes. A few times I have attempted more than sprinkles for decoration. The subsequent comments were, “Don’t quit your day job” and from a darling husband that had just gone mud cave exploring, “that looks like something I just crawled through.” I could use some help in the cake decorating department.

  520. crystal hauser says:

    I am a dreamer cake decorator. I just dream of decorating while watching the food network cake offs! But I really want to learn!

  521. Margo says:

    Definitely an amateur, but would love to learn new techniques to decorate cakes for my grandkids.

  522. Lynette says:

    I am definitely an “amateur” cake decorator when I get the time and energy to decorate a cake. Otherwise, I’m more of a make a delicious tasting cake, like your coconut tres leches cake (one of my FAVORITES!!!!).

  523. Jenny says:

    I took a class… made many cakes (including wedding cakes) and then took a LONG sabbatical. Now I figure I’m back to the experimenter status, as there are many cool techniques I would love to use. Hooray for organization!

  524. lisa says:

    what a fun giveaway!! I love dabbling in cake and cookie decorating!

  525. Jane says:

    I am a closet decorator, I will do my kids cakes, not the best looking, but have high aspirations of doing incredible cakes.

  526. Amy says:

    I find an example of the cake I want to make and then usually my husband creates the masterpiece!

  527. TINIEL says:

    I would love to make my family and friends theme cakes. I also would love to join the cupcake frenzy and make cutsie cupcakes for gatherings. I’d be starting from scratch, and starting as a beginner.

  528. Christie Nelson says:

    I’d consider myself a novice, but I’ll only use homemade frosting!

  529. Joyce says:

    I’m a total beginner. As in…I don’t even own round cake pans. However, I’m anxious to experiment πŸ™‚

  530. Lucinda Bostick says:

    I am by no means a professional cake decorator, but I do enjoy baking and have made and decorated all my children’s b-day cakes and/or cupcakes. I enjoy looking at new cake decorating ideas and trying new baking recipes. In the future, I’d like to take a cake decorating class. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway! I really enjoy your site! πŸ™‚

  531. Catherine says:

    I am a beginner who would love to get better at my cake decorating skills.

  532. Tiffany says:

    I am a complete novice, but I like to use homemade ingredients.

  533. Landra says:

    I wish my cakes turned out like yours!!

  534. alicia m says:

    Well, I admit that I’m normally a slap on kind of icing person…..but since the holidays I am really wanting to try and work on improving my skills on cake decorating. I love to scrapbook and create that way, so I’m hoping that those skills can convert over to cake / cookie decorating!! Love your website and would love to win!

  535. Brittany Bradshaw says:

    Normally canned frosting type girl, but I aspire to be better than I am. Cake decorating is actually one thing I am trying to learn more about–I have looked into taking classes, but will likely continue learning on my own till then.

  536. Lauren says:

    I love to bake, but I’m always intimidated by decorating. One day I’m going to have to bite the bullet and give it a try!

  537. Stephanie W. says:

    Total amateur – but we watch “The Cake Boss” at my house faithfully – does that count?

  538. Chrissy says:

    I can spread cool whip on a cake and that is about it! Would love to learn to do fancy cakes!

  539. Jennifer Hubbs says:

    I have a 3 year old and a baby that will be turning one in a month (sniffle)…so I have only decorated 3 cakes so far. I am definitely an amateur, but so far they’ve all been great! My mom made all of our cakes growing up and I always thought she was the coolest for going through all of that effort! She even managed to pull off Rainbow Brite!! She still grumbles about how many colors of icing she had to mix…lol.

  540. I like to decorate cakes, but I have to be in the right mood. It’s a ton of work! I really like results though, when I can get really good ones! I would call myself and experimenter!I am by no means professional, but it’s fun to be creative and teach myself the basic rules of thumb. πŸ˜‰ This would be so great to win. My birthday is this month, so it would be cool to win it for my birthday. πŸ™‚

  541. Amy T. says:

    I’ve done a wedding cake or two. I do over the top flowery creations. Only yellow cake and buttercream for me.

  542. Joy Bergeron says:

    I love to bake and make desserts, but I have never ventured into the exciting world of cake decorating. I am more of the minimal decorations type of cake decorator:)

  543. Lynne Anderson says:

    I’ve got adorable grandkids now…so I want to do grandkid cakes!

  544. Molly says:


  545. Alicia says:

    To be honest, I have never taken on a cake before, but I absolutely love coming up with creative cupcake ideas! Once the kids start coming though I will probably need to learn the cake way. I flip through decorating books in the library and try to come up with my own ideas.. but I am definitely in the amateur category. But I hope to someday surpass that stage and create something brilliant that will make it all worth it πŸ™‚

  546. Deborah says:

    I’ve only tried anything other than basic frosting a few times in my lifem but your cakes are so cute they make me want to try! I would love to win this to get started.

  547. marisa says:

    Gimmee a can of frosting, may even squirt it out of a Ziploc bag, and a boxed cake mix. Would love to move up the decorating ladder!

  548. Alecia says:

    I love decorating cakes! Although they are never as pretty or cool as I envision. The kids still get excited so I guess they don’t turn out too bad.

  549. Tricia says:

    I still don’t have the hang of a pastry bag. More frosting seems to come out of the top than out of the decorating end.

  550. Kim says:

    I am a novice at decorating cakes, but would love to learn more!

  551. Angela says:

    Happy New Year to us, your lucky readers! Thank you for the giveaway. As for my cake decorating skillz . . . nada, but I am getting better at making pretty swirls on top of cupcakes, one step at a time.

  552. Laura says:

    I am a novice but my daughter and I love trying all your recipes. We are going to attempt the decorated cupcakes. She wants to try the Elmo cupcakes first.

  553. sadie says:

    Definitely an experimenter. Some of my cakes turn out fabulous and some need to be posted to… ha, ha

  554. megan says:

    I’m an amateur but like to make the cakes and frosting from scratch. Occasionally I pull off a cute cake for my kids when I can borrow a good mold. I’ve never delved into the world of fancy frostings that I see on your cakes though, looks like fun!

  555. Janell says:

    Definitely amateur. I have high hopes every time a birthday comes around but my cakes turn out less than stellar. I keep trying though!

  556. tonya says:

    Definitely reminds me of my make-up Caboodle back in the day!!

    I am very much an amateur & a store-bought one at that! I make my kids’ bday cakes & my husband stays up late with me, too, while I try to re-create a vision in my head! Real decorators would be appalled at the outcome, but my kids are extremely impressed & so far my boys (they’re 2 & 3) remember their cakes as the highlight of their birthday! That does my heart good!

    Note: You have taught me the errors of my ways, Mel, & this mama will be serving homemade cake & homemade icing at the upcoming festivities! Now I’ll be a homemade amateur. ;o)

  557. Mary A. says:

    I’m just okay – I usually keep it simple and only occasionally try to get fancy. I was in 4-H as a kid and the only white ribbon (the worst ribbon you can get) I ever got was in cake decorating. I still feel the pain of that ribbon!

  558. Amy says:

    I am a beginner!

  559. cara says:

    definitely an amateur but it’s all in good fun!

  560. Carrie says:

    I am a self-taught amateur cupcake baker. I have baked for several family parties, baby showers and work functions. I would love to experiment with the gel colors!

  561. Kathy kreps says:

    I am a beginner, just getting started for my two year old and one on the way. So far I have made a train ckae and a rocket ship. Both a little lopsided but delicious!

  562. Melanie says:

    I am an amateur. I love having personalized cakes (with homemade frosting) for my family, but sometimes stress myself out by doing it! I definitely need to improve and I would LOVE to win a cake decorating caddy!

  563. Melissa says:

    I am still experimenting but I somehow volunteered to do two wedding cakes in the past year, while fun it was exhausting!

  564. Anita Kariniemi says:

    I like it homemade, but am not very good at making it pretty!

  565. Cheri says:

    I also am an amateur that started so I could make my kids cakes. They definitely do not look professional enough to do it for other people but I love doing it and my kids love requesting them and seeing them!

  566. DeAnna says:

    I am an experimenter! I love making Barbie cakes with my Wilton pan along eith various creations my son has requested, ie: frog cupcakes, spiderman cake, racetrack, etc. I would love this!!!!

  567. erin jackson says:

    Me im the buy at the grocery store girl, but would def like to start to try and do some on my own! Maybe this could help me!

  568. Wendy says:

    I love to bake cakes from scratch but have never ventured into decorating them. Maybe this would give me the push to try it out.

  569. Amy Morris says:

    Definitely amatuer – but always let my kids pick what kind of cake they want, and then do my best! Love your site.

  570. Alissa F says:

    A few years ago I began to start my own cake business but it fell through. I wouldn’t call myself an amateur or a professional.. somewhere in the middle πŸ™‚

  571. Cassie says:

    Ooh! Ooh! Choose me! I love to decorate. I learned a lot from my mom and we used to take on projects together. Recently I moved far away and don’t have her around for pat-me-on-the-shoulder-support (or supplies) so I’m stuck in a lurch. Your creations are getting me excited again and I’ve got a birthday coming up just around the corner . . .

  572. Kathy says:

    I’m definitely an experimental extrordinaire that has become more interested in great ideas for my grandsons’ birthdays. Fun!

  573. Susan Proctor says:

    I love making cakes, birthday, wedding cakes and any kind. I love being creative my girls are all way asking to barrow my cake decorating bags and tips. Which is great to see them show and interest in cake decorating.
    I think it would be co nice to win this caddy I could give it to one of my girls to give them a great start.
    Mel I and my girls just love your blog keep up the great work!! Thanks!

  574. Beth W says:

    I’m just getting started in the cake decorating arena… started making a creative effort for the last couple of birthdays in my family.

  575. TrishInFL says:

    I am an amateur experimenter, extraordinaire!

  576. Shauna says:

    I am definitely not a professional but I have been experimenting on different cakes for 5 years so that my girls can have fun cakes on their birthday’s. This is such a fun giveaway!! Thank you so much and thanks for all your amazing recipes!

  577. Jen says:

    I am an amateur but I love to experiment. I make special cakes for my girls every year, but they show that I am an amateur. πŸ™‚

  578. Laurel says:

    Oh, I am talented… like that of a 12 year old! No, I am okay, I just need more time to devote!

  579. Jordi says:

    I’m a “my ideas are bigger than my ability” cake decorator πŸ˜‰

  580. Amanda G says:

    Definitely an amateur, but always experimenting! I usually try to make my 3 girls their birthday cakes….sometimes they turn out right, and sometimes they are a disaster…lol!

  581. Wendy Brown says:

    Cakes are delightful – I would pass this on to my lovely daughter-in-law who has taken over making all the cakes for your family – she has a talent, a flair and loves to create. I think YOUR cakes look delectable – and full of love! Wendy in southern Alberta

  582. Shantel says:

    I like to pretend i know what i am doing. And then it usually ends up being a bigger ordeal than i had anticipated. But it is always worth the mess.

  583. Catherine says:

    For my four children and my husband, I bake a cake mix and, like you said, often slap on a can of stor-bought frosting. I prefer the homemade butter-cream frosting my mom always used and I’ve made it sometimes. Sometimes we color whatever kind of frosting we are using with regular food coloring drops. Then give the resulting bowls of pastel-colored frosting to my kids to spread or squeeze through children’s decorating bottles to embelish their cakes. They always enjoy making whatever they want.

  584. Paula says:

    I’m definitely an amateur, but I’ve always wanted to be good at cake decorating. I want to be able to make my kid’s birthday cakes!

  585. Jaelynn Branch says:

    I am DEFINITELY the from a box cake decorator.. but I would love to be better!

  586. Nanci says:

    My cakes look a lot like yours. I take requests from my 4 boys and do the best with what I have. A lot of wilton cake pans with 2 million little frosting stars.

  587. Julie says:

    I’m really not sure which I am, but one thing I do know is that I have oodles of fun making cakes and decorating them with the kids. They have the best imaginations so it is fun to try and put together what they want or what they think others want on their cake if it is a surprise. Sometimes it comes out looking really great and maybe a bit professional other times it is just a great attempt at making a blob that we all love eating and enjoying because we are all together. It makes for some good laughs and great memories.

  588. Allison says:

    I am an amateur, but am always looking for new recipes and tricks to make it easier and more tasty!

  589. Jodie says:

    I’m definitely just beginning to explore the world of cake decorating so that ican make fun birthday cakes for my kiddos ( like yours!!) and friends. I’d live this cake decorating caddy…. It would be so fun to experiment with the different tips and colors! Jodie

  590. Missy says:

    I am a novice, but I want to get better.

  591. Rebecca says:

    I am definitely an amateur… but I love trying new things, and I love new kitchen goodies!

  592. Megan H. says:

    I like to think I’m an expert but I’m really just self taught like you and practice only on kiddos birthday cakes πŸ™‚ I just made a pretty sweet pirate cake last weekend for my new 3 year old. Sadly I have no caddy bff to make my cake making life easier. So I’d love to win!! Thanks for your great blog. I love it. And so does my family’s tummies!

  593. Debi says:

    Strictly unprofessional here! Canned frosting is good all by itself!

  594. natalie says:

    I am amateur, but very brave….I will try anything I see online that I think I can tackle with some grace πŸ™‚

  595. Veronica says:

    Your website is constantly motivating me to try new things! My imagination only gets me so far with cakes but this caddie may open a whole new world!

  596. Tara says:

    Funny, I just got done “creating” a cake for my husband a few days ago and it pretty much showed that I am far from experienced. I need all the help I can get and this would be the perfect “starter” kit!

  597. Amy says:

    Definitely a canned frosting on a cake mix gal, but with the right tools I’d LOVE to start getting more creative!! If I won I would sign up for the next available cake decorating class, for sure!

  598. Holly says:

    I’m just a make it for my family kinda gal, so some new supplies would be great!

  599. Ashley says:

    Definitely amateur decorator, but I do so love to bake! Everything is so much better made from scratch!

  600. Libby says:

    I am definitely a beginner, but love trying new things. Your website has saved my cooking doldrums and maybe you could save my pathetic cake making skills as well.

  601. Mary says:

    I’m in between. I’ve made all of my girls cakes since they were little, even made some money making cakes, gave them away as birthday presents and even made my nephews wedding cake about 7 years ago. My kids LOVE my icing, and so do I!

  602. Brigette says:

    I try to decorate cakes but really need to take a class.

  603. Alli Forsyth says:

    I’m for sure an experimenter…far from expert! Great Giveaway!

  604. Jamie says:

    Definately a beginner, would love to have time to practice more. Took lessons years ago.

  605. Mia says:

    I find that I love to experiment with decoration and I don’t always have the right tools to do so. For instance I did a graveyard cake for Halloween last year and my gravestones didn’t have the most accurate writing on them. I received alot of laughs and alot of mmmm’s as the cake was still delicous.

  606. Angela says:

    I’m definitely an experimenter! Practice makes perfect though.

  607. Erin says:

    Definitely an amateur but I want to get better since I have a little one now!

  608. Michelle H. says:

    I am a wannabe. I want to so badly be a great baker and decorator but I just am not! So sad…especially for my husband and kiddos! πŸ™‚

  609. lindsay d says:

    I am definitely a beginner, but I love attempting fun birthday cakes for my boys! They always come up with some interesting requests…like killer whale cakes for example! I would love some tools to hopefully better my birthday cake attempts!

  610. Jennifer says:

    An amateur who gets in over her head. πŸ™‚ Still I need to keep practicing. Thanks.

  611. jana chambers says:

    wow.. this is awesome. I have two little boys and for my oldest sons birthday i made a monkey cake and even though it tasted good it looked a little ridiculous. But he loved it anyway. However, it would be nice to have some tools because i think i will be decorating many many more cakes through the years. Thanks for sharing.

  612. Andrea says:

    I usually just slap some frosting on my cakes, but I’m wanting to start doing more since my kids are getting older. I would love to be able to make cute cakes for them myself instead of just buying them. This would really help me get started.

  613. Stacey says:

    I usually slap some canned frosting on a box cake, but I am slowly trying new things.

  614. Anona Davis says:

    I am not actually the cake decorator in our family, my husband is. My husband is just learning but he does a great job making creative cakes for our boys. He made a volcano cake for our son’s b-day in December that had dry ice in the middle and made it explode. He has made a firetruck cake for our oldest son and he took apart a firetruck and rigged the lights from the toy firetruck to the top of the firetruck cake so it really worked. He doesn’t have any great tools for cake decorating, so it would be great for him to have some more tools.

  615. Dawn Black says:

    I am a birthday cake decorator… I love it! My son gets so excited about his birthday cakes do it makes all the frustration with it! I really don’t know what I am doing so I would LOVE this kit!!!

  616. Molly Manthey says:

    I just got my first cake stand for Christmas and I want to learn how to make those fancy cakes, just so I can put something beautiful on it! I have never made anything but 9×13 cakes (boring) so I’m excited to do a layer cake or birthday cake.

  617. Beth says:

    I’m the kind that has a really hard time getting the frosting to look like it wasn’t done by a three year old. I could definitely use something like this to help me out!

  618. Molly Manthey says:

    I just got my first cake stand for Christmas and I want to learn how to make those fancy cakes, just so I can put something beautiful on it! I’m excited to do a layer cake or birthday cake.

  619. kate C. says:

    Only homemade frosting for me, but the decorating leaves much to be desired… like usually I don’t even attempt it and just swirl the frosting til it looks halfway decent!

  620. Maggie Jones says:

    I don’t like frosting so I never frost anything… not even cinnamon rolls! Am I terrible?

  621. Lindy says:

    Like you, I’m a self-taught cake decorator. We have the same tradition – I take requests from my kids every year on their birthdays for things like pirate ships, princess castles, dragons, race tracks etc… It’s so much fun to see their reactions and it’s something special I hope they’ll remember!

  622. Luci H says:

    Total amateur, but I have fun.

  623. Scoggdog says:

    A work in progress baker, but as long as it tastes good, I’ll take credit!

  624. Jackie Brown says:

    I can only hope and pray my cakes turn out as well as your very first one; these are spectacular, girl.

  625. Andrea says:

    I am a novice! I tried to make a red fire truck for my son and I couldn’t get the frosting red enough, so it ended up being a PINK fire truck πŸ™

  626. Kara says:

    I am an at-home cake decorator who loves decorating cakes for holidays and special occasions!

  627. Shauna says:

    Love to bake . Have not tried decorating. Would love to try it now in retirement.

  628. Melanie says:

    I am definitely an amateur/experimenter.

  629. Carmen says:

    I have five children who enjoy the cakes I decorate with a few wilton decorating tips and homemade frosting. I would love to improve my skills and I get practice every year. πŸ™‚

  630. Andrea says:

    I’m most certainly an amateur, and my cakes always look WAY better in my head than they do when I’m finished with them. Oh, well. At least I try:).

  631. jill says:

    I am a terrible cake decorator, but I keep trying πŸ™‚ Happy New Year Mel!! Your site has become one of my favorites.

  632. Stefani says:

    Seriously, I would love to be able to decorate a cake but as manay times as I have tried it just doesn’t work. I think it may be that I don’t have ANY tools. I just try to make do with what I have. My daughter wanted a castle cake for her 3rd birthday and after working all day and trying desperately to repair it over and over again, I threw it away. My husband bought her a pink ice cream cake and we tried to doctor it up to look like a castle. It looked like a Madonna bra on top of a cake. Nice! I know.

  633. Tracey says:

    I’m a big time amateur! My family’s lucky to get anything besides a plain old rectangle cake in the 9×13 pan! …But I would LOVE to learn more! πŸ™‚

  634. Mindy says:

    I have experimented and made a few cakes following directions from websites like Betty Crocker and Martha Stewart. But I consider myself a beginner. πŸ™‚

  635. Kristeb says:

    I’m an amateur decorator but I’ve attempted (with the help of my mother who has taken classes) theme cakes for my girls and rattle cupcakes for my friend’s baby shower. I would love to take a class!

  636. Jana T says:

    I am also a mom of boys – only 3 of them but all under 5. So I’ve also tried my hand at decorating boy cakes. (also my true confession is that I don’t really cook – at least I didn’t until I found your website – so I’m primarily a cake-from-a-box kinda girl). I made my oldest son’s 1st birthday cake, the Baby Einstein caterpillar because I thought it would be easy – round cakes, solid icing, etc. But it almost did me in so I’ve been doing store-bought for a few years until last February. We were literally iced in for days (I live in Dallas, TX, so this is highly unusual) – the week leading up to my oldest son’s 4th birthday and he wanted a police car cake. So again, I managed to come out with something that only a 4year old would love (which I guess is really all that matters but these events are recorded for posterity in a scrapbook album, and one day, he won’t be 4!). Your blog has inspired me to cook, perhaps it can also inspire me to leave store-bought cakes behind! Thanks for doing this – I’ve really enjoyed this new adventure!

  637. Rebecca Taylor says:

    I’ve started making homemade cake and frosting, but the decorating includes slapping the frosting on the top and hiding the sides with crushed nuts. I would love to learn how to decorate. I love your recipes.

  638. Hannah says:

    I’m an amateur … usually I’ll call my friend / sister who is a professional and have her make the cakes. One day, I’d like to do them on my own.

  639. Kari says:

    I am a terrible cake decorator. I tend to focus on making yummy cakes and not so much on the decorating part, my kids cakes usually have an action figure or something thrown on top πŸ™‚ Im ready to take it to the next level.

  640. Libby says:

    I have no cake decorating skills but am eager to improve…i did once make a cake in the shape of a nose for a friend…it was a little gross.

  641. Emilee K. says:

    Kinda a like you. I decorate cakes for my kids birthdays and I have taken a couple of the wilton classes.

  642. Felicia says:

    a complete novice, but this would give me some motivation!

  643. Carolyn Johnson says:

    I’m an amateur. I like making frosting, but I don’t do much beyond that. My only experience decorating cake was helping my uncle decorate my cousin’s wedding cake, so he taught me everything I know. πŸ™‚

  644. Brooke says:

    I’ve definitely been a cake mix and canned frosting girl until the last couple birthdays around here. I’m still very basic, but I have started making my own frosting and using ziplock bags with the corner cut off to draw some pictures on the cake or write “happy birthday!” Pretty easy, but the kids still love it!

  645. Michelle says:

    I like the idea of cake decorating, but I’m not so good yet. The right tools would help!

  646. Maria says:

    I love homemade chocolate cake and homemade icing. Part of the fun is licking it off the beaters.

  647. Amanda says:

    I dabble in theme cakes (castles and fish), but lack any real tools. Love the blog!

  648. Erika says:

    I LOVE baking, and always pick a tricky cake to make for my husband’s or kid’s birthdays. I’m completely self thought, faaaar from a professional and I can never remember why on earth did I want to make ‘ this’ cake while in a process of baking/decorating said cake but I’m always proud of the result. And I’m always looking forward the next time I’ll get to challenge myself again :).
    Up next: my daughter’s 3rd birthday next month! Bring it on πŸ™‚

  649. Shawna says:

    I am definitely a expert-wannabe. I love to bake, and have tried to decorate cakes, cupcakes, etc. to the best of my ability. My coworkers love my experiments!

  650. Jamie says:

    I am somewhere between the slap on kind and trying other things besides cake. Your cakes are beautiful however!

  651. Angie says:

    I am a beginner thats for sure. I love doing fun ideas for our kids birthdays. Ive done a couple homemade cakes, just dont have all the tools. I would love to start doing more though! Would love this starter kit!!!

  652. Emily w says:

    Amateur for sure but very enthusiastic!!

  653. Priscilla says:

    I’m a buy a boxed cake mix and add store bought frosting but I want to get into making my own cakes!

  654. Lorrie says:

    I have just started in cake decoration. Thank goodness for kind family and friends that always tell me that they look good (even though i know they barely look like what they are supposed to) Practice makes perfect and I will keep trying.
    Love the blog made so many recipes for Christmas!

  655. Amy says:

    I am a beginner- I have picked up a few tools but I need to practice! If I won, I could try to make some cute Valentine cupcakes!

  656. I am an experimenter!!

  657. Kami says:

    Sounds just like me… all night or very late night finishing cakes for my kids!! I’m definitely not a pro or it wouldn’t take me so long. Love the look of fondant (not the taste), but haven’t yet tried making it on my own. Hate my small frosting bags so if that kit has some nice big ones I’m all for it!! I do love the look on my kids faces when they see their cake, makes it all totally worth it. Thanks for all the work you do to keep your site running. We love it. Whenever I want to try something new or need an idea this is definitely my first stop!

  658. Sherri says:

    I’m a total beginner with cake decorating, but I made a mean homemade german chocolate cake (once a year for my husband’s birthday).

  659. Sara Hansen says:

    I really like to decorate cakes but I am an amateur for sure. I did one wedding cake, once, for some very kind and understanding friends.

  660. Barbara says:

    Mid-level but an experimenter – always have to add an ingredient or touch of my own,

  661. Rachel says:

    I love to make my own frosting (and cakes) from scratch so that I can make an extra big batch. In my house most of the frosting & batter get eaten before they become a “masterpiece”. I do very plain presentations right now as I’m very, very amateur at this. I mostly a “Where did that spatula go? Oh there it is! Oh no, that’s not the right one, oh well this will work!” kind of decorator.

  662. Courtney Mac says:

    I am an “improving amateur” and would love to expand past simply slapping buttercream on a cake, thanks!

  663. Jodi says:

    I like to use candy to decorate my kids cakes because the last time I went with “frosting only” it was an epic failure! I could use some serious tips in the cake decorating catagory! Congrats on the girl – I have 5 (no boys) and life is a blast!!

  664. Desiree W. says:

    I wish I was a great cake decorator but alas, I must rely on the cake in a box or even costco!

  665. Katie says:

    I’m not that great. I should experiment more than I do.

  666. Annie says:

    I am definitely a newbie! The fanciest cake I’ve ever made was your unbelievable chocolate cake with your magical frosting, but it has inspired me to make more delicious and beautiful cakes!

  667. Mindee B. says:

    I LOVE to make and decorate cakes! Growing up in a big family provided me with ample opportunity to experiment on my nieces and nephews. Now I get to make them for my hubby and daughters. And just like you, they sometimes require all nighters. =) Your cakes look great! I love the creativity of the monster one! I have wanted to purchase this exact cake caddy for over a decade. Currently I have my tips, bags and food colorings shoved in a too-small bin of sorts. It would be wonderful to finally have a proper place to keep my ‘tools’ safe and sound.

  668. Laura O. says:

    Definitely an amateur. Though the first cake I decorated was a 3D bear when I was little!

  669. Jeannine says:

    I am a slap on a can of frosting kind a girl

  670. Amy S says:

    Intermediate depending on my mood. Sometimes I like quick and easy and used boxed mixes.

  671. I’m a “slap on the frosting” kinda girl, but I do make my own!

  672. Amber Anderson says:

    Amateur!! I love to decorate and make cute cakes and cookies but I’m not very good at it. πŸ™‚

  673. Kim says:

    I, like you, love to take requests from my kids for their birthdays. We like to experiment and try new things, but we always have fun.

  674. Serena C says:

    I am a frusterated beginner – I have great ideas, and no real talent! This giveaway could really help me!

  675. Kerri says:

    I would say I am pretty Amateurish (if that is a real word). Although I am trying to experiment more then I used to. I have really gotten into making homemade cakes and frostings within the last year or so. The best cake I have made is my sons 3rd birthday cake. It was a big chocolate rectangle with homemade chocolate frosting and I put construction vehicles on it that were scooping up brown sugar, driving over crushed oreos and lifting chocolate chips. He loved it and that was all that mattered!

  676. ChrissieK says:

    673 comments?! Wowsers, woman … what a following! I am the must-put-together-a-creative-cake-to-impress-my-kids kind-of decorator. I pull all nighters too … and usually am quite proud of my accomplishments… I think I need to look into this kit thing — looks quite delightful! Blessings to you…

  677. Rachelle says:

    I’ve never really been a cake decorator at all. Ever. Then 3 years ago I met the man of my dreams who just happened to have sole custody of his 4 kids. Then we added one more for good measure. So in a period of 14 months I went from a career lady to a stay at home mom of 5 kids. Now I decorate cakes. So far I’ve made a tinkerbell, Lego, bride of Frankenstein, princess, panda, flower, angry birds (cake balls), angry birds (cupcakes), and a couple of cheesecakes for my 10 year old with a remarkably refined palate. I’m a self-taught baker and I love experimenting. Here’s to a good 20 more years of learning to decorate some of the most random cake requests I’ve heard of…

  678. Lindsey says:

    Haha! I’m definitely an experimenter extraordinaire! I’ve attemped a few fun cakes. Some come out ok. Some not so much!

  679. Anjeanette says:

    I’m an amateur experimenter. I make cakes for my kids birthdays, but usually find something on-line to copy. I haven’t created my own design yet, but I’m a good copier!!

  680. Amy says:

    I am a TOTAL inexperienced amateur, but I got some cake decorating stuff for Christmas, so hopefully I’ll be better at it soon!

  681. Janice says:

    I am an ametur but I love to make my kids birthday cakes. We have had Hello Kitty, butterflies, race tracks, pirate ships, flip flops, etc…

  682. Andrea says:

    I’m a dreamer… I watch Cake Boss and get inspired to learn how to make cool fondant cakes, but when push comes to shove my wants turn into far away dreams and I end up slathering the frosting onto the cake from the can.

  683. Cassie W says:

    I am definitely in the expermintation phase…my 14 year old would l-o-v-e to start decorating!

  684. Lala says:

    I’m an ameteur and a beginner. I’m so excited when I saw this giveaway. I took Course I decorating class in Michaels about a year ago. I’m contemplating on enrolling again and these gadgets will help me a lot budget wise. I need it badly. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to win it.

  685. Amy says:

    Oh, I would love to win! I am definitely a self-taught experimenter — but have fun seeing a creation come to life!

  686. Peggy says:

    I took cake decorating classes many years ago and did several cakes over the years for our two oldest and nieces and nephew. We now have two younger girls and while I have some tips, I haven’t done much decorating. That case and its contents would help fuel the fire again!

  687. Amy G says:

    Oh I’m for sure an experimenter extraordinaire! I have the desire and the want to be a good decorator…just not quite there yet!

  688. Kitty says:

    I’m a wannabe cake decorator. I’ve never decorated anything too fancy.

  689. Ashley says:

    I am a wanna be professional cake decorator. I try…. but they don’t always turn out the way I want! πŸ™‚

  690. Rebecca says:

    Total armature but I love it seeing what I can come up with. Love to use toys on the cake to add pizazz that I myself can’t do, example barbies, dinosaurs, zhu zhu pets, etc. Always practicing and hopefully improving my skills.

  691. Jennifer says:

    Amateur…. But I love to experiment!!

  692. Erica says:

    I would love to learn to decorate cakes for my two little girls! I did amatuer cupcakes for their first birthdays, but left it to the pros once we started to do theme parties. I keep hoping I can do better for them someday, but I definitely need a class… and the right tools!!

  693. Crystal says:

    I used to make cakes all the time…now my favorite things to decorate are cupcakes. Lots and lots of cupcakes. But I’m just an amateur for sure.

  694. Krista says:

    I am a wanna be with absolutely no training.

  695. Brandie says:

    I have always marveled at beautiful cakes people make. When our first son turned one I decided to decorate him his own little cake. Since then I have vowed to make their birthday cakes every year. Much like you I redo and redo and redo it until I am satisfied or exhausted and sleep deprived. Some turn out better than others. So here is to all of amateur moms out there. Happy New Year!

  696. AmandainAB says:

    I make the cake and icing from scratch, but the decorating is pretty basic. I’ve been known to put toys on my kid’s cake…is it a present or is it a cake? It’ both.

  697. kara says:

    I just experiment with different cakes…. I haven’t made a lot but it’s something I’m very interested in getting better in! Baking is fun! Thanks for all your yummy recipes!

  698. Emily says:

    I’m totally an amateur. My husband does most of the baking because he’s rather picky. But I’d love to get this and show him I’m not half-bad in the kitchen myself! Love your blog!

  699. Aubrey says:

    Beginner for sure but I have always wanted to take cake decorating classes and open up my own bakery!!

  700. Michelle says:

    Love making cakes and decorating them. I want to believe that I am a fantastic decorator, but once I am done, my cakes turn out looking OK. My visions never seem to make it onto the cake. I could use some help for sure.

  701. Marilyn says:

    I have taken a few classes, and can do a decent job – if I take my time with it. I would love to take it to the next level with some new supplies.

  702. matt says:

    Amateur for sure. I am terrible, but love to do it for my kids.

  703. Katie says:

    I’m a newbie cake decorator, but love to make cakes from scratch. My daughter’s first birthday is coming up in March and I’m make a creative, but do-able special cake!

  704. Bethany Allen says:

    I am a “took decorating classes ten years ago and forgot everything, but trying to re-teach myself to please my kiddos” type of cake decorator! πŸ™‚ Cute and crazy cupcakes are my new very most favorite thing to do!

  705. Gretchen says:

    Definitely an amateur.

  706. emily salway says:

    I am an amateur cake decorator! I love decorating cakes for my kids birthdays and for others when they ask, but am no professional!! πŸ™‚

  707. Chela says:

    My mom makes the most amazing cakes. I am trying my best to learn from her. I would have to say I’m a novice but with great hopes to inherit my mom’s amazing skills.

  708. Cheryl Newton says:

    I’ve done some very minor cake decorating, for my sons’ birthday cakes. Everyone who saw them was enthusiastic (even people not from our group but who happened to see them). So, I’d say I’m an experimenter, as long as I have good, clear (talk to me like I’m 5, I say) directions. I have been wanting some more cake-decorating equipment; this giveaway is perfect. Look at you, Mel. Only the second day in the new year, and you’re already reaching perfection!

  709. Kelly S. says:

    When it comes to decorating cakes I am an amateur, just slap on some frosting, but i would like to take a class now that i have kids…

  710. Marilyn Anderson says:

    I have really only decorated one guitar cake for my sons first birthday but it was oh so fun!

  711. VickieB says:

    What kind of cake decorator am I? The kind who whines until my daughter does it for me:)

  712. patintx says:

    Not a pro by any means….but love to experiment!

  713. Lilah says:

    I am definitely an amateur, but I love to decorate cakes! I haven’t had any classes or anything, but have created some cute cakes for my kids’ birthdays, if I do say so myself!

  714. brittany says:

    I am also a wanna-be. I have wanted to start decorating cakes for a long time, maybe this can give me a little help!

  715. marcus s says:

    I love to experiment

  716. Emily says:

    I am a believer that it must taste even better than it looks, so my decorating has been pretty basic. However, I am a mother of three kiddos, ages 7, 3, and almost 1. My older two now have opinions about their birthday cakes, so I better find some skills! This kit would be awesome! Thank you for the giveaways… And mostly THANK YOU for all of the wonderful recipes. If I mention the “new food” is from Mel’s my kids actually get excited to try it and they usually LOVE it!! Thank you!!

  717. Cara says:

    I would say I am like you, I also have spent all night making cakes for my girls, wouldn’t have it any other way!!

  718. Megan says:

    My mom is an awesome decorator, and she has taught me some, but I would love to do more experimenting!

  719. Tobi says:

    i guess i’m a wannabe cake decorator πŸ˜‰ i manage to create a birthday cake for each of my kiddos every year that manages to impress the 8 and under demographic at least lol!

  720. Brianna says:

    totally a novice! I’ve dabbled in using pastry bags, but I’m not very good at it yet. I want to learn!

  721. allison says:

    I’m definitely a big experimenter! The reason I looked forward to birthdays growing up was so I could pick which kind of elaborately decorated cake I was going to have!

  722. Sarah A. says:

    I am an amateur, but love creating fun cakes for my kid’s birthdays.

  723. Michelle says:

    I am definitely a cake mix kinda girl, but I have decorated some of those cake mix cakes with some fun themes for my boys’ birthdays. Like a treasure box cake and basketball cake. So I do like to try my best at decorating and having fun with it. This prize would definitely help out with the fun!

  724. Michelle says:

    Total wannabe- but I love using Wilton products!
    It took me something like 10 hours to make a ladybug cake- and my wrists hurt for days afterwards!

  725. Amy says:

    I’m such a beginner, but I keep tryin’

  726. Kelly says:

    I’m totally an amateur, but am very much looking forward to tackling my son’s first birthday cake!

  727. Carlin says:

    Amateur. I love decorating cakes, though, for my boys’ birthdays! I too am self taught and would love proper tools to do the cakes right! I have always worked with fondant, but I would love to do frosting. The tips would be so fantastic!

  728. Lorie says:

    I usually get somone else to frost my cakes!

  729. Jenny says:

    I used to love cake decorating – in the amateur way, of course. I got married, had a couple kids and -wham- crockpots took over instead of homemade cakes. I still make homemade cakes for baby showers, but even then I never decorate it. I think, however, if I had your fancy-dancy container I would be highly motivated to try things out again. Hopefully, however, not all night long. πŸ™‚

  730. Nichole says:

    Betty Crocker mix & frosting – but have been learning new things!!!

  731. Meredith Hall says:

    Experimenter, and always looking for ways to get better!

  732. Diane K says:

    I used to be an experimenter, but have since regressed to slapping frosting on… even occasionally canned frosting. I always used my mom’s supplies, and it has been several years since I’ve lived at home for any length of time.

    Those cakes look fantastic, by the way. Have you ever done a post on how to, umm, sculpt cakes like that? (I’ve only been following a month or two.) The only two attempts I made were messy. I’d love to see your tips!

  733. Tara F says:

    I am a beginner when it comes to decorating cakes. I have two girls and i love to make their birthday cakes. I have made a ladybug, a flower, and a rainbow cake. I would love to have the tools to do more creative things.

  734. I am SO not a cake decorator. I have a problem with patience and that is the number one thing needed when decorating cakes! As much as I love baking and can make some mean cakes, I fall short with the whole decorating thang (even with taking classes and being ‘taught’ in one degree or another by a pro). With that being said, I constantly have visions of these beautiful cakes I would love to make and have even attempted them a time or too. So with decorating cakes I am a work in progress! I do have a lot of the tools, although they are stored haphazardly in several bags in my pantry, so I would love this thing to get me organized better and maybe even baking and decorating more!

  735. Jenny says:

    I’m an amateur. I have two boys and have made them a new fun cake each year for their bdays (one is 5, the other is 2). They pick the theme of the party and I find the cake pan to match. I bake the cake and then pretend I’m a cake decorator! They’ve all turned out pretty great though. I haven’t tried shaping anything myself yet though. It’s been all about the icing and decorating so far!

  736. Jessica F says:

    I am a slap some frosting on and throw a crap ton of sprinkles on top to distract my horrid icing job!!

  737. Amy says:

    I am an amateur, but I love it. When I was in college I worked in a bakery and started just decorating cookies. I love decorating cakes for my family (trying anyway) this would be great to help me practice some more.

  738. Patricia says:

    experimenter extraordinaire! I have never decorated a cake but would love to and with this kit I might just become a semi-‘good at doing it’. Thanks for the op.

  739. My Cake decorating is actually quite simple, but my sister in law recently asked to if I would make her wedding cake. I haven’t exactly said yes yet (mostly because I feel she deserves a much nicer cake than I could give her) but I am considering the possibility of making a wedding cake. I could use all the help I could get :).

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  740. Julie Rust says:

    I love making my kids cool birthday cakes or at least I love the idea of it and the finished product. Often during the process I think to myself “what am I doing?”. Mostly I just experiment and try things until I get them the way I want them to look. Taste is most important anyway, right?

  741. I used to decorate cakes for baskin Robbins when I was in high school, but now I am just a lazy expiramentor!

  742. Audrey says:

    fairly amateur but wanted to branch out a little more!

  743. Allyson says:

    Definitely an experimenter…..kind of like you I take my cake requests from my kiddos for their birthdays……some have turned out amazing, some just okay!

  744. Laura P says:

    Experimenter…just started trying to make my own cakes and so far so good. A lot easier than I thought it would be.

  745. Christine W. says:

    I love to try! For sure amateur, but it’s so fun to try different techniques and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to take a cake decorating class! Thanks for the giveaway!

  746. Cassi says:

    I’m a total amateur. But, I’m really good at copying and following steps. Even though I don’t have a creative bone in my body, most people think I’m really creative because I’m so good at stealing ideas.

  747. Lisa says:

    Love baking cakes from scratch, but am terrible at decorating them and making them actually look good!

  748. Teresa says:

    I love a good experiment!!

  749. Katie says:

    I’m definitely a novice cake decorator, but I’d love to use this kit to experiment more!

  750. Marie says:

    Amateur! The only shape I’ve ever made was a heart. (My birthday is in February) So while they don’t look exceptionally beautiful, they do taste amazing!

  751. Cookies4kids says:

    I like to tinker around and learn new things from all you professionals so one day I can make that claim. Happy New Year!!

  752. Gwen says:

    I’m kinda where you are. I love making cakes for my kids, and have fun experimenting; but time and money prevent me from going all out. Maybe by the time grandkids roll around in 10 or 15 years.

  753. Clare says:

    I took the first Wilton class, and then when I tried the second one right after, I got burned out. But I think we have the same cake decorating theories and styles – though, from the looks of it, you have more talent and/or practice. πŸ™‚

  754. Mary Arntson says:

    My decorating skills are very minimal—I need lots of help!!!

  755. Melanie says:

    My mom always decorated great cakes for us. Now I want to make great cakes for my kids. The kit would sure help!

  756. Brianne says:

    Definitely a beginner. I like to make my own frosting, and have tried some shaped cakes, but nothing fancy yet!

  757. Andrea says:

    I have just started getting into cake decorating now that my little boys want themed cakes that can’t be purchased or are too expensive!!

  758. Tami says:

    I am a no-shame Betty Crocker girl, and often I mess that up, too!

  759. Lorelei says:

    I’m just a wannabee!

  760. Erin says:

    I am a beginner. I like to say it is because I love the look of old fashioned cakes, but really, any time I try anything beyond simply frosting a cake, it looks like a 2nd grader did it.

  761. Maddi says:

    Amateur but working on it!

  762. Claudia says:

    I have great ideas of what my beautiful cake will look like, but mostly it looks like I just slapped the frosting on. I will persevere!

  763. Vera says:

    Not a professional. One who also pulls all-nighters to get the cake right. But love it!!!

  764. tonya sanders says:

    An experimenter. I love to make my kids cakes and try new things, the “caboodle” of cake tools would be so fun.

  765. Jamie says:

    I am a complete beginner at cake decorating but would love to learn the beautiful technique!

  766. Ruchita says:

    Definitely an amateur decorator. I like decorating cupcakes, but I haven’t tried a full size cake yet.

  767. Kris says:

    I’m amateur for sure, but that doesn’t stop me from having fun with it and trying new things!! Sometimes they come out great, other times I end up smearing another layer of frosting over the top of my creations so I can “start over”!! I once did a cake with no less that 4 layers of frosting, each taking nearly an hour, so I totally know what you mean about pulling all nighters in the kitchen LOL Thanks for rescuing my family from dinner boredom with your awesome recipes!!! Keep it up!! πŸ˜€

  768. Tamsen Keyes says:

    I took the first Wilton class several years ago which gave me a good basis. Really though I just love to experiment and am glad that my kids are still young enough that they don’t notice the flaws:) If you saw my cake decorating drawer you’d probably want to give me two of these caddies!

  769. Julie says:

    I have just been teaching myself and experimenting as I go. I too let my kids choose what kind of birthday cake they want. I hope to take a class someday!

  770. Lisa says:

    What a cute giveaway! I am definitely a novice in the cake decorating department and could use any help I can get. Thanks for the chance! I love your blog, and my family does too!

  771. Abigail says:

    Cake decorating is a hobby — it’s always fun to be creative and add a little pizazz to something delicious.

  772. Victoria says:

    Amateur. I took a basic class in another lifetime and proceeded to make a bunch of cute things and now have forgotten how to do anything. I managed to make some peppermint meringues this past holiday season, but the stars were shameful.

  773. Melanie S. says:

    Great giveaway, Melanie. Your cakes look great. Might I direct you to the site of an old friend of mine, Karen? She has some awesome tutorials and recipes. Trust me, take one look at how she keeps pastry bags clean and you will agree–THE WOMAN IS A GENIUS! You can find her at P.S. edited to add that I have no affiliation with her website–I just think her ideas are absolutely fabulous! Thanks again for the giveaway!

  774. Marlene says:

    I am an old experimenter!!

  775. Andrea S. says:

    I am an experimenter. I make the cake the day before and hope it looks alright or I’m in big trouble.

  776. Crystal says:

    I usually bake a homemade cake and sometimes make frosting. I rarely decorate them cute but I want to try something fun for my son’s 4th birthday! Yours look amazing!

  777. Lauren says:

    I’m a newbie. My friend has been getting into it more and she tries to teach me some things every now and then. I’m still on cupcakes though. haha

  778. Becky says:

    Like you, Mel, I am completely self taught. I love making fun cakes for my girls and would love to take a real cake decorating class in the future. So put me down as an amateur. πŸ™‚

  779. I absolutely love to bake, but have not done very many elaborate decorated cakes. Your awesome blog is my favorite food blog, Mel! Thanks for all the recipes, photos, and inspiration!

  780. Karen says:

    Excited to learn. For my sons first birthday this past summer I made a volcano cake. It was so much fun. Excited for many more birthdays and many more cakes.

  781. Kimberly says:

    total amateur. I do usually make my own frosting, but I don’t consider myself in the least bit artistic. However, I’ve found that when asking little ones what kind of cake they want for their birthday, the answer never is Chocolate. It’s always something like dinosaur, or pirates – not a flavor but a theme. In trying to please them, I have experimented some. All I have to say is good thing I have boys. They aren’t too fussy in the quality of my attempts.
    Thanks for the idea of the caddy though. I love it. I’m going to look into getting one. I was just looking at my cupboard wondering how best to arrange the new gel colorings I’ve recently started collecting. Wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing.

  782. Bri says:

    I would love to get this. I am your very beginner, but would love to get good at it and have all the tools. Your cakes turned out so cute. LOVE the monster!

  783. Kari says:

    Definitely a beginner, but want to try more!!

  784. Kathryn says:

    I’ve been trying to get into cake decorating(for fun) for a long time, just don’t have the tools. This would be awesome!

  785. Emily says:

    Well I’m no professional, but I’ve kicked out a couple wedding cakes that did look pretty darn good if you ask me. I’d love a great place to store my small collection of supplies!

  786. Brianna says:

    Experimenter all the way. I recently discovered how easy it is to make a cake from scratch and vowed to never again buy a boxed cake mix.

  787. AmandaH says:

    Slap the frosting on the cake mix cake. I would love to learn to decorate cakes though. I am constantly checking the county class listings to see if they have a class at a time that works for me. I will say that when I worked outside of home I was the resident write–on-the-cake person at my job. Ha ha!

  788. Cecilia says:

    Love making my own homemade cakes and frosting, now if I could just decorate them!!

  789. Kim Anderson says:

    An amateur, in the sense I have not taken on any projects, as my mother in law always offers to do my kid’s cakes. It is time for me to tackle one myself.

  790. Jennifer Hodges says:

    I used to be a buy the box girl, and would somehow always still manage to mess up the recipe. So I swore off baking. Now I have three little boys who don’t care about parties or presents. But the cake? It is their favorite! Their little faces just light up at the thought of birthday cake. So I have been digging deep within and baking more…and really enjoying it!

  791. Midori Nakano says:

    Not a professional, but I definitely like to make home made cakes, pies and cupcakes.

  792. Holly says:

    I try to make birthday cakes for my kids birthday but they usually don’t turn out very good! It is going to take a while to get good when I only do 3 a year! πŸ™‚

  793. Sara Reagan says:

    Totally an amateur. Love cake decorating, but I have no idea where to start!

  794. Naomi says:

    I’m definitely a beginner. Decorating my husband’s family fudge frosting recipe with sprinkles is my typical m.o. Now that my kids are 4, 2, and 7 months I need to expand my repertoire. πŸ™‚

  795. Allison C says:

    I am definitely still learning, but I love to experiment! Thanks for such a great give away!

  796. Elise says:

    I’m an amateur. But I have fond memories of Barbie cakes for my birthdays that my mom slaved over.

  797. Heather Shannon says:

    Oh I wish I could design a fabulous cake for the girls birthdays, but I am terrible. This would help give me the push I need to learn.
    Mel you are so wonderful to do these. I have loved following you for a long time now and so thankful for the years of wonderful recipes you have given me!!
    Thanks for all you do!!

  798. lindsey says:

    I am a novice, but have started to experiment with my kids birthday cakes πŸ™‚

  799. Emily Rogers says:

    I enjoy creating. I see a cake and think “I can do that” and it ends up looking nothing like the photo but at least it taste yummy.

  800. Leah says:

    I am an experimenter. Some turn out great, some not so great. Either way, the kids always like them. My friend just signed us up for the Wilton class, this would be perfect!

  801. Mandy Noland says:

    just learning and would love to do cakes for my kids birthdays and not have to buy them.

  802. marty says:

    thought about doing a cake class and this would be a great start and I could help my daughter with cakes for my grandbabies!

  803. Julie says:

    I’m an amateur, but I think decorating cakes for my family is a lot of fun! Yours are fantastic!

  804. Adrianna says:

    I am an amateur! Would love to decorate cakes for my children but have been too scared to try! Maybe, with the giveaway, I would be able to over come my fear and run with it!

  805. Dwlisa Taylor says:

    I normally use a cake mix, add a little flavoring, pull out two can of frosting. Then, I finish it off with sprinkles. And, There you have it. My cake master piece!

  806. molly b says:

    I am a slap & dash type of froster who always wants to be a beautiful froster!

  807. Regina says:

    Total amateur, but I still love to experiment!

  808. Tristan Kehle says:

    Experienced at making cakes, never enough time

  809. Tasha says:

    I’m stuck in a cake rut – I make the same recipe every time (it’s a great one, but still…) and if I’m feeling super fancy I add sprinkles. I need some inspiration!

  810. Laura says:

    To say I’m a slap on canned frosting cake decorator is an understatement. Thanks to you and this wonderful website I did try the bat cake and it did turn out darling. I would love to learn how to be a better cake decorator and my family would love it too! πŸ™‚

  811. Patricia says:

    I would say that I am a step above beginner.

  812. laura says:

    Definitely an amateur and experimenter. And I definitely need to be experimenting more often, as my poor two year old had to have pie for his birthday.

  813. Jen says:

    I have just recently entered the world of making and decorating my own cakes, after being a cake mix and canned frosting kinda girl for years. I love all the possibilities and am looking forward to experimenting!

  814. Tracie T says:

    I work in a small Deli that has a very small corner for cake decorating. I was lucky enough to get to be the decorator at the store! I’m no where NEAR professional, but I LOVE it! I took a few cake decorating classes when I was in school and I wish I had taken more. I would like to learn a little more about fondant. πŸ™‚

  815. Maudie the Maid says:

    I’m an amateur but have fun making cut up cakes and decorating them for my kids and now grand-kids.

  816. Jessica says:

    Im a beginner, but love to experiment.

  817. Cristal says:

    I am a experimenter extraordinaire! I love trying new things!!

  818. Martha says:

    I love to cook and am branching out in the cake baking area. I am very much a beginner and it shows when I apply icing! I have mastered the drizzle technique, but that’s as far as I’ve gone. This kit looks like lots of fun.

  819. Katrina says:

    I would love to win this. My husband and I love the challenge of making our kid’s cake look like what they have asked for. We’ve made a tractor, police car, space shuttle, robot, and a baby. We use fondant but I love having tips for cupcakes and sugar cookies.

  820. Heather Harper says:

    Cake decorating is not my strongest suit let’s say. I would like to do it better though. This gift would be awesome. My youngest child’s birthday is coming up at the end of the month.
    Your cakes look beautiful by the way.

  821. Lisa says:

    I am an experimenter for sure, never doing the same thing twice! Thank Mel for all of your great recipes and tips. You inspire more people than you’ll ever know:)

  822. Melissa C says:

    Still a beginner…but would love to learn more! πŸ™‚

  823. kimberly says:

    Definitely an experimenter extraordinaire. I love making wild and crazy cakes for my kids’ birthdays

  824. Sherry says:

    lots of experimenting and making silly cakes for friends and family. It’s a fun way to do crafts and be able to eat it at the same time!

  825. Jenn Patterson says:

    I started with Wilton lessons after my daughter was born. It was my one hour of sanity a week. I make her birthday cakes, some for others, and TONS of cupcakes. I am by no means professional. But, I love cake decorating.

  826. Carol says:

    I have been making homemade frosting and cakes for years, but I sure could use some help on the decorating part. Amateur on the decorating!

  827. Tammy Francis says:

    I am a from scratch cake baker, and have been experimenting with coconut flour and rice flour. I love your web site and refer to it extremely often.

  828. kattie says:

    I would rate myself an amateur, but my 3yr and 2yr would consider me an expert since they dont have much to compare:) I will need to improve before they start to notice the cake barley resembles the creature they requested:)

  829. ankerah05 says:

    not a professional at all! but I hate the stuff from a can so I like to experiment.

  830. Siobhan says:

    Amateur, but hoping to get improve with new tools and techniques! I love the recipes where you post step by step pictures, it’s a lifesaver! Thank you for all your hard work on this blog πŸ™‚