Thank you to everyone who entered! The 30 winners are listed below. If you are a lucky winner, please email [email protected] with your address! If you didn’t win, At Cost Apparel has offered the Mel’s Kitchen Cafe aprons for sale (sweet!). Aprons are $12.99 and that includes shipping right to your door. Go here to order! The aprons will be available at this deal until Friday, October 4.

#57: Katy “I try to wear an apron as much as possible in the kitchen.”

#79: Kelli B. “I wear an apron when I’m cooking A LOT of stuff”

#121: Stacie D. “I wear an apron when I think about it, but usually I don’t think about it! I would be proud to wear one of these though!”

#127: Jennifer Torre “Liked the At Cost Apparel page too! Thanks Mel!”

#301: Kathy Gardner “I just liked their page! Thanks… cute apron!

#320: heather “I don’t have an apron, but would love to wear one!”

#326: valerie “I wear an apron if I have on nice clothes (usually not) or if I’m frying.”

#380: Jenny “I love aprons! You can’t make pizza without one”

#411: Audrey “Liked on facebook.”

#427: Sunny D “I wear an apron daily at work and have a collection of favorites, but this would definitely rise to the top of that list. At home I’m a slacker and the proof can be found in an assortment of colors usually all-over the shirt I managed to keep clean all day at work- go figure! Anywhoo, love the chance to win and maybe this apron could be my specially designated HOME kitchen attire.

#462: Rachel R “ooooh Mel. . I am swooning over this apron- which would get me out of my husband’s icky BBQ apron- AND would give my friends/family many hysterical laughs as my obsession with your recipes would be rightfully emblazoned across my body during my daily Mel cooking sessions. . .fingers crossed!! I am going over to Cost Apparel to see if these are for sale .. this needs to be on my Christmas list!

#494: Angie McArthur “I also liked cost apparel on Facebook:)”

#516: Tannie “I LOVE to cook and am always reading food blogs. I’m so glad I stumbled on this one. Thanks for sharing
amazing recipes. I am FOR SURE an apron wearing cook. I wear it even while I eat dinner because I forget to take it off. My aprons are very shabby and in desperate need of an update.”

#605: Kandi v “Always an apron. I am way too messy of a cook!”

#621: Karen “I love your recipes. We have tried tons of them. I actually created my own Mel’s cookbook; printing off the recipes I think my family will like. I think White Chili is the one I’ve made the most. I do wear an apron, as do my kiddos when they are cooking with me. Thanks for sharing your passion and the aprons!”

#636: Julie “I have one apron that I use occasionally, when I remember it!”

#652: Meg “Hi Mel! These are great! I always remember to put on an apron right after I’ve splattered myself with tomato
sauce! I need this:) Thank you!”

#700: Chi Chi “No, I do not wear an apron but I should. As a mom of three I typically have a host of “things” stuck to me by the end of the day. This includes but is not limited to: boogers, spit up, dried breast milk, BBQ sauce, and butter.”

#747: Emily “I ‘liked’ At Cost Apparel on Facebook”

#800: Lisa “I wear aprons if I am dressed up, entertaining, or cooking with my kids and we all have them on. I truly love your recipes and don’t know what I would cook without your site. Thank you!!”

#873: Karen Andrson “After almost “doing in” my favorite t-shirt while frying 3 dozen tacos, I’m shopping for an apron as we speak! I would LOVE to have one of these!”

#943: Rebecca miller “I love wearing aprons! I could wear one all day long! Love your website and all your yummy food!”

#958: Kara “I wear an apron all the time. They are the best inventions ever. I have all different lengths and styles. My all time favorite one is the full coverage in the back and front because it allows me to wrestle with my kids even when I’m wearing a skirt and I don’t flash anyone. Win, win.”

#1079: Lindsey “I love this! I wear a red apron all the time, and it would be fun to mix it up with this one.”

#1174: Jessica Wilde “I wear an apron.”

#1190: Meghan “Most of the time, yes!”

#1247: Amanda c “I’m not, but I never regret wearing one!”

#1259: Holly W “Oh! I need one of those! I tell people about you and your site all the time and most of my neighborhood and ward love you too. Crossing my fingers that I win!”

#1395: Michelle Smith “I love aprons and this would be the perfect addition to my collectikn”

#1421: Kathy A “I am a faithful apron wearer!”


I’m trying to contain my excitement about today. Nope, not working!

Are you ready for this?

Together, At Cost Apparel and I (me, Mel), are giving away 30 Mel’s Kitchen Cafe aprons. That’s 30 chances to win!

Since I think everyone can be a rockstar in the kitchen, each apron says:

The lettering will be white printed on a black apron just like you see here. Cute? Cute.

You can earn up to two entries. 1) Leave a comment right here on this post telling me whether you are an apron-wearer while cooking or not (winners will be chosen indiscriminately whether or not you say you wear an apron or not; promise) and 2) go on over to At Cost Apparel’s facebook page, like it, and then leave an additional comment on this post telling me you did just that.

You can do one, both or none. Your choice!

Giveaway winners will be announced October 1st. Thanks to Kelly at At Cost Apparel for making this giveaway possible!

Meanwhile, I’m off to dance around my kitchen in my new apron ignoring the fact that it’s probably pretty tacky to be wearing an apron with my own logo on it.


Giveaway sponsored by At Cost Apparel. I know jumping through hoops on a giveaway can be annoying but to that I say, get over it this time (in the nicest way possible), because these aprons are just too fun to pass up and I think At Cost Apparel deserves a little facebook love for making this possible, don’t you?

1,484 Responses to Mel’s Kitchen Cafe Apron Giveaway {30 Aprons!} – GIVEAWAY CLOSED!

  1. MomStarr says:

    I truly enjoy your recipes. I am a mom of 9 pregnant with number 10 and your recipes are easy and always satisfying. Thanks for the blog and the chance to win the apron.

  2. BevBoyer says:

    I usually wear an apron but not if I am in a hurry. I love your recipes. So glad I found your site.

  3. Kathryn says:

    I love to wear a good apron! And I also love your website, making the smothered sweet pork burritos tonight!

  4. Brigitte C. says:

    I’m a big time Apron wearer! My sister in law and I always joke that we are cooking with Mel! You have a wonderful site!

  5. BevBoyer says:

    Just liked Cost Apparel on facebook and left a comment on their site as well about your apron.

  6. Jules says:

    The only apron I have is the one I made in Girl Scouts in 1982. Yikes!
    This is my go-to website for yummy meals for my family. Thank you!

  7. Nathan says:

    Not me. But my wife of lo these many years does.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I should wear an apron all the time because I’m messy in the kitchen…but they tend to only get worn when company is coming over! With that being said, I love aprons! And I love your site…I often feel I’ve reached rock star status after making something from here. :) So, thanks!

  9. Helen says:

    I wear an apron on occasion… but if I had one of these aprons… I WOULD WEAR AN APRON EVERY DAY!! :-) Love that you make my life a little better Thanks Mel!!

  10. Helen says:

    Did the Cost Apparel “Like”….. now I’m keeping my fingers crossed… Gotta have a Mel’s apron!!

  11. Jolena says:

    Hands down this is my favorite kitchen blog. :) And I think about wearing an apron in the kitchen after I’ve gotten covered with food. Haha!

  12. Ted says:

    Yes I do wear one or I would be a mess

  13. Lynne A. says:

    I don’t really wear one as much as I should. I have some that belonged to my mother, though–they are my favorite when I do wear one!

  14. Anne Haun says:

    I love aprons and love to wear them – I actually collect aprons and have some that are really vintage – 1950′s – love them.

  15. Adriana says:

    I will wear an apron depending on what I am cooking/baking. Guaranteed I wear one when making a

  16. Melanie says:

    I’m an apron wearer! After I began making my mother’s red velvet cakes, I learned the hard way that it’s necessary. Wearing an apron not only keeps your clothes from getting stained, it also makes you look professional! Not to mention, girls gotta keep her sexy on while cooking, and I think aprons are just that! I’d love to have one of your aprons, Mel!

  17. Erin says:

    I love the apron!!! I too love your site and your recipes. Yes, I genenerally wear an apron.

  18. Kalyn says:

    I always have good intentions…but rarely end up wearing an apron.

  19. Kalyn says:

    I liked their facebook page.

  20. Rebecca says:

    I don’t wear an apron but I really should!

  21. Charlotte Moore says:

    LOVE aprons. My husband thinks it is neat for me to wear an apron. I don’t always but I do when I make breads and cookies.


  22. Michelle says:

    I should wear one mmore than I do, but I totally would wear one all the time if it was a cool one like this one!

  23. Rebecca says:

    I liked their FB page.

  24. Diane says:

    I don’t wear aprons because I don’t have one. I bought a cute frilly one awhile ago, but it was just too cute for me. I gave it to my son’s girlfriend. I’m a mess when I cook, so I really should wear one! :-)

  25. Maria says:

    I usually wear an apron if I’m cooking a lot or if I’m in someone else’s kitchen doing my thing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. Karen says:

    How funny! Just yesterday I was thinking I needed to get an apron because I keep ruining my clothes.

  27. mellisa willis says:

    I am a “Mel” also, this would be great! I do wear aprons every time I cook. Thanks!

  28. mellisa willis says:

    I liked their page! Thanks again!

  29. Marilyn Lisenbee says:

    I love Aprons and would love to win. When I was a young girl, I also thought that when Mom put on an apron, she was going to fix us something wonderful and she usually did.
    I still have one of my Mom’s Aprons and one of my Grandmother’s Aprons. They are my treasures. I will pass them on someday with hopes that whoever gets them considers them treasures also.

    Thanks, Marilyn

  30. Jan says:

    I wear apron’s about half the time. I have plenty of ruined shirts to prove that I don’t wear one often enough;) Love your blog. Just made your bourbon chicken last night. Was a huge hit! Thanks for all you hard work and the chance at the giveaway!

  31. cara says:

    If I’m cooking a big meal, I do wear one, otherwise during the week, I don’t. Love these aprons though!

  32. Michelle Meyer says:

    Love Aprons!

  33. Jenine says:

    Are there non-apron-wearers? :) I do wear an apron whenever mixing (for baking) or cooking something that might splatter on the stovetop.

  34. Melanie Kramer says:

    I do not currently wear an apron in the kitchen but would love to have one! Especially since my name is Mel also! :-)

  35. Sheree says:

    I almost always wear an apron when I’m creating good things in the kitchen. My husband likes it when I wear an apron and since he already thinks I’m a kitchen rockstar this cute apron would really confirm it! Love your recipes and giveaways! Just wish I’d win one once!! Thanks for the opportunity to be in the running to win.

  36. Nicole Porter says:

    I used to wear aprons but I got so busy that I forget these days. I love them though.

  37. Michelle Meyer says:

    Liked on FB!

  38. JD says:

    After staining almost every top I wear I am on board with aprons! A bit messy I would say.

  39. Lindsay says:

    I don’t usually wear one but, for big projects, I do!

  40. Jane says:

    Cute! I typically don’t wear an apron although I should:)

  41. Heather says:

    LOVE THE APRON! I would love a Mel’s Apron!!! You are my hero. I am so thankful for your blog and the help that you have provided me. I really started to love cooking b/c of your site. If only I could make bread the way you do!!!
    I wear an old ugly apron and could use a new one.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  42. Karli says:

    total apron-wearer all the way! :)

  43. mandy says:

    I do not wear an apron, but I could use one with the 3 week old that I have that likes to spit up right now. I do not think I would want to get this cute apron dirty though.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  44. marty says:

    I do not wear one, but if I win I would give this to my daughter. She wears one and LOVES to cook.

  45. Carey Bass says:

    I wear aprons in my kitchen! I love cute aprons especially!

  46. Jer says:

    I don’t wear an apron because I don’t have one…but I’d love one! Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. MorganL says:

    I love a cute apron, but usually only wear one when I’m cooking a big holiday dinner.

  48. Jer says:

    Aaaand….liked on facebook. :)

  49. Kelly McMahon says:

    Hi Mel, I’m TOTALLY an apron wearer! And I love your new apron especially because I’m also a self-proclaimed rock star in the kitchen! Actually everyone proclaims that I’m a rock star in the kitchen but now that I’ve found your blog my family is running to the dinner table to see whats on the menu from Mel!! On deck for tonight..My Big Fat Greek Taco! Last night’s cheesesteaks were a huge hit! Anyway…I’d love to win a new apron! Thanks for the opportunity!!

    Have a great day!

  50. Talia says:

    You know, I don’t wear an apron, but I should! I keep getting tomato sauce splatters and oil spots on my clothes, and it’d be nice to not have to stain treat everything after I cook. Here’s hoping I win this apron!

  51. Sarah says:

    Yours is my number one food blog, I love it! I wear an apron 50% of the time.

  52. maria says:

    I don’t wear an apron but I should!!!

  53. April M says:

    I had one I loved from my mother in law… Not sure what happened to it. I think it got lost between states when we moved. Probably should wear one more often. I am a messy cook.

  54. Pttsburger says:

    I should wear one since my clothes show how much I cook. I have a wonderful collection from all over the world that seem to come out on holidays. Even my boys have their own, picked out special for them.
    I made your apple crisp for the 1st day of fall…it was wonderful.

  55. Stacy Menifee says:

    I love to wear aprons! Thanks for the chance to win.

  56. Carey Bass says:

    Liked At Cost Apparel’s page on facebook.

  57. Katy says:

    I try to wear an apron as much as possible in the kitchen.

  58. Katy says:

    I like At Cost Apparel on fb.

  59. Smitha says:

    I don’t wear an apron but I should!

  60. Smitha says:

    I liked their page!! :)

  61. Carrie says:

    I don’t usually wear an apron, but I also usually regret not wearing one. I am always wiping my hands on my clothes like a small child. :-)

  62. Tina says:

    I don’t wear an apron, although I should, because I usually end up getting something on my clothes :) I have looked at a lot of aprons but I am too cheap to splurge on the ones I like. Hopefully that dilemma will be solved by winning one of your super cute aprons. Thanks Mel and At Cost Apparel for this awesome giveaway.

  63. HollyH says:

    I have to wear an apron– always! And it never fails, when I have one on, the doorbell rings. Everyone from the UPS dude to the neighbor -kid-selling -wrapping-paper- for- school- fundraiser recognizes my apron!

  64. Letty says:

    I am an apron-wearer. I have 12 of them one for each day of the week, seasonal and holiday aprons. In my book you can’t have to many aprons ;)

    Good Luck Everyone!!!

  65. Nicole Sigrist says:

    Try to wear apron as often as possible especially when I cook with my sister trying new recipes. Greetings from Switzerland in the middle of Europe. Nicole

  66. Katrina H says:

    Cute! I don’t usually wear an apron, but I will occasionally. It depends on what I’m making. Thanks for the chance to win!

  67. Jolene Beard says:

    I have a hook right inside my pantry door that holds all my aprons, that I love. But whether I wear an apron or not, depends on what I’m cooking, whether I think about it, or even just the day of the week :)

  68. Marta says:

    I don’t wear apron in the kitchen because I don’t have any pretty one. But this can change very, very soon (hint :) ).

  69. Margo says:

    Mel – I must say the only time I wear an apron is at Christmas, when baking those decorated sugar cookies. That has changed in the last 2 weeks since I discovered your website! I can finally cook! And cook things my 16 year veteran, picky eater actually said “Hey if you made that again next week, I’d eat it”. So now instead of hanging my head in defeat and heading for take out, I am cooking!! Wahoo – you have given me back confidence in the kitchen and I am so grateful. So with that being said…I’m pulling out the aprons and could really use one more!

  70. Letty says:

    I like At Cost Apparel on fb.

  71. Marta says:

    I liked At Cost Apparel facebook page.

  72. Margo says:

    Thank you Thank you and I liked their FB page!

  73. Amanda says:

    I am definitely an apron wearer because I am so messy in the kitchen:)

  74. Debbie D says:

    I love the aprons! They rock!

  75. Lisa Thomas says:

    I’m an occasional apron wearer. I usually do most of my cooking in old ratty t-shirts, but on the off chance I do have on a nicer shirt I’ll grab an apron.

  76. Amanda says:

    I liked At Cost’s Facebook page as well:)

  77. Paula says:

    I never used to wear one…..but after dribbling “tasting” down the front of my shirt a few times…well… it just made sense!!

  78. Elizabeth says:

    How CUTE! I love it and I LOVE your recipes. They are recipes I can count on to be good every time!

  79. Kelli B says:

    I wear an apron when I’m cooking A LOT of stuff

  80. Em R. says:

    I wear a cute apron I got ages ago on sale at Anthropologie when I remember to grab it! More often than not I have flour dusted all over my midsection anyway :)

  81. Stephanie C. says:

    I always wear an apron when I bake, not so much when I prepare dinner.

  82. Melanie says:

    I will be a apron wearer if I win this one. I LOVE it!! Why??? because it is true!! :) sooo hope i win!!

  83. KC says:

    I ALWAYS wear an apron while cooking or baking and if you saw my kitchen after cooking, you’d know why!

  84. Kathleen says:

    I do wear an apron when I cook. Its easier than keeping up with the dish towel to wipe my hands on. :)

  85. Kelly Richard says:

    I do not wear an apron….although I know I should :)

  86. MelanieL says:

    Totally an apron wearer…and I promise I’ll continue to tell people about YOUR wonderful blog and not tell them the apron refers to MY kitchen cafe:) xo Mel

  87. Kathleen says:

    Liked At Cost Apparel also.

  88. Trish Searfoss says:

    I should. I’m always a mess, but it’s always an after-though. :-)

  89. Am I an apron wearer? No, but I should be…. because I’m a wee bit messy :)…. maybe this fabulous apron will be a great part of my wardrobe.

  90. AJ says:

    I am not in the habit of wearing an apron every time I cook but my wardrobe would thank me if I did! I usually wear an apron for major cooking events like holidays, birthday dinners, or marathon make ahead and freeze sessions. I also wear an apron for especially messy jobs, like making preserves or tomato sauce. I like that this apron is black, which means I wouldn’t have to permanently be reminded of previous messes and mishaps by the stains that don’t come out in the wash!

  91. Beth D. says:

    I am an apron addict! Must wear one while cooking…this one is cuuuute! Love your blog, so would love one! :)

  92. Rebecca says:

    This is awesome! I love your blog, almost every recipe I make now is from here! I don’t wear an apron currently, I don’t even own one! I sure could use one though ;)

  93. kim says:

    super cute…. no apron for me but if I had one I for sure would wear it

  94. Heather says:

    Love aprons and love your site. Thanks so much!

  95. Tracy says:

    Oddly, I only use an apron when cooking with the kids. They get so excited and run to get our home-made aprons from Grandma. Love you site Mel <3

  96. Beth D. says:

    “Liked” the FB page “At Cost Apparel”…so fun! Love this apron! :)

  97. Tanya Phillips says:

    I like to wear aprons, I sometimes get messy :) Thanks so much for the fun chance!

  98. Larissa says:

    I don’t always wear an apron, because I don’t have one that isn’t holiday themed! I have a snowman one and I have one from my bridal shower that says “Danger: New Bride Cooking” Well, after 17 years, that doesn’t apply so much anymore. I’d love an apron that I can wear any season!!
    Those are adorable!

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