4 Responses to The Best Chicken Main Dishes

  1. Haydn says:

    Hi Mel, I am 21 almost 22 and a mother of 2 kids. Let me tell you I just added your website to my bookmarked pages on my computer. I have found so many wonderful recipes that I cant wait to try!

  2. Dyan says:

    A friend gave me your website last week. I have made 5 dishes from your site so far. My family has loved every one of them. Our favorite so far was Sweet and Sour Chicken. Yummy!! So excited to have new dishes to feed my family!!

  3. Rochelle (Ro) Wetsch says:

    Made your sweet ‘n sour chicken recipe—all I can say is YUMMO.
    Now then, what would you say is your 2nd best chicken recipe/choice?
    Would like to make your orange chicken recipe. Please advise.
    Thanks and hugs from, Ro

    Made your sweet and sour chicken recipe…it’s SIMPLY THE BEST.
    What is your 2nd most popular chicken recipe? Please advise.
    Thank you, Ro

  4. Mel says:

    Ro – I love this Indian Butter Chicken recipe. The orange chicken is delicious as well. I am glad you enjoyed the sweet and sour chicken.

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