Thin and Crispy Oatmeal Cookies

When it comes to cookies, what camp are you in? Soft and puffy or thin and crisp?

I’ll admit, I have never, NEVER (sorry to shout but this is important), met a crispy cookie that I have liked. I just haven’t. I am a soft and chewy cookie girl all the way. No compromise. It doesn’t matter how delicious the cookie is – if it is crispy, I’m probably not going to waste the calories.

Until now. These cookies. Oh, these cookies. They are so utterly delicious, I really don’t know where to start. You might be wondering why I tried them in the first place since crispy cookies are not my thing. In the interest of full disclosure it is only because I frequently let my kids pick what treat they want to help me bake and after poring through my cookbooks, my 4-year old who can’t read but must have a good cookie psyche, pointed to these. In a book without pictures no less. Argh. I tried to lie to him and tell him he had pointed to Double Chocolate Chewy Morsels but curse his little learning-his-letters brain, he insisted there was no “Duh” sound in the letters he was pointing to and my battle was lost.

So we made these. And even after they exited the oven and cooled, I was not convinced. I didn’t try them. Not me. Not me and my anti-crispy cookie bias. Even as my kids were literally scarfing them down, I was unmoved. Until my sweet sons started dipping these cookies into their glasses of frothy, cold milk. And then for some reason, the golden halves of cookie dripping in icy milk had me rethinking my staunch refusal and I decided to take one little taste.

Oh my starlit heavens. These are amazing. Somehow I was won over. The buttery crispness of the cookies with a very, very, very slightly chewy center (probably because I underbake everything) had me eating another and another and another. I was no longer in control of my own actions. I just couldn’t stop. Dipped in milk these are unreal. But even on their own, I have to confess that I’ve been converted to thin and crispy. Not for every cookie in the world, but for these oatmeal cookies? I’ll go thin and crispy any day.

Thin and Crispy Oatmeal Cookies

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Thin and Crispy Oatmeal Cookies

Yield: Makes about 2 dozen cookies

Thin and Crispy Oatmeal Cookies

Don't substitute quick oats in this recipe; you'll hate me because the cookies won't look like the ones in the pictures. It's old-fashioned rolled oats all the way here.


  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 14 tablespoons butter (1 3/4 sticks), softened but still slightly cool
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/4 cup packed light brown sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 1/2 cups old-fashioned rolled oats


  1. Adjust an oven rack to the middle position and heat the oven to 350 degrees. Line large, rimmed baking sheets with parchment paper and set aside.
  2. In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.
  3. In a large bowl (of a stand mixer or with a handheld electric mixer), beat the butter, granulated sugar and brown sugar together until just combined, about 20 seconds. Increase the mixer speed to medium and continue to beat until light and fluffy, about 1 minute longer. Scrape down the sides of the bowl with a rubber spatula. Add the egg and vanilla and beat on medium-low until well mixed, about 30 seconds. Scrape down the sides of the bowl again. Add the flour mixture and mix until barely incorporated, 10-20 seconds. It's ok if there are a few dry spots. Gradually add the oats and mix until well-combined, about 30 seconds to 1 minutes. If needed, give the dough a final stir with a wooden spoon to ensure that no flour pockets remain and that the ingredients are evenly distributed.
  4. Scoop out about 2 tablespoon-sized mounds of dough and roll them to form balls. Place the cookies about 2 1/2-inches apart on the baking sheet(s) - about 8 cookies per sheet. They will spread quite a bit. Lightly press each cookie to about 3/4-inch thickness (I found after baking one sheet of these that I didn't need to press them at all so use your best cookie judgment).
  5. Bake 1 sheet of cookies at a time until the cookies are golden brown, edges are crisp, and centers are still very slightly soft, 13 to 16 minutes. Cooling the cookies completely on the baking sheet will yield crispier, more perfect cookies.

Recipe Source: adapted ever so slightly from The Cook’s Country Cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen (used salted butter instead of unsalted)

143 Responses to Thin and Crispy Oatmeal Cookies

  1. Helen says:

    I,like you, don’t bother with “crunchy” cookies ….. But, because I trust you so much & you have NEVER led me astray, I’m going to try these… I’m pretty sure my ‘cookies dipped in milk’ loving sons will sing your praises… Iet you know when the verdict is in… Around snack time this morning 🙂

  2. Teresa says:

    I am curious why you seem to always use salted butter with baking. I had always thought that unsalted was better because it was supposedly more pure and you could control the salt more. Does salted butter really make a difference, and if so, what does it do to the recipe? Thanks for any input.

    • Mel says:

      Hi Teresa – quite simply, I’m too lazy to keep both salted and unsalted butter on hand, especially because (don’t cringe!), I don’t see a huge difference. I know that food purists say that a stick of butter can have varying amounts of salt and maybe because I consistently buy my butter from the same store, I don’t have over-salted issues. Maybe I’ll change my tune one day but in my world, using unsalted butter is too fussy. However, in recipes that have called for unsalted butter, I usually decrease the salt just a tad since I’m using salted butter. My recipes always reflect that change if I’ve made one. Conversely, if you like to use unsalted butter, you can usually sub it in for the salted butter and increase the salt slightly. Hope that helps!

  3. Amanda says:

    Mel! Love your blog, made so many things off it (Magical frosting last weekend, WOW), but i was wondering… could i sub 1/2 cup mini choco chips for 1/2 cup oats here? I just cannot fathom placing a cookie in front of my husband without chocolate. In your professional opinion, do i risk messing with perfection?

    • Mel says:

      Amanda – quite honestly (and trust me, I love chocolate), I think chocolate would mess with the perfection of this cookie. It’s just so perfectly wonderful on it’s own. But hey, I’m never one to fully discourage experimenting so let me know if you take the plunge and try it (oh, I wouldn’t omit any of the oats if you add chocolate chips).

  4. Amber says:

    I love this recipe!!! I’ve never been a fan of oatmeal cookies and I could never understand why until I tried one without cinnamon….. I’m not a fan of cinnamon in cookies, I just never knew!! My recipe from ATK cookbook is nearly the same recipe but has a has a bit of nutmeg and it’s delicious. YUM!

  5. Kim in MD says:

    I’m a soft and chewy, gooey cookie lover. That said, these cookies look and sound amazing! My husband loves thin, crispy cookies so I will make a batch of these for him. Of course, I will have to try one (or two) for the sake of research. If you loved this recipe enough to post it, I know it’s delicious!

  6. Teresa R. says:

    I am a soft and chewy cookie person too, but I trust your judgement. I’ll make these cookies today because I have all the ingredients on hand and I love cookies!

  7. Lori says:

    Hi Mel! Would it be OK to refrigerate the dough or even freeze it? I like to make the dough THEN ask the kids for “help” when all the work is done 🙂 At least when trying a new recipe.

    • Mel says:

      Lori – I think you could definitely refrigerate the dough. You might need to let it rest at room temp to make it scoopable after chilling if the dough gets firm in the fridge.

  8. I love soft and chewy cookies, and I love thin and crispy cookies. Which kind do I like best? Whichever one I have in my hand (or mouth) at the time you ask! OK, now that you finally 🙂 have an “ordinary” oatmeal cookie posted, I’m happy–but you need to balance this thin and crispy one with a thick and chewy version. I vote for Levain’s!

  9. Like most, I’m a soft cookie lover but crispy cookies like these gorgeous oatmeal ones remind me SO much of my grandmother’s kitchen and how she always had a batch of crispy, buttery cookies on the counter. Great recipe, Mel!

  10. Holly W says:

    I cannot wait to try these! I love thin and crispy cookies! This recipe looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Kellie says:

    These would be perfect for homemade ice cream sandwiches — dipped in chocolate.

  12. Tahnycooks says:

    I’m never in control if I have a stack of cookies in front of me and a glass of cold milk! These look and sound incredible! Pinning…!

  13. Liz says:

    I love crunchy. Thank you, Mel.

  14. caitlin says:

    My great aunt made the most wonderful crispy oatmeal cookies. Normally I never like crispy cookies, or virgin (without chocolate or other add ins) cookies. But hers? Oh my, pure and simple, utter cookie perfection. Alas I don’t have the recipe, but I am going to try yours this week because they look and sound exactly like hers. Thank you in advance!

  15. Helen says:

    Yes !!! They are delicious… And totally passed the milk dunking testers!! And i’m converted to a crispy oatmeal cookie… at least this recipe 🙂 As a follow up I am testing out my own invention of homemade oreos… Cookies are the main menu item today!!! Thanks Mel for another great treat… you never fail to impress!!!

  16. Marnie says:

    My mom LOVED oatmeal cookies. In her opinion, there was no other cookie. Needless to say, we all ended up not being fans.. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing! LOL. I think in the 40 some odd years since I left home, I’ve only made them twice. All that being said, I think the time just may have come for me to reevaluate ..these look delicious! What can I say? I am a sucker for crispy edges and chewy middles! Thanks for sharing this one…pinning right now! 🙂

  17. kasandra says:

    Hi Mel, LOVE your recipes! I’ve recently gone from a household of 1 to a household of 5 with 3 teen boys. Your recipes have been lifesavers!! This recipe looks delish. Pioneer woman has an oatmeal crispy recipe. Oh my…SO GOOD. Some of the oats are replaced with chopped pecans. It’s the most wonderful combo. Great crumbled over ice cream too.

  18. Wendy says:

    Crispy cookies are the perfect accompaniment to a glass of milk. Cookies need to be crisp for good dunking. 🙂 America’s Test Kitchen recipes are reliably great! Thanks!

  19. I too am a thick and chewy cookie lover. In fast, I got this post in my email and actually deleted it when I saw it said “Thin and Crispy” Cookies. However, I had already seen the first couple of lines you wrote as I was deleting it and decided to search my deleted box for this. I think you have convinced me to give these a shot!

  20. Linda Johnson says:

    Dad loves oatmeal cookies. His married daughter made him this recipe for Father’s Day. We added a cup of raisins. The first batch out of the oven were a little too crispy but good. About 1/4 of flour was added to the remaining batter. The cookies were perfect for a crispy cookie. As I have been typing this my granddaughter has snatched 3 of the cookies after not knowing if she would like the first one. It’s hard to eat only one of these cookies. Thanks for the recipe.

  21. Marissa says:

    I don’t know, Mel. I’ve NEVER had a crispy cookie I liked, either!! I suppose I’ll have to try it ’cause you’re always right with food. We shall see…

  22. bluebaker says:

    Hi Mel-
    I made these yesterday and they are deliciously wonderful. They really spread out alot-
    some of mine had holes, almost like lace. I’m wondering if maybe a little more flour would help them have a bit more structure. I refrigerated a little bit of the dough, so todays experiment will be to see if cold dough will help them keep a bit more structure and height.
    The buttery oatmeal taste was perfect- great with my coffeebreak.

  23. Barbara Ostergaard says:

    I made a double batch of these yesterday and took a plate with me to a gathering of women who have pretty high brow taste. It was so fun to see them take one (only after learning that they were homemade, not store-bought — they were surprised because they looked “too perfect”) and proclaimed them to be delicious! I agree.

    Most of my cookies spread out a little thinner than I would have liked and I attribute it to two possibilities: I softened the butter a little more than I should have with some melting, and I didn’t cool it as the recipe suggested; and, I didn’t do a very good job on that last stir with a wooden spoon, so that as I got to the bottom of the bowl, the dough was a little drier and didn’t spread as much. And yet with these little gaffes, they were still very pretty and very delicious cookies!

    My chocolate chip loving husband and boys absolutely agreed. And I agree with Mel that though I LOVE chocolate, adding chocolate chips is unnecessary and not really going to improve these ones.

    My butter thoughts are completely in line with Mel’s. I used to buy the unsalted for baking/cooking purposes, but more often than not they got confused in application and it became not worth it. And I really didn’t notice a difference in end product.

    Lovely simple recipe. Thank you!

  24. Melanie says:

    I’m curious as to how the different types of oatmeal differ when used in baking. There’s quick oats, rolled oats, old fashioned oats..confusing! Can we interchange the type of oats in this recipe?

    • Mel says:

      Melanie – in this recipe, you definitely want to use old-fashioned rolled oats. If not, the cookies won’t spread the same and the texture could be completely off. Usually rolled oats and old-fashioned oats are referring to the same thing. Quick oats are a slightly more ground up version of old-fashioned oats. Because they have less surface area and are more ground, they usually absorb more liquid in a cookie recipe. It isn’t always the case, but I’ve found that old-fashioned (or rolled) oats will cause more spreading in a cookie whereas quick oats will act more like a flour binder and the cookies won’t spread as much. Again, depends on the recipe…

  25. Barbara E says:

    I’ve got these in the oven now……I think I accidentally used self rising flour….so I’m hoping it turns out ok!

  26. Andrea says:

    My beloved Australian husband has never understood the allure of soft, chewy cookies. These are amazingly delicious and perfect for him! Well, they’re perfect for all of us!

  27. Elizabeth says:

    I, too, usually love chewy cookies but these absolutely won me over. Great cookies!

  28. Christi says:

    I make this recipe all the time. These cookies are amazing…everyone loves them…even those who don’t like crispy cookies. I do top mine with fleur de sel (sea salt) which takes the cookie to a whole other level. I also like to under bake mine by just 30 seconds or so, enough that the center is still a little chewy. Another thing I like about this cookie is the dough freezes well. Once I have them on the cookie sheet I throw them in the freezer, when frozen I place them in a freezer bag. (just add a minute or so to your baking time)

  29. Katy says:

    Ok…lucky me I found your site looking for thin oatmeal cookies and I just finished making them! Now I must say I used what I had and that was the quick oats and they are darn good regardless. I also used half the amount of white sugar – I didn’t press down the first batch and they didn’t overly thin out (still taste good!) and I did for the others and they flattened out nice. VERY good and remind me of my moms! 🙂

  30. Crisjade says:

    this is really crunchy oatmeal can’t get enough I have baked for my husband but I ended up eating it mostly LOL 🙂 I added macadamia nuts & it was really great. Thanks for sharing the recipe Mel your the best!

  31. Devora says:

    Just pulled them out of the oven and they are to die for!

  32. Holly W says:

    So I did try these! And I’ve since made them THREE times. Love them.

  33. laura says:

    LOVE these.. Loaded them up with nutmeg and when cooling took half and rolled them into cone shapes. filled them with fresh fruit and drizzled with chocolate. HIT!! THANK YOU!!

  34. Noelle C says:

    Wow these were a dream. I followed the recipe exactly but just added chopped dark chocolate and cherries…man. They spread out and were chewy in the center and crispy on the edges ahhhhh thank you so soo much !

  35. Vianney says:

    This cookies did not spread or became flat like you said they would. They are also too sweet and dry. I wouldn’t recommend this recipe, sorry.

  36. Helen, too says:

    (I’m Helen, too because I see that another Helen already posted 🙂 ) Just made these and they turned out great!–in spite of the fact that I didn’t have but 2 cups of old fashioned oats so used 1/2 cup quick cooking oats for that last 1/2 cup.. The cookies look beautiful and taste wonderful. Thank you for the recipe.

  37. Luda says:

    These cookies are my favorite now, the only change i made is i put half a cup of sugar that is brown and white combined together, next time i might reduce sugar a little more.

  38. Genae says:

    Oh my Goodness!! I am NOT a crunchy cookie eater, but had to try these. As it turns out, I only had one stick of butter on hand, but also had a jar of pumpkin butter. So, that’s what I used in place of t last 3/4 stick of butter….and IM NEVER GOING BACK! These were amazing!! So flavorful and crunchy, yet chewy and perfect for the comfy fall season. I’m sold. Thank you for sharing!

  39. nancy sullivan says:

    love the recipie! i’m a chewy cookie gal and these hit the spot!

  40. joshua says:

    I made a batch of these and added 2 cups semisweet chips. My wife said they tasted “Gourmet” and she would gladly pay 2 bucks per cookie for them! With our 4 sons they did not last a day. Now i am back making another batch!

  41. Jessica says:


  42. Paula P says:

    Just made these and added 1/2 cup chopped pecans, 1/2 cup raisins, and a pinch of cinnamon……mmmmm, they are yummy! Yes, I will make again. (Oh, and I reduced the regular sugar a bit—something I usually do with recipes)

  43. Laurie says:

    Wonderful recipe! These cookies were gobbled up everyone who came near them, kids and adults alike. The texture was perfect! I used whole wheat pastry flour & wheat germ instead of all purpose flour, and added a bit of cinnamon. ( I blogged them here if you want to see the changes.) They spread beautifully into gorgeous, crunchy, addictive cookies. Thank you!

  44. kathi says:

    So much for the diet. I’ve been looking for these all my life!

  45. These came out delicious! And addictive! Here are my modifications: I used half whole oats and half quick oats. I reduced the white sugar in half–as many had suggested. I added 1/2 c chopped walnuts. And I took several recommendations to sprinkle just a tiny bit of salt on each one. I made 1 tbsp size balls and pressed them with a glass.

  46. Stacey M. says:

    Just made these and they are perfectly scrumptious. I doubled the recipe and reduced the butter to 3 sticks added a cup of raisins and omg they are just like we had when I was a kid. I will definitely be keeping this recipe thanks so much.

  47. audrey says:

    These are incredible. This is the oatmeal cookie recipe I have been looking for my whole life! Thank you.

  48. PT says:

    The “Thin & Crispy Oatmeal Cookies” are the best cookies I’ve ever made. And that’s saying something as I’m an avid and experienced baker. I’ve always preferred large, thin and crisp oatmeal cookies, sans raisins or any other additions, so I thought I’d try this recipe. I used my favorite Trader Joe’s Old Fashioned Organic Toasted Rolled Oats, and followed the recipe to the letter. I baked them for the longer amount of time because I wanted them crispy all the way through. As suggested, I cooled them on the baking sheets and they were perfect — crisp and crunchy with a slightly chewier center, and with a delicious toasty, nutty flavor. This is the only oatmeal cookie recipe I’ll be using from now on. Thanks, Mel!

  49. Devchenka says:

    This recipe is great! I cut sugar in half, added just under 1/4c of mini chocolate chip. I used whole wheat pastry flour and 1tbs of flaxseed.

  50. Sarah says:

    Shoot. I should have never made these. I am not typically a huge oatmeal cookie fan but if you recommend something I think I always like it. DARN these are good and I am not sure there will be any left for my girls to eat tomorrow…

  51. Beth says:

    So good! I am not a thin an crispy cookie person, but decide to give it a chance after you said it was one of your favourite recipes from this year. I love the lacey, buttery texture. I did one sheet of smaller balls (closer to 1 tbs.) for 13 minutes and I may do them all like that next time just because the smaller size is easier to pack for lunches. I was surprised how much the kids liked them even without chocolate. They asked for them to be sent in lunches– which rarely happens with an oatmeal cookie.

  52. Lizzie says:

    THANK YOU! From the deepest part of my heart. I tasted cookies like this years ago and the source of them vanished. Along with the recipe! I had all but given up trying recipes when I came across yours! To me, the Lord answered my prayers through you!!! Whew!

    Sincerely, Happy in Texas!

  53. PT says:

    Frighteningly fabulous. I’ve already commented on how good these cookies are, but I’ve now made two batches in a week, and with the exception of half a dozen that I gave to a neighbor, I have to confess that I ate each and every one myself. I have to make yet another batch, as my neighbor is now addicted to them as well.

  54. .MJA says:

    I found them a bit dry, so I added about 1/4 cup of milk. TASTY!

  55. K. Griego says:

    They came out perfect! Crunchy and wonderful. I added chopped walnuts and a handful of dried cherries and another 1/2 tsp vanilla. This will be the only Oatmeal Cookie recipe I will use.

  56. Cass says:

    Love these cookies! They are really addictive! They are def a favorite! I made them again yesterday & added some chopped craisins… Yum!! The craisins gave it an extra chewiness that I love!

  57. Cate says:

    Hi Mel,
    Great site. You seem like you may be able to help me. I’m a mother to a two year old with a nut allergy. I’ve recently become acutely aware that his daycare, while amazing in most ways, is lacking in providing nutritious food (which is ironic because it is a daycare associated with a major healthcare system). I have started taking his snacks but don’t want him to feel different/excluded when the kids have cookies for a snack. Do you have any recipes for an oatmeal cookie that is crunchy but still “relatively” healthy (applesauce, limited butter)?
    Thanks in advance and great blog!

  58. Deborah says:

    I just made a batch yesterday, yea, they are almost gone! You should really try the coconut variation they provided in the Cooks Illustrated magazine…..oooooooo my God!!!!!!! You just reduce the oats to 2 cups and add 1 1/2 cups of sweetened flaked coconut to the oats. The coconut flavor is subtle and you don’t feel any of that “coconutty” texture. If you want to go crazy, make some ice cream sandwiches with coconut ice cream ( we are lucky enough to have a local ice cream shop that has tat as a seasonal flavor). Enjoy!

  59. Ronda says:

    Thank you for this great recipe! I added walnuts, pecans, and toasted coconut, plus subbed half the butter for organic coconut oil. I’m in LOVE!!

  60. Kathy says:

    A nice change from the usual chewy oatmeal cookies I make. I did personalize it a bit.
    I find that most recipes for sweets have an over abundance of sugar. I cut the white sugar by half and they are still plenty sweet. You won’t even miss it. I added 3/4 teas cinnamon, and some raisins (of course, that adds extra sugar). Even if I hadn’t added the raisins, I would have cut down the sugar. Who doesn’t need less of that?!! I do it in almost every sweet type recipe I make, and they are all still sweet. I made them as a thank you gift and have already eaten three of them!

  61. Marjorie says:

    This was the best cookie! I accidentally added an extra egg so I added a little more oatmeal ( I also used quick oats) and the cookie was crunchy and tasty. Thanks.

  62. Bambie garcia paet says:

    I was in search for the best crunchy oatmeal cookie and I’m glad i found your blog!!! Ijust made tonight and boy it”s cruchy, delicious and i love it! Thanks for this wonderful recipe.. I cant wait to try some recipes from your blog!! THANK YOU AGAIN! 😉

  63. Julia says:

    Hello Mel! Just found your website. I googled thin and crispy oatmeal cookies and of all the recipes I found yours looked the best. I just now made a batch and they are absolutely delisious. I had to make a few adjustments. Turns out I was out of baking powder and had to use a little extra soda. They didn’t come out as thin as yours but they were still good. Also, I don’t eat refined sugar so I substituted with raw turbinado and raw brown sugar. This made them extra crunchy! And lastly, I used whole wheat flour instead of AP. I usually hate whole wheat cookies but it worked so well in this recipe. Can’t even tell a difference. Thanks so much for sharing!

  64. Lucille says:

    OMG! These cookies are the quintessential oatmeal cookie! I get 33 cookies from your recipe and my husband and I eat them within a week. In light of the fact that we are both very health conscious eating roughly 33 cookies per week, less a few here and there if my son visits, Is probably not a good thing. I need to tweak the amount of butter or find a substitute. I read that coconut oil is a good substitute and it is supposedly healthier than butter so maybe I’ll try that but the fat content is almost the same. Do you have any suggestions? I truly love the cookies just as they are but at this rate I’ll have to run 10 miles a day just to maintain my healthy weight…thank you. ;o)

    • Mel says:

      Lucille – I am so glad you like the cookies. I haven’t tested a lower butter or lowfat variation of this cookie so you will have to experiment. These cookies do freeze well though so you could make a full batch and freeze most of them except for the ones you want to keep out to eat.

  65. Carol says:

    Just made a batch of these PERFECTO! The texture is great and the amount of crispiness is perfect. The next batch I may add some cinnamon to. I love crunchy cookies and this recipe fills the bill. Thanks so much for sharing.

  66. Anna says:

    Those cookies are PERFECT! They might even be my favorite cookies, I think only homemade Oreos can compete.
    I already made them 2 times and this weekend I’ll bake another batch , I’m reallly looking forward to them! Sp yummy 😀
    Oh and they can be stored for ages…. i put one in an airthight cookie container in december, forgot all about it and when i rediscovered it last month it still was perfectly good and delicoius 😀

  67. Lora Smith says:

    I have been searching for the perfect oatmeal cookie recipe for my husband, who had surgery recently & is having problems eating most foods. He wanted a yumny, crisp cookie & I have made several from scratch recipes. My search is over! He loves this cookie (so do I). I added two kinds of raisins and a cup of coconut. Made this recipe two days ago; and making a double batch of cookie dough to keep in the fridge. Delicious!

    • Mel says:

      I’m so happy to hear that, Lora! I hope your husband has a speedy recovery!

      • Lora Smith says:

        Thanks so much Mel for your kind comment. At this very moment I’m baking a double batch of your cookies. I bake a lot; everything from scratch as they say in the South. My husband has wanted a crispy cookie for quite awhile; I’m so glad that I won’t need to try other recipes. He’s recuperating & very happy to have his favorite cookies. Me too!

      • Lora Smith says:

        Thanks for this truly delicious recipe. Husband has recuperated, thank you! I’ve made this fabulous recipe umpteen times since May; my husband and family are just not satisfied with any other kind – including a chocolate chip cookie I’ve made for years that used to be their favorite! Getting ready to make a double batch today; perhaps I will get a short reprieve of my family requesting them . . . . . . again! Best to you, Mel!

  68. […] Thin & Crisp Cookies: […]

  69. Sharon says:

    I couldn’t find my original recipe. It’s delicious. I used 1/2 butter and 1/2 margarine something like that because so it won’t turn brown when baking in the oven. Thank you for sharing it. 🙂

  70. Janet says:

    These seem similar to Oatmeal Scotchies, minus the butterscotch chips. What about adding some raisins? I’ll definitely try making them this week!

  71. Angela says:

    These are the bomb! They came out just as described (how often does that happen?) WONDERFUL! Thanks SO much. Great blog too.

  72. kathy says:

    Just made these…didn’t change a thing except added toasted pecans…MS. MEL YOU ARE SPOT ON!!!! DELISH….

  73. Helen says:

    This is great! Many thanks to uuuuu!! I sub of 1 cup chopped almond and a tbsp coco powder for half cup oatmeal.. its really crispy and chewy at the same time!! Its divine!! I baked ard 30mins 175C conventional oven and get really crispy cookie.. also tried reduce 2 mins and its a more chewy texture.. its definitely a keeper!!

  74. ashley says:

    hello mel! your cookies look and sound amazing! as well as all your other recipes 🙂 im gonna try this recipe tomorrow, but I was just wondering are these cookies are really sweet? cos im baking these for my dad, and he can’t take really sweet stuff 🙁

    • Mel says:

      Hi Ashley – I think they are perfectly sweet but everyone’s sweetness level kind of differs so all I can suggest is to make them according to the recipe and see how you like them and possibly tweak for next time. Good luck!

  75. Denise says:

    I recently made your chocolate chip cookie recipe which was the BEST cookie recipe. In that recipe you called for “melted” butter. In this oatmeal cookie, should I melt the better or just use “softened” butter.

  76. Melanie w says:

    Dear Mel,
    I have been making these for lunches for several months. They are everyone’s favorite!
    Sometimes I do add a handful of chopped pecans. That is great too. I never thought I would enjoy oatmeal cookies so much. Thanks. Melanie w.

  77. Jeannie Speakman says:

    I loved the cookies and texture was buttery and crispy. I did use unsalted butter because my husband has high blood pressure, but used the suggested recipe amount for the salt. I did not find them in any way less tasty, but I also added Craisins and nuts. I will make these over and over again. Thank you!

  78. Linda says:

    I have to say I’m completely opposite. I LOVE crispy, crunchy cookies and will not eat a soft cookie. If I see a cookie in the store that I think looks good, I bring the package home, remove the cookies and BAKE THEM. Yes, that’s right; it’s not done if it soft or gooey. That’s my opinion. When I make cookies from a recipe, I look for a cookie with “crispy” or “crunchy” in the title. All other cookies are really cake in my opinion… itty bitty mini cakes. I make cakes and cookies, not cakes and mini cakes.

  79. Lizzie says:

    Thanks for the great recipe, I am a coconut fan so added half a cup of unsweetened in place of half of oats….result was delicious!!! Similar taste to my favourite ANZAC biscuits my Nana makes.

  80. Dailypainter says:

    Wow, I just made these, and they were DE-LICIOUS!!!! We love raisins around here, so I added a cup of raisins…I didn’t adjust the recipe, just added them. They came out perfect. The two tablespoon measurement was right on…I stacked them in a glass container and they looked amazing, of course, they didn’t last long enough for me to even take a picture…next time. Thanks so much for the recipe…it’s a keeper!!!

  81. Rodney says:

    I made these and took two dozen to work to share. Everyone wanted the recipe. I sort of took more credit than I deserved by telling my co-workers “of course it’s my recipe”…….
    I added the hickory nuts!

  82. Patricia Webster says:

    I just want to Thank You for the crispy oatmeal cookie recipe. I have made them several times since I found your site. I am so impressed as to how each time I make them, they always come out perfect. I have been searching for a good oatmeal cookie recipe for months without success until I saw your site. My husband says they are the best cookies he has ever eaten. I did make a little change to the recipe, I used organic salted butter and baked them for 14 min. Perfection.

  83. Deb says:

    Hello Mel, I made crispy oatmeal cookies about 10 years ago for the 1st time and just loved them and I’m not an oatmeal cookie fan at all. I learned to make oatmeal cookies because they are my husbands and was my fathers favorite cookie. As I said I had never made thin crispy oatmeal cookies until then, someone had given me a recipe so I decided to try it and everyone fell in love with them. I had a neighbor who’s had hated oatmeal cookies no matter how his mother made them. I convinced him to try these and he loved them. He did not want his mother to be upset so he would sneak over to my house and scarf a couple at a time. His mother did find out and asked me for the recipe. I was not able to give her the recipe because I lost the recipe the same day I made the cookies and was never able to find it again. Now thanks to you I have it again. Thank you so much. Now I’m really ready for the holidays. Thanksgiving is in about 2 weeks and this is one thing I don’t have to think about. Happy Thanksgiving

  84. Deb says:

    Hi Mell it’s me again. I also wanted to let you and other new and experienced bakers know I have been baking since I was very young, I started at about 8 or 9 yrs. old and have never used unsalted butter in my baking. It did not seem to affect the texture or taste of anything I baked. This is just an FYI

  85. carol says:

    I love your website and I love a crispy crunchy cookie and your recipe sounded wonderful but when I pulled them out of the oven they were so spread out and paper thin, not like your photos at all. I followed the recipe to a T. What could I have done differently? Help! 🙂

    • Mel says:

      Not sure, Carol – it’s hard to know since I wasn’t there when you made them. Do you think your butter might have been too soft/melty? How do you measure your flour? Everyone measures a bit differently and because of that, you might need a few tablespoons extra flour. Sorry they didn’t work out for you!

  86. rachel says:

    I have made these several times and I love them. I made when I was breastfeeding my son as an excuse to have my extra calories (don’t like being too skinny) and to encourage lactation. Everyone was skeptical about crunchy cookies, but not anymore! These were an amazing hit! Now I am making these again for the holidays, I can’t wait! 🙂

  87. Korissa says:

    I have made this recipe a million times! Definitely a family favorite. Doesn’t disappoint, thank you 🙂

  88. Heidi Owens says:

    These came out perfect. My husband only likes crunchy oatmeal cookies so he loved them.

  89. Shweta says:

    Super love d cookies . Thanku so much . They always come out nice n crisp

  90. Kris says:

    I’m going to try these even though I have no idea what quantity a stick of butter is. Ours is sold in one solid block.

  91. Jessica says:

    I made these over the holiday weekend with my 2 year old daughter. They were amazing! I made a half batch because I knew I couldn’t be trusted with 2 dozen. I had to give away the leftovers and my daughter has been asking where her cookies went. One recipient told me, “I don’t like oatmeal cookies, but I love these cookies.” Thanks for another great recipe.

  92. Ana Luisa says:

    Don’t know if you’re still checking on your blog but wanted to say that these cookies ROCK!!! I am with the minority; never liked soft cookies and these really hit the spot. Your recipe made it all the way to Rio, Brasil and the family is delighted with them. Just a pointer for other cooks who also live in uber humid places: once cooled, they have to go IMMEDIATELY to a well-sealed contained otherwise, they do get soft very quickly. I inadvertedly left one on the counter while talking on the phone and they were NOT crispy any more. Again, thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  93. Suseeq says:

    I made these today! They r very good. I was surprised because its hard too find a good oatmeal cookie. Thank you!

  94. Estefania says:

    Very crispy! I was looking for oatmeal crispy cookies and your site was in the first page of the search. I decided to give it a try using a batch of homemade granola that I made last week and my kids were not eating it even if for me tasted good with orange zest, coconut, pumking and sunflower seeds. Your recipe turn out very good, I will keep it. Also I will see tomorrow if the kids will eat them, for today I have to make sure the product is still holding on and is good… There goes cookie number 5 for me!

  95. sonia says:

    I would love to try these cookies, but sadly I am very allergic to eggs. Is it possible to just leave out the eggs or can I use egg substitute?

    • Mel says:

      I haven’t tried leaving out the eggs or using an egg substitute in these cookies, Sonia, so you’ll have to experiment. Good luck!

  96. maddie says:

    hey these look so delicious but can you substitute the egg with applesauce?

  97. jen says:

    Made these for a friend who just had a baby and who loves crunchy cookies. I dislike crunchy cookies, but these were so good that I hated to give them away. Like some others I reduced the sugar quite a bit. Next time I will also cut the salt a little. I undercooked the first batch and they were delectably chewy. I loved them that way, but in case anyone else makes this mistake, I put them in the oven for another 3 minutes (for my crunchy loving friend’s sake) and even after they’d fully cooled this crisped them up beautifully. Really tasty crispy or chewy!

  98. Sierra says:

    Now, I’m the absolute worst when it comes to raw oatmeal cookie dough—im surprised any cookies make it into the oven at all! but alas, I have to ask, how many calories do these have? Thanks!

  99. Cindy says:

    I made these cookies for the first time today. The ingredient list is so simple and the cookies are very tasty.

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