Allergy-Friendly Recipes

Below you can find all the recipes that are gluten-free, easily gluten-free adaptable, egg-free and dairy-free. Hooray for allergy-friendly recipes! I’ll possibly be adding more allergy-friendly categories in the near future (think: nut-free, etc.) so check back.

Hopefully these recipe categories will be helpful as you navigate through the world of food allergies!

Gluten-Free Recipes

Please take care to source all ingredients carefully, as seemingly naturally gluten free products like stocks and sauces can have gluten if you’re not careful.


Gluten-Free Adaptable Recipes

The recipes in this category are listed as gluten-free adaptable instead of gluten-free because most of them have one or two ingredients that are gluten-based but could easily be changed to a gluten-free option (pasta, tortillas, some Asian sauces, etc.).