Christina (#815) who said: “Oh, Mel. My blender broke a few weeks ago and I’ve been dying without it while waiting to buy a new one. I would love to win!”

Timely win, Christina! I hope you love the blender!

Because I was so overwhelmed and happy with the response from this giveaway, I sent out a second BlendTec to a lucky winner. MommaD! Congratulations and happy blending, winners!

My name is Mel. And I have a Blendtec problem.

The issue? I can’t stop using it! Whipped cream? Blendtec. The best Orange Julius known to my lips? Blendtec. The most divine, fat-free smoothie in the world (details below)? Blendtec. Bread crumbs in an instant? Blendtec, baby.

I was gifted a Blendtec for Christmas from my very generous parents. I wasn’t super familiar with the machine (yes, a machine because it is so.much.more than a blender) before a few weeks ago but after experimenting a bit, I have officially decided that the Blendtec ranks right up there with appliances-to-save-in-a-fire (and may even surpass my much-loved Bosch – shhh!). Seriously. This thing is amazing.

Are you familiar? Do you own one? Used one? Drooled over one?

Basically, it’s one blender that can do everything from make smoothies to milkshakes, bread dough to salsa, bread crumbs to salad dressings. It does the work of at least 1,000 other machines. Ok, not really. More like nine other machines. But are you catching my drift?? It’s unreal.

So I’m giving one away. I can’t help it. I need someone else to share in my joy and excitement.

Here’s the details, to enter the giveaway for ONE Blendtec Total Blender, leave a comment on this post telling me anything you want. If you really need direction, leave me the specs on your favorite smoothie combo. I need some ideas since smoothies (among other Blendtec miracles) are becoming a serious part of my life – at least four times a day, on average. I told you I had a problem. I wasn’t kidding.

Winner will be announced Monday Sunday!

Peace out, my friends. I’m off to make the treat I alluded to above: flesh of one mango, drizzle of honey blended with 16 ounces of unsweetened strawberries. The combination morphs into the most unbelievable, tropical fruity sorbet/ice cream you’ve ever had. And we’ve eaten at least six rounds of the magic in the last two weeks. Fruit overload tummy aches have never felt so good.

{Giveaway sponsored by me. Wish I could give one to each of you!}