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Facebook Live: Rollup Blender Pancakes + Giveaway

Rollup Blender Pancakes

First Facebook Live under my belt and it was so fun! Thanks to everyone who joined in, asked questions, left comments and followed along.

If you missed it, I showed how to make (and most importantly, roll out) these simple rollup blender pancakes so I can fit three on my griddle and still get them thin and perfect. I also gave Cam a spoonful of nutella, talked about my flooded bathroom (sob), and managed a few interruptions from the kids who had very, very important questions to ask right.that.very.minute.

I’ll be choosing a winner for the griddle + favorite spoon in all the world giveaway and will announce on Facebook.

If you have suggestions for future Facebook Live videos, let me know! I think these will be a regular thing; I have some future ideas + guests that I think will be really, really fun.