Thank you so much to everyone who entered! The winners are:

#1,310: Melanie who said “Thank you, Mel, for your awesome website! Since vowing to start meal planning and cooking “real” food every day as my New Year’s Resolution, your website has allowed me to remain 100% committed!! Your giveaway is also very exciting–I would be super excited to win any one of those items!! I still can’t get over chocolate scented soap–I’ve never heard of it, but I already am in love…”

#130: Evelyn who said “After all these years, this is still my favorite (and most used) go-to site for great recipes. Thanks for all your hard work!”

#599: Kendra who said “This is such a fun giveaway! You are amazing and I always look forward to reading your posts and trying your recipes!!!”

Remember you can visit my generous and lovely friends’ online shops anytime to order their amazing goods: Sagebrush Soapworks, JessicaBe Handstamped Jewelry, and Sweet Pickle Designs Co.


A few months ago I had this idea come to me: how fun would it be to pack you up a little box with a few of my favorite handmade items? Unique, special things that aren’t mass-produced and aren’t sitting on every store shelf. I love handcrafted items and am so amazed at all the talent that somehow went to other people and not me.

Even though this giveaway is a little random and doesn’t have anything to do with anything, really, I’ve been so excited about it actually happening, I’ve barely been able to sleep this week (my 3-year old who has decided to be nocturnal may or may not have a little part in that no-sleeping thing, also).


Since I don’t happen to be a rock star at crafting things by hand, besides the occasional apron or crocheted potholder, I turned to a few amazing local handcrafting women and asked if they’d be willing to help me out with this giveaway.

Not only did they all agree, they thought it would be fun to offer THREE giveaway boxes which means more chances to win. Hooray!

Here’s what will be in each box:


1) Handmade artisan soap from Sagebrush Soapworks.
Owned and operated by my can-do-everything Aunt Marilyn (yes, the same one who has provided us with some killer recipes). I am completely enamored with the soap she makes. Not only is it gorgeous but I want to die at the different fragrances. Subtle but so fresh. And some so yummy, I almost want to take a bite out of the soap (hello, chocolate soap, I’m talking to you), plus the soaps are luxurious and soft and extra-moisturizing. Each box will have several different soaps from Sagebrush Soapworks and I’m telling you, you are going to fall in love.

2) A handstamped adorable necklace from JessicaBe’s Jewelry.
I love Jessica’s jewelry so, so much. The pieces are elegant and rustic and beautiful and her selection is amazing. Plus she does custom designs, too, if you are looking for something very particular. I wear my half-marathon running necklace from her shop almost every day and I swear, it almost makes thinking about getting up at 5 a.m. to run sound fun. This “Stronger Every Day” necklace will be tucked into each giveaway box!

3) A handcrafted, colorful and crafty WISH sign perfect for celebrating birthdays.
…and seriously one of the cutest things ever from Sweet Pickle Designs Co. Nicole makes all sorts of wood cutout letters and shapes and welcomes custom orders if you have something in mind not listed in her shop. Her Halloween decor, in particular, makes me wish it was October already (this spooky sign – so fun!). I’m thrilled these WISH letters are front and center in this box.

4) A handsewn apron.
Of course! I had to make this food-related somehow, right? I’ve sewn dozens and dozens of these spunky little aprons over the years after my Aunt Marilyn drew out the pattern (she’s amazing, I tell you) and gave it to me. It’s my go-to gift for everyone and I’ve even been known to accidentally give it to someone twice because I forgot I’d already given them The Token Apron before. Oops. I posted a picture on Instagram a couple weeks ago wearing my apron. It’s ruffly and colorful. And very fun (you know, for an apron). Each box will have a handmade, unique apron sitting right there on top when you open it up. Think of me when you wear it, will ya? (And don’t look too close at the sewing – I’m an amateur.)

Phew! There you have it! A box packed with all these handmade goodies will be getting shipped out to three lucky winners. Oh, and a quick note: you must have a mailing address in the United States or Canada to enter and win.

It’s simple to enter: leave ONE comment on this post telling me anything your little heart desires (Facebook and Instagram comments will not be entered). That’s it!

The giveaway will end whenever I decide to close it up, most likely by Friday of this week. Winners will be announced on this post early next week so check back to find out who won! 


Keep in mind if you don’t win, everything except the aprons (sorry, my little sewing machine can only do so much) can be purchased from these three amazing women. 

Sagebrush Soapworks
JessicaBe Handstamped Jewelry
Sweet Pickle Designs Co

{No affiliations or sponsors to any of the above products – I contacted all of these women to ask for their help and they graciously donated the items for the giveaway.}