Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Giveaway! – GIVEAWAY CLOSED

#369 – Ashlee T:  Mel! It’s my anniversary today TOO! So fun! Happy 12 years to you guys! We are at a happy 6 yrs! I LOVE chocolate! Melts away life’s worries. Never had gelato so I am super excited to try! My family, photography, Ice cream- my loves.

#1,604 – Megan:  Mmm.. I’m partial to chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, but my husband is the real ice cream/gelato/sorbet/frozen yogurt lover… basically any flavor is his dessert of choice! Happy anniversary!

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway; winners have been chosen and notified!

Because I just waxed poetic about my love for gelato and because it’s my 12 year anniversary today (what can I say, I want to celebrate! especially since Brian’s out of town this week so the extent of my solo celebrating will be eating cookies from the freezer and watching While You Were Sleeping on Netflix), I’m giving away TWO of these fabulous Cuisinart Ice Cream Makers.

Our 12 year old Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker (yep, wedding present) is still going strong and although the description 12 years ago and today doesn’t say it is an official gelato-maker (which I get since officially gelato is supposed to be churned more slowly than ice cream), I can attest that it makes a pretty fabulous gelato, too. Not to mention the awesome ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yogurt it churns out.

And can I just say, isn’t this blue model a beauty? Wowee. Pretty sure they didn’t have this lovie 12 years ago.

ice cream maker

So what are you waiting for? Leave a comment on here telling me your favorite flavor of ice cream, gelato, sorbet or frozen yogurt for a chance to win one of TWO ice cream makers.

Woohoo for homemade frozen treats!

Winner will be chosen sometime later this week so enter fast.

{This giveaway is not sponsored or affiliated with Cuisinart or Amazon; just a fun, spontaneous giveaway sponsored by me.}

1,761 comments on “Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Giveaway! – GIVEAWAY CLOSED”

  1. Pick me! I got one of these for my wedding too, unfortunately a little teeny tiny piece got lost and it us no longer with us;)

  2. Nutella gelato….yum!

  3. I love coffee gelato (eaten in Italy, of course!)

  4. Chocolate for me…

  5. Growing up, every summer my fam would plan a day trip to the beach. Our last stop of the evening my Dad would buy us girls ice cream for the ride home. He always got mint chocolate chip and wanting to be just like him, I’d get the ‘green’ ice cream too! Mint chocolate chip has thus become my all time favorite ice cream flavor 🙂

  6. I haven’t seen this flavor commercially in my area for several years, so earlier this year decided to make some….it was delicious: German chocolate ice cream….a creamy chocolate ice cream with ripples of rich caramel throughout embedded with toasted coconut and pecans!

  7. My favorite is anything with fruit….coconut, watermelon, mango, peach, berry….. I can’t wait to try your strawberry recipe.


  8. I am an Idaho girl…..huckleberry!

  9. hmmm, can I pick all of the flavors? fudge swirl

  10. Refreshing mint!

  11. Cookies n cream, vanilla, and cookie dough!

  12. Chocolate! Anything… Ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt. It’s my default flavor.

  13. Why, Chocolate, of course!

  14. Coffee and pistachio! Mmm mmm mmm

  15. I would have to go with either strawberry or raspberry, whichever one I have!

  16. Coconut with hot fudge on top. Or coffee with chocolate-covered pecans. Or chocolate with peanut butter sauce. Or anything cold! 😉

  17. Coffee flavored ice cream is my new favorite!

  18. I love anything fruity!

  19. a scoop of chocolate with a scoop of haupia ice cream!

  20. Raspberry…topped with fresh raspberries:)

  21. Coconut sorbet!

  22. My favorite is sea salted caramel gelato…my taste buds drool just thinking about it!

  23. Mocha!

  24. Happy anniversary to you guys!! Would love to win this great prize 🙂 not sure I could pick just one favorite, probably Carmel butter pecan 🙂

  25. Seriously, I just love homemade vanilla (with real vanilla beans). It’s beautifully, simply, delicious.

  26. My current favorite is homemade Cherry Almond ice cream, although I’m still embarrassed about my email blunder! ;D

  27. My current favorite is homemade Cherry Almond ice cream, although I’m still embarrassed about my “in-depth email” to you. ;D

  28. Moose Tracks are the best, a preference I share with my dad.

  29. What an awesome prize for someone to win. I really hope it’s me. Does it count if I say ALL flavors of ice cream are my favorite!! I’m not sure I can just pick one.

  30. I love mint chocolate chip!

  31. Love myself some ice-cream!! Can’t wait to try your strawberry Gelato!

  32. Mmmm, I love cinnamon and banana – two separate flavors.

  33. I love ice cream! An ice cream machine is actually on my Christmas list this year! How wonderful it would be to win it instead! I love raspberry sorbet or any thick, creamy chocolate ice cream. If it has to do with chocolate, raspberries, lime or coconut, I am all over it!

  34. Mel, I live thousands of miles away. If you draw me, please donate mine to someone you know will love it. My alltime favourite is Peppermint Chocolate. I love the richness of chocolate and the fresh bite of peppermint.

  35. I never met a gelato or ice cream I didn’t love. So there. 🙂

  36. Almost any flavor of ice cream is good to me! I love Tillamook Black Cherry.

  37. I love to eat b purple cow ice cream. It’s black raspberry ice cream with chocolate chips.

  38. I love Lemon Custard Aggie Ice Cream!

  39. I love any ice cream that is put in front of me. I especially love ice creams with chunks of yummy stuff. Haven’t had gelato for a long long time so would love to win and make my own. Thanks!

  40. Vanilla, homemade of course.

  41. I love just about any flavor of ice cream!!!

  42. I love Swiss chocolate ice cream with caramel mixed in!! 🙂

  43. I’m very boring I guess because chocolate is still my favorite.

  44. Making homemade ice cream is one of our families favorite things. We have a hand rank ice cream maker. Would love to try my hand at gelato. Our favorite flavor to make is butter pecan. Happy anniversary! My hubby and I are celebrating ours this week with our kiddos.

  45. I honestly have to say, this strawberry gelato could very well be my new favorite!! Hoping to get one of those ice cream makers to give it a try!!

  46. Hazelnut + Chocolate combo!!

  47. I’ve been loving cherry ice cream with chocolate chunks lately!

  48. Crazy for coconut!! And almonds! Coconut Almond!! Yum!

    tee hee
    ps thanks for the recipe-I cant wait to try it.

  50. Happy Anniversary. Just celebrated my 36th! Chocolate chocolate chocolate, what more can I say. Thanks for all the recipes Mel. Your blog has changed how I look at cooking. I’ve always loved making deserts but I’m learning how to cook better by using your recipes.

  51. Chocolate with fudge is the only kind I’ve had. But I do live in strawberry country…

  52. Nutella gelato is my favorite. Yummmmmmm….

  53. My favorite gelato is pistachio but i may have to change to strawberry. Your recipe post looks so fabulous. I’d love to win one of the ice cream makers from your give-a-way.

  54. Coconut!

  55. Oh my. I’ve been to Albania which is close to Italy and all I can say is mm-hmm. Gelato is the best. My favorite flavors that I’ve had are hazelnut and melon! Separate, of course. Also a big fan of one that was kind of honey-based flavor. It was the gelato-maker’s special recipe!

  56. Happy Anniversary!! My favorite gelato flavor is mango – I miss eating gelato in Italy! must go back some day 🙂

  57. I love blood orange, watermelon, and nutella gelato flavors. I ate more than my body weight in gelato when I spent the summer in Italy ten years ago and I have been longing for the real stuff ever since.

  58. Lychee gelato or fresh lilikoi sorbet. Yums!

  59. PEACH!!! My favorite would be peach! I live just outside the peach capital of Palisade, Colorado .

  60. Love gelato, so rich and creamy!!

  61. Strawberry! Vanilla! Oreo! Caramel cashew! I can’t decide! You are the best Mel!!! Happy 12th anniversary:)

  62. Mel,
    I love Maple Nut ice cream, but homemade Vanilla is hard to beat!

    By the way, Happy Anniversary!

  63. It is so hard to pick but I would have to say STRAWBERRY!

  64. Would you believe I’ve never eaten gelato? I think my favorite ice cream flavor is raspberry. I really want to try your gelato recipe out.

  65. Yum!! So hard to choose. I loooove lemon gelato. Whopper ice cream is another favorite!

  66. I love cookies and cream!

  67. Pick me! Our current ice cream maker does not work well at all.

  68. Coconut and strawberry are my favorite gelato flavors!

  69. Pretty much any flavor that is homemade!

  70. I love mint chocolate chip! I love anything in the ice cream category!

  71. Salted caramel ice cream does it for me. I’ve had my eye on the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker for a while… Winning this would be fantastic!

  72. My favorite flavor is a really good vanilla 🙂

  73. I love the sweet cream ice cream from Coldstone’s but the Costco vanilla is pretty good, too.

  74. Chocolate malted almond frozen custard. Love IT!

  75. Happy Anniversary! My husband travels for work so I’ve been where you are-alone with a cup of ice cream on my anniversary. 🙂 I’ve tasted many a gelato in my 55 years, but my current fave is simply coconut. Have never made homemade though. Gotta try it!

  76. I love gelato! My favorite flavor is chocolate hazelnut.

  77. Mel,
    Number 13 should be lucky for you! I think you should go to Italy for your anniversary next year! You deserve it – look at all you have accomplished in 12 years. Five beautiful children, a positive, uplifting and VERY helpful blog, and a strong, loving family. Thank you for your example! I love mint chocolate chip and would love to make my husband and five boys some frozen treats! Thank you!

  78. Happy anniversary! I had to comment on this one, I was there at your wedding :-). Hope you’re well!
    I love passion fruit! Also, a gelato place here in Salt Lake (that definitely rivals those in Italy) does a ricotta basalmic gelato that sounds gross but is divine.

  79. My husband served a two year mission in Italy and he would just die over homemade gelato!! I think my greatest love is black cherry.

  80. I’ve never tried making gelato but we make a super yummy almond chocolate ice cream in my parents’ ice cream maker.

  81. Have to love chocolate chip cookie dough!

  82. I have to stick with classic strawberry ice cream! Nothing better than homemade strawberry ice cream!

  83. My favorite tends to change quite a bit but the last flavor I had was sooo good. It was white chocolate raspberry frozen yogurt. Congrats on 12 years! 🙂

  84. Oh gelato, you speak to my heart. Especially chocolate. I’ve never ever ever never made my own, and I would love this!!!!!

  85. Happy Anniversary! And my anniversary is in about 5 days, but we didn’t get any cool presents like an ice cream maker. But 9 years isn’t too late ;). My favorite flavor in ice cream is rocky road, but I will take a rainbow sherbet over an ice cream any day. My husband, on the other hand, thinks I commit blasphemy by desecrating his sacred ice cream.

  86. My favorite is rocky road with real marshmallows. Those marshmallow ribbons are blasphemous. Thanks for the chance to win, and happy anniversary!

  87. I have a LOOONG list of ice creams I’ve been dying to try….if only I had an ice cream maker! Until then, I’ll keep making it in my tiny ice cream ball and getting huge biceps in the process….

  88. Vanilla. Easy but so yummy!

  89. Happy Anniversary!!
    Hmm, hard to decide, but anything with caramel is good! Although, raspberry is always refreshing. With a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker I could make something for any mood I might be in, now that would be FUN!

  90. Coffee ice cream is my favorite, but then, I’ve never tried gelato. Your strawberry gelato looks so tempting!

  91. My favorite is watermelon sorbet…..absolutely delicious….especially in the summer 😉
    Happy Anniversary!!!!

  92. How do I pick just one?!? Today it’s cherry cordial. But I’m not known to snub any of them. 🙂

  93. pistachio!!!

  94. Pistachio, coconut and salted caramel….yum!

  95. Anything with coconut, a bit of tart…say lime and chocolate fudge topping is at the top of my list. Delicious!!!

  96. Hmmm…chocolate cookie dough? Coffee? Chocolate peanut butter? Too many to decide!!!

  97. Oh gosh, must I choose JUST one?? Haha!! If you insist, my go to favorite is and has always been mint chocolate chip 🙂 Thank you for the chance to win! Happy anniversary to you and your husband Brian too 🙂

  98. If I could eat only one food for the rest of my life it would be white mint chocolate chip ice cream. Be still my soul!!

  99. My grandma used to make a home made ice cream with apricots, mandarin oranges and pineapple. Now my brother in law makes a similar one and it’s still my favorite.

  100. We love making homemade ice cream, even with the old antique hand turn. But never tried making gelato before, although we buy it occasionally. Would love to give it a try. Hope I win!

  101. Pistachio is my husband and my favorite flavor. We fell more in love with it when we tasted a ‘real’ gelato in Rome last year, although it was from a chain (Grom). Our second fave is Ferrero Rocher flavor. Not widely available but it was just yum!

  102. Plain old vanilla!

  103. I love gelato, ice cream and frozen yogurt! My absolute favorite flavor is taro. Yummmm!

  104. I love mint chocolate chip ice cream, but just found a homemade cherry chocolate chip that I would love to try!

  105. Yay for gelato! I would love to make some in a new ice cream maker!

  106. I’ve been to Italy twice, and most recently loved the yogurt-flavored gelato. Perfectly tangy and refreshing in the Italian heat!

  107. Cinnamon Dark Chocolate ice cream is my ultimate favorite. Please pick me so I can try to make it for myself and friends . . . PLEASE?

  108. Congrats on 12 years! Very exciting to be making something so yummy! Made your Cheesy Chicken Quesadilla Pie for dinner tonight and your Lemon Cream Pie for dessert! Love your recipes and site! Thanks!!

  109. Hands down my favorite flavor of ice cream is Peanut Butter Chocolate…especially with real pieces of peanut butter! Yum! Happy anniversary…we are entering year 12 as well!

  110. Chocolate is our all time favorite. Happy anniversary!

  111. Happy anniversary!! By the way, I make your skillet lasagna every two weeks!! Gelato… Mmmm. I hate to discriminate because they are all yummy but chocolate hazelnut or strawberry or caramel… Thanks for the great recipes!!!

  112. I love coffee ice cream! And butter pecan, and chocolate…okay, there really isn’t any ice cream I don’t like. 🙂

  113. Coffee! Strong, sweet and creamy! Have a good recipe?

  114. I love maple walnut ice cream and pistachio gelato!

  115. I love the salted caramel gelato from Haagen Dazs!

  116. Happy Anniversary!
    My favorite flavor? Hmmm – probably chocolate…. or mint chocolate chip… or banana… or pineapple… do I really have to chose one?!
    Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  117. This is boring, I know, but chocolate is the only flavor of ice cream that I really need!

  118. German chocolate- had in a little place in Santa Monica, CA. Yum!

  119. Unfortunately, I love all ice cream flavors. But I’m always a sucker for mint chocolate.

  120. Good old fashioned Butter Pecan for me!

  121. I LOVE mint chocolate chip ice cream of any kind!

  122. I ate gelato and only gelato for all three meals when I went to Italy. When you go I highly recommend that approach!

  123. After having gelato (every day) during a trip to Europe I have almost given up finding a decent version in the states. I’m so excited to try this recipe! All I need is an ice cream maker.

  124. I had gelato in DC it was lemon with peels in it and some chunks … Best ever. Never had anything that compares.

  125. I love all flavours but I think mint chocolate chip stands out above the rest!

  126. I love good ol’ chocolate ice cream!

  127. I really enjoy raspberry sorbet and tiramisu gelato

  128. I recently had cherry almond made from honey, frozen cherries, almond milk, coconut milk. It was sooo good. Maybe I should figure out amounts and sent you the recipe. 🙂

  129. Strawberry lemon. Beautiful and delish

  130. Lemon. Yummy with a raspberry sauce dribbled on top. All gelato is heaven. Thank you for saving my family every mealtime. Your food and wacky seance of humor make our days better.

  131. Homemade Strawberry!

  132. On our 2nd anniversary (we are approaching 17 years of married bliss) my husband and I had the very blessed opportunity to visit Italy. We ate tons of gelato on that trip and still talk about how creamy and yummy it was.
    My favorite ice cream is anything with chunks. It can be candy bar, cookie, fruit or nuts. I just love the texture of chunky ice cream.

  133. Mint Brownie is probably my favorite, unless it’s gelato, then I love anything with berries! Happy, happy anniversary!

  134. Mint Oreo! Yummm!

  135. I love vanilla plain and simple, especially when home made!
    Happy Anniversary!

  136. Hi Mel,
    My favorite flavor for ice cream or gelato is chocolate. Supremely delicious! Happy anniversary.

  137. Mel, I love your blog! It’s my go to read. Gelato is yummy, my husband will choose Chocolate, but I’m a vanilla girl with lots of homemade sauces to drizzle of depending on the day.

  138. We L O V E fresh raspberry (from the garden) ice cream!!

  139. Mmm.. I’m partial to chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, but my husband is the real ice cream/gelato/sorbet/frozen yogurt lover… basically any flavor is his dessert of choice! Happy anniversary!

  140. My favorite ice cream is probably… hmm… I’d have to say mint chocolate chip/Oreo. Although I’m hardly going to turn down a smooth, creamy, vanilla creation with a thick swirl of caramel! I’d love to be able to make gelato some day.

  141. coconut and cantelope are my two favorite gelato flavors and i enjoy them in the same dish.

  142. I love gelato, but have never thought to make it on my own. Thanks for the post! Favorite flavor: raspberry.

  143. Forgot to add Happy Anniversary we were married 12 years ago also.

  144. My favorite ice cream growing up was always mint chocolate chip. Lately I have been sampling different flavors and have to say I have loved them all!

  145. I was a gelato virgin until just recently. I had coconut gelato and I’m in love! Soo yummy!!

  146. Strawberry, plain and simple, is my favorite!

  147. I have too many favorites to choose just one.

  148. Good ol’ fashioned chocolate is my fav!

  149. Black Cherry Amaretto!

  150. I LOVE raspberry gelato!!!! Thanks fot this opportunity.

  151. Thank you for all of your wonderful recipes. I look forward to them every week!

  152. I have tried a couple of flavours and my favorite is blueberry.
    thanks Mel for this and for all your hard work on perfecting receipes, you make our kitchen life easier.

  153. Can’t say I would ever turn down any ice cream or gelato. But right now I am loving blue bell lemon bliss! 🙂 and Happy Anniversay!!

    • We were in Italy last year. We had a gelato everyday! It was heaven! My favorite was stracchitella! Vanilla with bits of dark chocolate throughout. Yum!!

  154. Raspberry!!! I have been dreaming of an ice cream machine and can’t wait to try it out. Thanks Mel!!

  155. I love me some chocolate anything but especially gelato. So rich and yummy. mmmm…

  156. YUM! Pistachio is yummy!

  157. Love good old vanilla!

  158. Raspberry is the best! Thanks!

  159. Just had strawberry cheesecake in Toronto’s Little Italy, and it was pretty amazing! Can’t wait to have gelato in Italy someday! I NEED this icecream maker. 🙂

  160. Love gelato! homemade ice cream is the greatest! yum : )

  161. I just recently stumbled onto gelato and the vanilla is my favorite right now (exciting I know)- but I’m just starting on this joyous adventure!
    Ice Cream flavor is cookie dough for sure!
    Congrats on 12 years!!

  162. Black raspberry chip

  163. Anything with chocolate and peanut butter! Yummo! 🙂

  164. Blue Raspberry Sorbet is my absolute favourite. Cannot resist!!!

  165. Anything with fresh fruit, strawberry and peach are favorites!

  166. Pistacio and hazlenut are awesome!

  167. Does ALL count?

  168. Pistachio!

  169. Rocky Road!

  170. I love chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lemon, peach, caramel…pretty much all flavors.

  171. Hazelnut gelato is the best!

  172. I love any kind of mint ice cream. Thanks!

  173. Coffee!

  174. I once had some homemade nutella chocolate chunk ice cream that was amazing. I still dream about it…

  175. I was just thinking that I wanted an ice cream maker! My favourite flavour of ice cream is real vanilla bean (with the little flecks). Hope the contest is open for Canadians.

  176. I cannot tell a lie. Chocolate is my favorite flavor anything.

  177. I have too many favorite flavors to narrow it down to just one, but I sure would love to win this ice cream maker. I love the color.

  178. Happy Anniversary! I would love to try your recipe but alas I have no ice cream maker! My favorite flaver is any bowl in front of me at the time.

  179. Basic chocolate gelato! I have been married 25 years and have been hinting to my hubby for an ice cream maker at least 24 of those years!!

  180. Happy Anniversary!! My favorite ice cream is home made Mint Chocolate Chip!!!

  181. Grape! Can you believe it?! It is a recipe from my Grandma and it makes me think of her everytime I make it. Yum!

  182. Toss upon between anything fruity made with seasonal, ripe fruit and mint w/ something chocolately in it …oreos, brownie bits, choc chip…I’m not picky.

  183. I think my newly found favorite has got to be salted caramel icecream. It’s dreamy.

  184. I’d have to say Peanut Butter & Chocolate gets me every time!

  185. Black raspberry!

  186. Happy Anniversary !!!

  187. MN nice! Thanks for the cool treat!

    Salted Caramel is our flavor this month.

  188. I still dream and the gelato we had in Italy. I think my favorite was classic vanilla. It was so pure and rich… totally decadent!!

  189. First love….Dairy Queen’s Peanut Buster Parfait….but nothing at all compares to authentic gelato!!! served in Italy!!! I didn’t, but could have eaten it breakfast, lunch and dinner : ) wishing you both a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! hope you make it to Italy someday!!! The only downer for you (but I don’t think you’d be too disappointed;). . . is that your recipe will indeed be still a 5 Star ~ however, Italy’s will be a perfect 10!!!!!
    I will either win OR purchase this ice cream maker and enjoy serving this DELICIOSOOO GELATOOOO ~ what a treat!!! ~ thanks!!!!

  190. Can’t go wrong with chocolate, especially if you add some swirled peanut butter. Wait, I have some in the freezer. See ya!

  191. I love gelato, all flavors, and would give an ice cream maker a good home! Favorites are probably expresso and pistachio. Happy Anniversary, and thanks for the opportunity.

  192. I love coconut

  193. My favorite gelato flavor is bacio. I might have had it twice a day for the two weeks I was in Italy…;)

  194. I love chocolate!! so anything with brownies, chocolate chips would be in my freezer!

  195. I love fruit flavors like raspberry but I recently had a salted caramel flavor and it was delicious!

  196. Chocolate hazelnut gelato is by far the absolute best thing to hit a spoon. EVER!!

  197. I love cookies and cream ice cream.

  198. My all time favorite would have to be strawberry.

  199. I’ve fallen for the recent fad; my favorite flavor is salted caramel. Here in AZ, the Queen Creek Olive Mill sells salted caramel gelato that is to DIE for! Not easy on the pocketbook, though. 🙂

  200. Strawberry is still my favorite 🙂

  201. The best gelato I ever had was at a shop in Rome called Della Palma – it was chocolate hazelnut with freshly chopped hazelnuts on top! Super yummy and definitely worth the trip to Italy!

  202. I love chocolate ice cream!

  203. Maple walnut is my all-time favourite flavour.

  204. I make fast tracks for Moose Tracks!

  205. I love any and all kinds of ice cream!! Ice cream with chocolate and caramel is my favorite.

  206. Frozen fat free strawberry yogurt – for my husband who has heart disease

  207. I love brewsters fresh peach and fresh black raspberry! Yummm.

  208. Oooh. My favorite is exactly what you made. Strawberry gelato. 😀 homemade is always the best!

  209. I’ve had gelato a couple times, and it was great! We love ice cream at our house. The most interesting I have had is marzapan ice cream!

  210. I love lemon gelato. Strawberry is a close second!

  211. I love homemade ice cream! Strawberry ice cream with white chocolate ribbons is today’s favorite.

  212. Holy cow, Mel! I don’t think I would ever have thought to make gelato on my own! You really are amazing!! Thanks a bunch for sharing!!

  213. I love double chocolate chip gelato. This is a new discovery for me and I’m simply addicted.

  214. My favorite gelato in Italy was Biscotto. At my local gelato place it’s Bavarian Mint.

  215. Give me strawberry cheesecake any day!!! Who am I kidding?? I pretty much like ALL ice cream. It’s ice and it’s cream. Win-win.

  216. My favorite flavor of ice cream is a tie between butter pecan and coffee, although strawberry is a close third!

  217. I am liking coconut frozen yogurt right now. Congrats on 12 years!

  218. My favorite ice cream….oh my. I could write a book. I love homemade ice cream.

  219. My favorite chain ice cream flavor is Jamoca Almond Fugde. My favorite homemade ice cream, still use a hand crank style, is lemon. Would love to compare the machine to the hand crank ice cream

  220. I love gelato! My favorite flavor is Pear–it is asolutely the best!

  221. chocolate chip cookie dough or black raspberry!! 🙂

  222. I’m old school…..homemade vanilla ice cream will always be my number one choice.

  223. Mango sorbet is my absolute favorite! I’ve been eyeing this ice cream maker for some time now :).

  224. Love, Love, Love Carmel Cashew Ice cream, but that picture of the strawberry gelato has me itching to try that out!!

  225. Chocolate!

  226. I love chocolate chip cookie dough! Yum.

  227. My favorite is caramel cookie crunch from Baskin Robbins. I haven’t had it in 20 years ….I don’t even know if they still make it, LOL… BR stores near me.

  228. My favorite all time flavor’s are anything with Chocolate and Vanilla Bean

  229. I just love a good coffee ice cream. I bet a coffee gelato would be yummy as well 🙂


  231. I always go back to mint chocolate chip!!

  232. My favorites are chocolate chip and fresh peach! YUM! 🙂

  233. My favorite ice cream flavor is extreme moose tracks or Ben and Jerry’s half baked. Would love to make my own ice cream ; )

  234. Butter Pecan

  235. My favorite ice cream is probably heath bar!

  236. Lemon sorbet is my favorite.

  237. Does a gelato flavor count? If so, chocolate oreo is definitely my all time favorite!!

  238. Love, love, love ice cream! Any fruit flavour is a favorite.

  239. Peach for me. Would love this. I have a mini one and it doesn’t work so well. I get more of a shake than ice cream. Yay for 12 Years of marriage!

  240. I have too many favorites! right now I have chocolate moose tracks in my freezer.

  241. Italian gelato is SO good. My favorite was hazelnut and stratiatella!

  242. Swiss Chocolate Marshmallow

  243. Haagen-daz salted caramel gelato!

  244. I’m a traditional chocolate fan, but my family loves chocolate chip cookie! Honestly, though, if it’s frozen and resembles ice cream, I’d never turn it down!

  245. Any flavor of real italian gelato is my favorite!!

  246. Ah, you are awesome!!! My daughter turns five in September and is asking for an ice cream maker!! (I am not sure why, but I love the idea!!) 🙂 My favorite store bought flavor is cookie dough ice cream and turkey hill’s black raspberry. My favorite homemade ice cream is anything with fruit – strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, peach, etc!!! Yummy!! Thank you so much for a chance to win!

  247. Happy anniversary!
    Ice cream is my favorite. The ultimate comfort food.. Hard to choose just one flavor.. Any fruit, nuts, caramel, chocolate.. To name a few, but strawberry is my favorite. And coffee too. Have never tried Gelato but sounds yummy..

  248. Praline Pecan!

  249. Tiramisu gelato!

  250. I love coffee ice cream!

  251. Pistachio Gelato hands down!!!

  252. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!
    And sometimes coffee.

  253. My husband LOVES ice cream! I would like to win this for him because he is such a great guy. His favorite is strawberry so your post really caught my eye. Thanks for all your great recipes and meal plans! I use them all the time.

  254. We are a split household, Fruity and simple for her, decadence for him.

  255. Creamy caramel or mint brownie !

  256. Strawberry banana, peppermint, cookies and cream, peanut butter cup, snickers, pralines and caramel, peach….

  257. I love strawberry lemonade sorbet, but ice cream favorite is simple strawberry with chunks of strawberries. Simple and delish!

  258. Vanilla with fresh fruit on top. Yum!

  259. Roasted Coconut

  260. Happy Anniversary! I never liked ice cream as a child and then when I went in the military and lived in the dorm, all the girls would go out for ice cream and I didn’t want to be left out so I went. Unfortunately (or not!), I’ve been loving ice cream and gelato for years now. My very favorite is chocolate raspberry. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  261. My favorite is good ole chocolate! Can’t beat a classic, right? Thanks for the giveaway and happy anniversary!

  262. Mint chocolate chip!

  263. I love anything super chocolatey! The richer the better!!

  264. Chocolate chip cookie dough is my favorite with cookie and cream a close second.

  265. Black Cherry!

  266. So hard to choose just one, it’s like trying to choose a favorite child! Any flavor is great and has it’s great merits! I’ll pick simple vanilla, partially because of all the great things you can do with it!

  267. Ha ha, so fun to see everyone else’s faves! I love stracciatella and strawberry gelato, or Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby ice cream.

  268. Picture this: vanilla ice cream with hunks of brownie and swirls of raspberry sauce mixed in. I would LOVE to win this so I can make it 🙂

  269. I love lots of ice cream flavors, but I once came across a blackberry chocolate ice cream, it was so good! It had little chocolate cups with blackberry jam in them and swirls of both in the ice cream, wow was I impressed! I’d definitely try to recreate something like that with the wild berries that grow on my property.

  270. My favorite ice cream is Cherry Garcia.

  271. Salted cashew caramel!

  272. My favorite gelato – though it might be more for the memories it evokes than than the actual flavour – is pistachio. Provided by Giolitti’s across from the Trevi fountain in Rome. Experienced while backpacking through Europe with my 3 best girlfriends, none of us having ever left North America before that trip.
    Just realized that was 22 years ago last month. Whoa.

  273. Mint chocolate chip:)))

  274. I also really love plain chocolate ice cream.

  275. I just love a classic chocolate.. it can be custard, ice cream, or gelato… i’ll eat it all!

  276. Strawberry for sure is my favorite flavor. Mel I am with you about the creaminess of Gelato! I would love to win. Congratulations on your 12 year anniversary! Hubby and I are celebrating our 40 th this summer.

  277. Also our 12 year anniversary next week! Knew I like you:) I’ve cream market is on my wish list!

  278. Black Raspberry and Moosetracks! Happy 12th Anniversary!! Love your blog, visit it every day.

  279. Ice cream is easily my favorite thing to eat. My ultimate comfort food!!!
    Whoops- my favorite is mint chip… or raspberry cheesecake. mmmm.

  280. Ice cream is easily my favorite thing to eat. My ultimate comfort food!!!

  281. I enjoy plain old vanilla (because you can put it on so many other yummy things and bring them over-the-top delicious!). Please expand my horizons (and my hips) with this wonderful prize!

  282. Yum! We love all the ice creams at our house! 🙂

  283. I LOVE ice cream so I am sure I would love gelato. Especially in a new ice cream maker 🙂

  284. I love any ice cream with marshmallow, blackberries, or caramel!

  285. Chocolate almond.

  286. Coconut ice cream with dark chocolate chunks yum!!

  287. First of all, gelato in Italy is to die for! All the fruit flavors taste exactly like the fresh fruit. Amazing flavors. My favorite ice cream is mocha almond fudge, although I love plenty of other flavors too.

  288. Gelato—dark chocolate!

  289. Butter Pecan is my all time favorite!

  290. mmmm, butter pecan is my fav!

  291. coffee ice cream!

  292. Chocolate chip cookie dough! Yummmmy!

  293. I love many flavors but particularly fruits depending on what is in season. I also like to have a good vanilla. Then I can top it with whatever suits my mood at the time.

  294. Chocolate peanut butter !

  295. Great job on your 12th! We just had our 50th. I can remember that lemon gelato we had in Rome several years ago. It was the trip of a lifetime for us. We are basically homebound now and this Cuisnart could send us on that trip again. Good luck to you and Brian for another 38 years.

  296. Any flavor of gelato is my favorite!

  297. Mint! All I ever want is cool mint creamy goodness!

  298. I love coffee gelato or dulce de leche! Yummy!

  299. anything pistachio and/or coconut ! 😀

  300. I like just plain old chocolate.

  301. black currant flavor anytime plus your magical vanilla icecream that does not need an ice cream maker !

  302. Favorite kind of ice cream? I’ve never met an ice cream that I didn’t like! Best dessert by far. But if I had to choose, I would say chocolate hazelnut or salted carmel. Yum!!!

  303. Salted caramel ice cream. And I promise to make a homemade version if I win this gorgeous appliance.

  304. That color is gorgeous! I love chocolate, but my kids tend to go for lemon and raspberry. 🙂

  305. Happy anniversary! I love all the berry kinds of ice cream. I don’t think I have ever had gelato. I will have to try some soon.

  306. Blackberry. Caramel anything. Orange.

    Really, I am not picky!

  307. I don’t know if I can pick a favorite flavor. . .they are all delicious. I do have a awesome homemade strawberry cheesecake ice cream that we love to make on the 4th of July (with our hand crank old fashioned model). 🙂 It would be fun to try out the Cuisinart ice cream maker with all my fresh fruit that we grow. I can already taste the peach sorbet.

  308. Two scoops of Maple Nut on a regular cake cone. Oh heaven! 🙂

  309. I pretty much love all icecream with nuts. Favorite gelato- pistachio, favorite icecream – burnt almond fudge that my parents make. And favorite yogurt – just plain vanilla. Yum!

  310. Blood orange gelato is to die for! A perfect combination of sweet and tart.

  311. Strawberry with milk chocolate chips. Like a chocolate covered strawberry 😉

  312. Favorite flavor of ice cream: Rhum Raisin! Hard to find unfortunately and finding it with the perfect amount of rhum is a challenge, but it’s such a treat.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  313. Chocolate peanut butter…happy 12 years! We just celebrated 5! 🙂

  314. I was lucky enough to get to go to Italy like, 10 years ago and had some strawberry gelato there. I’ve not tasted any ice cream/gelato/frozen yogurt before, or since, that was as heavenly as that. So delicious. But on my normal “I’m not in Italy” days, I’ll take some dulce de leche.

  315. I love While You Were Sleeping! And with some chocolate/peanut butter gelato – that would be perfect! (Oh, and I’m pretty sure I made a meal or two of gelato when I visited Italy.)

  316. Favorite ice cream is butter pecan and favorite gelato is pistachio.
    Happy Anniversary!

  317. Coconut or moose tracks ice cream.

  318. coconut and dark chocolate.

  319. Mmm, tough decision, cookies and cream!

  320. There was an ice cream shop that went out of business in my hometown that had caramel peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Best flavor ever!

  321. My favorite… I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Favorite favors..gelatto – lemon or pineapple. Ice cream- mint Oreo or strawberry cheesecake! Happy anniversary, my husband has been out of town our past three anniversaries, so I celebrate with my teenagers!

  322. Cookies n cream! 🙂

  323. I love ice cream, gelato, or anything close to it! In fact I wads trying to decide if I should tip toe to the kitchen and get a scoop since the kids just went to bed. My favorite is vanilla, because you can add anything to it and it tastes great or you can eat it plain and it still hits the spot 🙂

  324. It’s true, I love caramel ice cream!

  325. Butter pecan with extra pecans

  326. Vanilla bean!! And Buaums mint chocolate chip

  327. My favorite type of ice cream is definitely gelato, but I don’t know if I can pick just one! I love walnut and hazelnut, also cantaloupe 🙂

  328. Chocolate chip! Thanks for the chance to win! Happy anniversary!

  329. Favorite is anything with coconut. Or pineapple. Or both!

  330. I love gelato and have had the real deal in Italy 15 years ago and remember it with fondness. I remember lemon being my favorite. I think it is time to learn how to make my own since I am pretty sure I won’t get the real deal again unless I get lucky!

  331. I love gelato! My favorite is a traditional stracciatella or maybe amaretto. My favorite ice cream flavors are coconut fudge and coffee. Mmm…

  332. I like chocolate hazlenut best. Happy 12 years! Mine was this year, too:)

  333. We still use the Ice Cream maker we received as a wedding gift 37years ago, however the paddle is plastic and getting brittle. This could be the last time we use it, especially if we win one! It’s so hard to pick just one flavor, any is good!

  334. That strawberry looks yummy, but my favorite is chocolate!

  335. I grew up in a family that hand-cranked out Rootbeer Ice Cream several times a month! But throw a Pecan Praline dish in front of me and I’ll head straight for the whole container! Congratulations on 12 years and a darling family to show for it!

  336. I love mint chocolate chip!

  337. I love any sorbet (mango, strawberry, peach, etc.) but I dream of raspberry lemonade sorbet. I also love mint chocolate chip ice cream.

  338. Oh….my favorite has to be Pistachio Gelato! What an awesome prize!

  339. Cherry Chocolate Chip!!!!!!

  340. Please pick me! Pregnant lady who can’t stay away from the good stuff :). I love it all but mint chip has always been my favorite.

  341. I don’t think I could narrow down one favorite flavor!

  342. Anything chocolate!

  343. I love mint cookie crunch! … But who am I kidding, I’ll eat any kind if ice cream!!

  344. Oh how I would love to win this!!! My favorite flavor is cookie dough. But, I just love me some mint chip ice-cream too.

  345. Yummy. I love ice cream! My favorite is mint chocolate chip or mint cookies and cream. I’ve only had gelato once and it was good, it was a caramel flavored one.

  346. Pistachio gelato hands down for me!

  347. Dark Chocolate with a caramel swirl

  348. Chocolate! and i would love to try making the strawberry gelato!!!

  349. Rocky Road!!!

  350. Fireside smores by Tillamook. But when I make it at home… peach!

  351. Hazelnut Gelato ♡♡

  352. Anything chocolate! With nuts!

  353. Mint chocolate chip is my favorite!!! But I can be happy with just about any of it if there’s chocolate involved!

  354. Glad were true friends!!!!;) any strawberry and chovolate is my fav!!!

  355. Butter pecan. I can’t wait to try this gelato recipe. I have to ask though, how is this processed slower than regular ice cream?

  356. I have some good memories of growing up with an ice cream maker and enjoying the homemade favors! I really love plain old vanilla. I would love to try gelato! Sounds amazing!

  357. I love complicated dark chocolate flavors with lots of nuts, strange chocolate covered candies, etc. I also love the Kroger Private Selection Black Raspberry and chocolate ice cream.

  358. We used to live in Grand Junction, CO and there is a gelato shop there that had so many yummy flavors. They even had lavender once. They would give little free sample spoonfuls so of course I had to sample every flavor. 🙂 I loved their Palisade Peach flavor, made with fresh peaches from Palisade, CO, of course. Mmmmm, now I’m drooling!

  359. Chocolate anything is the favorite, but smooth, no chunks!

  360. My favorite ice cream flavor, if I had to narrow it down to one, would have to be Grasshopper. Mmmm, mint and chocolate….

  361. Loaded cookies and cream ice cream with tons of Oreos!!!

  362. I had the amazing privilege of serving my mission in Italy so I might give you a run for your money in the loving gelato department. 🙂 My favorite combo is pistachio and baccio (chocolate hazelnut gelato that is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!). Then they top it with a dollop of fresh whipped pana which is somehow better than fresh whipped cream. All together IT’S INCREDIBLY AMAZING!!!

    Happy anniversary! I so hope you get a chance to go to Italy someday. I gained 20 pounds on my mission and if I could do it again, I’d gain 30! Every single pound was worth it. I would LOVE one of those ice cream makers…I would definitely put it to good use making gelato!!!

  363. My favorite ice cream flavor is tin roof sundae which is hard to find these days… My favorite thing about that flavor: chocolate covered peanuts in the ice cream

  364. We spent many summers at my aunts…she made us homemade vanilla ice.cream.all the time…Once she accidentally grabbed the coconut flavoring instead of vanilla….IT WAS THE BEST M IS TAKEOVER EVER…I COULD STOP EATING IT….;)

  365. I love mint chocolate chip ice cream!

  366. Chocolate with peanut butter swirl and pretzels!

  367. Last summer during a trip to Niagara Falls I experienced Peanut Butter and Raspberry Gelato. Best Ever!!

  368. There is this awesome ice cream place on the Oregon coast in a town called Florence that makes the best toasted coconut ice cream.ever. That would have to be my favorite!

  369. Yummiest gelato ever – amarena!!!

  370. Mint chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate gelato are my faves!

  371. Happy Anniversary! I think you should celebrate with my favorite flavor, strawberry.

  372. Pistachio. And strawberry. And lemon, coconut, or salted caramel. But not together. I don’t think I can actually pin down a favorite. There’s a big world of delicious flavor out there.

  373. My favorite gelato flavour so far is coconut & dark chocolate it is like eating a frozen Bounty bar. Yummmmo 🙂

  374. I just had homemade cinnamon ice cream last week to top off a Dutch Apple pie. Oh. My. Heavens. It became my new fave!

  375. Pistachio! Also peach. And lemon. And dark chocolate. I really need this thing!

  376. I would have to say that my favorite ice cream flavor (or at least one of my favorites) is Blue Bell Blackberry Cobbler. Love Blue Bell, but haven’t ever tried making my own ice cream. Thanks for the giveaway! Love your blog.

  377. Chocolate with fudge swirls and brownie pieces.

  378. Strawberry!

  379. We love homemade strawberry icecream. This gelato sounds great! Would love to have the Cuisinart!! Thanks!

  380. Chocolate peanut butter all day looooooong! Happy Anniversary, Mel and Brian!

  381. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice cream is my favorite for sure!!

  382. Oh man I’m 8mo pg and living in south TX. Cold treats are getting me through this summer, bring on the cookie dough.

  383. Your strawberry gelato looks amazing! Would love to give it a try in a new machine!

  384. Chocolate, with your homemade chocolate sauce!!

  385. You’re amazing for doing this! I made your peach ice cream today and it is to die for! Although with this ice cream maker I’d probably make a whole lot more!

  386. I love peanut butter chocolate oreo…. The more toppings the better! I have been wanting one of these ice cream makers for a long time.

  387. I love pretty much any frozen treat, ice cream, gelato, plain ice….I even prefer my cake frozen.

  388. Mint chocolate chip!

  389. Thanks for all your cooking enthusiasm . I so enjoy your comments and recipes. Favorite ice cream ic Carmel with pecans. Gelato is any thing with fruit.

  390. Strawberry!

  391. Ice cream runs in my veins!!! I am known for my love of ice cream. 🙂 My favorites are rocky road, strawberry and a really good homemade vanilla with homemade hot fudge sauce on top. YUM.

  392. Peanut Butter Cup!

  393. American ice cream: goo goo cluster. Gelato: straciatella. YUM. 🙂

  394. Love turtle sundae or mint chocolate chip!

  395. Root Beer Float Yogurt is never made often enough for our family. We would love this. Happy Anniversary with the kiddos!!

  396. Grasshopper or strawberry ice cream are my faves!

  397. I love cookies and cream, especially from the BYU Creamery!

  398. Chocolate!

  399. I love rocky road!!!

  400. Cookie dough is up there:) i would love to try this strawberry gelato though…it could be a new favorite! As an aside: I love your blog. My husband used to ask me where I found a new recipe but now he just asks if its one of Mel’s 🙂

  401. Your strawberry gelato! Looks Yum!

  402. Anything with nuts!

  403. I grew up on homemade ice cream; made hand in a White Mountain churn it yourself freezer. Favorites then and now are fresh raspberry, peach, black cherry and of course fresh chocolate. My mother would make the custard from scratch using our own eggs and our own fresh raw milk. Of course, we had our own raspberries and sour cherries; so we picked black cherries, strawberries, peaches and any other fresh fruit from neighboring farms that had the trees and berry patches. I have vivid memories of gathering the eggs in our hen house (this would have been in the 1960’s). Making homemade ice cream was a special time for our family and a great way to celebrate special days and visits from close relatives during the hot summer months. My four sisters looked forward to home made ice cream each summer; although, we did not much like the work of picking the fruit. Now it all seems like a distant wonderful memory. There were very little if any chemicals in our food then and everything was fresh; my mother bought little at the store. We grew most of the food we ate, the vegetables,we raised the beef and pork; then my older brother would hunt in season for rabbit, squirrel and deer. Life revolved around the seasons and the fruits and veggies that came with those seasons. I have many fond memories of making ice cream and would love to have my own freezer so I could begin this tradition anew with my 6 grandchildren. Two of my four daughters are avid followers of Mel’s’ blog and love cooking from scratch for their growing families. Jesse and Katie are also great fans of raw milk and farm fresh foods. Please consider this heartfelt request for a freezer from this handicapped widow who loves being a mom mom to five boys and one granddaughter who are all under six years old.

  404. Strawberry and salted caramel! Love gelato!

  405. Anything with chocolate or caramel!

  406. It’s a tough decision, but today I would choose coconut with chocolate chips and fresh strawberries!

  407. chocolate sponge-toffee ice-cream (yes, it was a real flavour!) and my hubbys fav is burgundy cherry.

  408. Salted caramel or chocolate peanut butter. I once had chocolate chunk oatmeal cookie ice cream (I think it was a Ben and Jerry’s store) and have longed for something like it ever since.

  409. Lemon gelato is the best!!! I could eat that forever. When I was in Rome the lemon was so delicious and refreshing and a nice pick me up during a hot day of sightseeing.

  410. I love cookies and cream!

  411. I’d like to say that my tastes have matured since I was six, but my true love always has been and always will be cookie dough ice cream. Especially when it’s smothered in hot fudge and peanut butter sauce.

  412. My favorite flavor of ice cream is a tie between strawberry and cookies and cream.. so needless to say strawberry gelato definitely caught my eye. I’ve also lately really been enjoying Ben and Jerry’s blueberry and graham cracker greek froyo. Pints don’t survive long in my freezer!

    • Sorry, noticed the email was wrong on the above comment as I was posting it. Corrected it in this comment. Hope I’m not disqualified!

  413. Anything chocolate is hard to resist buy my current favorite is white chocolate raspberry. I feel cooler just thinking about ice cream…but hungrier too. 🙂

  414. Mmm – the strawberry gelato looks delicious. Love the blue ice cream maker too.

  415. Anything caramel, peanut butter, chocolate, or all 3 together!

  416. Lemon ice cream or raspberry gelato, or caramel frozen yogurt….I love them all!,

  417. Oreo ice cream!!

  418. You are just amazing! I am surprised this 59 year old brain could even find you sweet lady! My favorite flavor would have to be coconut…lots of coconut! Thanks for all the yummy recipes Melanie!

  419. Butter pecan ice cream and chocolate gelato(I did get to have it in Italy) yum.

  420. Chocolate…always and forever chocolate!!!

    Oh yes, please, ice cream maker!! Come to mama.


  421. I love Chocolate Chip Mint ice-cream with hot fudge sauce! Oh Yum! I just finished watching While you were Sleeping while walking on my treadmill. I would have rather have watched it while eating this Gelato! Sounds like more fun.

  422. I love gelato! My favorite is pistachio, then a coffee-flavored one and then coconut and then… You get the idea! I have been wanting one of these ice cream makers for years, but am afraid I will eat the entire batch in one sitting–hee hee!

  423. With my pregnancy cravings my favorite flavor seems to change weekly (if not daily lol) but right now cookies n’cream sounds delicious.

  424. Anything with chocolate is my favorite!

  425. I really like seasalt caramel!

  426. Ok, so my favorite flavor would technically be vanilla but it has to have lots of chocolaty mix-in’s a la Ben and Jerry’s everything but…. But I am also a sucker for a Starbucks icecream too, just depends on my mood 🙂

  427. Peanut Butter Chocolate ice cream made by Tillamook. Delish!

  428. Tough choice… Sea Salt Caramel! I gave my sister and her husband the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker for their wedding 14 years ago… probably the same model you use. But our kitchen is still missing one!

  429. I love any fruit flavored ice cream but my favorite is orange pineapple.

  430. orange/pineapple Great kid memories of an ice cream store in Erick, OK!

  431. double chocolate fudge brownie

  432. I’m so boring, I just like vanilla, but only because I want to eat it with a brownie and hot fudge!

  433. Chocolate gelato that I tasted in Italy! Exquisite!

  434. I made a lemon speculoos ice cream and it was incredible

  435. I like all the fruit flavored gelatos, your strawberry one looks amazing. However, my favorite is lemon, it’s so refreshing.
    Thank you for the opportunity Mel, you do an amazing job.

  436. Black licorice yummy

  437. A favorite that goes back to childhood is grape-nut! You throw grape-nuts into a batch of vanilla ice-cream when it’s just about finished churning… and out comes something divine! I don’t have an ice-cream maker, but if I did, guess what flavor I would make for my family?

  438. Happy Anniversary:) Oreo vanilla ice cream. Yummy!!

  439. Mmmm! Gelato! My favorite is hazelnut. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy it several times in Italy, too!

  440. Don’t think you can go too wrong with any flavor of ice cream or gelato. Now that we live in the Midwest, I’m not sure they even know what gelato is.
    Of course, I am partial to anything that has chocolate in it, around it, on it………… you get the idea.:)

  441. Chocolate peanut butter

  442. Mint chocolate chip and chocolate have to be tied for my all time favorites but I like to try different flavors and would love to make my own.

  443. Rocky Road Ice Cream. Love it!

  444. Anything with coconut rocks!!

  445. Cinnamon Caramel swirl

  446. Butter pecan with candied pecans!

  447. Gaskin Robbins World Class Chocolate! Cookies and cream if I’m buying it from the grocery store.

  448. Anything chocolate and frozen does the trick for me!

  449. My favorite is probably strawberry cheesecake flavor, followed closely by mint with oreo, no chocolate chips for me!

  450. I love chocolate sorbet–yum!

  451. My favorite ice cream is homemade cherry ice cream! I may have to try cherry gelato if I win:)

  452. Wonderful childhood memories of homemade ice cream at my grandmother’s house on Sunday evenings. Everyone would bring different favors (and there were 9 Aunts and Uncles), so I could have a different favorite flavor practically every time.

  453. Ooh- love that blue! And love raspberry gelato too. Yum!!

  454. My fav ice cream is Rocky Road, and I’d love, love a great ice cream maker.

  455. Oh my, I do love myself some cake batter ice cream 🙂
    ps- congrats on 12 years!

  456. Mint chocolate chip!!!

  457. Visited Italy for the first time this spring and had gelato at least once a day for two weeks. 🙂 Favorite flavor in Italy was Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Chunk in Florence. I’m usually a strawberry girl at home and look forward to trying this recipe. (Hopefully in a new ice cream maker)!

  458. Mint chocolate! Thanks for a chance to win.

  459. Mmmm, ANY flavor is wonderful! My favorite, though, is probably coffee. I once had a green tea gelato in Japan that was pretty incredible too! Happy Anniversary!

  460. My husband and I went to Rome for our honeymoon and we had gelato a few times. My favorite was the mint chocolate chip.

  461. My dad’s orange pineapple sherbet!

  462. Honestly I would love an kind because living in Arizona any flavor would be welcome but I know I am going to sound boring but nothing beats a homemade vanilla but I would love to try make all the flavors my parents would never make growing up.

  463. My favorite ice cream is burnt almond fudge! (Trust me it deserves the exclamation mark). However, I also love fruity sorbets…but have not tried gelato yet, maybe that will be changing soon! Have a great one Mel, and thanks for the fun give-away. And Happy Anniversary!!!

  464. I love English toffee ice cream but often go for vanilla

  465. I love Mango gelato, and a close second Grapefruit sorbet. I always take my finished cup to the car so I can lick in private!

  466. Mint chocolate chip-love, love, love!

  467. I love Ben & Jerry’s Liz Lemon flavor, it is super delicious. But I’m not really picky and will snarf down pretty much any frozen treat 🙂

  468. Chocolate please!!

  469. My favorite kind of ice cream is anything with caramel in it. Strawberry come in a very close second.

  470. Giada’s Nutella gelato:). Yum! Although I had to borrow my friends cuisnart ice-cream maker to make it.

  471. I’m a plain ole vanilla, but only because then you can add/change it by adding M&Ms, strawberries, bananas, peanut butter cups, etc!

  472. Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream!

  473. Buckeye blitz! (That’s peanut butter and chocolate — yummmmm!!!)

  474. Don’t make me choose! Lemon, chocolate, strawberry and so forth.

  475. Anything with chocolate!

  476. I can eat gelato in any flavor but one of my favorites is Peanut Butter Chocolate!

  477. I love mango, my daughter likes cookies and cream and my son likes lemon gelato. Thank You!

  478. Strawberry or raspberry gelato can’t be beat. Had some incredible chocolate gelato in Annapolis, MD last year that was very memorable.
    Thanks for your great recipes. Love your emails!

  479. I love vanilla dip cones

  480. Vanilla with Vermont Maple Syrup…. Mmmmm …
    PS if I win, I give it to my sister Lisa Tillotson and she makes your recipe for the yummy gelato, if she wins, she gives it to me and I make your yummy gelato. XO
    We both LOVE your recipes!

  481. Mmm I would have to say vanilla! But I love every kind of ice cream.

  482. Any fruit flavor of ice cream is my favorite! I would also like to try chocolate home made ice cream! 🙂

  483. Mint Chocolate Chip

  484. Breyer’s Cherry vanilla!!!!!

  485. I LOVE vanilla bean with hot fudge. I guess I just love the classics 🙂

  486. Baskin Robbin’s World Class Chocolate….best ice cream ever!!

  487. Never met a gelato I didn’t love

  488. Phish food

  489. Baskin Robbins pistachio almond ice cream! I would love to try to make it at home.

  490. I like my ice cream to be filled with yummy chunks of peanut butter cups, chocolate covered nuts or pretzels.

  491. Here I am laying in bed with my newborn, recovering from birth 2 days ago and now all I can think about is Gelato! I LOVE strawberry and Nutella gelato! Having been to Italy, the taste is something not easily forgotten!

  492. My favorite ice cream is mint-chip, but my favorite gelato is stracciatella. So good!!!

  493. I am married to a man that LOVES ice cream. He is a borderline diabetic and I am a gadget freak for kitchen appliances. I hope by making homemade ice cream I can control the sugar and surprise him and make homemade ice cream with less sugar and wonderful flavor.I have not had the funds to purchase one of these easy use machines. Our favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip!

  494. I would love an espresso gelato!!!

  495. It’s got to be coffee and chocolate!

  496. We love just about every form of ice cream. One of these sure would come in handy!!
    Fresh Strawberry ice cream is my favorite – after burnt almond fudge!

  497. Vanilla with Oreo….yummy

  498. Yes please! I love sea salt caramel mixed with chocolate gelato! YUMMY!

  499. Hey Mel! I was just telling my son that I need a ice cream maker. Thank you for giving me a chance to win.

  500. My friend’s homemade mint oreo is so delicious! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  501. Usually I love peanut butter cup, but I just tried butterfinger and it’s certainly a tough choice right now.

  502. We love chocolate and strawberry.

  503. Any ice cream is my favorite!

  504. Mint chocolate chip is my favorite if I had to choose! But I love em all!!!

  505. My favorite is pistachio gelato from Johnny Carrino’s down in Texas!

  506. I love gelato! Peach is the best!

  507. Coffee gelato for my daughter’s birthday, every year!

  508. Ferrero Rocher flavoured ice cream. Its DIVINE!

  509. Pink grapefruit gelato is the BEST!!

  510. Hazelnut gelato- when I was in Italy I couldnt’ even convince myself to try any other flavour!

  511. Did someone say GELATO? Yum!! One of my two most favorite things – the other being pie!

  512. Salted butter caramel, eaten in a cone, while walking in France. Ahhhh….!

  513. I can’t resist double chocolate chip gelato~pure decadence!

  514. My favorite gelato flavor is limoncello!

  515. Please oh please! Cookies and Cream! Always!

  516. I was seriously just thinking while reading your gelato post “man, I could really use an ice cream maker to make this incredible gelato!” Please pick me, I need this gelato in my life!

  517. Happy anniversary! My kids would be thrilled to make ice cream!

  518. I fell in love with pistachio gelato in Italy!

  519. I’ve always loved fresh strawberry ice cream…made at home. But my new favorite ice cream is a toss-up between “lemon custard” and “banana cream pie”…YUM!!

    I love that blue color on the ice cream maker too! 🙂 It’s so cute!
    Happy Anniversary!

  520. We love to make root beer ice cream – tastes just like a root beer float! My favorite ice cream flavor is butter pecan. mmmmm

  521. I love fresh strawberry gelato–and use the same recipe but with peaches to make fresh peach gelato–Wowsers!

  522. Vanilla bean!!! LOVE IT!

  523. Hey Mel! 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win! My favorite ice cream flavor is Ben and Jerry’s Americone Dream — chocolate covered waffle cone pieces in a vanilla base with patches of soft caramel throughout. Yum yum yum. Additionally, While You Were Sleeping is my absolute FAVORITE movie — no lie. I’ve seen it a million times and will still cry during the wedding… 🙂

  524. What a fun giveaway and how nice of you to think of us during the heat!! Coconut cream with toasted coconut and caramel drizzled over the top – yummy!!

  525. Oh Mel, as I was reading this I thought, I really NEED to get an ice cream maker, and then you mentioned the giveaway. Good luck to me :). And Happy Anniversary!

  526. I love all ice cream, but anything with fresh fruit sounds fantastic right now!

  527. Oooh- icecream sounds so good right now on this hot day! I’d have to say that fresh berry icecream is some of my favorite, though I do love chocolate varieties, too! Coconut and lemon gelato are also pretty hard to beat!

    • What a wonderful giveaway!! But I can’t, can’t, can’t pick one flavor!!! Strawberry? Coffee? Vanilla with maple syrup?? Nooooooo – don’t make me choose!!!!

  528. This is such a great giveaway!! My favorite ice cream is Jenni’s milkiest chocolate in the world. I just ordered her cookbook! :).

  529. Chocolate, but anything fruity- strawberry, raspberry, etc gets my vote too!

  530. Chocolate!!

  531. We are not picky when it comes to frozen treats! I lean towards strawberry and my sons love chocolate! Thanks for the giveaways!

  532. C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E. gelato and ice cream!! What a great fun idea to have this giveaway!!!!

  533. my favorite flavor gelatto is pistachio, I love it with mini chocolate chips mixed into the pistachio. Thanks for your recipe.

  534. I have to choose a favorite flavor? oh my…that’s HARD!!! I recently tried a Salted Caramel gelato that was KILLER…I guess I’ll have to go with that 🙂

  535. I had some fried ice cream and chocolate gelato that was wonderful!

  536. I’m diabetic, so I would like to start making my own so I can control things better. I love ice cream ,but…..have to be careful. Black raspberry is my all time favorite. But I like them all!!

  537. first THANK YOU for this wonderful offer!! gelato,custard,ice cream are ALL my husbands favorites!! What a treat it would be to surprise him!! …flavor VANILLA because I can add in any one favorite add ons!!! :O) wish me luck!!


    Our family favorite is buttermilk berry sherbet. It is so delicious and easy to make! I usually use strawberries but you can obviously use whatever you like. Yum!

  539. Love coconut gelato!!!

  540. Love any kind of homemade ice cream! Very fond memories from my childhood eating homemade ice cream

  541. Mint Chocolate Chip! I will have been married twelve years this December and would LOVE to win this!!

  542. I can’t eat dairy so I love the idea of a better way to make good frozen deserts than just freezing berries and using the blender with some coconut milk! I really miss Ice cream!

  543. What a fun giveaway! Our 12 year anniversary is this November and I swear I’m not old enough for that! Where has the time gone?
    My favorite flavor of homemade ice cream is fresh peach. I’ve never had gelato, but it sure sounds divine!

  544. I love homemade rocky road or chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!

  545. Chocolate!

  546. I love any kind of fruit flavor – berry, cherry, mango, etc. Once I tried maple & bacon gelato at a local place and it was pretty tasty too!

  547. So hard to choose! It is a tie between chocolate peanut butter and mint chip.

  548. My favorite ice cream flavor is cake batter!

  549. Gelato! Be still my heart! I had lemon gelato in Italy to die for…

  550. My fav is homemade peach, but peppermint is a close second.
    Congratulations on #12. We celebrated four times that many in April!

  551. I think strawberry gelato is just marvy! Whilst I was in Italy I made it a rule to eat gelato twice a day; was a great idea! And you walk so much there that the calories don’t matter…

  552. Love gelato! I can’t remember the official name, but it’s chocolate with hazelnut! Mmmmm!

  553. I love strawberry, mint chocolate chip, pralines and cream and cherry chocolate chip.

  554. Almond Joy ice cream!! Love it!

  555. It’s always Peanut Butter Chocolate for me! Unless I’m at the one and only “Sweet Action Ice Cream” located close to Downtown Denver and then… 2 scoops of Salted Butterscotch 🙂

    Thanks for the sweet give away! Happy Anniversary!

  556. I would love to create a salted caramel gelato if I win! Love gelato 🙂 thanks Mel! Your strawberry gelato looks amazing.

  557. Oh I love gelato.

  558. Gelato is a favorite, either Vanilla Carmel or Strawberry.

  559. I love most any gelato, but my current fav is sea salt caramel. Yum!

  560. I have very fond memories of homemade ice cream growing up. I love strawberry ice cream, and mango sorbet 🙂

  561. I love coconut anything!!

  562. Oh man, I was hoping not many would read to the end and enter this….I’m determined to win one of your giveaways! You have the best ones and I’ve been following you for years now. Almost 5. I’ve really been wanting to make lemon custard and snickerdoodle ice cream. Or cinnamon banana. I’ve been dreaming up a few.

  563. We once had a honeydew sorbet on a cruise and it was mind-blowing. I still dream about that sorbet. Hope I win!

  564. I love hazelnut and coconut gelato mixed together. It is amazing!!

  565. I love any ice cream involving chocolate.

  566. Homemade ice cream is one of my favorite things in the whole world! I would love to win.

  567. I am traveling to Sicily in September where pistachio gelato is supposed THE best in the world due to their pistachios! So pistachio gelato is indeed my fave fave flavor of all time!

  568. Strawberry is my all time favorite with Chocolate close behind. I got hooked on Strawberry Sherbert when I was counselor at a summer camp long ago. My husband is a died in the wool Pink Bubble Gum or Lemon Custard fan.

  569. Perfect timing as always, Mel… My wedding gift ice cream maker just broke after only 10 years. I perfected the Key Lime Ice Cream Sandwich, so that’s been my summer fave. But really, ice cream is my favorite dessert period, so it’s hard to go wrong. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!!

  570. My favorite homemade ice cream flavor is mint Oreo 🙂 Happy anniversary Mel!

  571. I love chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate chunks!

  572. What a pretty machine! My heart belongs to chocolate peanut butter.

  573. Gotta love Italian Gelato! Thanks for This Mel! If I were living in the lovely countryside of yours be curios to mix strawberry with herbs and flowers!!

  574. Does plain vanilla make me boring? 🙂

  575. Ice cream. My nemesis. I love it all! Oreo is probably my most favorite though.

  576. blue bell praline and cream is the BEST!!!

  577. Anything with peanut butter and chocolate!

  578. I’ve not met many ice creams I didn’t like, but usually choose chocolate chip cookie dough when faced with the unfortunate option of choosing just one.

  579. Fresh Strawberry if it’s homemade. Store bought never tastes right.

  580. LOVE that fun blue! I recently found a cute little gelato shop unfortunately alllllll the way across town. My fave is pistachio!!!

  581. Chocolate chip cookie dough is my favorite! And I’m so sad that I recently sold our cuisinart ice cream maker that we received as a wedding gift 10 yrs ago. I don’t know what I was thinking!!!!

  582. I wish my favorite were a bit more exotic, but I just can’t pass up cookie dough ice cream. I’m obsessed!

  583. Cookie Dough!!!

  584. Lemon’s my fav. And Happy Anniversary!

  585. I love chocolate chip ice cream!!

  586. I am a sucker for frozen lemon custard… so so so good. It’s my favorite of all favorite… the bestest of the best, in my opinion (and I really pretty much love all ice cream flavors). 🙂

  587. I love rocky road ice cream!

  588. We love Georgia Peach Ice Cream and Coffee Almond Gelato!

  589. Oooo … vanilla!

  590. Vanilla is my favorite.

  591. I love the simplicity of vanilla.

  592. Anything chocolate and nutty for ice cream is hands down, my fave! But for gelato…it has to be fruity! 🙂 LOVE this give away! Thanks!

  593. Coffee, cappuccino, and espresso . And now I need to figure out how to make a kid friendly version… Any ideas? Happy Anniversary!

  594. Love me some good ole vanilla!

  595. Vanilla custard on the boardwalk in NJ, and Mint Chocolate Chip with sprinkles any other time! 🙂

  596. Nice looking machine! Happy anniversary!

    • Sorry, I forgot to mention my favorite flavor. I always go for chocolate, especially if it has peanut butter, fudge, or brownie bits included. *sigh* My sweetheart always goes for vanilla (high quality), unless there is raspberry available. I love him.

  597. Chocolate peanut butter!

  598. …after reading this, strawberry ice cream!!!

  599. I love sorbets and…. like you, American versions of Gelato. I have been trying my way through a shop in Hot Springs, AR when I visit my parents. Mmmm.

  600. Chocolate with peanut butter swirls. Hells to the yeah!

  601. Chocolate!!!

  602. Anything chocolate!

  603. Chocolate gelato with coconut Italian ice on top…mmmmmmm! That’s my happy place

  604. Sadly, my favorite flavor of ice cream is no longer made. 🙁 Bavarian Raspberry Ripple, a mixture of chocolate ice cream, chocolate chunks, and raspberry syrup rippled through it. Delicious!

  605. Cookies ‘n cream ice cream, but your strawberry gelato may be the new fav

  606. I love ice cream. My favorite is made by the usu creamery called Aggie blue mint. It is blue mint ice cream with cookies and white chocolate chunks. Yum. 🙂

  607. I love, love, LOVE mint chocolate chip!!!

  608. I love mint chocolate chip (I know, so boring), but a local ice cream shop has a cream cheese black raspberry that is to die for.

  609. My current favorite is Tillamook blueberry patch, with their blackberry flavor a close second. Summer is all about berry flavors!

  610. Mint chip and pralines and cream are a couple of my favorite ice creams. As for gelato, almost any flavor as long as you eat it in Italy! It’s soooo yummy over there!

  611. Happy anniversary! Chocolate Almond is the BEST!

  612. I love pumpkin ice cream.

  613. Chocolate or coffee, its a tie.

  614. I would say lemon is my favorite gelato flavor.

  615. Dark chocolate all the way!

  616. Give me chocolate or give me death!

  617. The most recent one I tried that was amazing was strawberry ice cream with cilantro lime cheesecake. I know, I know, but it was a soooo good. I would love to try and recreate it.

  618. Anything with fresh fruit has my heart… I scream, you scream, we all scream for homemade ice cream (strawberry, raspberry, PEACH, huckleberry-take your pick!). Nothing better on earth (except the Wacky Cake or other homemade chocolate cake/brownies underneath the homemade frozen treat). Oh, and our ice cream maker took a tumble a few weeks ago off the new shelves my hubby Brian installed in the garage a few months ago while I was recovering from my c-section. The fall literally shattered the motor…so…I could totally use a new maker! I am craving some ice cream! 😉

  619. I love plain vanilla with caramel & chocolate sauce:)
    That- or moose tracks. But I haven’t figured out how to re-crate the perfect “track’ in my homemade ice cream yet 🙂

  620. Georgia Peach!!!

  621. Definitely black raspberry chip!!!

  622. coffee
    so simple
    so good

  623. Banana, banana, banana!!!

  624. I know this sounds boring, but my favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla!

  625. Blood orange gelato is my favorite of all time. I search for it everywhere!

  626. Strawberry or chocolate, it’s a tie. A friend brought over some homemade cookies and cream ice cream the other day, and it was awesome. I would love to try a raspberry cheesecake flavor. Yummy.

  627. Just plain chocolate is my fav!

  628. I knew I loved you Mel! I’m feeling the gelato sisterhood going on 🙂 My fave is cappucino, served at Smith’s grocery store. Heavenly!

  629. Would so love to win the icecream maker…I love all flavors of ice cream…Butter Pecan is one of my favorites 😉

  630. I love ice cream! Red raspberry chip my favorite right now.

  631. You really should try the Gelato in Italy. There is nothing. like. it. Wish I could eat it again. Anywhere. Any flavor.

  632. Any kind of ice cream or gelato with peanut butter is always a favorite of mine! Mango is also an all time favorite! Would love to win!

  633. That’s like asking me to pick a favorite child! I’m really loving vanilla with peanut butter and cookie dough mixed in lately, though.

  634. I love to mix a berry flavor with chocolate. The best of both!

  635. Oh gelato, how I love you! I’ve been to Italy and there must be something about being on vacation where you give yourself permission to eat ice cream (at least) once a day!
    I do love hazelnut gelato with some mocha swirled in there….
    Love the color of this ice cream maker!

  636. I am a die hard chocolate fan!

  637. I love Vienna mocha chip gelato and just about anything with chocolate! Happy 12th anniversary!

  638. I’m not picky! If it’s called ice cream, frozen yogurt or gelato, I will eat it! Hence the 50 pound weight gain with each kiddo! (almost gone…)

  639. I am an equal opportunity ice cream lover! 🙂

  640. I’d love to win–what a cute blue ice cream maker! As far as favorites, I would have to go with strawberry (would love to try your recipe) and a good cookies and cream.

  641. chocolate peanut butter

  642. I think that ice cream maker would be a great tool to have. Winner or not thank you for offering it. Congrats to the winner.

  643. Happy 12 years! That is so exciting. Can we see a wedding picture on Saturday, maybe? My favorite ice cream flavor is Tillamook mudslide. It’s amazing! I’m actually eating it right now, hiding from my boys on my bed, while chanting “one more month….one more month….” (Until they go back to school) in my head. It’s the best escape I can afford at the moment!

  644. I LOVE Baskin robbins pistachio almond ice cream! My favorite. Wouldn’t that be fabulous to make at home?

  645. Vanilla ice cream with Mel’s Salted Caramel Sauce

  646. My favorite childhood gelato growing up (in Italy) was strawberry. But now I’m loving salted carmel.

  647. Right now, BYU creamery graham canyon. Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  648. good ol’ vanilla with strawberries. classic for a reason.

  649. I love chocolate hazelnut gelato!! Amazing!!

  650. I love any and all ice cream! 🙂 We opted out of a wedding cake in favor of an ice cream bar at our receptions, (BYU creamery ice cream no less)! Would so love to win this! PS. Happy Anniversary!

  651. I could go for about any kind of ice cream or gelato right now, but after your post I’m probably craving strawberry the most! YUM! (oh, and we were married 12 years ago in June, but our ice cream maker we got for a wedding present bit the dust after it got overturned during a move and leaked out stuff from inside the bowl. 🙁 Still haven’t replaced it, so this would be great!

  652. Mint chip!!

  653. Nothing like the good ole mint chocolate chip can bring a smile to my face. Ok maybe puppies too. 🙂

  654. Vanilla Bean!

  655. so hard to choose, but my favorite homemade ice cream of all time is raspberry sour cream. sooo good!

  656. Marvelous Mango!

  657. Raspberry, lemon, chocolate – pretty much any flavor!

  658. Raspberry!

  659. I love plain vanilla….maybe over a brownie! But seriously homemade vanilla is the best!

  660. I love anything chocolate!!!

  661. Ben and Jerry’s phish food or half baked… please don’t make me choose!

  662. Hi like ice cream with stuff in it, i am sucker for bday cake ice cream.

  663. I love dark chocolate with mint chocolate on the side.

  664. Mint chocolate chip.

  665. My favourite flavours from the best shop in town are mojito and chocolate salted caramel. The line up goes out the door on a hot summer night.

  666. Dulce de Leche

  667. strawberry…but some fresh raspberry sounds equally delicious!

  668. I really love key lime pie ice cream.

  669. Love gelato! A local shop here in Philly has rotating flavors and my favorites are watermelon, coconut, pineapple mint, cantaloupe, and mango.

  670. Pumpkin gelato…yum! Almost makes me excited fall is just around the corner.

  671. We love ice cream. This would be a dream come true to be able to make my own at home in this lovely machine.

  672. In gelato, it would have to be lemon. In ice cream, either pineapple, or I go to the creamery and get one scoop of chocolate and one scoop of coconut. I could eat that combo for breakfast lunch and dinner!

  673. Chocolate almond ice cream. Love it!

  674. We love raspberry sorbet in our house!!

  675. My favorite ice cream is Zanzibar chocolate, which is so dark chocolate it’s almost black! Delicious.

  676. Apricot. Using apricots from my own tree.

  677. I love the simple creaminess of vanilla!

  678. Chocolate… or Strawberry… or Salted Caramel… or Vanilla… oh the possibilities…

  679. Peach or raspberry!

  680. Has to be the Mexican hot chocolate from Black Dog Gelato in Chicago! Although, the strawberry one you posted sounds perfect for this beautiful summer day! I’m going to dig out my ice cream maker to celebrate your anniversary! 😉

  681. My favorite it snickers ice cream.

  682. I am obsessed with salted caramel!

  683. I love gelato of all kinds-it has such a perfect texture! I have never made it at home, but my husband and I are obsessed with the Talenti brand. I especially love the caramel apple pie and black cherry varieties!

  684. Toasted almond. So good you will freak.

  685. Fresh Peach Ice Cream – yum!

  686. Caramel crunch! Yum!

  687. My favorite flavor of ice cream is double chocolate chip!


  689. Homemade Peach Ice Cream! Although strawberry runs a close second 🙂

  690. Dark chocolate with peanut butter.

  691. Peach basil sorbet = summer love! So refreshing!

  692. Your description of the strawberry is driving me crazy. It is always my favorite flavor.
    I want to win this in the worst way.

  693. Mint chocolate chip and Chocolate with peanut butter!! Would love to try some homemade ice cream!

  694. Pineapple Gelato

  695. My favorite ice cream is Prailines n’ Cream. I’ve only had gelato one time—strawberry, I believe—but it was amazing!

  696. Everyone posting ice cream and gelato recipes is making me really think I NEED and ice cream maker! When I was younger I was all about vanilla, and while I venture out more, I will always love the simplicity of vanilla.

  697. I love Bronco’s Cocoa Bean here at the BYU creamery!

  698. Fried banana in vanilla bean with a drizzle of caramel shredded, unsweetened toasted coconut! Add chocolate if you like, I won’t judge! 🙂

  699. Butter pecan, or anything with caramel. I’m going to make this strawberry gelato this weekend!

  700. chocolate peanut butter

  701. Homemade vanilla!

  702. Raspberry Jalapeno Gelato (@ our local chocolate store)…which sounds weird but is amazing. 🙂

  703. Raspberry

  704. If it’s homemade ice cream, just plain old vanilla. Fancy ice cream parlor? Strawberry cheesecake.

  705. Mmmmm!! Blueberry cheesecake or toasted almond fudge! Could I make those at home?

  706. One of these days you’ll remember that we’re bffs, and I need to win this:) anything chocolate, cookie dough, peanut butter, nuts, brownies, I’m not picky:)

  707. Chocolate cappachino

  708. I always love chocolate. And butter pecan. And fresh strawberry. And…

  709. Salted caramel pecan or peanut butter.

  710. I like homemade buttermilk ice cream best of all.

  711. Have loved mint chocolate chip since I was a kid!

  712. Limoncello

  713. My favorite ice cream is chocolate and peanut butter.

  714. We lived in Hanover, NH where there is this dreamy gelato place and my favorite was a combination of coconut cream and a scoop of dark (and I mean dark) chocolate! Oh please let me win!!!!

  715. Strawberry for me!

  716. Love the nutty/caramel-y flavors like pralines & cream and butter pecan. That blue machine is a beaut!

  717. Chocolate with peanut butter!

  718. Chocolate peanut butter revel!!!

  719. just got back from Italy – not ashamed to admit I ate gelato for breakfast!
    love chocolate!

  720. I have yet to meet an ice cream, gelato or sorbet that I haven’t liked!

  721. I love me some moose tracks . . . but my fave is usually when you can do banana splits or ice cream how you want!!

  722. I’m a pecan praline kinda girl. An odd combination that is shockingly delicious is pistachio ice cream with melted peanut butter drizzled on top. Weird but oh so yummy!

  723. Thank you for the possibility to win one of these! I canNOT choose just one favorite because I love too many! Some top choices would be very chocolate ice cream with peanut butter swirl, caramel swirl, or raspberries.

  724. Salted caramel with cashews.

  725. I really love a good vanilla and then setting up a bar of fixings. That way everyone gets what they want.

  726. I love mint but when it comes to gelato any flavor will suffice. Orange sorbet is my favorite though!

  727. Butter Pecan

  728. Sea salt caramel with chocolate on the side. 🙂

  729. Yep, almost any kind, anywhere, although Tillamook Black Cherry or Schwan’s Rocky Road are favs!

  730. Salted caramel!

  731. Berries are sweet,
    Ice cream is mellow.
    Best to get yourself,
    A bowl full of gelato!

    Pistachio, hazelnut and strawberry gelato gets me through life 🙂

  732. Have heard so much about galato, but never tried it … it’s not readily available in New Brunswick, Canada. But I love ice cream & could sure put that beautiful machine to good use!

  733. Congratulations on your 12th!! I’m a chocolate fan….

  734. Raspberry sorbet

  735. We love Maple Walnut the best!

  736. I have too many favorites! I recently discovered smores ice cream and have been a little addicted. I also love a good raspberry sorbet.

  737. Awesome giveaway!

  738. Sounds devine!

  739. Duh, chocolate!!! Preferably with some peanut butter in there too. Maybe swirls of fudge too. Mmmmmm. 🙂

  740. Love your little hint!! Pistachio or coconut… Maybe together??

  741. Chocolate or coconut with dark chocolate bits!!

  742. Chocolate! Any flavor of Chocolate!

  743. Would have to be chocolate hazelnut or lemon!! Happy Anniversary!!

  744. Mocha almond fudge!

  745. Fresh banana, pumpkin or cookies and cream are my favorites

  746. Chocolate and lemon together!!

  747. Homemade gelato sounds heavenly. I’ve only had gelato one other time in Scottsdale, AZ at a place called the Gelato spot. It was so good. My favorite kind there was Pineapple gelato, yuuummmmy!

  748. Happy Anniversary!! How sweet are you to give away such an amazing gift?! I love ice cream/ frozen yogurt with strawberry chocolate chunk being my favorite, I think!! 🙂

  749. Salted Carmel gelato

  750. Chocolate – the more the better!!!

  751. I am an equal-opportunity ice cream flavor lover!

  752. Mint chocolate chip. Yum. We’ve been on a homemade ice cream kick lately and of the 10+ flavors we’ve tried, this is still my favorite! Thanks for another awesome giveaway!

  753. Mint choc chip – YUMMY!

  754. My favorite gelato in Italy has to be Stracciatella Gelato! What’s better that tiny chocolate chips in a creamy dreamy vanilla gelato! MMM, time to schedule another trip to Italy!

  755. I love me a good mango ice cream & just about passed out from the goodness of a peach ice cream my good friend once made me. Happy Anniversary Mel & Brian, may the next 12 bring many more adventures & love!

  756. Pistachio Almond and Cookie Dough! My faves 🙂

  757. hi i’m Makayla and i’m eleven i started a kidscancook blog a long time ago and you have inspired me to do it again. i’m really exited to win my absolute favorite is cookie dough and good ol’ vanilla. (with carmel of course)

  758. So hard to choose… But today I’ll say mint chocolate chip!

  759. My favorite gelato or ice cream is salted caramel. Yesterday I had gelato to celebrate my birthday and I choose peach and coconut — delizioso!

  760. Right now I’m eating butter pecan with fresh peaches!!

  761. Strawberry and raspberry gelato are my favorites, but I would love to try some new flavors! Thanks for offering this giveaway, Mel. I’d love to try your recipe using an ice cream maker…a nice bonding experience with my 13 year old son, the ultimate gelato lover!

  762. Chocolate peanut butter!

  763. Love ice cream! Anytime, anywhere, any flavor!!

  764. I love burnt almond fudge!

  765. Vanilla with peanut butter mixed in! Mmm!

  766. I don’t actually have a favorite. It depends on my mood. But I love chocolatey, caramely stuff a lot.

  767. Coffee ice cream is my favorite!!

  768. My husband and I have been married 26 years! He believes ice cream is the “food of the Gods” and therefore, partakes of it almost nightly. Of course, I learned to follow his example and our kids have done the same. We would put this ice cream make to super good use! As for our favorite flavor….well, we try not to discriminate but anything with chocolate is certainly at the top of the list.

  769. I love coffee ice cream!!

  770. So many to choose from. Have had awesome peanut butter gelato before. Yum

  771. The other day I had chocolate coconut ice cream for the first time. Mmm!

  772. Pretty much any flavor although I am very partial to fresh strawberry anything

  773. Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream… and for gelato– whatever I can get, yum!

  774. I am a huge fan of green tea ice cream!

  775. All chocolate, all the time.

  776. Rocky Road, I love Rocky Road! I love ice cream!

  777. I loved reading how you described gelato. My only experience with gelato was 13 years ago in Canada, and it was pistachio—what was I thinking? It didn’t hit the spot. You have encouraged me to try it again!

  778. Chocolate cheesecake ice cream…YUM!

  779. anything with chocolate!

  780. I love cookies and cream ice cream. Have never had gelato but I know I would love it 🙂

  781. I love all ice cream!!! I would love to make it at home with my girls, such a fun and yummy activity!!

  782. Chocolate!

  783. Just one?? Oh dear! Fresh strawberry or raspberry topping on vanilla ice cream, or a mixture of candy treats like skor, m&m’, oreo, or….I could keep going!!

  784. I love salted caramel anything these days.

  785. My favorite is vanilla caramel and it would be a real treat to be able to make it at home. Thanks for the chance to win!

  786. Blueberry cheesecake frozen yogurt is soooo delish!!!

  787. We love ice cream especially in the summer! My favorites are mint chocolate chip and cookies and cream!

  788. I love chocolate and mint together, either gelato or ice cream.

  789. I love coffee ice cream!

  790. Any flavor that includes caramel

  791. I love dark chocolate with raspberry

  792. I love salted caramel and chocolate hazelnut!

  793. Peach in the summer, and chocolate all year round!!!

  794. My new favorite is from Argentina called Swiss chocolate – chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks and dulce de leche. Yum!

  795. My favorite gelato is vanilla bean. thanks for the chance to win an ice cream maker I have always wanted one

  796. i love me a good peanut butter and chocolate ice cream.

  797. Coconut ice cream with fudge

  798. Any form of chocolate!

  799. White chocolate frozen yogurt. Holy moly!

  800. Chocolate!!!

  801. Any flavor of the Harris Teeter Natural ice creams!

  802. Chocolate and peanut butter!! Yum, Yum!!

  803. Chocolate peanut butter. Or peach. Tough call!

  804. Coconut gelato…hands down!

  805. Love the color! I need an icecream maker too!

  806. I actually work at a frozen yogurt store but it is my last week so I won’t be getting free pomegranate (my favorite) froyo anymore. Boo! I would love the chance to try making it at home.

  807. You should make your way over to Italy solely for the gelato. Delish! I think strawberry gelato is fantastic.

  808. happy anniversary! brownie nut fudge. yum and thank you!

  809. Woohoo for fruity flavored! Pineapple strawberry plum
    Peach…… I could go on and on!

  810. Cookies and cream is my go to flavor whenever I am trying a new place. I also love black raspberry and pistachio. Yum!

  811. Chocolate chip gelato 🙂

  812. Anything with peanut butter and chocolate in it!!

  813. Ever true vanilla!

  814. Chocolate peppermint

  815. Homemade: pineapple sherbet recipe that’s a family favorite.
    Store bought: Any kind of chocolate with caramel and nuts.

  816. Chocolate! With more chocolate.

  817. Raspberry.

  818. Oreo frozen yogurt from my favorite yogurt shop-Tiger’s Yogurt in Elk Grove CA!

  819. The gelato place near me has an amazing strawberries and champagne flavor. It is beyond amazing.

  820. Mint chocolate chip, but only with the shaved chocolate…and Rocky Road…lets be honest, a favorite isn’t really required for me to enjoy eating all things ice cream.

  821. As a single mom of two kids I have not had the pleasure of owning an ice cream machine BUT would love one! So many yummy flavours I’d love to try from lemon and raspberry to experimenting with all berries and of course CHOCOLATE and coconut and I’m sure the list is endless on Pinterest! Have a wonderful anniversary today and thank you for a wonderful contest! Crossing my fingers (eyes, toes, etc!)

  822. I love homemade ice cream with fresh raspberries. This is a must-have dessert every year for my birthday.

  823. Peach is the best with fresh raspberries on top.

  824. raspberry!

  825. Our favorite gelato place rotates their flavors. I LOVE walking in and finding they are serving their dark chocolate!

  826. Oooo… There are so many that I love, but my recent favorite has been raspberry sorbet.

  827. My favorite was from a shop that has since closed (: one was a toasted coconut, and a mint chip soo good.

  828. Pistachio or anything coffee flavored!

  829. Mint chip. And I have had my Cuisinart ice cream maker since my wedding 16 years ago!

  830. Pistachio gelato

    • We love ice cream! Any kind anywhere 🙂

    • I LOVE butter pecan. My husband and I have been married 3 years and his family always makes homemade ice cream (his moms maker went out and we bought her a new one) unfortunately we didn’t receive one as a wedding present and the only time he gets some is when his mom makes it. Would love to do it myself.

  831. I LoVE all gelato!! My favorite though is salted caramel. Oh yum. Makes me want to eat some.

  832. I know I’m boring, but nothing beats plain vanilla in my mind. Plain vanilla ice cream topped with fresh berries. Heaven.

  833. Happy Anniversary Mel! I would say my favorite ice cream is Black Jack Cherry Ice Cream from Kemps. Thanks for give away!

  834. I love lemon. I should go get some right now.

  835. Always love my old standby of Chocolate, but recently anything with coffee, caramel and nuts!! Swoon!! 🙂

  836. Hands down Blackberry Lavendar was the best gelato I had while in Italy. Close second was Biscotti.

  837. Rocky road, as long as the nuts aren’t peanuts!

  838. Homemade mint chocolate chip is my favorite!

  839. Chocolateis definitely the favorite in our house, pretty much goes for everything not just ice cream!

  840. Chocolate with peanut butter chunks

  841. I love chocolate chip ice cream with slice strawberries on top. Yum!

  842. I love white chocolate raspberry ice cream! 🙂

  843. Love gelato!! Had some delicious Pistachio Gelato in, (of all places), Chattanooga TN on our trip there this summer. Yum!!

  844. We love mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. My 20 month old daughter got a taste and said, “Yum” followed by “more”. Would love to make ice cream at home. I’ve been sticking with homemade raspberry yogurt ice pops, but would love to expand to ice cream. Happy Anniversary!!

  845. Strawberry is one of my favorites.

  846. I’m a huge fan of any ice cream or frozen yogurt that involves peanut butter:-)

  847. I know I won’t win, but I want to share anyway, when I went to Italy, we had fresh yogurt gelato, made with fresh yogurt, made with fresh milk from a dairy in the countryside. Amazing. I probably need that again.

  848. Raspberry, with fresh raspberries!

  849. Any combo of peanut butter and chocolate is usually my choice!

  850. Love Chocolate Blackberry

  851. fresh peach or raspberry ice cream has got to be my favorite hands down!!

  852. i love lemon sorbet

  853. Rocky Road or Black Raspberry – my littles would get a thrill out of making their own.

  854. I love fruit gelatos and coconut!

  855. My all time favorite is butter pecan, not sure of that could be made at home, but I would love to try it!

  856. Years ago when we had our first ice cream maker we tried the recipe for the avocado ice cream and it was surprisingly good! I wouldn’t say it was my favorite though. That would have to go to my sister’s version of Leather boy’s Swiss Milk Chocolate! Thanks for the opportunity Mel!

  857. I love Tillamook mudslide or Campfire smores!

  858. Raspberry Almond! And… plain old vanilla. But when it’s made right, it’s exquisite in its simplicity. Love ice cream!

  859. I love mint chocolate chip ice cream and rainbow sherbet. I’d love an ice cream maker to try out all your frozen dessert recipes!!

  860. My favorite is Cabernet Sauvignon mulberry sorbet…time consuming but delicious!

  861. Mango Gelato! Creamy and refreshing.

  862. My favorite is peppermint bon bon!

  863. I have two favorite homemade ice cream flavors. First, I love homemade peppermint. Second, we have a traditional family flavor that goes back to my grandparents….purple cow. Yep, super purple and super yum and fun! Pretty much just grape juice and lemonade, but we LOVE it! Sad that I haven’t done well at continuing this tradition though because I have never gotten myself an ice cream maker. This giveaway would be perfecto!

  864. I love all kinds of gelato. But I’m limited on dairy. So I had the most amazing blood orange sorbetto in Vancouver CA. Also my daughter loves all kinds of sorbet. I think she would love the strawberry gelato. 😉 thanks so much!!

  865. chocolate and hazelnut

  866. I haven’t had it for years, but my all time favorite has been Cappuccino Chocolate Chunky from Brahms.

  867. Creamy dreamy peanut butter chocolate!

  868. Oh, Mel, how can I pick a favorite? Right now it would be either lemon or lime – but only because it’s hot outside. Spring would be strawberry. Winter would be chocolate. Fall would be orange. And of course all of that is completely moot if I get peckish for something different!

  869. I remember years ago having my first taste of gelato. It was unforgettable and way better than ice cream. I am so excited to try your recipe since I haven’t been able to find gelato anywhere else. Buuut my favorite ice cream is moose tracks and I also looove sherbet! Any kind!

  870. I saw a recipe for ritz cracker ice cream and I just can’t shake it from my mind! Buttery? Salty? Creamy? Three requisites for my life!

  871. Black raspberry is my current favorite ice cream. I would love to make ice cream with my kids. 🙂

  872. I LOVE salted caramel and burnt almond fudge ice cream! This would be such a fun thing to win! Thanks for all you do, Mel!

  873. Coffee flavored

  874. Pistachio!!

  875. Chocolate chip cookie dough all the way!!

  876. Fresh Strawberry . . . .mmmmm

  877. Pretty much any icecream with peanut butter in it!!

  878. I love lemon, and vanilla those are my favorites

  879. Mocha chip

  880. Ice cream:coffee
    Love your website!

  881. Raspberry! And I have tons of them from my garden!

  882. My favorite right now is salted caramel gelato by Talenti (I think). So delish!

  883. Oh I love that Aztec Chocolate by Haagen Daz – It is DEEEE-vine. Thanks for the chance to win the ice cream maker – happy anniversary ! Melody

  884. When I was in Italy for 3 weeks, I ate gelato at least once a day. My very favorite is Pistacchio. So yummy!!!

  885. I think my favorite gelato flavor would have to be either the coconut or the salted caramel from The Nutty Squirrel gelato shop in Maple Valley, WA! Yum, so delicious! Happy Anniversary! 🙂

  886. I’ve actually never had gelato – would love to try this strawberry gelato recipe! My favorite flavors at the moment are probably raspberry sorbet and traditional-old vanilla ice cream. (I couldn’t pick just one! 😉 )

  887. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for celebrating with us with this giveaway. My favorite flavor is chocolate ice cream!

  888. I love Strawberry ice cream! The gelato you made looks right up my alley! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  889. Sea salt caramel Gelato

  890. I love anything with chocolate in it!!

  891. I absolutely love Cinnamon ice cream – and its always better homemade 🙂

  892. CHOCOLATE!!!

  893. Fresh Strawberry!

  894. Cookies and Cream!

  895. Vanilla baby!

  896. I love so many flavors. Currently fresh peach is my fav!

  897. My current favorite is salted caramel ice cream…mmmm, mmmm, mmmm. I also generally love pralines and cream! I sound like an old woman!

  898. Green Pineapple! I haven’t had it in many, many years since Snelgrove’s Ice Cream closed down… but maybe I’ll try to duplicate it. But Talenti Chocolate Salted Caramel Gelato is an obsession as well! Happy Anniversary 🙂

  899. Salted butter caramel…yum…

  900. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

  901. I’ve only had it a couple times (but LOVED it)
    and the choices were chocolate or vanilla….
    I chose Vanilla. (I know…pretty dull!) But I’d love
    to win an ice cream maker and try all sorts of neat
    flavors! (blackberry and strawberry would probably be
    at the top of my list)

  902. I love fresh berry gelato of any kind, but I have never tried making them so I am super excited to see how this works. Hopefully, I will win the ice cream maker otherwise I will just put it down for a Christmas wish list. (:

  903. I live in the south west and all cool /frozen desserts – especially ice cream / gelato is the first choice. Anything chocolate is probably my first choice. Happy Anniversary!

  904. Peanut butter chocolate chip. Happy Anniversary, Mel!

  905. Thanks for a great giveaway! I always enjoy mint chocolate chip. But I once made gianduja (hazelnut) gelato from David Lebovitz’s cookbook, and I still dream about the stuff. Happy anniversary!

  906. My favorite is plain old vanilla.

  907. Malted vanilla with shaved chocolate! I’m attempting to perfect a recipe this summer and could sure use a better ice cream maker. Thanks for another great giveaway!

    • Are you learning to make swiss milk chocolate? and you didn’t tell me? Seriously? What kind of sister are you? to quote dad – you are out of the will!

  908. wait for it…..Pistachio!

  909. I love cookies and cream!

  910. Butter pecan ice cream, followed closely by orange pineapple! Yummy!

  911. My favorite is mint chocolate chip. It’s my grandchildren favorite too. Their favorite pie is my Mint Chocoalte Chip ice cream pie with hot fudge sauce and whip cream!

  912. Chocolate chocolate chip!

  913. I found your blog from your cousin Melissa A. It now my favorite blog. If I win, Melissa and the fam will get lots of Ice cream!

  914. Burnt almond fudge

  915. Cappuccino chip!

  916. Chocolate Toasted Coconut Gelato! … and Grapefruit sorbet is amazing too

  917. My favorite gelato flavor is pumpkin pie!

  918. fresh raspberry. oh my yum. you are amazing

  919. Sea salt carmel gelato… Hands down!

  920. Definitely chocolate peanut butter!

  921. I have never tasted gelato, but that strawberry recipe sure looks good. I would love to give it a try!

  922. Peach!!!! I love all fruits, but peach is my favorite!!! Would love to win!

  923. Earnestly Chocolate from the BYU creamery!

  924. Fresh raspberry!

  925. Cookies and cream.

  926. Mint chocolate chip with hot fudge! 🙂

  927. Black raspberry

  928. While living in Croatia for 18 months, we ate LOTS of Gelato. I think Croatian gelato is by far better than Italian gelato…more decadent and creamy. My all time favorite is
    Stracciatella Gelato with chunks of chocolate all through the gelato. Happy Anniversary!

  929. Love the tartness of lemon or lime sorbet

  930. I love any ice cream with am authentic coffee flavor! And chocolate on top!

  931. Anything with chocolate, yum.

  932. This is the only way I’ll ever get an ice cream maker!!

  933. Love any tangy fruity frozen yogurt! Also just had angel food cake frozen yogurt! YUM!

  934. Vanilla with fresh strawberries! Yum!

  935. I could wax poetic about raspberry sorbet! Yum, yum, yum!!! Happy Anniversary!

  936. I love chocolate ice cream with a peanut butter swirl. The best one is Umpqua brand, which I can’t find in Denver. I’ve only seen it in Utah and Idaho! It is delicious!

  937. oh so many choices so little time! I’ll have to go with butter pecan and #2 anything chocolate!

  938. I’ve been on a chocolate peanut butter kick for awhile now!

  939. Hands down anything with chocolate every time! Happy anniversary! We just celebrated our 11th anniversary, and my 5 kids are all about a year in age behind yours :). Love your blog!

  940. Coffee Flavor!

  941. Chocolate chip cookie dough followed by a mint chocolate chip for a close second.

  942. Chocolate mousse is my favorite!

  943. Favorite: Tillamook Mudslide…dangerous! Did you know some Costcos serve gelato in the food court? It is probably not the best in the world, but It’s pretty good! $1.50 for a huge waffle cone – not bad! It’s worth knowing where they are when planning a road trip with kids (or without)!

  944. I love, love, love peanut butter and chocolate ice cream! 🙂

  945. I love any flavor fruit sorbet and… Hazelnut gelato! Best stuff ever!

  946. Love anything with strawberries involved. Will be trying this recipe.

  947. Chocolate! Thanks Mel and happy anniversary!

  948. Chocolate chocolate chip haagen daas 🙂

  949. I love Neopolitan ice cream.

  950. Butter pecan!!

  951. I’ve never had an ice cream maker but I think I’d go big on my first attempt at making it and try Tiramisu! My favorite!

  952. Plain old Vanilla. There is so much possibility! And I like it in a bowl with cold milk so it forms little ice crystals. YUMMMMMMMMMMY!

  953. Chocolate 🙂

  954. Rocky Road!

  955. My favorite is probably chocolate chip ice cream. But my kids love the old basics of vanilla and chocolate, though they love getting the fresh blueberry, peach, and strawberry from our local farm. My daughter is 4 1/2 and diabetic, so making homemade ice cream where I could control the sugars would be awesome!

  956. I love any ice cream that has chocolate in it, although I would love to try making salted carmel ice cream!

  957. Plain ol chocolate. Or Chocolate peanut butter swirl. yum.

  958. My favorites are homemade strawberry or a good mint brownie.

  959. For gelato, I love chocolate hazelnut. For ice cream, I love anything with chocolate and nuts. My favorite is Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk.

  960. I love any thing with chocolate!!

  961. Love chocolate hazelnut!

  962. I’ve wanted one forever. There’s nothing better than homemade chocolate ice cream!

  963. Feeling unrefined but I’ve like mint oreo since I was a kid.

  964. We frequent the local gelato place, but would love to make our own. Chocolate hazelnut is a new favorite!

  965. If we’re talking Gelato, then I love any melon flavored concoction. Canteloupe? Yum! (which my husband thinks is weird!)

  966. Had never really tried gelato until we were on vacation to the Bay Area near San Francisco. To some it sounds gross, but sooo deeeeish!! Fresh Ginger Gelato!!!! Heavenly!!

  967. Peanut butter cup

  968. Butter pecan or prailines and cream!

  969. My absolute favorite flavor of gelato is stracciatella!! You better believe I will make endless batches with this baby 🙂 plus, it’s in my favorite color!

  970. coconut gelato is my fav

  971. My favorite ice cream is key lime pie. Also, anything fruity or with almonds.

  972. I love me some strawberry ice cream and chocolate and mint chocolate chips and……the list will be long 🙂

  973. I love chocolate ice cream and any berry gelato.

  974. Love, love, love coffee ice cream……and really good vanilla! YUM! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  975. Simply plain yummy chocolate !

  976. I’d have to say my favorites are chocolate chip cookie dough and cookies and cream!!!

  977. Peanut butter cup. Been having to make the no – ice cream maker version of ice cream lately. Kids sort of like it but a real ice cream maker would be way more fun for us to do together

  978. We are celebrating 13! Happy anniversary to you!

  979. My favorite ice cream is vanilla and my favorite frozen yogurt is strawberry.

  980. Tillamook Smore

  981. I could eat any flavor, but right now my favorite is salted caramel! Yummy!!

  982. Having just returned from Italy, I can attest to the deliciousness of the trademark Italian treat. My favorite while we were there was a dark chocolate flavored one. I can’t remember what it was called! My husband preferred a creme brulee, my six year old a chocolate nutella version, and my 4 year old daughter loved the strawberry!!

  983. Anything with caramel!

  984. My favorite ice cream is bear claw! It’s chicolate caramel and cashew goodness!

  985. I love chocolate ice cream with oreo and cocoa fudge added! Yes I go overboard with chocolate 🙂

  986. chocolate chip mint

  987. Cake batter is my favorite 🙂

  988. Chocolate peanut butter

  989. my favorite is whatever’s in my freezer! most recently cherry crisp 🙂

  990. How about Neapolitan? The best three flavors!

  991. I love anything called Moose Tracks, Tin Roof, or Rocky Road!! (Vanilla with add-ins, I guess!!) Thanks 🙂

  992. It’s ice cream…must there be a favorite?! 🙂 When I was a kid, I loved bubble gum (just for the little gumballs mixed around in it all…plus they’d melt and make the ice cream all pretty). Now I’m slightly boring with a bent towards plain ol’ vanilla…but seriously, I’d take most kinds…and a trip to Italy to check out gelato!

  993. I fell in love with mint gelato on my study abroad to Italy 15 years ago it was the best thing that ever happened to me 😉

  994. Caramel Balsamico Gelato is my favorite!!!

  995. I love me some rich dark chocolate gelato, but pistachio is always fantastic too. And cherry vanilla ice cream with really good chunks of cherry is my fave.

  996. I’m into frozen yogurt right now. I love the mango and just plain tart. But the strawberry gelato looks so scrumptious I will give it a try.

  997. My family loves strawberry gelato and lime gelato.
    Having been to Italy, I have not found gelato in the US to match theirs 🙁
    Hope yours comes close!

  998. Mm gelato! My favorite kind would have to be strawberry, but my favorite kind of I’ve cream is mint Oreo. Can’t go wrong, right?

    The ice cream maker is so cute I think I could stare at it all day. And what a fun way to share your anniversary!! Congratulations.

  999. Coffee and/or caramel. I can’t choose!

  1000. I have a hard time choosing just one, but I do love Tillamook’s Udderly Chocolate. Yum.

  1001. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!! Oh my goodness … there are so many … but I think my most favorite is coconut yogurt with almonds … so incredibly YUMMY!!!!!!!

  1002. Happy Anniversary Mel! My fave ice cream is vanilla, pure and unadulterated! Thanks for the chance to win.

  1003. Happy, Happy Anniversary! My husband and I just celebrated our 40th and I would love to win him an ice cream maker! I would love to try chocolate!

  1004. I’m one of those pistachio freaks! LOVE the stuff!

  1005. Maple nut!

  1006. My boys are dairy and egg free so i would love to make them some homemade strawberry coconut sorbet!

  1007. I have been canning apricots and would love to try an apricot syrup gelato!

  1008. Oh Please I need one! I love just about any ice cream but I still dream about the gelato I had when I visited Italy with my husband. The White Chocolate in a brioche bun I had was to die for!

  1009. Lemon(-:

  1010. My fave is a coffee flavor with bits of chocolate chunks mixed in. Mmmmmm.

  1011. Homemade Chocolate Raspberry Banana!

  1012. Blackberry…..

  1013. So hard to choose a favorite! I love the peppermint ice cream at the holidays and all the different flavors with peanut butter in the summer.

  1014. I love chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

  1015. vanilla bean, pure and simple 🙂

  1016. Love anything with nuts and caramel!

  1017. I love pralines and cream ice cream.

  1018. Specifically Tillamook Mudslide. Heaven in a carton:)

  1019. My fav ice cream IN THE WORLD is pralines and cream from B&R. Guess I need to come up with a homemade version!!!!

  1020. Moose tracks…

  1021. Coffee ice cream is my all time favorite!

  1022. Happy anniversary Mel! Brian’s a lucky dude! He better make you something when he gets back!

  1023. My favorite would have to be mocha chocolate chip topped with homemade hot fudge sauce. Would love to try making it myself instead of buying it.

  1024. I love any ice cream that has chocolate and peanut butter 🙂

  1025. Wow, the blue model is BEAUTIFUL! My favorite ice cream/gelato flavor is strawberry….although your salted caramel ice cream really makes me think twice about that.

  1026. Strawberry is my fav! So excited for the recipe!!

  1027. Oooo, favorite ice cream flavor.. that’s a tough one. I would say Baskin Robins Daiquiri Ice. A new ice cream maker and some imagination… I wonder if I could make this tasty treat at home?? Yummmm

  1028. Happy anniversary! I am pregnant right now and ANYTHING icy and cold really cuts my nausea down. This would be a dream to win! Currently craving mango fro yo. Delicious.

  1029. Cookies and cream 🙂

  1030. A family owned local ice cream place called Leatherby’s has a flavor called Swiss Milk Chocolate that is an obsession of mine. Second place is pistachio!

  1031. Hand’s down: Mint Chocolate Chip

  1032. I love strawberry ice cream and anything with toffee! Happy Anniversary!

  1033. I love Oreo cheesecake, happy anniversary!!!

  1034. My favorite homemade ice cream is our families huckleberry ice cream recipe.

  1035. Ice cream should have been my middle name, I LOVE IT! So much it is hard to pick a favorite but the top of the list is mint chocolate chip, neapolitan, and anything made by Tillamook. 🙂 Happy Anniversary!!

  1036. Lately I have waxing nostalgic and craving chocolate with peanut butter swirls like I always got as a kid with my dad.

  1037. Pumpkin pie cheesecake ice cream! Yum yum! Happy anniversary!

  1038. I’ve been wanting one of these all summer! My favorite ice cream is strawberry and raspberry. Happy Aniversary Mel!

  1039. I love chocolate peanut butter!!

  1040. Any ice cream with peanut butter and chocolate is a win for me!

  1041. I remember my folks making vanilla ice cream which was pretty darn good. When I made it years ago I made a rich chocolate ice ceam. That is hands down my favorite.

  1042. Even if I should not happen to win!!! I have been looking at something to get when the grandkids come. Will have to give it a try since it comes highly recommend

  1043. I love grapefruit sorbet!

  1044. I love almost any kind of ice cream! How can you go wrong?? But during this pregnancy I’ve been craving Oreo ice cream all the time!

  1045. Italy has Nutella flavored gelato and – according to my kids – it doesn’t get any better than that!

  1046. My favorite is lemon gelato. My sister and I lived on it for the 2 weeks we went to Europe forever ago.

  1047. I love chocolate chip and burnt almond fudge. Our ice cream maker just kicked the bucket, so keeping my fingers crossed!

  1048. Strawberry!! It’s the kind we always made when I was a child 🙂

  1049. Happy anniversary! We just celebrated 12 years too. Oh, the possibilities for ice cream. I would love to make the strawberry gelato, or maybe peach frozen yogurt, or mint chocolate chip….
    or maybe vanilla with some caramel sauce!

  1050. Any frozen treat that is coffee flavored has my name all over it! Happy anniversary!

  1051. Exciting!! I love chocolate and mint. Happy Anniversary!

  1052. Rocky Road with marshmallows and marshmallow creme swirls and pecans and dark chocolate covered peanuts and marchino cherries!

  1053. I LOVE anything with nuts – especially pralines and cream. As far as homemade flavors go- fresh berries are the best! I have a house full of people that don’t really care what the flavor is – they just want ice cream for dessert … always!

  1054. Happy Eternal Marriage Day! I love vanilla because I can change the flavor easily into so many yummy options.

  1055. I would make mint chocolate for sure!

  1056. My favorite ice cream would be a combination of chocolate and vanilla. If that isn’t available, vanilla ice cream with hot fudge sauce and wet nuts!!!!

  1057. Limoncello – I Love, Love, LOVE the tart lemon flavor!

  1058. Mmmmm. Coconut! Our local creamery makes a coconut ice cream with almonds and chocolate chunks. Divine.

  1059. I crave burnt almond fudge ice cream!

  1060. Happy Anniversary. My favorite flavor is Vanilla. I have not made home made ice cream in many years but do believe I will if I win one of the ice cream machines.

  1061. Homemade blackberry ice cream – followed closely by dark chocolate chip!

  1062. Happy Anniversary! My vote is for cherry!

  1063. Limoncello – I love, love LOVE the tart lemon flavor!

  1064. Mint Chocolate Chip, Lemon Sorbet and, of course, chocolate plain or with anything else mixed with it. Actually, I LOVE ALL ice cream

  1065. Happy 12 years!! My favorite flavor depends on if I’m eating the ice cream/gelato alone or with something (cookies, brownies, cake, etc…). If I had to choose, it would be cookies and cream with big old pieces of cookies!!

  1066. Pistachio!

  1067. Although my ice cream maker is not nearly as nice and could use an upgrade 🙂 I currently have an ice cream base in the fridge waiting to go – a cookies and cream ice cream made with a chocolate and nutella coconut milk base.

  1068. Hmm…So many good flavors, it’s hard to choose! I do like combining coffee flavored with salted caramel. Happy anniversary!

  1069. Favorite flavor ice cream is butter pecan, sorbet is lemon! Happy Anniversary, Mel!

  1070. Cookie dough ice cream but basically a fan of all frozen treats.

  1071. raspberry sorbet and lemon sorbet or any sorbet. thanks!

  1072. Strawberry or coconut are my faves!

  1073. I love all ice cream…strawberry, mint chocolate chip, chocolate with chunks of deliciousness mixed in.

  1074. It’s hard to pick one favorite flavor! The top of my list would include coffee flavored and cookies n cream.

  1075. I love homemade ice cream! Homemade Peanut Butter Cup is one of my favorites. Chocolate and peanut butter, what’s not to love?

  1076. Love mint choc chip!!

  1077. I love praline pecan. 🙂 And happy anniversary!

  1078. I’m a dedicated devour-er of Cold Stone’s Dark Chocolate with brownie mix-ins! They don’t usually have the dark chocolate flavor so having my own means to make this tasty combination sounds like a really good plan!

  1079. I LOVE Gelato!

  1080. I have a hard time narrowing down my favorite ice cream (or dessert for that matter), but my favorite homemade ice cream that I’ve had was a chocolate peanut butter one I found here:

  1081. We love our ice cream maker for seven years but it didn’t make the cut to move across the country with us…now I am regretting that decision. It made the best vanilla ice cream with just four ingredients – milk, cream, pure vanilla, and sugar. I can’t wait to make it again!

  1082. Happy Anniversary!! I’ve never had gelato but would love to try it. Schwan’s has the best ice cream and I think coffee is my favorite flavor!

  1083. I LOVE peach ice cream!! The peaches are ripe here in Arkansas and I would love to make a batch of homemade peach!! Nuttin’ better!!!

  1084. Baileys or peanut butter ice creams are my favorite flavors to eat and make with my sister. Almost anything Haagen Dazs are my favorite to buy.

  1085. Love coconut gelato!

  1086. I’d have to say vanilla, because there’s just so many things you can add to it, or pour on top of it! And, there’s nothing like it on brownies or chocolate cake!

    PS – I LOVE your e-mails. . . they are the highlight of my day! Happy Anniversary!

  1087. Dark chocolate temptation!

  1088. Grapenut custard!!!!!

  1089. Chocolate!

  1090. If it’s wonderful my favorite is Vanilla – if not quite, I love ones like chocolate almond or Mounds or anything in the peanut butter family. But Vanilla remains the all-flavor test!

  1091. My friend used to make frosties in her ice cream maker. I’d love to continue the tradition!

  1092. Anything with peanut butter and chocolate does it for me! Wouldn’t it be exciting to be able to make my own!

  1093. Salted caramel!

  1094. I have never made ice cream, gelato, sorbet, or any other frozen confection for that matter *gasp*. I have to say that I would probably start off trying to duplicate the flavors I found in the most charming ice cream shop “Mora” on Bainbridge Island, WA. Lemon Bar ice cream is calling my name!

  1095. Happy Anniversary! My favorite ice cream flavor would be chocolate with bits of brownie.

  1096. I love anything toffee related! nom nom 🙂

  1097. I love most ice cream flavors, but mint chocolate chip is my favorite. Thank you :).

  1098. Happy anniversary

  1099. Fresh peach ice cream.

  1100. Lemon!!! Every. Time. I can’t help it. I stand at the counter and try a dozen flavors (which I am sure the guy behind the counter LOVES) but I always end up ordering lemon. Sometimes I’ll go halfsies and add some raspberry or strawberry!

  1101. Ice cream is my favorite! Thanks!

  1102. Fresh peach frozen custard!! Yumm-oh!

  1103. I have an amazing recipe for lemon custard sorbet. It is delicious and my favorite!!!

  1104. chocolate hazelnut gelato…yum!

  1105. My favorite ice cream in the whole world is Pumpkin Pie ice cream. I have yet to master the recipe. If you want the most spectacular ice cream experience, go to Ohio in the autumn, find a Graeter’s ice cream, and eat pumpkin pie ice cream. You will think you died and went to heaven. I would use this ice cream machine to figure out how to make this delectable treat! Thanks for the awesome giveaway and Happy Anniversary!!!

  1106. Happy anniversary! I’ll be getting married this October, and I hope will last as long as you. My favourite icecream flavour is definitely pistachio, best flavour ever.

  1107. Coconut!

  1108. Chocolate peanutbutter!

  1109. I had a grapefruit gelato once in Park City that was to die for yummy! Would love to try and duplicate that one sometime!

  1110. Good ‘ol Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream is my favorite! A fancy ice cream maker would make it so much easier to enjoy!

  1111. I LOVE Dairy Queen’s Peanut Butter cup blizzard! 🙂

  1112. Fell in love with yogurt flavored gelato on a trip to Italy when I was in high school 10 years ago!

  1113. Happy Anniversary! Strawberry tops my lsit of favs!

  1114. Ahhhh! I lived in Italy for 18 months and ate gelato ALMOST EVERY SINGLE DAY!! It helps that they give you really small portions. I love strawberry, but my fave was limone. (Lemon). If you’ve got a good recipe for it please share and I’d love to make it in one of these beautiful mint Cuisinart ice cream makers!!! Thanks for your great posts, I love your blog!

  1115. Mint chocolate chip!

  1116. Happy anniversary!! We’ve been married 12 years too! Thanks for sharing your recipes!

  1117. My favorite is chocolate.

  1118. My favorite ice cream hands down is peppermint. But if I have to choose another flavor it revolves around pretzels and caramel or fruit.

  1119. I love pralines and caramel! And this site!

  1120. Rum Raisin is great. But I like it all. Would love to win this so I can make my own. Yummy. Happy Anniversary

  1121. I loooove strawberry cheesecake ice cream!

  1122. Pistachio!

  1123. I love choco chip cookie dough ice cream!

  1124. Happy anniversary! I love all flavors but mint chocolate chip, strawberry, and banana top my list!

  1125. I love cinnamon ice cream! Perfect base for any topping!

  1126. Love Fresh Strawberry and/or Raspberr!!

  1127. Dark chocolate gelato is delicious, but I’m like you and have only tasted the American variety. My sister served her mission in Italy and has returned to visit about 5 times since, so I’ve been hearing about real gelato for years. But since I’ve never had the real thing, I’m perfectly satisfied with Pseudo-gelato. I’d love to win and try making my own! Happy anniversary!

  1128. Baskin Robbins Cherries Jubilee is my favorite ice cream flavor!! We love ice cream and I’ve never made it at home.

  1129. I love a creamy ice cream like Butter Pecan and a fruity gelato like Mango.
    Happy Anniversary!

  1130. Happy anniversary! If I had to pick a favorite ice cream flavor, it would definitely be chocolate. Delicious!

  1131. Mint Chocolate Chip, without question! Love love love your website, Mel!!

  1132. Baccio! It’s a chocolate hazelnut. Yum!!

  1133. Butter pecan – I just wish my family liked nuts in their ice cream so I could make it!

  1134. During the summertime it’s got to be Lemoncello flavor!

  1135. Mel, you always do such fun giveaways! Thanks! My all time favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.

  1136. I love chocolate. Specifically chocolate ice cream with chunks in it, nuts, cookies, brownies, whatever. My favorite to buy is Tillamook Mudslide. That stuff is dangerous and delicious!

  1137. My hubby makes the BEST butterfinger ice cream. He studied food science and worked in our university’s ice cream building for a while so he knows the recipe for the best ice cream.

  1138. Amaretto chocolate chip (preferably eaten while in Italy but I’ll eat it anywhere anytime! I’m easy like that!)

  1139. I love rocky road!

  1140. My favorite ice cream flavor changes each month, but right now I’m really into Chocolate peanut butter! With the peanut butter ribboned through the chocolate… mmmmm….

  1141. I love rice (riso) gelato! I’ve been to Italy a couple if times and the second time my hubby introduced me to this yummy flavor. It’s hard to find, but SO yummy!!!

  1142. Double fudge brownie!

  1143. Chocolate Gelato is my fav! I had it for the first time just two months ago and I WANT MORE! 🙂

  1144. I love dark, double chocolate gelato

  1145. Vanilla with Oreos mixed in. I love ice cream and many flavors so this would be good and bad addition into my kitchen. Mostly good though!!

  1146. Gelato reminds me of Italy … My favorite place on earth, where there was deliciousness on every street corner…

  1147. I love it all!!!Usually first pick will be a Hagan Daz Salted Carmel!!!

  1148. My favorite ice cream is mint oreo!

  1149. My favorite is peanut butter & chocolate! Thanks Mel!

  1150. Well I am allergic to strawberries so none of that for me! But I am a die heart chocolate lover so anything with as much chocolate as possible is always my ice cream choice!

  1151. Ever since we lived in Italy for a bit it’s been chocolate Gelato. Sooooo good.

  1152. LOVE salted caramel gelato!

  1153. Anything chocolately!

  1154. Yay for homemade ice cream! My Dad makes a killer vanilla bean ice cream or a fresh peach. I would fist make cookies and cream!

  1155. Anything coffee-flavored is my fav! I live for coffee! 😉

  1156. Ice cream and gelato are definitely the ways to my heart. Either raspberry, or mint chocolate chip. YUM.

  1157. Usually it’s mint chocolate chip, but I just tried tillamook chocolate peanut butter and was hooked! Yum!

  1158. I love strawberry ice cream. I also adore gelato! My husband went on a business trip to Rome about 8 years ago and at gelato multiple times a day. I’m still way jealous.

  1159. My fav is mint choc chip, but it would be used for sorbet or maybe coconut milk ice cream now that we are dairy free.

  1160. I have been reading everyone’s comments and there are just so many flavors that I have never even thought to try. I always want to try some new, wonderful sounding flavors, and then, there I stand close to the counter with Double Carmel Pumpkin Spice Pecan Swirl on my lips, but just at that very last moment… sigh… I hear, Just Vanilla please, slip out of my mouth.. I am such a coward !!

  1161. So I have to admit, I thought there would be a different kind of announcement at the end of the post…. something about why you are craving ice cream. 🙂

    My favorite is mint chip. And butter brickle. And plain ol vanilla custard.

  1162. I’m a deep, decadent VANILLA girl! Still my favorite after 50 years.

  1163. My all-time favorite is my grandma’s homemade peach ice cream. She included a secret ingredient in the recipe and it is hands down better than any other peach ice cream I’ve ever had.

  1164. I love me some cake batter ice cream with strawberries and bananas!

  1165. i love salted carmel…yum!

  1166. Coffee. Or something with caramel. Or Heath pieces. Strawberry. Or Chocolate. Vanilla sometimes…. aw heck, I’m just a huge huge sucker for ice cream of any kind.

  1167. Peach or peanut butter and chocolate.

  1168. My favorite is a Greek yogurt ice cream….yummy.

  1169. I like cookie dough. Happy Anniversary!!

  1170. I would love to win 🙂 Thank you so much for the chance I love to make fresh Cherry frozen yogurt 🙂

  1171. I love vanilla bean ice cream! Or any other kind we happen to have in the freezer.

  1172. I love chocolate ice cream and the rest of my family are vanilla or strawberry types. I have always thought about buying an ice cream maker, but I figured I would end up eating a lot of chocolate ice cream 🙂 However, I know my family would love making ice cream.

  1173. Chocolate is my favorite. But I really don’t discriminate against any flavors. I’m not crazy about nuts in ice cream, but other than that, bring it on! That turquoise is beautiful, but my favorite is the red one!

  1174. My favorite flavor depends on the day, really. But I had some terrific Rafaello ice cream in Eastern Europe last year.

    P.S. I think you should definitely go to Italy for your 15 year anniversary!

  1175. Nothing can compete with coffee flavored, except maybe chocolate.

  1176. I love blackberry cheesecake or anything chocolate with lots of nuts and coconut. I love your blog and can’t wait each time to see what you have posted that I just have to make!

  1177. I love Nutella gelato – ever since I had a scoop in Italy I’ve been hooked! If I had to pick a regular ice cream flavor, I’d go with mint chocolate chip 🙂

  1178. Is it okay to say I love it all?! Happy anniversary!

  1179. Happy Anniversary!!

    My favorite ice cream flavor is Cookies and Cream! Yummy!!

  1180. Sad but true, my husband and I eat ice cream almost every night. Our fave? Tillamook’s chocolate and peanut butter. Would love to win!

  1181. Lemon Ice Cream is our family favorite.

  1182. I LOVE homemade banana ice cream. It’s an old family recipe!

  1183. My all time favorite ice cream since childhood is Rocky Road (not heavenly hash). I love the combo of chocolate, almonds, and marshmallows. That being said, I haven’t met many ice creams, fro yos, gelatos, sorbets, or other frozen yumminess that I haven’t liked. The blue is dreamy, btw!

  1184. Chocolate and peanut butter is my go-to combination …but I’m also partial to lavender. Yum!

  1185. Most any fruit or fruit combination would be delicious.

  1186. Anything with caramel swirled in it!

  1187. Love love love mocha ice cream, sometimes add mini choc chips or toffee chips, but the mocha is usually enough for me!

  1188. Love moose track ice cream…but normally go for vanilla

  1189. The best chocolate gelato I’ve ever had was from a little place in Rome near the Trevi Fountain!

  1190. I love love mango sorbet….all time favorite

  1191. I had some salted caramel gelato in Gilbert, AZ that was to die for!

  1192. When I worked in Virginia our office was adjacent to a gelato establishment that we went to ALL the time. I had never had gelato before and I was hooked. I tried many flavors but my favorite was chocolate&peanut butter.

  1193. My favorite is cookies and cream! And if by some miracle, it was invented the year I was born. Now that’s fate!!

  1194. I’ve never eaten icecream I didn’t love. It’s hard to pick any one favorite, but any ice cream with chocolate of any form in it is hard to beat!

  1195. I adore anything fruity, but chocolate calls my name as well. I just love anything sweet, creamy, and cold… And with delicious chunks of fruit or candy 😉

  1196. I have always loved cookie dough ice cream the most. I pretty much love anything involving cookie dough. My husband thinks I’m gross. haha His favorite is french vanilla.

  1197. I love chocolate chip mint. It would be so fun to make fresh ice cream for my three boys

  1198. Chocolate is my favorite! Happy Anniversary!!

  1199. Bluebell peppermint completes me.

  1200. happy anniversary! Oreo ice cream is definitely a fav! As for gelato….gotta say strawberry is so yum!!

  1201. Chocolate chocolate and chocolate! And I tried Avocado gelato at Whole Foods once. It was delicious!

  1202. Me and my boys would love this! We love rainbow sherbet and cookies and cream! Love your site so much. Use it almost daily!

  1203. Chocolate chip cookie dough!

  1204. today my favorite icecream would be banana. tomorrow it will probably be cookies n cream. the day after that it will likely be a chocolately one…..

  1205. My favorite is burnt almond fudge! Yummaroo! Happy anniversary!

  1206. Love chocolate hazelnut!
    Happy anniversary! I hope you make it to Italy sometime, it is fabulous- especially the gelato!

  1207. Mango sorbet is my favorite.

  1208. Salted caramel

  1209. I hadn’t had the pleasure of eating gelato:( My favorite ice cream flavor is dark chocolate raspberry.

  1210. Chocolate peanut butter!

  1211. Mint choc chip!

  1212. Hazelnut Salted Caramel!

  1213. A favorite gelato/ice cream flavor? They are all my favorite – like my kids, only edible. (I did try pistaschio gelato once and it was yummy.)

  1214. Coffee ice cream with dark chocolate chunks.

  1215. I’m a sucker for cookie dough ice cream, but fresh I prefer a fruit ice cream. So delicious!

  1216. My favorite flavor would be lemon…or cappuccino or raspberry or mango or….

    Happy Anniversary!

  1217. My absolute favorite ice cream is cookies n cream! I always get it!

  1218. All of them 🙂 Ok, favorite is vanilla with fresh fruit on top!

  1219. Ripe peach flavored gelato!

  1220. I love black cherry ice cream with chocolate the very best.

  1221. Happy anniversary! May you be blessed with MANY more years together! 🙂
    I had a coconut key lime frozen yogurt that I’d LOVE to duplicate – and also a flavor they called dragon’s blood ice. It was strawberry, watermelon, and coconut. Oh, MY, was it good!
    Thanks for the chance to win!! 🙂 Your posts almost always make me smile. 🙂 Be BLESSED!

  1222. Love dark chocolate gelato. Sigh… Hope you have a wonderful anniversary! Congrats!

  1223. Happy Anniversary, Mel! Absolutely love your website almost as much as I love chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream! Yum, yum!

  1224. Definitely chocolate! 🙂

  1225. I love mint choc chip!

  1226. I love hazelnut gelato!

  1227. Mint Chocolate Chip!

  1228. Chocolate w/caramel!

  1229. I love, love, love the mint ice cream recipe from The Perfect Scoop cookbook. It uses fresh mint from the garden and is our fave.

    Thanks for sharing!

  1230. Coffee or black cherry bordeaux. Happy anniversary!

  1231. Chocolate almond!

  1232. I fell in love with gelato on my honeymoon to Europe last year. You simply must go to Italy! I love chocolate the most and lemon or lime and mango but I can’t say I’ve tried a flavour I didn’t like!

  1233. my husband cranks up a mean lemon gelato! Tart & sweet!

  1234. Strawberry Cheesecake

  1235. I love Strawberry and lemon!!!

  1236. Vanilla, with your brookies on the side of course!

  1237. I’ve never had a good ice cream
    Maker :(. We’ve been enjoying granita!

  1238. I like strawberry cheesecake or plain ol vanilla topped with pecans, caramel and dark chocolate pieces. Ice cream is a weakness of mine.

  1239. Raspberry fro yo with dark chocolate chunks. Yum!

  1240. Nutella gelato! It combines two of my favorite things 🙂

  1241. I really love Rocky Road and Cookies and Cream……….not exactly gelato, but I could totally get into the fruity side of frozen, creamy foods, too……….if I had a handy-dandy gelato-makin’ machine. :-)) Thanks for the chance to win!

  1242. Hard to choose between strawberry (my favorite) and chocolate (grand kids) favorite. Would be a fun thing to do together.

  1243. I’ve always loved mint chocolate chip, but my hubby is converting me to any ice cream with peanut butter and chocolate.

  1244. I love good ol’ vanilla! It’s simple and easy. And can take on ANY flavor I’m in the mood for 🙂 congrats on 12 years!!

  1245. Dark chocolate! Although my local gelato store sells coconut sticky rice flavor, which is a fun treat every once in a while.

  1246. Salted caramel and classic chocolate. 🙂

  1247. Our trip to Italy I got one and had to share it with my husband, he still complains of the cost. Happy Anniv. Ours was yesterday 42 sweeky-years ha..ha, Would love to make some gelato and eat the whole thing without a cost analyst.
    Oh well got to see Italy after 40 wasn’t all bad.

  1248. I love ice cream with chunks in it, especially brownies or cookie dough. And we’ve never had an ice cream maker, so I’d love this one!

  1249. My favorite is probably earnestly chocolate from the byu creamery.

  1250. Mint chocolate chip. Forever.

  1251. Cherry sorbet 🙂

  1252. Very favorite?? Chocolate, but many, many more come in at a close second. Happy anniversary. August 10th will be my 23rd year anniversary!

  1253. Strawberry ice cream!

  1254. I love homemade ice cream, maybe as much as you love gelato. My favorites to make and eat are salted caramel, WoW Mocha (made with Pero), and peppermint. I have one of those ice cream machines and dropped the frozen canister, it cracked and leaked when the liquid melted. Sad day.

  1255. That’s so hard! My dad would make home made ice cream and I have to say strawberry may be my top pick. I could seriously get into making ice cream!

  1256. mint chocolate chip!

  1257. I love Pistachio.

  1258. Strawberry and mint Oreo! Yum!!

  1259. Got to go with Maple Nut!!!

  1260. Forgot to say my favorite…cookies and cream! Mint! Salted Carmel! I’m easy to please!:)

  1261. Coconut Gelato!! and homemade chocolate ice cream! Yum.

  1262. My fav flavor is probably cookies and cream! Or chocolate…

  1263. Peach, fresh and summery

  1264. Tie between mint chocolate chip ice cream and key lime pie gelato. Double yum.

  1265. My favorite ice cream/gelato is coffee. Wonderful.

  1266. Strawberry sounds delectable. Raspberry or peach….mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  1267. I love cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream & caramel gelato! I would love to win this! Thanks for the opportunity.

  1268. yum was supposed to be preceded by peach! yum again!

  1269. Happy Anniversary!! This looks amazing! Strawberry is on my top with lemon coming in second! Yummy yummy!!

  1270. I love caramel fudge!

  1271. Happy Anniversary! I love frozen peach yogurt!

  1272. Mmm, ice cream, gelato, sorbet, all so yummy! I love a good vanilla bean, especially made at home! Throw in some fresh fruit, especially raspberries, and I’m in heaven.

  1273. Yum! I love ice cream!

  1274. I love s’mores ice cream. Yummmmm <3

  1275. Peach. And vanilla. Or any really…

  1276. Mint chocolate chip! And it also happens to be Alan Alda’s favorite flavor too. I know this because a million years ago I was a Friendly’s waitress and I waited on his two daughters and I overheard them say so!

  1277. yum!

  1278. It’s gotta be chocolate!

  1279. Hazelnut! !!

  1280. I love fruity or tropical flavors of gelato!! My husband would die over this strawberry stuff!

  1281. It’s hard to find but I really love ginger.

  1282. Mint choc!

  1283. Fresh raspberry!

  1284. Chocolate malted crunch!

  1285. I love your recipe for homemade peach frozen yogurt! Store bought, my favorites are rainbow sherbet and any chocolate/peanut butter combo!

  1286. Cookies and cream

  1287. It is a tie between coffee and moose tracks!

  1288. I love any ice cream with brownies in it. Two desserts in one!

  1289. It may just be nostalgia, but the Strawberry Cookies & Cream ice cream Blue Bunny had for a limited time like 10-15 years ago has a very soft spot in my heart.

  1290. Anything fruity! Strawberry!!

  1291. I love all ice cream, but especially kinda with candy bars…Snickers and heath bar? Yes, please.

  1292. We love chocolate and my boys would love it if I could win this…we could have ice cream anytime and oh the flavors…..chocolate, strawberry, oreo..mmmmmmmm,

  1293. Chocolate Cookies and cream!

  1294. pesca – fruity peach flavor tastes just like the real thing is my favorite followed closely by banana – but there isnt a flavor i would turn down

  1295. I loved getting watermelon and kiwi flavors on my one and only tip to Italy ten years ago!

  1296. I’d have to say Hazelnut is my favorite gelato.

  1297. I am a chocolate girl through and through

  1298. Slow-churned Rocky Road is my favorite!

  1299. Vanilla, you than can add anything depending on your craving that day.

  1300. Pistachio is my favorite 🙂

  1301. Would love to have a good icecream maker, and it’s cute too! 🙂

  1302. Who could choose just one?? Strawberry & peach gelato, Triple Chocolate Breyer’s, Chocolate Hagen Daas.

  1303. Vanilla with caramel sauce!

  1304. I have a serious weakness for anything with caramel. Happy anniversary! We just celebrated 12 years as well, two weeks ago! Good year to get married 😉

  1305. Homemade vanilla ice cream is my favorite!

  1306. My favorite ice cream in the whe world is Tillamook’s Chocolate Peanut Butter. Oh man, I dream about it at night. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  1307. Oreo ice cream for sure!

  1308. Oh, I’d love to make lemon ice cream (or gelato)

  1309. Wow, pick one flavor? For gelato it would have to be mango.

  1310. Anything with caramel. Anything at all…

  1311. Vanillan bean

  1312. Um…i pretty much like all flavors. Haha But I think peanut butter cup would be my favorite.

  1313. I love chocolate moose tracks ice cream. For gelato I love all of the fresh fruit flavors much better than fruit ice cream. Thank you! I always read to the bottom of your posts because that is where recipe gold is!

  1314. Chocolate hazelnut. But let’s be honest, I’ve never met a gelato I didn’t like (unfortunately for me).
    Happy Anniversary!

  1315. Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream. It’s amazing. Southern Living fake custard deliciousness

  1316. Gelato is one of my favorite memories from our trip to Italy several years ago. Any kind of gelato is fine with me! Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Anniversary!

  1317. I have so many favorites, but I will have to go with Chubby Hubby. So good.

  1318. Lavender Strawberry from our local Italian place!

  1319. I love any flavor!

  1320. Cookies and Creme!

  1321. I haven’t meet a gelato flavor I haven’t loved, but if I had to pick, melon gelato is amazing!

  1322. Cookies and cream is my favorite! Happy anniversary!!

  1323. For me hands down coffee oreo or coffee heath!

  1324. happy anniversary! Dark Chocolate please!!!!

  1325. I love chocolate fudge brownie!!! Your recipe for strawberry gelato makes me rethink that, though… Yum!!

  1326. The only time I get to eat gelato is when we take a trip to Leavenworth there is a Gelato place under an Italian restaurant. I love it so much!! So many good flavors! I hardly remember which ones were my favorite it’s been so long…cappucino, buttercream, peach…so much yumminess!

  1327. Any kind of “berry” ice cream or gelato!

  1328. Dark chocolate — probably with caramel too!

    Happy Anniversary!

  1329. I love lemon!

    • Peach ice cream is my favorite, but my kids prefer chocolate. Our ice cream maker broke a few years ago – so a new one would be a real treat!

  1330. Rocky Road. But I also love one from Aggie Ice Cream called Lemon Custard. It’s kind of a family favorite and it is AMAZING! That’s what I’d whip up first if I had this machine. Happy Anniversary!

  1331. I love to make Rocky Road ice cream, but I have always wanted to venture out into Gelato land. My ice cream maker is not as nice as this one!

  1332. I love mango sorbet and chocolate hazelnut gelato!

  1333. Home made ice cream is the best! I never thought of making gelato though! My favorite flavor of ice cream is mint cookies and cream.

  1334. I love me some creamy, thick, fattening, cinnamon ice cream! Though I’m excited to try making your gelato recipe with strawberries, and maybe a peach variation!

  1335. I love homemade butterfinger ice cream.

  1336. I like peanut butter cups ice cream, or plain vanilla soft serve.

  1337. Rocky road. I could eat it all day long!

  1338. I love good old classic vanilla! So yum!

  1339. I love ice cream with mix ins! But I love homemade fruit ice cream! I had a cuisinart ice cream maker growing up and I loved it too!

  1340. I live right by the BYU Creamery, which means we eat more than our fair share of ice cream. Strangely, both the hubby and I prefer just simple vanilla bean! Boring, I know.
    And sorry you have to spend your anniversary apart! That is the pits. My hubby was in Disneyland for a company retreat for our first anniversary. So. not. cool.

  1341. Happy 12th Anniversary!!!!

    I LOVE Hazelnut Gelato!!! And I love cake batter ice cream!!! YUMMY, cant wait to try the strawberry!!

  1342. Mint chocolate chip! I’ve been eyeing this ice cream maker all summer and would love to get it for free!

  1343. Never had homemade, but I love Tillamook Huckleberry. Now I live in Texas and everyone raves about Blue Bell ice cream, but don’t be fooled any Tillamook flavor is way better!

  1344. Thank you and happy anniversary!!

  1345. My fav ice cream for sure is peanut butter and chocolate!

  1346. In Italy my favorite gelato flavor was melone (cantaloupe)! It was strangely delicious

  1347. That machine is gorgeous! I love chocolate chip gelato, which I discovered in Little Italy, NY. Delish!!

  1348. We love homemade macadamia nut ice cream in this house!

  1349. Mint chocolate chip! I’ve been eyeing this ice cream maker since May and would love to get it free!

  1350. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry…I could go on and on…I pretty much like it all! Happy Anniversary!

  1351. really good plain vanilla….with fresh peaches on top. Or mangoes. Or raspberries.

  1352. I am an ice cream junkie!! I have dreamed of having my own ice cream maker at home. I am a true sucker for hazlenut gelato, but at a local restaurant they have nutella flavored gelato and it is dreamy!

  1353. Lime and graham cracker

  1354. Coffee gelato, or lemon with gingersnaps, or grapefruit sorbet. Pregnancy cravings make it hard to pick just one!

  1355. Cookies and cream!

  1356. I love all kinds of gelato especially combos but strawberry is always a favorite. Don’t have an ice cream maker but would love to try this. love your site

  1357. I’m a big, big fan of any kind of coffee ice cream 🙂

  1358. Happy Anniversary!
    I like cheesecake frozen yogurt (usually mix in some twix or something). Cookies & cream is a sure classic too though. Thanks!

  1359. I can attest to how fabulous this exact gelato tastes and since our old ice cream maker hasn’t held up as well as yours, I’d love one! And P.S. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY already!!

  1360. Mel! It’s my anniversary today TOO! So fun! Happy 12 years to you guys! We are at a happy 6 yrs! I LOVE chocolate! Melts away life’s worries. Never had gelato so I am super excited to try! My family, photography, Ice cream- my loves.

  1361. Thank you for doing this! My favorite flavor is probably cookies & creme, though the Half Baked flavor from Ben and Jerry’s is outstanding.

  1362. I LOVE salted caramel truffle ice cream and want to make my own so it is healthier for my family. I hope you will choose me! Ice cream machine hasn’t made the budget this summer 🙂

  1363. Homemade vanilla ice cream.

  1364. I can’t pick just one! Some new favorites are tropical flavors such as soursop, mango and pineapple! Can’t go wrong with ice cream!

  1365. Anything with peanut butter or caramel!

  1366. I am an absilute sucker for Pistachio flavored anything. I love almonds, peanuts, cashews, etc., but there is something about the flavor of a pistachio. And pistachio gelato is really pretty to boot – an inviting mellow green.

    My wife pretty much uses you exclusively for recipes – we don’t trust it if it isn’t from Mel’s. If I win, I’ll be all over this gelato game and whip up some fantastic and unexpected flavors.

  1367. I love all of it! But there is something extra good about the cold creamy goodness of a homemade vanilla ice cream, especially on top of a delicious homemade summer cobbler!

  1368. My favorite flavor is “straciatella”. It’s white gelato with chocolate chunks.This would be great to win! I’ve always wanted an ice cream maker.

  1369. Mint chocolate chip! Or peanut butter cup! But don’t get me wrong, I’d pretty much eat any flavor ice cream you’d put in front of me…

  1370. I am an absilute sucker for Pistachio flavored anything. I love almonds, peanuts, cashews, etc., but there is something about the flavor of a pistachio. And pistachio gelato is really pretty to boot – an inviting mellow green.

    My wife pretty much uses your blog exclusively for recipes – we don’t trust it if it isn’t from Mel’s. If I win, I’ll be all over this gelato game and whip up some fantastic and unexpected flavors.

  1371. Oooops! Too excited and forgot to leave type — vanilla with chocolate crunchy ribbon!

  1372. Salted caramel… Yum, yum!!

  1373. I love ice cream! We ate it pretty much every day growing up. Its because my grandfather drove an ice cream delivery truck and they got to keep the seconds/dented products. So even though they were poor they had ice cream. So, my mom always bought ice cream. My parents still have ice cream every night (its basically their dinner). I don’t know that I can pick a favorite, I pretty much like anything except store bought cheap strawberry or butter pecan.

  1374. Coffee anything – gelatto, ice cream and sorbet:)

  1375. Chocolate peanut butter. Yum!!

  1376. So many flavors but if I had to pick coconut would top the list.

  1377. Pick ME!! 😉

  1378. I love vanilla the most and strawberry next! Hope I win, that ice cream maker is beautiful!

  1379. Mmmm… how do I pick a favorite. Chocolate. But also mix in with vanilla ice cream. Oreos and Reese’s.

  1380. Fresh raspberry!

  1381. I had a HEAVENLY Hazelnut Gelato in Little Italy in San Diego when on my honeymoon 8 years ago and nothing has compared to it since. As far as homemade, my grandma made a Butterfinger Ice Cream for family occasions all growing up that to eat it now takes me straight back to being 5 years old playing on her porch swing. I love it 🙂

  1382. My favorite is anything with peanut butter in it…..can’t live without it!

  1383. Pralines and cream.

  1384. Mint chocolate chip is my favorite.

  1385. Cookie dough ice cream. Only had gelato once, but it was delicious.

  1386. Strawberry – with fresh strawberries… YUM!!

  1387. I love homemade Mint Chocolate Oreo.

  1388. It depends on the day and my mood…. But I always love good European hazelnut gelato!

  1389. Oh, ice cream is my heaven! Stracciatella is my favorite gelato flavor!

  1390. Pistachio. I never get that flavor at the store, but when it is homemade, it is divine. I used to make it for my husband, before my last ice cream maker died.

  1391. I love all things mango. And strawberry. And then there’s caramel swirl. Popping don’t want to forget … well, you get the idea.

  1392. Yummy raspberry sorbet! Thanks!

  1393. I absolutely love salted caramel gelato. And I couldn’t be more excited about trying your strawberry 🙂

  1394. I love chocolate brownie ice cream! Delicious fudgy chunks of brownie in a rich chocolate ice cream. There is nothing better!! Thanks so much!

  1395. Hazelnut Gelato! Soooooo good!!!!

  1396. Stracciatella gelato from any gelato place in Italy is by far the best gelato flavor there is! But here in the States Fro Yo is the way to go, I’m a sucker for mixing chocolate and a berry flavor together, chocolate strawberry anyone?

  1397. I am loving pistachio lately. More specifically pistachio with marshmallows mixed in. Yum!

  1398. Mango sorbet!

  1399. Where I live, there is an ice cream shop that sells “Graham Central Station” ice cream–graham cracker ice cream with a graham cracker swirl and chunks of graham crackers. It is heaven!

  1400. Chocolate and peanut butter, of course! 🙂

  1401. My favorite gelato flavor is chocolate fudge brownie!!

  1402. Happy Anniversary!!
    I don’t know Mel…I’m pretty crazy about Gelato myself! I love chocolate gelato and a little raspberry gelato with it! Yum!

  1403. My favorite is Ben and jerry cinnamon bun!

  1404. Cookies and cream!

  1405. Mmmm….so many flavors, so little time. Salted caramel, chocolate Peanut butter, cookies and cream, mint cookie, homemade vanilla…

  1406. You’re the best Mel 🙂 I love making ice cream. Fresh peach is yummy every summer but chocolate will always have my heart!

  1407. I love strawberry gelato, or just plain vanilla cause then you can add whatever you want with it. Ice cream is the best!

  1408. When I went to Italy last April I used very city and every opportunity to eat gelato, once that resulted in me eating gelato 3 different times in a 3 hour span. My favorite flavor was always hazelnut, but often time the pistachio was always also very divine.

  1409. My favorite is Cherry Sorbet! But love good ol’ vanilla ice cream!

  1410. I’m pregnant and eat ice cream every night currently 🙂 and am having a hard time licking a favorite. Also love gelato! I always love homemade vanilla with toppings. Like the magic shell chocolate topping. Oh, and marshmallow fluff, banana, and caramel. Yum!:)

  1411. My favorite ice cream is cookies and cream! Happy anniversary! Hope you get to do something fun this weekend!

  1412. Anything with chocolate!

  1413. I love mint chocolate chip, but if homeade, LOVE anything with fresh fruit!!! I would love to have this to experiment making dairy or lactose free ice creams for my son who has dairy sensitivities and can’t handle the real stuff!!!

  1414. Pistachio…mmmm my favorite!

  1415. Anything fruit flavored- cherry, mango, blackberry….

  1416. I think my favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream. I’ve never had gelato. Would love to try it!

  1417. Pistachio Gelato is my favorite, but this is an area where I’m NOT picky!!

  1418. I’m so boring…but I love a good strawberry ice cream!!!

  1419. I am chocoholic and love all things chocolate except when it comes to ice cream–I love plain jane classic vanilla (but only if it’s made with good quality ingredients).

  1420. Dark chocolate with chocolate pieces gelato..mmmm…and Mel next time your home go to the new Scheels and try there gelato!!! The Best!! Happy Anniversary…remember celebrating in your backyard with you!!

  1421. Hmm, probably chocolate and peanut butter!

  1422. Salted Caramel ice cream is the best!!!!

  1423. Strawberry ice cream! My kids would love to make some!

  1424. Peach sorbet mmmmm!

  1425. Happy Anniversary!

    My current favorite is Blue Bell’s cookies and cream. But, nothing can beat my mom’s homemade white chocolate lemon ice cream. Yum!!!

  1426. Love me some cookies and cream!

  1427. My mom used to make a wonderful mango ice cream! Wish I’d thought to get her recipe! Happy Anniversary!

  1428. I LOVE a good chocolate gelato! Im sure homemade is even better!

  1429. I love sea salt Carmel gelato paired with dark chocolate gelato. Yum!!!!

  1430. I love chocolate and coffee gelato!! Happy Anniversary!

  1431. coffee toffee or coffee with oreo or butter brickle

  1432. Mmmm. Chocolate hazelnut. Now I want ice cream 🙂

  1433. Homemade vanilla ice cream is my favorite. It’s classic and delicious!

  1434. Lemon Gelato. Happy Anniversary from MN! <3

  1435. Our family is absolutely infatuated with gelato! Lemon basil is my favorite but my little girl loves avocado! Our very own maker would be an incredible treat for our family of six!!

  1436. I am a chocoale with nuts and maybe coconut type of girl!! Yum!!

  1437. I would have to say favorite ice cream is vanilla with fresh crushed strawberries… I have never tried gelato… hope I win!!

  1438. Grapefruit Sorbet is my FAV!!!

  1439. Black Cherry Chocolate Chip. Yummy. Might head to get Gelato now. Is 9am to early for Gelato?

  1440. Strawberry/banana!! Happy Anniversary!!!!

  1441. I love mango sorbet and coffee ice cream. Omg coffee ice cream….

  1442. I just recently tried Gelato for the first time. My new favorite flavor is egg nog! What a fun website!

  1443. Happy anniversary! My 12th was two weeks ago 🙂 I have an awesome recipe for fresh raspberry ice cream that is pretty amazing!

  1444. Favorite ice cream lately is Cherry Garcia or anything with nuts & carmel.

  1445. Happy Anniversary!! We just celebrated our 37th a couple of weeks ago. Rocky Road, is one of my favorite, but can’t wait to try the Strawberry Gelato, YUM!!!!

  1446. Raspberry and dark chocolate! Or Salty Caramel….Or peanut butter and chocolate…I think I could probably list my favorite flavors forever 😉

  1447. Anything with fresh fruit in it; cherry, strawberry, blueberry, mango, pineapple… I can’t choose just one. Shoot, throw all the fruit mentioned above in, I’m sure it would be delish!! Happy Anniversary!!

  1448. If it’s a blended treat, then m&m’s are a must have! As for a scoop of something, cookie dough is the best! 😉
    Happy Anniversary!

  1449. We have make homemade ice cream on our summer bucket list yet! My boys would love this too! Ours is ancient! I recently tried gelato for the first time and I’m love! I’ll have to say Chocolate PB since it’s the only one I’ve tried!! 🙂

  1450. Happy Anniversary! I hope you and Brian make it to Italy in the not too distant future. I love strawberry or raspberry in the summer, but will take cookies ‘n cream any day! Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  1451. Coconut with chocolate sauce drizzled on top!

  1452. My favorite gelato growing up in Germany from the ice cream truck was hazelnut. It was so good! I miss that truck. Didn’t realize how awesome it was to get cheap gelato all the time. It’s so expensive here! Happy Anniversary too!

  1453. Mackinaw Island Fudge (which I wonder if maybe it’s a Midwest thing…)

  1454. Yum! Love classic vanilla with raspberries and almond slivers mixed in!

  1455. Plain old vanilla! I made some last night in my old school ice cream maker and I’m gonna serve it up tonight over some hot apple betty! Can’t wait!

  1456. Favorite? Just one?!? ANYTHING with peanut butter and chocolate. I’ve got to start making my own!

  1457. Salted Caramel Fro Yo. I could eat it by the buckets!

  1458. Strawberry!

  1459. I love coconut, fresh strawberry, and pecan.

  1460. I love all ice cream. No joke! But my very favorite is anything with chewy pieces of brownie… Or coconut flavor. I’m a huge fan of the talenti brand coconut!

  1461. Strawberry cheesecake! Happy Anniversary!

  1462. Happy Anniversary!
    My favorite gelato is coconut, my favorite ice cream is mint-chocolate chip. Yum!

  1463. Mint chocolate chip

  1464. Vanilla Bean all the way 🙂

  1465. Coconut or pistachio for me!

  1466. Happy Anniversary Mel and Brian! My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip, or plain chocolate or key lime frozen yogurt (really, most any ice cream I will have as I love most kinds–except cherry).

  1467. I mean, do I have to pick just one? 😉 Basically anything chocolate or peanut butter, or chocolate AND peanut butter! Can’t get enough!

  1468. We love anything with berries or chocolate. Maybe rocky road!

  1469. I love salted caramel ice cream!

  1470. I love raspberry with a hint of lime.

  1471. I love BYU’s Graham Canyon ice cream. Even though I feel like a traitor every time I eat it since I went to Utah State.

  1472. I love love love ice cream and gelato and sorbet and my ice cream maker is a pile of rust so I really need this. My favorite is probably salted caramel. Or anything with Oreos. Or peach. I love it all actually.

  1473. Yum! Maybe this will get me to use my cute wedding gift that we got 11 years ago! Lol

  1474. Chocolate peanut -butter cup! Mmmmmmmm!

  1475. Praline Pecan is my favorite ice cream.

  1476. Mint chocolate chip!!! Happy Anniversary to you two!!!

  1477. Fresh peach! Yummy!

  1478. Dreyers Drumstick!

  1479. Classic rocky road. Mmmmm

  1480. Pecan, Pralines, and Cream

  1481. Bacio. So good! Had it almost every day when I lived there. Probably bc I was a hopeless romantic teenager (bacio means kiss in Italian) .. no shame!

  1482. My favorite is hazelnut gelato! Soooo good! Would love to be able to try making it myself!

  1483. Chocolate with peanut butter cups for ice cream, and a good cookies’n’cream for gelato. Happy anniversary! I celebrated my 12th a few days ago 🙂

  1484. Just had a delicious chocolate/raspberry with my new husband (we were married in June) at an iconic ice cream parlor in Savannah, Georgia. Ice cream in a historic city on a hot day with the one you love – life is good!

  1485. We love making ice cream but always have to borrow somebody’s ice cream maker so we would love this! Favorite flavor is mint chocolate chip.

    Happy anniversary! 🙂

  1486. Plain, simple chocolate is my go to flavor! I hope that you have a wonderful anniversary 🙂

  1487. Kinda boring–orange sherbet! or good ol’ butter pecan. Those new-fangled favors don’t interest me as much as the classics 🙂

  1488. My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip…hands down!

  1489. I love Anise flavored ice cream with an Anise flavored thin crispy Pizelle cookie!

  1490. A good nutty chocolate ice cream. Congrats on 12 we are going 16.

  1491. I’m a sucker for almost any homemade ice cream, but I especially salted caramel and frozen lemon custard!

  1492. Happy Anniversary! In the summer, I love fruity ice creams such as red raspberry, black raspberry, blueberry, peach, and strawberry. (Not all together 😉 )

  1493. Happy Anniverary to you!! Call me boring…but I absolutely LOVE homemade VANILLA ice cream! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  1494. Phish Food by Ben & Jerry! But the commenter who wrote “coconut mango” has me very intrigued. Happy anniversary and thanks for the giveaway!

  1495. Any flavor! Ice cream, custard, gelato is hands-down my favorite food in the world! I don’t think there’s a flavor I don’t like. Thanx for another fun giveaway!

  1496. Caribbean Coconut Gelato by Talenti… if you haven’t tried it you MUST!!!

  1497. Congratulations on 12 years ! That is awesome.
    Flavored… Well I love strawberry. My hubby on the other had is more of a traditionalist vanilla, or cookies and cream on special occasions. We have been married 3 and 1/2 years.

  1498. Watermelon sorbet!

  1499. Strawberry Banana

  1500. I love a classic french vanilla ice cream/gelato! *thumbs up*

  1501. My favorite icecream of all time is Baskin Robbin’s chocolate peanut butter!!

  1502. Raspberry all the way.
    Actually, the honey ice cream I had on MY honeymoon in the south of France is probably my all-time favorite.

  1503. LOVE GELATO!!! There’s a gelato place here that I love. My favorite flavor there is the Nutella gelato. YUM!

  1504. Mel, I was making ice cream last night for my husband’s birthday today. I was thinking how nice it would be to have a newer model ice cream maker (I have an ancient Krups). What perfect timing ! 🙂 BTW I was making rice ice cream (gelato?). My husband had rice gelato the first time in Italy 20 years ago. I finally found a recipe and got the ice cream maker so he could have some of this special treat without having to go to Italy! Time to update! Thanks so much for this contest! Have a happy anniversary! (Love your blog!)

  1505. Happy Anniversary! 🙂 Strawberry is my favorite!!

  1506. We have been married almost ten years and have had a cuisinart ice cream maker zero of those…. Maybe by our 12th I can say we have had one for 2 years 😉 As far as my favorite ice cream, anything with chocolate.

  1507. My favorite ice cream is coffee or anything with caramel, both together are divine! Hope you have a Happy Anniversary whatever you end up doing!

  1508. Oh,gelato! Yum!!!!! I took two tours of youth to Europe in my 20s and I still haven’t found an acceptable gelato stateside that compares, but I keep trying!

  1509. Cookie dough, baby!

  1510. I really miss our ice cream maker we received as a wedding gift, but that was 27 years ago and the machine is no more! Thanks for the chance to win a beauty.

  1511. Oreo is the best!

  1512. Salted carmel. Nothing like a gelato sitting by Trevi Fountain!

  1513. Happy Anniversary and many more! I love chocolate and peanut butter ice cream the best. My husband is a black cherry fan.

  1514. Chocolate peanut butter!

  1515. Lemon sorbet is our family favorite

  1516. Coffee flavored gelato

  1517. My favorite ice cream flavor is Chocolate Peanut Butter!!! Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway!!

  1518. Chocolate caramel!!!

  1519. My friend makes a blueberry cheesecake ice cream that is to die for

  1520. Butter Pecan has to be my favorite ice cream!

  1521. First off – happy anniversary! 🙂
    My favorite homemade gelato is Stracciatella… in other words, a fancy name for vanilla with chocolate shavings. My favorite gelato from a store came from the now-closed Henry’s Gelato in Raleigh, NC. Their guava gelato was to. die. for.

  1522. I would love to try making my own salted caramel ice cream – yum!

  1523. Usually I love all things chocolate, but today I’m thinking a salted caramel!

  1524. Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia are my favs!

  1525. The blue is sure a beauty! My fave at this time is Hudsonville Ice Cream’s Strawberry Cheesecake. Local ice cream to boot!

  1526. Strawberry, and lime gelato:)

  1527. Happy anniversary!! If I had to narrow it down, probably coconut or cookies and cream. Never tried gelato but now I’m intrigued. 🙂

  1528. Coconut with mango! Yum! I’ve always wanted an ice cream maker

  1529. We love to make cookie dough ice cream.

  1530. My favorite “purchased” ice cream is (and always will be!) Gold Medal Ribbon from Baskin Robbins. But my favorite ice cream to make at home is plain, delicious vanilla! So versatile! Yum!

  1531. I love a good vanilla bean ice cream!!!

  1532. Mango sorbet,…and, Happy Anniversary!

  1533. Strawberry!

  1534. Tilamook white chocolate raspberry

  1535. I Looove a good vanilla ice cream! My favorite flavor is also coconut…mmm! Happy 12 years

  1536. Just plain vanilla!

  1537. I love any kind of fruit ice cream..peach, blackberry and mango are my favorites, though! I love the colors of these!!!

  1538. Our family has a saying: what’s better than ice? MORE ICE CREAM. We are partial to graham canyon from the BYU Creamery. My boys have been wanting some homemade ice cream and our ice cream maker broke. Happy anniversary.

  1539. Double chocolate fudge brownie!

  1540. Yummm gelato…my faves are lemoncello, pink grapefruit, blood orange, I just can’t decide!!

  1541. ANYTHING chocolate. But I’ve been dreaming if making chocolate ice cream and throwing in Oreos 🙂
    Happy 12th anniversary!!

  1542. Hmmm, hard question. Good old vanilla with homemade hot fudge is always a winner as is raspberry sorbet!

  1543. Vanilla frozen custard. Unbelievable. I might need some today…

  1544. The gelato looks delicious! *fingers crossed to win*

  1545. Probably mint, but I love all ice cream except plain chocolate. What a fun summer giveaway-thanks!

  1546. Strawberry or cookies and cream.

  1547. Anything chocolate!

  1548. Vanilla bean, mint chocolate chip, raspberry, chocolate…mmm Ice cream!! Love it all, and happy anniversary!

  1549. I have always wanted a great ice cream maker! I recently had some salted caramel and chocolate Gelato that was amazing. The salt was strong but surprisingly perfect with the flavors.

  1550. I love cookies and cream. I don’t think I’ve ever had gelato, but it sounds amazing!

  1551. My favorite is vanilla! Can’t go wrong with a great vanilla ice cream. 🙂

  1552. Always love mint with Oreo… Mmmmm

  1553. I love anything fresh and fruity! Raspberry lemon would be my fave!!! 🙂 You’re awesome!

  1554. Anything with chocolate and peanut butter:)

  1555. Cookie dough!

  1556. I loved salted caramel gelato and dark chocolate sorbet. Happy anniversary!

  1557. Favorite flavor is pistachio. Thanks for the no-egg gelato recipe — definitely going to try it.

  1558. Chocolate banana!!

  1559. Chocolate peanut butter!

  1560. My favorite is Mint cookies and cream. My 2 year old my lap says his favorite is Strawberry.

  1561. Blackberry or raspberry. Or any other berry for that matter 😉

  1562. Oreo and chocolate are always a tie! My kids would LOVE this!

  1563. I LOVE ice-cream but I haven’t tried gelato. My favorite is anything with Carmel and Chocolate.

  1564. A favorite ice cream? That would be like picking a favorite child…I love them all!!! A really good Mint Chocolate Chip is usually pretty high up there for me though. 😉

  1565. LOVE LOVE homemade ice cream…your recipe for gelato is very similar to what we used to make in our little machine 14 years ago…also a wedding present, but not as long lasting as yours. I’m pretty sure we perfected the strawberry and vanilla…YUM!!

  1566. Mint chocolate chip!

  1567. I have always love Baskin Robbin’s Daiquiri Ice, despite having never actually tasted a real daiquiri. {I even had to google it to figure out how to spell the word!}

  1568. Anything with chocolate! 🙂

  1569. Balsamic roasted strawberry ice cream or cherry ice cream

  1570. Mint Brownie rocks my world! I’ve never tried gelato! Gasp! I need to fix that ASAP!

  1571. I love love love strawberry ice cream, or any kind with chocolate in it.

  1572. I love gelato in just about any flavor, but I’m a chocolate girl at heart!

  1573. Hmmm… probably a vanilla base with caramel and chocolate swirled in

  1574. I love love love any ben and jerry’s type icecream. Creating my own would be awesome.

  1575. Plain old chocolate

  1576. I fell in love with raspberry frozen Greek yogurt during my last pregnancy, and the love affair continues!!

  1577. Chocolate Malted Crunch from Rite Aid is my favorite. Homemade Vanilla is the very close runner up.

  1578. Mint chocolate chip all the way! Thanks for the giveaway!

  1579. Cherry!!

  1580. I spent 7 weeks in Italy and COULD NOT pass up gelato! Let’s just say my clothes were quite a bit tighter when I left! I love fruit flavors. My favorite in Italy was honeydew!!! Heaven.

  1581. It’s hard to pick just one flavor but today I would say Chocolate Almond.

    (Next time anyone visits Italy have one day where you eat gelato for every meal. It’s the best day!)

  1582. Tillamook mudslide!
    Happy anniversary!

  1583. Superman ice cream: awesomeness in a bowl (or cone)!

  1584. I basically love every kind of ice cream. If I’m forced to pick a favorite, I would say mint chocolate chip. 🙂

  1585. Raspberry! But really any flavor!!! 🙂

  1586. My favorite ice cream in the whole wide world is coffee with cookie dough. Does that make me a bad person?

  1587. I love chocolate peanut butter ice cream. I’m up to my ears in milk kefir and I’m itching to make it into some ice cream, but need the machine. Thanks for all the great giveaways!

  1588. Love Cookies and Cream and/or Rocky Road.

  1589. Mint choc chip!!!!

  1590. I love most ice creams. Neopalitan, mint chip, strawberry.

  1591. Any flavor…honestly haven’t tried a flavor I don’t like, and I’ve tried some interesting ones.

  1592. Homemade lemon custard ice cream!!!

  1593. Last summer I found this amazing Breyer’s limited edition salted caramel pretzel and I forgot about it until now. I’ve got to get to the store and see if it’s back this summer!

  1594. I have always loved mint chocolate chip. Happy anniversary!

  1595. I love mint chocolate chip the best, peppermint next, and all the rest next. I am a HUGE fan of ice cream. It is my favorite and my best.

  1596. Favorite ice cream flavor? Coffee, Cherry Garcia, black walnut, chocolate mint, vanilla…. Really any will do!

  1597. Chocolate:):)

  1598. Peach! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  1599. I may give you a run for your money in the “who loves gelato most” contest.

    My favorite flavor of gelato is mint with a chocolate ganache. Oh. My. Yum.

  1600. My fave is Mint ‘n’ Chip. Here’s hoping I get to make some in a new ice cream maker. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  1601. Chocolate for sure!

  1602. Coffee! (Love the blue ice cream maker)

  1603. Pistachio!!

  1604. Raspberry!

  1605. Salted Caramel is my fave

  1606. Chunky monkey from Ben and Jerry’s…I love the banana ice cream! Happy anniversary! I hope I win!

  1607. Chocolate Bear Claw

  1608. I love pistachio gelato!! Awesome giveaway!

  1609. My favorite is strawberry, but my husband LOVES avacado ice cream(loves)!

  1610. Mocha chip

  1611. Strawberry girl here would love to win so I could try this lovely recipe!!

  1612. I have never met a gelato I didn’t love 🙂

  1613. Love any flavor of homemade ice cream… Banana is a real favorite as well as strawberry and peach

  1614. Any kind! I move it all!

  1615. Overall I like the really tart stuff best – like lemon, lime, etc. Here in Canada Chapman’s makes a rainbow sorbet with raspberry, lime, and orange that’s delicious! As far as the decadent stuff goes, I like cookie dough and anything peanut butter flavoured.

  1616. Fresh strawberry is always my first choice

  1617. Moose tracks or vanilla (so I can add my own yumminess to it:0).

  1618. Rocky road

  1619. Mint chocolate chip. Mmm. Though any flavor with caramel is a very close second.

  1620. Mint chocolate chip!

  1621. I haven’t had much gelato so I would love to win this ice cream maker and make me some fresh strawberry gelato. But I love Oreo ice cream.

  1622. Vanilla

  1623. First of all, Happy Anniversary! My favorite ice cream flavor is “all”. 🙂

  1624. Fresh raspberry!!!
    My 13th Anniversary is next week! Happy Anniversary to you, and enjoy the dessert!

  1625. Love anything caramel and/or cookie dough!

  1626. Cheesecake! Chocolate w/peanut butter! Ben and Jerry’s Fish Food! But I’ll eat just about ANY ice cream anytime! Yum!

  1627. I had some fabulous pistachio gelato at a little place in Miami and it outshined my second sxoop , nutella. Maybe I love pistachio!

    Happy 12th!

  1628. I highly recommend going to Italy for gelato. Absolutely divine! My favorite is chocolate. Tried and true.

  1629. Chocolate chip cookies dough ice cream is my fav–always 😉 Happy Anniversary!!!

  1630. Rocky Road! I love chocolate with little delicious surprises in every bite!

  1631. Chocolate all the way.

  1632. Butter almond or good vanilla, or coffee, or mocha, or rocky road, or fresh peach or strawberry, or ……..but I would order butter almond first if it’s real ice cream and not a “frozen dairy dessert” or full of artificial ingredients. I can’t find any that is real anymore, so I’d have to make my own!

  1633. My absolute favorite flavor is cappuccino-chip! I loved your wedding anniversary story as my husband and I just celebrated our first anniversary :). Unfortunately we did not get one of these amazing machines for our wedding and would love one! Thank you for all your recipes and happy anniversary!

  1634. I love a good rainbow sherbet!

  1635. Peppermint! Or salted caramel! Or cinnamon!! Who can choose just one?! That blue ice cream maker is gorgeous!!

  1636. It’s tough to pick one flavor but cookies and cream ice cream is always my go-to!

  1637. Pistachio frozen yogurt

  1638. Never tasted it but I am looking forward to it. Need this to do that.

  1639. Fresh peach. Yum!

  1640. Cookie Dough. Or Chocolate. Or Strawberry. Or in a pinch Vanilla. Oh all right…any flavor except Mint!!

  1641. I love Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip!!

  1642. I scream for all ice cream! I’d be most likely to get mint chocolate chip at an ice cream parlor, but only after long debate.

  1643. Pretty much anything with a sweet cream base and some chocolate thrown in! A local restaurant here has a cannoli gelato that is a-MA-zing!

  1644. I’ve been married 41 years and have never owned and ice cream maker….:) Happy anniversary to you and your! I would make the strawberry first…with lots of other favors to follow!

  1645. Happy anniversary!! Peach and strawberry are my favorite!!

  1646. My favorite would have to be either chocolate chip cookie dough or a salted caramel.

  1647. Mint Chocolate chip!

  1648. I love plain vanilla homemade ice cream, but I would like to make some sorbet as well!

  1649. I love butter pecan! Thanks!

  1650. I have always been a fan of homemade strawberry ice cream! I can’t wait to try this gelato! 🙂

  1651. Rocky Road!!

  1652. Chocolate of course…which always goes fabulously with caramel or peanut butter! Happy Anniversary!

  1653. Anything with chocolate and peanut butter…or coffee 🙂 yum. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  1654. Definitely chocolate with peanut butter ribbons. Yum!

  1655. Mmmmm… gelato! Pistachio is my fave. 🙂

  1656. Blackberry mint sorbet, which is also great on top of waffles for breakfast 🙂

  1657. I love just love ice cream!!!! Cookies n’ cream and mint are my fave!

  1658. My all time fav is maple walnut, but can only get it in NY. I miss it so much…was a summer treat every year while growing up.

  1659. Coffee gelato or raspberry froyo!!

  1660. Vanilla with wet walnuts.

  1661. Toasted coconut and almond gelato:)

  1662. Peach ice cream! Yum

  1663. Salted caramel!

  1664. Fresh peach or strawberry!

  1665. Lime Sorbet mixed with Vanilla Gelato. Yum!

  1666. I love all of the ice creams! My favorite classic flavor is cookies and cream 🙂

  1667. Hard to choose between rocky road and mint chocolate chip!

  1668. Mint chocolate chip is my GoTo, but on vacation a few weeks ago I tried Almond Praline and can’t stop thinking about it! Sighhhh

  1669. Mint chocolate chip and mango!

  1670. Happy anniversary! My favorite ice cream is banana!

  1671. What a great giveaway! My favorite ice cream is Bluebell’s Pecan Pralines ‘n Cream.

  1672. I’ve never had gelato, but I love a good rocky road ice cream or fudge shake with cookie dough chunks in it. Mmmmmm

  1673. Happy anniversary! One of my top favorites is rocky road. I can never pass that kind up.

  1674. Fresh raspberry sorbet! And coconut frozen yogurt – yum! Congrats on twelve years!

  1675. I’m a vanilla gal, just so I can top it with whatever I’m craving at the moment.

  1676. I’ve hardly met an ice cream flavor I don’t like! But we live in the land of delicious peaches, so I’d love some fresh peach ice cream in this machine!

  1677. Hot fudge brownie every time!

  1678. Oh, please pick me!! I love anything with chocolate and caramel!

  1679. Salted caramel, all the way. I love the sweet-salty combo.

  1680. Mint chocolate chip!

  1681. Always chocolate! But I’ll happily add some salted caramel with it!

  1682. Thanks for the giveaway! I love anything with chocolate!!

  1683. Anything with chocolate. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  1684. Mint chip ice cream is my favorite!

  1685. Chocolate!!!!

  1686. Happy Anniversary! (We just celebrated our 11th anniversary and my husband was out of town too). I love chocolate gelato or any scrumptious berry flavor…yum!

  1687. Oh my goodness. We were just in Door County Wisconsin, where we got to have some goat milk Gelato. HEAVENLY. I mean even better than the regular stuff. The texture was so super smooth and amazing. I had the salted caramel. And it was DIVINE. But I tasted every other flavor and seriously, my husband had to restrain me from buying more. much more.

  1688. I made a chocolate hazelnut gelato from Giada de Laurentis’ recipes that used Nutella and it was absolutely divine!

  1689. For me anything chocolate, but I want to win this to make VANILLA for my son who proclaims vanilla ice cream (or gelato) is the best dessert in the universe. He is 5, he should know. 🙂

  1690. My favorite is anything with chunks of chocolate something in it- cookie dough, peanut butter cups, brownies, etc.

  1691. Salted caramel Gelato or maple nut ice cream (reminds me of my grandpa!)

  1692. Definitely Strawberry and/or Butter Pecan

  1693. Peppermint

  1694. Anything with chocolate.

  1695. Brown sugar vanilla is my favorite. NO. No, chocolate is my favorite. Wait, no, cinnamon. No chocolate. Definitely chocolate.

    Mel, you ask HARD questions.

  1696. Mocha cookie crumble… Mmmmmmm

  1697. Mocha Almond Fudge of course!

  1698. Chocolate Mousse Royale!

  1699. I love homemade salted caramel ice cream.

  1700. Chocolate chip

  1701. Cookies and cream or coffee 🙂

  1702. I LOVE Chocolate Peanut butter ice cream.

  1703. Mint cookies and cream is my favorite ice cream, but when it comes to gelato I adore the fruity flavors–especially peach!

  1704. Love gelato! Especially coffee flavored!

  1705. hmm…pretty much anything, but I really like homemade strawberry or vanilla.

  1706. Mint Chocolate Chip!

  1707. Picking one is a little unfair to the others, but right now, I’m obsessed with tiramisu. When I was in Italy, I was just obsessed with them all (best 20 pounds ever.) Thanks for the giveaways, and the great recipes – I always get rave reviews when I use one, and I’ve used a lot.

  1708. My favorite is lemon ice / gelato. Your strawberry gelato does look pretty fabulous. I have travelled to Italy and tasted the real thing and all of the flavors were delicious. It would be nice to make it at home.
    Thank you for your amazing website and all of the time and hard work you put into it.
    We all appreciate it.


  1709. Jamoca Almond Fudge

  1710. Oreo!

  1711. Cookie dough for sure! I could eat that stuff all day long.

  1712. Anything with peanut butter!

  1713. I could never pick a favorite, i love ice cream!!

  1714. I love moose tracks! Yummy

  1715. My favorite gelato flavor is pistachio or bacio. I usually can’t decide so I get both. Limoncello is up there too. You really can’t go wrong with gelato. They are all delicious.

  1716. I have so many faves, but, Mel, you’ve got to try the key lime pie ice cream recipe from cooking light! With little bits of graham cracker stirred in at the end. You will love!

  1717. Cookies and cream

  1718. I’d have to say peppermint bon bon. Love it!

  1719. I had mint lime ice cream one time and it was the best flavor combination i have ever had!

  1720. Huckleberry – YUM!!!

  1721. Fresh raspberry, hands down. I’ve had this ice cream maker on my amazon wish list for ages….sure would be nice to clear the clutter, hee, hee.

  1722. Thanks for the giveaway! I really love raspberry gelato.

  1723. Um, almost anything! I do love ice cream with ribbons of Carmel and chunks of brownie or chocolate…

  1724. I use my vitamix to make mango sorbet it’s amazing and only 3 ingredients! We would love to up our ice cream making options and win that beautiful machine!!

  1725. Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter swirls (what’s that called again??!!??)

  1726. I’m a mint chip girl

  1727. Fresh peach ice cream 🙂

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