Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! The winner is:

#523: Natalie who said “I’m looking forward to long trips to visit grandma and evenings at the pool with my kids.”

Congrats, Natalie! If you aren’t Natalie but are still excited about the pizza oven, remember that the coupon code MKC15 is still good for 15% all Camp Chef products on Outdoor Cooking until June 15. Thanks again to Outdoor Cooking for sponsoring this giveaway!


{Disclaimer: sent me an Artisan Pizza Oven to review and they are sponsoring this giveaway. Obviously all opinions expressed below are my own. I rarely accept free products so when I do and then actually post about them, you know they have to be good! FYI: The links below to are affiliate links meaning I receive a small percentage of a sale if you choose to purchase something from their site.}

What better way to celebrate an entire week dedicated to perfecting homemade pizza then to give away one of these crazy awesome artisan pizza ovens!

I mean, look at this thing. What a beauty!
Artisan Pizza Oven Giveaway

You might remember that last year around this same time, I held a giveaway (also from – love them!) for another type of artisan pizza oven. While totally awesome, the Italia Artisan Pizza Oven (it just sounds cool, right?) is even more fantastic because you don’t need an outdoor cooking stove, like a CampChef, to use it. It hooks up to an everyday propane tank making it extremely easy to use (and perfectly portable).

I love me some pizza. And not to brag or anything, but I consider myself a pretty reliable connoisseur of awesome pizza (which really only means I’ve consumed a heck of a lot of homemade and restaurant-made pizza in my day). And this oven? It makes killer pizza. As in, probably some of the best homemade pizza we’ve ever had.

We have a ledge going around our front porch which made a perfect resting spot for this oven. Oh, hey, Maggie! {Don’t worry, no puppies were harmed in the making of the pizza, Mags was well supervised and was more interested in the bird resting in the bushes than in the pizza oven.}
Artisan Pizza Oven Giveaway

The stove is big enough to fit two fairly good-sized pizzas in at once and the handy dandy thermometer gauge on top will let you know how hot things are getting inside. (Plus, part of the giveaway is also for an infrared thermometer which allows you to take the temperature in an instant of the inside of the stove – you’ll feel like a totally nerdy-but-awesome kitchen scientist when you shoot that laser beam at the pizza stone).
Artisan Pizza Oven Giveaway

Oh, and those sweet little pizza paddles? Yeah, they are part of the giveaway, too. I know. It just keeps getting better and better. You’ll notice I opted for the cornmeal route this time since I didn’t know how parchment paper would fare in the oven, plus, it was outside so cleaning up cornmeal mess didn’t give me a nervous twitch like it does if we use it for homemade pizza in the kitchen oven. Slide those pizzas right in.
Artisan Pizza Oven Giveaway

And close the lightweight cover, letting the heat work its magic.
Artisan Pizza Oven Giveaway

I couldn’t help peeking partway through the baking. I nearly died at the site of this beautiful pizza. Has there ever been anything more lovely?
Artisan Pizza Oven Giveaway

You’ll want to keep an eye on the temperature and adjust accordingly. Nothing worse than hoping for the best pizza of your life only to end up with charred crust.
Artisan Pizza Oven Giveaway

Look at that! That pizza! That pizza came out of this oven! Seriously. You could open a restaurant or something, the pizza is that good. Or else just keep it all to yourself. No judging here. I think I’ve realized this is the closest thing I’ll probably ever get to a real, live wood-fired pizza oven ordered from Italy sitting in my backyard (because, yes, that is actually on my wish list).
Artisan Pizza Oven Giveaway

The kids made their own pizzas and the crust on the one above was a little thick for my liking thanks to 6-year old hands doing the shaping, but whatdyaknow? The pizza oven baked the crust perfectly with nary a doughy spot in sight. This was Cade’s masterpiece. Olives, bacon and cheese. Lots of cheese.
Artisan Pizza Oven Giveaway

He (and all the boys, actually) got in on the putting-their-own-pizza-in-the-oven action. All four of them, seriously, told me that night as I was tucking them into bed that they wanted to be a chef when they grew up. I had no idea that this pizza oven would not only give us the best pizza of our existence, but would inspire my children in their future careers. Can you really put a pricetag on that? I think not. (In the interest of full disclosure, the next day I heard at least two of them talking about being professional frisbee throwers in their adulthood so apparently, the chef thing only lasted so long.)
Artisan Pizza Oven Giveaway

Because the winner of the pizza oven will also receive a patio cover, it makes storing it a breeze. Mine is tucked away on the porch, well-covered and protected, and in easy access for an upcoming pizza night (um, that would be tonight, no kidding).

So let’s summarize quickly. Here’s what one lucky winner will receive in this giveaway:

Italia Artisan Pizza Oven
Patio Cover for the pizza oven
Infrared Cooking Thermometer
Two Italia Pizza Peels
Professional Chef Pizza Spatula

That’s a ton of stuff! In case you aren’t that one lucky winner, is giving you (my lovely readers, you) an exclusive discount valid through June 15th for 15% off all Camp Chef products on Outdoor Cooking (things like the Italia Artisan Pizza Oven, a Camp Chef stove, fire pits and all sorts of other goodies – are you thinking what I’m thinking…Father’s Day shopping??). Enter MKC15 at checkout to receive the discount!

I think that’s it, you guys!

To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me what you are most looking forward to this summer.  You must be 18 years and older to enter and have a mailing address in the continental United States (sorry, not my rules!).

A winner will be chosen and announced next Friday (June 6th!).

Love ya. And happy pizza making forever and ever more.