Thank you to everyone who entered! The 30 winners are listed below. If you are a lucky winner, please email contact@melskitchencafe.com with your address! If you didn’t win, At Cost Apparel has offered the Mel’s Kitchen Cafe aprons for sale (sweet!). Aprons are $12.99 and that includes shipping right to your door. Go here to order! The aprons will be available at this deal until Friday, October 4.

#57: Katy “I try to wear an apron as much as possible in the kitchen.”

#79: Kelli B. “I wear an apron when I’m cooking A LOT of stuff”

#121: Stacie D. “I wear an apron when I think about it, but usually I don’t think about it! I would be proud to wear one of these though!”

#127: Jennifer Torre “Liked the At Cost Apparel page too! Thanks Mel!”

#301: Kathy Gardner “I just liked their page! Thanks… cute apron!

#320: heather “I don’t have an apron, but would love to wear one!”

#326: valerie “I wear an apron if I have on nice clothes (usually not) or if I’m frying.”

#380: Jenny “I love aprons! You can’t make pizza without one”

#411: Audrey “Liked on facebook.”

#427: Sunny D “I wear an apron daily at work and have a collection of favorites, but this would definitely rise to the top of that list. At home I’m a slacker and the proof can be found in an assortment of colors usually all-over the shirt I managed to keep clean all day at work- go figure! Anywhoo, love the chance to win and maybe this apron could be my specially designated HOME kitchen attire.

#462: Rachel R “ooooh Mel. . I am swooning over this apron- which would get me out of my husband’s icky BBQ apron- AND would give my friends/family many hysterical laughs as my obsession with your recipes would be rightfully emblazoned across my body during my daily Mel cooking sessions. . .fingers crossed!! I am going over to Cost Apparel to see if these are for sale .. this needs to be on my Christmas list!

#494: Angie McArthur “I also liked cost apparel on Facebook:)”

#516: Tannie “I LOVE to cook and am always reading food blogs. I’m so glad I stumbled on this one. Thanks for sharing
amazing recipes. I am FOR SURE an apron wearing cook. I wear it even while I eat dinner because I forget to take it off. My aprons are very shabby and in desperate need of an update.”

#605: Kandi v “Always an apron. I am way too messy of a cook!”

#621: Karen “I love your recipes. We have tried tons of them. I actually created my own Mel’s cookbook; printing off the recipes I think my family will like. I think White Chili is the one I’ve made the most. I do wear an apron, as do my kiddos when they are cooking with me. Thanks for sharing your passion and the aprons!”

#636: Julie “I have one apron that I use occasionally, when I remember it!”

#652: Meg “Hi Mel! These are great! I always remember to put on an apron right after I’ve splattered myself with tomato
sauce! I need this:) Thank you!”

#700: Chi Chi “No, I do not wear an apron but I should. As a mom of three I typically have a host of “things” stuck to me by the end of the day. This includes but is not limited to: boogers, spit up, dried breast milk, BBQ sauce, and butter.”

#747: Emily “I ‘liked’ At Cost Apparel on Facebook”

#800: Lisa “I wear aprons if I am dressed up, entertaining, or cooking with my kids and we all have them on. I truly love your recipes and don’t know what I would cook without your site. Thank you!!”

#873: Karen Andrson “After almost “doing in” my favorite t-shirt while frying 3 dozen tacos, I’m shopping for an apron as we speak! I would LOVE to have one of these!”

#943: Rebecca miller “I love wearing aprons! I could wear one all day long! Love your website and all your yummy food!”

#958: Kara “I wear an apron all the time. They are the best inventions ever. I have all different lengths and styles. My all time favorite one is the full coverage in the back and front because it allows me to wrestle with my kids even when I’m wearing a skirt and I don’t flash anyone. Win, win.”

#1079: Lindsey “I love this! I wear a red apron all the time, and it would be fun to mix it up with this one.”

#1174: Jessica Wilde “I wear an apron.”

#1190: Meghan “Most of the time, yes!”

#1247: Amanda c “I’m not, but I never regret wearing one!”

#1259: Holly W “Oh! I need one of those! I tell people about you and your site all the time and most of my neighborhood and ward love you too. Crossing my fingers that I win!”

#1395: Michelle Smith “I love aprons and this would be the perfect addition to my collectikn”

#1421: Kathy A “I am a faithful apron wearer!”


I’m trying to contain my excitement about today. Nope, not working!

Are you ready for this?

Together, At Cost Apparel and I (me, Mel), are giving away 30 Mel’s Kitchen Cafe aprons. That’s 30 chances to win!

Since I think everyone can be a rockstar in the kitchen, each apron says:

The lettering will be white printed on a black apron just like you see here. Cute? Cute.

You can earn up to two entries. 1) Leave a comment right here on this post telling me whether you are an apron-wearer while cooking or not (winners will be chosen indiscriminately whether or not you say you wear an apron or not; promise) and 2) go on over to At Cost Apparel’s facebook page, like it, and then leave an additional comment on this post telling me you did just that.

You can do one, both or none. Your choice!

Giveaway winners will be announced October 1st. Thanks to Kelly at At Cost Apparel for making this giveaway possible!

Meanwhile, I’m off to dance around my kitchen in my new apron ignoring the fact that it’s probably pretty tacky to be wearing an apron with my own logo on it.


Giveaway sponsored by At Cost Apparel. I know jumping through hoops on a giveaway can be annoying but to that I say, get over it this time (in the nicest way possible), because these aprons are just too fun to pass up and I think At Cost Apparel deserves a little facebook love for making this possible, don’t you?