*This contest is now closed!*

I don’t know about you but I’m in desperate need of a good midweek pick-me-up! It’s rainy and cold here. That detail combined with the fact that my oldest kidlet is on Spring break means we are all going a bit stir crazy, since my four boys have about four hundred volts of energy right about now. My toilets need cleaned, I have about a month’s worth of saltine cracker crumbs underneath the kitchen counter where the kids had snack today, and we are going on four nights of grilled cheese for dinner thanks to my husband being out of town.

I can’t decide – is it a pick-me-up that I need or just some straight up motivation? Hmmm…I won’t pause to analyze that minor point. And neither should you.

In honor of my midweek doldrums and the fact that I finally have all the posts on this here blog updated with the right picture (since they were all missing when I switched over from my blogspot address to this dot com) and because I updated my About page with lots of useless info and because I have the best readers this side of the cooking blog world (yes, I’m talking about you!)…

I’m giving away FOUR yearly subscriptions to my most favorite, best loved, much used cooking magazine: Cook’s Country.

Oh, how I love this little mag. The recipes are down-to-earth, simple, delicious and pretty much no-fail. There isn’t another cooking magazine that aligns as closely to my cooking style as this one. I’m a fan! And I want you to be, also.

To enter, simply leave me a comment telling me what or where your favorite go-to place is to snag great recipes (I could use a few new ideas myself)!

Winners will be announced Monday, April 12th.

Just a note: Cook’s Country does not know I exist nor are they sponsoring this giveaway. It’s because I love YOU and I love their MAGAZINE. Case closed.

711 Responses to Midweek Giveaway!

  1. annette says:

    I know this contest is closed and I’m sad I didn’t win. However, I would like to share two of my most favoriate websites for recipes (besides this blog) – Eatingwell.com and Kraftfoods.com . I like things that are on the healthy side and easy and these two sites have both. Happy hunting for recipes! Try the Tortellini Primavera listed on the Eatingwell. com website. DELICIOUS!! I made with spinach and broccoli and fresh dill (that is what I had on hand). Give it a try.

  2. Linsy says:

    I just thought of another blog i like, it is comeandpeek.blogspot.com

  3. Jen says:

    Lately, my favorite is yours but that doesn’t help you very much. One of my old fav’s is the Recipezaar.com

  4. Camille says:

    Well, I am seriously not trying to brown nose, but your blog is probably where I get most of my favorite recipes from!!! No joke…just check out my recipe blog!!! LOL!!! Also, I was just telling my sister today that she HAS to try your recipe for your corn bread with the honey butter!!! Simply the best ever!!!

  5. Kate says:

    I like the Cooking Light magazine/website. They have some great ideas. Love your blog, thanks for all the great recipes.

  6. Tammie says:

    I go to blogs….there are so many awesome ones and you have someone telling you their opinion of the recipe, how it turned out for them, and most of the time pictures to boot! LOVE it!

  7. Linda Staley says:

    I usually surf the food blogs that I have bookmarked. Yours is one of my favorites.

  8. Karen Green says:

    The first go to place is yours. Then I will go to realmomkitchen.com.

  9. Kaleena says:

    I always go to allrecipes.com and search for highly rated recipes!

  10. Maureen Zanella says:

    My favorite website is The Pioneer Women.

  11. Deyce Peterson says:

    I usually go to allrecipes.com.

  12. arlene says:

    i love allrecipes.com, i get tons of ideas here!!

  13. Pat says:

    You have taken the guesswork out of cooking and baking, thank you so much. Baseball has started so I may not be checking recipes as regularly but I will definitely be back : )
    I occasionally check Pillsbury’s website, I am really fond of the double-delight peanut butter cookies (they needed a little tweaking but they are very good).

  14. Mary Karlee says:

    Sign me up for the giveaway. I go to our ward’s cookbook for ideas. Thanks for your blog!

  15. Sara R says:

    Truthfully, I go to your site first when I think of a good recipe I want to try! But I also love to cook out of Heart of the Home by Susan Branch and A Pinch of Salt Lake.

  16. Kim Barlow says:

    Really, not to sound to kissing up, I go to your blog. I’m not much of a cook, but I’ve really enjoyed your blog and have tried some recipes that I thought I would never in a millions year begin to cook. So THANK YOU for your blog and implanting a desire to want to cook. My family sincerely thanks you.

  17. Chelsie H says:

    Honestly, when I need a good recicpe I come here first. I really LOVE your recipes! But other WEBSITES I like are http://www.allrecipes.com and http://www.pbs.org/everydayfood and ourbestbites.com and http://www.favfamilyrecipes.com I also like: http://www.thismommycooks.blogspot.com. My most used COOKBOOK is Better homes and Gardens Cook Book (the red and white checkerd one)

  18. Teresa R. says:

    Besides your blog :), I love Cook’s Illustrated magazine. I also rely on my Mom’s tried and true recipes, but she has those in her head instead of on paper. I’ve noticed that she occasionally omits things, so I’m encouraging her to write down her favorite recipes.

  19. this blog is one great resource! so is my darling neighbor…so cooks from scratch even when she’s sick.

  20. michelle williams says:

    I love your blog and it is my main place to go for recipe! Thanks for the pick-me-up. I needed it since I have a bad cold this week, aaarrrrG!

  21. AngelaMarie says:

    i have a few blog sites i’ve saved but yours is the one i use most so far! my old fav before the internet was better homes & gardens… seems so dated now! only thing i use it for these days is an egg bread recipe. also ree drummond’s blog for cooking πŸ˜€

  22. marielle says:

    I mostly do blog image searches and check out the blogs being followed by fellow foodies.

  23. Kayla says:

    I have over 200 cookbooks so I really should just stop looking at all you tasty food blogs out here and make good use of my good ol’ hand helds but I am addicted to any recipes I can get my hands on so here I am in the blog world reading delicious food blogs…and I am SO glad otherwise I would not have the opportunity to win a subscription right now to Cook’s Country! Anyway, to answer your question, I’ve really been enjoying Two Peas and Their Pod lately. They’ve got really yummy and healthy recipes. http://twopeasandtheirpod.com/

  24. Raelyn says:

    I adore your site! Seriously…I found you by chance one day…and have been on everyday since. I have made your fajitas, white chili, corn chowder, BBQ sauce, BBQ pasta, the new angel food cake you listed for Easter, and the califlower bake…….the brown rice….SERIOUSLY, I could go on and on….I LOVE your site… I have passed it along to many friends! I also collect cookbooks like they are going out of style…from the torn up OLD Betty Crocker…to the newbies! Online is always good too!

  25. Marcia says:

    I love all the Taste of Home magazines and cookbooks, my favorites are the Healthing Cooking and the Quick Cooking ones.

  26. Lori M. says:

    I’m a huge fan of yours and of Cook’s Country/America’s Test Kitchen – I’m so excited for this give-away!

    My sister-in-law is a fantastic cook and her website is:

    I also have a friend who has some delicious recipes:

    And of course allrecipes.com because I can search for anything and read the reviews and see how many other people liked it. πŸ™‚

  27. Sarah says:

    I go straight to my google reader to check all of my favorite blogs! There are too many good ones to pick just one!


  28. faith says:

    I guess I am a little old school, because I like to resort to my cookbooks…randomly open them to a recipe and consider it from there!!! Rarely do I actually make the recipe I opened to, but it opens me up to different ideas!!!

  29. Caroline says:

    Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything and Tasty Kitchen

  30. jan says:

    I am a recipe junkie! Its hard to pick just one place that I like to get recipes… :0 today I’d have to say… tasty kitchen.com

  31. Whitney says:

    I go to you!! Sometimes I go to food network if I’ve seen something that looks great during a show. Another place I like to look is my grandmothers recipe box!!

  32. Amanda says:

    My biggest “go-to” is you! Your site has never failed me. If not you, I like my Quick Cooking and Taste of Home magazines. I also love to look through old ward cookbooks.

  33. Sue A. says:

    I love the Pioneer Woman & Tasty Kitchen. Also love Taste of Home recipe forums.

  34. kristy says:

    My sisters are my best sources for good recipes. We love sharing our newest finds with eachother.

  35. sarana says:

    i like going to allrecipes.com & pioneer woman

  36. Julie H says:

    I love to check out Our Best Bites blog as well as Laura at Heavenly Homemakers! πŸ™‚

  37. Natalie Bentley says:

    I am not only a HUGE fan of yours, but I love love love America’s Test Kitchen and Cooks Country. I whole heartedly trust them and their recipes. I am never dissapointed.

  38. Kitty says:

    Besides your lovely blog, I like Pioneer Woman and Smitten Kitchen. I also recently discovered Inpraiseofleftovers.com. You might like that one.

  39. Neena says:

    I love the Pioneer Woman’s blog!

  40. Melanie W. says:

    I often use tasteofhome.com. I also like to look at mommyskitchen.net and thepioneerwoman. I would love to have a subscription to Cook’s Country! I recently splurged and bought their Lost Recipes issue and it’s fabulous.

  41. Jessica says:

    I’m an allrecipes.com girl with way too many cookbooks and cooking blogs on my google reader!

  42. Sharon says:

    Your site–of course!!

    I also love Cooks Illustrated and Cooks Country. (Used to have web memberships to both but decided they were just to expensive and didn’t renew this year.)

    I like to go to tastespotting.com and check out the gorgeous offerings there, then link to anything that catches my eye.

  43. Megan says:

    I love your blog and I also have found some great recipes in the cookbook “Saving Dinner” by Leanne Ely. The best is Garlic Lime Chicken.. yum!

  44. Allison says:

    I love this site, ourbestbites.com, picky-palate.com, and from time to time I head over to Pioneer Woman! My husband often comments on how happy he is with my cooking (and tells everyone about my curry now thanks to you!) I’ve often thought about getting this magazine but haven’t tried it yet!!

  45. amy says:

    hi mel!
    mine are here and allrecipes.com!

  46. Emily says:

    Not to suck up or anything Mel, even though you are my sis I seriously use your blog as my Go To recipe site. Bart doesn’t even ask anymore where I got the recipe from because it’s always from you!

  47. Juli Jones says:

    I would have to say, my other go to sites would be tasty kitchen and pioneer woman. πŸ™‚

  48. Katrina says:

    My favorite go-to place for recipes is the internet and my Google Reader. People I know who always ask me where I get my recipes for this and that and how they can find recipes and I always tell them, “just Google it”. I’m surprised so many people never even think to do that.
    I also love Taste of Home magazine and subscribe to that and some of their others, like Healthy Cooking, Simple Cooking.

  49. Kate says:

    Totally agreed – Cooks Country/America’s Test Kitchen are my ultimate, all-time favorites for recipes (though they do tend to be time-consuming). I also enjoy going to allrecipes.com, and (of course) from other people’s blogs.

  50. Cheryl says:

    I usually look on recipezaar when I am in need of an idea or any of my favorite blogs. Of course yours is one of the best.

  51. Brittany Benson says:

    Well I have two websites I use often. The first one is your website because of all the tried and true recipes. I always trust your judgment on recipes. The second one is allrecipes.com. I love how people can rate different recipes so I always know if a recipe is going ot turn out, even if I haven’t tried it yet. Thank you so much for all your great recipes!!!

  52. Brittany says:

    Hey Mel! I am pretty old fashioned and turn to my good ol’ Betty Crocker recipes for any basic recipe! I love your new site, btw! Brittany

  53. Jaqui Golding says:

    Mel, your site is my most favorite to come to for no fail recipes. I love everything I’ve cooked on your site. I just recommended your site to my sister who was instantly hooked. Thanks so much for the wonderful recipes – sure hope I win the give away but I’ll come back and check out your new recipes even if I don’t.

  54. Missy says:

    Melanie, your blog is my #1 and now its all my neighbors and friends #1 too! I also check out the Sisters Cafe and a new one someone introduced me to is http://www.ourbestbites.com. They have the most amazing Cinnabon Popcorn recipe!

  55. Amanda says:

    I usually use either allrecipes.com or one of the hundred cooking blogs I follow on my Google Reader (including yours!)

  56. Erin says:

    I’ve just started jumping into blogs/websites for recipes and I’m loving yours. My latest favorite cookbook is the Food Nanny. Thanks for spicing up the midweek.

  57. Jane says:

    Love reading your blog! For everyday meals, I frequent allrecipes, foodnetwork, and myrecipes. For special meals, I love epicurious.

  58. Anna H says:

    I really love your site, sisterscafe, and then my friend puts out some good recipes too at kerstinskitchen.blogspot.com. Thanks for all of the yummy yummy recipes.

  59. Kristin Y says:

    My favorite place is allrecipes.com

  60. Katie says:

    Well, let’s be honest here: I am a cookbook junkie! I read them like novels (every page, with a bookmark) and some recipes just make the tears flow faster than any love story ever could. My favorite way to get my cookbook fix? The LIBRARY! I bet you didn’t know that most libraries carry cookbooks available for checkout! I love testing out a cookbook this way before deciding it’s worth it to buy.

  61. Shante says:

    I’m going to be serious here, I check your blog almost daily so you are definitely my go to blog. I also check Pioneer Woman like everyone else in the food blog world, smitten kitchen (though I’ve never made anything of hers) and allrecipes.com. Which are all places you’ve been before as I see where your recipes come from! I would be over the moon if I won a subscription!

  62. Julia says:

    My daughter-in-law just told me about your site. She uses a lot of you recipes. She made your zepher pancakes while we were visiting ymmy.

  63. Sophie Bassett says:

    Well, I have a few favorite places I go. First is of course, your blog, second is Katie Lee Joel’s cookbook The Comfort Table. It has GREAT classics. And my third is Barefoot Contessa’s cookbooks. I have two, and ALWAYS can find something great. You need to try her potato salad that is made with red potatoes and fresh dill. It is always a huge hit.

  64. t.m. jack says:

    Your blog inspires me! I love your collection of recipes and have yet to make one I don’t like. I really hope I win a subscription. I would love it!

  65. Lindsay Stoner says:

    I’m new to your website, but will definitely be trying a few things out and checking back often. Real Mom Kitchen and allrecipes.com are my go-to places to look for new recipes.

  66. Anne C says:

    I love Cook’s Country! My mom used to have it, but now that I’m married and on my own, I miss having issues around to look through!

    Sites I go to are:
    and http://orgjunkie.com/ to check out her weekly menu plans.

  67. Claudia says:

    Besides checking yours first for ideas, I go to foodnetwork.com because I love being able to read the reviews before trying something new. BTW- those chocolate truffle cookies are amazing!

  68. Amy says:

    I am always checking yours for new updates and ideas! I recently ran across another blog…realmomkitchen.com…it has some great recipes and fun ideas!

  69. Suzie says:

    Thanks Mel – really this is about the only place I go….you’ve expanded my cooking horizons so much….we eat at least one meal if not more a week from your blog…..

  70. Lynda says:

    I love Cook’s Country and Americas Test Kitchen! I also find recipes from other blogs, yours included.
    Fanastic give a way!

  71. Debbie From Illinois says:

    I check out allrecipes quite often. I love your Blog and have recommended it to several friends. Thanks for the give away! πŸ™‚

  72. Dee says:

    Tasty Kitchen, Pioneer Woman, Our best bites and of your website!

    Dee Ann

  73. Shaunta says:

    I love goodcheapeats.com and joyinmykitchen.blogspot.com, and of course sisterscafe.blogspot.com and your blog!

  74. Susan says:

    I just like looking through different blogs.

  75. Geez….my go to, huh…well if it’s not the Food Network then it would have to be My Recipes.com. It likes up with a lot of other places like cooking light and southern cooking and health. It’s a pretty good site.

  76. Kelly says:

    I love recipezaar.com, especially since it has ratings on recipes from other users. I also love tastykitchen.com, and your blog! My husband ADORES the sweet and sour chicken!

  77. marcia says:

    I love anything Barefoot Contessa

  78. Patricia says:

    I like allrecipes because you can find anything and I love the ratings. I hate trying a new recipe and wasting time and ingredients when it turns out to be a flop. I also go to Betty Crocker.com for simple everyday kinds of recipes. However, this has become my first go-to site now! I LOVE the way you describe each recipe – it is all I can do right now not to call in sick to work so I can make those chocolate cupcakes! They are on my list of things to do for Saturday!!

  79. Julie C says:

    I find myself continually visiting the Pioneer Woman, the Sister’s Cafe and your blog. I have found some great new recipes over the last year.

  80. Kim Bassett says:

    I am novice (to put it lightly) when it comes to cooking. I stumbled upon your website a few months back and it is definately my go to source when I need to find a recipe. As much as I hate to admit it, I also regularly just do a google search when I have a craving for something specific. I love your blog, as well as the Sisters Kitchen Cafe. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  81. Camille says:

    Local cooking classes.
    Community and self-published cookbooks.
    Browsing the cookbook aisle in the library!

  82. Carmen says:

    I really like smitten kitchen.

  83. Jamie says:

    I have to admit, I’m searching your website more often than not now that a girlfriend introduced me to it. I love the pics. I love the feedback from fellow readers and cooks. I love your tid-bits. I have never been disappointed with a recipe I’ve tried here. My husband actually raved about a dish I fixed the other night. I love it when I get that kind of response. As for other places… I’m pretty boring. I usually google something but I also love America’s Test Kitchen. I love watching their show and love that they try a bunch of recipes of the same thing then pick a favorite. Keeps me from trying all the lousy ones. Thanks for all your hard work along those lines too. Please keep blogging!!!

  84. Bobbi says:

    I use your sight ALL THE TIME!!! I have told all my friends and coworkers about it! The only other site I would say I use regularly is THE FOOD NETWORK websight- They have recipes and ideas from all different chefs and shows, etc., so there are usually a few good choices there.

  85. Ida Z says:

    I enjoy cooking, but I am a wimp when it comes to spicing and creativity. I have recently found some fabulous info and inspiration from Rachel Ray. I am beginning to understand the science and satisfaction in creating when you cook rather then just producing a meal. In fact, just a few days ago, I made a Spinach Cream sauce fettuccine dish from Rachel Ray’s April 2nd show & my 2 yr old daughter took one bite and declared, “Oh Mommy, this is delicious. Thanks for making it for me.” Then she gobbled it all up. I don’t know what was more surprising, her use of the word delicious or her eating a meal filled with spinach.

  86. korrin wing says:

    Well to be honest their is only two websites I use – yours(which I love all the pictures and fun comments you put up) and allrecipes.com where I will search for recipes. I like this website as the recipes are rated and it’s fun to read through the comments and find out what people have added to, taken out or substituted in the recipe to make it even more yummy! Thanks for all you do to help us moms make great food for our families – my husband thinks I’m a pretty darn good cook thanks to you πŸ™‚ Hugs!

  87. Amy says:

    One of my all-time favorite sites is: http://www.sixoclockscramble.com

    The recipes are all geared towards getting dinner on the table as quickly as possible, while using *healthy* ingredients (no processed foods). Although it is a subscription site, as the owner points out, the annual cost is the equivalent of what you’d pay to go out for fast food a few times. I also love that she includes nutritional information for the recipes — very helpful for those of us (attempting) to count calories!

  88. Lesley says:

    I go to allrecipes.com pretty often, and then of course here.

  89. Tiffany says:

    Wish I could say I had some other awesome places to look up stuff but honestly I check out your site on a daily basis and then just google stuff and see what pops up. Thanks for all of your hard work!! I gave my mom the garlic tutorial today!

  90. Jen says:

    Hi! I just found your blog recently and I love it. I also check out tasteofhome.com. I get the magazine Simple and Delicious and cook a lot of recipes from there. They are quick and easy meals. My family is picky, so I have a long list of veggies not to cook.

  91. Joanna says:

    I love recipezaar.com and of course your blog. I found my new favorite chocolate chip cookie (Aunt Alecia’s Choc Chip Cookie) here!

  92. Susie says:

    I like to go to myrecipes.com and tastykitchen.com!

  93. Laura Guse says:

    Hi, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your site! I feel like I have turned from a hum drum cook to a great cook thanks to your fabulous recipes. I have made many recipes of yours and love them all. My husband says thank you too. I have shared your website with my co-workers and now they are hooked too. Just made maple and brown sugar ham tonight. Yum! I heard about you through Suzie Egge’s mother -in-law who married my dad a few years ago. My other go-t0 place for recipes is my Southern Living “Easy Weeknight Favorites” book. Thanks again! I look forward to new recipes and tips everyday from you.

  94. Stacie D. says:

    Oh, I would LOVE this magazine!! Your blog has been my favorite lately, but I have also been using Pioneer Woman and foodnetwork.com (Melissa d’Arabian is a recent fave).

    My family has loved me this week…with my mom in town, I’ve been cooking up some of your recipes and everyone has been thrilled (plus, my mom will become a new reader!). Thanks so much!

  95. Kelley says:

    My favorite places for recipes are your blog, Cooking Light, Pioneer Woman, Simply Recipes and Tasty Kitchen. If I still can’t find what I’m looking for I google and pick one that looks good.

  96. Ronna says:

    I love finding recipes on your blog, but I also have a cookbook my grandmother made for me with all her favorite recipes.

  97. Cammee says:

    Um, duh! Right here baby! If I’m looking for something specific I usually just google it and choose the one that looks the best.

  98. Joan Kiger says:

    I like Southern Living Magazine, food blogs, and Food network. I also use Allrecipes.
    I love Cook’s country cookbooks and would LOVE to get the magazine.

  99. Kellie says:

    My favs are The Pioneer Woman and yours!! I have made many recipes of yours and they have all been a hit at my house!!!

  100. Melissa (Brown) Russell says:

    I’ve got two that I use all the time, The Joy of Cooking book and the Better Homes and Gardens book (red and white checked cover) and now your website since my sister and your mom told me about it!

  101. Heather says:

    Friends, Family, blogs, cooking/food/recipe websites, magazines, my ever growing cookbook collection, TV cooking shows….

    Basically I am ALWAYS on the hunt for new recipes and basically I look everywhere

  102. Norah B says:

    Well you know I love your site. Other than Pioneer Woman I don’t look at too many other blogs.

  103. Danielle says:

    I love Cook’s Illustrated and Smitten Kitchen. The recipes never disappoint. And of course My Kitchen Cafe, too!

  104. Katie says:

    I mostly look up recipes online when I have a few ingredients in the fridge that should go well together and also are about to go bad…I just type them in to Google and see what ideas pop up!

  105. Rebecca says:

    Love your blog of course! Also The Sisters Cafe and PW πŸ™‚

  106. Staci says:

    I love Cooks Illustrated and Allrecipes!

  107. Shae says:

    I always go to your blog first…then The Sisters Cafe…and then Picky Palate or Prudence Pennywise or Our Best Bites…
    Always love the recipes I find on your blog though.

  108. Amy Wein says:

    1. I look to many blogs for recipes, yours at the top. I could get lost forever!
    2. Allrecipes, epicurious, and anything by the American test kitchen.
    3. My mom, grandma and mother in law. Gotta love family traditions!

  109. Carolyn says:

    Love your site! Found it through my niece’s blogspot (you were one of her “favs”). I also love that magazine, and their cooking shows! Thanks for the recipes and tips! I’m a better cook because of it

  110. Janae says:

    I’ll be honest, my most favorite go-to website is yours! It has never failed me! I also look at the SistersCafe as well. I love food blogs and the great ideas they provide me and my family with! THANK YOU!!!

  111. Anissa says:

    I look to the few food blogs that I like, then if those don’t have what I’m looking for I go to allrecipes.com. I love the amount of reviews that their core recipes now have. It takes a lot of the guess work out of cooking.

  112. Denise McEntee says:

    My go to places are your site (honestly- my first place to look), food network, and a friends blog (not sure she wants her info shared). I have cooked several of your items like taquitos and burritos for family and they love it. We are all big fans. Thank you!

  113. Lisa says:

    Actually, I check your site often and sister cafe. I also check allrecipes.com and visit pioneer woman.

  114. Jennie says:

    When I need something specific, I usually find it on allrecipes.com. Otherwise, other than your blog, I frequent The Pioneer Woman and Annie’s Eats. πŸ™‚

  115. Lani says:

    Besides checking out your blog, oops, now website, I also love the foodnetwork and allrecipes.com Thanks for all of your great recipes. Some have now joined the ranks of the family classics.

  116. SARAH says:

    I love food blogs. I just push the next blog button on top and you get to see some very “intersting” food blogs. Yours is one of my faves for sure!

  117. Erin says:

    Thank goodness for food blogs! I visit yours and sister’s cafe often. I recently discovered realmomkitchen.com and frequent allrecipes.com and crockpot365.

  118. I love surfing foodblogs for recipes. Yours, Sisters Cafe, and Annie’s eats are some of my favorite!

  119. Ashley Shelton says:

    I love food blogs! I always get great results from your blog/website (thank you!) and can always find something good from pickypalate or allrecipes.com. When I’m really stumped I’ll just call my sisters and ask, “What are you having for dinner this week?” I almost always respond with “Oh, that sounds good! I think I’ll have that too. What’s the recipe?” Works like a charm!

  120. Jamie says:

    My #1 top rated site these days is yours! I’m not saying that for kudos points either, it’s just the simple truth! Next is Sisters Cafe, King Arthur Flour, Penzeys, Allrecipes, Food Network, Picky Palate, Crock Pot Blog, Year of slowcooking, or I just simply google it. Nothing much different than what’s already listed. If you haven’t heard of Penzey’s spices, you should check them out. You can request their catalog which lists all of their fabulous spices, and that comes (monthly or quarterly, can’t recall) and usually has some fantastic recipes too!

  121. Carlyn says:

    Your website is my all-time favorite place to get new recipes to try. My family and I have loved all the recipes I have tried!! A few of my favorite cookbooks are: The Food Nanny Resuces Dinner, Disney’s Family Cookbook, and I Can’t Believe It’s Food Storage (I finally found a homemade tortilla recipe that I can make!! yea!!). Thanks for all your work and for the yummy recipes. πŸ™‚

  122. Jessica says:

    Well yours is definitely the best recipe site I have found, but I have also gotten recipes from Pioneer Woman, Sisters Cafe, Food Network, Allrecipes, and Martha Stewart.

  123. Amy Carlsen says:

    I am completely addicted to your site. My family has loved the fact that we aren’t eating the same old things every week. Thanks for all of the great ideas! I love the Essential Mormon Cookbook. There are lots of easy and yummy things in there.

  124. Rachel Jackson says:

    I think its pretty obvious all followers of this site come here first. Ok, it’s time I’ve admitted it, I have a major cooking crush on you. This is my all-time absolute favorite site ever. Now that I’ve confessed, another of my favorite sites to visit for recipes is Kraft. They have some amazing and simple recipes. A must for everyone on kraftrecipes.com is the Banana Split cake. It’s like a little piece of heaven in my mouth.

  125. Carrie says:

    My go-to is Tasty Kitchen, or sometimes the Everyday Food magazine.

  126. Heather says:

    Allrecipes.com is my everyday go-to site. I’ve found great stuff there! I also like Food Network. Yay for recipes!

  127. Mindy says:

    Yours is great! I also share your love of Cook’s Illustrated. My favorite site to find recipes is America’s Test Kitchen/Cook’s Country. I DVR their shows and have several of their cookbooks but alas, I am too cheap to sign up for a subscription. I love their “scientific method” and explanations so even if you don’t agree with their version of perfect you know the how and why. I also love to find recipes off of my local talk shows. They often have guest cooks from restaurants. I also like Our Best Bites and have found some fun ones from Top Secret Recipes and a few from Taste of Home (although I often find they have recipes that appeal more to my grandma than me).

  128. Lori says:

    I really like your website for recipes. I also have a few other food blogs I like. And it’s fun to look at tastespotting for some visual ideas.

  129. Rachel R says:

    My go to websites for recipes are your blog, America’s Test Kitchen, Our Best bites, picky palate, and pioneer woman. I love cooking and trying out new recipes. Love your blog!

  130. Lea Ann says:

    I just found you blog. Thanks for the contest. I have gone to Pioneer Woman many times for recipe ideas.

  131. Charisse says:

    My favorites are your blog (I always come here first), sisterscafe.blogspot.com and I also love the kraftfoods website. I also love the new favorites feature on this blog. We just tried the lasagna and it was AMAZING! Thank you!

  132. Teri says:

    I love your recipe blog and
    Can I just tell you that your blog is awesome and I love love your pizza dough recipe!!!

  133. Joan Armstrong says:

    Greetings, Melanie,

    My favorite go-to cookbook is “Look, Dude, I Can Cook” by Amy Madden. Each recipe I have tried from this book has been wonderful! In fact, I am on a mission to make every recipe from this book. It is just that GOOD!!!!!!!


  134. Emily S says:

    I LOVE America’s Test Kitchen which I believe is all part of Cook’s Country. I have really been wanting to subscribe to Cooks Country. Pick me, pick me! Your website is my top spot for recipes and I also like Sisters Cafe and favfamilyrecipes.com. I have told so many people about your site and they love it as well. Thank you!!

  135. Suz says:

    Blogs! What would we do without the internet? Some favorites are: yours, thesisterscafe, deepdownsouth, realmomkitchen, pioneerwoman, and allrecipes because you can find absolutely anything there.

  136. Dana says:

    I enjoy Cuisine at Home, but of course your site – is one of my faves!

  137. Kathy W says:

    My favorite go to sites are yours (of course! Seriously, every recipe I have ever tried is DELISH!), Our Best Bites, Picky Palate and The Girl Who Ate Everything.
    Love, love, love your site! πŸ™‚

  138. Laurel says:

    yours is always TOP on my list of places to check. Others I check often are sisterscafe.blogspot.com, enlightenedcooking.blogspot.com, and thecookinmamas.blogspot.com. A new treasure trove of recipes that I found are in a cookbook called The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner- her cookbook is awesome- I’ve found such great recipes there!!!

  139. Genevieve says:

    I found your blog through Sisters Cafe which I found through a friend’s post on facebook. I am a big fan of your blog and so is everyone who has tasted the food I’ve been making, thanks to you. I check other blogs once in a while, but your recipes seem to fit my style the best. If you don’t have it I usually just Google it. So, a hearty thank you and pick me pick me!

  140. Jennifer says:

    I go to your site as well as HealthyCooking.com and FoodNetwork.com for new ideas. Love your blog and I love new recipes!

  141. My go-to spots for recipes are my favorite blogs: yours, and OurBestBites, and some others. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  142. Jennifer says:

    Well, obviously I go here to find great recipies! Another great source are the little community cookbooks that are in every town, group, church or organization. I have some that were given me 20 years ago for my wedding and I still use them. Mostly because they use real ingredients from real pantries, made by real women and mothers who want to provide delicious, nutritious and interesting meals to their families. These recipies are tried and true over years and many times over generations!

  143. Leah F says:

    My favorite is Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen but I also love anything that Taste of Home puts out (I usually adapt them to include more healthful choices for my family).

  144. Kira says:

    In the past I have just been making the dishes my mom made when I was growing up. In a quest to bulk up my recipe collection I decided to make a New Year’s Resolution to make at least one new main dish a week. A friend of mine suggested your blog for great recipes that were healthy and used natural ingredients- as this is a must! She was right. And thanks to you we have made a few other adjustments in our lives to become even more healthy-love your oatmeal pancake mix. My son (almost 2) and I enjoy them EVERY morning, seriously. Every recipe I have tried this year has been from your blog. I have looked at a few others, but feel like I have to search too much to find what I am looking for, and they don’t always stick to the healthy side-don’t get me wrong, we love dessert, but natural ingredients make all the difference. Therefore, you are my only source . I know this doesn’t help you in your quest, but thank you for helping me with mine. Really, thank you for all the great food we have had at the dinner table, my husband probably thanks you even more.

  145. Mary Kelly says:

    I check most of the food blogs already mentioned here but my favorite resource for new recipes is friends and family. Thank you for the giveaway. I have never read that magazine before but I absolutely love reading through cookbooks and food magazines.

  146. Kristen Satchwell says:

    I am new to your website. I absolutely love it! I only go to one other website and that is Sisterscafe.blogspot.com. I made your buttermilk banana bread and instead of flouring the pans, I sugared them. Wow! It was a great recipe!

  147. Kathy says:

    I’m always changing where I find recipes, but I do have you bookmarked among some of my other favorites.

  148. Katie Eyre says:

    Seriously, 80% of my meals come from you- the rest come from family/ward cookbooks because REAL moms submit the recipes!

  149. Megan says:

    I love going to Taste of Homes for recipes! They have amazing guilt free recipes that taste amazing. One of my favorite cookbooks is their Guilt Free Taste of Homes cook book. They give all the nutritional information with each recipe! I just love that! Horray for cooking! Thanks for all your great recipes as well!

  150. Kara says:

    First and foremost I go to your blog…becuase I can’t lose if it comes from this source. I also am a biggggg fan of allrecipies.com and then of course you can’t go wrong with a ward cook-book. There is always a few good cooks in every ward, no matter where the cookbook originates.

  151. Brye says:

    I love Tasty Kitchen by Pioneer Woman! It has changed my cooking!!

  152. Elizabeth says:

    Well, after checking your site first, I like to check out Stephanie’s kitchen, Kelsey’s Kitchen (a contestant on Food Network’s Next Food Network Star), and Our Best Bites. I will say that I find most of all new recipes from you though. Can’t wait to make your carrot cake!!!

  153. Ginger says:

    I love pioneer woman, the girl who ate everything, real mom kitchen, and yours! Well, I do still call my mom hunting down those tried and true recipes I grew up eating:)

  154. Ashley says:

    I have this 3 ring binder full of awesome recipes, all so easily printed from your wonderful blog!! Really it is my favorite cook book! You have totally changed food for my family!! My husband always asks, “is this from that blog girl? It’s great!” Thank you so much!

  155. Hollie says:

    I absolutely love allrecipes.com. I can customize all of the recipes on there to my own liking! I also love pioneer woman’s website, and of course… YOURS!

  156. Jenny says:

    Pioneer Woman or allrecipes.com.

  157. Erica says:

    well, right now you are my fav place for recipes. but i have a friend who started a new blog that’s fun too: http://thecooknextdoor.blogspot.com/
    and i also like allrecipes.com just cause i can find ANYTHING there.

    thanks for the giveaway! hope spring in on its way for you!

  158. Jonna W. says:

    Hi Mel,

    Thanks so much for hopping on over to “Get Off Your Butt and BAKE!”

    This is so funny, because your blog, is one I’ve added to my itouch home screen! . . .long time ago. Now we can be friends! I check it regularly, as I love your sense of humor. I have four daughters! Your little guys are all so darn cute, and how I remember trying to juggle it all when they were young tots.

    I can also relate to the snow and the COLD! Spring has still not sprung in Idaho either. Thank You so very much, for letting me know that you found me through some comments. That means a lot to me. I know that you can relate……look at all the comment love you are receiving! It’s nice to know that others look at, and enjoy our baking blogs.

    I will stop lurking in the background now, and leave my stamp on your comment list as well.
    Thanks again,

  159. Patricia Dornak says:

    Tasty Kitchen.com All Recipies.com OurBestBites.com and your site I love.

  160. Grace says:

    I am subscribed to cooking light which posts most of their recipes on their website. I made an awesome carrot cake from their website for Easter. My mom, who hardly ever cooks, has a subscription to Bon Apetit but truly I only ever attempt their everyday recipes which are quick and easy but sometimes contain hard to find ingredients. They have recipes on heir website too. Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food is a tiny magazine but has easy and delicious recipes. Which surprised me because most of the magazines or cookbooks I have from Martha Stewart are very complicated. My favorite place for recipes is right here…like everyone else has been saying!Every time I have something in mind I jump online and see if you have a recipe before I check anywhere else, really your recipes have never failed me! One of the best examples is your cornbread and honey butter recipe! Everyone who ate it asked for the recipe and your website! Hope the rest of your week goes well, the weekend is in reach!

  161. Cheri H. says:

    I love to check my favorite blogs first (yours, tartelette, pioneer woman, joy the baker), but then I go to foodnetwork.com or allrecipes.com

  162. dora says:

    the pioneer woman’s blog, king arthur blog, and yours of course!

  163. Becky Loyd says:

    I actually go to yours ! Honestly, I’m not just saying that. πŸ™‚ I also check out allrecipes.com quite often. Thanks for sharing so many yummy dishes with me and my family.

  164. Amy says:

    I usually go to your blog or myrecipes.com. I first found your site when trying to do something different for the Thanksgiving turkey last year…when I took it out of the oven it looked like it was the Griswold’s famous turkey on Christmas Vacation:) but then we cut into it and it was the best turkey we had ever eaten. I have since figured out that the paper bag should NOT touch the turkey!

  165. Regan says:

    I love to snag recipes from myrecipes.com. I worked in their test kitchen years ago and know that all of their recipes work well every time.

  166. Lori says:

    Well, I do love getting recipes from your blog, and I also go to the Pioneer Woman’s site and her new Tasty Kitchen blog.

  167. Memoria says:

    My favorite places are other blogs, especially yours!

  168. Lisa Smith says:

    I love to get the Kraft Food and Family Mag some of my family favorites have come from this mag.

  169. Tiffany says:

    Our Best Bites has lots of great recipes.

  170. Stephanie says:

    I usually just google what I am trying to find and peruse the results. Or I try to remember which blog (including yours) had the divine recipe for fill-in-the-blank!

  171. Kerra says:

    The only TWO places I go for recipes are here and Erica at favfamilyrecipes.blogspot.com, I love to cook but sometimes lack the motivation to do it. I could use a good cooking magazine

  172. Stephanie Williams says:

    I love allrecipes.com. It works when I’m in a pinch!

  173. I love The Home Cuisine mags/cookbooks.

  174. Kelly Jensen says:

    I got to the food blogs I follow. pickypalate.com, sisterscafe.blogspot.com, tastykitchen.com, thepioneerwoman.com… to name a few! I have actually made many of yours and your sister’s recipes, thanks!

  175. Beth Hill says:

    I can’t remember where I came across your site, but I LOVE it! Then a few days later you posted the carrot cake recipe that happened to be from my 2nd cousin! How random is that?!?! BTW- Tried it and pretty much ate the whole thing myself. I guess pregnancy does that to you sometimes…

    I also really like allrecipes.com and a new one I just found is more desserts but I can never get too many good dessert recipes! It’s http://fahrenheit350.blogspot.com/ I love Cooks Country and am a huge fan of America’s Test Kitchen. I hope I am a lucky winner!!!

  176. Susan Lenes says:

    Love all the recipes from your blog – haven’t tried one yet I didn’t like.

  177. Krista says:

    I love using recipezaar and your site of course:)

  178. Meghan says:

    I love all the recipes you post on your site. I am new to cooking, I just had a baby 2 months ago and finally have some energy now that she has started to sleep through the night so I am always on your site looking for new and awesome ideas. I also love allrecipes.com, mybakingaddiction, and kevinandamanda.com/recipes. But you always have something I am excited to try! Thanks, and keep them coming!!

  179. Amanda M says:

    I go to my mom’s old cook books that she gave me or old magazines help to stimulate some ideas!!

  180. Amy Weaver says:

    Favorite go-to site for recipes, huh? Ummm- that would be your blog! πŸ™‚ Actually, another good one is my sister Sarah’s that she just started: sarahsfares.blogspot.com She is also a fan of your blog and sometimes posts about your recipes. Thanks for your awesome recipes!

  181. Erika Mills says:

    I get recipes from many different blogs. Pioneer Woman, Picky Palate, Nancys recipes among others. Including yours.

  182. jacki comber says:

    between you, hillbilly house wife and taste .com.au that just about covers my repitoir (that doesn’t look right ..but what the hey)

  183. Heidi Hebdon says:

    I love your site!! but I also stalk Pioneer woman and sister’s cafe!

  184. Karalee Behling says:

    My newlywed husband and I die over your recipes everytime I use them. However the first cookbook I ever got, which was about 3 months ago at my wedding is called favorites ( a collection of favorite ivory family recipes) also found on thecooknextdoor.com. Please help add to my collection!!

  185. Melissa says:

    I’ve never gotten the magazine, but I love watching America’s Test Kitchen. I’d love to win!

  186. Joey says:

    I assume that you mean besides your site you silly girl!!! I love the queen of crockpot at 365daysofcrockpot.blogspot.com and the girls at simplifysupper.com are great for those days when I need it fast and easy.

  187. Katie says:

    I love to go to your site for recipes! I also like sisterscafe and pioneer woman.

  188. Mistie Barfus says:

    I love to come here to find great recipes! Also the sister’s cafe, ourbestbites and my taste of home magazines.

  189. Sadie says:

    My favorite place to snag recipes is from Mels Kitchen… duh! πŸ˜‰ All Recipes, The pioneer Woman, Real Mom Kitchen, and my mom are my other go to’s.

  190. Danell says:

    I love your website, Marin’s creations, allrecipes.com, The sister’s cafe, The cook next door. I love to stalk recipe blogs!

  191. Loralee says:

    This isn’t going to help you a bit, but your blog IS my go-to when I need a great recipe. Really. Almost all the recipes I have tried from here have been a hit! But if I am in need of something specific, and you didn’t have it here ( I TOld you!) then I check http://allrecipes.com/Recipes/Main.aspx mainly because they have several choices, with pictures on the main page. Easy. I know. Lame, too. But that’s just the way I roll….

  192. danielle says:

    This is my first website to check…I have had such good luck with your recipes! But I also love The sisters cafe. I know you are familiar with it, as I have both use each other’s recipes. πŸ™‚

  193. Lori says:

    Taste of Home website or old magazines always work for me!!!

  194. STEPHANIE says:


  195. Jayne says:

    Other than here I go to Pioneer Woman and Our Best Bites. Thanks for the opportunity.

  196. jenny lunsford says:

    You need a pick-me-up? I would so take you to Cafe Rio, for lunch, if you lived in my neck-of-the-woods! I always check your website, of course. I, too, love getting recipes from my family! So, I love recipes from our aunt Jonna’s website http://www.justgetoffyourbuttandbake.com! You HAVE to try the ORANGE ROLLS! Love ya! Jenny

  197. Shannon Woodberry says:

    I’ve come to find some interesting, and unusual, recipes at Vegetarian, (though we eat meat!!) and just last week heard about your website. Bean Curry is on the menu for tomorrow night: can’t wait!! We’ve loved everything we’ve tried so far! My husband was AMAZED at the pizza….:) Thanks.

  198. kimberly says:

    Obviously your site of course! Also, Pioneer Woman and Just Get Off Your Butt and Bake.

  199. Katie Bock says:

    I love going to thepioneerwoman.com along with this website. Thank you!!

  200. Dora says:

    I have found many good recipes on allrecipes.com and if you like to bake, King Arthur flour’s website has great recipes too!

  201. TaLaisa says:

    I love to come here. Also Culinary in the Desert and I have $200 worth of cook books that fronted as text books in school in case I want something super fancy and gourmet.

  202. Renee says:

    I love this website for recipes… I also like Southern Living and Food Network and Pioneer Woman

  203. Jaime says:

    I love looking to the internet for new recipes. It is great to have such easy access to so many different ideas. I use your site a lot and have made several of your recipes, I have found that they are very user-friendly and taste great!

  204. Laura says:

    I first go to my aunt but I won’t divulge her contact info. However I gain a lot of inspiration from sisters cafe, it seems popular on here!

  205. Allison says:

    Here first, sometimes PW, sometimes I look through old Martha Stewart mags. πŸ™‚

  206. Lindsay says:

    All of the cooking blogs I’ve been reading lately, along will allrecipes.com and “How to Cook Everything” by Mark Bittman.

  207. Cassie W. says:

    I love to come to your website, allrecipes or my sister’s kitchen.
    You have seriously changed the way we eat in my house.

  208. Abby latimer says:

    My go to recipe sites are yours (of course), sisters cafe, and pioneer women. I really do appreciate all your great recipes. You are by far my favorite and everything I’ve tried I have loved!!!

  209. Tara Huish says:

    I hate to not share a website with you since you share SO SO much with us, but yours is truly the only one I go too (with an occasional visit to the Sisters Cafe): ) I love your recipes! Thank you!

  210. Jessica N. C. says:

    I love a good blog for food recipes! On a blog you can pretty much count on it being real food, made in kitchen, for a real family. I also like some of the manufactures’ sites…kraft, pillsbury, etc

  211. Jennifer S says:

    Everyday Food and allrecipes

  212. Sarah Hartwig says:

    Whenever I see a recipe I’d like to try I copy it into a word file, with the oh so original name Recipes to Try. When I’m planning my menu each week I try to pick at least one from there.

  213. Jana says:

    I know it’s kind of a lam-o answer, but it’s just true

  214. Lucy says:

    Besides your blog, I also like heavenlyhomemakers.com (especially her recipe for homemade graham crackers).


    Your oatmeal pancakes are now a staple at our house.

  215. Jaimee says:

    YOUR website is my go to place for all things food. I discovered it a few months ago when one of my friends on facebook mentioned that she loved your site. And just like that a whole new world of food blogs was opened up to me. But after looking around at many other sites, none could compare to yours. Your photographs are amazing, and the recipes, always delicious.

  216. Julie says:


    You are my first go-to blog. I also enjoy Annie’s Eats, The Girl Who Ate Everything, and the Sister’s Cafe. I also wanted to tell you that I was so upset with how my brown rice turned out tonight from your post the other week. I’ve been so excited to make it and was just blaming the recipe. UNTIL, I realized hours later that I used my wheat instead of the brown rice!! Can’t believe I did that, and I vow never to doubt you again. πŸ™‚

    Thanks thanks thanks for your site. It literally keeps my family fed.

  217. April says:

    Friends! And cooking blogs; my favs are your and Our Best Bites. Pioneer is a runner up because of her wit and photos, but I haven’t actually made any of her recipes… Thanks for sharing all of yours!

  218. Kristin says:

    my mom’s recipe box.

  219. Jamie says:

    My favorite sites for recipes are yours and the sisters cafe!

  220. Julie says:

    allrecipes or myrecipes

  221. Tiffany says:

    I like the Pioneer Woman.

  222. Kelly S. says:

    All Recipes, Pioneer Woman, and Tasty Kitchen.

  223. Melissa says:

    1. melskitchencafe.com
    2. annies-eats.com
    3. ms. ree drummond
    4. mrsdlovestoeat.blogspot.com
    5. goodthingscatered.blogspot.com

  224. Gessica says:

    Annie’s Eats, All recipes, and of course your sight! Thanks for all of the great recipes!

  225. Kathy F says:

    I love being notified by email when you post a new recipe. Your blog is my place to go to find a reliably good recipe. I figure you must like what my family likes, because we’ve never been disappointed by the recipes you’ve featured. Cook’s Country magazine must be good if you recommend it! Thanks for all you do to keep us happy in the kitchen!

  226. Heidi F. says:

    I love Pioneer Woman Cooks!

  227. Janssen says:

    I love Everyday Food. . . such a great resource.

  228. alisa says:

    I love yours!!!!

  229. lauren says:

    MEL! i have made so many of your amazing dishes that you post here so you are one of my main go to sites. I actually have you favorited at work and check you out everyday! I’m sure this is coming from my wife too when I say thank you sooo much! Heres to hoping your husband comes back soon!

  230. melanie says:

    Well, my latest is your website πŸ™‚ but I have always love cooking light magazine. http://www.allrecipes.com gets used at my house alot too!!

  231. Kelly B says:

    I’m not just saying this, but your blog is the first place I go to get new recipes. I look at many other blogs also, but yours is really the first one I go to. I love your recipes. I also love the Pioneer Woman.

  232. Angela Bailey says:

    I have just recently found your site. I’ve really enjoyed looking around and have even tried a few recipes. I have printed many more and look forward to trying those as well. I love Recipe Zaar and Cook’s Illustrated magazine for inspirtation.

  233. Sandee says:

    Pioneer Woman, Tasty Kitchen and peruse my baking blogs in Google Reader. Just learned about yours!

  234. KimL says:

    Mel’s Kitchen Cafe of course! I’ve been telling all my friends about your blog too πŸ™‚ Our Easter Sunday meal was a hit because of the recipes I found here!

  235. Krystal Gray says:

    Your blog is actually my favorite place to find new recipes (I made your carrot sheet cake for Easter, by the way, and it was huge hit!), but I also love the Sister’s Cafe and Our Best Bites.

  236. Kristen Slivka says:

    I too have used mostly your website of late but Babycenter community has a group called Cooking for the Family. I usually search the threads there if I need something good.

  237. Jessica says:

    I check out magazines and cookbooks from the local library….They even have local cookbooks there and they are so fun to get ideas from!!!! I love your site and the recipes. Thanks

  238. Rachel says:

    Pioneer Woman & your site, of course!

  239. Cicily says:

    This weeks menu is mainly from Tasty Kitchen. I found it while looking around on thepioneerwoman. I’ve fallen in love with it.

  240. Molly in MN says:

    Not to be a brown-noser or anything, but your website is my go-to place! πŸ™‚ You have your own tag on my blog! Hope you get out of your mid-week funk…we’ve had egg-salad (thanks Easter bunny) sandwiches at least twice already this week.

  241. Lisa Hansen says:

    I really enjoy lots of cooking blogs. Besides yours, one of my favorites is annies-eats.com.

  242. Kari says:

    I use cooks.com, allrecipes.com and lots of blogs!

  243. Sarah says:

    My mom! Her recipes are the best. That or the multiple food blogs I read online, cookbooks, etc. I’ve put together a huge binder of recipes pulled from all places – it weighs a ton!

  244. Alonna says:

    I’ve really become hooked on your site as well as the Sisters’ Cafe. But I also look to allrecipes.com for ideas, Taste of Home and some old cookbooks published by some local organizations. There are a few other blogs a check occasionally but none like I do yours.

  245. Danielle says:

    I am an addict for food blogs- I love foodgawker, dessert stalking, and tastespotting- where I can see a lot of different blogs on one site!!!

  246. Melissa Kiser says:

    YOUR website is my go-to for all recipes great and small. Thank you for exsisting. It brightens my day. Pick me, pick me!

  247. Katie says:

    Mel- I discovered ur blog a few weeks ago, and no lie, we have made our weekly grocery list for 3 straight weeks now using recipes from your website. My husband and I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes- and we have loved every recipe we’ve tried on your site. This week- tortellini bake (fab!) and last night- steak marinade and cheddar biscuits (to say that I loved these would be an understatement).
    … SOOO besides your site, I have a subscription to Food Network & Taste of Home magazines. I also exchange a lot of recipes between friends and coworkers (p.s. I work at the same company as your hubby- which is how I discovered your site). πŸ™‚
    Thanks so much Mel, I look forward to your daily emails/posts and trying more recipes!

  248. Callie says:

    I love recipezaar for looking for new recipes. They have this great ingredient sorter so you can input the ingredients you have and it will give you recipes that have those items! I got the BEST whole chicken recipe off that site. yay!

  249. Alycia says:

    I’m sorry, I can’t give you any help on where you can go for new recipe ideas because YOUR SITE is where I go!! I JUST discovered your site through a friend’s suggestion and I just love, love, LOVE it!!! Just did the “super cool” tacos last night and you’re right…my hubby and kids thought I was the coolest! And of the other 6 recipes I’ve tried, everyone I serve just raves about it!!! You’re the BEST!

  250. Julie B. says:

    Aside from your website. . . Bettycrocker.com has never let me down. Taste of Home’s website is also very useful. We have a family cookbook that has a number of tried and true recipes that don’t have weird ingredients that I can throw together quickly. Love that! I love to watch Cook’s Country tv show on PBS. They always make things look so doable, and YUMMY!

  251. Sarah says:

    Cook’s Country is the best! I’ve found some great recipes on tasty kitchen and allrecipes.

  252. peggy says:

    I love websites like yours, best bites, and friends

  253. Kim says:

    I look on-line and in community cookbooks. They always have the best recipes.

  254. Jill says:

    My birthday is on the 14th, I know Erin she can verify…. so pick me! I hope your week looks up, and if not there is nothing wrong with grilled cheese, and saltine crumbs!

  255. kelli says:

    I love cooks country too! And I let my subscription expire so I’d LOVE to have it renewed. But your website has become my current go-to for new recipes. Love your recipes, thanks!

  256. Hillary says:

    I told my husband YESTERDAY I wanted a subscription to “Cook’s Country!” Of course, your blog is my favorite place to find new recipes, but I also really love to check out cookbooks from the library. Then I don’t have to feel guilty if I only use a few recipes!

  257. Carmen Ostrander says:

    I signed up for emails from Better Homes and Gardens. This includes Midwest living, etc. They have a lot of great recipes for all occasions, and lots of other ideas for holiday, etc. There are a lot of categories, so you can pick and choose. You can also just go to the website.

  258. Alicia says:

    Love your blog, The Sisters’ Cafe blog, and Our Best Bites. Also the King Arthur Flour’s Baker’s Banter blog and Pioneer Woman. And of course allrecipes.com.

  259. Kari says:

    I love your site as well as SmittenKitchen and Tasty Kitchen!

  260. Summer says:

    I just found your website last week, and cant stop recipe surfing! I am really not a great cook, but want to learn to prepare healthy meals for my husband and 2 year old! I usually go to my old family favorites and allrecipes.com. Thanks for the giveaway and for bring these recipes to us all!

  261. amy says:

    aside from YOU?….I hunker down with the good ol Betty Crocker book and the well worn Joy of Cooking. Love it!

  262. Whitney R. says:

    I love your site & Pioneer Woman also http://www.whatsgabycooking.com.
    Fun giveaway thanks!

  263. Julie Gonsalves says:

    my favorite place to find new recipes is your blog and a few others that i read (ie joythebaker). i also LOVE the cook’s illustrated cookbooks and a new favorite is Robin Miller’s “Robin to the Rescue.” her recipes are easy, quick, and delicious!

  264. Alisa says:

    I use allrecipes.com all the time! I just found your website though….so I will be stopping in often!

    Hope I win! πŸ™‚

  265. katee says:

    I go to your website but I also go to family fun (you know the disney run website), allrecipes.com, and pioneer woman cooks

  266. Linsy says:

    I go to Food Network, Taste of Home, Big Oven, Our Best Bites, Bolg Chef, and this sight, which I love!

  267. Heidi says:

    I use this great little site . . .My Kitchen Cafe . . . for my new ideas.

    Sorry I can’t help in your quest for the latest and greatest. I must be a “taker” rather than a giver. πŸ™‚

  268. Ann Walker says:

    I love your site—–you and your Aunt Marilyn are the best. I made her turkey for Thanksgiving and will never make it another way! I subscribe to many cooking magazines, and one I go to many times is called Cooking Pleasures. Of course, Cook’s Country and Taste of Home are up there, too! http://www.DinnerwithZola.com is another favorite site.

  269. Julie says:

    I usually check the community cookbooks that I have or I go to one of the cooking websites that I frequent. I’m rarely disappointed.

  270. Nic says:

    I have lots of food blogs in my Google reader and add so many to my Favorites that I check there first! AllRecipes and Food Network are great b/c you can learn from other posters what worked and what didn’t. πŸ™‚

  271. Stefanie Davis says:

    I love FoodNetwork. But my go to site is YOU! I know that I can ALWAYS find something on your website! Thanks for all you do!

  272. Whitney Hansen says:

    I like Delish, and Foodnetwork websites. I do LOVE your site and have used many recipes from here.

  273. Emily says:

    I have loved your website! before I found out about you I really liked Food Network and I recently decided to call my closest friends and have a recipe exchange! It brought me a lot of new ideas and yummy food! Thanks for all you do on this website of yours! πŸ™‚

  274. Kelly says:

    I go to my community cookbook collections. They always have something good! Also, I am currently finding a lot in my Blue Willow Inn cookbook. I picked it up on the Barnes and Noble bargain book rack for about $5.

  275. zeldarooni says:

    If I’m using a cookbook, it’s usually San Francisco Junior League (the first edition, probably no longer in print); if I’m searching the internet, I like to go to the web site for NPR (national public radio). Oh, and don’t forget the Splenid Table, a great radio show hosted by Lynne Rossetto Kasper with recipes and episodes at the web site.

  276. Jan says:

    I love Cooks Country! My current inspirations come from food blogs, including your’s of course! I also still go back to the recipes from years back many of them my mother’s. These are the recipes my kids always ask for!

  277. Melissa says:

    My red Garvin County (OK) cookbook. Anyone from southeast Oklahoma knows this cookbook. It was published in 1970 by the home extension clubs of Garvin County, OK. My aunt was on the committee that year. They used to publish every 10 years, so I have several now, but that is my go-to one.

  278. Brooke Pickeral says:

    Besides your blog, I also use pioneer woman cooks and the sisters cafe which are both great blogs for good recipes.

  279. jenny lunsford says:

    Need you ask? Ha! Here of course! I love my family members; just like you love your aunt, Marilyn, sister-in-law, and other family members and how you love their AWESOME recipes! My aunt Jonna is a great cook so I love to find recipes from her website: http://www.justgetoffyourbuttandbake.com! You HAVE to try her ORANGE ROLLS!!! Enjoy! Have a great day Melanie! Hope you get the pick-me-up that you need! I would so take you to Cafe Rio, for lunch, if you lived in my neck of the woods! πŸ˜‰

  280. grace says:

    there’s this blog that i like to visit from time to time to get quick, tasty, and easy recipes. it’s called my kitchen cafe–have you heard of it?
    does unabashed brown-nosing score me any points? πŸ™‚

  281. Jessica says:

    I love ourbestbites.com and your website :). I LOVE Cooks Country and just got a free trial issue of the magazine and do love it. thanks

  282. Veronica M. says:

    Besides your blog, which I use frequently, I like allrecipes.com and recipezaar.com. I also love foodgawker.com (and you should submit your photos there if you don’t already!) and there’s also tastespotting.com (which I rarely use since they don’t accept any of my pics and foodgawker usually has the same stuff they do) and dessertstalking.com. And if you love that magazine, I know I will too b/c I like what you like!

  283. RC (i i eee) says:

    You! Not to suck up or anything, but this is where I go for my recipes! πŸ™‚ You’re my cooking star!

  284. Michelle says:

    Most of the recipes i get are from blogs!!! But then of course there’s my handy dandy Eating Well and All Recipes. Both life savers when i want a recipe on the fly!

  285. Danielle says:

    I really like kraft’s website, I usually change things up to make the recipes a little more healthy though. I also like just_cook_already.blogspot.com

  286. Donna A says:

    I love to look at your site. I am really enjoying the daily recipes. When I try to cook healthy, I also like Eat Better America.

  287. Jenny says:

    Food Network is my online go to for recipes but a lot of times I use a family cookbook that was put together in 1984 in honor of my great grandmother. Something about picking out a recipe by my aunt or grandmother makes dinner a little more special. Thanks for doing such a great giveaway!

  288. Amanda says:

    I’ve got to admit I like to steal other ward’s cookbooks, you generally can’t go wrong with something in those! Thanks for your awesome website!

  289. Lesli Dustin says:

    Mel, I go to Taste of Home or Cooking Light or Food Network or your blog. Those are the main ones for me. Oh, and recipezaar.com if I’m looking for a way out there recipe.

  290. Shannon says:

    I’m am anxious to find some new sites from all of these comments…but I recently found this one:
    that lists a bunch of the best out there and of course yours is on there! I have no idea who started the “blog”, but it is a good go to site. Awesome giveaway-thanks!

  291. Carol Ann says:

    The place I go for great recipes is the Taste of Home website. Their recipes rarely fail me.

  292. Denise says:

    Old ward cookbooks. I find some of my best recipes in these books. They are tried and true and always seem to be a hit.

  293. Camille says:

    I love the Food Nanny cookbook and meal planning method. It’s great!

  294. Lorene says:

    Don’t make me choose!!! Yours, Pioneer Woman, Annies-Eats…and too many more to mention. I could spend hours researching recipes as I have 2 cooking jobs and love finding new recipes to make my own. πŸ™‚

  295. Heather Sypher says:

    I love cooking blogs. I go to this one, Just Cook Already, and the Sister’s Cafe when I need ideas for new recipes. My sisters and I also have a sister blog where we exchange ideas about just about everything…including cooking.

  296. Ashlie Mann says:

    Of Course my go to is this website. I am always making my menu plan and trying all your recipes. I have not been disappointed even once!! Thanks!

  297. Heather says:

    My favorite is blogs like this one. I like tried and true recipes. I do try ones from cookbooks but prefer when someone I know can say they like it too. I also like potlucks. I get to try something new and then can ask for the recipe! If all else fails I just kind of surf the internet or do a search for what I am looking for.

  298. Krista says:

    To be honest, I use mels kitchen cafe as my weekly menu planning guide. I get all my recipes from you and love them! I would love to have a sub. to Cook’s Country, cooking is fast becoming one of my favorite pasttimes!!!

  299. Shauna says:

    Man, I love Cook’s Country, and have been needing a subscription forEVER.

    Anyway, I’ve been having fun trying out recipes from an ancient cookbook I found at an antique store. (when I’m feeling adventurous, that is!)

  300. Christi says:

    I get most of my recipes from Taste of Home and my wonderfully talented sisters! πŸ™‚ Lately, I have been trying to build my list of main dishes I can cook, so your blog has been awesome. I also have found great recipes at allrecipes.com and recipes on packages I buy-especially frozen fish. My problem is I always seem to gravitate to dessert…

  301. Shannon says:

    Your website is my favorite by far….. I also use food network, cooking light.com, and fresh365online.com (they have good vegan recipes)

  302. robin says:

    omg…have you ever checked out mixingbowl.com?? lots of great cooks with their recipes on there…then I go to taste of home magazine…love love love them…I just bought (for the first time!) a copy of may issue of cooks country…love it…Love Christy Jordan- southern plate:-) and of course I am on your site all the time:-)
    robin wieder:-)

  303. Stacie says:

    OOO!! I’ve wanted this magazine for a long time… yippee!

    Okay, honestly- I look at YOUR site. Always so great. Others I look at are sisterscafe.blogspot (which you gave us), pickypalate.com, or my friend Rhandi’s straightupgoodfood.blogspot.

  304. Heather A says:

    I usually look at your site, the Pioneer Woman Cooks, Sisters Cafe, Our Best Bites, and Your Home Based Mom for recipe ideas.

  305. Tony Richards says:

    I’m new at this recipe exchange and I really enjoy a good meal. There are so many excellent sites presenting so many recipes, it’s difficult to choose which is the best. I very often place a key word into Google that returns many results. After I find a specific recipe I like, I Google it again to get a good mix of the same or similar recipes.

    I alway look forward to your daily recipe.

  306. Rebecca B says:

    Of course, I check out your website, but I also love borrowing Cooks Illustrated (thanks to you) from the library. I make a lot of recipes featured in Good Housekeeping every month b/c they are also tested and retested and are always winners in our house.

  307. Jane says:

    I also love Cooks Country, in fact before I saw this give-a-way I was busy registering for a trial online membership. The Utah Hive (http://pioneerpalate.blogspot.com/) has links on it to several good ones too. Thanks for a wonderful blog!!

  308. Crystal says:

    I find a lot of my recipes on Recipezaar.com. I love it because it has everything!! Seriously! If i have something at a friends house i can find the recipe on Recipezaar. I would love to get a magazine with more recipes. Thanx!

  309. stephanieee says:

    Tasty Kitchen.. but you already know about that one! I’ve also lately become obsessed with JoyTheBaker.com. My hips do not thank me. πŸ™‚

  310. I love going to foodgawker or tastespotting…places like that always give me some new ideas, not to mention new favorite cooking blogs. But most of all…MOST of all, I love your site πŸ™‚

  311. Sally Walter says:

    As was mentioned in the other comments, your site is top on my go-to list. Like many of your fans, I also like Pioneer Woman, Allrecipes, Sisters’ Cafe, and Cooking Light. You might also try You Got Served and Prudence Pennywise. If all these fail me, it’s a sure sign we got out to dinner!!!

  312. Angie says:

    Hmmm, depends on the need. I like allrecipes.com but if I have some random pantry item that I need to use, I’ve had pretty good luck at food manufacturer’s websites as well.

  313. Jennifer H. says:

    I’d love to give you a new place to look for recipes…but I can’t, because most of the new recipes I make come from your site! Seriously, I just made your Ham and Pasta Skillet dinner last night to use up our leftover Easter ham and the night before last it was your Shredded Chicken Pitas with Sun-dried Tomato Vinaigrette! Oh! And I made Sugar Gems a few days ago…haha. You rock!

  314. teresa says:

    i totally understand the need for motivation! good luck!

    recipezaar is my favorite place in the world, as well as epicurious, love it!

  315. Lori Potts says:

    Other than your website which my good friend, Toni, got me hooked I go to http://maceyspglittletheatre.blogspot.com. I teach an hour cooking class and have used your recipes a time or two with rave reviews. Thanks for bringing variety back to my kitchen.

  316. Me, me, me! I want it! πŸ™‚ I like going to Allrecipes or Eatingwell to get recipes. Also love visiting blogs and bookmarking them. I love your blog!

  317. Megan says:

    Here, of course! also love recipezaar.com if I’m looking for something particular. ourbestbites and pickypalate are also good ones.

  318. Martha says:

    I love your blog! I have tried many of your recipes and found them to be simple and delicious!

  319. Ashley Brennan says:

    Hi Mel!

    I enjoy reading blogs such as yours [of course!] Blogchef.net and favfamilyrecipes.com –>the site that posted your blog which allowed me to find you in the first place! I also enjoy checking online at the local newpapers. Generally each paper has a food section once a week and a lot of them post recipes from local area chefs using local ingredients! Even better now that farmer’s markets are right around the corner πŸ™‚ Happy cooking.

  320. Lori says:

    Love your site. Also, I like weight watchers for some low calorie or low fat ideas.

  321. Amy says:

    I usually check yours, sisters cafe, ksl recipes and good things utah recipes.

  322. ann says:

    I have so many food blogs that I like to look at, but aggie’s kitchen is a great one for salads and goodthingscatered has lovely stuff, too.

  323. Kassy says:

    I love looking at many food blogs and yours is the first one that got me hooked on them! I also look at Taste of Home magazine. allrecipes .com is another great place πŸ™‚

  324. Traci says:

    I love your site, it is my go to when I need to make dinner. I also like recipiezaar and all recipies.

  325. Bethann says:

    Your website is my new favorite but my all time go to is the Food network and I look up Sandra Lee “money saving meals”. They are usually look cost and few indgrediants to keep them low cost.

  326. Brooke says:

    I must say, my favorite go-to place for recipes is your cooking blog!! Love, love, love it!

  327. Heidi says:

    Your website is my favorite for food inspiration. My challenge is actually planning and making the food. I have 3 boys myself (and a husband), so if your family likes the food mine usually will too. Other commenters have mentioned food websites I like, Sisters Cafe, Real Mom Kitchen.
    My favorite way to get great recipes is at friend, family and church get-togethers after I’ve tried them myself πŸ™‚
    Cook’s Country should affiliate with you! You would be great for their image.

  328. Haylee Prete says:

    My favorites are: 1) Yours! 2) allrecipes.com 3) pioneer woman cooks. I have five girls and a husband with very sensitive taste buds!

  329. Emily Heinhold says:

    I go to your blog first, then I check out Sister’s Cafe, then I go to Pioneer Woman and then allrecipes.com. My friend also has a new one called cjaneinthekitchen.blogspot.com that’s really good. I was on the Cook’s Illustrated website just yesterday and almost subscribed, but decided to wait until our next paycheck.

  330. Amanda says:

    Truthfully, it is my sister.

  331. Rebecca Bell says:

    I’m not trying to be a suck-up, but your site is seriously one of the first’s on my list of go-to’s. I also love annie’s eats, pioneer woman cooks, sister’s cafe, peachtreecooking.com (a little biased), and of course, allrecipes.com.

  332. Yay! I do hope I win! My favorite place to go is here, then allrecipes.com. I love how everything is rated there, and the variety.

  333. Kelli says:

    My favorite place is Kitchen cafe, sisters cafe, or Pioneer woman! I dont think they will help you out but they definetly save me daily!!

  334. Angie Berns says:

    I love Giada and Ina’s recipes. I usually try recipes based on ratings and read reviews to see how to alter recipes if needed.

  335. Becky L. says:

    I usually check out the pioneer woman or your home based mom. Of course, I love your site, too.

  336. Carrie M says:

    i think all the ones i go to you know about! I need more recommendations too! I do love to browse Martha Stewart and Food Network, and Kraft foods – but they recently changed their recipe website and i don’t think it’s as user friendly. I know they have certain recipes I can’t find now. argh. Honestly I’ve gone through so much of your site! Pioneer Woman too.

  337. Jaylene Mosley says:

    I always have good luck with Ina on Food Network but I also usually always turn to your blog first. Thanks for all the great recipes πŸ™‚

  338. Melissa says:

    I only go to your website and Food Network website/magazine!

  339. I usually check a few food blogs…yours is one of them and if I need to, I use my delectable delights cookbook I got while my husband was in medical school. I have been wanting to subscribe to Cooks Illustrated for awhile now! This would be awesome!!

  340. Jocelyn Wolf says:

    I love your website and another favorite blog/website of mine is pioneerwomancooks.com

    I love it when things found everyday in your house are in a recipe because i live out in the middle of no where and can’t really run to the store when i need something.

  341. Amber says:

    Well, if it’s afternoon, and I still don’t know what we’re having for dinner, then I come here. Almost always I can quickly find an easy, yummy looking recipe that calls for ingredients I already have on hand. If I have specific ingredients I need to use or am looking for a specific dish that I can’t find the recipe for in my cook books, I go to allrecipes.com.

  342. Brianna says:

    I usually use Food Network website/magazine, or the Taste of Home Website.

  343. Dona R says:

    Love your site the most, like everyone else who has left a comment. πŸ™‚ I also like to look at the food network because they have so many variations on different recipes. Thanks for all of the great recipes – don’t ever stop!!

  344. Natalie says:

    Like everyone else, your blog is the first place I check. Next is Sisters Cafe. Third is Annie’s Eats.com. And I just discovered foodgawker.com. Have you seen it? As a food blogger, you can sign up to be a member, and when you post something new, it is put up on this website. Many of the foodblogs I check are on it. More than once, I’ve thought, “Hey, My Kitchen Cafe should be on here!” Go check it out after all the Saltines are cleaned up. πŸ˜‰

    (at our house, the cracker of choice to cover the floor with is Ritz Crackers. They go with everything. Cheese. Apples. Nutella. The floor. Between our couch cushions… )

  345. Natalie Francis says:

    Honestly, you’re website is the first I check for a recipe. All of your recipes are “no-fail” and I love being able to succeed on the first try! Of course if I can’t find a recipe from you, I fall back on allrecipes.com.

  346. Traci says:

    Your website is the best I’ve found! Really though, I check yours and if for some CRAZY reason I can’t find what I’m looking for I go to allrecipes.com. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve referred to your site! Thanks for all the great recipes and the chance to win!

  347. Emily says:

    Your site! πŸ™‚ I also like The Pioneer Woman Cooks and Taste of Home. Oh, and allrecipes.com.

  348. Shar says:

    Your site is my go-to site, because I know I can count on the recipes. I’ve added many of your recipes to our “favorites”.
    Here are other sites I like to browse for fun: tongue-n-cheeky.com, lickthebowlgood.blogspot.com, mybakingaddiction.com, thisweekfordinner.com

  349. ChrissieK says:

    do I hear an echo!? Uh, number one – melskitchencafe.com and then if I can’t settle or have ingredients for any of your meals then I head to allrecipes.com and do an ingredient search. I don’t plan meals as I should… I need to do a better job w/ that! Seriously. You rock my world w/ your recipes. You have never failed me.

  350. Ina says:

    I must admit that I only check here for new recipes. But I love them!! The only other recipe source I have is a family cookbook thrown together by my aunt. Thanks!

  351. jessica mell says:

    welp, the routine 4 are:

    – pioneer woman
    – for the love of cooking
    – simply recipes
    – You!

    my f’real top 4. πŸ™‚ *thank* you.

  352. Lorie says:

    Yours is the first site, but I also like allrecipes.

  353. Marlene says:

    I just love checking out your recipes first, of course, but my second one is cooks.com. It always has numerous recipes for just one word, which is really nice. You can find just about anything, and one of my favorites from that site was for 3 bean chili. I always get rave reviews for it because it has bacon, and some great beans!! I have never really liked regular chili, but this one hits home for me. Hope it works for you too!!

  354. Megan S says:

    My favorite place if Taste of Home, esp the website because I go on the highest rated recipes.

  355. Shawnee Farnsworth says:

    I follow four different cooking blogs (yours is my favorite, of course!) and they are where I get the majority of my recipes. I also like the old Betty Crocker cookbook.

  356. hollie says:

    Lately, I’ve been loving tastykitchen.com!

  357. Lanette says:

    Love your blog and would love to win too!! πŸ™‚

  358. Alyse says:

    I go to The Morningside Cafe, Ad Hoc at Home, and Staff Meals from Chanterelle for cookbooks.
    I love homesicktexan’s blog as well as smittenkitchen.

  359. Jenna says:

    MKC…that’s you. Your site is the only cooking site where I actually try to make what you make. Other sites I just say, “Oh that looks good,” but I don’t make anything. So, thanks.

  360. Robin Staker says:

    My sisters and I stared a blog to post our own tried and true recipes that even our children will eat (most of the time). So that has been my go to spot lately. I must admit that about half of the recipes on our blog are from you. Thanks for sharing all your great recipes with us.

  361. JJ says:

    I’ve been using your site ALOT lately since I’m pretty new to your blog & I have yet to have a failure from you. I also like Cooking Light and Rachael Ray. Cooking Light is where I found my signature fruited poppy seed slaw. It’s mayo-free and I take it to just about every pot luck & family BBQ I go to since I don’t have to worry about it spoiling in the heat.

  362. Valerie Agustin says:

    Your site is always the first I check when I need inspiration. For dessert chocklit.com or bakerella.com, and when the Oriental tastes hit I go to chezannies.blogspot.com.

  363. EBPitcher says:

    Blog reading is where I’ve found the best recipes lately!

  364. Jennie says:

    your website! the sisters cafe, and food network.

  365. Amy Webber says:

    I obviously love the recipes I get from your site, but I also enjoy The Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen site. By the way, I made the Citrus Water Punch for our Easter gathering last weekend…FABULOUS!

  366. Crystal says:

    My current favorite is sisterscafe.blogspot.com, which is how I found you! I love your blog equally well–thank you! I also like pickypalate and ourbestbites. When I am not cooking with kids mind, I love to try out recipes from smittenkitchen.

  367. Rebecca says:

    Allrecipes is one of my faves. I love that readers rate and comment on the recipes with tips and other variations.

  368. Courtney says:

    Your website! I also love Our Best Bites and the many cookbooks I have!

  369. Dawn says:

    I get most of my recipes from this blog. The other place is http://www.recipezaar.com. I like it for fun, festive treats for the kids!

  370. Cassie Winters says:

    Allrecipes (so many people rate the recipes), of course your website, Cassie Craves, Simply Recipes, Natalie’s Killer Cuisine, and Prudence Pennywise.

  371. jennika says:

    Yours is my absolute go-to…I know that anything I try will be awesome. Of course the sisters cafe wouldn’t help you with any new ones either. I recently found family favorite recipes. They look like they have some good ones too. I love to go out to eat and then google search for a copycat somewhere. I am usually able to find someone out there that knows how to make it. So that is fun to be able to make the things I have grown to love while eating out.

  372. Apryl says:

    I come here almost everyday to find something but before I found you I used the Kraft Foods Food & Family magazine and their website, http://www.kraftrecipes.com/home.aspx. They have this marinated steak with caramelized onions recipe that is really great and easy; http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/marinated-steak-caramelized-onions-114697.aspx

  373. Danielle Williams says:

    Funny you should ask. I got The Americas Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook for Christmas and have been working through it. LOVE COOKS.

  374. Valerie says:

    I have a huge collection of cookbooks, so lately I’ve been enjoying the web site “Eat Your Books” to help me look for recipes in my own cookbooks. As far as online inspiration, some of my favorites are foodnetwork.com, landolakes.com, and rachaelraymag.com.

  375. Jeanette says:

    Well, these days I get all of my recipes from your blog. I know that I can try one of your recipes for the first time out on guests and that they will come back for dinner again! The other place I go is allrecipes.com, but my friend has a great blog too, http://notboxed.blogspot.com. Thanks for you hard work and great recipes!

  376. Sarah Taylor says:

    I love to check your blog for yummy recipes. My mother-in-law also gave me a subscriptiion to Taste of Home’s Simple and Delicious and I have gotten some great recipes from there as well.

  377. Traci Bryan says:

    Your blog has become my absolute favorite! I check for the emails everyday! I have used several of your recipes lately and I LOVE them! I love how you use normal ingredients that you don’t have to go to a special store to find and how they are so family friendly! I am going to attempt your wheat bread today so wish me luck! I have not had a lot of homemade bread success but it is something I have always wanted to perfect! I will be looking forward to your future recipes! I also try a few recipes out of Taste of Home each time it comes but have not found them to be as family friendly!

  378. Suzanne says:

    I love your blog! Thank you for taking the time to help the rest of us. I love your sweet and sour chicken!

  379. Cindy says:

    I love becomingbetty.blogspot.com as well as rookie-cookie.com. There are lots of great food blogs out there!

  380. Lisa says:

    I love to see a picture of what it is before I give it a try, so I know what it SHOULD look like when I make it, if it looks/sounds good to us!

  381. Megan says:

    I love using allrecipes.com. Especially how you can search by ingredients, which is so handy when I have something that needs to be used up!

  382. G. says:

    I just found your site thanks to Sorta Crunchy. My usual go-to is the web. I have tons of food blogs bookmarked and if I’m in need of a recipe that is where I’ll go!

  383. Rachel says:

    Your blog is my favorite, of course! However, I also check out “Our Best Bites” and allrecipes.com

  384. Brigette says:

    well, I really do check your website almost daily. Our whole week’s menu is from your recipes. So. thanks!

  385. Chrissy says:

    Your website, Pioneer Woman, Two Peas and Their Pod and BabyCenter’s Cooking for Your Family group.

  386. Wendy says:

    I am totally a fan of the Everyday Food Magazine. It is a total Martha Stewart for every day folks. They often have great ideas for weekly meals that use leftovers from the previous day. Also I love that they take what is in season and give you recipes for them. Your site and that magazine are my go-to places. Here is a simple idea for this week – take Spanish Rice-a-Roni and cook as directed when it is done add chopped up chicken, niblet corn and black beans. Then take tortilla put the rice mixture inside, sprinkle with cheese and dollop sour cream. Instant burrito! Fast, easy and my kids love it!!

  387. Mary says:

    Your blog is my new favorite spot to look for recipes. I just discovered you last month. Second option is to google what I am looking for and I tend to favor sites that lets people comment and rate the recipes -like all recipes.com.

  388. Lorie says:

    Well, I am running the risking of sounding like a sycophant, but my go-to place for recipes is melskitchencafe.com. Every now and then I will go to one of the sites that you mention. But yours is the one that consistently has the recipes that my family will all eat – and I have four boys too!

  389. Marcey says:

    Here of course! I love my cooking blogs and am always trying new meals. Yours is by far my favorite! πŸ™‚

  390. Jen says:

    I love your blog and I also use Real Mom Kitchen blog a lot. I also like to look for new ideas on Foodnetwork.com

  391. Connie says:

    Of course your website is first. You have yummy pictures! But sometime when in need I can usually find a recipe in Southern Living Magazine.

  392. Pete says:


  393. Danielle says:

    I usually go to you, and I’m not just kissing up. Okay, maybe a little, but it’s the truth. I also like The Sister’s Cafe, Our Best Bites, and allrecipes.com where I like to sort based on best reviews. My neighbors are also great cooks. We swap recipes a lot.

  394. Jessica Himle says:

    Well # 1 is You!!! I love you!!! I don’t even know you but I talk about you like you were my best friend!!! My hubby gets a little weirded out by it!!! Also I love to ask my neighbors and friends to email me anytime they find a great one!!! I also like this new lady who does Freezer Meals and just came out with a new cookbook. Her site is http://www.freezerdinner.com She has some yummy looking stuff one it and I just might buy her book.

  395. Alison says:

    Before I discovered your blog, I always went to allrecipes.com. It’s just so much fun to look around and get ideas for new recipes. I also find that ward cookbooks have great, home cooking, simple, delicious recipes!

  396. Scoggdog says:

    My first “go-to” is my Grandmother, she’s a wonderful cook, has a plethora of old recipes and cookbooks…Priceless
    Second stop is HERE!
    Thirdly would be a mix of places like Serious Eats.com, All Recipes.com, and other great blogs like Homesick Texan.com.

  397. Jody says:

    I love my husband’s grandmother’s cookbooks- she has TONS! She has them from her Woman’s club, Church, neighborhood, and a Three Rivers Pittsburgh one. SO many great recipes.

  398. Brittany says:

    I Love Love Love Cuisine at Home. I have NEVER made anything out of this magazine that doesn’t turn out 100% incredible. πŸ™‚ Luckily the SLC library system carries these.

  399. kim says:

    love your great ideas for dinner!! also ourbestbites.com allrecipes
    pwoman picky palate sisters cafe church and school cookbooks!

  400. Jami says:

    Ilove recipes that i find online. i have a few that I check on pretty much every day. You know in case there’s something that is just too good to pass up. Yours is one of them. My other favorite is sisterscafe.blogspot.com. I also love kraftfoods.com. I’m really all about simple easy and quick. With 4 kids and a hubby i just cant spend ALL day on a great tasting meal

  401. Tammi L says:

    I always check out your site, Food for Thought and of PW!!

  402. Cathy says:

    Your is my first to try, then maybe foodnetwork. I love yours! Everything I’ve tried has been good! THANKS A MILLION!

  403. Larisa says:

    To be honest, it depends on the day! Allrecipes.com is a go to for new ideas and comfort good; your site is wonderful for great home cooking; Ourbestbites has become a new favorite, and cookinglight is a great resource for healthy, tasty meals. And now I’m hoping to add Cook’s Country magazine! πŸ™‚

  404. Natalie says:

    I love lickthebowlgood.blogspot.com!

  405. Tami says:

    when it’s something very specific, like right now, I am on the hunt for a good homemade waffle recipe, MALTED waffles, not eggy ones, I head to allrecipes

  406. Emily Dalton says:

    You are my go to girl! your pizza braids and pretzels are the best and the list could go on! my second is our best bites.

  407. Keveny says:

    Honestly, I go to your site first. I have been feeding my family for months with your recipes. Everytime there is a new meal on the table, they ask me, “Is this from that website you are always on?” And we have yet to try one that we haven’t LOVED! Thanks so much! If you don’t have what I am looking for (which is rare), I go to allrecipes.com. I like their rating system – it helps me predict if the recipe will turn out well.

  408. Seriously, you are my go to for recipes. I linked you so I could find you easy and so others know who I am bragging about. You have certainly given me inspiration to try things I wouldn’t have before, and I know Cook’s is an awesome publication. I sure hope that I can be one of the lucky four! Keep cookin’! You rule!!!!!

  409. Amy D. says:

    I have to tell you how much I love your blog! It’s one of the first places I look for good recipes!!! I also like to check Annie’s Eats, Pioneer Woman, Fake Ginger and Allrecipes.com – just to name a few. I am so thankful for all of you wonderful ladies that share your recipes. My family is really reaping the benefits. (BTW, we LOVE your homemade pizza! Thanks so much!!) Amy

  410. April says:

    I usually go to cooking blogs or to my mom’s old recipes to find new recipes. I love your blog. I have tried a lot of stuff from it, and it fits well into my family’s needs.

  411. Bridget says:

    I just recently started reading food blogs and am loving it. I will go to the few I have bookmarked for new recipes. If I have time at home to plan something, I love to look through the cookbooks I have that different churches or organizations in our area make up. They always have “tried and true” recipes that may be generations old.

  412. Joann says:

    Well, I come here for recipes…or I sometimes do an Internet search and see what pops up!

  413. Richelle says:

    If I can’t find anything for dinner on your website, I just go out!!! I haven’t been going out to eat as often since I found your website! Thanks…I think!
    You could really hype your kids up and teach them how to make cake pops from bakerella.com! Thanks for all of your hard work to make my life easier.

  414. Jaime Parke says:

    Your blog/website!! That’s what I was doing here just this minute, looking for something for dinner tonight! Love your recipes and ideas. We’ve tried so many and have loved them all, thanks!


  415. Monica says:

    For years I was an ardent “Taste of Home” fan, and a lot of my favorite recipes are from their early magazines. More recently I’ve gotten new favorites from cooking blogs including Baking Bites, A Year of Crockpotting, Big Red Kitchen, and Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. We subscribe to America’s Test Kitchen’s other magazine, “Cooks Illustrated”, which I like and my husband loves. Thank you for this give-away!

  416. Deborah Hunt says:

    I find the best recipes come from friends and family and just playing with an old recipe to make it mine, also like to try to duplicate things I try out at resturants. I enjoy experimenting and so does my family. so far!!!

  417. Claire says:

    The New Best Recipes cookbook. I’m also a big fan of ATK on TV and their other magazines. KAF is another one.

  418. Yvonne says:

    I go to Allrecipes.com a lot – love the reviews by everyday cooks and their revisions or additions to make recipes even better, but I love your blog and am eager to read your posts!

  419. Iris Brooks says:

    You of course and Pioneer Woman!

  420. Kristin says:

    allrecipes.com or pioneerwoman! Both have really great recipes that you can’t go wrong with.

  421. Amber says:

    I go to my google reader, type in my main dish and see what comes up! I love all the food blogs I follow, I rarely use my cookbooks anymore!

  422. Catie says:

    Hi there
    I have just found your blog πŸ™‚
    Love it – plan on making the pasta dish and corn/bean salad tonight.
    I use PW, allrecipes and even google.
    Happy week

  423. Kim says:

    I love epicurious.com- great recipies there. We love ethnic food at my house too, and my go-to web addresses for more exotic fare are http://www.maangchi.com, (video step by step instructions, be sure to look up “potato side dishes” there), and recipeatlas.com. Love your blog too- you’ve helped my answer “what should I cook for dinner?” on more than a few occasions! Thanks!

  424. Your website is the first thing I look at, also foodnetwork.com, kraftrecipes.com, and allrecipes.com.
    All of your recipes I have tried have been wonderful. I am so thankful you have your website and that I found it!!

  425. Kamy says:

    I usually head to Taste of Home.

  426. Karen says:

    I love your blog to help me come up with ideas for dinner. I also use all recipes.com and cooks.com. As far as cookbooks, my go to cookbooks are the Southern Living annual cookbooks. I have a collection from the last 10 years and have always loved the recipes I make from them.

  427. Sandy says:

    My go to is a Herbergers cookbook out of North Dakota – good comfort food recipes and of course yours – but Dave is the big fan of any cooking recipe on Foodnetwork and he thinks he can cook better than me so I say go ahead does not hurt my feelings but he still wants your garlic cake recipe – you know what I mean.

  428. Dori says:

    – eatingwell.com
    – vegetarian times (magazine)
    – thepioneerwoman.com
    – closetcooking.blogspot.com

    and, of course, your blog πŸ˜‰

  429. Rebecca says:

    Ooooooo, I would love that magazine. I need down-to-earth recipes for my finicky children. Well, I love checking out your site (great recipes!). But I also like Tasty Kitchen, $5 Dinners, and Mandy’s Recipe Box.

  430. Ann says:

    I love going to yours, Thibeault’s Table, and Recipezaar. These are my weekly go to’s.

  431. Jackie Tomlinson says:

    I visit your blog and sisters cafe at least once a week. I have tried and loved many or your recipes. I also love The Food Nanny cookbook! I have some neighborhood cookbooks that are great as well!

  432. Camille says:

    Melanie, this is definitely my go-to blog! I also use Sisters Cafe, Annie’s Eats, and The Pioneer Woman. I can’t believe how much recipe blogs have changed my life!!! Love you all for your hard work!

  433. Stephanie DeVault says:

    If I’m looking for something specific, I usually go to allrecipes.com, because of their recipe reviews. Not only can I sort by the popularity of recipes, but longer reviews are easy to see – they pop up when rolled over. I’ve found tons of great hints for more complicated recipes.

    I’m also learning to love the KAF recipes page and blog. I’ve definitely gotten inspiration to try new things through their blog pages.

    And finally, I used to use epicurious quite a bit, but since I live in rural Alaska now, I don’t as often because their recipes frequently call for items that I can’t acquire.

  434. Heather says:

    PaulaDeen.com has some good go to recipes. I also like ourbestbites.com.
    I really admire all the food bloggers out there because this would be over my head to do! I love to cook though!

  435. Raylene says:

    I actually usually come to your site first! If you don’t have something that I am looking for specifically, then I google and read several and give it a try. So far everything that I have tried from your site has been either delicious or absolutely out of this world – I don’t have that kind of luck from other sites!

  436. Jannifer says:

    I actually use your website quite often, also foodnetwork.com, kraftrecipes.com, and allrecipes.com. Ialso have a few cookbooks that are awesome! I always love myself a new cookbook!

  437. Coralie says:

    I love looking through church cookbooks! There are so many tried and true recipes in those that they are my favorite place to peruse for something new to try and then perfect.

  438. Tara says:

    When your blog doesn’t have exactly what I am looking for, I call my mom! Friends and I have also formed a group on Facebook called What’s for Dinner? We post recipes that were hits with our families.

  439. Kal says:

    YOU of course! Second would be Pioneer Woman. And the internet is a VAST cookbook and recipe library overall. I have my fingers crossed to win your very generous giveaway!

    Hope you are SOON our of your doldrums! Maybe you need to bake something!

  440. Amy says:

    I love your site, Annie’s Eats, Cooking Light and Allrecipes.

  441. Valerie says:

    I go to your website, The Sister’s Cafe, Allrecipes.com, read cooking magazines – and even magazines like Real Simple.

    Your mini-raspberry cheesecakes were at hit with our Easter crowd!

  442. Emily says:

    My favorite places to look up recipes are your site of course, Cook’s Illustrated, Cooking Light, King Arthur Flour blog, Pioneer Woman, and Smitten Kitchen. Yummy!

  443. HeatherM says:

    I come to your site a lot! I also love the taste of home.. their simple and delicious magazine is awesome!

  444. Lisa says:

    Hi, I really enjoy your blog and have a link to it on my blog. For quick meal ideas, I like to go to Kraftfoods.com. I love Foodnetwork.com and Barefoot Contessa. I also enjoy Cooking Light and Food Network Magazine.

  445. Patricia McShane says:

    I tend to roam around the internet to many different cooking blogs in search of new ideas. I love http://www.thegirlwhoateeverything.com. I love that on the side of her blog it lists her blog list and that is actually how I found your site and many others also!

  446. Patricia McShane says:

    I tend to roam around the internet to many different cooking blogs. I love http://www.thegirlwhoateeverything.com. I love that on the side of her blog it lists her blog list and that is actually how I found your site and many others also!

  447. Amy says:

    I have so many recipes emailed to me through Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Home Made Simple, yours and a couple others. I print out the recipes I want to try and I usually have a stack to go to. I also have a lot of magazines from Taste of Home’s Quick Cooking–they have changed their name and I no longer subscribe. I love you site and I can’t print out all the recipes on here that I want to try because that is most of them! I also go to favfamilyrecipes.com. Thanks for such a great site!!

  448. Barb says:

    Of course you are getting thousands of comments….how will you choose??? What a great problem to have!!! I am new to your blog & have to say it is now my FAVE!!!!! Thank you for updating regularly as I get a little childish pout if I don’t have a post to perk up my day πŸ˜‰
    I go to: Melskitchencafe!!!! taste of home, recipezaar, cooks.com, allrecipes, foodnetwork especially giada & barefoot contessa. Thanks so much for your posts!

  449. Holly says:

    When I need a creative outlet, I have tried overlapping or combining some of your recipes, like putting the lemon grilled chicken in the chicken braid with pesto sauce (or without works too) instead of the BBQ. It was a hit! I recently stumbled onto the Cooking Light magazine and I found some very fun, nutritious, easy recipes in there, too. Happy hunting!

  450. Sara Reagan says:

    I love Allrecipes.com, foodnetwork.com and your blog! my husband could not get over how good your carrot cake was. it is a new favorite!

  451. Stephanie says:

    I love your blog and have tried tons of your recipes…thank you so much AND my family thanks you too! I also enjoy Pioneer Woman and YourHomeBasedMom. Love the new blogspot!

  452. Rita says:

    Of course I love, love, LOVE yours… mostly because it’s a no brainer, I don’t have to “GO LOOKING” for something good that I’m not really sure if it’s good or not….you take the guess work out of that, EVERYTHING is always amazingly good. But, if I’m actually looking for a recipe for something in particular , my go to web site would be the Food Network. There are so many people and different recipes for things that you can have it as easy or difficult as you wish. Thanks for the great Carrot Cake recipe, it was the best….and my rear end shows it with the additional 3 lbs!

  453. Susan Matheson says:

    I love to check Pioneer Woman, Sisters Cafe and yours. I check all three almost daily.

  454. Jamie says:

    As of late, my default site for cooking inspiration is foodgawker. Seeing all the pretty food makes me want to get into the kitchen and start cooking.

  455. Hayley says:

    I subscribe to 130+ food blogs! I’ve got hundreds – maybe even thousands! – of starred recipes that I’m dying to try. I also get a bunch of cooking magazines for ideas.
    My other favorite thing to do is to look on restaurant menus for meal ideas πŸ™‚
    I’m always searching for new things to try!

  456. Emily says:

    Yeah… my go to sites are the same as everyone else’s… allrecipes, Pioneer Woman, and yours!

  457. Valerie says:

    I love Chow.com, epicurious.com and Cooking Light. I love Cook’s Country but what I do instead of getting a subscription is wait until the end of the year and get the compilation book with all of the years magazines bound into a book. It is hard to wait all year for the book but it is easier for me to have it all in one place (I have a small kitchen and no where to keep all of the magazines). Anyway, love your website. Thanks for all of the good recipes.

  458. Jennelle says:

    I check your site everyday since I found it (about a month ago) as well as, realmomkitchen.com, plainchicken.blogspot.com, christines-cuisine.blogspot.com, thepioneerwoman.com, tastykitchen.com, and allrecipes.com. And when I need a little more inspiration I go to foodblogs.com. I love recipe sites!

  459. Victoria Taulbee says:

    I really enjoy The Pioneer Woman Cooks! Your site is awesome too!!

  460. Jennifer says:

    I love your site as well as sisterscafe.blogspot.com, and realmomkitchen.com

  461. Annemarie says:

    I like the good old Better Homes & Garden cookbook. If the recipe needs tweaking I take the liberty, but that book has great, basic recipes.

  462. Mandy says:

    I love allrecipes.com and just googling a recipe works too. Love your site as well, that’s why I’m here!

  463. Lauren says:

    I love your website as well as the sisters cafe, Pioneer Woman, and food network.com.

  464. Carlin says:

    I have a great Taste of Home cookbook that I postively LOVE! Every recipe comes with a picture- a must for me. I have yet to try a recipe I did not like. All the girls in my family have one and use it regularly. YAY to Taste of Home!

  465. Janae says:

    Besides your website for recipes I go to The Sister’s Cafe and the Pioneer Woman Cooks.

  466. Bianca says:

    I frequent your blog, Annie’s Eats, (I tried to make the butterflies for her Butterfly cupcake recipe, and have realized that I may not be as skilled as I thought! How sad. But I shall prevail!!) Pioneer Woman and eatingwell.com for recipes.

    BTW, my boyfriend and I could eat your Bourbon chicken and Lemon Cream Pasta everyday if we could! He’s the pickiest eater ever, and your Bourbon chicken recipe is my definite go to when he starts whining that he’s hungry! LoL.

    Thanks for making my life easier!

  467. heather craghead says:

    My favorite is allrecipe.com
    I like to put in the ingredients I have on hand and see what it comes up with. I have found creative ways to use my veggies that I might not have gotten around to eating with out the help of their website. It is very easy to navigate. I also use your site when I am in need of a new recipe. So many ideas to choose from and I love the new site. Your desserts are my favorite…also the bread and pizza dough…the new version. THANK YOU!

  468. I LOVE to go to allrecipes.com There are so many different recipes on there that I just love it. I also love to try foodnetwork magazines recipes frequently.

  469. Well, I’ve stopped by before to let you know that when I need a new recipe that I KNOW will be good. I come here. And you know where else I go? The Sisters’ Cafe. So your whole family keeps me in go-to recipes. And for a lot of desserts, I look in Dorie Greenspan’s Baking: From My Home to Yours.
    Thanks for a wonderful site!

  470. Marcia Herrgott says:

    My hubby does all the cooking (I do all the cleaning) and his favorite place for recipes is Cooks Illustrated. I’m always suggesting new recipes from your website and we’ve been very pleased with the results….yummy πŸ™‚

  471. Elise Livingston says:

    I go to your blog first, of course! Then I turn to a family cookbook that I got when I got married.

  472. Sarah says:

    I love your blog! I just stumbled across it yesterday (from JamieCooksItUp) and I can not wait to try some of your recipes! I find a lot of great recipes at http://www.skinnytaste.com/, since we are trying to eat more healthfully. I also use recipezaar and lots of different cooking blogs.

  473. Julie says:

    Cooking Light is a great magazine for some ideas on how to keep things a little more healthy. I really have enjoyed your site and have made the Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Bars about 10 times this month. This is by far been our favorite. Thanks for all.

  474. Jackie says:

    I’m enjoying http://www.beautyandbedlam on Tuesday when she has links to everyone’s great recipe ideas with photos; I’ll bookmark a few then and come back to them when I’m meal planning. I love the baked tortilla shells you posted!

  475. JoAnn Chambers says:

    When I am searching for nostalgic comfort-food recipes that remind me of my carefree childhood and my Mom’s wonderful cooking I head over to hungrybrowser.com which is the home of Uncle Phaedrus, Consulting Detective and Finder of Lost Recipes. I have found many great but forgotten recipes there and have also submitted personal requests. I love the convenience of searching online for recipes and appreciate everyone who takes the time and effort to gather this information for me. I always look forward to your emails! Thanks!!!

  476. Aly Sharp says:

    I go to your blog, QUITE often as well as multiply delicious, Sizzle and Spice, as well as Crepes of Wrath!

  477. TrishInFL says:

    Here, of course…. but also Pioneer Woman and Allrecipes.com. The best three sites for recipes on the web, in my opinion!!

  478. Jodi says:

    I make almost everything posted here, and I’m getting a reputation at work for your delicious recipes! I also enjoy Pioneer Woman, Allrecipes and all the cooking magazines I read, including Food Network, Sunset and Southern Living. I have a huge file of “must makes” and try something new at least once a week. I made the Taco Tortilla Bowls and my 5 year old said that I was awesome…high praise in the kindergarten set!

  479. Amber says:

    Yay for midweek pickmeup! I’m needing it too!

    Hmmm, where to pick up recipes… I usually come to your site! πŸ™‚ Or http://www.sisterscafe.blogspot.com/

    I recently found this dessert blog:
    http://www.foodaphilia.com/ …made the twix bars last night and LOVED them!

  480. Dee says:

    mostly blogs & especially yours – i also look at allrecipes pretty frequently. i’m sure this isn’t anything new though so sorry if it’s not that helpful:) would love to get a script to this awesome magazine though. thanks for all you do!

  481. jaz says:

    i just roam the blogs looking for recipes all the time.

  482. AnneS says:

    I get lots of recipes from the website allrecipes.com and the pioneer woman. I also like the smittenkitchen and orangette.blogspot
    Thanks for the chance to win the subscription to the magazine. It is fantastic!

  483. Anna says:

    Your blog is absolutely fantastic!! Since I am still honing my skills in the kitchen, anything with pictures/videos is a big help, thus I also visit sites such as YouTube!

  484. Jill B says:

    I actually love melskitchencafe.com. My whole neighborhood loves you actually. Everything I’ve tried is excellent. In 2nd place would have to be epicurious.com or tastykitchen.com.

  485. Cara says:

    I really do love your blog Mel! And seriously, one of the highlights of my year last year was when you posted one of my recipes. Just ask my husband! πŸ™‚ I usually get my newest must-try-recipes from family and friends–and I love perusing chocolate cook books specifically. Thanks so much for the blog and the fun giveaway!

  486. Monica says:

    I love the food network–but mostly Giada’s recipes. So I get alot of ideas from her shows and save the recipes posted online.

  487. Hilery Somers says:

    My mother in law gives us a subscription to Taste of Home magazine which we use a lot, along with the recipes you gives us and Foodnetwork.com. I would love another cooking resource!

  488. Sharon says:

    I LOVE Cook’s Country and the show on our local PBS station! My place to go for recipes is Taste of Home.com. They have wonderful, practical and delicious recipes.

  489. Bill says:

    It never fails, one visit to tastespotting.com inspires me and makes me hungry!

  490. Anne Marie says:

    I get most of my recipes from your site and/or all recipes. Basically, though, I tend to stick to my old reliables.

  491. kimmerbean says:

    Some of my favorite places to go for recipes are AllRecipes, RecipeZaar, The Pioneer Woman, Tasty Kitchen, and your blog, of course! I can’t believe that I have never heard of Cook’s Country. I’m off to check it out!

  492. Sheri says:

    I love your blog of course, but I also like the food network, and Ourbestbites.com. I recently pick up the Food Nanny’s cook book and I like the recipes I have tried so far. She also talks about how important having a sit down dinner every night with your family is, and having a two week menu plan, which she does around themes for each day of the week.

  493. Jennifer B. says:

    Your site of course! I also go to Allrecipes (love reading the reviews…they are so helpful) a lot and have been recently finding some yummy dishes over at Tasty Kitchen. Thanks for being my favorite go-to place! πŸ™‚

  494. Lucinda Bostick says:

    One of my favorite cooking magazines is Light & Tasty from Taste of Home. Each issue is full of tasty recipes that I enjoy making for my family. My Mom gave me a gift subscription a few years back and I’ve continued to get it. I save each issue.

  495. Cheri Slaughter says:

    Hi Mel,
    I feel like I know you since I snag your recipes weekly! I find the best resources for recipes are online blogs (like yours) & websites like allrecipes.com & epicurious.com. I always look at the reviews to see if a recipe is really worth my time & money. But I must say the most tried & true way to discover new great eats is to have what some people call “pot lucks”. We just call it a foodie night. Everyone is responsible for bringing just one of the courses…appetizer, entree, side dishes, or dessert. You must also bring the recipe, that’s the key. So if you love the dish, you already have a tested recipe to add to your collection. Having these foodie nights once a month really keeps the family menu fresh & not at all boring.

  496. Jordan says:

    My go to place for recipes is YOUR BLOG, and I’m not just sucking up. Seriously everything I make anymore is from your blog. I love how easy, delicious, and fool proof your recipes are. I happen to love to watch Americas Test Kitchen and Cooks Country on pbs but that Chris Kimball guy drives my crazy. They always make the BEST stuff!

  497. Kiley DeLange says:

    Anything from my mom/grandma!

  498. Janell Sorensen says:

    A few of my favorite places to get inspired and find favorite recipes are in my Grandmother’s HUGE recipe box, http://www.thepioneerwoman.com, a few of my weight watcher cook books, and your blog of course!!! ;o) Thanks for all the wonderful family friendly dishes you share and provide!

  499. Nate says:

    Our favorite place for recipes is the new “The Complete America’s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook.” We love it. It feels like we brought a five star restaurant into our home.

  500. Tami says:

    I’m afraid it’s you or my kids starve. πŸ™‚

  501. Cheryl says:

    I love food blogs and I come from a large family who love to cook so I have some good resources.

  502. Tanya says:

    Other than your site (OBVIOUSLY!), I also like epicurious. Their ratings system has never failed me! Another that I like is Choosy Beggars (www.choosy-beggars.com). Tina and Mike are both hilarious, and the food is awesome too!

    Thanks for all YOUR hard work keeping up this blog for us!

  503. Bergitte says:

    Your site is by far my most favorite of all! I tell all my family and friends about it. I sometimes visit http://simplyrecipes.com/ but always come back to your site :o).

  504. stacy says:

    I luv smittenkitchen.com

  505. Pam says:

    I love your site, but I also check others – love lickthebowlgood.blogspot.com

  506. Tiffany says:

    I’ve been noticing I’ve enjoyed the recipes you’ve posted from Cook’s Country, so I would love to check out the magazine! :o) My go-to source is my old battered copy of Mark Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything.” My mom bought it for me when I started college, thinking the name was funny. It’s terrific, though – the recipes are great, and he explains techniques very well.

  507. Neesha says:

    My coworkers are all really talented in the kitchen, so I find that asking around work usually results in new recipes or gadgets. I also love the Pioneer Woman (who doesn’t?) and some of the culinary mystery novels. Especially when it comes to baking. Oh man, do I ever find good stuff in the novels of Joanne Fluke, Dianne Mott Davidson, Nancy Fairbanks (though I’ve fallen a bit out of love with her), JoAnna Carl, and….I don’t remember any more.

    As for blogs ( you poor thing, getting a full laundry list!):

    Ok, I think that’s a good place to stop before I list favorite cookbooks. πŸ™‚

  508. Julie says:

    I am a checker and re-checker for recipes, so I use allrecipes.com, recipezaar.com, and your website, and a few others that I’ve found along the way. By the way, thanks so much for all the fun and awesome new recipes you do. We love them at our house!

  509. Kim says:

    Oh, right now you are my fav. go to site..also been enjoy the Sister Cafe as well. My next fav. is just good o’l all recipes. Keep up the great work..I’ve loved trying your recipes. I’ve been wanting to subscribe to Cooks country..just haven’t..so hope I win.


  510. Angela says:

    Our recipes normally come from you, honestly. You’ve become “my recipe site” when my husband asks about a dish’s origin. Before hearing about your site, or now if a food item isn’t already addressed on your site, I end up at the foodnetwork.com site. There are a few chefs on there that I lean towards because they (like you) use ingredients I’ve heard of and probably own. πŸ™‚

  511. Suzi Andersen says:

    Whenever I’m starving, want something quick to fix or wanting to elicit an extremely favorable response from my fiance, I come here or to allrecipes. I love trying out new things, even if they completely bomb. He still makes his “mmm so good” sounds and makes me feel like a million bucks. So thanks for the recipes!

  512. Jill parkinson says:

    Your site of course, the sisters cafe and ourbestbites.com. For the love of cooking is also a good one.

  513. Sara says:

    I look forward to receiving your email every day! I just love most of your recipes. I live in Wisconsin so a lot of my recipes come from family and friends. I also use the “All Recipes” sight for new recipes. I enjoy trying new things!

  514. Amy says:

    I just finished my “free Trial” issue of Cooks Country AND Cooks Illustrated. I enjoyed both but especially the Cooks Country. I really enjoy recipes from Blogs, Allrecipes, and Paula Deen.

  515. Kim says:

    Thanks for having such a great cooking blog! I like to visit this one and Joy the Baker’s, The Pioneer Woman and Machessemo….along with several commercial sites.

    Thans for having the contest πŸ™‚

  516. Cindy says:

    Hi. My cookbook of choice is anything Cook’s Illustrated so I would be particularly excited about trying their magazine! The other food blog I check on a routine basis is http://www.simplyrecipes.com. The shrimpcake recipe is a very good one and simple-dimple.

  517. Randy Danto says:

    I probably go first to allrecipes.com for recipes. It’s easy to navigate through, and their recipes are rates with lots of comments. Ever since I met you at Evie’s house a few months ago, though, I’ve been checking your blog as well. THANKS!

  518. Amanda says:

    I actually get so many of my recipes from you!! But I also love The Pioneer Woman (and Tasty Kitchen, which is part of her site), Kraft recipes, Food and Family and Beantown Baker. What an awesome giveaway!!

  519. Vicky says:

    I’ve been using your site a lot lately, but I also use Pioneer Woman quite a bit and rely on many recipes handed down from family. And I do a lot of google searches for recipes, with sometimes good results.

  520. Annette says:

    Besides your blog (which is my number one place), I have two other favorite places to find new recipes to try — The Barefoot Contessa (found on food network) and the Taste of Home magazines and cookbooks.

  521. Liz says:

    I get ideas from my friends, different food blogs and I like to watch some cooking shows- Cook’s Country is one of them! My family is very picky so I usually end up adapting alot of recipes to fit our tastes.

  522. Tauna says:

    Your blog is my go-to site. I always check here first! I also like allrecipes and bettycrocker.com. I have never tried something from your site that my family and I have not loved! Thanks for all the great recipes!!!

  523. Emily says:

    I either go to your site, For the Love of Cooking or http://www.allrecipes.com to look for inspiration. I was in a rut eating the same handful of dinners for nearly a year until I discovered recipe blogs. Now I am hooked! Thanks for all you great recipes!

  524. Desi says:

    This is actually my favorite but I do the recipezaar.com as well.

  525. Barbie says:

    You are awesome. The funny thing is that next to this food blog, I get most of my recipes from the Sister’s Cafe. You guys also inspired me to start a food blog with my sisters that is for our 12 children.

  526. Lisa says:

    Tasty Kitchen, The Pioneer Woman’s recipe site has recently been a gold mine of great new recipes for me.

  527. mia says:

    omgosh, seriously, a giveaway too? not only are you my ‘lifesaver’ on a daily basis, YOU want to possibly give something to ME? wow, really seems like i should be sending you something!!!

    okay, so here is where i check out….

    http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/ (although i’m pretty sure that site may have come from you)

    But to be totally honest…..I really mostly just stop here…your blog has become my new ‘one stop shop for recipes!!’ πŸ˜‰ i absolutely *heart* it. your taco beef and the tortilla bowls are both on the agenda for supper today, and possibly your breadsticks also, since i will be having salad!! πŸ™‚

  528. Deanna says:

    I’m afraid I’m not much help on the recipe front….I use your blog more than anything else! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  529. Ashley says:

    I love to go to the website http://www.allrecipes.com Then you get the chance to see what others are doing and cooking and how they have “changed up” classic recipes!

  530. motion de smiths says:

    I usually go to your website to to get new recipes, but lately, I’ve been checking out Google books. You can search for recipes from the 40s and 50s. It’s a lot of fun to see some really retro throwbacks. Go to Google books then go to advanced search. If you restrict your search by magazines you’ll get some wild, wild stuff (not to mention some amazingly hilarious/horrible reminders of gender issues back in the day).

  531. Jenn Bihary says:

    LOVE your blog! I have an obsession with recipes and cookbooks. I get lots of inspiration and great recipes from the millions of food blogs, but every once in a while I comb the archives of oldies from older cookbooks and magazines at the library or my grandmas. Would love to win a subscription! Thank you for all of your great recipes.

  532. Amanda H says:

    Ooooh, that looks like a great mag. So a site other than yours? Hmmm, allrecipes.com, the foodnetwork, or my cousin’s Enlightened Homemaker blog.

  533. Sandy says:

    I go to http://www.allrecipes.com, http://www.recipezaar.com, and http://www.tasteofhome.com. Sometimes I just search the internet and see what pops up.

  534. Lori P. says:

    I’m a huge fan of food blogs (clearly!). There’s nothing like someone recommending it and seeing comments about it. I also frequent allrecipes.com, as they usually have enough user reviews to tell if the recipe’s actually worth making or not.

  535. Ashley says:

    I frequent blogs daily. Our Best Bites, yours, PW, Annies Eats, Sisters Cafe, and I like allrecipes.

  536. Melanie_J says:

    Well, since I am a big fan of YOU and your cooking style, this magazine is probably right up my alley!! πŸ™‚

    Besides you for inspiration ( πŸ˜€ ) I like to go to the “manufacturers'” websites (i.e. Betty Crocker, Nestle, Pillsbury) and see what they have for using their product. I really like the reader-provided recipes though, they’re “true-life” recipes that I can easily adapt to our tastes.

    When all else fails, I Google the recipe I’m looking for and go through the first page of results looking for what I can use! πŸ™‚

  537. dawnn says:

    I frequent your blog and ourbestbites.com and always find what I need. thepioneerwoman also has some delicious stuff.

  538. Elizabeth says:

    Honestly… I have never heard of this magazine… my Mom is a big Taste of Home magazine lover… I use the internet alot… I enjoy blogs like yours that give me recipes that have been tried and are delicious enough to share…
    I recently shared a few o your recipes with my Mom because I tried them and loved them and I knew she would too.

    Thanks for your blog and your giveaway!

  539. Yvonne says:

    I go to recipezar and I read a bunch of blogs to get great ideas! I love seeing the great pictures that go along with the great recipes that you post on your blog!

  540. Sonya says:

    In all honesty I come here to see what you are making to get my ideas. Doesn’t help you much does it. πŸ™‚ I like to see things in print more often than not, so a quick trip to a thrift store or used bookstore in search of a new to me cookbook is always helpful.

    Thanks for a great give away!

  541. Diane says:

    I love going on the Cook’s Illustrated bulletin board for both recipes and links. They have a very supportive and generous online community going on over there!

  542. Liz says:

    Food blogs are my favorite places to look for recipies, I love hearing comments and tips about how to make different things and have learnt so much. I also will sometimes check kraftfoods.com as they have some pretty good recipies. Friends and family are also great sources.

  543. Emilee says:

    My two favorite go-to recipe sites are yours and Annie’s Eats! I love them both so much!

  544. Jamie says:

    I am a recipe lover! I love reading recipe books – any I can get my hands on. I would love to win the Cook’s Country subscription. I have made several recipes from you blog – I loved the rice crispy treats you adapted from Cooks Country. Yummy!!

  545. Amy says:

    I love, love, love your blog and use it all the time! Most of my other recipes come from family & friends. But I do sometimes browse foodnetwork.com to see what I can find! Thanks for all your yummy recipes!

  546. Sara says:

    What a fun giveaway! I usually go to recipezaar.com in search of recipes. Plus, I like to frequent the fabulous blogs that I read…including yours. πŸ™‚

  547. Emily Marie says:

    You! ourbestbites, pioneerwoman, and smittenkitchen. You four are my favorite food blogs, and outside the blogging world, my mother-in-law.

  548. cindy says:

    Well, your blog of course! But I just found http://www.browneyedbaker.com/ it has some fun recipes.

  549. Morgan says:

    The site I use often is http://www.allrecipes.com. I love that I can submit certain ingredients that I need to use up and it will show me all the different recipes that I can make with those items.

    And I of course love your site! πŸ™‚

  550. Melanie says:

    Wow–what an awesome giveaway!! I have only bought this magazine a couple of times at Costco and I have always LOVED it too! Whenever I try a wonder dish no matter where it is–I ask for the recipe:) It is usually a compliment to the creater and they are happy to share. Although with restraunts I just google for the recipe when I get home. I can usually find several variations online for a knock off recipe to try out. I think that is the secret to a good cook–collecting good recipes! I get a lot of my best from this site here! Thanks Melanie!

  551. Reagan says:

    I frequently look through your recipes to find new ones to try. Where I go most is to the phone to call my parents and get the recipes to all of the yummy things I ate growing up!

  552. Stephanie P. says:

    I love getting recipes from food blogs especially yours!

  553. Diane says:

    Honestly I come to your blog a lot. I love it! And I have a cookbook called Mormon Essentials Cookbook that I use. It has a lot of easy and good recipes. I’m all about those kind of recipes – easy and good.

  554. Carla says:

    I mainly go to blogs.
    Pioneer Women
    Sisters cafe
    Picky Palate
    For the love of cooking
    Smitten Kitchen
    are just a few
    Oh, and I love Taste of Home magazine and Cooking Light.

  555. Tiffany says:

    Everywhere. I am sort of a recipe lover! I see them in a magazine in the Doctors office, I write it down, a friend cooks something I like I write it down, I see it on the internet, I write it down. I always carry a small little notebook in my purse for such things. I do go to all recipes, and your site, and the PW, and Google if I am looking for something that I just had at a restaurant and loved it. Thanks for all your hard work putting your favorite on here!

  556. Sonja says:

    One place I go quite often is yours. When I let the girls choose a meal for the week, one of them always chooses your Salsa Verde Tostadas and the Chicken Enchilada Pasta has also become a family favorite. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful recipes.
    Another favorite of mine is Taste of Home.

  557. Janell says:

    I’ll usually head to Allrecipes.com if I’m looking for something specific. Family cookbooks are always winners cause it’s usually right down my food alley, so they are go-to sources for sure. Food blogs (including yours, thank you!) always give me something new, or a new way to do something. (www.tasteandtellblog.com is a good one.)

  558. Debbie Lee says:

    I go all over the place… I enjoy http://www.realsimple.com, http://www.marthastewart.com, http://www.everdayfood.com, http://www.americastestkitchen.com and of course I visit a bunch of food blogs who always inspire me too. πŸ™‚

  559. Bev says:

    I visit your web site, the Sisters Kitchen, Real Mom Kitchen, the Pioneer Woman, and Tasty Kitchen when I’m looking for recipe ideas. I would love the Cooks Country mag … just heard about for the first time from a friend at an Easter get-together!

  560. Jenny Ricks says:

    I am a big fan of the Tasty Kitchen Web site, but I honestly get more recipes from your blog!

  561. Amy Madden says:

    I mostly get my inspiration from blogs like yours. I won’t follow a blog until I’ve road tested a recipe… you had me with your fajitas πŸ™‚ It’s a recipe blog written by a busy mother that consistantly posts artisan recipes that I respect the most. You’re at the top of my favorites list but here are the others also on the top.

    http://simplyrecipes.com/ – hands down the best chicken and rice casserole (w/o the cans!) I’ve ever tasted.

    http://threemanycooks.com/ – Pam Anderson is my favorite cookbook author of all time and her blog doesn’t dissappoint. Every recipe is posted with a story.

    http://weelicious.com/ – I always need inspiration to feed my wee one. This site has great ideas on bringing healthy tasty things to the table that I’ll actually eat too.


  562. Hilary says:

    I come to your blog, Pioneer Woman or Tasty Kitchen! By the way, we are in LOVE with your white chicken chili. Which my hubby renamed “spicy chicken soup” because he believe chili has to have beef and tomatoes. Lol!

  563. Becca says:

    I have been visiting King Arthur Flour a lot. Plus, they have an online chat thing so if you run into problems, you can hop on and ask them. I’ve done it and they are super helpful!

  564. Michelle T. says:

    Well, HEY! I consult melskitchencafe don’t cha know! This site is fabulouso! I really like ourbestbites as well. The other thing I do is call my friend Jody who is just starting the whole cooking blog. It’s called madesomethinggood.blogspot…….. just in case you’re bored some day.
    I would love Love LOVE a subscription to Cooks Country! I also wanted you to know that I made the Hawaiian Haystack chicken gravy/sauce. I commented earlier on the gravy (I’m the Michelle with 6 kids) but didn’t let you know how MUCH we enjoyed it! My 18 year old son took his first bite and said, “WHOA. This tastes different. What is it? Whatever it is, ALWAYS DO IT.” So thanks Melanie!

  565. Stephanie says:

    I like going to the food network web page. You kind of learn which cooks have your same tastes after a while.

    I also like the Kraft page and the Williams Sonoma page- they have some great cake recipes.

  566. Joyce says:

    Lately I come to your website. I LOVE it. We’ve never had so many new recipes in a row. I’m also a huge fan of Pioneer Woman.

  567. BarbiJ says:

    A few websites I check out besides yours is Tasty Kitchen, Sisters Cafe and Pioneer Woman. Not that helpful since I am sure you check out those places as well. πŸ™‚

  568. A lot of my new recipes come from your website honestly. I have tried quite a few of your recipes and I am hooked! I also have some standbys that have either been handed down to me from people I know, or Awesome recipes my husband comes up with all on his own. I am always up for some new stuff though!

  569. Juliet says:

    I come here! seriously anything I make that gets a “make it again” or “yummy mummy” comes from this blog. The only other place I get recipes is from Annabel Karmels cookbooks.

  570. Leslie says:

    hmm well your website is for sure the first place i go. but if i am desperate for an easy (not always healthy) meal i go to kraftcanada.com and you can enter 3 ingredients that you have on hand and a recipe will show up using those ingredients. the recipes arent always delish like yours are but sometimes it can be a saver!

  571. Megan says:

    I’ll join everyone else saying that your blog is the first place I go! But after that try Sisters Cafe and then Tasty Kitchen – I like how Tasty Kitchen has a bunch of recipes on the home page, you never know when one might inspire you!

    Also, I like going back through my recipe folders and looking for recipes I tore out of magazines like Southerng Living and Cooking Light. Some I’ve never tried and wanted to and some are old favorites I had forgotten about!

  572. Judy Dahse says:

    I first go to Tasty Kitchen and then hit your site. Love both.

  573. Liz says:

    I’ve heard a lot about Cook’s Country on other food recipe sites and would love to win! I’ve had a lot of luck with allrecipes.com. And sisterscafe.blogspot.com is a great one too!

  574. Jodi Jenson says:

    I love getting recipes online (your blog is great) or King Arthur Flour website. I also have a few family cookbooks that are tried and true.

  575. Laura says:

    Are you kidding..is there any other site than yours. I have made dinner every night this week from it. I have a huge rotation now thanks to you. I have found some great recipes on kraft.com in the past for hamburger dinner ideas. I have a lot of that floating around in my freezer.

  576. Heather says:

    I just read my comment and realized that I didn’t put the web address in my comment, just in the website blank…so in case you can’t see the website I mentioned, it’s http://ellysaysopa.com/. Looks good! (And sorry that I’m leaving two comments…I PROMISE that I’m not trying to get more entries or anything. )

  577. J Williams says:

    Truthfully, I give out your blog anytime someone asks me for good recipes. I have REALLY enjoyed making your food. Besides yours, I like “A Bountiful Kitchen”, “Your Home Based Mom” and “Pioneer Woman”.

  578. Debbie says:

    I’ve been trying lots of your recipes (I just made the chicken cordon bleu last night!), as well as ourbestbites.com. I’ve also got tons of cookbooks that I don’t use nearly as much as I should. My favorite would probably be my Pastry Queen cookbooks.

  579. Jen says:

    I get tons of my recipes from your blog! I love http://www.recipezaar.com and http://www.allrecipes.com but most of mine come from blogs like yours, My Sister’s Kitchen, Good Eats, Pioneer Woman and Picky Palate.

  580. Heather says:

    This website has some delicious looking recipes. I just found it and have yet to try any of them, but want to soon! Thanks for all your hard work! You are one incredible gal!

  581. SARAH says:

    My favorite go to place for an idea…YOUR ARCHIVES! NO kidding

  582. Jennifer says:

    Well first I go to your blog to find a recipe. If I can’t find it there then I go to The Food Network. If I can’t find it there (which is very rare) then I just google it and jump from sight to sight. I would love and cooking magazine that brought me new recipes every month. I don’t usually make the same recipes over and over, I like to try new things. Except your recipes, I’ve made a few of them multiple times πŸ™‚

  583. Katy R says:

    Your blog is great! I found you through Recipe Rhapsody πŸ™‚ My favorite go to sites would have to be The Pioneer Woman and Annie’s Eats, they both always have such versatile recipes that never fail me!

  584. Candace H. says:

    Yes, I’m sorry it won’t help, but I get most of my recipes from your website! I just got a subscription to Cook’s Illustrated and I really enjoy that. There are only so many recipes that I can try one a week. They take more time and are more expensive to make usually, but if I have one good cooking day, I end up making simpler things throughout the week. So I can get my fix in without burning out!

  585. ann says:

    always – foodtv.com and anything by Ina Garten. Delicous!

  586. Amy S. says:

    I usually get my recipes from you or The Pioneer Woman. Occasionally I’ll get one from Simply Recipes or Smitten Kitchen. I’ve been cooking alot of yours lateley though. We love the baked ziti and the chili mac!

  587. Kristin says:

    I usually go to Taste of Home magazine or tasteofhome.com

  588. Carol says:

    I love your site for finding recipes for company. When I’m just eating by myself, I regularly go to http://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com/ as a gastric bypass person and http://www.101cookbooks.com/high_protein_recipes/ where I found the best recipe on the planet for pan fried corona beans and kale. You might want to try that one out if you are looking for good bean recipes.

  589. Tina says:

    I just LOVE to cook, and I’m a sucker for the Food Network! I watch or have-watched all of their shows. So, when searching for a recipe, I always check http://www.foodnetwork.com first–basically because I figure there will be several recipes from which I can choose. I don’t know if that makes me a sell-out or smart cook, but most of the time it works. When it doesn’t, I Google a recipe and go with the best recipe from the sites that turn up! HOWEVER, today is my first day on YOUR site, and I’ve already added you to my computer’s “favorites.” I look forward to trying SEVERAL recipes of yours!

  590. Linda says:

    I love your recipes and blogs are usually where I get my recipes, and my favorites sites are recipezaar and food network.

  591. Tiffany says:

    I always come to your blog first. I also like Taste of Home and Our Best Bites.

  592. Michelle says:

    I’m so glad you commented at my blog and led me over here. Great giveaway! : ) Now I’ve gotta go look around at your recipes…

  593. Mirien says:

    Allrecipes.com is my go to if I’m looking for a specific recipe. Otherwise, I use food blogs (like yours) for inspiration.

  594. Ashley says:

    I love blogs! People are honest and the tips are great. I usually just search blogs or http://www.recipezaar.com because people can comment and rate the recipes. Plus most have pictures and LOVE pictures!

  595. Lindsay says:

    I can always find something tasty on SmittenKitchen or Annie Eats blogs!

  596. Becca says:

    http://www.ourbestbites.com/ has been a fun one for me to get recipes from lately.

  597. Merideth Tipps says:

    I love going to your site.. and Real Mom Kitchen. Oh, and Our Best Bites is awesome.. I love looking at recipes from real people that are easy but delicious!

  598. Lisa says:

    My favorite is church cookbooks, but my new favorite is this cool book i found called What’s For Dinner, so many recipes and so easy!

  599. Kim Carroll says:

    If I’m ever looking for a good recipe I go to allrecipes.com. I love the reader reviews.

  600. Tiffany Larsen says:

    honestly your site is one of them. I also LOVE allrecipes. I can search the categories easily.

  601. Emily says:

    Your blog is awesome! I have made several of your recipes and they have all been a success so I frequent here when I am meal planning. Lately I have been finding a lot of simple and delicious looking recipes at BettyCrocker.com as well.

    Thanks for creating such a wonderful recipe resource… you make my life easy!

  602. Sandee says:

    Generally my recipes come from the recipe book my mother compiled for me of all her recipes. If there’s something new I want to try, I usually consult http://www.allrecipes.com.

  603. Brooke says:

    OH, sooo many good blogs. Yours (of course), Mindika Moments, Recipegirl, Tastykitchen,… just to name a few. πŸ™‚

  604. Wendy Woodbury says:

    Pick me, Pick me! I trust and love all your recipes so this has got to be a great magazine. Thanks for all your greatness!~

  605. Lauren says:

    I have a whole bookmark folder full of sites I visit for recipe inspiration! The ones I use most: Your site, Pioneer Woman, Our Best Bites, and All Recipes. There are a lot of other ones I look at (ie Bakerella’s wonderfully fanciful creations), but would never make anything from.

  606. Chris says:

    I check your blog often and I just cruise cooking blogs from others side bars!! Some of my favorite are yours, Big Red Kitchen, Pioneer Woman, Tasty Kitchen, Kraft, Food Network, and tons more! I look for alot of “comfort food”, nothing to strange cause I have a houseful of picky eaters, but things that are fun and easy and kick things up a bit!! Your tortilla bowls were a big hit!! I love that other share their recipes!! I also suscribe to Taste of Home and check out cook books from the library!! What a fun give away!

  607. Alyse says:

    I have you on my blog thread and whenever something new is posted I immediately come over. If it is something my hubby might like I try it! He is a little sick curry lately, but I am still loving it!

    I also look up sisterscafe for some other great recipes. And my mom receives quick cooking magazine in the snail mail that we both enjoy. Fast and Easy!

  608. Michelle says:

    I use the Kraft foods magazine and website a lot as well as allrecipes.com when I am looking for something specific or with certain ingredients. Allrecipes.com has a ingredient search which makes it super simple.

  609. Shauntel says:

    I swear I’m not trying to kiss up, but your recipes are most often my go-to recipes! I often also use my mom’s recipes, which she stores here: snailbug.com.

  610. Bridget says:

    I love whole foods.com because they have a lot of creative recipes that are fun and actually good for you!!!

  611. joanne says:

    honestly, I go to google and type in some ingredients I want to use…then I scour the first few hits, and go off from there.
    I am sure that’s how I found you! When I see the same blogs a few times, I bookmark them, and they become my go to source.

  612. Molly says:

    I’ve been hitting up http://www.tastykitchen.com which is an extension of The Pioneer Woman’s blog/website. It has a ton of great recipes, and quite a range – from “fancy” to no frills, so I can pick and choose depending no the occassion. Let’s be honest, though. It’s mostly no frills.

  613. Marissa says:

    You, kevinandamanda.com, cookiesheetsandcakepans.blogspot.com, and my mom’s website, snailbug.com. πŸ™‚

  614. Carla says:

    I love recipes, period. Cookbooks, magazines, internet….anywhere I can get my hands on something new to try. Food blogs tend to be reliable since they are REAL people and I an expect to get mostly similar results. Thanks for having this giveaway!

  615. Annemarie says:

    I have tons of food blogs in my reader so I would have to say the internet is one of my favorite places. I just discovered America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country on PBS so their websites are my new favorites.

  616. Amber says:

    I love to come to your site!! I also love Pioneer Woman, Mommy’s Kitchen, Southern Plate, and Southern Living and Better Homes and Gardens magazine recipes. I honestly do use yours and PWs site the most. Love them!

  617. Court says:

    I get a lot of recipes from food blogs. I love your blog, Our Best Bites, Sister’s Cafe, and Pioneer Woman.

  618. Hailey Greenwood says:

    I would have to say most definately FOOD BLGOS. I think I could search hours going from one to another! There are so many delicious recipes πŸ™‚

  619. Tara says:

    I love your site or sister’s cafe. I also have been checking my cousin’s site sowethinkwecancook.blogspot.com. I have found some good recipes there as well.

  620. Melanie Jeppsen says:

    My favorite places for recipes are food blogs, but I also love Kraft.com and allrecipes.com. I made your chicken cordon bleu recipe last week and it was delish!

  621. Stephanie says:

    Honestly your blog or Pioneer Woman, or Smitten Kitchen, but mostly your blog πŸ™‚ …if it’s a cookbook, it’s Taste of Home or Betty Crocker!

  622. Nikki says:

    I go to a few different food blogs for recipes. I have gotten some great recipes from food blogs. Thank you for all of your hard work!

  623. Leslie says:

    Well of course I start at melskitchencafe.com, but other places I also look are picky-palate.com, thepioneerwoman.com, ourbestbites.com . . . basically I blog surf until I find just the exact recipe I am looking for! The beauty of the internet!!

  624. Kathie says:

    Love your blog. I check out the Southern Living recipe section from time to time. I never can find the one I want in the magazines, so I use their website. Have a great day!!

  625. Whitney says:

    I like to go to allrecipes.com. You can search for virtually anything and I like to sort it by rating, so I get the best recipes!

  626. Ruth says:

    First I go to you… then I also checkout Recipezaar as well as OurBestBites.

  627. Melissa says:

    There are several blogs that I follow faithfully, yours included. I collect cookbooks, my favorites are what I like to call the “Church Lady” cookbooks. I have several that I picked up at yard sales and auctions, all from churches I have never heard of (except, of course, the one from my church). All hold treasures of recipes that are tried and true. I also love Taste of Home.

  628. Amber says:

    Joy the Baker!!!! I LOVE to bake, and whenever I can I try out one of her recipes…YUM!

  629. rebeccca says:

    I love the Cook’s Illustrated (Cook’s Country sister mag). They have amazing stuff! They also do equipment and food reviews-love, love, love it!

  630. Erin says:

    I love allrecipes and recipezaar, TONS of recipes to find, but I love your blog as well! So glad to have found it:)

  631. Taste of Home is one of my favorites! I find easy, tasty recipes there all the time…also your blog, of course!

  632. Carly says:

    I use my Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook ALL THE TIME. They have everything… so it’s always at least a starting point or a reference point when wanting to try a new menu. That and my Taste of Home magazines. Love ’em.

  633. Traci says:

    I always check your blog along with several other like realmom and rookiecookie, but I have also used allrecipes.com. They always have several variations of each recipe. I tend to read the reviews and go with the one that has the most stars.

  634. Ashli says:

    I love checking your blog for ideas. I also like Our Best Bites. I’ve been trying new recipes at a rapid pace lately.

  635. Sarah says:

    Yes! I love Cook’s Country. I always check your blog, along with Annie’s Eats. Smitten Kitchen is great for inspiration and beauty (great photos), but I rarely actually make something off of that blog. My husband and I also like to watch America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country on PBS on Saturday afternoons and we often try their recipes (and of course they’re always perfect). Oh, and my sisters, mom and mother-in-law always have great recipes. (Sorry. That’s a lot).

  636. John T. says:

    I like to replicate my favorite restaurant recipes, so after I have something that I like, I google the recipe. Invariably one or more individuals have posted an exact copy or something close which I can tweek to get what I want.

  637. chrissy says:

    I go to Bo’s Bowl.. so far all of his recipes I’ve tried have been a hit… Also Big Girls, small kitchen….and of course your site has been a lifesaver!.

  638. Laurie says:

    If you say this is a great magazine, then it MUST be great! I really do love your recipes and follow your blog faithfully. I made the tortilla bowls last night (SO easy!!!) and they were a HUGE hit. Thank you again for making look so good in the kitchen – LOL! Unfortunately, I don’t have a great website for you for new recipes – cause this is where I come!

    I have used CD Recipes in the past – if you filter through the recipes, you can find some good ones. I rely heavily on the comment sections. Also, Hershey has some great chocolate recipes when you need a fix!

    Thanks for this great chance – I really hope I win!!

  639. gina says:

    Next to your blog, my favorite is myrecipes.com, it’s a great compilation of some of my favorite magazines’ recipes. I also LOVE Cook’s Country. Christopher Kimball is a genius. My dream would be to work with his group one day, but enjoying his magazines will have to suffice for now as my six active kids are quite enough to keep me occupied at present.

  640. Shalane says:

    My friends and I have recipe exchange days where we go through each other’s cook books and find new meal ideas.

  641. Kelly says:

    You are the stinking coolest!!!! Have you seen how many comments you have here? See, EVERYONE loves you. Not, that you didn’t know that. I honestly do love your website for recipies. If I don’t find what I’m looking for I head on over to kraftrecipies.com or allrecipies.com. Miss you!!!

  642. Sharon Turturice says:

    Your website! I have picky eaters and you don’t use a lot of weird things in your dishes. I use one of your recipes at least once a week!

  643. juli says:

    My favorite go-to place for recipes is your blog! No joke I love your recipes! You are my MAIN source. Thank you! I also enjoy America’s Test Kitchen, Everday Food, and Rachael Ray.

  644. Julianne says:

    Love your site. Lately I have been looking over some of my old cookbooks. I have forgotten about them. Also, I was looking at my mom’s Betty Crocker cookbook from the 70’s so fun!

  645. Jaesi says:

    Pioneer Woman, Tasty Kitchen, or you my dear πŸ™‚

  646. ashley says:

    Lately I have been making a ton of recipes off a blog called annies-eats.com. But I love cooks country. I even DVR it on the weekends.

  647. The first place I go for recipes is your blog! Your recipes are always easy to follow and use, what I call, normal ingredients (my husband is a very picky eater). I don’t have to go to a speciality store for something weird or a special pan.

    On Mondays, Yahoo puts out a weekly menu that has 5 recipes. Each has links to more. I like some of those. I also like Good Eats on Food TV and stag some of Alton’s recipes from foodtv.com.

    Thanks for your recipes and pics–I’m building a new cookbook and you are my main source!

    C πŸ™‚

  648. Lori says:

    I am pregnant with #2 and have not been in the mood to cook or bake! But I always check your site first! I need some motivation myself.

  649. Allyson says:

    Honestly, your blog or sisterscafe!

  650. mrsblocko says:

    I like to search foodgawker and tastespotting for recipes first, just so I can drool over the photos.

  651. Angie says:

    Like many others have said, I go to your blog a TON for recipes. I have also come to like the Taste of Home cookbooks/magazines. They have recipes that are simple and quick to make as well. But I love to hear of new magazines/websites so I’m very excited about this give-a-way!! (no need to put my email on here… you know where to find me.)

  652. Malia says:

    I have been visiting your site every day since I discovered it a couple of months ago–everything I’ve tried has been wonderful! Pioneer Woman is my other go-to.

  653. kathy says:

    I’ve been coming here alot, but I also like Cook’s Illustrated.

  654. Melissa G says:

    We are in the same “funk” at our house. My kids would LOVE me if I let them have grilled cheese 3-4 nights in a row, but if I did that, they’d want it ALL THE TIME. Some habits are not easily broken with my boys. But, you know I’m a follower & try your yummy recipes.

    Hang in there – I hope the weather changes soon & you can at least get out of the house!

    But, I would LOVE Cook’s Illustrated. Thanks for the chance!

  655. abby lones says:

    I check your website daily =) I also check with pioneer woman cooks & use my taste of home magazines faithfully. Kraft also has cookbooks that are sent out periodically that have easy great recipes. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  656. Liz K. says:

    Well, my obvious first choice is mykitchen cafe. πŸ™‚ No, I am not just trying to kiss up. Ok, so if I have to give you another one of my favorites it would be Annie’s Eats (annies-eats.com). I think you would really like her recipes.

  657. Jennifer Webb says:

    I like the Everyday Food and Food Network magazines. I also like to look at http://www.pioneerwoman.com for yummy recipes.

  658. Amy says:

    I stick with the regulars: Real Mom Kitchen, Rookie Cookie, Our Best Bites and of course, you!

  659. Sarah Lynn says:

    I just found http://www.ourbestbites.com/ and I’ve found a lot of great new recipes to try.

  660. Jessie says:

    I love the taste of home magazine and food network website. Thanks for all your yummy recipes you share with us!!

  661. Mikaela says:

    I really like your blog but I’ve also gotten a few great recipes from here: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/healthy-recipes/RE00108
    I have the actual cookbook but many of them are free online. My top favorites are the gingery chicken noodle soup and the chicken salad with thai flavors

  662. Maria says:

    I check your blog and have found a lot of keepers:)
    I also like The Pioneer Woman, Smitten Kitchen, Food Network, and Epicurious.

  663. Jenn says:

    Well, yours, duh!! I visit a lot of them listed here too. No one mentioned For the Love of Cooking. I visit there often and have made a few dishes, but some of them are a little too much for my kids.

  664. Katie says:

    I really really really love http://www.ourbestbites.com
    the place I go most often is Allrecipes because of the selection and ratings.

  665. Terri says:

    One of my favorites, besides yours of course, is BonAppetit.com. I can always find something very tasty there.

  666. Jannet says:

    I usually come to this site first. If I can’t find it, I go to Pioneer Woman. If I still can’t find it, I turn to my trusty Betty Crocker red cook book.

  667. Jenn says:

    I have a whole list that I like. Some of my favorites are http://www.thefoodinmybeard.com/ and http://blogchef.net/

    This is such a fun giveaway!

  668. Sue Eisenbeis says:

    The first place i check is YOUR site – i also like the Pioneer Woman

  669. megan says:

    I always check blogs! Yours, smittenkitchen, joythebaker, pioneerwoman, the usuals πŸ™‚ I also love twopeasandtheirpod. oh and my quick and easy williams sonoma cookbooks (not the complicated ones…the thinner, “fast” cookbooks)

  670. katie says:

    ooooh- i would LOVE to win this- i love your website so much (though this is my 1st time commenting). we’ve enjoyed so many things from it!

  671. Shelley says:

    I check your site first ! I also like the Cuisine at Home magazine. I also like church cookbooks…there are good things in those.

  672. Emily says:

    I usually go to the internet. I check my recipe blogs and something like tasty kitchen.

  673. Nancy Lee says:

    I LOVE Cooks Country… We get the companion TV show America’s Test Kitchen … I record it every Tuesday and hubby and I watch it over the weekend… We have learned so much from them… and adore their recipes.
    I would love to win the mags…

  674. Ariane says:

    I have to admit, I starting looking and loving for recipe blogs after my sister introduced me to your. I get some great recipes from my Cuisine at Home magazine, some good ones from http://thegirlsrecipeclub.blogspot.com/, and of course–like most–Pioneer Woman’s.

  675. Toni says:

    Well, yours is by far the blog with the most recipes bookmarked, but I really love the King Arthur website and blog and use my Southern Living cookbooks all the time. Thanks so much!

  676. Mandy says:

    Well I usually check here, call my mom, or use my Martha Stewart everyday food iPhone application. It just browses her site for me and then makes grocery lists for me too!! I just made her cilantro lime rice and it was heaven!!!

  677. Mary Beth says:

    My current favorite (besides yours!) is One Ordinary Day, they have fantastic dessert recipes that so far are a huge hit with my family and friends πŸ™‚

  678. Sarah says:

    i have three places: your blog, Pioneer Woman, and Martha Stewart Everyday Food!
    I use Evernote to clip all of the recipes I want to try so I have them all in one convenient online “recipe book.” It works great πŸ™‚

  679. Cindy says:

    I check yours first, then The Sister’s Cafe, Two Peas and their Pod, Pioneer Women and then Tasty Cook. I used to use Cooks.com a lot but not very often anymore.

  680. Amy says:

    Daily, I check your site, annie’s eats, and the pioneer woman. Thanks for the great recipes!

  681. Jeanette says:

    Ha! I come here 1st! πŸ™‚
    I also think the Food Network Magazine has some fabulous recipes.
    This blog is great for recipes: Ourbestbites.com
    And of course, Allrecipes.com

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Jeanette at thealldays(at)msn.com

  682. Kim in MD says:

    Your blog is my favorite place for recipes. I just discovered you several months ago, and now I log on every morning before I do anything else (yes…I am addicted!).

    Before I found your blog, I frequently downloaded recipes from Food Network and Cook’s Illustrated (you have to subscribe to CI). I also love The Pioneer Woman.

  683. Katie says:

    My two favorite recipe blogs are Simply Recipes and yours.

    As far as cookbooks go, my favorite is The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. My husband gave it to me a couple years ago and we love it though he gets frustrated when I check your site before checking the book πŸ™‚

    My other favorites are Epicurious, Allrecipes, Everyday food storage.com, sometimes recipezaar or I just google what I need and see what it brings me.

  684. Debbie says:

    I check here, daily! Love your site!

  685. JLH says:

    I use Tasty Kitchen a lot. I also use some Volumetrics recipes to help fill up on the healthy foods.

  686. Abby says:

    I really like The Pioneer Woman!

  687. Beth says:

    Well I have to say my favorite place to get recipes is both you and your sisters blogs. My visiting teacher bought me a subscription to the magazine Quick Cooking for years, I have some GREAT recipes from them too. Thanks for all your hard work this is a wonderful blog.

  688. Jackie says:

    My new favorite thing is to browse food blogs for recipes, I think my favorite is pioneer woman and tasty kitchen.

  689. canuck_grad says:

    Your blog of course! lol
    But I also tend to check Kraft Canada – which can be hit or miss. They have a lot of recipes that use Kraft Dinner (eww) but I’ve found some good ones there that have become part of our regular meal plans (Shake & Bake Easy Oven Stir Fry, Weeknight Lasagna Toss, and 3-step chili suppers are some of our favorites).

  690. Sarah says:

    Honestly, I check your website first πŸ™‚

    I also regularly check pioneer woman, tasty kitchen and our best bites.

  691. Christy Christensen says:

    I love to check out allrecipes, ourbestbites.com, and http://www.rookie-cookie.com.

    We try to cook something new each week so I look around at a lot of different sites.

  692. Gwyn says:

    I really like to browse Annie’s Eats.. she has lots of good stuff.

  693. Missy K says:

    It is really NOT just flattery if I say– right here! But if pressed, I do check out All Recipes and Tasty Kitchen– I love the conversational nature of the reviews that give extra hints and variations.

    And just last week I discovered this blog: http://www.seasaltwithfood.com/
    and have bookmarked lots.

    Oh, how I’d love to win this giveaway! πŸ™‚

  694. Traci says:

    besides your blog? hmmm… the pioneer woman, tasty kitchen or allrecipes, my recipes or my friend Sarah!

  695. Kellianne Clarke says:

    I love foodnetwork.com or epicurious.com.

  696. Kristie says:

    I visit many each day in addition to yours..but..one of my favorites. Twopeasandtheirpod.com

  697. Allison says:

    Cooking light is one of my favorite places to find delicious and healthy dinners and baking ideas. I love it!

  698. Kensi says:

    Hi Melanie, other than this fabulous website I go to sisterscafe, which of course you know about. I also love Taste of Home, acooksquest.blogspot.com, and http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/

    Thanks for the chance at a great giveaway!!

  699. Deanne says:

    Love your site!


    A blog I enjoy – Homesick Texan. She makes great TexMex, plus country Texas cooking. Only bad thing – she usually only posts once a week.

  700. Aaron says:

    If you like Chipotle, http://www.chipotlefan.com/ is great.

  701. Crystal E. says:

    I’m afraid I won’t be much help in your search for new places for recipes. When I need a new recipe I frequent a website you may have heard of, melkitchencafe.com πŸ™‚

  702. Angie S. says:

    I usually check your blog Mel! Love it!

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