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Well. I’m excited about today, how about you? I’ve teamed up with one of my favorite companies,, to giveaway one of their stellar portable fire pits. How’s that for some Monday fun?

Firepit giveaway

We live on some property and feasibly could have a real, life built-in fire pit but we haven’t taken the plunge and committed to (ahem, agreed on) a permanent spot in the backyard yet. Enter this portable firepit! It’s pretty. It’s warm. It’s portable (have I said that enough times yet?). It’s easy to get burning. And it can be yours!

Before I get to the details of the giveaway, I want to share one of my family’s favorite things to cook around the campfire (the kids are ecstatic we actually can do it now with this beauty in our lives). My Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Dan introduced us (and about everyone they know, I think) to their campfire special: woof ’ems. Have you had them? They require a special roasting tool which thankfully aren’t hard to make at all (here’s a tutorial I found online that look similar to how Brian made ours). Basically, you put a little biscuit dough (homemade roll dough works, too, but not usually worth it, in my opinion so I snag a couple cans of refrigerated biscuits every time I’m at Trader Joe’s) on the end of the roasting dowel. You don’t want it too thick (because doughy = major ew). We usually cut each biscuit into 3rds or 4th. Then roast away. Once it’s golden (and yes, sometimes burned), pop it off the stick, fill it with nutella (or anything really – pie filling, pudding, jam, but my life revolves around nutella) and a little whipped cream. And then? Woof it, baby. The only rule is, you gotta stick the whole thing in at once. No dainty bites.

Firepit giveaway

This lovely little fire pit clearly has more uses than woof ’ems and I’m sure we’ll explore each and every one. We love it and the ease of just turning a knob to start the fire can’t be beat.

Firepit giveaway has generously offered to give away ONE of the Del Rio Gas Fire Pits to a lucky winner! Also, keep in mind that has some amazing Black Friday deals that run through November 28. Right now the fire pits are 15% off AND you get free shipping. Sweet.

Firepit giveaway

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below!
The giveaway is open to continental US readers only (sorry!) and a winner will be announced on the 30th.

I’m not asking you to jump through any hoops to enter besides leaving a comment but if you want to show some love, check out their site (have fun perusing all their great stuff – I have their amazing smoker + pellet grill and I’m not kidding when I say I can’t live without it; I use it several times a week!) and their Facebook page.

Later, skaters!