Believe it or not, my day-to-day life is filled with much more than the food and recipes that appear on this site. I’ve been at this blogging thing for almost four years now and so many of you have become wonderful friends – friends I never would have had if it weren’t for these recipes and this website. You have shared your stories and lives with me through email and comments and after getting a lot of requests for glimpses into my own life, I took a deep breath, conquered my internet-stalker-paranoia and figured that since I don’t normally post on Saturdays, I would take a Saturday here and there to share a snapshot of my non-blogging life with you. I hope the upcoming reality doesn’t scare you off. I promise not to publish a picture of my toilets with rings around them…but beyond that, no guarantees.

Thank you for all the support you have given me over the years! For your comments, for your reviews of recipes (good or bad), for your emails and for your recipes. This blog has seen me through the addition of two more children to our family (bringing us up to five whoppers), several moves, a personal bout with cancer, and so much more. My connections with you – aside from the delicious eats – have been a strength beyond words. Thank you!

For today’s snapshot, here is a picture taken just this week of my little baby who is growing like crazy. Please ignore my glaring nostril. Miss C is 2 1/2 months and has the happiest personality in the world and makes me very happy by sleeping through the night. You can usually find me at any given time during the day doing just this: laying next to her while she grins and giggles. And while I lay here I hope a magic fairy is cleaning my toilets and doing my dishes. Hasn’t happened yet but dreams can come true. What you don’t see in this picture is her four brothers piled on top of me making her smile even bigger.

I hope each of you have had a stellar week even if you haven’t had a babe laying on your floor slobbering and smiling!