Ok, I know I said I was going to give away two silpat liners to two facebook fans but there were major issues on that front (getting a list of all the fans and randomly choosing) so to be fair, I randomly chose four silpat winners from the comment entries on this post, crossing my fingers that you are all facebook fans anyway. I have contacted the winners via email!

Rebekah (#45) who said “I love to bake lots of things……but I’d have to say my favorite is cheesecake.”

Brittany J (#717) who said “What a great giveaway, thank you!! I love baking chocolate chip cookies and I would love a silpat or roulpat! Thanks :)”

Katie A (#1408) who said “Love to bake bread”

Bonnie (#1645) who said “My favorite thing to bake is yeast breads!!”

Brenna K (#1036) who said “I love baking in general, but (and this may be a little boring) my favorite is cookies. Of all the goodies in the world, a perfectly baked cookies wins! However, I am also very excited when I make a really terrific cake from scratch.”


For today’s giveaway, let me just pose the question: where would I be without my beloved silpat liners?

Oh, yes, I could wax poetic about my love and over-usage of these beauties.

And for that matter, how much do I adore my roul’pat? Not enough words, my friends. Not enough words.

Because I adore them so much, I’m giving away FOUR silpat liners and ONE large (23X23) roul’pat today! To enter, leave a comment telling me your favorite thing to bake. Ever. Hard question, I know, but just answer it. It will make me happy.

I’ll be giving away the TWO silpat liners and ONE roul’pat to those who enter on this post and I’ll give away an additional TWO silpat liners to two Mel’s Kitchen Cafe Facebook fans, so if you haven’t become a fan yet, maybe you should get on that! No pressure, of course. I’ll announce winners when the next giveaway goes up on Friday (edit: I mean, Tuesday!).

P.S. Winner of the Wilton giveaway is announced on the original giveaway page – HERE!

{Giveaway sponsored by me and ordered through Melanie C., over at the Sister’s Cafe, who is a DeMarle consultant and is nice enough to let me order DeMarle products through her. Peace out.}

1,850 Responses to Silpat and Roul’pat Giveaway! {Now Closed}

  1. April Blazzard says:

    My Mom and sister swear by the Blendtec. Love to share in the joy too.

  2. Amy Merritt says:

    I love to bake applesauce cookies. They are moist, soft, and delectable. Now I am craving them. Yum!

  3. Lora says:

    My favorite all time baked good is a spinach and gorgonzola strudle.

  4. Shannon says:

    Bread hands down. Any kind of yeast bread.

  5. Heather H. says:

    I love making cookies for my kids right now our favorite is sugar cookie bars. You get the sugar cookie with out doing any of the work.

  6. Stephanie says:

    I love to bake chocolate chip cookies! Mainly because they are my favorite thing to eat!

  7. Jeff B. says:

    cookies, any day. They are easy enough that I can’t screw them up.

  8. Sherry says:

    I bake cookies all the time, but I thin the favorite thing that I LOVE to bake is bread.

  9. Emily says:

    cheesecake of any kind. I’ve never tried a silpat or Roul pat. So this is exciting to me 🙂

  10. Elaine says:

    I like trying new recipes but I can’t resist the urge to bake chocolate chip cookies.

  11. Laura says:

    My favorite thing to bake is ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!! But my go tos are for my family.. Slutty Brownies for my son, any kind of cupcakes with my daughter, and banana bread for the man.. Would love to enjoy those amazing tools, but as yet can’t afford the splurge.. As always, HAPPY HAPPY BAKING!!! 😉

  12. Sarah says:

    I love to bake, especially bread, pies and cookies!

  13. Karen says:

    whole wheat honey oatmeal bread, getting back to basics just seems to be calming for me.

  14. Amy Asistin says:

    I love making muffins- with blueberries or raspberries fresh picked at our local favorite place, Avila Valley Barn!

  15. kjerstina says:

    Wow… My favorite thing…. I love to bake cinnamon rolls. They are time consuming, but taste so good and make my whole house smell like Christmas morning.

  16. Mandi R. says:

    I love baking cookies. I especially love the kind that poof when they bake. Not sure why…. LOL

  17. Lisa H says:

    I love to bake Chocolate chip cookies. I wish I knew how to bake more exciting things, but it is what it is!

  18. Leigh Anne says:

    Love baking cookies…all kinds! Mostly cuz I can snitch a few and no one notices 🙂 Hard to do that with a cake..haha!

  19. Emily S. says:

    Hey Mel,
    Long-time follower, First-time commenter. 🙂
    As a fitness enthusiast (personal trainer/fitness instructor) with a sweet tooth, I love these simple, healthy, and delish granola bars:
    3 c. rolled oats
    1 c. natural peanut butter
    1 c. dark chocolate chips
    1 c. liquid (applesauce, mashed bananas, skim milk or water)
    Bake @ 350 for 15 min in a greased 9X13 pan.
    My kids wolf these babies down like nothing else! Email me if you’re interested in other variations, cuz we have plenty! 🙂

  20. Emily F says:

    I love baking cookies with my daughter and we go through a lot of parchment paper, so I NEED these!

  21. Kim says:

    I’m a cookie kind of girl!

  22. Kim Cox says:

    I love to bake rolls and breadsticks and if they have cheese they’re even better!! I love your recipes! I have tried MANY and have loved them all!

  23. leissa says:

    cakes and brownies, one bowl, one pan, one time in the oven (obviously not really a regular cookie baking person)

  24. Ashley says:

    I love to bake scones!

  25. Theresa says:

    Hands down, cinnamon rolls

  26. Suzy H. says:

    this is a tough one. all year long my favorite thing to bake is lion house rolls. for right now, I am obsessed with baked french toast. thanks! suzy

  27. anastassia says:

    um,…brownies, or maybe cookies or maybe cakes or… well anything chocolate or…

  28. Aysha says:

    I like to bake chicken cord’on bleu. Weird I know, but it is super easy and everything that you are this amazing cook because it looks and sounds hard and tastes great!

  29. courtney says:

    My absolute favorite thing to bake is my Grandmothers brownies! Everytime I make them my dad tells me they taste just like when his mom made them! That makes my heart smile because she died when he was young and I can bring back those memories for him!!

  30. gia says:

    My new favorite cookie: Baklava Bars!

  31. Becky says:

    I love baking cinnamon rolls!

  32. Andrea Wheeler says:

    Favorite thing to bake EVER??? That’s tough… Probably muffins. I never tire of finding new delicious muffin recipes to try out on my family for breakfast.

    I’ll be crossing my fingers that I am one of the lucky ones.

  33. Chavah says:

    croissants. hands down. so time-consuming, but oh-so-worth it.

  34. Leah says:

    Lately, gingersnaps.

  35. Magi says:


  36. Jeannine says:

    OMG yes please!! this giveaway is fantastic

  37. LoraLynn says:

    My favorite thing to bake ever is pumpkin pie. Ever. Serious. It’s the only thing that’s come out great every time 🙂

  38. Claudia says:

    My favorite thing to bake [ever] is probably a cookie bar that everyone loves – chocolate chips, caramel cookies in a bar form. My favorite part is how fast they get eaten!!

  39. Sarah M says:

    Oh pretty pretty please – I’ve wanted a silpat for so very long. My baking loves are pumpkin chocolate chip butterscotch ccookies and huge white rolls.

  40. Jennifer says:

    Cupcakes! They look so fun and can fit any occasion!

  41. Kimi says:

    Cookies, cupcakes, breads, anything sweet. I can’t narrow it done, I just love to cook anything sweet!!!

  42. Andrea S. says:

    Chocolate chocolate chunk cookies.

  43. brooke says:

    I would love to try one of these!

  44. Lauren G. says:

    I love to bake cookies! all kinds, but especially your oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with coconut. I toast the coconut beforehand and they are to die for. my favorite for sure.

  45. Julie N says:

    Favorite thing to bake. ever. = s’mores bars. So delicious, every time!

  46. Callie says:

    I like to bake brownies and Boston Cream Pies/Cakes….mostly because I love to eat them! Thanks for the giveaway.

  47. Amanda says:

    I love to bake cakes and cookies with lots of frosting!

  48. Sarah says:

    I love making fudge brownies and banana bread. Yum!

  49. Deanne G says:

    I’m a cookie fanatic and just came off my December high! I would LOVE to give one of these babies a run for their money instead of my parchment paper standby. I’m also learning to make homemade breads and bet these would come in handy. Thanks!!

  50. Jeanelle says:

    I love to bake pumpkin chocolate chip muffins!

  51. Ellen says:

    I’m simple. Delicious chocolate chip cookies!!! Hope I win!

  52. Layton says:

    Scones. Any type of scones. Delicious!

  53. Valerie A. H. says:

    This past year my favorite thing to bake was cupcakes. It was fun trying out so many variations of flavors, etc. Yup! Cupcakes it is.

  54. Katie says:

    My favorite thing to bake is chocolate cake. It is always delicious.

  55. Jen says:

    I love to bake cookies- decadent delicious chocolate chip cookies. After years of searching for the perfect recipe I finally found it. I’ve gained at least 10 pounds since finding the recipe.
    I also love to eat/bake (mostly eat) Lion House orange rolls which I learned how to properly roll following your awesome directions, you are my baking hero 🙂

  56. johanna says:

    Bread- I love the smell in my house and love the responses i get for it!

  57. Kristin R. says:

    Ooh, I’m in the market for a new silpat! My favorite thing to bake is cheesecake, because I get to eat it in the end!

  58. Rebecca says:

    Honestly I didn’t bake much until I came across your blog and now I take every chance to bake! Family get togethers, church functions, work parties. I usually end up making your heath bar cake because its my husbands favorite, and its oh so delish! Thanks for making me love baking!

  59. Julie Colton says:

    My favorite thing to make are butter-tips. My kids love them and that’s all I need to want to make them again.

  60. Suzanne says:

    Brownies. Yum!

  61. Shannon S. in VA says:

    I love to bake cupcakes.

  62. Cindy says:

    I love to bake Pumpkin Bread!

  63. Allison says:

    Cinnamon rolls….well they may not be my favorite thing to bake…but they are my favorite thing to eat!

  64. Kim V. says:

    Easiest Brownies in the World from Mel’s kitchen cafe. Which also happen to be the best brownies in the world!

  65. Ambie says:

    Love making cookies!

  66. Jennifer K says:

    Two years ago for Christmas, I made the stump de Noel from the Baked cookbook. That was a lot of fun.

  67. Laura says:

    muffins – easy and the kids love them

  68. n82 says:

    Cheesecake 🙂

  69. Leigh says:

    I love to bake pancakes. They always seem to hit the spot! 🙂

  70. Camille says:

    I think my favorite thing to bake is good ‘ole Chocolate Chip cookies!!!! But, I think they taste best the next day…not straight out of the oven!!! LOL!!!!

  71. Janell N says:

    I love making homemade breads, but dinner rolls are my favorite!

  72. Jessica Wilcox says:

    I love baking puff pastry. I think it is such a great foundation for soooo many treats, sweet or savory!

  73. Sandra H. says:

    I love to bake Artisan Bread that takes 5 min a day. It is so simple and delicious especially when you serve it with real butter. I also have to cheat and say I really really love your favorite sugar cookie recipe it was sensational!

  74. Emilee K. says:

    Cinnamon Rolls!

  75. Jessica says:

    My favorite thing to bake is cinnamon rolls!

  76. Wendy says:

    Today is a busing baking day. Sugar cookies, Banana Bread and your delicious Chewy Pretzel bites 🙂

  77. Raquel says:

    oatmeal coconut chewies. i love the smell of them baking in the oven!

  78. Julia R. B. says:

    I love, love baking cheesecake pops. Actually, I love, love EATING cheesecake pops–Cheesecake balls dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut or nuts. YUM!

  79. Lan Denson says:

    French Macarons! So fun 🙂

  80. Whitney says:

    I love to make cookies any kind:)

  81. Katy O'Neal says:

    I love to bake, but I am still learning. I love trying new yeast breads.

  82. Abbi says:

    I love to bake any type of cookie. My favorite kind is your whole wheat chocolate chip cookies. Simply the best!

  83. Lorie says:

    That’s a hard question, but I would have to say right now the answer is homemade rolls.

  84. Danielle says:

    My husbands fave chocolate chip cookies. Now that I FINALLY found his perfect recipe…

  85. Rebecca says:

    chocolate chip cookies – my children eat them as fast as I can bake them!

  86. Barbi says:

    Hmm… I would have to say cookies. So many choices, so much deliciousness!


  87. Kathleen says:

    I love to bake cinnamon rolls–nothing is better than those!

  88. Liz says:

    I have loved baking cookies since I was 12! I haven’t bought any of these Silpats yet, so thanks for the chance to win!

  89. Ken says:

    Your barbeque chicken braid! Family loves it with pizza fillings.

  90. Brent says:

    Would waffles count? They’re kinda my specialty.

  91. Lori P. says:

    Wow, that’s a really hard one. But I’d have to go with cookies. They’re usually pretty fast to throw together, you can grab a few with one hand and eat them with the other, and there’s no messing up of additional dishes (like a fork and plate) when you want one.

  92. Joyce says:

    I love to bake cookies, cakes, sweat breads, rolls and cinnamon rolls. My daughter and I made your giant cinnamon rolls the other day. There are no words to describe them. They were the best ever!!!

  93. Kamy says:

    I love making snickerdoodles!

  94. debbie says:

    I love to bake bread and rolls.

  95. Ashka says:

    All yeast cakes.
    Lately twisted cinnamon rolls – look like spirals.
    Do you know the how-to recipe? 🙂

  96. Andrea says:

    I love to bake cookies, which is a problem, since I love to eat them just as much:). Chocolate chip cookies and brown sugar cookies are my favorite. I also love baking bread.

  97. Anna says:

    I love making all things bread, whole wheat bread and cinnamon rolls are certainly at the top!

  98. Liesel J. says:

    I love baking cookies (classic chocolate chip or chocolate white chocolate chip are the favorites in our house), but lately I’ve been baking lots of bread! It’s so nice to have fresh bread with dinner! 🙂

  99. Erin C says:

    I love to bake almost anything, but my favorite would be rolls, garlic, sweet or cinnamon. I love the smell of freshly baked rolls.

  100. Amy says:

    I’ve always wanted one! The possibilites are endless!

  101. Rachel B. says:

    Well, it’s gotta be cinnamon rolls. Whole wheat bread is a second. So many entries! I don’t have a prayer, LOL.

  102. Sarah says:

    I love baking crusty bread! I’m so hooked on the ABin5 method 🙂

  103. Megan says:


  104. Rachel S. says:

    Muffins with cookies being a very close second!

  105. Theresa says:

    Apple pie for sure – my kids favorite too – on birthdays we don’t have cake around here, it’s apple pie – 1/2 mackintosh and 1/2 courtland apples if they are available!

  106. Emily says:

    I’m going to have to go with cheesecake. Nothing makes me happier than a perfectly baked lemon cheesecake. Mmmm. Or Brownies. Or cheesecake cookies. Oh, who am I kidding. I love anything sweet that comes out of my oven! Hope I win!

  107. Julie R. says:

    I love to bake our family’s favorite chocolate cake!

  108. Ashli says:

    Cookies of all kinds!

  109. Jocelyn in Idaho says:

    MMM Chocolate Cake!!! or maybe chocolate chip cookies….

  110. Sarah says:

    I love to bake cookies, muffins and pies.

  111. Lisha Hoopes says:

    Chocolate chip cookies! I crave them! I need to bake them at least once a month!!

  112. Katherine Larson says:

    I LOVE baking cookies. Any kind,

  113. Ruthie says:

    I like baking focaccia!

  114. Saskia says:

    Goat cheese cheesecake. Hands down.

  115. Happy mommy says:

    I love to bake bread! This would be perfect for me! I’ve wanted one for so long.

  116. Jessica Z says:

    Without hesitation…COOKIES!!!!

  117. Kelsey says:

    I love to bake cinnamon rolls with lots of brown sugar and cinnamon and melted icing. Delicioso!!

  118. Natalie says:

    Love these for cookies!!!

  119. April Kim says:

    I love to bake cookies. Any kind of cookies. I love them

  120. Rebecca says:

    I love to bake cookies and bread!

  121. Krista says:

    I love baking cookies….I am quite famous at my work for my sugar cookies!

  122. Sara F says:

    I could never choose a favorite, but I bake daily! I love breads and rolls, but am always happy for a warm chocolate chip cookie! PS- I LOVE my silpat and roul pat and use them daily! Definitely need more!

  123. Marianne Hunter says:

    Probably my favorite thing to make is old fashioned peanut butter bars… just like the ones they would make for us at school when I was a kid. Back when school lunch was still homemade. Ahhh I miss those days.

  124. Amy S. says:

    I’m a fan on facebook!

  125. Amy V says:

    I think my favorite thing to bake would have to be my grandmother’s carrot cake or her cheesecake. They are both delicious and bring back good memories!!

  126. Kim W. says:

    I follow you on fb!

  127. kimberly says:

    My favorite is Cookies! My kids feel the same way 🙂

  128. Molly Pickett says:

    I have wanted these for SO long! My favorite thing to bake is really just our good ol’ fashion chocolate chip cookies. A family favorite!

  129. Sarah H.P. says:

    Favorite thing to bake has to be quick breads, any and all!!

  130. Andrea says:

    I never win these things but I still want to so I still enter! I LOVE baking Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are a family favorite!

  131. Leslie says:

    I LOVE to bake chocolate chip cookies!

  132. Lisa says:

    I absolutely love baking Christmas cookies with my children. It is a tradition passed down from my mother and one that I continue and hope my daughter and son will do with their families. This year my daughter used the cookie press to create delicious spritz cookies. They turned out great and we had a wonderful time making them together!

  133. Jennifer Hubbs says:

    Wow, that is hard…probably brownies! I love me some brownies!!

  134. Loring Rollo says:

    Cookies! oatmeal chocolate chip

  135. Lindsay says:

    I love baking brownies — they’re easy and delicious. I would say I love baking chocolate chip cookies, but I think I mostly like eating the dough unbaked. 😉

  136. Jennifer O says:

    I know it seems boring, but chocolate chip cookies. My Dad used to make them every single Sunday night growing up. They are full of sweet memories.

  137. Katie L. says:

    Hi Mel, I am HUGE fan and I love to bake more than almost anything in the world! I’d have to say my favorite thing to bake is cookies…any kind, and I’ve tried soooo many recipes and tons on your site (the oatmeal cocomut chewis are to DIE FOR btw). So there you have it, as hard as it is to narrow it down to one thing because I also adore cheesecakes, cookies is my number one seed. Again, love the site and all of your recipes are fabulous! Can’t say it enough!

  138. Karin says:

    Cookies and cinnamon rolls love one of these

  139. Tiffany says:

    I like to bake food. Yes, I am forever trying new recipes much like yourself. I don’t know if I could pick just one thing. I love cakes, and I love cookies too, and pies…like I said I can’t pick just one 🙂

  140. Jan R says:

    Blueberry scones…OH my…

  141. Erika says:

    Having freshly baked breakfast caserole for Sunday mornings after church. What’s better than quick, easy (can prepare the night before) and a delightfully gourmet looking breakfast without the effort. It makes me a hero every time! I love to bake biscuits too.

  142. Amy T. says:

    Well, I love to bake lots of things…but cookies have to be my favorite. Especially around Christmas time, when I bake lots and lots. When it’s time to put together my cookie tray to take to a party, I love to see how all my creations come together to make a beautiful presentation.

  143. Sherry says:

    Cookies, just because they are my husbands favorite thing to eat. It’s nice to make things that you know someone will love.

  144. Tiffany E says:

    I love to bake any kind of bread. It is definitely my favorite!

  145. Mandy says:

    Wow I would love this to roll out dough.

  146. Heather says:

    I remember you gave this away before and I have thought about buying one, but never have. I guess I am just too cheap, but it sounds great!!

  147. marty says:

    I have wanted one of these but never bought one for myself!

  148. Teena says:

    I love to bake cream puffs and eclairs!

  149. Suzanne says:

    I LOVE to bake just about anything, and experiment with new recipes all the time, but stick with lots of tried and true’s as well. Let’s see, there’s the ever popular S’More bars dripping with marshmallow cream and chocolate, or raspberry swirl cheesecake, or peppermint pattie cookies. Light as a meringue’s, bold chocolate flavor and filled with peppermint marshmallow buttercream frosting. YUMMO. 😉 Love your blog’s Mel!

  150. Christy says:

    I just learned how to make danish pastries. So easy and so, so, so yummy! One word – wow.

  151. Anna says:

    My favourite would be Lemon, white choc & coconut blondies.

  152. Rose says:

    Never used them, too expensive. Would love to try it out on my next batch of cookies.

  153. Kim says:

    Shortbread. Melts in your mouth and everyone asks for it.

  154. Elizabeth Glass says:


  155. joan says:

    Cookies and Cinnamon rolls are two favorites.

  156. holly b says:

    i love to bake bread!

  157. Kathryn says:

    Whole wheat cinnamon bread is my favorite thing to bake.

  158. Rachel J says:

    I love baking cookies! Mostly, chocolate chip pudding cookies, but I’m pretty well-rounded in my cookie repertoire. I’d LOVE these silpat liners!

  159. Morgan W. says:

    I love baking wheat bread….mainly because I love eating wheat bread!

  160. Betsy says:

    My favorite thing to bake is scones!

  161. Homemade bread is my favorite to bake.

  162. Sonja says:

    I love to make monster cookies.

  163. Amy K says:

    It’s a toss up for me: blondies or frosted sugar cookie bars.

  164. Sarah says:

    I think sugar cookies are my favorite- although I also love a good easy chocolate chip bar cookie. Thanks for the giveaway!

  165. Martha says:

    I like to bake meringue cookies.

  166. Catherine says:

    Baking cookies is my favorite past time ever! eating them is a close second 😀

  167. Tisha P. says:

    Sorry this isn’t a dessert, but I love to bake chicken. I try different seasonings and I am amazed at how different the favor comes out each time.

  168. Susan says:

    Cherry Walnut Bars and probably Butterscotch Brownies and probably Red Velvet Cake. And probably homemade pizzas

  169. Taylorbunch says:

    chocolate chip cookies 🙂

  170. Kris says:

    Trying to decide between Cinnamon rolls and Chocolate Chip Cookies… hmmmm…. I’m gonna have to go with the cookies, but that is only because I do a “quality check” (aka stuff my face) on at least one cookie from every batch! 😀

  171. Jana says:

    Anything that makes an 11×17 size pan. I love bars of all kinds. And there are lots of different ways to cut them and make them cute!

  172. Cammi says:

    I love baking rolls, because my boys love them and are always impressed!

  173. amy @ uTryIt says:

    My all time favorite thing to bake is a “white loaf bread” (with Tang Zhong Method). Yeah, it might sounds boring but it’s the softest, fluffiest and most buttery loaf of bread you’ll ever taste. I bake 3 loaves of these bread each week, one for my In-Laws to take home and 2 for my own family. 🙂 We never get bored of this loaf bread. I’ve never used a Roul’Pat and I think I NEEDED one! *wink wink*. 🙂

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  174. The redhead says:

    Banana bread! I always have rotting bananas around the house that need to get used somehow.

  175. TK says:

    I love to bake angel biscuits… special recipe for cinnamon rolls from a close friend. 🙂

  176. Allison C says:

    Simple and delicious southern biscuits. We only use my husband’s grandmother’s recipe 🙂 Would LOVE this give away!

  177. Catherine says:

    I must divide to conquer: My favorite thing to bake, based on how many times I’ve made any single recipe, would probably be whole wheat bread (I’ve had great success with Darcy’s Whole Wheat Bread!). My favorite thing to bake for dinner? Homemade pizza. My favorite thing to bake based on how much I love to eat it? I could make a really good case for gingersnap cookies.

  178. Toni says:

    Peanut butter cookies…….yum!

  179. Amy says:

    oops! Betty Crocker doesn’t bake her meatballs. Nor do I! Favorite thing to bake would be pita bread. It’s late, goodnight!

  180. Amy says:

    Betty Crocker’s Waikiki Meatballs have been my specialty since the seventh grade! Still cooking strong!

  181. Amy Johnson says:

    Mint Cheesecake Brownies 🙂 🙂 🙂

  182. Randi says:

    I can’t say that there is any one thing that I like to bake I love baking in general but if I had to choose it would be muffins

  183. Jenn Elison says:

    Baking is my favorite so it’s hard to choose. But I think I love baking rolls the best: cinnamon rolls, orange rolls, basic yeast rolls, etc. There is nothing like a successful batch of rolls!

  184. Amber says:

    I love to bake my Grandmother’s Snickerdoodle recipe 🙂 They warm my soul and make me feel her presence!

  185. Kim L says:

    Cakes – I adore baking cakes.

  186. Jodie says:

    My favorite thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies. I know it seems so simple, but there is nothing like a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie!!

  187. Em says:

    I’d have to go with chocolate chip cookies, but a close second would be lasagna.

  188. Kristina says:

    I really have to narrow it down to,just one thing? Ok. My absolute favorite thing to bake (and baking IS my most favorite thing…) has to be banana cake. It is incredible! Amazing banana breadths-cake with peanut butter frosting, all made from scratch. No boxes or mixes here. It’s a recipe I grabbed from my grandma years ago after she served it every time us grand kids were over. Everyone gives me a weird look whenI describe it, but trust me on this one, they are ALL believers now. 🙂 And most of them have begged the recipe off of me!

  189. Jamie says:

    Oh pretty please pick me!! I absolutely love silpat mats but only have one. I asked for them for christmas and my husband bought me one – but you know that all bakers need at least two. 🙂
    My favorite thing to bake is homemade bread!

  190. Charise says:

    My favorite thing to bake is cookies!

  191. Chrissy Larson says:

    I love to bake……cookies the most…no wait a minute….cinnamon buns-ya that’s it!…..no wait….chocolate cake…..hmmmmm……I just love to bake EVERYTHING!

  192. Lori B. says:

    I have finally gotten comfortable baking yeast breads so that has become my favorite things to bake!

  193. Karla says:

    My favorite thing to bake would be my “grandma’s chocolate cake.” it was the first recipie i learned to copy, the first cake i learned to bake from scratch, and it really reminds me of my dad.

  194. Sharon says:

    Cheesecake. We work well together 🙂

  195. Lori says:

    Love, love to make and share cinnamon rolls. We have even been known to have them for dinner at our house! You can win anyone over with a good cinnamon roll!

  196. Ali Klein says:

    Everything! Hmmm, I’ve had a cupcake addiction lately and I’ve enjoyed taste testing a number of your frostings.

  197. Rachel Jackson says:

    Cookies. I am a HUGE cookie fan. I will choose cookies over cake any day. You get to nibble on cookie dough for instant gratification, and enjoy soft, warm, chewy goodness when they are done! Mmmm…I’m gonna go bake some cookies now.

  198. Stephanie P. says:

    Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins or the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from your site!

  199. Adele says:

    I think my absolute favorite thing to bake is pumpkin bread… Actually mini-pumpkin loaves. They’re just adorable, perfectly sized and oh-so-delicious!

  200. Emily N. says:

    There’s so many things I love to bake, but I’ll have to go with the classic… Chocolate Chip Cookies.

  201. Christy M. says:

    Chocolate chip cookies! I always get compliments so I can’t help but make them again. . . 🙂

  202. Crystal says:

    I would have to go with a classic – good old chocolate chip cookies. So simple, so easy, yet so delicious!

  203. Bonnie says:

    My favorite thing to bake is yeast breads!!

  204. Shreela says:

    Banana chocolate chip muffins, thanks ^_^

  205. Diane says:

    I love to bake anything with carbs! Most recently, my favorite thing is sweet potato fries.

  206. Sarah says:

    Tough to choose just one but snickerdoodles are a favorite.

  207. Pieper says:

    I really like to bake cookies (especially with my grandson)!

  208. mck says:

    It’s a toss up between cherry cheese coffee cake and devil’s food cake. Then there is cookies, brownies, cinnamon bread, zucchini bread, pies, pumpkin bars, cheesecake, cupcakes, muffins, and the list goes on. This is tough to narrow down to just one. It varies with the day, the season, the ocassion, and my mood.

  209. Nicole says:

    No question….Crockpot Italian Chicken!! It’s EASY and YUMMY!! Served over whole wheat noodles of course!

  210. Mimi says:

    My favorite thing to bake EVER is brownies!

  211. Karen says:

    I love baking. Period. Please don’t make me pick just *0ne*. I can’t. Just CAN’T. LOL

    Favorite bread – crusty, chewy, French Baguettes
    Favorite cake – Flourless Chocolate Cake Cassis with Creme Anglaise
    Favorite pastry – pain au chocolate

  212. oregonjudy says:

    Carrot cake…never can get enough.

  213. Barbara says:

    I’ve used one for cookies, and am eager to see what other uses they have.

  214. Cindy says:

    Chocolate chip cookies are by far my fave. I love my recipe! (and I adore your website!)

  215. Deborah says:

    Cookies, pies, cupcakes, brownies…do I have to choose just one?? 🙂

  216. Alicia says:

    Your chocolate chip peanut butter cookies…dangerously delicious.

  217. Emily says:

    Rolls are my favorite

  218. Tiffani says:

    I love making pumpkin/chocolate chip muffins. They never last long around here!

  219. Dominoe says:

    That’s easy – homemade bread!

  220. Laura I says:

    My favorite thing ever? It would have to be any holiday cookies with my kids. Even now, with their busy schedules, they always find time to come bake with me!

  221. Jackie says:

    Favorite thing in the world to bake (and eat) are ooey gooey warm delicious cinnamon rolls!!! yummo

  222. Ashley in pdx says:

    I love making bread or rolls. I love the smell of bread rising and baking.

  223. Tiffany says:

    I love making pumpkin rolls for Christmas!

  224. Maddi says:

    My favorite thing to bake (ever) are chocolate brownies with white chocolate chunks. Deeeelish!

  225. Lisa says:

    Gotta be homemade rolls!

  226. Favorite thing to bake? Really? I have to pick just one? Hmmm……. Should I pick cookies, or brownies? Oh! Or maybe bread. Or cheese cake or cup cakes.
    Hmmm…….. Cookies. No, bread. No, cookies. No, bread.
    No, Cookies. Final answer!

  227. Amy A. says:

    I love to bake cinnamon rolls!!

  228. Whitney says:

    Cookies – cookies – and more cookies!

  229. Rachel J says:

    Cookies are my favorite. Have a goal to perfect a cheesecake!!

  230. Lisa Webster says:

    Yummy cookies….especially peanut butter with kisses in the center!

  231. Great giveaway! I’ve never had a Roul’pat before, they sound super handy. My favorite thing to bake are cookies. They’re just so rewarding, I love sugar and butter, and creaming them together is amazing.

  232. Erika says:

    Lately… cinnamon rolls. Mmmmm, so yummy!

  233. Lisa says:

    I love to bake cookies! I’m a sucker for cookie dough.

  234. Heather A says:

    I don’t really have a favorite thing to bake. I love to try all kinds of new recipes and bake special things that the person I’m baking for really likes. I’m going to try baking donuts tomorrow morning for my kids.

  235. Victoria says:

    Cookies. Everyone in my family loves cookies!

  236. Leslie says:

    I love to bake cookies…wait, I actually just love to eat cookies. I’d prefer it if someone else made them. What I really love to bake are caramel brownies because they are incredibly easy and everyone loves them. They make me look good with minimal effort on my part. 🙂

  237. Eliza says:

    Carrot cake and ANY cookies!!!! Ooooo, and rolls! Yummmmmmm!

  238. Leslie Perry says:

    My favorite thing to bake (pretty much the only thing I ever bake….) is cookies. That’s going to change, though!

  239. Sarah says:

    I love to bake bread. I do it every week and it’s something every person in my family loves!

  240. Autum says:

    I love to bake cake. Any kind of cake. Cupcakes, bundt cakes, round cakes, etc. chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, etc. I could go on and on. Thanks

  241. Deborah says:

    Mint brownies. Yum!

  242. Karen says:

    Crescent Rolls, no contest. My Great-Aunt has the best recipe!

  243. Kari says:

    Rolls on Sunday!

  244. Juli says:

    It’s so hard to choose!!! I love making peanut butter cookies for my kids!

  245. Catherine says:

    I love baking anything Italian, love the the smells of basil, oregano and garlic in my house when dinner is cooking (your Classic Baked Ziti was a recent winner)!

  246. Marie says:

    Brownies are my favorite!

  247. I just love baking. I make a French Silk Pie that is to. die. for.


    2 Kids and Tired Cooks

  248. jamie k says:



  249. Nana Jan says:

    I love to bake so many things!! Probably cookies are my favorite!

  250. Courtney G. says:

    My favorite thing to bake is cake so I can decorate them all pretty and then eat them!

  251. Miss L says:

    I love to bake anything that has egg, flour and sugar–in other words, any kind of cakey treat.

  252. Debbie says:

    I love to bake soft dinner rolls

  253. Rachael says:

    This may sound really silly but I LOVE making brownies. Plain betty crocker brownies. They are my weakness.

  254. Jen Lehmann says:

    My favorite things to bake are mystery cupcakes: chocolate cupcakes filled with a cream cheese/chocolate chip filling. They’re much simpler to make than they seem, but they’re always a big crowd pleaser.

  255. Lizzy Stevens says:

    I love baking oatmeal raisin cookies! They hit the spot every time!

  256. Lisa Y says:

    That’s hard, because baking is my favorite activity. It has to be my best butter flaked dinner rolls. As much as I love desserts, hot buttery bread can never go wrong.

  257. Lorelei says:

    I love making cheesecakes.

  258. kelsey says:

    Bake– Nothing honestly beats the smell of cinnamon rolls in the oven. yes- any bread dough is nice.. but the aromas of the cinnamon and sugar combination make that a staple in my home.

  259. Melissa says:

    Love to bake garlic cheddar biscuits made with Bisquick! I just found a recipe for a lighter version of them (since I will becoming a lighter version of myself this year) at another one of my favorite blogs that I will be making soon.

  260. Tiffany Chambers says:

    My fave item to bake is an apple crostada! YUM!!!

  261. Amanda B says:

    mmm…that’s a tough one. I think my favorite thing to bake: homemade oreo cookies. However, I am starting to like pies…if I ever can get the hang of the crust.

  262. Rene' says:

    I love to bake peanut butter cookies.

  263. Holly says:

    I love to do any kind of baking with my kids!

  264. Margaret says:

    Cinnamon rolls, both for the hands-on experience and the reaction from those who eat them! Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I love Silpat!

  265. Lisa E says:

    Favorite thing to bake AND eat? Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Bars, half milk chocolate chips, half vanilla. Delicious!

  266. Kim says:

    Zucchini breads and muffins, but my favorite is rhubarb breads, muffins, cakes and treats.

  267. natalie says:

    i love to bake your PB chocolate chip cookies. they are my new fav and no i’m not just saying that!

  268. Brianna says:

    Bread. I love bread in all forms…and I love to bake it. Although cookies easily take second place.

  269. terry w says:

    Hard to choose – cookies are probably the over all favorite. But right now I have an abundance of apples so apple pie for right now!

  270. Maurine says:

    Cinnamon rolls are my favorite thing to bake and eat…yum.

  271. Amy says:

    I love to bake ham and cheese croissants! Divine!!

  272. Terri says:

    My new favorite…your gingerbread recipe…made it three times just last month! And my boys loved it too 🙂 That means it’s a keeper!

  273. Carrie says:

    I love to back pretzels, mmm I need to make some

  274. Laura says:

    There is this almond filled coffee cake ring from America’s Test Kitchen…every time I make it I feel like a professional baker. 🙂

  275. Pat Hoobler says:

    I love the french bread. Brought it over to my son’s house and he is now trying to get me to buy flour in the 25 lb. sack so I can make it every day for him and his family. Since it makes two loaves, we have one and share the other with his family. Pat

  276. Emily says:

    i absolutely LOVE baking bread. i love the process of making the dough and the amazing smell it creates while baking. and of course how delicious it tastes. mmm. in close second, i love to bake chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies. sooo good.

  277. Lindsay says:

    Chocolate chip cookies! Nothing better than warm chocolate chip cookies on a rainy day.

  278. Kelly says:

    my s’mores cookie cake is my FAVORITE thing to bake! Always turns out great and people love it!

  279. Tarryn says:

    This may sound boring, but I love to bake (and eat) chocolate chip cookies. They really are my favorite!

  280. Amy says:

    Peanut butter cookies 🙂

  281. Sarawit says:


  282. DeAnna says:

    It’s a toss up between Chocolate chip cookies and Cranberry Muffins! I have a baking (and eating) addiction!

  283. Melissa says:

    Cinnamon rolls

  284. Chris says:

    My favorite thing to bake has to be cookies! I guess it would be fair to say I especially love to bake chocolate chips cookies (I love eating them too), since I bake them most often.

  285. Marge says:

    These would be awesome for cookies etc.. Thanks mw

  286. jessica w. says:

    My favorite thing to bake are cookies or cupcakes, my next item to try are macaroons

  287. Maria says:

    Ooh, tough question, but since I make chocolate cupcakes with chocolate fudge frosting at least once a month, I guess those would be my favorite thing to bake!

  288. Carolyn says:

    I like to bake all sorts of things, but my favorite would have to be a three way tie between chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, and blackberry pie.

  289. Jaymi says:

    I love to bake fudge brownies just like my mom did. They take no time at all to mix up and remind me of being a kid.

  290. Jennifer says:

    That’s easy…Christmas cookies! 🙂

  291. thu says:

    oh, I also follow on Facebook too!

  292. Darci Thorsted says:

    Cookies! Right now I am on a sugar cookie kick so this would come in very handy!

  293. thu says:

    lemon cookies!

  294. Jen Smith says:

    I love to bake any type of bread but I’m still learning how to do it.

  295. nikki says:

    I have a wonderful recipe for huge blueberry muffins with a crumb topping that I have given out to several people. They are just so moist and sweet and top crumbly and most importantly, huge. Thanks so much, I would love a silpat.

  296. Annie Nielson says:

    Hmm, hard to narrow it down to one thing…but I LOVE to bake bread! I’m not a professional, but I do ok. I also like baked goods–brownies, cookies, cakes. I have a major sweet tooth 🙂

  297. Robyn Steen says:

    Lately I’ve been obsessed with baking cupcakes. I love the amount of frosting to cake ratio!

  298. Kaylene says:

    Your chocolate orange swirl muffins. I eat the whole batch every time!

  299. Marilyn Anderson says:

    Any dessert because I absolutely adore sugar and because sweets are hard to mess up.

  300. Jaylene Mosley says:

    I love baking cookies and pies. Thanks for all the fun giveaways!!!

  301. Tracey S says:

    Yeast rolls!!

  302. Jen Demchak says:

    I am not great at baking but enjoy making bread for my family.

  303. ashley thompson says:

    my favorite thing to bake are fruit & nut cookies. they are loaded with dried cherries, slivered almonds, and have a yummy almond glaze on top. seriously sooo good!

  304. Stephanie says:

    Favorite thing to bake: Rosemary Focaccia bread. Yum!

  305. Beth Roberson says:

    Hands down, it’s got to be Apricot Amaretto cookies… Yum!

  306. Julia says:

    My favorite thing to bake is bread. Any kind…roll, whole wheat, etc.

  307. MERILEE JOHNSON says:

    I love to bake cream puffs because I love to eat them.

  308. Eleanor says:

    Love to bake chocolate chip scones. I might just have to make some tomorrow.

  309. Holly says:

    Chocolate chip cookies! I have made them so much that I can whip them up in no time….plus, I LOVE to eat them! 🙂

  310. Mia says:

    My favorite thing to bake is pies, especially fruit pies. I get a great feeling of satisfaction from making a pie from scratch and having everyone love it. It’s the best feeling ever!

  311. Samantha S says:

    My favorite thing to bake is real cheesecake. Yum!

  312. stace says:

    Unfortunately I am the worlds worst baker.. I over flour over cook over everything and it just doesn’t work… But I make the worlds best snickerdoodles… I really don’t know how, but I never mess them up! 🙂

  313. Peggy W. says:

    I love making cakes and cookies. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

  314. Tamara says:

    I love baking, favorite thing right this moment would be Oreo Pudding Cookies.

  315. joanne says:

    scones…I just love to make scones on Sunday mornings.

  316. Natalie says:

    I love making zucchini bread, because my sons love it and I’m glad they’re actually eating something remotely green!

  317. amber says:

    cinnamon rolls

  318. KT says:

    scones for breakfast!

  319. Kari says:

    Right now, it’s sour cream blueberry coffee cake.

  320. Jaime says:

    Apple crisp and peach cobbler

  321. Katie says:

    Yeast bread! No matter how many loaves I make, it’s still exciting to see the bread rise 🙂

  322. Kelvin says:

    MY double chocolate chunk cookie!

  323. Jennifer Hodges says:

    Banana bread is my husband’s favorite so I am always baking it trying to find the perfect recipe for it…it always seems to be missing that certain something though that bakeries seem to have!

  324. Suzanne says:

    pies…especially pecan pie from the Williamsburg cookbook

  325. Genevieve says:

    Aww! Great Giveaways!
    I would wanna bake my favourite oatmeal raisin cookie which is soft and chewy!

  326. TrishInFL says:

    Banana muffins with a crumb topping, yum!

  327. Tammy Francis says:

    Hands down, it would be your oatmeal chocolate chip cookie!!!

  328. Kim R says:

    I like to bake magic layer cookie bars because they are so SIMPLE!

  329. Ashley_M says:

    Cake. I love to bake cakes. And cookies. And brownies. And pie. I love pie.

  330. Molly in MN says:

    chocolate chip cookies – from eating the dough to the warm cookies!

  331. angie says:

    I love to bake cookies- I add anything and everything to them, but my favorite is chocolate chip!

  332. Lisa says:

    I like to bake single sized (cupcake pan) key lime pies and cheese cakes with blueberry and raspberry topping. Also, homemade pizzas.

  333. Peggy says:

    Anything chocolate or pumpkin!!

  334. Sarah L says:

    My favorite thing to bake is honey whole wheat bread!

  335. Amy E. says:

    I love baking cookies…by myself or with my little boys. I think the 5 year old can almost make them on his own!

  336. Megan says:


  337. Amy M says:

    Cinnamon rolls with caramel apple filling. Mmmmm…

  338. Lynn F says:

    Cheesecake! (But not very often)

  339. Natalie says:

    I LOVE baking cookies… sounds lame, but I do… I just love it!

  340. Kara says:

    I love making triple chocolate mousse cake!

  341. Jennifer B. says:

    I love to bake cookies and cupcakes, but I might be off baking cupcakes after making more than 300 for my sister’s wedding in December!

  342. Jill says:

    Cookies! Any kind, but especially chocolate chip. 🙂

  343. Denise says:

    Snickerdoodle Blondies…yum!

  344. kathie mc says:

    My favorite thing to bake is bread! Every kind!

  345. Heidi says:

    My favorite thing to bake is…..COOKIES! It looks like I am not the only one either 🙂 What can I say, they are great!

  346. Barb says:

    Anything chocolate!

  347. Kellie Cash Mecham says:

    I LOVE making any kind of cookie so I can eat the dough!

  348. Clarissa Meegan says:

    No doubt—bread…in EVERY variety!

  349. Amanda S says:

    My favorite thing to bake is brownies. Always. Yum!

  350. Chelsea says:

    Whats better than homemade bread? Nothing! I love the smell and of course how delicious it is right from the oven!

  351. Kalie says:

    Chocolate chip cookies, of course!

  352. Susan says:

    It would have to be sourdough breadl

  353. Christin says:

    Cookies–all kinds!

  354. Susan says:

    My favorite thing to bake is my mom’s banana coconut bread pudding! Of course the one who attacks the pudding first is my mom! Deeeeeelish!!!

  355. Karen says:

    Cut-out shortbreads are my all-time favorite… to bake and to eat!

  356. Carol Anderson says:

    These look wonderful, i just asked my son to pick up the pudding at the store and tomorrow i am making these! I ‘ve never used the silpat and keep wanting to buy one. I guess that chocolate chip cookies have got to be my standby favorite to bake but only by a narrow margin.

  357. Tammy says:

    My favorite thing to bake is a german black forest cake.

  358. Melanie says:

    Made macaroons for the first time the other day and loved it! Def my favorite thing to bake so far, I love a challenge!

  359. Shannon says:

    Cookies-any and all cookies



  360. betty says:

    I love to bake cinnamon rolls.

  361. Wendy says:

    I am also a facebook fan! 🙂

  362. Wendy says:

    My favorite thing to bake is lemon bars. I am a girl who loves a little tart in her desserts. 🙂

  363. Patricia says:

    Favorite recipe to bake: current and recent favorite is the Deli Rye Bread from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. Favorite recipe ever: still would have to be bread. There is nothing like the smell of fresh bread cooking and hot bread slathered with butter: the BEST! Everyone loves it. It solves all the ills of the day. At least at our house it did.

  364. Annie D. says:

    I love baking pies….especially chocolate meringue!

  365. Tamara says:

    I love to bake just about anything. If I had to choose what I loved baking most it would be cheesecake just because I love eating it most.

  366. Angie J says:

    I love baking banana bread!

  367. natalie says:

    I love to bake chocolate chip cookies of course!!! any time, any day, any place 🙂

  368. Cathy says:

    anythingwith chocolate!

  369. Ashley Rees says:

    Cookies! Because the whole process of cooking them is awesome because you can munch on them all the way through! My favorite cookie of yours is YOUR favorite cookie- the chocolate chip oatmeal one with coconut- yummers.

  370. Sadie Walker says:

    I love to make cookies–my kids call my kitchen aid the cookie maker. That is all they see me make in it I guess!

  371. laura hansen says:

    My favorite thing is chocolate chip cookies, because they are my husband’s favorite and he gets so excited!

  372. Sally Baird says:

    Cookies for my family!

  373. Melissa says:

    My favorite thing to bake is by FAR Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake. It is super easy and the most delicious thing I have ever tasted! I also love to make rolls, breads, bagels, etc. I can’t get enough of them when they are homemade.

  374. Jules says:

    My favorite thing to make is my black forest cake with a cream cheese filling!

  375. Julie r says:

    I’d have to go with classic chocolate chip cookies or sugar cookies. My faves!!

  376. Sherri says:

    Lately my favorite item to bake is a recipe of yours. Can’t remember what you call it, but we call them “loaded cookies”. Yum!

  377. JeriP says:

    Baking bread is our favorite. Smells as good while baking as it tastes. Only thing better is cinnamon rolls.

  378. Cookies…I am constantly switching as I try to find the perfect cookie recipe.

  379. Amy says:

    Cookies of any kind…yum!

  380. AnneS says:

    My favorite thing to bake is Caramel Nut Bars! I have made them so many times I think I could make them in my sleep! They are gooey and yummy.

  381. Jenny says:

    Baking bread is hands down for me. With a house full of 5 little boys who seem to have bottomless pits, it never disappoints! Plus, it makes the house smell heavenly! Can’t beat the smile on their faces when they smell the fresh bread!

  382. Renee Goodman says:

    I like baking banana bread and pies. Especially around the holidays.

  383. Mandy B says:

    love me some good ol’ chocolate chip cookies!

  384. Kimberly says:

    What I fun giveaway! I love to make cookies. Mmmmm

  385. Mikaela says:

    Brownies are probably my favorite thing to bake!

  386. ashley treu says:

    Love baking bread & rolls! Always a hit! 🙂

  387. Mariann says:

    Love to bake bread and rolls. I love the smell of baking bread.

  388. Lala says:

    Brownies! There’s something about brownies that makes me happy. So many variations and it’s decadent.

  389. Becky says:

    Apple Pie!

  390. Melanee Walker says:

    My favorite thing to bake ever is still a simple batch of chocolate chip cookies!

  391. Cameryn says:

    I make chocolate chip cookies at least once a week. Thanks for the BEST recipe!

  392. Dawn W says:

    I love to bake cakes and cookies.

  393. Angie says:

    Mmm Homemade brownies.

  394. Lisa says:

    I would have to say chocolate chip cookies because they are my families favorite. But I have just strarted trying yeast breads and it is a fun adventure!

  395. elizabeth says:

    I love baking just about anything. But ever since coming across your blog I especially love making yeasty breads. I think I make the french bread rolls at least once a week.

  396. Lisa S says:

    Yes this is a very hard question. I love baking cookies, and biscuits.

  397. Lori says:

    My favorite thing to bake ever is mini cupcakes. I love to decorate them…

  398. Divya says:

    german chocolate cake!!!

  399. Melanie says:

    I like to bake bread- molasses oatmeal brown bread. I liked kneading the dough by hand. And I like eating it with butter and honey straight from the oven.

  400. Becky M says:

    Caramel brownies!

  401. Missy says:

    Cookies or brownies are my favorite foods to bake.

  402. tammy c says:

    love to bake texas sheet cake, but I love to eat even more.,

  403. Chelsea says:

    I love to make chocolate chip cookies because they make my family happy! But my greatest satisfaction comes when I’ve slaved over a cheesecake and it turns out beautifully.

  404. Jennifer says:

    Good Evening Mel! First, I love your blog, and love getting email updates. TY!
    I love to bake yeast bread. I try and do OAMC with lots of rolls to pull out and warm up. Usually half of the rolls in up in my husband and children’s stomach first. I think I am going to look up Silpat and Roul’pat for my own baking needs. Thanks for the referal. Have a good night.

  405. Kristin says:

    I have 4 little kiddos. Right now I’m loving cookies — any kind! 🙂

  406. kiersten says:

    Oooh ooh ooh. I would love these! Thank you! I love baking cookies and rolls, and this would be great.

  407. Donna says:

    My favorite is still chocolate chip cookies!

  408. Lesley says:

    Cookies, sounds simple I know but I am addicted to cookies any shape/kind/form of them I can’t get enough!

  409. Shannon says:

    I love to bake oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

  410. sabrina says:

    i wanted one of these so bad for christmas! i love the idea. cookies are definitely #1.

  411. Kimberly says:

    Honestly Mel, I LOVE to bake, but my favorite thing to bake changes depending on what I’m craving at that moment. I love to bake whatever I’m looking forward to eating—or to give away to someone else that I know will love it too! Being as I’m pregnant with my third child (and find out tomorrow if it’s a boy or girl –yay!), that can change from day to day or even hour to hour. 🙂 What was fun to bake yesterday is soon forgotten in my excitement to bake that delicious French bread to go with that perfect Italian meal for dinner or when I start to bake my husband’s favorite lemon poppy seed bread. (Those were 2 of this week’s favorites.) 🙂
    I receive this recipe from a friend, Erika Payne, and have been SO grateful. It’s more like a cake really because of all that sugar. 🙂 Yum. Here’s the Lemon Poppy Seed Bread recipe that made my husband’s week:

    3 cups flour
    1 ½ tsp salt
    1 ½ tsp baking powder
    1 ½ Tbsp poppy seeds
    2 ½ cups sugar
    1 ½ cups milk
    1 ½ tsp. vanilla
    1 ½ tsp lemon extract
    3 eggs
    1 ½ cups vegetable oil

    For glaze: ¼ cup orange juice ¾ cup sugar ½ tsp lemon extract

    1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
    2. In a large bowl, combine eggs, milk, oil, vanilla, and lemon extract. Add flour, salt, baking powder, poppy seeds, and sugar and mix one minute.
    3. Pour batter into 2 greased loaf pans.
    4. Bake 50-60 minutes or till browned and cooked through. (I check it with the toothpick in the middle method.) Cool slightly. Remove from pans and place on rack.
    5. Mix icing ingredients and drizzle over warm loaves. Makes 2 loaves.

  412. Patrice Gerrie says:

    My favorite thing to bake is an Elvis Presley pound cake. I raise chickens and have so many egg. This pound cake calls for 7 eggs. It is wonderful and you can put any topping on it to make it even better. I got the recipe online.

  413. Lisa says:

    I love baking cupcakes… any kind of cupcakes. Decorating them is always so much fun!

  414. Meghan says:

    Coconut cake…Yum!

  415. Jamie says:

    Darn fat fingers can’t type. 😉

  416. Emily Smith says:

    Bread — french, oatmeal, quick breads, muffins… basically bread.

  417. Jenifer says:

    My favorite thing to bake is apple pie! The Cook’s Illustrated recipe is delicious and foolproof because the secret ingredient is vodka (prevents so much gluten from forming so it is always flaky). And delicious. I’m not really interested in the filling, just the crust, really.

  418. Jamie says:

    My favorite thing to bake is a chocolate cheesecake recipe I git from a Hershey’s cookbook from ages ago. I love making it because it seems to come iut perfect every time and it is absolutely divine! Enough said.

  419. Mandi says:

    Pumpkin bread, banana bread, cakes, cookies. I love it all. 🙂

  420. Emily says:

    Chocolate Chip Cookies. I have fond memories of them from childhood and love creating those memories with my little girls now!

  421. Alicia Keen says:

    i love baking muffins!

  422. I love to bake pumpkin chocolate chip bread in the fall, but if my husband liked cookies more than he does (thank goodness for our waistlines) I would probably make some variation of chocolate chip cookie every week!

  423. Joelle Eyre says:

    Lemon Cupcakes because my kids LOVE them.

  424. Deanna says:

    A nice hardy yeast bread! Though cookies are always good too.

  425. jillmc says:

    My favorite thing to bake has always been cookies…….fun times with the kidlets, and now even MORE fun with the grand-kidlets!

  426. Rachel A says:

    I love to bake any type of cookie, and especially when those cookies are destined to make an ice cream sandwich!

  427. Sarah says:

    My favorite thing to bake is a fresh apple pie! Probably because it’s my favorite to eat 🙂

  428. Natalie Wilkins says:

    Hands down. Bread. I love baking bread. Love it. Love. It. I didn’t start making bread until like a year ago, but let me tell you, my neighbors have been grateful ever since. In fact, I have french bread rising at this very moment, and I’m making your fast and easy pizza for dinner this very night.

    Did I say I love baking bread? I do. Just sayin.

  429. Toni says:

    Cookies! I’m not prejudice against choc chip, sugar, peanut butter—just cookies!

  430. Melanie Miller says:

    How can I narrow it down to One Thing? Okay, cinnamon rolls…no, maybe apple pie…wait, lemon creme cake…well, there’s also blueberry lemon cake…see, I can’t pick just one. Hope that doesn’t disqualify me.

  431. Tami says:

    Mocha cheesecake!

  432. Mindy Marie says:

    I have two favorites…Only because I never fail when I bake them. 1- Fresh peach pie during peach season. I guess I really only bake the crust. 2-I love my sugar cookies. It is a recipe that my family has used for 5 generations. They are the best!

  433. Shante says:

    My favorite thing…caramel rolls!

  434. I’ve been wanting one of these liners for a long time 🙂 I love baking homemade cinnamon rolls. Yum! Actually, I love eating them more than baking them.

  435. Emily says:

    Anything I can pull from the freezer and throw in the oven!! 😉
    Actually I love to bake apple pie from scratch.

  436. Katie Brooks says:

    I follow you on FB!

  437. Katie Ault says:

    Love to bake bread

  438. Cheryl Newton says:

    Peanut butter blossoms. They’re cute, they remind me of my mom and they’re so yummy I could eat them all!

  439. Casey Gibson says:

    My favorite lately is bread! Any kind, french bread, bread bowls, breadsticks and more! I used to be scared of making bread but lately I’ve really gotten into it and love it!

  440. Stephanie says:


  441. libby says:

    I love baking brownies

  442. Karie Sexton says:

    The most frequently baked item in my kitchen have been loving named the breast milk cookie (although there is not a drop of breast milk in them) it started out as a joke 5 years ago and we have just ran with it. They are really just killer good chocolate chip cookies.

  443. Mara says:

    Without a doubt my secret recipe carrot cake. It is amazing. Oh, and I don’t like cake. This is the only cake-like thing I’ll even consider eating.

  444. chelsey vick says:

    I love to bake, but I adore cooking! Anything! Although if I had to bake and couldn’t cook I would have to say some type of bread… homemade pretzles are fabulous!

  445. Alana says:

    I love to bake these cute, little cakes called “Molten Chocolate Baby Cakes”. They are so, incredibly delicious right out of the oven, especially with a dollop of real whipped sweet cream.

  446. Rebecca says:

    I love to bake Texas sheet cake.

  447. Jessica says:

    Cookies, any kind. I just love cookies.

  448. I have been wanting these! My favorite thing to bake would have to be cookies with my kids. Simple, but so fun!

  449. Jackie says:

    homemade rolls- yummy!

  450. Lauren says:

    It was too hard for me to pick just one, so I asked my husband what he likes best and he chose my chocolate chip cake. I’ve been making it for him since we started dating in college in 1999.

  451. Marie says:

    It completely depends upon the time of year. Spring – Carrot Cake, Summer – tons of stuff, Fall – Sugar Cookies, Winter – Pumpkin everything!

  452. Brittany says:


  453. Annie says:

    Honestly, I can’t answer that question with just one favorite… But if I was being forced I think I’d have to say pavlova. I learned how to make it while I was living in Australia & have loved it ever since!

  454. Amanda says:

    That is a toughie! I think I will have to go with cookies (ANY cookies).

  455. Kim Medlock says:

    My favorite thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies, my recipe makes a huge amount and I loved to make them for the first day of school. Now all of my six kids are graduated from high school and so we don’t get that same first day of school feeling with the last 2 being in college now. Love your site, one of the first recipe sites I check for inspiration.

  456. Terressa T. says:

    I am a facebook fan 🙂

  457. Heather says:

    I think my favorite thing to bake is homemade bread. However, I just baked your oatmeal chocolate caramel bars the other day, and hello dolly—I reached a whole new level of baking euphoria. Wow.

  458. Katie says:

    Hey Mel…my favorite thing to bake is any kinds of breads from whole white wheat bread to french bread to cinnamon rolls! thanks for your blog…now I am off to make your chicken taquitos requested by Emmeli! 🙂 one of her favorites!

  459. kate C. says:


  460. Terressa T. says:

    I LOVE making rolls/cinnamon rolls (same recipe, different outcome-LOVE IT!!)

  461. Melanie says:

    I love making (and eating) cream puffs!

  462. erin jackson says:

    Coconut Pie and Peanut butter bars!

  463. Missy says:

    I love to bake peanut butter bars! Not sure if it’s the baking or eating that I love the most! 🙂

  464. Anita says:

    Hrmmm, my favourite thing to bake would be cupcakes (or cakes) with my 4 year old son. I know he needs some one on one time when he comes and gets me and drags me to the kitchen where there’s eggs, a bowl and the cake tins/cup cake cases waiting for me on the bench and the words “cake please mum” coming out of his mouth

  465. Signe says:

    mmmm as you said…. HARD choice ….. but I think
    SCONES — I love having tea and they are perfect with tea.

  466. conster says:

    Cinnamon rolls. And MORE cinnamon rolls. And even more. You get the idea. I could live exclusively on cinnamon rolls and water. I wouldn’t be too healthy but I’d sure be happy!!

  467. Marcey says:

    I love baking cookies and cinnamon rolls! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  468. Susan B says:

    Oatmeal cookies, love your blog! Thanks for the opportunity!

  469. alicia m says:

    Honestly, nothing can beat baking a classic chocolate chip cookie with my kids! Best day EVER when we’re all in the kitchen and baking and having fun!

  470. Natalie says:

    I love to make cinnamon rolls! I believe mine are the best!!!

  471. conster says:

    cinnamon rolls. cinnamon rolls. cinnamon rolls……I guess you get it.

  472. Jan says:

    I’m into quick right now, so I bake biscuits, and corn breads. Fills tummies fast and makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something!

  473. Dorcas says:

    Cheesecake and brownies-probably because their among my fav things to eat!

  474. Margaret says:

    I love to bake the delicious soft pretzels found on this blog. They are to die for and a favorite at family get togethers if I don’t eat them all before I get there!

  475. Marnie says:

    My favorite is my Aunt Ethel’s ‘Blue Ribbon Chocolate Chip Cookies’. YUM

  476. Ashleigh M says:

    My fave thing to bake ever is the Lion House Dinner Rolls. Since Oct 2011, I make them 2 – 3 times a week. My kids fight over them, my husband adores them (and now refuses to eat store-bought rolls), and I can’t go without them. I am making another batch as we speak for my birthday dinner tonight. That’s right…I’m baking a dinner fit for the Queen on my birthday, and I’m serving it to 10 of the bestest people in the world (and I have no shame admitting it). 🙂

  477. Ronna says:

    I’m a cookie baker, all kinds.

  478. Rachel Russell says:

    I will go with Mars Bars squares b/c they are so quick/easy and can prepare min after you remember you needed to bring something to school for the bake sale/teachers lunch etc. Crowd pleaser- but .. .sadly not the healthiest!

  479. Tammy says:

    Pretty much any kind of dessert…cookies, cheesecake (love your lemon no bake), cake, etc.

  480. Simply Susan says:

    Cookies–always cookies!

  481. Jill says:

    I think chocolate chip cookies are my all-time fav!

  482. Heather says:

    My favorite thing to bake is cookies – simple but always fun!

  483. Lisa Brown says:

    Homemade bread – it may take a while, but you just can’t beat the taste of fresh warm bread slathered in butter :).

  484. Stephanie W. says:

    I love to bake homemade rolls and cinnamon rolls (mostly because those are my favorite things to eat!).

  485. Stephanie says:

    Sugar cookies!! I don’t know that it is my favorite thing to bake but it is certainly my favorite thing to eat!

  486. Julie says:

    I love to bake cakes. All different kinds. In fact, I think half the fun is trying a new recipe. I think they look so beautiful and if baked right, they are soooooo delicious.

  487. Andrea says:

    Oh Mel! These have been on my Christmas list for years but I still don’t have ANY! My favorite thing to bake is chicken pillows. Does that count for baking because they aren’t dessert? They are far and away my children’s favorite. I can’t wait to make them using a roulpat and silpat!

  488. Karen Peterson says:

    Love to bake my husband’s coffee cake 😉

  489. Heather says:

    I love to bake drop biscuts, cookies or anything pumpkin!! Thanks for the give away!!

  490. candice says:

    That is a hard question to ask a pregnant girl! I loove banana bread!

  491. Amber says:

    Cinnamon Rolls all the way!

  492. Laurence GL says:

    My favorite thing to bake is simple chocolate chip cookies !

  493. TANYA MONEY says:

    Love baking Christmas cookies every year for my friends and family.

  494. Shelly says:

    Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!!

  495. Doris Sommer says:

    Hi Mel … My very favorite thing to bake would have to be French meat pie … My grandmother was full blooded French, this is a New Year’s dish that she taught me to make when I was in my teens.

  496. Julie says:

    Chocolate chip cookies with Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips!

  497. katherine d. says:

    i love to bake (and eat) vegan pumpkin pie

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  498. Jolene says:

    Chocolate chip vanilla cookies are my absolute favorite to bake!

  499. Susan Matheson says:


  500. Tiffany says:

    My favorite thing to bake is brownies. Easy, one pan, yet delicious.

  501. Christine says:

    Panipopo – polynesian coconut rolls…sweet, heavenly, pillows of coconutty love!

  502. Ty Gray says:

    I follow Mels Kitchen on FB

  503. Ty Gray says:

    Cream cheese brownies are the best!

  504. Megan says:

    My favorite thing to bake ever is chocolate chip cookies. A true classic!

  505. Kimberly says:

    Chocolate Souffle Layer Cake with Mascarpone and Raspberries – from Fine Cooking, it is to die for!

  506. Lesley says:

    I love to bake cookies…of any kind!

  507. Kristen says:

    My favorite thing to bake are brownies! I love trying new things, but I always go back to my mom’s brownie recipe. Love, Love! 🙂

  508. Whitney says:

    My favorite thing to bake would be your chocolate chip cookies. They make a pretty regular appearance around here 🙂

  509. Liz Kealamakia says:

    I thought about this for a little while, and was trying to narrow it down to a specific recipe, but I couldn’t. So I’ll go with a category, which would be desserts. I love to cook desserts.

  510. Mary says:

    I love to make rolls and breadsticks! There’s something about the way my house smells with fresh bread in the oven. That and they taste super good with some butter right out of the oven!

  511. Bliss says:

    I’m a Facebook fan too

  512. Bliss says:

    I love baking bread!

  513. Katie says:

    Cookies, cookies, and more cookies!

  514. Jason says:

    I love baking cookies!

  515. Aubrey says:

    I love baking rolls. Still trying to perfect my roll-baking skills into something mouthwateringly good, right now they are just good-good.

  516. Renee says:

    chocolate chip cookies …. ’nuff said

  517. Heather says:

    Chocolate Chip peanute butter cookies. Yum!

  518. Ann Marie says:

    My love for baking comes from all the time I spent at my grandmother’s house when I was young. Some of the best memories I have are being at her house and helping her make a pie or cake. From her I learned to roll pie dough and icing cakes. She is 90 and STILL baking! Her chocolate cake with PB icing is well known by all and highly requested. So because of all the fond memories it brings to mind, my favorite thing to bake is her chocolate cake. 🙂

  519. AuntKocoaBird says:

    I love to bake cinnamon rolls. It’s a labor of love and my family’s smiles and Mmmmms make it worth it. We have a tradition of having them the first Sundays in April and October and I look forward to those days with great anticipation.

  520. Angie says:

    I love making your recipe for the “perfect chocolate chip cookie” They are amazing!!

  521. Laurel says:

    I really enjoy making pumpkin rolls!

  522. Kelley says:

    Mel, I am known as a cookie baker. I also love new brownie /bar recipes. I have never used Silpat or Roul’pat, pretty sure it might help solidify my “best cookie baker” title. 🙂

  523. Regina P says:

    Sugar Cookies are my fav thing to bake

  524. Ilene says:

    I love baking different bar cookies.

  525. Jamie M says:

    cookies! yumm

  526. Kelly J says:

    I just love to bake cookies, all kinds of cookies!

  527. I love to bake Bread! I want to try making my own starters next!

  528. Jessica says:

    I LOVE making blondies! my friends love them and even request them as their birthday gifts!

  529. Leann says:

    Recently I love baking anything with yeast. I have perfected my homemade pizza!

  530. kari says:

    Love to bake bread. Any kind. Getting the perfect dough you can just pat and squeeze. The smell, the taste. Everything about baking bread makes me happy.

  531. Megan says:

    I really like to bake homemade molasses wheat bread. It is my favorite!

  532. janice says:

    i love baking sugar cookies and decorating them with my 3 Boys! would love to win!

  533. Shauna VW says:

    cheesecake cuz it is my favorite to eat!!!

  534. Andrea W says:

    uh….. anything out of the Death by Chocolate Cookies book by Marcel Desaulniers, perfect and amazing every time! (seriously I actually try to avoid making anything bc I will want to eat.it.all…. myself.)

  535. sweetpea says:

    bar cookies, whether brownies, blondies, lemon squares….

  536. Tina says:

    I love to bake cookies and pies! Thanks!

  537. Joani says:

    I would love to try one out. I have read several comments over the year where they praise these things!!

  538. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite thing to bake is probably chocolate chip cookies. Why? Because I love the dough.

  539. Aubrie says:

    Definitely chocolate chip cookies–comfort food at its finest!

  540. Kimiko says:

    Lately I love baking cupcakes! I think the flavor varieties can be so fun and creative.

  541. Patricialynn says:

    My favorite thing to bake is brownies. My kids prefer cinnamon rolls, and my husband’s favorite thing for me to bake is butterscotch blondies.

    My pets don’t care what I bake, as long as I share it with them…. ~grins~

  542. Rachel Moody says:

    I LOVE baking rolls. My mother in law gave me a recipe that she would always make and now no one in the family will make them – they all want ME to do it! I love that I’ve taken a great family recipe (from my hubby’s side) and perfected it -I don’t know what I do differently, I just follow the directions!

  543. Heather says:

    I love making Texas sheet cake because it’s my husbands favorite and it makes him so happy.

  544. I love to bake pies……love rolling out the crust and making it all pretty and love making fruit or cinnamon sugar tarts with the left over pie crust. I am crossing my fingers 🙂

  545. Lorie Winslow says:

    I love to bake hot rolls!

  546. Jennifer says:

    A lot of people have said this and I would have to say it as well COOKIES. I remember baking them with my mom. She always had a full cookie jar. I love baking them with my children and watching my kids bake them on their own. It just brings back warm memories.

  547. Doreen says:

    Scones are my favorite!

  548. Whitney says:

    My favorite thing to bake is pie, particularly my take on homemade pumpkin pie in which I use butternut squash instead of pumpkin. Soooo good!

  549. Kelcy says:

    I love baking chocolate chip cookies for my boyfriend’s family because they love them so much they hide them in REALLY funny places. It makes me feel warm and gooey inside, just like the cookies 🙂

  550. Kendra says:

    Gotta go with fresh zucchini, Zucchini Bread with walnuts and dried white raisins. Slather on some plain yogurt and life is sweet!!

  551. Orghlaith says:

    It is hard to choose a favorite. Any kind of bread would be high on the list. My guys voted on their favorite cookies though. Oatmeal raisin and Peanut butter cookies.

  552. April Hunt says:

    I love to bake rolls, and the roul pat would be PERFECT for that!

  553. melanie peterson says:

    I am in love with the Grandmas french bread recipe here on your site. And I am in desperate need of a new silpat!! 🙂

  554. Stephanie says:

    I LOVE to bake YOUR M&M cookies, they are my favorite cookie to take to others. They just look so FUN, plus my kids love to help me!

  555. Jennifer Despain says:

    Definitely anything with chocolate in it 🙂 probably brownies if I am picking just one item.

  556. patintx says:

    I love to bake!

  557. Kendra says:

    I think my favorite thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies. They are something that always turn out perfect, and I LOVE to eat them, or give them to someone!

  558. Anna says:

    So exciting!!! I LOVE to bake your oatmeal coconut chewies! They are seriously the best!

  559. T says:

    I love to bake cinnamon rolls…not because I am great at it, but because each time they get a little bit yummier! Progress is great.

  560. Ashley W says:

    I would have to say bread, there is nothing better than the smell and tasting that warm homemade bread. mmmmmmm!

  561. JEssica Himle says:

    I love to bake anything but I think the thing I like the moxt is just the cookie dough!!!! I just love me anything that comes out of the oven…….. what can I say, if its a treat Im sure I’ll eat it

  562. Kasey Alder says:

    I have one silpat and I love love love it! My favorite thing to use it for is sugar cookies. It makes them so soft. Sugar cookies for each holiday is what I am known for, but with only one silpat it takes FOREVER to make them. I would LOVE to win another one!!!

  563. Pam says:

    I love to bake Cinnamon Rolls almost as much as I love to eat them.

  564. Alison Hamilton says:

    My favorite thing to bake is cookies because I love snitching the dough!

  565. Kim says:

    I love to make good old fashioned oatmeal walnut cookies. Yum!

  566. Jen M says:

    How can I choose just one? If you insist it would probably have to be cookies because I love to eat the dough. I hope you’ll tell us YOUR favorite thing to bake too!

  567. Missy Hawkins says:

    I have some unique baking adventures in front of me. My son can only eat 4 foods: oats, pears, potatoes and apples. I am always on the prowlto find new ways to make him cookies, granola, crisps and fruit leathers using only those four ingredients (oil and sugar can be used too!). The rest of my family delights in anything that has chocolate or carmelly goodness. I would use the Silpat for making piazza rolls that my girls take in their lunches to school every day.

  568. Heather says:

    I love to bake and I really love to bake cookies… maybe because they are my favorite thing to eat? If I have to choose a favorite cookie, it would be chocolate chip. On Monday I made your giant cookie and it was a huge hit at my grandmother’s 96th birthday party. Thank you!

  569. Nicole CF says:

    We love your peanut butter chocolate chip cookie recipe–I think it was the most frequently baked (and inhaled) goodie in our kitchen this past year.

  570. Katie Groneman says:

    I’ve never used these, but can definitely see how not having to PAM spray my counter and then suds it up with soap could be nice. I’m a fan of bread braids with either meaty or desserty insides – we bake them probably a few times a month, and these mats would be great for them.

  571. Maryse Speckner says:

    I love to bake desserts. Chocolate chip cookies are my family’s favorite. I’ve also started to bake artisan bread and would love one of these mats. Your blog is my new favorite.

  572. Amanda A says:

    cookie, cookie, cookie- I love to bake cookies 🙂 I bake them everynight!

  573. Gina says:

    I love baking cookies and cupcakes!

  574. Becky says:

    I love to bake fresh wheat bread. Yummy.

  575. Resa G says:

    Oatmeal cookies! 🙂

  576. lacey nielsom says:

    My favorite thing to bake is probably cheesecake, mostly because I like to eat it.

  577. Karrie says:

    My favorite would have to be ROLLS. All kinds – dinner rolls, orange rolls, cinnamon, pecan, etc. Everything about it is comforting and therapeutic to me; from the mixing to the wonderful aroma it brings, and finally sharing the yummy goods with my family. I’ll let you in on one of my secrets: If my honey and I have a disagreement, all I have to do is bake some cinnamon rolls – when he gets home from work and walks in the door – poof! he’s all smiles 🙂

  578. I’m thinking cupcakes. It changes from time to time {a few years ago was cookies} but right now, I love everything cupcakes. 🙂

  579. Sue T says:

    I have to say my favorite is scuffles! A cinnamon-y, sugary, yeast rolled up triangle, crescent roll- ish pastry bliss! So simple and so so yummy!

  580. Ellen says:

    I love baking pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!!

  581. Tricia says:


  582. Heather says:

    My favorite thing to bake are pumpkin muffins. So easy.

  583. Katie Eagy says:

    I love me some Christmas meatpie – a family tradition for at least 100 years on my dad’s side. Mmmm!

  584. juliann says:

    Aw Man, I am adding these to my birthday wish list. I just got into baking again and I think I need these!

  585. denise mcentee says:

    My favorite thing to bake? Hmmm. that’s tough. cookies I think in general. They are fairly easy, quick , and delicious! And so many varieties!

  586. Laysha says:

    Love baking cookies!!!!

  587. Joy B. says:

    I love making rocky road fudge bars—yum!

  588. Cecilee says:

    Oops! Just realized you said “Bake” not “make.” Well, my favorite thing to bake would have to be cookies just like everyone else…. I was wondering why there were so many cookie comments….. DUHR!

  589. Tracey says:

    I think my favorite thing to bake would be cookies…probably chocolate chip cookies ….mostly because I love to EAT cookies!! 🙂

  590. Sara s says:

    I am not accomplished in this field…at all but growing up the day we made noodles in my house was a big deal! My parents would make a massive amount of dough then split it. Each mound would be rolled flat, rolled up and cut into tons of thin little noodles. Next all us kids got to gently unroll them and hang them to dry on drying racks all over the house! When turkey dinner finally came- those treats would be cooked in all the yummy broth plus more till they were plump and yummy!!!! I think it is a northeast Missouri thing because nobody else ever understands the importance of noodles!!!!

  591. amber says:

    good ol’ homemade rolls

  592. MrsS says:

    My favoriate thing ever to bake is a classic Nestle ToalHouse Chocolate Chip cookie, and to eat that sucker right out of the oven. Heck yes.

  593. Cecilee says:

    Taco Soup. Easy! Fast! Delicious! Nutritious! ….and my kids will eat it! Perfect winter dinner.

  594. Michelle P. says:

    I am a fan on Facebook too!

  595. Michelle P. says:

    My absolute favorite thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies. I just made a batch last night actually! 🙂

  596. Janae says:

    As simple as it sounds, baking cookies of any kind would have to be my #1 favorite!

  597. Shawn Johnson says:

    My favorite thing to bake is banana chocolate chip cake. It’s the easiest thing in the world but so deliciously moist every time. Anyone I’ve ever given it to has loved it!

  598. Jennifer N says:

    A really good chocolate cake with chocolate frosting…maybe the Oreo cake I make. It is goood!

  599. Marlene says:

    Lion House Dinner rolls are my favorite because they are my comfort food!!

  600. Lori says:

    I love making cookies! (probably just because I love that you always get a lot of yummy goodness to eat! 🙂

  601. Katherine says:

    Oh wow, my favorite things to bake are swiss rolls filled with whipped cream and strawberries 😀 Yummy!

  602. Krinn says:

    Baking is what I do when I am stressed or bored or sad or happy so how do I choose just one?? Chewy chocolate chip cookies are what I make most often and are probably my favorite too. At least today, which is why I am making them right now 🙂

  603. Natalia says:

    Pampkin pie is my winner! Thank you for a very nice giveaway.

  604. Melissa C. says:

    Brownies baked with chocolate raspberry wine are my favorite right now!

  605. Melissa says:

    mango chicken with cranberries and spinach

  606. Rosie says:

    I love baking layer cakes!

  607. collette says:

    I love to bake everything that brings my children into the kitchen with smiles on their faces! For me….personally…fruit desserts!

  608. Becca says:

    My favorite thing to bake…. hmmmm, i don’t think I could narrow it to one thing, so I’ll have to say baugettes & brownies & cookies… I stop now, because I just like to bake. Thanks for all your amazing recipes.

  609. Melissa H says:

    Rolls. I love, love, love baking rolls. (But I love to eat cookies, so I almost had to say that instead.)

  610. Jenn says:

    Mel, you are killing me. Part of my New Year’s resolution is “No Dessert January.” And making me think of my favorite thing to bake is not helping my cravings. But I would have to say cookies are my favorite thing to bake. I don’t have a particular favorite that I love to bake, because I love to experiment with baking and cooking. I rarely make the same recipe the same way twice. But I do have a sweet (and currently empty) spot in my heart for cookies. I would love to use a new siplat liner for my first batch of sugar cookies on February 1st (hint hint!)

  611. Tammi says:

    I love to bake just about anything, but my favorite thing to bake is a cake!

  612. Monette says:

    I have been loving mochi cake!!!!!!

  613. Joy says:

    I bake brownies the most–easy to do and can feed a crowd 🙂

  614. Michelle says:

    Favorite thing to bake- man, that’s a hard one! My favorite from your website is the Focaccia bread. 🙂

  615. Wehaf says:

    Beer bread!

  616. Maria says:

    I love making cookies… I like to experiment with different kinds!

  617. Anne Steenblik says:

    Your orange rolls recipe. I love that dough!

  618. Amy says:

    I would have to go with cookies… any kind of cookies! 🙂

  619. Marsha says:

    I would love a Silpat of my very own!

  620. Stephanie says:

    I love to bake cookies. Oatmeal chocolate chip. Yum!

  621. Beth B says:

    I love to bake homemade rolls. Freshly baked and buttered rolls are pure heaven.

  622. Julie Gonsalves says:

    i love baking cookies, it doesn’t matter what kind!

  623. Britta says:

    Chocolate Chip Cookies! Know the recipe by heart!

  624. regina says:

    I love baking any kind of cookies or cupcake!

  625. Lani says:

    I love to make cookies!!! All kinds of cookies!

  626. Suz says:

    You introduced me to my first Silpat…I can’t believe I ever baked without it!

  627. Angela A says:

    I love to cook my families favorite cookie, chewy oatmeal choco chip. So yummy!!

  628. Megan Guderian says:

    Any kind of drop cookie. Yum!

  629. Kelli says:

    I love to bake cakes to make trifles.

  630. Heather says:

    I love baking everything from pies, to cinnamon rolls, cookies. You name it I will try it and modify it to make it my own.

  631. Mindy Kaae says:

    Lemon chocolate coconut cookies. can’t stop thinking about them. PS what an awesome giveaway, I have always wanted a silpat

  632. Jessica says:

    Hmmm, probably any kind of bread!

  633. melissa says:

    I love to bake cookies!! Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, any kind!! 🙂

  634. Shannon says:

    My favorite thing to bake would have to be cookies. It involves the kids in helping, and they love the outcome!

  635. Jeannie Sliwinski says:

    My favorite thing to bake is my Grandmothers butter cookie recipe. She’s been gone a long time now, but whenever I bake her cookies, she’s right next to me and for a little while, I’m a little girl again.

  636. Shelli says:

    I love to bake everything… I cannot choose a favorite! Anything that makes my family happy!

  637. Mary Lynn says:

    I like to bake pies!

  638. SamanthaR says:

    Hard question! Cookies are at the top of the list, along with cream puffs!

  639. Karalee Smith says:

    Im a fan on facebook!

  640. Angenette says:

    I love baking Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.

  641. Kelly says:

    Poppyseed bread with sweet glaze never fails!!! It’s a seasonal treat at Christmas and my kids wait all year long for it. I hand out the recipe left and right. Yum!!

  642. Melanie says:

    I love baking anything with Chocolate in it. Yum!

  643. Janelle Belka says:

    My favorite thing to bake is definitely chocolate chip cookies. We make them more than anything else in my house. I love to try new cookie recipes all the time though.

  644. Danell says:

    I love baking bread. Especially whole wheat bread.

  645. Erica R says:

    I love to make homemade cinnamon rolls.

  646. melaniej says:

    I love baking cookies, but I just tried my hand at your buttermilk cinnamon rolls over the holidays, and YUMMMM!!!

  647. Angie says:

    Cookies for my kids or Blueberry Scones for me and my hubby.

  648. Bonnie says:

    hmm, some sort of bar treat. This is too difficult a question!

  649. Manda says:

    Brownies, they are my go to treat!

  650. Heidi says:

    I love to bake rolls! I would love to win one of these. I have heard all about them and still don’t have one!

  651. Vicki says:

    I bake so many things but brownies are a family favorite so I would say that.

  652. Cindy Collet says:

    My favorite thing to bake are sugar cookes and then frosting them! MEMORIES GALORE!

  653. Jessica says:

    Blueberry muffins and chocolate chip cookies.

  654. lw says:

    Love making cookies…my absolute favorite!

  655. Michelle says:

    Good old chocolate chip cookies!

  656. Tami says:

    Chocolate chip cookies for sure!

  657. Melissa says:

    I love to bake scones. In fact, I think I’m going to make some right now!!

  658. Laura P says:

    I love baking cookies, any kind will do.

  659. Holly says:

    My favorite thing to bake is cream puffs. I never get tired of making or eating them. These liners would work really well for those 🙂

  660. Andrea says:

    I can’t stay away from cookies. That’s why I NEED one (or more) of those!!!

  661. Oh This is a very hard question!!! I love making cookies, cakes, treats, anything with sugar. I would have to say my go to recipe is always my chocolate chip cookies (but only half of them get baked and the other half I eat as dough :).

  662. Laura Hill says:

    Cinnamon rolls. Your vanilla pudding cinnamon rolls, to be exact 🙂

  663. tiffany street says:

    i love to bake cakes or bread

  664. Becky Sellers says:

    I love to bake cheesecake! It is also my favorite thing to eat!

  665. Christina W says:

    I love to bake! My favorite is cinnamon rolls because I like to eat them the best. 😉

  666. dianne says:

    ginger spice cookies – mostly at Christmas time but so yummy all year!

  667. Emily says:

    Okay, my gut reaction is brownies, becuase I love me some brownies. But if I’m honest, I love to EAT them more than bake them. The one thing I absolutely love to bake is oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and it’s becuase I love eating that specific cookie dough. And when some do make it into the oven, my house smells heavenly and they are even better baked…well, almost. Thanks for another awesome giveaway!

  668. Erin H says:

    Love cupcakes!!

  669. Katie says:

    Cookies of course.

  670. Laura says:

    My favorite thing to bake is my grandma’s pecan pie. The holidays wouldn’t be the same without it.

  671. Jocelyn says:

    Banana Cream Pie!

  672. Leah Barkley says:

    I love to bake anything with lemon in it. And chocolate chip scones. And blueberry muffins (w lemon peel).

  673. Katie Murray says:

    Cinnamon rolls! They make everyone so happy when I share!

  674. Andria says:

    Cheesecake! I love to bake cheesecake.

  675. Ali says:

    I bake bread every week, but it is definitely not my favorite thing to bake! I would have to say chocolate chip cookies. I have a recipe that I LOVE. It is one of the few chocolate chip cookie recipes that I like. 🙂

  676. […] the original post: Silpat and Roul'pat Giveaway! Tags: apple, banana-cream, chocolate, coconut-cream, dough, family-recipe, fun-recipes, […]

  677. Codie D says:

    I would have to say my favorite thing to bake would be these little pecan snowball cookies made with powdered sugar in the dough and for decoration. I recently made them gluten free for a family member with celiac and they were the tastiest little gluten free cookies! I’ve never used silpat before but have always wanted to.

  678. Melissa says:

    My favorite is Cinnamon Twists… they are divine!

  679. Miquelle says:

    Snickerdoodles…they are my dad’s favorite, so after growing up making them a lot, and now making them with my kids, I have them perfected!

  680. Maudie the Maid says:

    Chocolate Chip Cookies come out beautiful when I use my silpat.

  681. Carla says:

    I love to bake cookies, especially anything chocolate!

  682. Chrissy B says:

    Cookies, Cookies and more cookies!!! I love making them for my family and friends!

  683. Angie says:

    Homemade Whole Wheat Bread! Just love how my house smells, and watching it rise in the oven, and eating a hot slice with lots of butter and homemade jam! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

  684. Laura says:

    My very favorite thing to bake is definitely banana bread. Out with the old (bananas) and in with the new! Thanks!

  685. Deb says:

    I love to bake my girls their Birthday cakes. The joy on their faces makes me so happy!! We live Mel.

  686. Rebecca B says:

    Monkey bread! I love to bake and bring one to parties. It’s always a conversation starter!!

  687. Amy Neal says:

    Cookies. Hands down, every time!

  688. Abby says:

    My favorite thing to bake is my mother-in-law’s famous banana grapenut bread!

  689. Amy says:

    I love to bake zucchini bread with chocolate chips. So easy, delicious and my kids love it.

  690. Amanda says:

    Cookies for me…especially chocolate chip! Thanks for the chance.

  691. Mary Nelson says:

    speaking as someone who lives overseas and usually has limited ingredients and not many kitchen appliances — i LOVE to bake the cheesecake bars you have listed on your site — they are hard to mess up, even with what i use there!

  692. Claudia says:

    Cheesecakes- especially your chocolate chip cookie dough one. Heaven on a plate!

  693. Kim J says:

    What a FABULOUS giveaway!! I love baking any kind of cooksie, but there is something about a warm chocolate chip cookie that totally does me in!!

  694. Manya says:

    My favorite thing to bake…..Caramel Brownies 🙂

  695. Janelle says:

    Oh, heavens. It’s gonna have to be something chocolate. I’ll go with brownies, though I love baking so many things!

  696. Amy says:

    I love to bake pumpkin rolls!

  697. Deborah Nowland says:

    I like to bake pies, maybe because I love to eat pie… Now I need to go search for the old fashioned coconut cream pie that someone mentioned was on your site….

  698. Melissa says:

    I love to bake cookies of any kind! My favorite being buttermilk sugar cookies! Oh so yummy!

  699. Amelia says:

    I love baking chocolate chip cookies…they are my go-to when I need a sweet fix.

  700. Nicole Peck says:

    Probably cookies! Because my family loves to devour them! 😉

  701. Meghan says:

    I have heard that you can earn an extra entry for mentioning that you’re a FB fan… well I am, so count me in!

  702. Julie says:

    My favorite is probably my Cream Cheese Brownies, because it makes everyone happy when I make them.

  703. Sarah Jane says:

    I love baking muffins and cakes from mixes. I confess, I confess!! It’s a mix okay!

  704. Jocelyn says:

    I LOVE your update on fb. gave me a laugh. I have never used one but would love to try! My fave thing to bake is anything with my kids. So that’s pretty much cookies.

  705. Michelle Keller says:

    My favorite thing to bake us cheesecake. I love how it smells when baking, the golden color that colors the edges, the way that it springs up. Ahhh, I just love it!

  706. Claudia says:

    Chocolate bundt cake. Always moist, and you can dress it up in so many ways!

  707. Paige Nathan says:

    I like baking black bottom cupcakes. I make them in mini muffin tins and they are alwasy a big hit. I have fond memories of making these with my mom! While they do not require a siltpat, I have been dreaming of one. I cannot stand when my husband uses the baking trays for french fries and does not use parchment paper. Imagine how grand life would be with a silt pat!!

  708. Rebecca says:

    Usually brownies and cookies, but right now I am into grinding my own wheat and making rolls! Silpat or Roul’pat would make them that much better, right?

  709. AnnCP says:

    Great products. Love them.

  710. Janeen says:

    I love to make cheescakes. All types. They are all amazing!

  711. Jennifer Suckow says:

    I love to bake quick breads. They are yummy and my family devours them.

  712. Frieda says:

    I love to bake bread, bread, and more bread! I love my silpats, but would love to try a roul’pat!

  713. jane says:

    I’m already a (HUGE) fan on Facebook!

  714. Anne Marie says:

    Favorite thing to bake that is quick and easy and I can’t resist….Oatmeal Cookies.

  715. Lids says:

    Without question – cookies. Most are simple to make but 95% of the time I only make these around Christmas. Trays are given out as gifts and even mailed. Though it is a lot of work I truly love to see the joy on people’s faces and the kind words that are shared when they receive the treats. This year was one of my biggest as I had seven packages mailed and 7 trays handed out.

  716. Brittany C. says:


  717. Lisa says:

    There is just something magical about a simple chocolate chip cookie! Love it and love the smell of freshly baked cookies!

  718. Danica says:

    AH I need one of those! I was just thinking yesterday I that I needed to buy another one because I love it so much. As for my favorite thing to bake? New desserts. I love baking anything new, and then whole time just smelling it and not being able to wait to see how good it will taste 🙂

  719. Julie says:

    Raspberry truffle brownies!

  720. Suzie says:

    I love to bake pumpkin, banana, any sweet breads or rolls!! Love them all!!

  721. Janelle says:

    Second comment for Facebook fan.

  722. Valerie says:

    I’m still in the appetizer mode from new years. So I guess I’d have to say stuffed mushrooms. We don’t eat appetizers enough 🙂

  723. Larisa says:

    I love baking cinnamon rolls and rolls of all kinds really… but chocolate chip cookies are probably my go to fave!

  724. Kim says:

    I’m not a big sweets fan, but my husband sure is. He loves when I bake cinnamon rolls.

  725. Mary Sawyer says:

    I would have to say that I adore baking beer bread. My family truly loves the bread and is most appreciative of my efforts. Mmmm…

  726. Shawna says:

    Chocolate chip cookies and lemon crinkle cookies

  727. Melanie says:

    I love to bake cookies. There are so many varieties! 🙂

  728. dena says:

    I love to bake challah!

  729. Rachel R says:

    Chocococnut Cookies. They are my absolute favorite!

  730. Jaqui says:

    I love to bake cinnamon rolls because I really love to eat cinnamon rolls. Last fall I found a recipe for pumpkin cinnamon rolls with maple frosting and LOVED making those the last couple of months and I think this spring I’ll try adding some fruit to my cinnamon rolls to see how that works out. Blueberry or apple cinnamon rolls sound divine to me right now.

  731. Amanda says:

    Chocolate chip cookies. Easy, classic and delicious

  732. Katie says:

    I LOVE to bake, but my favorite thing ever would be my cheesecake brownies!

  733. Erin says:

    I love to bake cookies! I never get tired of trying new cookie recipes either. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes you’ve shared on this site!

  734. Cindy Whatcott says:

    Cinnamon rolls are my favorite!

  735. Tosha T. says:

    Right now, my favorite thing to bake is bread and rolls! There is no comparison between the store bought stuff and homemade!

  736. Lynette says:

    I love baking your coconut tres leches cake because it is so delicious!!!

  737. Mame M says:

    ummm, well, ahhhh, hmmmm, um, ok, cake. (you didn’t have to say I had to choose which kind!) Chocolate with peanut butter frosting, red velvet, I have yet to find my perfect white cake though!

  738. barbara n says:

    My favorite thing to bake would have to be chocolate chip cookies!

  739. Janelle says:

    I love to bake banana bread!!

  740. Tamara says:

    Chocolate Chip Cookies with my two little toddlers! 🙂

  741. Amanda Thompson says:

    I love to bake cheesecakes and brownies and bars and cookies…;)

  742. Kelly Spence says:

    Cookies. So, you know I need one of these liners. 😉

  743. ankerah05 says:

    Any dessert! i am always trying to recreate my old faves in an allergy-free version for my husband.

  744. Becky says:

    Hard to narrow it down to one thing, but I would say brownies!

  745. Emily says:

    Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies! Although sometimes they don’t even get baked and we just eat the dough!

  746. JoAnn says:

    My favorite thing to bake? That’s a tough call! Dinner rolls and mocha brownies are at the top, I suppose.

  747. Kendra says:

    Any kind of fun bread!

  748. Janelle says:

    I love to bake cheesecakes, because I enjoy the process and how beautiful they turn out. I don’t make them very often, though, because my husband doesn’t like cheesecake.

  749. Heather says:

    Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies from The New Best Recipe. They’re perfect.

  750. rachel says:

    I just made your buffalo chicken bites, which are slowly becoming a favorite but I fear I am a dessert baker at heart and my favorite to bake ever would have to be chocolate chip pumpkin bread!

  751. lori says:

    The first thing that came to my mind was/is cookies!! thanks for the chance to win!!

  752. Kathryn says:

    Cinnamon Rolls! mmm

  753. rachel says:

    I just made your buffalo chicken bites, which are slowly becoming a favorite but I fear I am a baker at heart and my favorite to bake ever would have to be chocolate chip pumpkin bread!

  754. Dana says:

    I love to bake pies, apple crisp, and any kind of sweet bread.

  755. Jolyn says:

    I love to make your new giant cinnamon roll recipe! Have seriously become addicted!

  756. Tessa says:

    My favorite thing to bake would have to be gluten free black bottom cupcakes!

  757. Cammee says:

    Can’t I just tell you which of my kids is my favorite? It might be easier. I guess I will go with cookies. I am a pretty darn good cookie baker. My kids get most excited when I bake Cinnamon Rolls or Stollen Dough Rolls though. Confession: I do not own a Roul’pat, nor am I on Facebook.

  758. Liz says:

    I love to bake cheesecake! Your chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake recipe was such a hit with my family for Christmas!

  759. Janell says:

    Oh goodness. I’m a cookie baking fanatic. And I absolutely LOVE silpats but haven’t been able to try the roulpat yet!

  760. Stephanie Johnson says:

    I need one of these SOOOOO bad! You have to help a sista out in Chi-Town as we buckle down for the winter and warm our hands by the yummy food baking in the oven! I love baking YOUR chocolate chip cookies (the one with butter melted, Holla!) because my husband says it is his favorite thing in the entire world to eat. Literally.

  761. Tayla says:

    I love to cook, so narrowing it down to just one thing?! Banana Bread… no Apple Pie!

  762. Mary says:

    My very, very favourite thing to bake is croissants! Nothing in the world like the smell in my kitchen when they’re in my oven!

  763. lisa says:

    Cookies, cookies, cookies!!! With 2 (big!) growing boys and a sweets loving husband, I feel like I am baking constantly!!

  764. Sara says:

    I love to bake anything and everything, but baking is most fun! Especially pies and breads!

  765. Linsy says:

    I love making cinnamon rolls! Chocolate chip cookies too!

  766. Holly says:

    My favorite thing to bake is cinnamon bread because it makes the whole house smell like homemade goodness & childhood memories.

  767. Erin says:

    Homemade hot pockets. Love em.

  768. Ariane says:

    I have this fantastic coconut cake recipe that my sister found about 3 years ago and I love to bake it because I love tasting the end product. It makes me very happy. I love to bake because I don’t run around checking everything like I do when I cook.

  769. teresa g says:

    My favorite thing has got to be home baked bread. It was the first thing I learned to bake over 30 years ago.

  770. Emily says:

    Goodies! Brownies – cookies – sweet breads. Baking is almost more fun than eating them…

  771. Louise says:

    I love to cook/bake. I especially love to hear my son come in and say “I smell something yummy!”. I really love to bake muffins – I try to make more than one batch at a time so some can make it to the freezer and be ready for a quick breakfast. I also really love anything involving apples….

  772. Emily says:

    I love making bannana bread, or the friendship bread. But I think my all time favorite thing to bake is cookies (mostly because eating the dough is half the fun)

  773. Mirien says:

    What don’t I like to bake? Because I love to bake. But if I had to choose, I’d go with the old stand-by, chocolate chip cookies. Just never get tired of those.

  774. Amy Fraikin says:

    My favorite thing to bake is homemade wheat bread! It smells so good, everyone in my family loves it, and it’s something I feel good about watching my kids eat!

  775. Johanna says:

    I love making cookies. Pretty much any kind of cookie will work. There’s something very calming in churning out row upon row of perfectly round little blobs of dough baked into yummy cookies. It’s kind of like my stress therapy — make cookies! They turn out! Kids are crazy, bills are stressful, traffic was mad today, but look! Cookies! Perfectly round pretty little cookies in tidy rows on the counter.

    Plus, there’s eating them. 🙂

  776. Debbie says:

    I really love to bake rolls…there is just something satisfying about the process. And, of course, the end result! 🙂

  777. Denise says:

    I don’t know if I can narrow it down! I make making rolls and wouldn’t this look perfect under my rolls!

  778. Rachael K says:

    I love baking cookies. Especially M&M cookies. Yum!

  779. Dine T says:

    Oatmeal cookies!

  780. Andrea says:

    I love to bake cakes, any kind…and I love to eat them too!

  781. Breanne says:

    I love to bake cookies and pies!

  782. I love to bake cakes. especially chocolate. I also love to make cookies with my kids!! 🙂

  783. Emily H. says:

    Wow, how to pick. I guess I’ll just post what I bake the most often–your whole wheat choc chip cookies!

  784. Traci says:

    My favorite is Chocolate Chip cookies!!

  785. Lindsay says:

    I love to bake rolls….french bread rolls. And also any type of cookies! 🙂 Please pick me, pick me! 🙂

  786. Jenn NG says:

    never had one… but always coveted these…

  787. Mary Schmidt says:

    I love baking homemade pizzas with my hubby and kids! The kids do the toppings for their own pizza and my husband helps me with the baking part. These could really come in handy!


  788. Emily says:

    My favorite thing to bake is usually a fresh fruit gallette, but since I tried making your Pomegranate Cheesecake a few times over the holidays, I would say cheesecake is my new favorite! LOVED that recipe!!

  789. Katy says:

    I love baking bread and cinnamon rolls. There is nothing better than warm fresh bread!

  790. Jennifer says:

    My favorite thing to bake is not too exciting, but they are true comfort food to me – chocolate cookies (after I eat a bit of dough, of course).

  791. jane says:

    biscuits and zucchini bread!

  792. Dawn says:

    I love to bake cupcakes!!!!

  793. Corina says:

    Hands down, my favorite thing to bake is bread. Any kind! All kinds! I guess you can say I’m a carbavore. Just have to say THANKS for all the great recipes and tips. My family somehow thinks I’m a good cook now, thanks to you!

  794. Andrea R says:

    Rhubarb Pie!, Just Rhubarb, no strawberry

  795. elizabeth says:

    Toll House chocolate chip cookies. They were the first thing I learned to bake by myself when I was a kid, and I still love them. So do my two small boys, who now bake with me. Pineapple upside down cake–one I learned to make because it’s my husband’s favorite–is a close second. There’s not much more gratifying to look at than the top of that cake when it’s done.

  796. Pat Corcoran says:

    I love baking cookies – especially the perfect chocolate chip cookie. I did also get hooked
    on baking your monster cookies this Christmas. I loved them

  797. Maria says:

    Bread, bread and more bread! Love to make all kinds.

  798. Molly says:

    Cinnamon Rolls!

  799. Heidi says:

    I have a baked cheesecake recipe that I grew up with and love. It has almond extract in the bottom layer and is so yummy. Thanks for getting us out of the January slump!

  800. Danielle H. says:

    I love baking french bread and pie…any kind of pie.

  801. Sheri says:

    Any kind of homemade bread!

  802. Lauren O. says:

    Cupcakes! It’s my job, and it never gets old!

  803. Janssen says:

    I love baking scones. Not a dessert, but. . .so close to one. Which makes it the perfect breakfast food.

  804. Julie Nephew says:

    Cookies of course but I just started my adventure in baking bread and I love it!

  805. Jennifer D. says:

    My favorite would have to be any kind of homemade cookies. I also love to do cakes. I am hoping to venture out and do cinnamon rolls soon!

  806. Kim says:

    Favorite thing is chocolate chip cookies, that’s because my cute 6 year old loves making them with me!;)

  807. Brenna Kimber says:

    I love baking in general, but (and this may be a little boring) my favorite is cookies. Of all the goodies in the world, a perfectly baked cookies wins! However, I am also very excited when I make a really terrific cake from scratch.

  808. Becca says:

    COOKIES! By far!

  809. Nicole G says:

    My all time fav for forever is rolled out sugar cookies!

  810. Louise says:

    I love to bake cookies or bread sticks!

  811. Amy says:

    Oh, I want this!!!! My favorite thing to bake??? Birthday cakes for my husband and kids. Or maybe I just like decorating them…..

  812. Joanie H says:

    Oh I would love to win these, because I don’t have any! I love baking chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin blondies!

  813. Amy says:

    I love baking anything and everything. It really depends on my mood but usually something chocolate! Hershey “Perfectly” Chocolate Cake, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate Zucchini bread. Love it all!

  814. Jessica says:


  815. Caitlyn says:

    I’m SCARED TO DEATH of baking, to be honest. But Mel, I have to say, your pumpkin chocolate chip bread has given me SO MANY compliments that it has GREATLY boosted my confidence in baking. All of the police officers here at work just LOVE it. I’m so excited to start trying new things to bake. I actually bought a baking book with step by step instructions with photo illustrations. So, first of all, the recipe is fantastic. Second of all, thanks for helping me step out of that comfort zone! Your pumpkin chocolate chip bread is by far the best thing to bake. : )

  816. Geri says:

    German Chocolate Cake!

  817. Colleen says:

    Cookies = immediate happiness!

  818. Maegan says:

    My favorite is baking fancy chocolate cheesecakes. They intimidate me so much that when I successfully make one I am just so proud of myself! 🙂

  819. Megan says:

    My favorite thing to bake is a family recipe called “cherry braid”. Yummy beyond belief, and fairly simple. 🙂 Oh, how nice it would be to have a liner to bake on!

  820. Robin says:

    I love to bake cookies and cobblers

  821. Neesha says:

    My favorite thing to bake is probably fresh cinnamon rolls or cinnamon bread. Really, I’m happy to make anything that involves flour and sugar. YUM.

  822. Erin L says:

    Cakes! I love baking different kinds of cakes and decorating them!

  823. Kricket says:


  824. Celi says:

    I love it all! Thanks for the great recipes that keep meals at my house interesting and delicious!

  825. mattie jean says:

    i’ve wanted roul’pat and silpat liners so badly for so long! my favorite thing to bake would be anything sweet. my specialty is peanut butter bars. nothing special, but they are so good. always requested for family parties.

  826. Abby says:

    Oatmeal raisin cookies!

  827. Crystal says:

    Cookies- because it makes my hubby so happy!

  828. Nancy says:

    Wow, this is a toughy! My favorite thing to bake would have to be something like a gingerbread cake. Comforting on so many levels.

    Thanks for hosting!

  829. Becky Lucas says:

    I bake everything. Seriously, can’t choose a favorite. Love cakes and cookies and bars and…

  830. Laura O. says:

    Good N Fudgy Pie! It is an old recipe from a children’s cookbook that we grew up making and we all still make it as adults!

  831. Marilee Packer says:

    Cookies are my fave!

  832. Alexandra Cooper says:

    Cookies! There is something about baking cooking that is fun and relaxing to me, love it!

  833. Amanda says:

    Everything!!! I love to try new things! And I would love to try new silpat liners!!!! Right now, I’d have to say that I love baking different kinds of cakes:), especially bundt.

  834. My favorite thing to make is cookies, any kind is good, but my favorite is My version of a monster. the resses cookie recipe off the back with heath bar and baking mm’s yum!

  835. Nichole says:

    Today my favorite thing to bake ever is your chicken tortellini bake. I know that’s not “dessert baking” but I’m making it for dinner and my home smells like it and so it’s the only thing on my mind! 🙂 For the sake of dessert though, I love me some pudding chocolate chip cookies!

  836. Jessica says:

    My favorite thing to bake is lemon scones that I use to make strawberry shortcakes.

  837. Jenny says:

    I love to bake cinnamon rolls. mmm.

  838. Valerie says:

    snickerdoodles – my never fail cookie. I am not much of a baker but this never fails.

  839. Liz says:

    Breads – all kinds! French bread, garlic breadsticks, buttery rolls, banana bread, zucchini bread, yum!

  840. Cassie P. says:

    I love to bake cookies and cupcakes! Pretty much anything with chocolate in it!

  841. Jamie says:

    My favorite thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies! YUM!

  842. Lee Ann L. says:

    I have to say cookies. And cake… and, and, and… LOL. 🙂

  843. Carrie says:

    I love to bake just about anything and my 6 kids love to eat it! We especially like breads, muffins, and cookies!

  844. amber says:

    cookies……any kind, but especially chewy oatmeal ones.

    thanks for the opportunity!


  845. Tricia Sloan says:

    In the past I’ve loved making cakes but now I want to learn from my mom who is the world’s best pie maker. She just returned from a mission so I’m going to invite her to move in with me for a week and share all of her knowledge with me! I just need these to help me get started!

  846. Laura says:

    I’ve started to really love baking cakes. I never really got the hang of cookies, and I’ve been doing cupcakes for forever, but only recently have I gotten into the full-sized sweets!

  847. Amy says:

    I love baking just about everything but I think my family would say my best thing is my cinnamon rolls and orange rolls. 🙂

  848. Celia says:

    My Chocolate Chip Cookies! They bring smiles to many faces.

  849. Katie Brooks says:

    Cinnamon rolls are my favorite to bake!

  850. Lesli Dustin says:

    Muffins! Ultimate comfort food.

  851. Julie says:

    I love baking cookies for my kiddos.

  852. Jean says:

    My favorite thing to bake is homemade cookies–hands down. I’d do it everyday, but then I’d be huge! And I have you to thank for my favorite cookie recipe! I love your peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!

  853. Krista says:

    Am I allowed to submit non-desserty things? My dad’s tamale pie.

  854. Melissa says:

    I love baking chocolate chip cookies – it always makes me happy!

  855. Lilah says:

    I love baking and decorating cakes, especially birthday cakes!

  856. Jamie says:

    It is hard to narrow it down to what I love to bake, but I would have to go with chocolate chip cookies! I just love trying new versions of that glorious cookie. In fact, you have led me to some of my favorite recipes like your whole wheat oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Yum! Thanks for creating such a good resource for me. I love it!

  857. Becky says:

    Any type of cookies are my most frequent baking project.

  858. Barbi says:

    I honestly LOVE to bake anything, especially recipes that are very involved!!

  859. Amber says:

    Love to bake bread! It makes the house smell so good!! Then again so does chocolate chip cookies. Mmmm, I think i’m going to go make some! 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  860. Sarah A. says:

    I love baking muffins and cookies at my house. YUM!

  861. Laura says:

    I looooove to bake pretty much anything….well, I love to eat pretty much any baked good! Mostly I crave cookies, muffins and breads/rolls. Your breadsticks are our family’s new favorites!!!!

  862. Lynne Slouka says:

    My favorite thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies!

  863. Pat says:

    I love to bake homemade whole wheat bread. My husband won’t eat any other kind and complains if the bread is ever store bought.

  864. Hannah B. says:

    I’d have to say some kind of delicious, crusty bread! Yuuuuuuuum.

  865. Connie - MN says:

    Chocolate banana bread….pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting….I’m sorry I just can’t choose one :o) Have a great New Year!!

  866. Mickie says:

    Oh boy is that a hard question… I think probably Pumpkin Roll. It is my husbands all time favorite treat. It makes me happy that HE loves it so much not to mention my house smells delightful when I bake it too!

  867. Lisa says:

    I love to bake cheesecake. Or maybe brownies. Well, cheesecake is my favorite. It’s really not hard and people are just oh-so-impressed.

  868. Emily says:

    Whatever will make my little family happy that day is my favorite thing to bake: muffins, cookies and brownies are the regulars. I also bake bread twice a week. :o)

  869. Julie says:

    My favorite thing to bake is oreo cheesecake bites for my husband. That’s actually how I discovered your blog a year ago when I was searching for something to make for his birthday. I’ve been hooked ever since (on the bites and your blog 🙂

  870. karen says:

    Muffins – especially banana-applesauce-oatmeal muffins.

  871. Leah T says:

    If I HAD to narrow it down to just one thing, I’d have to say cookies. I love baking cookies for all of the men in my life. Grandpa, Dad, hubby and boys 🙂

  872. Karen says:

    Cookies! My favorite kind is Heath Bar cookies.

  873. ce says:

    my favorite thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies.

  874. Lesa says:

    My fave is Craisin Oatmeal Cookies. But I truly love baking and cooking just about anything ! ! As I take after my mother – she taught me everything I know. And oh so much more. THANKS MOM ! !

  875. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite thing to bake is macarons (with my silpat, of course)!

  876. I’ve been wanting a silpat mat forever! My favorite thing to bake, ever, is cake, but I also love making cookies so I’d use this a lot. I bake more than I cook!

  877. Heather L. says:

    I love making cheesecake, raspberry or chocolate are my favorite!

  878. Dinorah says:

    Your herb and cheese drop biscuits and cornmeal crescent dinner rolls and Martha Stewart’s brownies! YUMMM!

  879. Nicole E says:

    Lately I have been making batches of Cinnamon Bun Caramel Corn for the family! Great movie night snack!

  880. somecallmeambingale says:

    I love to bake cookies – lots and lots of cookies! I also like making cinnamon rolls and pies… but cookies top the chart.

  881. Amanda says:

    My favorite thing to bake is desserts. Any kind. But I try not to do it weekly 🙂 Then I end up eating the whole thing!

  882. Jen Ball says:

    cinnamon rolls, in particular your Vanilla Pudding Cinnamon Rolls. Something about baking them makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and like I am nurturing and caring for my sweet family. Probably because homemade cinnamon rolls are a Christmas morning tradition for us, I always feel happy when preparing them for my family! 🙂

  883. Cindy A. says:

    Bread! Makes the house smell so good and my tummy feel even better. =)

  884. Deb says:

    Pick one thing?! Well, today it’s birthday cake because today is my birthday 🙂

  885. Annette Herbst says:


  886. Mandy W. says:

    I love to bake cookies. Any cookie. Just cookies.

  887. Brenda says:

    Oh gosh, that is a hard question. I really have two. For a savory it has to be bread. Of any sort. For sweet, chocolate souffle is my hands-down favorite.
    Thanks for running all of these!

  888. Kara says:

    Oh sheesh, such a tough decision. But I’ll have to say that baking cookies tops my list. And eating them as well. 😉

  889. Alicia says:

    Bread… of any sort. Rolls, french bread, you name it. I’m a carb girl.

  890. Kelly says:

    Cookies!!!! Any kind!

  891. Stephanie DeVault says:

    Monkey bread. Or cinnamon rolls. Or baguettes.

    Apparently I have a thing with yeast!

  892. Melanie Wily says:

    It would have to be cinnamon rolls. i love the smell they give off in your home that lingers. It makes eating them more enjoyable.

  893. Jennifer Cain says:

    I love baking cookies, any king of cookies really, but good ol’ chocolate chip is probably my favorite! 🙂

  894. Kitty says:

    I’ve always loved baking cookies.

  895. Beth says:

    Bread! I just successfully made Artisan bread for the first time and made my first yeast bread a few months ago.

  896. megan says:

    Thick, chewy chocolate chip cookies. Yum!

  897. Kathy says:

    My favorite thing to bake is my mom’s chocolate chip cookies.

  898. Becky says:

    My favorite thing to bake is bread sticks.

  899. Kellie says:

    Vandbakkelser. They’re awesome Danish cream puffs that I learned to make on my mission – but totally impossible without a silicone baking mat 🙂

  900. Shelly says:

    Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut cookies! Yummmmm

  901. Nancy Randle says:

    Love you, Mel! My favorite thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies. Yum!