*Since I will be away from my computer for the next few days, I decided to pick the winners early, because, I just KNEW you would all be on the edge of your seat until I announced the winners and I didn’t want anyone to have a miserable weekend. I’m nice like that. I’ve contacted the winners (#127 Kristi H., #159 Jennifer R., and #719 Jenny). Congratulations!

I’m not going to lie: I can make a mean cupcake. And I can even pipe a swirl that is pretty darn cute. But in honor of staying honest, I have to confess that beyond that, I’m a terrible party planner. I envy those gifted folks who can put together a party table that is filled with decorations, food, and a real, live tablecloth – and all of it coordinated in the cutest of ways. I’m lucky to get the cupcakes or cake slapped onto a cardboard round and transported from here to there before one of my kids’ gouges a taste with their pudgy, smudgy fingers.

A week or so ago, I saw Amy Atlas’ new Sweet Designs book highlighted on several blogs and decided I had to get my hands on a copy. I ordered. It arrived. And my life and party planning skills are officially changed for the better.

Seriously, this book assures me I can be a party planning rock star. And trust you me, I will become just that if it kills me. All because every single step, decoration, idea, and recipe is laid out in the book. The level of detail is astounding. Granted, some of the ideas/tablescapes are completely over-the-top but my new party planning motto is go big or go home and this book proves that is the way to live your party planning life. I cannot wait to put the brilliant ideas in this book to use. I just have to find the perfect occasion now (oh, and the time…you know…cause having a new baby and four other rugrats running around isn’t enough on my plate right now – ha!).

In honor of my bursting love for this book, I’m giving away THREE copies to THREE lucky winners. Simply leave a comment on THIS post and tell me what kind of party planner you are. Do you go all out, including hot gluing miniature flags onto drinking straws? Or do you stay simple, simple, simple? Spill the beans. And enter to win a copy of this book that will make all your friends jealous of your mad party planning skills.

Winners will be announced tomorrow. Or maybe Friday. Depending on my mood. Love ya!

Pssst: Giveaway sponsored by Mel’s Kitchen Cafe (a.k.a. me). Amy Atlas and her book have no idea who I am and they don’t realize that not only am I envious of the party planning ideas, but I desperately want Amy Atlas’ hair. Peace out.