A fairly quick and uneventful update this week (hooray for uneventful!). Last week I was determined to follow my schedule and not procrastinate workouts and I’m happy to report that happened, although I’m not going to lie, I was more tired last week than I’ve ever been thanks to waking up pre-6 a.m. most mornings (the plan was to go to bed early, but…yeah, that didn’t happen).

The Week’s Workouts:

-Monday: ran 3 miles early a.m., got a later start and needed to be back home for morning scripture study with the family and school prep so I ran fast (ok, fast for me) and logged about 9 minute miles; I almost threw up and had a fantastic sideache to prove it (but I did get home in time, so there is that)

-Tuesday: did a weight-training video that killed my quads and triceps in a good way

-Wednesday: ran 3 miles on the treadmill, brutal as the treadmill ever is for me

-Thursday: ran 4 miles early a.m.

-Friday: rest day (had planned to do some stretching or yoga but instead got to watch my friend Deb’s seven kids while she had baby #8 – I spent most of the day with multiple kids on my lap and loved every minute!)
training update

-Saturday: early morning 8 mile run; thanks to last week’s run, I told myself that mentally I could do this (but hoped my legs wouldn’t give out). I’ve classically been a solo runner but arranged to run this one with my friend, Areli, who is running her first half marathon next week! We met up around 6 a.m. and ran 8 miles together and then she finished her remaining two miles (rock star!). I was surprised, actually, how fast the time went when I had someone to talk to while running since I almost always run by myself. I’m pretty sure we solved all of the world’s major problems in the hour and a half we ran together. We snapped this picture later on in the day at the soccer fields where my kids were playing. We looked much less put together while running, trust me.
training update

Next Week’s Workouts:

-Run 2 miles Monday (kind of relieved about this since my right hip flexor is killing me right now), cross-train or weights on Tuesday, 5 miles on Wednesday, 3 miles on Thursday, and on Friday I’m tagging along with a friend, Jessica (who has commented on these running updates and that’s how I got to know her), for a 5:30 a.m. hot yoga class which is completely new, uncharted, very scary territory for me. And can’t forget 8 miles on Saturday.

Speaking of Jessica, she is an amazing jewelry-maker and out of the blue sent me this beautiful necklace last week. Talk about a wonderful pick-me-up! I’ve been wearing it every day as a talisman of sorts – keeping me motivated and determined that I can do this (crazy or not!). I adore it; thank you, Jessica!
training update

Short and sweet this week!

How was your running/exercise week?