Favorite Things

Below, you’ll find a smattering of some of my most-used, favorite kitchen items. Everything from bakeware to utensils and bowls to appliances. If it’s listed here, it’s because I own it, I love it, I can’t live without it.

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Vitamix Blender

Lots of debate in the world of high-powered blenders. The Vitamix wins in my book!

Pellet Smoker + Grill

I’ve had this grill (an older model) for years; I use it several times a week! Best grill ever.

Slow Cooker

Simple is best when it comes to slow cookers – I love this 8-quart, non-electronic version. It doesn’t cook hot; it’s durable and perfect.

Simple Electric Juicer

This inexpensive electric juicer is perfect for larger jobs (like homemade lemonade!).

Powerful Hand Mixer

This hand mixer is a beast – I’ve had mine for years and it is going strong!

Instant Pot

Yes, I’m one of those crazy Instant Pot lovers and proud of it. I have the 6-quart and 8-quart and often use both at the same time. Dinner saver!

Wheat Grinder

Another appliance I’m not sure I could live without – I’ve been using this amazing KoMo grain mill for almost 10 years. It sits on my counter and I grind wheat every day using it.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

I don’t use my KitchenAid as much as my Bosch, but it is useful for a lot of things. I bought mine at Costco, but it’s similar to the one linked.

Bosch Stand Mixer

I love my Bosch. More than words. Can’t live without it and use it every day to prove myself of that fact.

Food Processor

After having two Cuisinart food processors die on me, I bought this Breville one and it’s been going strong for years – totally worth the investment!

Ice Cream Maker

Easy homemade ice cream in just minutes! This little counter top appliance is amazing.

Waffle Iron

I like having a waffle iron like this that can make four square waffles – perfect for mornings at our house.

Panini Press

I have the older model of this panini press and it gets a ton of use in my kitchen – panini night (ok, or just grilled cheese).

Baking Favorites

Measuring Spoons

Measuring Spoons

These measuring spoons are practical and perfect (just what you need in a measuring spoon in case you didn’t know!).

All-Purpose Measuring Cups

Durable and perfect for any baking or cooking project! Plus, those numbers won’t wear off. Hallelujah!

Pastry Board/Cloth

I stopped swearing when rolling out pie crusts (and other pastries) once I got this pastry board/cloth. It is life changing. I’ve had mine for years and it’s still going strong.

Large Bread Pan

I love this nonstick bread pan for quick breads!

Cookie Cutters

Love the variety in this simple but fun set of cookie cutters!

Basic Rolling Pin

Love this thing – durable, sturdy, inexpensive, and works like it should.

9X13-Inch Metal Pan

I love this 9X13-inch metal pan so much that I have two – it comes with a tight-fitting cover, which is so handy.

Pizza Peel/Paddle

This pizza peel makes homemade pizza making a total breeze.

French Bread Pans

Not necessary, but pretty darn fun – this French bread pan makes, well, perfect French bread.

Mini Muffin Tin

Perfect nonstick mini muffin tin.

9X13-Inch Ceramic Pan

I love this classy ceramic 9X13-inch pan (bonus: it comes in red and blue, too!)

9X13-Inch Glass Baking Pan

Who can honestly live without this versatile baking pan? Not me!

9.5-Inch Deep Pie Plate

Inexpensive and durable, I have a couple of these 9.5-inch pie plates on hand for deep dish pie baking needs (and whisking up French toast batter!)

9-Inch Pie Plate

Nothing fancy, this classic 9-inch pie plate is a staple in my kitchen (not just for pie making!).

10-Inch Springform Pan

Cheesecake needs options – I have this 10-inch springform pan and love it (well, as much as you can love a baking pan).

Pizza Stone

Since homemade pizza is a regular event, this pizza stone gets a ton of use.

9-inch Cake Pans

Straight-sided cake pans are a must; these are my favorite 9-inch round cake pans.

USA Bread Pans

USA bread pans are my other go-to bread pan!

Chicago Metallic Bread Pans

My fave bread pans from Chicago Metallic! I’ve been using them for 8 years and they are still going strong!

Bread Bags

I use these bags for all my homemade bread; they are long and can fit standard and large loaves with lots of room to spare!

9-inch Springform Pan

Cheesecake forever! I’ve had this 9-inch springform pan forever – going strong!

Half Sheet Pan

These half sheet pans are indispensable in the kitchen. I use them for cookies, large batch brownies, rolls – so many things!

Muffin Tin

Nonstick Muffin Tin

These muffin tins are the perfect balance of nonstick without being so dark coated that the muffins burn. Love them!


Stovetop Pressure Cooker

This is like the Cadillac of pressure cookers – I love this thing and have a feeling it will be around to hand down to my grandchildren.

Farberware Pots and Pans

I know there are higher-ranked cookware sets on the market, but this Farberware set has seen me through over a decade.

Enameled Cast Iron Pot

I don’t have a Le Creuset to compare, but this much more affordable cast iron pot is awesome. I use it most to make no-knead bread.


I use this griddle almost daily: pancakes, French toast, flatbread, tortillas, etc.

Electric Skillet

This electric skillet is so handy when making larger batches or if your stovetop is maxed out.

12-Inch Stainless Steel Skillet

I use this skillet every single day. It is one of the most versatile cooking tools I have (and it has a lid!).

12-Inch Nonstick Skillet

I use this skillet every single day. It is one of the most versatile cooking tools I have (and it has a lid!).


Small Whisk

I actually think I use this whisk more than any other. It’s the perfect size for small bowls…but also for larger batches!

Over the Sink Colander

This over-the-sink colander changes everything.

All-Purpose Spatula

This versatile spatula is great for pancakes, cookies – you name it!

Rada Bread Knife

I love this inexpensive, PERFECT bread knife! Been using it for years and it’s the best bread knife I’ve had.

Pastry Brush

Simple and effective, this silicone pastry brush works great!

Cookie/Brownie Spatula

This is the only spatula I use to get those cookies off the pan! Simple, simple!

Small Offset Spatula

I use this small offset spatula for so many things – one of the most oft-used tools in my kitchen.

All-Purpose Whisk

A great whisk for just about everything!

Small Paring Knife

I can’t say enough good about this inexpensive, durable paring knife. It’s one of our most oft-used knives!

My Favorite Knives

I love these knives from New West Knifeworks. I have the G-Fusion Chopper, Petty Utility Knife, and Santoku.

Inexpensive Glass Pitcher

I love this glass pitcher so much, I have two! From Crate and Barrel, it is $15 or less and super durable and pretty!

Zeal Cook’s Spoon {My Fave Spoon EVER}

I’ve given full on sermons about how much I love these life-changing silicone (with metal insert) spoons. You can find them cheaper if you are local to a Utah Harmon’s grocery store.

Wooden Spoons

You just have to have a couple go-to wooden spoons. These are mine.

Heatproof Silicone Spatulas

Nothing fancy, these silicone spatulas are functional and durable.

Instant Read Thermometer

An instant-read thermometer will totally change your meat cooking game, and when it’s this inexpensive, there’s no reason not to have one.

Candy/Deep Fry Thermometer

This is the only candy thermometer I’ve used for years – it isn’t perfect (no such kind on the market), but it’s definitely the best out there, in my opinion, especially if it’s calibrated correctly.

Creme Brûlée Dishes

The best dishes for creme brûlée – but we also use these for dishing up all kinds of desserts or side dish salads and the like.

Easy-To-Use Cooking Torch

Rock star points if you have a cooking torch and EXTRA points if you use it. Perfect for creme brûlée and homemade s’mores.

Perfect Can Opener

I tell everyone I know about this can opener (nerd alert). I swear, it’s not JUST a can opener. It’s something special. I’ve been using mine for years and love it so much.

Potato Masher

I’ve tried a lot of potato mashers in my day – this is hands down the best ever.

Lemon/Lime Juicer

Perfect little apparatus for easily juicing lemons and limes!

Easy-View Liquid Measuring Cups

I’ve had these liquid measuring cups (you can see the measurements easily by looking down while pouring) for years – I love them so much!

Kitchen Scale

I consider a kitchen scale a necessity. I use this scale (my favorite of ALL the scales I’ve ever tried) every single day.

Homemade Ice Cream Container

If homemade ice cream makes you happy, these cute (functional) ice cream storage containers will make you even happier. I’m not even going to tell you how many I have.

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