Thai chicken mango red curry sauce over white rice on white plate.

Thai Mango Chicken Red Curry with Coconut Rice {Quick and Easy}

Making Thai-style food at home doesn’t have to be hard or fussy! This easy Thai mango red curry is so easy, so flavorful, and crazy delicious (especially served over coconut rice – yum!).

I know you know that I know that we all know that I’m obsessed with curry dishes made at home. I love this style of food so, so much.

Indian curries. Thai curries. Mel’s interpretation of curries. Give me all the curries.

I also know that you know that I never claim I’m diving into super authentic territory with these recipes.

In fact, I try not to get too hyper-focused on authenticity so that these style of dishes are approachable at home. Not all of us have access to kaffir lime leaves or fresh, whole spices or hard-to-find chilis.

While I won’t dispute that any or all of those things would take any curry recipe up about 1,021 notches, it’s also pretty amazing the deliciousness you can whip up at home with every day ingredients.