twirling instant pot red coconut curry noodles with fork in white bowl

Totally Not Authentic But Super Delicious Instant Pot Red Coconut Curry Noodles

These Instant Pot red coconut curry noodles are incredible! And so easy. Everything, including the noodles, cooks in the Instant Pot. Add as many veggies as you like!

Can I politely request no lectures (or hate mail) about how I messed up the authenticity of delicious red coconut curry noodles with this Instant Pot version? 

I’m not trying to sound uncaring, but the truth is, I’m already aware of this fact. And I’m totally ok with it, because these totally not authentic red coconut curry noodles are so, so, so good. 

And SO easy, thanks to the electric pressure cooker cooking everything (even the noodles!) in just a few minutes. 

You’re either in the camp of getting a delicious coconut curry fix with a few shortcuts, or you’re not. And I totally am.