Creamy Black Bean Taco Soup

A cross between a good old-fashioned chili and a zesty taco soup, this creamy black bean taco soup is so fast, so easy, and SO delicious!

Easy, quick, absolutely-crazy-delicious dinners are kind of my jam right now. Even though it’s only mid-February, our mild winter (well, up until the last week or so) has spring soccer coaches already mapping out practice schedules to start this next week. #toosoon

I want to throw a fit and insist we all hibernate for at least 2.3 more months, but when I take a step back and realize that not everyone is an extreme homebody like me (who could honestly be happy hibernating for 11.5 months of the year), I strap on my big girl coping skills and start planning out “meals fit for a soccer season.”

The alternate title would be “meals fit for two kids in soccer, two kids in piano, one kid in cello, one kid working after school but too young to drive himself, one kid in gymnastics, and one mom in danger of losing her sanity.” I know I’m not alone in this.