Extra Fudgy Brownies {One Bowl!}

Extra Fudgy Brownies {One Bowl!}

These extra fudgy brownies are the brownies dreams are made of! So easy (only one bowl!), you’re only minutes away from brownie perfection (obviously this could be dangerous; act responsibly).

While you sit and contemplate whether the world honestly needs another brownie recipe, I’m going to get on with the things that really matter.

And that is: telling you how amazing these extra fudgy brownies are AND why you need to make them part of your life (daily routine??).

I have no problem, personally, posting brownie recipe after brownie recipe (even though, ahem, I already have quite a few brownie recipes to speak of already).

The criteria for a new brownie recipe has to fit the following, though:

-easy, so good they’ll make you cry, ultra-chocolatey, slightly different than other recipes I already have