Slice of chocolate Texas sheet cake with fork on white plate.

Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake

My favorite “take” on classic chocolate Texas sheet cake, this delightful cake is so moist, ultra-chocolatey, and so easy to make (no mixer required!).

Texas sheet cake is a funny little cake.

I remember my  mom making it a few times growing up, although she called it something entirely different (Mama Hinckley cake, don’t ask me why). And when I got married 16 years ago, I found out how deeply and truly Brian’s love runs for Texas sheet cake.

It’s his favorite cake. Or so he says until faced with this one or this one or this one.

The jury is still out, despite numerous research articles, on how the generationally beloved cake got its name, but I stick to the idea that because it’s baked in a pan the size of Texas, it can safely be called Texas sheet cake.