Stainless pan filled with Mediterranean orzo skillet with pork.

Quick and Easy Pork {or Chicken} Mediterranean Orzo Skillet

Quick and easy (healthy, too!) this amazingly fresh and delicious mediterranean orzo skillet recipe (with pork or chicken!) is a weeknight wonder!

Some meals are just so unexpectedly delicious, I can’t stop thinking about them. And when that happens, I shove all the other recipes in the queue waiting to be posted to the side and get the recipe-of-my-dreams in front of you ASAP.

{Don’t worry, I promise those world famous cinnamon rolls are coming…SOON…just have to take a few more step-by-step pictures this weekend.}

Such is the case with this little Mediterranean orzo skillet. 

It looks kind of unassuming. And actually a bit of a jumbled mess, if we’re all being honest with each other. But bring on the jumbled mess, I say, if it means I can dig into something this crazy delicious.