Small white bowl with fruit salsa with baked cinnamon tortilla chips.

Fruit Salsa with Baked Cinnamon Tortilla Chips

Refreshing and so delicious, this sweet and tangy fruit salsa with baked cinnamon tortilla chips is super easy to whip up for a perfect snack or appetizer!

I can’t even tell you why it has taken me so long to fall in love with fruit salsa. Maybe it’s because I’m a true blue through and through lover of spicy salsa-and-chips kind of salsa? I can’t get enough. And apparently my heart doesn’t make room for salsa variations as often as it should. 

But wow. Wow! Fruit salsa is amazing. We can’t stop with this stuff. Besides a little chopping, it comes together fast. And even those homemade baked cinnamon tortilla chips are speedy (and whoa, super yum).