About a year and a half ago, I detailed my steps for menu planning. Half of you were like, “Oh, waaa! Menu planning is the bane of my existence!” and the other half of you were like, “Hip Hip Hooray for menu planning!” Yes, we menu planning nerds like to stick together.

While I know many of you enjoy planning your menus, I wanted to help those of you out who dread the very thought of figuring out what to make for dinner. Thanks to many, many requests and in honor of my love for you, I’ve put together five sample menu plans that you can use to your liking. They each have dinner meals that coincide to help streamline grocery shopping (i.e. using some of the same minor ingredients in a couple of recipes).

I tailored these menu plans the same way I create my own (which may or may not work for you): a nicer, larger dinner on Sundays, a miscellaneous/leftover night at least once per week, homemade pizza one night a week with a list of “Treats to Make” below the menu. I also included a list of our favorite breakfast options underneath the menu.

The only real change from my actual menu plan is that I’ve created the menu plans for just one week at a time for better ease in mixing and matching. If you create a two-week menu plan, you can easily combine two menu plans and bada-bing, you are good to go.

You can download these menu plans and mix and match, delete, cut, paste, hack to pieces, or do whatever your little soul needs to get the menu plan you so desire. I did not fill out the grocery list on page two since I have no idea what currently resides in your pantry and refrigerator but once you look up the recipe, it is a cinch to add the ingredients to the correct areas.

I believe in menu planning and it believes in me.

I’ll be posting more menu plans here and there but thought these five would be a great way to start. Look for the new link on my navigation bar: MENUS. You can access these initial four menus and subsequent updates there.

And while I’m at it, I also updated my pantry staples list so check it out if you care to see what I keep on hand at all times.