Snapshot Saturday

Behind the scenes of all the yummy goodness posted in the last few weeks, my little family and I have been trekking across this grand ol’ country moving. Despite having just moved two years ago from Wisconsin to Minnesota and having remodeled a home there that we thought we would live in forever, it seems my best laid plans for our lives have been uprooted again (and after moving seven times in twelve years, I have to say, I’m kind of tired of moving). Brian got an unexpected job change taking us to the southwestern wilds of Idaho (near the Boise area) and despite the bittersweet challenges of moving, we are grateful for this new adventure.

So in honor of moving, here are a few highlights (ok, and one or two lowlights mixed in) of our recent move:

– No longer having to drive two hours for any shopping; Costco and Trader Joe’s, you and I are going to be great friends.

– Officially trading the hot, humid, mosquito-filled Minnesota summer for the hot, dry Idaho desert summer (it actually cools down at night which is nothing short of a miracle!).

– Driving with the five kids and a packed to the hilt Yukon pulling a trailer loaded with a 4-wheeler, RAZR and treadmill on a 15-hour stretch to meet Brian and Maggie the Dog who were a few days behind us…and running out of gas in the middle of nowhere Montana. Super special experience I hope to never relive again ever.

– Finally being closer than a 12+ hour drive to family (parents in Oregon and Montana, lots of siblings in Utah/Wyoming). A six hour drive is basically next door in our book.

– Living next to my famous Aunt Marilyn because believe it or not, she lives just 25 minutes down the road. You won’t even believe the fabulous things we have cooking to share with you.

– Leaving dear friends that were like family to us in Minnesota (did I mention: moving stinks!).

– Having a fenced yard in our new-to-us-but-not-really-new house. What can I say, I’ve always wanted one.

While I hoped to make the chaotic business of our move without interrupting the rhythm of this blog, you may have noticed I was a little slow to respond to comments and questions over the last couple of weeks. Thanks for your patience even if you didn’t realize it was needed. We are pretty much settled and back to normal life (whatever that is) so hold on to your hats because there are some awesome back-to-school menu solutions and recipes coming your way soon! In the meantime, I’m off to update my resume (that doesn’t actually exist) to state my new job title: Moving and Unpacking Analyst and Expert.

101 Responses to Snapshot Saturday: Moving

  1. Natalie says:

    I don’t know how I missed this before. We moved to boise a year ago from Chicago. So I’ve done the Midwest thing too. And I have four boys. I’ve been using your recipes for a while. Knowing we’re close makes you even cooler!! What part of Boise? We’re in southeast boise near the outlets/ simplot fields.

    • Mel says:

      Hey Natalie! So fun to hear about others moving to this area from the midwest. We are way out the other direction from you (near Star). But I went to those outlets the other day!

  2. Bonnie Cameron says:

    Wow, Mel…I’m behind on the times…just realizing that you guys are moving!! We will MISS you in this “neck of the woods” but it’s so great you’ll be closer to family! Wishing you the best and glad we can keep connected on your wonderful blog!

  3. Amy says:

    Oh Mel, you’re the only one who understands the pain of a Midwestern summer- the humidity, the Mosquitos (got 8 bites from being out side 30 minutes just yesterday), the hot nights! Oy! Coming from the southwest myself, and now living in Chicago – no one understands my pain out here. 🙂

    Best of luck settling into your new home! I would love to see a house tour at some point, if you’re up to it – especially the kitchen!

  4. Mistie Barfus says:

    I am so jealous! Not about moving again (we have moved 10 times in fourteen years), but because you moved to one of my favorites places! I grew up in Boise and think it is the best place ever to raise a family! We actually lived jn Meridian about 7ish (we have six kids and I figure everything by which child was born where) years ago and was actually in a ward with Sara from Our Best Bites. Now my two very favorite food bloggers live in that area–I think I need to move back!

  5. alyssa says:

    I’m a little more than jealous that you are in idaho!! in the best way…of course.
    we (my husbandi and 4 kiddos) moved from the caldwell area about a year and a half ago to Pennsylvania. you are going to love it there in the treasure valley, it is a friendly area and there is good shopping within a close distance from about anywhere. good luck with your new adventure. Louie’s in meridian off of Eagle Rd. has amazing (authentic) italian food. eat some for me!

  6. Marla says:

    Mel, I would say this move is a good one. Being close to family has to feel good. We moved away from our family and hope someday to get closer. Of course with our four kids living in four different states now will still make it very difficult to get everyone together. Look forward to seeing and tasting your new recipes and those made with your aunt. Best wishes always for you and your family.

  7. Melanie says:

    Along with you and many other readers, we’ve moved a fair share in our thirteen year marriage. And having moved in August/September a few times, I know that nothing kills a summer like knowing you will be moving at the end of it. I’m sorry you had to leave your friends and house behind. And I hope your kids adjust well in their new schools!

    Thanks for keeping up your blog. You are an amazing person.

  8. Marne Clark says:

    I live in Meridian!! So excited for you to move here. I really hope to run into you one day. I’ve loved your site for a good 6-7 years now. You are a staple in my house with so many recipes. Moving does stink. Good luck with it all. It’s an exciting time to move this way. Today was the groundbreaking for the Meridian Idaho LDS temple. Sweet! Excited to hear more of your adventures. 🙂

  9. Cammee says:

    Craziness! That’s exciting to be closer to family. The good thing about moving so many times is you don’t have a lot of time to pile up unneeded crap! I’m a purger, but I need to move to do a really good purge! Congrats and good luck!

  10. Meghan says:

    That is a great photo of all the craziness a move is. What a rockstart to drive all five kids by yourself in the car. I can’t believe you are settled. We also moved this summer (West Texas to Eastern Florida)…… and we are not settled! I’m glad you are closer to family and I know you will adjust beautifully to Idaho. I have family in Choteau Montana and visited this summer. I was quite surprised by the number of mosquitos in the middle of the day that were out so I’m guessing MN was similar. And didn’t notice an interruption in your blog!! You are amazing.

  11. lisa says:

    Welcome to the great state of Idaho!! So glad your here and hopefully here to stay 🙂

  12. Melissa Schwartzbauer says:

    Hi Melanie, you and my older brother Clint graduated from High School together. Anyways, my family and I live just outside of Bismarck, ND and just wanted to let you know if you run into any kind of situation in ND please feel free to contact us and we can try to help anyway we can as your caravan treks to Idaho!. Best of luck in the move.

  13. Jessica says:

    Welcome to ID, Mel! It’s a great place to live! Bring that RZR to the sand dunes and we can go for a spin!

  14. Amy says:

    I’m new-ish to your blog, how did I not know you were from Minnesota? Yay!! I live in Chaska; where were you in the state?

  15. Brianna says:

    Love it! Well, not really, but we have moved 8 times in 9 years! Our record in one place is 2 years, and it is brutal! It is never good when you have to tell people you move more frequently than those in the military. Good luck!

  16. Stacie D. says:

    I was so surprised to hear about your move because there was no interruption on your blog. I just don’t know how you manage everything so well. You really are my hero! As one who has always lived far away from family, I am so happy to hear you get to be closer to yours. Best of luck to you all!

  17. Jessica says:

    Welcome to the Boise area! We love it here and hope you will too. I know a number of people who work from home and could choose to live anywhere, and moved here because it is such a great place to raise a family. I’ve been following your blog for years and even though I can enjoy your yummy recipes no matter where you live, it is fun to think you are a little closer. I’m still surprised you managed all your regular posts and a major move. Good luck settling in and starting school!

  18. Lafayette says:

    We’re from Utah, but are actually on vacation right now in Cascade, ID. About 2 hours NE of Boise. Beautiful! Especially if you like fishing, hiking, camping, and all that fun stuff. 🙂 We’re renting a cabin and we’ve loved the area. You’ll have lots of fun!

  19. Pam says:

    Mel, the truth is out! You have discovered the secret of cloning! No one person can do all you do! Some town in Idaho is very lucky to be getting your lovely family. God bless!

  20. Kimber says:

    i borderline want to cry tears of joy for you knowing you’re by a costco now! moving is the worst!!!! so glad you got through it!

  21. Kelsey says:

    Welcome to Idaho Mel!! I was born and raised here and am now raising my kids here (we are in meridian). I hope you love it as much as I do and that you are able to get settled soon. Hoping to run into you at church or the grocery store sometime!!

  22. Jen M says:

    Here’s hoping this is your last move for awhile! I moved a lot as a kid and it was so hard, but I’m sure it was 10 times harder for my Mom. You are a moving rock star! Thanks for sharing all of your amazing recipes with us!

  23. Melody says:

    Welcome to Idaho!! I’m in the Nampa area and we love it here. We moved back and forth between Idaho and Utah 6 times in the last 6 years. Moving is the pits but it’s nice to land closer to family.
    I love your recipes and am very happy you’re so close! : )

  24. Sheila says:

    Ah, Mel . . .you are truly loved! And, yep, I knew you were a super woman. I have been swamped with a huge remodeling project over the last couple of weeks that has consumed almost every waking moment. If I were “Mel” I would be easily handling 6 other projects “without blinking an eye” You are such a beloved inspiration! I am so thrilled you are now close to your wonderful and famous Aunt Marilyn. Carrying you in my heart as you plow forward in unpacking boxes, getting the children settled, and continuing to maintain such an excellent website that blesses so many of us.

  25. Shelli says:

    Not going to lie…I am really happy to read the comments here because I was kind of thinking I might be a nutcase because of how SUPER excited I was to hear that you moved to the Boise area! So many great comments about embarrassing themselves in stores and being stalkerish!!! HAHA… you all are my kind of people!!! I am a loyal reader and swear by every recipe that I have tried on your blog… and that is A LOT! We just moved to the Boise area a month ago and are so happy to be here… but I feel your pain of unpacking. I feel like I gave away and threw away SO much before we left…did things just multiply on the road??? Good luck with getting settled in… Fingers crossed that I run into you someday!!! (Well, my fingers are crossed) 😉

  26. mjfluke says:

    Born and raised in Boise – now living in Utah. Welcome to the west. I congratulate you on your fenced yard and close proximity to fun stores. Good luck and I hope not too many people mob you in their joy to welcome you to the area!

  27. Mandy says:

    I also just moved to Boise and love it so far! Welcome back to the West!

  28. Kate Lundquist says:

    Still sad….. But….I’ll be visiting you every week on here when I do my meal plan. So happy to have met you!

  29. Teri Larsen says:

    Oh, and I have a cousin living in Meridian…if you run into any Isaacsons, they could be related to me. 😀

  30. Teri Larsen says:

    Well, I have to say I’m sad that you are no longer a MN/WI girl, as I’ve been both my entire life. It was fun to have you in my backyard! Nonetheless, I wish you the best out West, and look forward to keeping up with your kitchen adventures here. Onward!

  31. Sharese says:

    Congrats on your new move! I’m sad you had to leave your beautiful home behind. I hope you love it here in Idaho. We live in Meridian and have for 7 years and LOVE it here. Great weather you will love as well!!!

  32. Melody Mitchell says:

    Hi Mel! My name is Mel too, and I live in Boise, ID! Let me just say that finding your blog about 9 months ago (I realize I’m way behind here) has been the best thing to happen to my kitchen in 17 years of marriage!! I love it! Anyways, I’m sorry about all the moving you have had to do but Boise is a great place to live and raise kids! I don’t know if you’re a church goer, but I’ll put in a plug for mine – Faith Community Bible Church. It’s a good one- ask for Mel. 🙂 Welcome to the neighborhood!

  33. Heidi Doxey says:

    Good luck on the unpacking. We wish we could move!! 11 years in the same starter home with baby number five on the way!!

    I am SUPER excited to see your post on menu planning for the new school year… hope it is tomorrow!!

  34. Jody says:

    Congrats on your new adventure…and I feel your pain. 🙂 We recently left Tualatin (where I was really hoping to someday meet up for lunch when you were visiting your in-laws) and moved to Colorado. This is our 11th move in 15 years (with five kids, too) and I’m feeling like I never want to do it again. And I agree – a seven hour drive to see family seems like a Sunday drive to us now. 🙂 Good luck getting settled in and I hope you love Boise. I’ve always thought it seemed like a great place to live.

  35. Shar says:

    Wow Mel, you never missed a beat on your blog–I never guessed you were writing & packing! Awesome! You will LOVE having Costco & Trader Joe’s in your back yard. Looking forward to the “Dynamic Duo” of Mel + Aunt Marilyn (ooh & Costco + Trader Joe) recipes! 🙂

  36. Lori says:

    Is it wrong that I am excited about the proximity of Aunt Marilyn? lol

    You are a trooper and I often wonder how you do it with 5 children when I barely want to take my 2 to the supermarket! Good luck and best wishes!

  37. Sandra says:

    Mel!! Congratulations! so pleased you are back in the West! You will love your new area!! Boise is a great town to live near! I live in the Seeley Swan Valley..not too far from your Mom’s area. welcome back home girl!

  38. ann says:

    Hi Mel, I can’t tell you how excited my friend, Marie & I were to learn you’ve moved (close) to our next of the woods. We live just west of the Treasure Valley in E. Oregon. Every since we saw that you moved to the Boise area we have been plotting some way to get you here to visit! :-)) However, in reading through the comments, we were happy to see you may have a little meet-and-greet! Hoping that will happen. We have been TOTALLY blessed by your site and have started many a conversation with, “So I made this recipe from Mel” for “Have you tried Mel’s recipe for ……(fill in the blank). So good to welcome you to the area! {mabel}

  39. Emilee says:

    I used to live south of Boise and I actually really loved it even though before that I claimed I never wanted to live in Idaho. I miss a lot of things about it. Good luck finishing the move and adjusting to a new place!

  40. Jan says:

    Yeah for those of us in Idaho!!! We have lived in Meridian for 8 years and love it! I love your website and use it daily! Best wishes in the new adventure and hope the unpacking and adjusting to new surroundings go smoothly.

  41. Holly W says:

    Mel, I was raised in ID! And I was just in Boise a week ago. Can’t believe you’ve moved. Never had a clue – your blog just ran without a hitch. Not sure how you do it all. I hope Brian appreciates you! Moving is so hard -and with five kids and a blog (and a dog!), that makes it even trickier. Love your recipes. Love that you’re closer to northern Utah where I live now with my family (and cook for them from your blog all the time!) but miss that you’re in MN since I served my mission there and loved that little connection. Good luck to those little boys of yours as they start school and work to make new friends. Can’t wait for some Aunt Marilyn recipes!

  42. Mel says:

    Thanks for the moving well wishes everyone! I am thrilled that so many of you have chimed in to say you live in this neck of the Idaho woods. Instant friends (wait, is that weird?)! Can’t wait to connect with all of you in one way or another – I’m thinking a totally casual and fun meet-and-greet somewhere would be awesome especially after we un-bury ourselves from the chaos of moving. 🙂 Thanks for the warm welcome!

  43. Stacey says:

    Wow! We just moved half way across the country as well, so I truly feel your pain!

  44. Linda Turco says:

    I must say Mel, I hope Brian knows that he is one lucky man to be married to such an understanding and awesome woman!!! I see a really nice piece of jelwelry or furniture in your future !!!! Good luck with your move!!!

  45. Amy Harris says:

    So Mel, I am so excited for you to come to Idaho but I am still so very sad that your cousin, my next door neighbor, moved to Indiana. I think it almost would have made it all better if you could have bought their house and been my new neighbor. Darn the timing. Good luck getting settled and you are a rock star for still posting great recipes!

  46. Karen E says:

    I’m a little jealous. We moved OUT of the city to a 14 acre farm and instead of being just minutes from such wonderful stores as COSTCO, Trader Joe’s, Fred Meyer etc. I am now a good half hour without traffic. It might not seem like much compared to where you came from but for a city girl like me it is a BIG adjustment.
    Idaho is great. We love Oregon but Idaho is a state where all of us agree we could handle living.

  47. Mel with a Brian too says:

    WHOO HOO You just got a lot closer to Seattle! I can totally relate to that comment from that woman about jumping up and down in Costco if she saw you. I obviously am not close enough that that would ever happen, but I’d totally be right there with her if it did. 🙂 I’m excited for you and you for and your family. God bless you in this new and exciting season.

  48. Rebecca says:

    I started hyper-ventilating when I saw you were moving to Boise! I live in Meridian and I am so thrilled that you will be moving here! I would love love love to meet you and help you get settled! I so feel your moving pains, in my thirteen years of marriage we have moved 12 times. Welcome to Boise, and hopefully we can meet up some time!

  49. B.D.Riehl says:

    I’m about to embarrass myself, but I squealed like a little girl when I saw that you moved near Boise. I live in Kuna and have been following your blog for years. Just about everything I make on a weekly basis is from your site (BBQ chicken salad with creamy cilantro dressing and soft pretzels for dinner last night, cinnamon swirl bread for our toast this morning, your best ever chocolate chip cookies in my cookie jar right now, and tonight we’ll have orange chicken and baked brown rice… just as an example). If you see a lady at Costco or Trader Joe’s (or Winco – a great grocery store!) squealing and jumping up and down… don’t be afraid. Just walk away and she’ll calm down. Honestly, this is a wonderful place to live and I hope you all are able to settle in quickly! Welcome to the Treasure Valley!

  50. Arika C. says:

    I moved my daughter & myself from MN to Idaho 6+ years ago & other than leaving dear friends & some family behind I’ve never regretted one moment!! We now live in Kuna and love how close everything is. Thanks for keeping my family’s bellies full & happy!

  51. Norabel says:

    I think I can relate on small level with you on moving. We’ve moved every year and on our move to Minnesota, with my husband not too far behind in the Uhaul, he called to tell me he ran out of gas. It just happened to be right after I saw the sign for “Welcome to Minnesota” and told my kids we were almost there. We’re making Minnesota our home so I sure hope we don’t have to uproot anytime soon. I wish you the best in Idaho!

  52. Kathy H says:

    Oh dear, I live in the middle of nowhere Montana! I know how far apart gas stations can be! So sorry you had that bad experience in my beautiful state. Don’t let that color your feelings about Montana please! You will have to visit some of our beautiful country while living in Idaho, Glacier Park is a not to be missed opportunity. Idaho is beautiful too! We are kind of neighbors now! I bet you will love leaving the humidity behind! Welcome to my neck of the woods!

  53. Amy says:

    you are amazing, I don’t know how you do it all. You are my go to when I need a recipe. hoping you settle in smoothly.

  54. Yes, indeed, moving stinks; but how nice to be a lot nearer to family, and to have your Aunt Marilyn just down the road is awesome! After 22 years in the Chicago area, my husband and I moved back to our briar patch this summer and have settled in Cape Cod near my two sisters. With my twin daughters attending med school in Boston, I am one happy mama to be near everyone again. It was definitely bittersweet, though, to leave so many dear friends in the Chicago area, not to mention leaving a son who has a great job and life in Chicago. Did I mention that I broke my right wrist the day we were supposed to start packing? I was in a cast for eight long weeks, so my poor husband had to pack and then unpack everything by himself. In addition to that, he even had to cut my food for me and do all the paperwork because I couldn’t hold a knife or pen and I’m an incompetent leftie. All’s well now, but it’s hard to think of a more difficult time for this to have happened. Best wishes on your move and new home!

  55. Ki in MD says:

    You moved AGAIN? Oh- I feel so bad for you and your family! Well…that photo of your children is adorable, and I’m so glad that you are closer to your family and Aunt Marilyn! I can’t wait to read about what you two are cooking up! Also, I’m so happy that you won’t have to suffer through another Minnasota Winter (or Summer). I have driven through Idaho on trips from Montana to Wyoming. I felt so happy ’cause I am a potato lover! I hope you settle in soon and love your new home, Mel! 🙂

  56. Helen says:

    Glad you are getting settled !! Can’t wait to see the back to school solutions!! We started last week and I’m already trying to figure out how I can spend less time in the kitchen and still create lots of amazing food to feed the gang!!

  57. Jena says:

    My sister’s family just moved from NC to WA. They feel your pain. And I’m excited to have family just a day’s drive away (11 hrs, with ferries), but they’ve moved away from all their other family (NC, OH, PA). I hope they all make friends quickly! I know they’ve been checking out playgrounds.

  58. You’re such a trooper Mel! The kids must be having a blast. But I guess living close to aunt marilyn is worth it!! Can’t wait for those recipes together.

  59. Helen says:

    WHAT?! Boise is fantastic. I hope you love it as much as I do! I hope to see you at Costco or Trader Joe’s. You are my go to recipe site!

  60. Amanda c says:

    Yay for the west coast! Good luck with your new adventure. And trader joe’s, so glad you will be close to one. And I would to run into you in oregon one of these days, haha.

  61. monica says:

    Yippee!!! I live in Boise! maybe we will run into each other at Trader Joe’s 🙂 Love your recipes!

  62. Hollie says:

    Yay! Welcome to Idaho. I love all things “melskitchencafe,” including your darling sense of humor, and would love to be your personal tour guide around the city of Boise if you need any assistance whatsoever. We live in Eagle and LOVE everything about this area. We would love to have your family over for dinner and swimming if that isn’t too weird and stalker-ish. (I sorta feel like we’re BFFs, because you help me with dinner 3-4 nights a week).

  63. Heidi says:

    I’ve also moved a lot and it is hard, so good luck! I don’t know how you do it all- you amaze me. I must say I was very surprised when I read this post today. I wish you the very best. Thanks for all you do and share with all of us out here!

  64. Anne says:

    Mel, you are amazing. Whenever I make one of your recipes (which is practically daily), I’m like, “Yeah, this is Mel’s recipe” as if we are BFFs (or had even met before… We will be if you ever move to St. George…) 🙂 Thanks for your candid humor and honesty and, of course, your fabulous recipes. Love your guts!

  65. Linda says:

    Wow, reading all the comments I feel left out. I wish I were moving to your neck of the woods. What a great trooper you are with a great attitude. I am looking forward to those good things yet to come. So thankful you can be closer to family. It will be so nice to have more Grandma time. Keep up the good work. I love your blog. I think you are one talented lady!

  66. Char R says:

    Wow…didn’t see that coming…ha! Glad your finally getting settled. Never been that way but if it has less humidity AND mosquitoes, sounds good to me!! How nice that your close to Aunt Marilyn now…and not as far from other family. Looking forward to future posts and hearing about your new adventure in Boise.

  67. Katie says:

    I’m amazed you have been keeping your blog going so strong through another move! You never even missed a beat! Having moved 10 times in 15 years I know how crazy it can be. Thoroughly impressed!

  68. Stephanie says:

    Idaho welcomes you! We’re in Pocatello, so about 3 hours from Boise, but love that area and the stores!!
    Hoping for your sake that this is the last move forever (or at least many years!).
    Thanks for all your amazing recipes. Love them all. You rock.

  69. Becca McCann says:

    Ugh! I so feel for you! My family of 11 just finished moving and it was impossible hard to be grateful in the midst of it…but now we’re settled into our gorgeous new house and I couldn’t be more thankful. God is good! Hoping you find the same blessings at the end of your moving adventure!

  70. Sarah says:

    Good luck to your family! I’ll miss stories from your part of the country! You are now going to be neighbors with Sara from OBB…one of my other favorite cooking blogs!

  71. Jenn A says:

    Wow! Nothing like moving to add some excitement to life – maybe even unwanted excitement. We moved two years ago and I will be glad not to do it again for a LONG time. We have friends in Moscow, ID (north of Boise) and have really loved visiting them.

  72. Ashlee T says:

    Mel! Thank you for sharing your crazy but memorable experiences! I’ve, obviously, never met you or your cute family, but love hearing your stories! It helps me get through my every day, crazy life filled with home, hubby, and 3 small kids. Helps me put a smile on and keep on pressing through!

  73. Marissa says:

    Oh my heck. I can’t believe you got stranded in the middle of no where with all 5 kids… and no husband!! I, for one, am excited you live by Aunt Marilyn. She needs to make it in a Snapshot Saturday post so we can see the genius behind the recipes 🙂

  74. Heidi says:

    Welcome to the great state of Idaho! I am a transplant to Eastern Idaho from the East Coast. We have enjoyed visiting Boise and they have a lot of fabulous restaurants. You have a happy attitude, so I’m sure you will love Boise.
    I’m excited about more Mel-Marilyn recipes too!

  75. Erin says:

    I’m impressed that you kept it a secret for so long. Hope you adjust quickly to your new home!

  76. Kathy says:

    Welcome to my home state!!! I love it here and I’m sure you and your family will too!
    I love your recipes and your thoughts on life! I search your recipes often, and would love to meet you someday. I live in rural Caldwell in the beauty of the Snake river and fruit orchards!
    Good luck on your move.

  77. Lara says:

    WELCOME TO IDAHO!! Regardless of where you live, you have lots of fans…BUT so many of my friends and family here in the Boise/Meridian/Nampa area LOVE your recipes and make them and refer them to others often! Idaho will love you, and hopefully it will be a perfect fit for your family too:)

  78. Amber says:

    Moving does stink! We did it 5 times in a 7 year period. I agree with what Pat said. You will love, love, love the Boise area! I was raised in a tiny town an hour outside Boise and about half of my family is still around there (Emmett, Star) and they love it. Good luck to you guys!!!

  79. Pat says:

    You will love, love, love the Boise area. Or wherever it will be in south Idaho. Clean air, hot in Summer (but dry, mostly), the folks are friendly, the Winters are cold, but fairly short.
    God bless you and the family in your move! Going to be a lot more LDS there than in MN., I bet! Good thing!

  80. LaRene says:

    I live in Nampa, hope we’re neighbors! What town did you move to?

  81. Andrea says:

    Moving is not fun… I did it twice in 6 months this last year and that was enough for me- we are settled. I can’t imagine moving more than that, with kids, pets AND multi-state- (mine was still local within- 40 miles) so I can’t complain. I live “next door” in Washington. I don’t know much about Idaho- except driving through on my way back from Missouri. Wishing you well. Blessings to you.

  82. Michelle says:

    Yay for being closer to family! We lived in that part of Idaho for a few years and loved it! Best wishes!

  83. Jackie says:

    I am so excited! You are one of my favorite people in the entire world! I also live in the Boise area. I would love to have you and your cute family over for dinner but my husband says inviting you would be on the border of creepy/stalkerish so maybe I will just have to settle for running into you at trader joes sometime.

  84. Jen T says:

    Bless your heart! Moving does stink! You are amazing to keep this blog up, we had no idea. You are super talented! Hope the start of school goes well in a new school for your kids and as you adjust to new place/routine and unpack boxes (hate that part of moving!) Best of luck to your and your cute family and thanks so much for keeping up your blog!!!

  85. Maureen P. says:

    Mel, welcome to my part of the world. Live about 15 miles south of Salt Lake City. Think once the yucky part of moving is out of the way you will be very happy. I love it where you will be, usually go through there when heading up to visit my brother in Washington. One good thing, wherever you are, we always have your blog and for that I’m ever grateful. You’re the best!

  86. Shelly says:

    Wow crazy! You’ve already moved three times since I started following you. At least your house gets cleaned out often!! So did you say specifically which town you will be in? Maybe not because of privacy, but I live just up the road from Boise in Fruitland. Fruitland is a great little town and the schools are awesome! Lots of church members too. I think I originally learned about you from Andra or Stephanie Clements. They both grew up here! Their mom is my good friend! Email me if I can help do anything – PLEASE!!

  87. Caroline says:

    Hi Mel! I’m one of your biggest fans. Hearing this news made me so excited that I might actually run into you at said Costco or Trader Joes! I’d be pretty much star struck:) I live in Kuna (recently moved from L.A.) and my whole family loves it here. I hope you do to!

  88. Allison says:

    Like you, I just moved but we downsized! I am having such a hard time organizing the most important room of the house, the kitchen! It is so small and I have to many big items, crock pots, food processors, fryers etc and NO place to put them. Right now they are in the garage.

    Good luck with your unpacking, I hope your new home is everything you want it to be plus more!

  89. Nancy says:

    Oh I’m so excited for you! I grew up just outside of Boise (in Eagle) and my parents still live there. It is a fabulous place to live and I wish I could raise my daughter there. I hope that you love it and that things settle down because moving is horrendous!

  90. Jamie says:

    Oh, and I think every move has an adventure story. You will always remember that time you broke down in Montana. Ours involved driving a huge Penske truck through the Black Hills in South Dakota and getting stuck with our truck blocking the road during Sturgis (a HUGE motorcycle convention). You’ve not lived until you have been passed by hundreds of bikers all flipping you the bird 🙂

  91. Jamie says:

    I feel your pain! We’ve also moved 7 times in the last 13 years. When the men from our church came to help us pack our truck the last time many commented it was the most organized move they had ever done. When you have lots of practice, you can really perfect the art! This last move was hopefully the last. My poor kids were so tired of making new friends and then having to leave them as soon as they felt comfortable. Good luck settling in!

  92. Natalie says:

    You don’t know me, obviously, but just wanted to let you know that we moved to the Boise area just over two years ago (after living a bunch of places including the Midwest – Chicago and Ann Arbor). Boise was a place I said I NEVER wanted to live, but I have actually loved it. Proximity to family makes a HUGE difference. Plus, the winters here are not nearly as cold and long! There is a lot of open space, but it’s not so remote you can’t access anything. It’s also very family friendly. Moving is definitely not fun, but ultimately I’m sure you’ll like the change! Good luck!

  93. Becky says:

    Welcome to Southern Idaho!!! You will find more bloggers here than you can imagine! We are so excited to have you join us!!! Blogging in Boise just got a WHOLE lot yummier!

  94. mamalala says:

    So glad you made it to the great Idaho potato state. I love living here. Nothing like it.

  95. Heidi says:

    Well, I didn’t even notice a hiccup of change was in the air. I already thought you were super human but now I think you are a super hero! I’m happy for you guys! We live in Minnesota and drool over Idaho. Congrats on completing a huge move!! May it be the last!

  96. Laura says:

    Happy are closer to me. 🙂 There is nothing greater than being settled again. We lived in Middleton (just outside of Boise) once and it was beautiful. Hopefully this is the last move for you..fingers crossed..

  97. Whew! Growing up, we moved every year. I went to a different school every year. By the time I was 12 I could pack a house up. It took a few years not to have the urge to leave once in a place for more than a year! Now I love that I won’t move again. You are a very special woman, your family is very lucky. Can’t wait to see your new posts with your Aunt Marilyn.

  98. Trish says:

    Wow, Mel, you really are a moving expert! We just moved in March, and I’m pretty sure packing and unpacking is a form of torture. Good for you for keeping such a positive attitude with all of your moves! You’ve had a lot of adventures! It will be lovely to be closer to everything and not in the middle of nowhere. That’s one of the reasons we moved, and we are loving it. Ten minutes from Target, woo hoo! And I finally was able to join Costco! And how great to be closer to family! Hope you settle in quickly! And hope things are going well with that sweet pup of yours. We just got our Golden puppy 4 weeks ago, and even though I wondered what in the world I had gotten myself into the first week, we’ve fallen in love with him, and he’s a super sweet boy! Best of luck to you!

  99. Teresa says:

    Wow, you are a trooper! Best of luck in your new house and all of the adventures to come.

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