three little kids leaning their heads on a counter and smiling

1) We moved.
2) As you can see by Cam’s giddiness, we couldn’t be happier.
3) That’s my new island. I’m in love.
4) I will not commit to when we’ll ever get fully organized or pictures on the walls. For now, it’s enough to be in and enjoy the house and 15 acres of freedom.
5) For those of you out of the know, we relocated to Minnesota from Wisconsin last summer; after being homeless for 7 weeks, we ended up in a tiny house in town while we prayed and waited for a bigger home to work out for us. It did! We’ve spent the summer remodeling the new place whilst living in the old place and amazingly met our deadline of moving in before school started. And we feel very (times a thousand) blessed.
6) We are now officially “country living folks.”
7) That scares me a bit.
8) I’ve been without internet for a week now and still have a week to go. Heaven help me (and my phone’s hotspot data plan).
9) I have a clothesline! I never knew I could be any happier. But I am. Now that I have a clothesline.
10) Our future plans? Chickens (yes, real live ones), a more functioning garden than we had this year (it was pitiful) and finally getting a dog for the kids (they’ve been begging for at least a century). Oh, and lots and lots of cooking and baking in my new-to-me kitchen.

Moving. It totally stinks while you are going through it (as in, I never want to move again, ever) but once a few boxes get unloaded and the chaos subsides, it’s kinda sorta worth it. But let me reiterate, I never want to move again, ever.

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