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  1. I’d love to get a recipe on chocolate chip cookies please.

  2. I hope you are working on your cookbook so it will go to print soon! Your recipe site with the recipes, stories and photos are great!
    Merilee in St.Pete

  3. Dear Mel, kudos on the great work! I’d love to receive baking tips from you. Thanks

  4. Love the slow cooker recipes as I just got one for Christmas. I do have a problem though, you never mention what size slow cooker should be used – yes, am new to slow cookers. Am having problems finding recipes for a 7qt slow cooker, any help will be greatly appreciated! As a suggestion, in your recipes could you put what size cooker should be used.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. hey great website! please could you include some measurement conversions?

    like cups to Oz or grams? would really be helpful, Thanks!

    • Hi Sarah – I don’t include that information but if you have questions you can try googling conversion calculators. Thanks!

  6. Hi Mel..Your site is a 5 star


  8. Hi Mel, I just stumbled upon your blog and LOVE it! I am a fellow blogger and your photography and writing is what I keep trying to attain in my own work. Have you considered writing any tutorials on food photography/styling? I keep trying to improve but it can be frustrating because I’m not sure what to do to improve my photos. I also have to second the latest comment – I am horrible with freezing but would love to get better at prepare ahead and freezing for convenience. A tutorial on freezing in general, not just baked goods, would be awesome! take care!

  9. I would love to see a tutorial on freezing baked goods (cookies/muffins/breads/cakes) and doughs. I always end up throwing a few muffins or the end of a loaf away, and it kills me to do it, but I have no idea how to freeze AND thaw these items properly.

    I know this is really basic, but with the holidays coming up, maybe others would want to know about this too.

    Thanks for all the great recipes: The pumpkin choc chip muffin continues to be the house favorite. I make it at least 3x a month!

  10. Hello,
    I’d LOVE to know how you organize your recipes. My collection is gradually getting bigger and need help putting things in order.

  11. Would love to try your recipes

  12. #would love to receive your tips and tutorials thank you.

  13. Just came across your website and fell in love with it! Thank you. Thank you.

  14. Would love any tips and tutorials! Thanks!

  15. So excited for new ideas

  16. Would really love to receive your tips and tutorials. Thanks in advance.
    gail whiteley

  17. ii would love it, if you could send me your tips and tutorials. thanks, so much! joy anne lantz

  18. I just came across your web site while looking at tasty kitchen, LOVE it, would also love to receive your tips and tutorials.

  19. I would love to receive your tip and tutorials.

  20. I would love to receive your tips and tutorials.
    Linda Kay

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