A quick and simple video tutorial to show you how to easily drizzle chocolate over baked goods, cookies and candy.

picture of a lady in a kitchen with the text Video Tip: Drizzling Chocolate on the picture

It’s video tip time again! And I’m so happy that my Aunt Marilyn agreed (i.e. let me pressure her) into shooting a video tip for us. She’s adorable. But you can’t have her as your aunt; she’s mine. I’m really sorry.

If you’ve been around here for a while you know that Aunt Marilyn has provided me with so much food/recipe inspiration, she has her own category on here: Aunt Marilyn’s No-Fail Recipes. You should definitely check them out. Some of my favorite food ever.

Aunt Marilyn told me about this chocolate drizzling tip months ago and it’s pretty much revolutionized the way I drizzle chocolate. No more messy bags to clean up, which is kind of a big deal since I do an inordinate amount of chocolate drizzling around here.

Take a look at the awesome tip and stay tuned to the end of the video because Aunt Marilyn (you can’t have her, but it’s ok, you can call her Aunt, too), gives a bonus tip that was new to me and I have a feeling will come in handy with four rowdy boys wrestling each other every day.

Remember all of the video tips can be seen on the main Video Tips page as well as on Mel’s Kitchen Cafe You Tube channel.