Meet Christina! After reading her story (and wow, mother of almost 10 kids!), I felt overwhelmingly humbled to “know” so many of you who are inspiring me. It’s amazing what the power of someone else’s experience can do for my motivation. Thanks, Christina, for sharing your journey!

Hi, Mel!

I love your blog and your recipes are always awesome. I’m a mom of nine, expecting my tenth this summer. Up until 2009, I had never ever run a mile in my life. Oh sure, I’d done the whole mile-test thing in elementary and middle school, but I knew nothing back then about pacing, so I’d sprint, then walk, then sprint my way through it.

After having 7 kids in 9 years, I’d gained a fair bit of extra weight that just wouldn’t come off. I started running slowly in the summer of 2009, then ran my first 5K that fall, while pregnant with my eighth.

In 2011, after having a really tough year, I was at my heaviest and ready to really tackle the weight. I signed up for a half marathon, even though the idea scared me to death, and weight watchers, which also scared me.

Christina's Story{My heaviest in 2011}

Over the course of that spring, I lost 35 lbs, ran a half marathon, and started training for a full marathon. In the course of that training, I found out I was pregnant with number nine. I had to adjust my training a bit, but I was able to finish the Mesa Falls Marathon in August of 2011, when I was 15 weeks pregnant. I was still technically overweight, but I felt strong and wonderful.

Christina's Story{Night before the marathon}

Since that time, I’ve continued to tackle the weight loss and running — I’ve run at least one half marathon every year since then and have gotten to within just 6 lbs of my goal weight (just before getting pregnant with #10).

Christina's Story{December 2014}

That’s the short version of my story. I have written a lot about what I’ve learned from running and about weight loss on my blog:

Life is an Endurance Sport (And Other Lessons Learned From Running)
Why I run

My Weight Loss Adventure
Ten Tips for Weight Loss

I hope what I share is helpful to others!

Christina B.

4 Responses to Christina’s Story

  1. Tanya M. says:

    Wow, Thanks for sharing your inspiring story! I love hearing how people got started in the whole running thing.. and changed their lives along the way. Congrats and good luck with baby #10!!! Its a lucky baby to be born into so much love! 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    Congratulations on doing lots of hard things! You are an inspiration of continuing to exercise throughout pregnancy and achieving your goals at the same time! Wow!

  3. Sheila says:

    Wow, Christina, what an inspiration you are! You tackled a problem in your life that just wasn’t going to go away in a few months. It took endurance, perseverance, and commitment despite the set back of pregnancy. (I mean pregnant state here not referring to precious gifts from God as set backs.) And despite what must be an incredible busy life as a wife and mother of almost 10, you have firmly stayed on course for years now. I am so joyful for the character traits within you that it took to accomplish this huge feat because as a mother of 10, your children will get to personally experience, as they grow, your inner strength. I know as a mother of 2, the lean meats (think lots of fish), fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and yogurts I purchase weekly for my family would not be obtainable with our grocery budget if our family contained 12 people. Realizing this fact, I admire your “get in shape” goals even more so. Thank you for sharing such inspiration! You look wonderful — beauty within and out.

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