Speaking of Easter dinner, wouldn’t a cute little carrot filled with goodies make the perfect placecard for an Easter dinner spread? That’s what I thought! So I took matters into my own hands and created a simple downloadable cutout for you to put together for your dinner table (or for a simple craft to hand out to friends/neighbors/teachers/kids).

Filled with candy, jelly beans, or whatever else you can dream up (I hope my husband secretly fills mine with money and dark chocolate!) and labeled with a name, these filled carrots can be placed on the dinner plates to let everyone know where they’ll be sitting.

You can get as cutesie and crafty as you like. I kept mine simple, but I think a little button at the base of the green carrot top or patterned paper or fancier handwriting or candy that isn’t a year old….all of those things would be a nicer touch than what I pictured above.

I’ve included several formats for printing:

1) A PDF version that includes two carrots/tops per page. Click on the link to open a browser with the PDF document. The dotted lines indicate where to fold. Solid lines indicate where to cut. Easter Carrot Placecard (PDF Version)

2) A PNG image, one for the carrot and one for the carrot top. These would be the best files to use if you want to shrink or enlarge the carrots to different sizes. Right click on each image and select “Save Image As…” Save the image to your computer and then insert it into a Word document (or similar document) and resize and print.



(P.S. If you have a Silhouette SD, email me and I’ll send you the Silhouette files for that handy dandy  machine.)

Here is a short little step-by-step guide for assembly. All the folding and gluing is pretty intense in this complicated little carrot so I wanted to make sure I provided an in-depth tutorial for your folding and gluing pleasure. (Please read into the sarcasm or else I will be really embarrassed.)

Now go make some carrots!