Thanks for sticking with me through Sugar Rush! It’s sweetsie overload this time of year, but oh man, is it ever worth it.

I’ll be back after the Christmas holiday with a few quick appetizers perfect for the New Year celebration, as well as some mighty delicious dinner fare.

Until then, I wish you a very happy holiday season! As for me and mine, we do our big holiday meal on Christmas Eve and as nontraditional as it is, we always have lasagna, gourmet green salad, some type of yummy bread, and a whole slew of desserts. I think this year my new favorite tiramisu as well as this and this will be adorning the dessert menu. Dude, I might as well skip the main meal and go straight for the desserts. That’s the kind of gentle-bred lady I am.

Christmas morning, we enjoy these holiday morning buns or cinnamon rolls (prepared in advance!) and I usually throw a ham in the slow cooker and we spend the day lazing around in our PJ’s enjoying a lovely, relaxed day. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

If you are still in need of some decadent inspiration for the holidays, check out last year’s Sugar Rush, this year’s Sugar Rush II, or an overabundant list of sweets and treats in the Recipe Index.

Thank you, thank you, a million times over for all of your support this year and always. Your comments and emails and kind words keep me kickin’!

Merry Christmas!