Many of you are familiar with the layout of this here little website. But in case you are new to these parts or have been around long enough that you’ve forgotten, I wanted to give a quick update on a few sections that may be helpful to know about. The tips I am highlighting are questions I receive frequently via email or through the comments and I wanted to highlight them for all to see before this new baby enters the world (matter of days, I hope!) and before I might be a little scarce/slow answering emails and comments for a bit.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Tip #1:

If you are looking for a specific recipe, there are three main ways to find it. First, use the almighty Recipe Index.

The index has every recipe on the site and by clicking on one of the categories at the top (i.e. Appetizers, Slow Cooker, etc.), you can go directly to that list of recipes.

If you aren’t finding the recipe easily in the Recipe Index, you can use the search function on the right sidebar.

By typing in any combination of words and hitting “search,” a window will pull up with your search results. Don’t judge me for searching “chocolate.” I swear I’m 14 months pregnant and going strong. I deserve to search for chocolate, yes?

Finally, don’t forget about the Recipe Categories. By clicking on the drop down box underneath the Search function in the right sidebar, a whole new world of categories will be open to you. I receive a lot of email requests asking what my favorite meals are to take in to new mothers or others needing a meal and also which meals freeze well. Look no further! There’s an app, oops, I mean, a category for that.

Tip #2:
Albeit hidden, the Tips and Tutorials section is a wealth of information for everything from How to Measure Flour Accurately (or in other words, How I Measure Flour and How You Should, Too) to Seeding a Pomegranate. I add to this section when I think about it or have time and will often reference it in my posts.

Tip #3:
Ziplist! Here’s a short overview on the topic, but the even briefer version is: to save a recipe to your Ziplist Recipe Box, click on Save Recipe which is located below each recipe posted (right before the related post pictures and the comments).

To access your Recipe Box or Shopping List at any time, hover over the Recipe Tools link on the main menu below the header and select either Recipe Box or Shopping List.

Tip #4:
There are several other menu links you may find helpful but they are pretty self-explanatory. The Best Recipe = The Best Recipes (man, I’m so creative with descriptions these days). Favorite Things = My Personal Favorite Things That I Have to Have At My Beck and Call At All Times. Menus = Several Sample Menu Plans To Make Menu Planning Brainless. About = More Information Than You Really Care To Know About Me, The Blog, and My Family (this area will be getting a serious update soon!). Hovering over the About link will also give you a way to contact me via email, if you so desire.

Tip #5:
Pin It. And other things.

In the same footer on every post as the function to save to Ziplist, you can also pin the image/post to Pinterest, Stumble It or Share on Facebook. Look for any of these functions under every single recipe posted.

Hmmm. I think that’s it! For now. Until I think of something else brilliant to tell you.

Let me know if you have any questions! I’m always up for requests that could make the site more useable, too, but keep in mind that me and my fairly small techy brain designed most components on this site and therefore, the sky is unfortunately not the limit with functions and options. But hey, I’d at least be interested in hearing them!

Later, skaters.