Kitchen Tip: How to Keep Asparagus Fresh for a Long Time

Kitchen Tip: Keep Asparagus Fresh Longer

I’m checking in really fast today with a super simple tip that I kind of thought everyone knew (maybe you do??);

I’m sharing it because I was storing my asparagus this way last week when my friend was over, opened my fridge, and said “What?? How come you never told me I should keep my asparagus like that?” and told me I better share with the world or else.

So here you go.

Kitchen Tip: Keep Asparagus Fresh Longer

If you have a bundle of asparagus and want to keep it fresh for a long time, leave the rubber band on, pop it into a quart-sized (wide-mouth works best) or appropriately-sized jar or other container and fill about a third of the way with cool water.

Place the entire thing in the refrigerator and prepare to be amazed when next week (and maybe even the week after) your asparagus is still crisp and delicious. This is the only way I store my asparagus unless I’m planning on using it in, like, 5 seconds.

You can cover the top with plastic wrap or a clear plastic bag to keep out odors or unwanted crumbs, although I’m sure your fridge is spotless and you probably don’t need to worry about either (mine, on the other hand…).

I’ve kept it in a jar like this for up to two weeks and I always want to smother it with kisses when it emerges fresh as the day I bought it.

Kitchen Tip: Keep Asparagus Fresh Longer