I hope this holiday season is joyful and filled with peace for you and your loved ones. We are spending the holidays with dear friends, feasting on some delicious grub (a traditional Christmas Eve dinner of lasagna, breadsticks, and decadent desserts) and wishing we were a bit closer to family.

I couldn’t resist sharing this picture of my little family we had taken this year at my husband’s work Christmas party. It is nearly impossible to get all of us to look in the same direction, but hey, at least no one is screaming, right? And that’s pretty amazing considering the frightening size of Santa’s eyebrows.

Enjoy this special time of year and remember, if you do the cooking and baking for the holidays, make someone else do the dishes for Pete’s sake!

I’ll be back next week (and hope you will be, too) to kick off 2010 with some delicious appetizers and a giveaway or two.

See you next year! (Don’t you just love to say that??)