Well, it’s no secret that you guys are awesome.

And when you think to send me pictures (via email or Facebook) of kitchen creations you’ve totally rocked, well, it makes my heart sing. I thought you might get a kick out of seeing what other readers are up to:

reader picturesThis might be the cutest email I’ve ever received. Apparently, reader Cambria’s 4th grade son, used the Great Cookie Experiment for his science fair. And get this: he won the entire thing! I love what Cambria said: “He wanted to do some crazy electrical engineering project, but he settled for something at my level!” Speaking my language for sure! Congratulations, bud!

reader picturesJim, via Facebook, told me he was going to try out the pretzel rolls in bread bowl form. Judging by the looks of these beauties, I’m declaring it a success. Prettiest bread bowls I’ve ever seen. Holy moly.

reader picturesKatie, who is clearly in the running for mother-of-the-year, put on an epic Frozen birthday party for her daughter and used the simple graham cracker house tutorial so all the girls could decorate their own ice castle! Even my boys would love this. Seriously. And what a sweet birthday girl!

reader picturesAnother Facebook reader, Laudan, attached this delectable photo of the simple and amazing stir-fry broccoli with tofu she added. Beauty!

reader picturesLaurel, due to have a baby any day, sent me a quick email letting me know she was prepping her freezer full of meals (talk about being on the ball!). Her words: “The braid is the best idea yet! A double batch of your French bread roll dough and our favorite pizza toppings! 4 Meals ready! Think the chicken, bacon, cream cheese mixed with some ranch dip powder will be the favorite!” Aren’t those the most perfectly perfect braids you’ve ever seen?

reader picturesAnd finally, on Facebook, Rachel posted her success in making the white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. Way to go, Rachel! They look soft and perfect and thanks a lot, now I’m craving them.

Thank you to everyone who sends me photos and reports on their recipe successes. Love it!

20 Responses to My Favorite Photos from YOU!

  1. Jenn A says:

    Mel, my son is thinking about doing this for his science fair project like the boy above. Congratulations to him for a job well done! Do you know (or can you find out) exactly how he categorized/labled his results that he rated? If you do, it would be a huge help to me and my son! Thank you!

    • Mel says:

      Hi Jenn – the only thing I can suggest is to hope that Cambria (the boy’s mom) sees your comment. I can’t find her email address and don’t have a way to get in touch with her since I don’t know her personally. Sorry!

  2. tonya says:

    Loved all of these, but especially loved that Laurel’s baby belly made its way into the braid pic! Sweet!! :o)

  3. Liz K. says:

    This is awesome! You should get an instagram account. I just checked and there are 270 posts with #melskitchencafe. There are even two with
    #melskitchencafesavedmylife. Not too bad. 🙂

  4. Kim in MD says:

    So cute! I love that you shared these photos, Mel!

  5. Laurel says:

    Darcy- we love Mel’s braid so much because you can fill it with anything you love! Or whatever’s in the fridge you need to get rid of 😉

    I made one that was filled with Mel’s “chicken pillow” filling.
    My hubs loves bacon & ranch so I did a chicken bacon ranch with cream cheese mixed in and H.V ranch dip powder so it was in similar consistency as the chicken pillow braid.
    Mel’s BBQ chicken braid and then a supreme: pizza sauce with pepperoni and veggies! I froze them before baking. I plan on pulling the one we want to eat out and let it come to room temp before baking.

  6. Darcy says:

    Hey Mel, I love the braided bread also. I’m always looking for good stuff to put in it. Do you have any great ideas? What did she stuff hers with? And freeze before or after baking?

  7. Kelly says:

    Yes-your readers are some of the most awesome! I have to say out of the millions of recipe blogs available the main reason this one stood out to me is because there are always so many readers making helpful comments. If I have a question I can almost always read through the comments and see it asked and sometimes answered by other readers. Very few blogs are getting the amount of comments you do, and how do I know if I want to try something if there isn’t 100 commenters telling me how awesome it is?! LOVE the 4th grade science project!!!

  8. mamalala says:

    Oh so cool, my tofu broccoli stir-fry picture made it on your website. Mel, your broccoli recipe is so versatile. BTW not a vegeterian but just discovered how yummy tofu can be..not to mention cheap and organic. Double win. Thanks!!!

  9. Awww! That’s awesome! I love the science fair project idea! As a former teacher, I would have definitely drooled over that project!!!

  10. heather bell says:

    How cute! I loved that science fair project. What a star! And the pretzel bowls, perfections! Look at all the good you’re doing. Cookbook, cookbook, cookbook.=) Thanks for comtinuing to stay real.

  11. AnnieK says:

    Mel~this post was great! My fave is the French Bread Braids…check out Mommy Laurel’s pink polkadot belly in bottom of photo! Wishing you well, Laurel!

  12. Barbara says:

    You are not only educating about good food, you are beautifying the tables of your loyal followers, Mel! The children are winning contests, husbands everywhere are grinning and applauding, wives are being praised as never before, and we are all better off for it! Mel for president! Seriously – you are the bomb, so take a bow; you’ve gone where others have only dreamed; you’ve made us better and made us proud!

  13. Charlotte Moore says:

    I am so impressed with all the pictures. So sweet of your followers to send them to you.

    The bread bowls and the braided bread was really yummy looking.

  14. Laurel says:

    Wow! Those bread bowls look beautiful. Great post! It’s so fun to see everyone’s stuff. Thanks for the shout out. That was a fun surprise.

  15. Jenn A says:

    Fabulous! I am totally going to copy that science fair project next year. I have a boy who likes to cook and likes to eat cookies. This will be perfect for him.

  16. Rachel says:

    Oh brother. I just reread my earlier comment and noticed I said “amazing” 3 times in a row. Ha! I suppose it goes without saying that I didn’t get much sleep last night 😛

  17. Christi says:

    Those bread braids look amazing and the do ahead factor is great! It’s just my husband and myself… I’ve had the bbq braid saved for some time now. I’m wondering would I freeze before baking or after baking? How long do you think they would be good for in the freezer? Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. Rachel says:

    Amazing! Those pretzel bread bowls look particularly amazing. I adapted your super-soft and fluffy whole wheat roll recipe last week to make raspberry rolls with lemon frosting–they were AMAZING! I’ll have to remember to send you an email when I post them on my blog 🙂 Thanks for all the great recipes and inspiration!

  19. Sheila says:

    Sweet! Beautiful readers sharing how they pour love into the lives of others yielding great results. The first picture is my favorite too although very attractive Kathie with her pretty daughter comes in a close second. Kudos to Jim, Laudan, Laurel, and Rachel for their caring actions in providing such yummy goodness to their families. Uplifting post!

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