Mel's Exclusive Newsletter

I’ve had a little project in the works for a while and am very, very (VERY!) excited to tell you what’s happening.

I have FOUR reasons you are going to want to make sure you’re signed up for my email newsletter (quick sidenote: if you already receive email updates when I post a new recipe, you don’t need to sign up again to receive this newsletter – you’ll automatically get it with the option to opt-out if you want!).

UPDATE: To make it easier for everyone, I’ve changed things just a bit so you don’t get emails you don’t want!

There are TWO lists you can sign up for. The first is for the email updates that come when I post a new recipe (many of you have been getting these updates for years) so you have first access to the recipes I post on the blog. The second list is for the weekly newsletter (the first one went out last Friday!) that is a new addition to my blog and will go out every Friday afternoon with cooking tips, reader spotlights, the top pinned recipes from the week, a recap of what was posted during the week, and lots of other information…and in December, you’ll get an exclusive recipe (meaning it won’t be posted or published anywhere else) in the weekly newsletter!

Every Friday in December, I’ll be sending out an EXCLUSIVE RECIPE with the newsletter. That’s FOUR exclusive recipes you’ll get this month when you are signed up for the {free} email newsletter.

The only way to get these recipes (since they won’t be published anywhere else on my blog) is via the newsletter, and all four recipes this month are dedicated to four of my favorite Christmas cookies and goodies.

I’ll be sending out the first newsletter and recipe TOMORROW! So don’t miss out! 

Mel's Exclusive Newsletter

UPDATE: If you click the link and it appears to time out or go to an error page, refresh your browser several times, and it should work; I apologize for the issues (apparently there are a lot of people signing up at once!). 

In the past, my newsletter subscribers, dedicated souls that they are, have received an email update when I post a new recipe.

Going forward, if you are subscribed, you’ll still get an email update when I post a new recipe, but you’ll also get an exclusive weekly newsletter with content written just for the newsletter (weekly cooking tip, monthly exclusive recipe, reader favorites + spotlights, plus a lot more). This month, in December, the newsletter will go out weekly (so you can get your hands on those FOUR AWESOME recipes), but in January, the newsletter will mostly likely start going out monthly (still with an exclusive recipe!).

Mel's Exclusive Newsletter

I promise not to spam your inbox with too many emails or pack the newsletter full of silly, unnecessary info. This newsletter will be helpful, fun, and hopefully one of the best emails you receive all week. 

So sign up! And get ready for a lot of yumminess.

Mel's Exclusive Newsletter

Remember that the first weekly newsletter for December goes out tomorrow (Friday) afternoon! I have a feeling you are going to looooove the Christmas cookie I’m sharing in tomorrow’s newsletter.