Mel's Kitchen Cafe

Race Training Updates

Hey, hey, hey! Here you’ll find a place where I’m keeping myself accountable as I train for my first ever half marathon in June 2015. You can read more details here about how it got started as well as get a coupon code (20% off) if you’d like to join me in this adventure – running the Utah Valley Half Marathon! I’m so excited at how many of you have signed up or commented that you’ll be running a local race where you live and I’m hoping we can all inspire and motivate each other!

Posts here won’t show up on the main feed for Mel’s Kitchen Cafe but if you are interested in motivational experiences from others, training tips, what I’m eating, how/when I’m running, and probably a healthy dose of how I feel like giving up but maybe, hopefully won’t, check back here for occasional updates! I’ll also be adding details as the race gets closer about a meet-up after the race (it’s going to be sweaty and fun).

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