Utah Valley Marathon Race and Discount

I need to be very clear about something right up front. I am not a runner. It’s not a natural desire or thing for me. I try to exercise semi-regularly to support (or maybe that’s offset, not sure) my love of food, but running? Yeah, it’s hard and painful and I kind of tend to glare at people who live, love and breathe running, especially when they run fast and with a smile on their face. I used to run. I think. In another lifetime after college and before having a bunch of little kids running around me but it’s been a while since I’ve run more than, say, a mile or two. Despite all that, I’ve always, always had a half marathon on my bucket list. Even as a non-runner, it kind of calls to me.

So a few months ago, I decided that 2015 is my year. I’m running a half marathon this year if it kills me (and it probably will)!

Here’s the fun part, though. I figured, if I’m going to go to all this effort (training, healthy eating, trying to find the cutest running shoes on the planet, etc.), why don’t I invite you to join me, too? Can you even imagine what fun that would be to run this together? Eeek! It makes me so, so excited!

No matter your running ability, there is time to get ready for this race. I promise. Even if that means you run-slash-walk…or run slowly (hi, that’s me back there running slowly)…or race to the finish for a PR.

Here’s a little extra incentive: I’ve teamed up with the Utah Valley Marathon (voted one of the country’s top 10 races in 2014) and they are giving an exclusive 20% discount to all Mel’s Kitchen Cafe readers! I’m ignoring the fact that I’m willingly signing up to run across a small country (ok, a very small country) and focusing on the positive: free t-shirt. I don’t know about you but I’ll do just about anything for a free t-shirt.

Utah Valley Marathon Race and Discount

This is just the motivation I need to get my body in shape, my legs to run a little faster (ok, just run), and get my sights on a goal that I’ve had in mind for forever.

Here are the important details:

-The race is Saturday, June 13, right smack dab in one of the most beautiful spots in Utah (Provo Canyon).
-Not only is there a half marathon (the one I’ll be running) but there’s also a full marathon, a 10K and a free kid’s 1K.
To register, go here and use the code mkc20 for your 20% discount!

I’m not sure who we are or what’s happened to us, but my family has been bitten by the running bug; Brian, Jackson (10) and Walker (9) are officially signed up for the 10K (they’ve been running a couple times a week and the boys are in heaven they get to stay up a bit late to go running with dad), I’m running the half, and all the kids are running the free 1K. And after the race, we are going to spend the rest of the day in a hot tub. Somehow, somewhere.

Utah Valley Marathon Race and Discount

I know this race may not be in everyone’s neck of the woods (I’ll be driving 5+ hours to get there myself) but if you have a hankering to join in the fun, please comment below and let me know!

Believe me when I say, if I can do this, so can you!