Snapshot Saturday

We were gifted Perplexus for Christmas and let me tell you, I don’t think we own a game/toy that has kept my boys occupied more than this clever orb. Everyone from my 8-year old down to the 4-year old hovers over it and waits {impatiently} for their turn to come, including me and Brian. My determined 7-year old has made it the farthest – to #99 – and he’s beside himself that he hasn’t yet conquered it. I’m sure he will within the week.

Toys like this – ones that really prove their value – are few and far between. A couple of times a year we go through the serious toy clutter in our closets and dejunk, sending the unused toys to better homes. But I’m always keeping my eye out for stellar toys like the above to add to a running list for easy reference on birthdays and Christmas. Living in a place where outside play is limited through the winter, having a few key activities in my arsenal to pull out on long winter days is critical to the success of being a happy, loving mommy. Summertime is a whole different ball game since we tend to spend 82.5% of our awake time outside – so dreamy.

Here are a few other toys and activities that are all-stars in our house:

  • Spot It and Spot It Jr.
  • Homemade Playdough (even my older kids still sit still for playdough) with this kit and a lot of endless kitchen utensils
  • Good old-fashioned markers/crayons, paper, stapler and tape – projects, projects, projects!
  • Legos. I’m in love with legos. Um, so are the boys.
  • Zoobs (these were our main lifesaver during our long hotel stay last fall)
  • K’Nex (both the little kid set and the smaller piece sets)
  • Two huge dress-up bins compiled of old Halloween costumes, karate belts, hats, ponchos, lightsabers and anything else that finds its way there. The boys will play for hours (really, hours) dressing up in the craziest compilations you can imagine while playing jail people (a modern day take on cops and robbers)
  • Block buddies

What are the most useful toys and games you know of (for children or older)? Besides the tupperware cabinet and cardboard boxes, that is (baby Cam’s favorite hangouts these days).

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