Snapshot Saturday

Celebrating my birthday a week ago with the people I love best.

And don’t bother counting the candles. There’s 35 of those beauties. Age is a funny thing. When I was a young 19-year old, single college kid, I couldn’t even imagine life at 35. Would the world still be around then? Would I be sobbing incoherently because I would be nearing 40 which is basically the end of life? Now that I’m really, truly 35, I realize that life gets sweeter with time. At least for me. And to be honest, most days (except for when I’ve done too many squats trying to keep up with the youngsters on Turbo Jam), I still feel like I’m 19 and realistically probably act like a 19-year old more often than I should. I’ll take 35. It’s a good age.

My birthday was truly the best of all days. Church. Watching National Geographic specials on the couch snuggled with my kids (and gasping out loud together at the huge sharks). Eating a fabulous birthday meal Brian slaved over: skillet fish tacos, roasted cauliflower and strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Now I get to dream all year of what meal I’ll request for my next birthday knowing full well it will probably change 1,452 times before I finally settle on The One (so grateful for a husband who refuses to let me cook on my birthday).

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