Fully embracing where I live means embracing lefse.

Do you know lefse? It’s a super thin Norwegian flatbread. Made from potatoes and cream and a few other simple goodies, it is soft and delicious. Traditionally eaten with just a bit of butter, I have to admit that it’s dreamy with a touch of sugar, too.

After several thinly veiled hints, my friend Joni was nice enough to invite me over to learn how to make it. Lefse is a labor of love, man. We slaved for hours, and by slaving, I mean I took pictures while Veronica, Joni and Amanda did the slaving. But I was learning. Seriously. Learning a lot. And tasting. I was tasting. For research purposes of course.

My favorite parts were listening to Joni’s stories (making lefse is all about the stories), watching Veronica who is from Mexico roll the most perfect lefse ever on her first try, and laughing as Joni threw flour in Amanda’s face. Mother, daughter love at it’s finest. I have a feeling there will be a lot of lefse in my future. Come on over and we’ll make it together!

Lefse Lefse Lefse Lefse