Snapshot Saturday

Three items of note:

  1. When your turning-9-year old son says he’d rather spend time as a family than have a birthday party, you should jump on that, unlike me, who said “ok; that’s nice sweetie” and then procrastinated for almost 2 months past the poor dude’s birthday. However, the wish was eventually fulfilled and as mentioned on The FB, we headed across the border to Winnipeg and stayed a night at a hotel with a very small waterslide perfect for 4/5ths of our brood (meaning they could slide down by themselves instead of needing an adult to slide with them).
  2. Even mini Cam got in on the action of sliding over and over and over. That’s a good daddy (for letting me post the picture of his lily white biceps and for taking The Princess on the slide approximately 183 times).
  3. Apparently, turning 9 also means that you can only make one pose for every picture mom takes. Gotta look tough even when hanging with the fam. I hope he never grows out of wanting to spend time with family over friends (don’t worry, not holding my breath)!
Snapshot Saturday

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