FOUR things for this Snapshot Saturday:
1) Sometimes it amazes me that anyone even looks at my piddly little recipe blog. Especially when I realize I’m sitting in the middle of Northern Minnesota and the majority of you are not (wish you were, though!). Thank you. From the bottom of my recipe-loving heart, thank you for visiting, commenting, trying recipes and generally just making this an awesome place for me to be in a virtual way. I really truly love all of your guts. A lot.

2) Cam woke up from her nap the other day attempting her best Who from Whoville impersonation. Not too shabby, Cam, not too shabby. I think she makes a pretty darn cute little Who, upturned nose and all.

3) Thanks to the book recommendations, my 1st grader (aptly named Walker) won’t even put his book down for a Sunday afternoon family walk. Reading and walking (on a curb, no less). Pretty impressive. Except that this photo was taken about 1.3 seconds before he biffed it. Hard. After the tears subsided, all he cared to know was what page he was on since the book closed during the epic fall and the walking and reading resumed right on cue. Love this little dude.

4) For those that have followed along on our moving journey, here’s a quick and dirty update. We spent the first 8 days in a hotel and have spent the last two weeks chillin’ at a temporary home of some very gracious people here in our new town while they are relocating to the Minneapolis area. Hotel stay #2 is looming as we start back up again there tomorrow (sob!). We’ll spend our time continuing to search and search for somewhere to live and in the meantime, we’ll make due with unlimited swimming and lots and lots of legos to get us through the 4-week hotel stint. And did I mention that winter comes e.a.r.l.y. here in Northern Minnesota? Someone (read: me) didn’t plan so well. I had no idea we would still be homeless and so I only packed weather-appropriate-at-the-time clothes for my boys. Now I’m regretting that and wondering how badly it will scar my boys’ lives and my new reputation here to continue to send them to school in summery duds instead of biting the bullet and buying winter gear (my cheapskate side is having a hard time with this ethical dilemma since we have all that winter gear already, it’s just sitting on a moving truck somewhere!). Anyway, not your problem. Mine, all mine. I’ll try to get over my immaturity about the blasted cold weather and figure something out.

In the meantime, I hope you each have a great weekend!

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  1. haha. typed in the wrong url for our blog. duh.

  2. This might be a little weird or maybe not since you have followers everywhere. Can’t really remember how I stumbled upon your website (maybe pinterest??), but I’ve been getting updates of new recipes and posts for maybe a month and am just really falling in love with your blog. It’s a slow day at work here so I’ve been perusing through other recipes and dreaming of days when I’ll have more time to make ALL OF THEM! Also I’ve been really enjoying your snapshot Saturday posts and think you seem like a really really cool person. Very funny too. I’m very entertained by all the stuff you write. My husband and I moved to Williston, ND a year ago from Salt Lake so I understand all your winter/small town struggles! Anyway – seemed like you mentioned a few times how you like the feedback and I thought it would be nice to send some, because I think all your recipes look awesome and the ones I’ve tried have been fantastic and I think this blog might change my cooking life as a somewhat newly married person to someone who doesn’t share my same tastes and styles of cooking. Yup. That’s it. Thanks for all your efforts to make this happen!

  3. Kiki says:

    Mel & Sarah,
    Just wait….it gets even colder…..
    When I was in school at UMD, we had days of school canceled because it was so cold, cars wouldn’t start. That’s right, you heard me…would not start because of the cold. In Tower, MN they had a newscaster go outside with a boiling mug of hot coffee, throw it into the air and it was frozen before the drops hit the ground!! Be ready and buy a parka.

  4. Sarah says:

    Oh man! Since I’m in northern Minnesota, too, and I know what the weather was like yesterday (10/5), I GOTTA KNOW…what did you do for cold-weather attire?! We’re in the midst of packing to move from our house as well, however, on an easier transition than you. I just had to rummage between the stacks and stacks of boxes in the garage to find the jackpot.

    So between the experience of moving with children, unexpected changes and the cheap, er, frugal side of me, I get your dilemma and would have a hard time going out to buy something just to get you through. You left me on a cliff-hanger with this one though. I know, I’m a desperate housewife and easily amused. 🙂

    And, if you dare to share, what ‘part’ of northern MN did you locate to? I’ll just say we’re close to the great Headwaters of the Mighty Mississippi if that’s anywhere near you.

    Isn’t it crazy that we were in shorts and t-shirts only 5 days before?!

  5. Dixie Dixon says:

    I’m sorry, have I never noticed before that this child of yours is a RED HEAD! Where did that come from? And why do I have friends all around me having adorable red heads when I have a red-headed mother and probably should have had a red head. Hmpf! She is adorable and your Walker reminds me of my Olivia who only takes her nose out of her book for swim team and gymnastics. I applaud you for dealing with all of the craziness of being homeless and keeping up your blog and your sanity. Truly amazing. You are the woman. 🙂 Love ya!

  6. mia clarke says:

    Mel! I still frequently check your recipes cuz I still think you are awesome and I love you to death but I rarely make the time to comment and I’m sorry. *hangs head in shame*

    I had no idea you were moving!! Sounds like pure craziness!! I really hope you get settled in very quickly and that you love Northern Minnesota! It’s very beautiful and I drive through there a lot when I go “home” for visits!!

    Best of luck to you! XOXOXOXOXO

  7. Lisa S says:

    Your food blog is one of my favorites. Good luck with the looming cold weather. I’m a west coast girl born and bred, now living at what is considered the top of southern California.

  8. Shannon says:

    Hi Mel!
    First off, your little “Who f/Whooville” is the cutest! I am f/the Twin Cities area and live in Osceola, WI now. I commented once about our town having the 1st Rhubarb Fest in WI. I am so curious to know what town up north you’ll be in….my Husband and I are heading back up to Grand Marais, MN to look again at some property we’d like to buy and would be moving there in about 5 years. We always go there for all our vacations and visit friends, also to pick wild cranberries in the fall! Winters along Lake Superior are much milder than in inland MN and the summers are the best! Would love to meet you if you are in the Grand Marais area?! They have the best food coop! Good luck and take care!

  9. Patricialynn says:

    Mel! Couple of ideas regarding the cold-weather clothing…

    First and foremost, if you aren’t already signed up for the local freecycle in your new town, do so, and then explain your dilemma. I’m willing to bet you will get several bags of very nice clothing for free, perhaps more than enough to clothe your littles.

    Second, try contacting the local Salvation Army. They will give vouchers out to people who are temporarily homeless for free clothing at their thrift store. Goodwill has a similar program as does St. Vincent de Paul.

    Lastly, try contacting a local church or two. Many churches have a small store of clothes for donations and emergencies, and this would qualify.

    Good luck!

  10. These photos made my night! What adorable kiddos you have!

  11. Jenny says:

    my bunny had that same outfit and is also a who! <3

  12. roxanne bradshaw says:

    ah…one more thing: regrettably we don’t live in Minnesota any longer–we live in Canada and I was on the website as I am going to make oatmeal pancakes for my seminary class on Friday morning.

  13. roxanne bradshaw says:

    Mel-I just wanted to talk to you after I read snapshot Saturday. (Your children are darling by the way). In September 2004 we (my husband and my two youngest children) were in the process of moving from Indiana to Minnesota. Our home had not sold, but I was so sure it would, that I took 4 plates, 4 bowl and 4 cups from the cupboard plus some clothes and started the drive to Minnesota (the kids were already there as they were both trying out for the school soccer teams). I remember getting gas in northern Wisconsin thinking to myself that it was a bit chilly. And you know the rest of the story–I had to buy jeans and a jacket just to go cheer at the soccer games! (Our home did not sell for 18 months–it was an adventure, but a very good one. If you move into the Eden Prairie or Waconia area I will happily alert my friends of your celebrity standing–at least you are in our household. I have 4 married daughters and 2 daughter-in-laws and we are all big fans of your recipes.) Thanks and good luck–I couldn’t resist “talking” to you.

  14. Janssen says:

    I really hope you’re able to find someplace to live SOON! You are a saint!

  15. Mel says:

    I wish I was in the Minneapolis area! Nope, we are truly up north (about 10 minutes from the Canadian border).

  16. Kiki says:

    If you’re in the Minneapolis are – you are not up north my friend – just wait – it gets colder….FAST.
    If you are looking in the metro area – give me a jingle. We live in a GREAT neighborhood with awesome families and lots of kids, in a good public school district and a Catholic school right across the street. We have a few houses for sale here – a few foreclosers and would LOVE to have new awesome neighbors, such as yourself…

  17. kim says:

    Mel- My sister lives in the Prior Lake area, and loves it. You should check out that area, plus the ward is really nice. I have really enjoyed your blog. Thank you for making dinner time so much more enjoyable. If you haven’t gone to the Zoo, it is a must! Most of it is in doors. We also like Mall of America They had a toddler time, so the rides aren’t as expensive. So much to do there. Good luck you’ll make it through it! You have a great/cute family

  18. Katherine D says:

    Oh Mel! I am sorry you are stuck in that position! Access your cheapskate side and go visit a Goodwill and get a few things to get you through, its not like you will need an entire winter gear, just a few things to help you out until you get settled! My family had to live in a motel for a while last year and it was the most awful thing I think I have lived through, no where to go and no other options. But come through we did and you will too. I am keeping you in my prayers! Oh and my husband says to thank you for A.) sharing the French Bread Recipe that I made over the weekend and he loved soooooooooo much it is gone!! AND 2.) for the colorful cupcakes recipe that I printed and HE made for my sons class that were a HUGE HIT!! AND my hubby then shared the pic, had his mommy friends begging for the recipe, sent them all here! One of them just made them in pink for her daughters birthday and they were the talk for the day! You are amazing Mel, thank you for being awesome!! Much love always!!

  19. DEE says:

    Your little princess has grown up so much! (And she survived a move!) I’m sure she loves all the attention from her admirers at home.

    I love these snapshot posts!

  20. Amy says:

    Hey Mel!

    I love your blog too!

    Adam is in love with the series “Janitors” by Taylor Whitesides. Book 2 was published earlier this month and I hear that book 3 and 4 are on their way too. Your boys might like it too! Take care!

  21. Carol says:

    Love your blog! I always turn to it when searching for something new to make. My 3 children are teenagers, but we lived in a hotel during a move when they were smaller. Not fun. Hang in there! I tried to treat it as an adventure, but some days weren’t as successful as others. Do the best you can do. Believe it or not, our children are much more resilient than we think!
    By the way, we live in Chicago and I know exactly what you mean when you talk about the cold…unfortunately! 🙂

  22. Valerie says:

    Cute, cute baby!! We lived in a motel for eight very long weeks without air conditioning or a pool on our last move as an intact family. Looking back I think the many moves as children really affected how we look at home as adults – some putting down roots and only moving within a 10 mile radius and others embracing the change – enjoying moves with their many challenges. Love the blog (absolutely not piddly!!) and your guts. Don’t tell anyone but last week I was so into my book that I missed my bus connection and had to wait 45 minutes!! More time to read!

  23. Auntiepatch says:

    Oh, what an adorable baby! Hit the thrift shops in the area, church rummage sales, DAV shops, and get those kids some cold weather gear………….cheap! You will all feel better!

    Love your blog – I visit every day. Kiss the kids and know they will be gone too soon so enjoy this “special” time. Memories are made from these moments.

  24. Oh, gosh Mel!

    If it makes y’all feel better, when we first moved here to Kansas, my hubby lived in a hotel room for 7 weeks. And worse: he never knew if he was going to be home each day after work (he travels all over the state for agriculture) and so he packed up and moved out He had the great foresight to tell me to stay back in Cali until I found a job. I’m so grateful everyday that I didn’t have to do the hotel stint with him. The funny thing is: I picked a fight and insisted to come with him. He won, in the end, and I’m so glad for it.
    I’m just hoping it makes you feel better that you’re not the only ones who live in hotels temporarily for jobs. We’ve been there and survived! You will too!

    Best of luck!

  25. Kim in MD says:

    Oh Mel, I pray every single day that you find the home you are looking for in Minnesota. I saw that some areas of MN got snow on the first day of Fall…did you? You may need to call your mover and locate that box of winter clothes!

    Camryn is absolutely adorable, and she does look like a little Who in that photo! Walker is so sweet reading while walking. That must be one good book!

  26. Em says:

    Mel, I feel your pain!! We lived in MN for 2 years while my husband attended the University of Minnesota. The winters there are something else. I thought having lived in UT my whole life, I knew what winter was like, but I had no idea until we survived our first winter in Minnesota. I think you will be fine for a few more weeks though!! Adorable baby by the way.

  27. Bri says:

    BLESS YOU for braving the hotel. That sounds like a personal hell to me. I laughed HARD reading about Walker. That is too funny and too cute. Good luck with the house hunting.

  28. Sarah says:

    LOVE that red hair on your sweet little Cam. I sure wish you were relocating to the Fargo/Moorhead area- while super cold here it’s full of the nicest people you’ll meet. We just relocated, too, so I can feel that appropriate-weather-clothes-in-a-moving-truck-somewhere-pain! Take care and enjoy the pool!

  29. La Luz says:

    try searching the local thrift stores for warm stuff…jackets and sweaters….to get by for the next several weeks……good luck! I’m amazed…and impressed…that you’re staying so up-beat and cheerful with 5 kids in a hotel…if I were in charge, it’d be fruit loops and Mickey D all the way…and I can’t even THINK about how you’re keeping up with laundry!!! All our hats are off to you!!

  30. Melanie Miller says:

    1) I can’t believe you take the time to write a recipe blog with all that’s going on in your life! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love this “piddly little blog” which, for the record, has saved my bacon more than once when meal planning and preparing so that makes it a really big thing in my world. You rock, Mel.
    2) that baby girl just keeps getting cuter by the day! How do you get anything done with so much cuteness nearby?
    3) oh how I love it when kids fall in love with reading/books! Whole new worlds open up for them. How talented is that kid to walk and read at the same time. I’ve tried walking and texting and it takes a lot of concentration and honestly, I usually stop walking to finish the text. 🙂
    4) I hope this hotel living becomes a memory very soon for you! Will be praying for housing for you. Good luck!

  31. Cammee says:

    I’m jealous your little red head is still little. Mine is a senior this year and it’s giving me anxiety! I wish it would cool down here, but I would feel differently if I didn’t have access to our cool weather clothing. I will be praying for that perfect house to find you!

  32. Jess in ND says:

    Bracing for the winter weather right beside you in North Dakota…would recommend looking on ebay for some North Face gear.

  33. Michele says:

    Good luck with your home search! The cooler temps have come earlier this year in the Midwest–which is funny considering the record hot temps this summer! For some temporary winter gear for the kids, have you checked out local consignment shops in your area? BTW, I love your blog!!

  34. Lindsey says:

    I’m in Fargo and it’s been FREEZING cold this week. Last year the Autumn was lovely do I’m a tiny bit disappointed.

    Good luck! I hope you find a house soon!!!

  35. Heather says:

    I wish I was your neighbor and could lend you some winter clothes and I hope you are able to find a place soon! I love reading your blog- it is genuine instead of the annoying snarky I read on so many other blogs.

  36. Emilee says:

    I’m fairly new to your blog. I found it because I kept being directed here by the most delicious looking recipes on Pinterest. I’ve never been disappointed by anything I’ve made from your site. It’s my new go-to place for trying something new because I know it will be good. Good luck with the extended hotel stay.

  37. Mary says:

    Hi! I just found your blog today, looking for recipes to cook up the last of my gardens goodness… And read you’re in MN. I’m about an hour north of the cities! Stay warm, frost coming tonight!

  38. Heather K Miller says:

    I, too will echo what everyone has said! This is my go to blog! In fact, any time I make anything, my friends always ask, “is this a Mel’s kitchen recipe?” The answer is almost always, a resounding heck yes! I pin a million recipes on Pinterest but without fail, I check here before hitting that stash when I need something! Thanks for all your hard work and I hope you can get in to a house sooner rather than later! What a trooper you are!

  39. Leanna H says:

    I lived in Minneapolis til I was 35 and this summer I moved to Texas, weather was the primary reason.

  40. Melenie says:

    Your blog and realmomkitchen are my go-to recipe blogs!

  41. Emily B. says:

    That baby girl sure does look like Cindy Loo Who! When my baby wakes up with hair like that, we call her Chicken Head or Chicky Baby :-). So dang cute! I grew up in Wisconsin and boy, do I miss it! I’m only thankful for our mild winters here in DC at Easter, when I get pictures of my neices and nephews in their Sunday Best. In the snow.
    Hang in there, someday you’ll look back on this time with longing. 😉

  42. Missy says:

    Love ya Mel! I’ll be praying for you to find a house … Fast! Hang in there!

  43. Stacey says:

    Four things:

    1) Are you kidding?! Your blog is amazing. That’s why we read it.
    2) She would make a great Cindy Lou Who for Halloween.
    3) Love voracious readers!
    4) I was in Minneap once in JULY when a cold snap came through. Brrr. Shorts weren’t even close to cutting it. I feel for ya.

  44. Karla says:

    I just wanted to say welcome to “the otas” (ND, SD, MN)! I love your blog – and hope you can find permanent housing soon!
    As far as the weather – I live in NE SD and woke up with frost on the ground today; the high is suppose to be in the low 50s… but tomorrow is suppose to be warmer, and we are suppose to climb back into the mid 70s this week – hopefully you will have some of that warmer weather headed your way, too. 🙂

  45. Andrea says:

    I can’t imagine NOT reading your blog. 🙂 That baby pic with the “Who Do” cracks me up! What a bundle of sweetness. 🙂 I’ve just recently found your blog and have enjoyed perusing. I wish you best of luck in your search for the perfect abode. 🙂

  46. Valerie A. H. says:

    Love your little Cam from Whoville! I read each and every recipe you put out. Love your food! Thanks for sticking with your blog and putting out great recipes. Also love your personality that comes out in what you write before each recipe. Hang in there
    with your hotel stays during your move. Love ya lots Mel!

  47. Danielle says:

    I recommend your blog to everybody! We do a lunch bunch with our RS once a month and I almost always make one of your recipes. Always to rave reviews! LOVE it! Thank you! You make me look like I can cook. 🙂

  48. Laurie says:

    Mel I made your peaches and cream for weekday. The ladies loved it. So I just told them all about your blog. Should have some new subscribers. Is that red hair I see on your little girl? We now have 3 beautiful (and handsome, two are boys) red heads in the family. Love it!

  49. Camille says:

    I love your guts and think you’re amazing!

  50. Melissa Howell says:

    I can’t believe you are living in Northern Minnesota! I was born and raised in Virginia, MN and I am dying to know where you are living. My family is still there. It is beautiful, but a harsh climate indeed. The wards/branches are pretty sparse too. All the best to you! And thanks again for all the fabulous recipes which have become culinary treasures to me!

  51. em says:

    Ah, Mel. Prayers going out to your adorable family from Arizona! Hang in there! And as always, thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful recipes.

  52. Allison says:

    Love the little pic of Cam looking quite who-ish! I need to snap one of my 10 month old whose hair keeps peaking and I think that he looks like Jack-jack from the Incredibles! LOL. Good luck with the winter. We’ve been having record hot days (that seem to be hotter than our summer days) here in southern California. Oh well! Sending some warm weather your way!

  53. Cotton says:

    Hugs, you are going through some tough stuff. When we moved from a much, much cooler climate to very warm Arizona last year, we almost died. All we had were cold and cool weather clothes. Finally had to bite the bullet and purchase weather appropriate clothing so we could be comfortable!

  54. Teresa R. says:

    I’ve followed your blog from the very beginning and I have to say, I think I love snapshot Saturday almost as much as the great recipes. I have three children, all grown now, and I look at your pictures and long for the days when I had little ones.
    Hang in there, the hotel stay will be over before you know it.

  55. Camryn is so cute! And how cool that your little guy is so into reading. If the author has an email address, you should send him/her a link to this page – or just the photo itself. I bet they’d love to know!

    Good luck with your hotel stay, too. That sounds really rough. Can you go thrift-store shopping in the meantime? Then you’re not paying full price for the clothes, and even if they’re used they don’t need to last forever. Or maybe if you tell the school the situation they can put a call out for people to loan or give you a few clothes.

    Good luck!

  56. Paula Davis says:

    First off, your blog is wonderful. I have several that I like (all food related of course :o) ) and I check them every so often but yours is the only one I get email updates about because its my favorite! Maybe its because we live in Wisconsin!! We had 6 kids so I know a crazy hectic home! Only 2 are still here (sniff sniff) and they are the busiest kids yet. Its hard to get everyone together with schedules but on family dinner night when all (well most, my son is in the military) are home and we’re sitting around the table it makes me so happy. I cant imagine living in a hotel with children but when you feel like running out of the room screaming for sanity remember it wont be forever and time really does fly and our babies are grown!

  57. Patty H. says:

    You still have your good humor, and the kids are having a good time(mostly). It could be worse. You could be without a bathroom to use while husband fixes the floor under the commode.(For 2 days!)

  58. Sandra turnbull says:

    You are so amazing and your blog is too!!! keep on keepin on and this will be a time when you look back on with fond memories and laugh! You and Susan Branch are my absolute first “go to” websites…then I can begin my day! Thanks for all the wonderful recipes and family photos!! from a … Montana Grandma

  59. Kristie says:

    Hi Mel, we did the same thing. I thought the job my husband had would be temporary, so we packed all our stuff up last summer, and it is still in storage. We had the same issue with winter clothes and boots, etc. We made a stop to Goodwill to pick up a few outfits to get us through. Have you checked out We have been able to arrange monthly rentals with many of the vacation homes listed there. Since they are all furnished, it’s like a hotel except it has a full kitchen, washer and dryer, etc. is a similar site. I feel for you, trust me. Keep your chin up and check out those websites and Craiglist for vacation rentals. They are usually willing to give you a good deal for monthly rentals (I’m talking like $2000 off) you could probably get something for about $1000 or less for the whole month incl. utilities.

  60. Saskia says:

    I used to walk everywhere with a book as well. Then I walked into a car by accident (the car was pulling out of the driveway and was blocking the sidewalk, something I hadn’t noticed since I was reading). I put the book away for about two seconds but then opened it up again…some things are worth it, and reading is one of them.

  61. katie says:

    i love your blog! it’s my go to place for recipes and the place i send anyone who ask about a good recipe blog~ and the little who….adorable!

    goodluck with your home search~


  62. Deborah says:

    Your blog will always remain one of my very, very favorites!! And I can’t even imagine hotel living with little ones. You are my hero!!

  63. Jenna says:

    Not piddly! Our family loves your blog. We have at least one recipe from your site per two week meal planning period. Love, love, love.

    I also have a first grader who won’t stop reading. He had a book in his hand as soon as he got out of bed this morning. LOVE! #raisingreaders

    Love the Whoville look!

  64. Melody says:

    This too shall pass…at some point!

  65. Diane says:

    I heart your blog and recipes ….Just hang in there !

  66. Leigh Anne says:

    I heart you blog! So thankful you continue to do it…..even despite another LONG hotel stay. I always look forward to your great recipes and have tried so many that we love.
    Cam is soooo precious! That hair is awesome 🙂
    Hoping you find a perfect home very soon!

  67. Chirelle says:

    I am chuckling remembering our own similar experiences. Hang in there! Challenges now usually mean good memories later!

  68. Michaela says:

    I really hope it all works out for you, and never be afraid to ask for help!
    Fingers crossed you will find wonderful place soon.

    Also, I thought Camryn was cute before, but with the red hair? LOVE! Red hair is the best and nobody should tell her otherwise.

  69. Charlotte Moore says:

    Bless your heart!! I can’t imagine staying in a motel that long with children. my hat is off to you girl. Love your blog!!!!

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