A few weeks ago, we had our family pictures taken and they turned out so brilliantly wonderful (no thanks to my rowdy children, all thanks to Blue Lily) that I wanted to share them with you.

Wendy and Tyler of Blue Lily fame drove all the way up here to random Northern Minnesota (pretty much instant BFF status when someone is willing to do that, hint, hint) to accomplish this feat of madness.

And the pictures completely exceeded my expectations. I dread family pictures with a passion. Passion! Four boys and a baby staying clean and smiley equals almost certain disaster. Except not with Wendy and Tyler.

They are indeed miracle workers.

Rad miracle workers. Plus, they travel all over the world (with their two children in tow, no less) taking pictures of you and me. And truly, they are two of the best photographers around. See for yourself. If you think you live in Timbuktu and there’s no way they’ll be in your neck of the woods, think again. They.Are.Everywhere! They’ve posted the first half of their 2013 tour, so check it out because they fill up fast. Besides a freakishly good chocolate chip cookie, what could be more rewarding than pictures that will last a lifetime?

Thanks, Tyler and Wendy! Not only are the pictures so fabulous (seriously, I’m getting a huge canvas wrap for my wall as we speak), you are kinda sorta adopted into our family-for-life for driving all the way up here, for being patient with my children, for becoming fast friends, and for making us laugh at the DQ after the shoot. Safe travels!

P.S. I’m not obligated to tell you about Blue Lily. I just think Wendy and Tyler are honest to goodness awesome people who take awesome pictures and when I know about a good thing, I want you to know about it, too!

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