Um, yeah, so a few weeks ago was fair week in our little town. You might dismiss that as no biggie, but around here? Fair week is t.h.e. week to plan your life around. More than 40,000 people attend the fair here which is saying quite a lot for our town of 2,000. Seriously. It’s a big deal, especially in a place where the rest of the year is pretty quiet. Since this is our first summer here, dozens of people told me that we would get caught up in the excitement of fair just like everyone else. Whatever! Or so I thought. I was sure we wouldn’t give in to the pressure to be at the fair every day. And we didn’t. We were there twice a day. At least. Especially because we were within walking distance. To say that we are already excited for 2014’s fair is an understatement and I hereby apologize to all those who knew me better than I knew myself.

The three eldest entered a baked good in the open class premium. Walker (7 years) won a blue ribbon and reserve champ for his made-from-scratch angel food cake (I won’t confess how many eggs he went through as he attempted to separate egg whites for the first time while making it; we ate scrambled eggs for breakfast the entire week). Jackson (9 years) won 2nd place for his double chocolate muffins and Cade (6 years) won a blue ribbon for his monster cookies. Oh, and they each won 2 bucks. Which they promptly spent on powerade and gum. Money burns a whole lot of holes in their pockets.

Of course there was the iconic parade. Elbows may or may not have been thrown in the race for candy.

roller coaster
Brian won the award for Best Dad Ever for riding the Fireball of Utter Death (not the actual name of the ride) with Walker who desperately wanted to go but was a bit scared to go alone.

The boys watched sheep shearing for the first time in the history of ever. Jackson wasn’t quite sure the sheep was down with it. I assured him all would be right in the world. City boys.

tractor pull
And of course the fair wouldn’t be complete without a little friendly tractor pull competition. It was harder than it looked! And we realized that clearly there were some competitors who had trained in the off season (er, either that or my boys were seriously lacking in the leg muscle department). Either way, they got a soda for their efforts which pretty much made their life.

Is the fair a big deal where you live?

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