This is what happens when the governor cancels school on the heels of Christmas break.
Snapshot Saturday

This is what happens when the celebrating gets out of hand and a child who shall remain nameless kicks his brother in a spot that shall remain nameless and laughs instead of apologizing even when that brother kicks him in retaliation.
Snapshot Saturday

These are the spunkiest pigtails ever.
Snapshot Saturday

This is the best way to watch older brothers shovel in subzero temps.
Snapshot Saturday

This is Freddie Heatmor, the sixth child of our family and the main heat source for our home. He lives outside in the backyard – not because we don’t love him but because he’s very stinky.
Snapshot Saturday

This is the wood that will be loaded into Freddie’s hungry belly. He gets grumpy if he isn’t fed twice a day. And yes, I get in on feeding times too since Brian claims he couldn’t get out of his so, so important business trip(s). I love you Freddie. Even if I grumble at you because you make my muscles sore and my hair smell like campfire.
Snapshot Saturday

This is what happens when you do a family talent show and you show off your rock collection and your sister wants to experiment figuring out rough and smooth. Verdict: Raw edges of granite are not smooth.
Snapshot Saturday

This is the cutest mom in the world (my mom!). And it’s her birthday today. And she’s going to seriously kill me when she sees this. Happy birthday, mom!
Snapshot Saturday

And this is finally the end. Goodbye.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Mel, your picture of the boys in the corner just cracked me up. We have always used time-outs in bedrooms, but didn’t seem to be working so we recently switched to “put your nose in the corner!”. I had totally forgotten that my parents did that until my hubby said it to one of our kids. Works great! Although I like the idea of making them look @ each other and say nice things that someone mentioned, too. We’ll have to try that! Thanks for the laughs!

  2. Kim in MD says:

    Oh my gosh, Mel…can your family get any cuter? Seriously- you are so blessed! I’m so glad you explained Freddie Heatmor. I have never seen anything like him, but I’m so glad he keeps you nice and warm during your bitter sub-zero winters!

  3. Danielle H. says:

    Okay, that is one of the cutest little girls I’ve ever seen. I’ve got four cute girls, so I know what I’m talking about!

  4. Ashleigh says:

    Love the pics. Thanks for the smiles. Happy Belated Birthday to your mom! Did she get to share in the awesomeness of the eyeball cake?

  5. Erin Walker says:

    I love it! I love all these pictures! What cuties! And what a fun glimpse at your every day life! Love you Mel!

    • Mel says:

      Hey everyone – I didn’t follow the link given above about our dear Freddie but the very simple (i.e. dumbed down version) is that the fire/wood in Freddie produces a lot of heat that is sent from Freddie via a pipe underground into our house. There is a boiler that uses the heat to heat our radiant floor heating and then a fan blows past the hot pipes and forces the hot air through the rest of the house. Got it? Good. (And my husband is going to cringe at that description!)

  6. Becca says:

    I’m glad to know that I’m not the only person who has my son stand in the corner for time out. Thanks!

  7. Terri says:

    Love the pics, Mel πŸ™‚

  8. Melissa (Mel2) says:

    My 3 year old daughter loves the picture of your sons getting a timeout. She kept asking to see it and wanted to know who kicked who! LOL. She and her 2 year old brother are well acquainted with timeouts so she sympathized. We are so ready for warm weather in Seattle so we can get back outside. There’s no snow, but our backyard is a soggy muddy mess!

  9. Cammee says:

    I am intrigued by Freddy. I’m not a warm weather sheltered gal, hello Utah winter, but I’ve not ever seen or heard of anything like Freddy. I love the glimpse into your world, we have some striking similarities. πŸ™‚

  10. Heather says:

    Thanks Maralyn!

  11. To Heather and Lana. Apparently no one is going to take pity on us and explain Freddy to us so i Googled him for all of us who are warm weather challenged. LOL

  12. My daughter has 3 sons. We’re 1,700 miles apart, so she frequently calls me to fill me in on the events of her very hectic days. I just laugh hysterically, which only encourages her to continue her stories, and the harder I laugh, tears rolling down my cheeks. “Oh, honey, I’m not laughing at you, sweetheart! I’m laughing with you!” Bllllllllahahahahaha – I told her when she was 8 that i hoped she would have children just like her! Love my girl, the father of her children, and all the boys, even the boy cat and boy dog. Life is good.

  13. Heather bell says:

    Amen. We had school cancelled too:) and πŸ™ on the upside I did t have to go outside in -40 score. And got to bake a lot including making your crock pot turkey breast meal yum

  14. Great photos! Especially love the one of the two boys in the corners!

  15. Lana says:

    I too would like to know how Freddie heats your house. I’ve never seen anything like that.

    Thanks for sharing the photos. You have a beautiful family.

  16. Ariane says:

    I love the first picture. It is a common occurrence with my boys. I really want a new couch but my husband put his foot down until the boys stop using it as a trampoline. Maybe when they are teenagers? BTW, we have a trampoline and we live in the south where we can jump almost every day.

  17. Ruth says:

    Mel, the photos are just great! How they do make me smile. Thank you for sharing them with us. BTW, tell your beautiful mom, “Happy Birthday.”

  18. Laura says:

    Your little girl looks like you to me. Such a sweet picture.

  19. Abbie says:

    Oh Mel! I laughed right out loud at your boys. I love your blog!!! Everyday I look forward to reading your posts. Thank you!

  20. maddie says:

    your mama and baby girl are so sweet and adorable!

  21. I don’t understand what Freddy does from the backyard. I live in California and have never seen anything like him. Please explain. Thanks.

  22. Barbara says:

    I’m so glad I retired in Florida, my kids are grown and I pay no attention to what schools do, my kids are raising their own kids far away, so I only get to see them when they are nice kids and we can have fun together, we don’t have snow, and I can take pictures of my only granddaughter’s very curly pigtails which are so like my own, and mostly I am glad because I can sit here and look at cute pictures of your kids looking cute and like the children that I raised! Keep up the great work! πŸ™‚ Chuckling…..

  23. Teresa R. says:

    These pictures are great, and your mom is so pretty. My favorite is the one of your boys in the corners. My children are grown, and that picture brings back memories.

  24. Stephanie says:

    Love it. I have four boys and a baby girl, too, so I can relate. Although I do like the corner idea – and they might too, since I make them sit facing each other and say nice things about each other when they fight. Thank you for being so willing to share you life and recipes with us. They truly make my day!

  25. Nicole H says:

    I know we don’t know each other, and I make your recipes and just try to act like a rock star in the kitchen, but even so, I LOVE reading posts about your cute family. They make me laugh!

  26. Evelyn says:

    I love that your boys are wearing mismatched socks! I, too, have five kids and I refuse to spend time matching socks. Ours go into the “sock box” and if you need socks, you are referred to the box. For four impatient boys, that means grabbing anything from the box (short of their one sister’s pink socks)!

  27. Valerie A. H. says:

    It’s fun to see your kids and their antics, your new beautiful home, and your gorgeous Mother! Today I am making your Spinach Salad with Sweet Spicy Nuts, Apples, Feta and Bacon. I’ve been chomping at the bit all week and had to put it off until today. Can’t wait to indulge. Thanks for all you do Lady bug! Hope you are doing great!

  28. Debbie says:

    This made me laugh and laugh. My boys are young adults now, but I still remember well those errant kicks and subsequent acts of retaliation. Unfortunately the “bad corners” in our house were wall-papered and over time they got picked to death. lol. Thanks for the beautifully honest glimpse into your family life.

  29. Helen says:

    I Love Everything About This !!! Thanks for Sharing !!!!

  30. Heather says:

    Freddy confuses me. How does he heat your house from out there? Do you not have a furnace? I live a sheltered, city life.

  31. Sheila says:

    Mel, you are so real and so incredibly wonderful! Blog pictures with moral stories (discipline and hard work), family hardships such as putting up with little sisters, and allowing us to meet 2 new members of your family. Freddy, your sixth child, I am sure devours more than all five of your children. There are many Freddies’ in our neighborhood. Your mom can’t be mad because it is such a lovely picture of her taken with a beautiful granddaughter.  Thank you for the honor of being your virtual friend and sharing your life with us. What a gift and I treasure this blessing!

  32. Poor Freddie and it’s just because he stinks πŸ˜€

  33. Stacie says:

    Great pictures. I love the spunky pigtails!

  34. Maria says:

    Your mom, you, and your darling little gal all share the same features. A picture of all three of you would be adorable if you don’t have one already. The pic of the boys in the corner is hilarious!

  35. stephanie says:

    Oh, so great! Your mom is so pretty (and young!!) Her top is seriously cute, too! Those pigtails are the best!

  36. Charlotte Moore says:

    Cute pics!!! Love seeing them. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Mom!!! Please don’t be mad at Mel!!!

  37. April says:

    Love it!! Freddie seems like an amazing member of the family. Kinda jealous actually!

  38. Kristi says:

    They cancelled school for us twice this past week. It is time that my child gets back to her first full week back to school, since I have been forced back into my first full week back at work. It only seems fair πŸ™‚

  39. Amy says:

    Love those spunky pigtails! I know what I’m going to chase my daughter around the house for this morning…ha!

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