After peeling and chopping the ginger, I store it in freezer safe ziploc bags.

When I’m ready to grate it, I pull a knob of ginger out of the bag and get out my handy dandy rasp grater. Oh, how I love my rasp grater.

The next part is simple – place the ginger on the rasp grater and start grating away!

Soon you’ll have a perfectly lovely, fine pile of grated ginger, ready to be measured and used in your recipe.

Be sure to tap the rasp grater as you go along, since you can see that the sneaky ginger likes to get trapped on the underside of the grater and we don’t want none of that!

4 Responses to Tutorial: Grating Fresh Ginger

  1. Jenna says:

    My ginger always ends up going bad in the fridge, so this is really helpful!

  2. […] than I could achieve with a knife, but it keeps the ginger from going moldy in my fridge. Click here for a picture how-to on grating ginger. A few years ago, my Aunt Marilyn, was telling me how she always uses fresh […]

  3. rickandangie says:

    Great minds must think alike. Ok – so not really… yours is the great mind here. I just bought my first fresh gingerroot today. I had no idea what to do with it so this post is SO VERY TIMELY!!! thank you!

  4. The Bruces says:

    i did not know you could freeze ginger… i love ginger but i never knew how to store it… i like storage info like this. thanx

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