Wow. WOW. I’ve finally figured out how to have an instant pick-me-up on a really hard day. Host a giveaway. Seriously. I posted the giveaway on a hard mom day and your comments have been so fun to read. Every single one of them.

I feel like a million bucks (and my husband has to keep warning me not to let it go to my head, the party pooper). Thank you so much for all the sweetness. I love sweetness.

I had no idea this many people looked at this silly little blog and it makes me want to work that much harder to bring some fantastic recipes to the table.

Ok, as promised, here are a few of the cupcakes I’ve made from Hello, Cupcake. This is for all of you who are insisting you don’t have a hope in the world of making a cute cupcake. I beg to differ!

The intent of the book is to make cupcake decorating fun and easy without having to purchase any cake decorating supplies. Cool, huh.

I made the icky bug cupcakes for my son’s 5th birthday party.

Behold the almighty tick cupcake.

frosted cupcake with candy bugs on top

Here’s the spider. Isn’t he cute?

white frosted cupcake with a chocolate and M&M spider on top

Centipede. Oooh, gross (in my 3-year olds’ words).

frosted cupcake with a chocolate and m&M centipede on top

And finally, the ant.

frosted cupcake with a chocolate and m&m ant on top

Last but not least, I made these butterfly cupcakes for a friends’ birthday.

frosted cupcake with a chocolate butterfly on top

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