This is the week that keeps on giving! First the huge announcement from yesterday, and today – the holiday gift guides!

I’m posting these popular gift guides weeks earlier than normal so that you can capitalize on Amazon Prime day if you are ready to do your holiday shopping early. If not, no worries! These guides will be here all season long!

Holiday Gift Guide: Kitchen

2023 Gift Guides:

Everything included on these guides has been bought, tested, and loved by us (or by friends or family members!).

This list is not meant to be an exhaustive list of favorite kitchen items! THAT list would be miles long. Instead, these are favorites I’ve enjoyed lately.

If you need even more kitchen gift-giving inspiration, there are many other gift guides in the archives that include some of our favorite gifts of all time!

If you have a favorite kitchen item, let me know in the comments! I always love getting great recommendations!

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Kitchen Favorites

Ceramic 9X13-inch Dish: this lovely ceramic casserole dish has become one of my go-to baking dishes. I use it for casseroles, lasagna, cinnamon rolls and more. It bakes evenly and is lovely!

Staub Baking Dish: admittedly more of a splurge, this is another favorite baking dish AND it’s the one that appears on the cover of my cookbook (loaded with cinnamon rolls). It is beautiful and functional.

Little Snowie Snow Cone Machine: this snow cone machine is small in size but big in delivering great shaved ice for snow cones! Bonus: you can use ice cubes! We’ve had this for years and use it nonstop during the summer.

Swedish Dishcloths: I started using these dishcloths a few years ago, and I haven’t stopped. They are the only cloths I use in the kitchen (I wash and reuse them), and they are amazing, because they never stink. Best things ever!

Electric Crepe Maker: I was skeptical about this little appliance when I saw it pop up all over social media. Yet, I was clearly still influenced. 😉 I can honestly say, this crepe maker is amazing! We use it all the time and have completely abandoned the skillet method. It’s not quite as fast as some claim, but the ease of dipping it into the crepe batter is dreamy.

Engraved Cutting Board: for a personalized gift, these cutting boards are amazing! I’ve given them as wedding gifts several times this year. They are gorgeous and sturdy!

ThermoPop: I have had this instant-read thermometer for years, and it is the best thermometer ever (I have owned MANY, so I feel like I can be trusted in this matter). I use it for meat…but also for cooking candy (it works great with a pot clip!).

Heart Waffle Maker: I love Dash waffle makers (I have several different shapes), and this heart-shaped one is awesome! I used it for a wedding reception this fall (for a dessert waffle bar) – but it’s fun for an every day breakfast too. Makes a great gift!

The Best Mini Muffin Tin: I wax poetic a lot about my love for USA-brand pans. The mini muffin tin is exceptional (I have two because I use them that often!). It really is the best one out there. Everything bakes evenly and nothing sticks!

Cookbook Stand: I’ve had this cookbook stand for years, and it is great for thin or thick books (it also folds up to store).

9-Inch Tongs: easily one of the most oft-used kitchen tools, these tongs have stood the test of time. I’ve had mine for years! The length is perfect for every day cooking.

Cookbook for Kids: my daughter got this last year for Christmas, and she has had a lot of fun making the recipes. It’s a bit scattered (content-wise), but the recipes are really easy and perfect for kids.

Cooling Racks: these are sold in a set of two and are my favorite cooling racks. Great for baked goods like cookies, they also fit inside a standard half sheet pan (rimmed baking sheet) which is nice for drizzling cookies/donuts with glaze and/or baking food that benefits from air circulating underneath.

Pasta/Salad/Burrito Bowls: not only are these shallow bowls really cute, they are perfect for serving toppings (like, for taco night) and great for when dinner is a build-your-own type meal (burrito bowl, salad, pasta). I use them all the time! Another favorite, all-white shallow pasta bowl are these Sweese bowls.

Vanilla Bean Paste: I love this brand of vanilla bean paste and the small jar would make a great stocking stuffer! This has a stronger and more pure vanilla taste than other vanilla bean paste brands I’ve tried.

Mango Fruit Jerky: I put this fruit jerky in my kids’ stockings last year (with the pineapple coconut variety), and it was devoured! It’s not cheap, so it’s a special occasion kind of snack around here, but we all definitely fell in love with it. The mango flavor is outstanding – there’s no sugar added – it’s 100% fruit!

Wild Game Meat Snacks: speaking of jerky, I also tucked a couple of these in each of the kids’ stockings last year, and we had fun trying out all the varieties. A fun gift or stocking stuffer for an adventurous eater!

Acacia Bowl: this beautiful bowl is a perfect serving dish for salads, fruit, bread/rolls, and more. I’ve given this as a gift to several people – it’s a great option for those hard-to-buy friends and family in your life!

Spatula Set: I am picky about silicone spatulas, and I love this brand! This set would make a perfect gift (but you can buy the spatulas individually, too). There are several color options.

XL Sheet Pan: I swear by these sheet pans! They are larger than a standard half sheet pan/rimmed baking sheet. But once you use them, you’ll be hooked. They fit in most standard-size ovens, and you can bake more cookies at a time (same with rolls, loaves of freeform bread, etc!). I still use my standard sheet pans, of course, but these are the ones I pull out most of them time when I want to bake a batch of cookies fast or fit a couple loaves of French bread onto one pan.

Rubbermaid Storage Containers: while not the most glamorous gift, these storage containers are THE BEST. I use them constantly for freezing cookies, bars, brownies, and they make great storage for refrigerated items (or pantry dry goods) as well. I think I have six of these hanging around, and it still may not be enough. 🙂

Flour/Sugar Containers: I love these containers! I use one for powdered sugar and another for brown sugar. They are very sturdy (I’ve dropped them on accident and no cracking or spilling!) and fit nicely on a pantry shelf.

S’mores Maker: we got one of these last year around Valentine’s Day (after gifting them to a few friends last holiday season), and this is such a fun, great way to get a s’mores fix as a family, with friends, or just because. The best part is you can get as creative as you want with s’mores combinations!

My Favorite Small Knife: it wouldn’t be a gift guide without me mentioning these knives. Literally the best little knife ever. I use mine (ok, I have three) daily, and have gifted them to more people than I can count. They slice through tomatoes like a dream – I use mine for just about everything!

Mason Cash Earthenware Bowl: for an absolutely stunning gift, these Mason Cash bowls cannot be beat. They remind me of the ceramic bowls my mom had when I was growing up. Perfect for mixing (bread dough or other batters!) or for serving – honestly, put it on a shelf and stare at it, and it would still make a great gift. So lovely! I have the turquoise and cream bowls, and I use them a lot for serving potluck salads and other dishes. 😍

Best Pastry Brush: a perfect stocking stuffer, I have been using this pastry brush for years, and it truly is the best! Cleans up easily (doesn’t stain with foods like BBQ sauce) and brushes nicely without wildly splattering liquid.

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